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Full text of "The Commercial Advertiser directory for the city of Buffalo"

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Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 

1855. cy 







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BUFFALO- j <f' 

Commercial Advertiser Buildings. 





Association for the Eelief of the Poor 20 

Banks 16 

Board of Trade 16 

Buffalo Advertisements 31 

Buffalo Business Directory 269 

Building Societies 21 

Buffalo Catholic Institute 20 

Buffalo Female Academy 17 

Buffalo Post Office 16 

Canal Officers 14 

Churches, Pastors and Trustees 23 

City Dispensary 20 

City Government 13 

City Hospital 20 

County Officers 14 

Courts 15 

Custom House Officers 14 

Erie Co. Medical Society 20 

Fire Department 18 

Firemen's Benevolent Association 21 

Free Masons 20 

Friendly Sons of St. Patrick 21 

German Young Men's Association 19 

Gas Works 17 

Homoeopathic Dispensary 21 

Knights Templars 21 


Ladies' Temperance Society 21 

List of Names of Residents 91 

List of Streets 27 

Medical Association 20 

Medical College _. 18 

Militia, New York State— Eighth Division 22 

Newspapers and Periodicals 23 

New York Advertisements ,. 299 

Odd Fellows 22 

Orphan Asylum ( Protestant) 20 

Orphan Asylum (Catholic) 20 

Printers' Union 21 

Railroad Companies 17 

Road Companies 18 

St. Andrews' Society 21 

St. George's Society 21 

St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum for Boys 20 

St. Vincent de Paul 21 

Sisters of Charity 20 

Sons of Temperance 21 

Telegraph Companies 18 

Temple of Honor 22 

Trade and Commerce of Buffalo 25 

Waterworks 21 

Y 7 oung Men's Association 19 

Young Men's Christian Union 19 



Agricultural Works 269 

Agricultural Warehouse 269 

Auction and Commission Merchants 269 

Architects 269 

Artists :269 

Attorneys 269 

Axe Makers 269 

Bakers..... 270 

Band Box Makers 270 

Bankers 270 

Bell Hangers 271 

Bellows Makers 271 

Blacks m i ths 271 

Blank Book Makers 271 

Bleachers 271 

Boarding Houses 271 

Boat Builders 271 

Boiler Makers 271 

Book Binders 272 

Booksellers 272 

Boom Derrick 272 

Boot Makers 272 

Botanic Medicines 272 

Brass Founders 272 

Brewers 272 

Brick Makers 272 

Britannia Ware 272 

Brokers, Exchange -272 

Brush Makers 272 

Builders 272 

Building Movers 272 

Burr MilUtones 272 

Butchers 272 

Cabinet Makers 273 

Cabmen and .Hack men 273 

Oamphene and Burning Fluid 273 

Car Builders 273 

Carpenters and Joiners 273 

Carpet Dealers 27 1 


Carpet Weavers 274 

Carriage Makers 274 

Cartmen and Draymen 274 

Carvers 275 

Car Wheel Manufacturers 275 

Charts and Maps 275 

Cheese Merchants 275 

Children's Clothing 275 

Chromoty pic Printers 275 

Cider Makers 275 

Cistern Builders 275 

Civil Engineers 275 

Clothiers 275 

Coach Hardware 275 

Coal Dealers 276 

Coffee and Spices 276 

Coffiu Makers 276 

Commission Merchants 276 

Composition Roofing 276 

Confectioners 276 

Contractors 276 

Coopers 277 

Coppersmiths 277 

Crockery Dealers 277 

Cutlers 275 

Daguerreoty pists 277 

Decorative Plasterers 277 

Dentists 277 

Distillers 277 

Dress Makers 277 

Druggists 277 

Dry Dock Yards 277 

Dry Goods 277 

Dry Goods, Wholesale 278 

Dyers 278 

Bating Houses 278 

Edge Tools 278 

Elevators 278 

Engine Manufacturers 278 



Engravers 279 

Exchange and Stock Brokers 279 

Expresses 279 

Fancy Goods 279 

Feed Stores 279 

File Cutters 279 

Fish Dealers 279 

Fishing Tackle 279 

Flour Dealers 279 

Flour Inspectors.. 279 

Flour Mills 279 

Forges 279 

Forwarders 279 

Foundries ... 280 

Freight Agents 280 

Fresco Painters 280 

Fruit Dealers 280 

Furnace Builders 280 

Furnaces, Hot Air , 280 

Furniture Dealers 280 

Gas Fitters 280 

Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods 280 

Gilders 280 

Glass Stainers 280 

Glove Makers 280 

Gold Beaters 280 

Gold Pen Makers 280 

Gold Leaf Manufacturers 280 

Grindstone Dealers 280 

Groceries and Provisions 280 

Gunsmiths 282 

Hair Dressers 282 

Hardware and Cutlery 282 

Harness, Saddle and Trunk Makers 283 

Hats and Caps..... 283 

High Wine Inspectors 283 

Hotels 283 

Ice Dealers 283 

Image Makers 283 

India Rubber Goods 283 

Ink Makers, Printing 283 

Insurance Agents 283 

Intelligence Offices 283 

Iron Fence Makers 284 

Iron Merchants 284 

Japanned Ware 284 

Jewelry and Silver Ware 284 

Ladies' Hair Dealers 284 

Ladies' Shoe Makers 284 

Lantern Makers 284 

Lard Oil Dealers 284 

Last Makers 284 

Laundries 284 

Leather Dealers 284 


Liquor Dealers » 284 

Lithographers 284 

Livery Stables 284 

Lock Makers : 284 

Looking Glass Dealers 284 

Lumber Dealers 285 

Machinists 285 

Machinists' Tools 285 

Magnetic Apparatus 285 

Marble Dealers 285 

Marine Inspectors 285 

Masonic Furnishing Stores 285 

Masons 285 

Medicines 285 

Melodeons 285 

Military Goods 285 

Milkmen 286 

Millers and Steam Mill Proprietors 286 

Milliners 286 

Millstone Manufacturers 286 

Millwrights 286 

Musical Instruments 286 

Musicians 286 

Music Stores 286 

Music Teachers .286 

Music Teachers, Piano Forte 286 

Newspapers and Periodical Depots 286 

Nurserymen and Florists 287 

Nurses 287 

Oakum Manufacturers 287 

Oculists 287 

Oil Dealers 287 

Omnibuses...! 287 

Opticians 287 

Organ Builders 287 

Organists 287 

Ornamental Painters 287 

Oyster Dealers 287 

Pail Factories 287 

Painters, Portrait 287 

Painters, Sign and House 287 

Paintings, Dealers in 288 

Paper Hangings 288 

Patent Agents and Solicitors 288 

Patent Fence Makers 288 

Pavers 288 

Physicians 288 

Piano Forte Dealers 289 

Piano Forte Makers 289 

Piano Forte Tuners 289 

Picture Frame Dealers 289 

Picture Frame Makers 289 

Plane Makers 289 

Planing Mills 289 




Plow Makers .*. 289 

Plumbers 289 

Pork Dealers 289 

Pork Inspectors 289 

Porter and Cider Makers 289 

Portrait Painters 289 

Potash Manufacturers 289 

Printers, Book and Job 289 

Printers' Joiners 289 

Produce Merchants 289 

Publishers 290 

Puddlers 290 

Pump and Block Makers 290 

Pyrotechnists 290 

Rail Road Offices 290 

Real Estate Agents and Brokers 290 

Rectifiers and Distillers 290 

Refrigerators 290 

Regalia Makers 290 

Roofing Composition ..290 

Roofing Slate Dealers 290 

Rope Makers 290 

Saddle Makers 290 

Saddlery Hardware 290 

Safes 290 

Sail Makers 291 

Salt Dealers 291 

Sash and Blind Makers 291 

Saw Manufacturers 291 

Saw Mills 291 

Saw Filers and Setters 291 

Scales 291 

Schools 291 

Screen Wires 291 

Sculptors 291 

Seedsmen 291 

Sewer Builders 291 

Sextons _ 291 

Soda and Sarsaparilla Manufacturers 291 

Ship Carpenters 291 

Ship Joiners 291 

Ship Smiths 291 

Shoe Dealers 291 

Shoe Makers 292 

Shoemakers' Tools 292 

Silk Manufacturers 292 

Silver Platers 292 

Silver Smiths 292 

Soap and Candle Makers 292 

Spice Factories 292 

Staple and Fancy Dry Goods 292 


S tarch Manufacturers 292 

Stationers 292 

Stave Dealers 292 

Steamboat Builders 292 

Steam Engine Makers 292 

Stereotypers , 292 

Stone Dealers 292 

Stoneware Manufacturers 293 

Storage and Forwarding 293 

Stove Dealers 293 

Stucco Workers 293 

Surgical Instruments 293 

Surveyors •. . .293 

Syrup Manufacturers 293 

Tailors 293 

Tanners r 293 

Teachers, Book-keeping 293 

Teachers, Embroidery 293 

Teachers, French 293 

Teachers, Penmanship 293 

Tin and Coppersmiths 293 

Tobaccon ists 293 

Tool Makers 293 

Trunk Makers 294 

Type Founders 294 

Undertakers' Hardware 294 

Undertakers 294 

Upholsterers 294 

Umbrella Makers 294 

Umbrella and Parasol Dealers 294 

Variety Stores 294 

Vegetable Dealers 294 

Veneer Dealers 294 

Veterinary Surgeons 294 

Vinegar Manufacturers 294 

Wagon Makers 294 

Washboard Manu facturers 294 

Watch and Jewelry Dealers 294 

Watchmakers 294 

Water Coolers and Filters 294 

Weavers 294 

Whip Makers 294 

White Lead Manufacturers 294 

Whitewashes 295 

Wig Makers 295 

Willow and Wooden Ware 295 

Wine Dealers 295 

Wood Dealers 295 

Wool and Pelt Dealers 295 

Woolen Work s 295 



Agency, Land cfe Insurance, T. S. Cutting 84 

Agricultural Warehouse, H. C. White 80 

Agricultural Implements, Pratt cfe Allen.. 68 
Alcohol, Camphene, cfcc., Knapp cfe Gillet. 59 
Anti-Dyspeptic Medicines, G. C. Blake.. 57 
Attorneys and Counsellors, Le Grand cfe G. 

L. Marvin 83 

Attorney and Counsellor, J. S. Gibbs 83 

Banker and Exchange Broker, W. R. Man- 

ley 82 

Beef, Pork and Fish Inspector, Miles Jones 37 

Bell Hangers, Hart, Ball cfe Hart 71 

Bellows Factory, Wm. F. Bearaan 68 

Boiler Maker, S. Shepard 66 

Book and Periodical Depot, A. Burke 42 

Book Binding and Blank Books, Parsons & 

Johnson 41 

Book Depository, Buffalo Methodist, H. H. 

Matteson 44 

Bookseller, Publisher and Stationer, Theo- 
dore Butler 42 

Bookseller and Stationer, W. G. Holmes.. 42 
Book Store and Publishing House, Wanzer, 

McKim & Co 81 

Book Store and Publishing House, Phinney 

cfe Co 40 

Boots and Shoes, James H. Flagg cfe Co. . . 52 

Boots an d Shoes, W. S. Abbott 52 

Botanic Physician and Medicines, Milo W. 

Hill 82 

Botanic Physician and Medicines, Dennis 

B. Wiggins 82 

Brass Founders, F. Colligon cfe Co 62 

Brewery, Boyle cfe Gibbons 55 

Brick, Pressed, Stock, (fee, P. A. Balcom.. 77 

Brick Maker, Joel S. Raze 76 

Butcher, H. Lamb 38 

Butcher and Provision Dealer, J. Allberger 37 
Cabinet Furniture and Chairs, Taunt cfe 

Baldwin 46 


Cabinet Furniture and Chairs, W. Galligan 45 
Cabinetware and Upholstery, Cutler cfe De- 
forest 45 

Cabinet Warehouse, Isaac D. White 47 

Can die Dealers, J. P . Provoost cfe Co 37 

Carpeting, David M.Grant 52 

Carpeting, Cameron cfe McKay 45 

Cast Iron Works, C. J. Hubbard 62 

Cheese and Produce, S. Bogardus 36 

Cigars, P. S. Stevens 38 

Clothing, Yates cfe West 50 

Coffee Roasters, Bradford & Chase 36 

Coffin Warehouse, E. cfe H. D. Farwell 54 

Commission Merchant, William Moore 35 

Commission Merchants, J. R. Bentley cfe Co. 31 
Commission Merchants, Weeks cfe Prescott 64 

Commission Merchant, H. Roop 34 

Commission Merchants, Buckingham <fe 

Guthrie 31 

Commission Merchant, M. S. Hawley 33 

Commission Merchant, Robert D.Boyd 33 

Commission Merchants, Rainey <fe Rich- 
ardson 34 

Commissioner of Deeds, T. S. Cutting 84 

Commissioner of Deeds, H. A. Salisbury.. 84 
Commissioner of Deeds for other States, J. 

S. Gibbs 83 

Commissioner of Deeds for other States, Le 

Grand cfe G. L. Marvin 83 

Composition Roofers, (fee, Warren cfe Bro. 80 

Confectionery, J. Benson 39 

Confectionery, James Heth 39 

Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, Zook cfe 

Brothers 71 

Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron, S. Dudley cfe 

Sons 68 

Crockery, Glass, cfec, E. C. Brown cfe Co.. 52 

Daguerrean Rooms, McDonell & Co 49 

Daguerreotype Plates and Cases, Stephen 
B.Butts : 49 




Daguerrean Rooms, O. B. Evans 49 

Drugs, Medicines, Groceries, <fec., John W. 

Williams & Co 57 

Dings, Domestic and Foreign, (fee, A. B. 

Moore <fe Co 56 

Drugs and Medicines, Wm. Loft 57 

Drugs and Medicines, Demarest & Holrnan 57 

Drugs and Medicines, J. J. Gibbons 57 

Dry Goods, Evry & McPherson 50 

Dry Goods, Marvin, Clark & Co 50 

Dry Goods, W. B. Bishop 50 

Edge Tools and Planes, L. <fc I. J. White. . 69 
Electro-Magnetic and Galvanic Apparatus, 

A. N. Henderson 78 

Elevator, Chas. W. Evans 34 

Engine Maker, S. Shepard 66 

Engine Makers, Allen <fc Griffin 62 

Engravers and Lithographers, Richard J. 

Compton 81 

Engraving on Wood, B. S. Vanduzee 81 

Engraving on Wood, Geo. D. Wightman.. 81 
Forwarding and Produce Merchants, Swan 

<fc Son .33 

Forwarding and Commission Merchants, 

Buckingham & Guthrie 31 

Forwarding and Commission Merchant, W. 

A. Fox 32 

Forwarding and Commission Merchant, J. 

G. Deshler 34 

Forwarding and Commission Merchants, 

N. H. Smith <fc Sons 33 

Forwarding and Commission Merchants, 

Walker <fc Clarke 31 

Forwarding and Commission Merchant, J. 

R. Bentley<fcCo 31 

Forwarding and Commission Merchants, 

Thayer <fc Anthony 31 

Forwarding and Commission Merchants, 

A. D. Ellis <fe Co 32 

Founders, Allen <fc Griffin 62 

Founders, Chas. J. Hubbard 62 

Founders, F. Colligon & Co 62 

Fulton Lake Boat Line, A. D. Ellis <fc Co. 32 
Furnishing Establishment (Gentlemen's), 

Yates & West 50 

Galvanic Apparatus, A. JST. Henderson 78 

Gas Fitters, Hart, Ball <fc Hall 71 

Gas Fitter, James E. Thomson 72 

Gas Fitter, Thomas S. Hampton 73 

Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, 0. A. Wil- 
cox 50 

Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, Yates & 

West 50 

Glass Staioer, Geo. L.Burns 82 


Grocer and Commission Merchant, Elijah 

K. Bruce 35 

Grocers and Commission Merchants, H. O. 

Cowing <fe Co 35 

Grocers and Ship Chandlers, Hart, New- 

m;m <fe Co 36 

Grocers and Ship Chandlers, Morse & John- 
son 35 

Groceries, Wines and Liquors, H. Hagar & 

Co 36 

Groceries, Drugs, <fcc, J. W. Williams & Co. 57 

Groceries and Provisions, E. Webster 36 

Groceries, Provisions & Produce, J.Jamie- 
son 36 

Groceries and Provisions, S Huntley 35 

Groceries and Fruits, C. Scotten <fe Co 36 

Groceries and Drugs, Demarest <fc Holrnan. 57 

Gunsmith, P. Smith 55 

Gunsmith, James O. Robson 55 

Hardware, Pratt & Co 60 

Hardware, Stoves, (fee, Parmelee <feHadley 67 

Hardware, <fec, Pratt <fc Allen 68 

Hardware and Cutlery, Edward F. Folger 

<fe Co 67 

Hardware, S. Dudley & Sons 68 

Hardware, DeWitt C. Weed 68 

Hardware, S. Shepard 66 

Hats, Caps and Furs, J. J. Weber 52 

Hollow Ware, S. Dudley <fe Sons 68 

Hollow Ware, S. Shepard 66 

Hollow Ware, Dudley <fc Bull, see 2d page 
of cover. 

Hollow Ware, Candee, Wiswell <fc Co 71 

Hollow Ware, Parmelee <fe Hadley 67 

Hollow Ware, John Miller 68 

Hollow Ware, Jewett, Brothers 69 


Clareudon, H. Van Allen 84 

De l'Europe, F. M. Jacobs 85 

Niag. Temperance, S. D. Allen <fe Co. «5 

Railroad, A. N. Larreau 85 

United States, Z. Bonney 84 

Washington, Henry Itjen 85 

Western, F. L. Brown 85 

Housekeeper's Furnishing Establishment, 

Jewett, Brothers 69 

Intelligence Office and General Agency, 

Thos. S. Cutting 84 

Intelligence Office, S. F. Williams 84 

Insurance Agent, William Moore 35 

Japanned Ware, Jewett cfe Day 70 

Japanned Ware, Jewett, Brothers 69 

Japanned Ware, Parmelee <fc Hadley 67 

Jewelry, Watches, etc., J. C. Gager 48 




Jewelry, Watches, tfcc. T. Stephenson & Co. 48 

Jewelry, Pitkin 48 

Jewelry, Watches, <fcc, D. B. Castle 48 

Jewelry, Watches, <fcc., 0. E. Sibley 48 

Jewelry and Watches, M. C. Haight 48 

Justice of the Peace, H. B. Burt 83 

Land and General Agent, T. S. Cutting.. 84 

Lantern Manufacturers, Sangster & Co 78 

Lantern Makers, J. Otto & Go 71 

Leather, Hides, Oil, <fcc, Bush <fe Howard 59 
Leather, Hides, Oil, &c, N. Case & Co . . . . 59 
Lithographer and Engraver, R. J. Compton 81 

Livery Stable, F. Mount 85 

Locomotive Lamps, J ohn Otto & Co 71 

Lumber, Wheeler Hotchkiss 75 

Lumber and Planing Mill, P. B. & L. L. 

Eaton 75 

Lumber, Shingles, &c, Isaac S. Newton.. 75 

Lumber, Geo. Youell 76 

Lumber, Moses S ruith 75 

Lumber, Pierce & Go 76 

Lumber, (planed,) E. & B. Holmes 76 

Machinery Depot, Brown, Brothers 63 

Machinery Depot, Weeks & Prescott 64 

Marble Works, D. Belden 80 

Meat Dealer, H. Lamb 38 

Meat Dealer, Job Allberger 37 

Meat Dealers, Bullymore and Langdon 38 

Melodeons, Improved Patent, George A. 

Prince & Go 53 

Merchant Tailor, W. Dods worth 51 

Merchant Tailor, W. L. Chambers 51 

Merchant Tailor, Thomas Kennett 51 

Merchant Tailor, J. B. Dubois 51 

Merchant Tailor, L. D. Hibbard & Co.... 51 

Merchant Tailors, Garland & Beirne 51 

Mill (Flouring) Manufacturers, Weston, 

Cogswell & Co 65 

Millwright, Z.G.Allen.. 66 

Millwrights, Weston, Cogswell & Go 65 

Music Store, Sage & Sous 54 

Notary Public, W. Meech 83 

Nurseries, D. S. Manley 79 

Oils, F.S. Pease 58 

Oils, Geo. C. Webster 59 

Optical Instruments, Andrews & Son 78 

Oyster and Fruit Dealers, Rowe & Co 38 

Oysters, Game and Fruit, L. B. Piatt & Co. 38 
Painting, Glass Staining, &c, George L. 

Burns 82 

Paper Hangings, Birge 45 

Paper Warehouse, Thomas & Lathrops 43 

Paper Warehouse, B. Bradley & Co 42 

Paper Hangings, N. Wilgus & Son 44 


Patents, S. P. Kettle 82 

Patents, Thomas P. How 83 

Piano Fortes and Musical Instruments, 

Sage & Sons 54 

Piano Fortes, Melodeons, &c, H. Utley... 69 

Planing Factory, E. & B. Holmes 76 

Planing Mill, P. B. & L. L. Eaton 75 

Planing Mill, Dart & Brothers 74 

Plating, Silver and Brass, Thos. Choyer . . 67 

Plumber, T. S. Hampton 73 

Plumber, J. E. Thomson 72 

Plumbers and Tinsmiths, Candee, Wiswell 

& Co 71 

Plumbers, Hart, Ball & Hart 71 

Pork Dealers, Bullymore & Langdon 38 

Pork Inspector, Henry Roop 34 

Pork Inspector, Miles Jones 37 

Portable Steam Engines, Colligon & Co.. 62 

Printing, Book and Job, D. D. *Waite 42 

Produce and Commission Merchant, S. Bo- 

gardus 36 

Produce Commission Merchants, Swan & 

Son 33 

Produce Commission Merchant, Robert D. 

Boyd 33 

Produce Commission Merch'ts, Cobb & Co. 33 
Produce Commission Merchant, C. W. 

Evans 34 

Produce Commission Merchants, Fleming 

& Allen : 34 

Provision Dealer, Job Allberger S7 

Railroad Lines. 

Great Central Route 88 

Michigan Central .- 87 

Michigan Southern 86 

Real Estate Agent, Guy H. Salisbury 84 

Real Estate Ag'ts, Crittenden <fc Presbrey 83 
Rectifiers, Dealers in Alcohol, &c, Knapp 

& Gillet 59 

Refrigerators, Water Coolers, <fec, Jewett 

& Day 70 

Refrigerators, Dudley & Bull, see 2d page 

of cover. 

Refrigerators, Parmelee & Hadley 67 

Regalia Manufacturers, W. H. Drew <fc Co. 81 
Saddlery and Carriage Hardware, Pratt & 

Letchworth 61 

Safes, Scales, &c, Weeks & Prescott 64 

Salt and Smoked Meats, Bullymore & 

Langdon 38 

Safes and Scales, Brown, Brothers 67 

Salt Dealer, B. S. Tupper 35 

Screen Wire, Weston, Cogswell & Co 65 

Seed Store, H. C. White.... 80 




Sexton and Undertaker, Loring Peirce... 54 

Shepard's Irou Works, S. Sbepard 66 

Ship Chandler and Corn mission Merchant, 

E. K. Bruce 35 

Ship Chandlers and Grocers, Morse & 

• Johnson 35 

Ship Chandlers, Hart, Newman (fe Co 37 

Shipping and Commission Merchants, H. 

Daw & Son 33 

Shoemakers' and Saddlers' Materials, Ceo. 

Parr 69 

Silks, Sewing, O. A. Wilcox 50 

Silver Plating, Thos. Choyer 48 

Soap and Candles, J. P. Provoost & Co... 37 

Soap and Candles, S.Hume & Co 37 

Stationery, Printing and Binding, Phinney 

& Co. 40 

Steam Engine and Mill Gearing Works, 

Swartz & Co 67 

Steam Engines and Boilers, S. Sbepard... 66 
Storage and Produce Merchant, Chas. W. 

Evans 34 

Stoves, Hollow Ware, Gearing, (fee, Jewett, 

Brothers 69 

Stoves, Hardware, LamjDS, (fee, Jewett, 

Brothers 69 

Stoves, Furnaces, Cauldrons, (fee, Jewett 

& Day 70 

Stoves, Furnaces, Cauldrons, (fee, Zook, 

Brothers 71 

Stoves, Sheet Iron, (fee, J. Otto & Co 71 

Swartz's Iron Works, Swartz, Sprague <fc 
Martin 67 

Tin and Coppersmiths, S. Dudley & Sons 68 

Tin and Coppersmiths, Zook, Brothers 71 

Tin and Coppersmiths, J. Otto & Co 71 

Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron, John Miller. 68 

Tinsmiths, Candee, Wiswell & Co 71 

Tool Manufactory, L. & I. J. White 69 

Undertaker, G. F. Warner 54 

Undertaker's Hardware, H. Utley 69 

Undertaker, L. Peirce 54 

Upholsterer, Armstrong & Co 45 

Upholstery, Cameron & McKay 45 

Veterinary Surgeon, W. Somerville 82 

Vulcan Foundry, Allen & Griffin 62 

Watches, Jewelry and Silver Ware, M. C. 

Haight \ 48 

Watches, Jewelry, Silver Ware, (fee, T. 

Stephenson (fe Co 48 

Watches, Jewelry, Silver Ware, (fee, Pitkin 48 

Watches, Jewelry, (fee, J. C. Gager 48 

Watchmaker and Jeweler, D. B. Castle.. . 
Western Literary Messenger, Thomas & 


White Lead Factory ("Niagara,") Wil- 
liams (fe Co 

Wines and Liquors, H. Hagar & Co 

Wines, Liquors and Cigars, P. S. Stevens. 
W T iues, Liquors, (fee, Chas. Scotten (fe Co.. 
Wines and Liquors, importers of, Wright, 
Clark (fe Co 38 




Banding, Kumbel's Machine Stretched 

Leather 299 

Bookseller, Publisher, &c, ¥m. Radde.. .302 

Coffee House, Parker's 303 

Combs, Buttons and Fancy Goods, D. M. 

Knight & Co ...300 

Cordage, Patent, William Wall & Son.... 302 
Dyeing Establishment, Bartlett, Nephews 

A Co 301 

Fancy Dyeing Establishment, Bartlett, Ne- 
phews & Co ..301 

Fancy Goods, English, German and French, 

D. M. Knight & Co 300 

French and English Goods, D. M. Knight 

cfeCo 300 

Groceries, Teas, Coffee, &c, Rufus Story. .302 
Hemp and Patent Cordage, William Hall 

& Son 302 

Homoeopathic Medicines, Books, &c, Wm. 
Radde 302 



Earle's 303 

Girard House 303 

Johnson's 303 

Parker's Coffee House 303 

Patten's 303 

Savery's Temperance 303 

Western 303 

Indigo, Madder, Dye Woods, &c, &c, Wm. 

Partridge A Son 302 

Insurance Broker, Marine and Fire, Sam'l 

Waite 302 

Leather Banding, Kumbel's Machine 

Stretched .299 

Marine and Fire Insurance Broker, Sam'l 

Waite 302 

Publisher and Foreign Agent, William 

Radde 302 

Spices, &c, Rufus Story 302 

Wholesale Grocer, Rufus Story 302 


(Commercial %)iiiximt pntt0rg 

FOR 1855. 


Mayor — Eli Cook. 

Aldermen — First Ward — Charles S. Pierce, 
John H. Bidwell. Second Ward— Chandler 
J. Wells, Levi J. Waters. Third Ward— Sam'l 
Slade, G. W. Barker. Fourth Ward— Hiram 
Chambers, J. J. Weber. Fifth Ward— Frede- 
ric Dellenbaugh, E. Bennett. Sixth Ward — 
Harry Miller, S. Scheu. Seventh Ward — A. 
J. McNett, A. S. Plumley. Eighth Ward— Z. 
Bonney, Geo. J. Rehm. Ninth Ward — Charles 
F. Miller, John F. Lockwood. Tenth Ward— 
Watkins Williams, Dennis Bowen. Eleventh 
Ward — James Haggart, F. P. Stevens. Twelfth 
Ward — Lewis P. Dayton, Fayette Rumsey. 
Thirteenth Ward — Joseph A. Bridge, William 
C. Prescott. 

President of the Common Council — Charles 
S. Pierce. 

Standing Committees — Finance — Aid. Bowen, 
Rumsey, Chambers, Bennett, Slade. 

Schools — Aid. Stevens, Rumsey, Chambers, 
Dellenbaugh, Dayton, Bowen, McNett. 

Streets— Aid. Waters, Chambers, C. F. Mil- 
ler, Bidwell, Barker, Rehm. 

Sewers — Aid. Plumley, Weber, Bonney. 

Side and Cross Walks — Bennett, Barker, 
Rehm, Lockwood, Bridge. 

Fire — Wells, H. Miller, Prescott, Lockwood, 

Water — Rehm, Haggart, Bonney, Bridge, 

Claims — Dellenbaugh, Plumley, Weber. 

Police— Barker, H. Miller, McNett. 

Markets— Scheu, C. F. Miller, Bidwell, Wa- 
ters, Dayton. 

Wharves, Harbors and Perries — Bidwell, 
Bonney, Williams, Plumley, Waters. 

Public Grounds— Lockwood, Plumley, Wells. 

Public Lamps — Slade, Dellenbaugh, Stevens, 
Wells, Scheu. 

Law — McNett, Stevens, Bowen. 
License — Prescott, Williams, H. Miller. 
Sanitary Measures — Williams, C. F. Miller, 
Dellenbaugh, Haggart, Bridge. 


Comptroller — William Ketchum. 

City Attorney — John Hubbell. 

Street Commissioner — Jacob L. Barnes. 

City Treasurer — John R. Evans. 

Receiver of Taxes — Michael Danner. 

City Surveyor — George Cole. 

Superintendent of Schools — Ephraim F. Cook. 

Police Justice — George Drullard. 

Chief of Police — Samuel W. Bagnall. 

Overseer of the Poor — Robert Nevitt. 

Assessors — Samuel G. Walker, Benj. Hodge, 
W. W. Stannard. 

City Clerk — Roswell L. Burrows. 

Supervisors — First Ward — George A. Moore. 
Second Ward — Nelson K. Hopkins. Third 
Ward — George A. Robertson. Fourth Ward 
— Otis Vaughn. Fifth Ward — Sebastian 
Diebold. Seventh Ward — Anthony Kraft. 
Eighth Ward — Thomas O'Dwyer. Ninth 
Ward — George S. Marvin. Tenth Ward — 
Wells Brooks. Eleventh W ard — Harry 
Thompson. Twelfth Ward— Harmon H. Grif- 
fin. Thirteenth Ward — Job Taylor. 

Health Commissioners — E..A. Maynard, Otis 
Vaughn and Arthur McArthur. 



Health Inspectors — Henry Inman, Justus 

Health Physician — John Root. 

Constables — First Ward— Michael Morrisey. 
Second Ward— Franklin Ritter. Third Ward 
— Wm. G. Dykeman. Fourth Ward — William 
W. Mason. Fifth Ward— Frederick J. Rohe. 
Seventh Ward — Charles H. Eraerick. Eighth 
Ward— Stephen J. Mulhall. Ninth Ward- 
Henry McLane. Tenth Ward — John Seward. 
Eleventh Ward — John Rumsey. Twelfth 
Ward— Joseph W. Smith. Thirteenth Ward 
—Edwin W. Weston. 

Street Inspectors — Almus T. Pat chin, L. A. 
Page, John Fink, Frederick Kress. 

Commissioners of Excise — First Ward — Jas. 
Mabbett. Second Ward — Jason Sexton. Third 
Ward — Lewis Compton. Fourth Ward — Jacob 
Williams. Fifth Ward — Charles Groben. 
Seventh Ward — Anthony Rosenblatt. Eighth 
Ward— Geo. H. Smith. Ninth Ward— Hiram 

E. Howard. Tenth Ward — Seline Sears. 
Eleventh Ward— George J. Webb. Twelfth 
Ward— Joseph B. Scott. Thirteenth Ward- 
Preston Hulbert. 

Inspectors of Elections — First Ward — Jacob 
W. Banta, Walter W. Stannard. Second Ward, 
1st District — Orange W. Clark, Andrew J. 
Dav ; 2d District— Philo Dubois, Jay Petti- 
bone. Third Ward— George D. Teller, John 
T. Johnson. Fourth Ward — John Lyman, 
Samuel C. Greene. Fifth Ward— F. G. Pat- 
terson, Frederick Held. Seventh Ward — 
Frederick Kriess, Guy H. Goodrich. Eighth 
Ward — Anthony Diebold, Jas. Cayne, Benj. 

F. Davidson (designated by the Board). Ninth 
Ward — Socrates W. Carpenter, Josiah Beard - 
sley. Tenth Ward — George Reese, Lorenzo 
K. Haddock. Eleventh Ward — Harry Thomp- 
son, Jr., Henry Thornton. Twelfth Ward — 
Jacob Bellinger, George Biers. Thirteenth 
Ward — Horace A. Buffum, Samuel Twitch- 
ell, Jr. 

Clerk of Elk Street Market— Geo. L. Fatty. 

Sealer of Weights and Measures — Robert 

City Sextons — Francis J. Kraft, Charles 

Harbor Masters — Joseph Whittet, James 

Captains of Police — Charles L. Allen, B. V. 
B. Hawkins, It. W. Love, P. Wetter. 

Watch House Justice — George Drullard. 

Police Constables — Asa P. Harris, Benjamin 
Toles, John Pierce, Levi H. Williams, Cort- 
land Lake, George Hinson, W. J. Cowan, J. F. 
E. Plogsted, Geo. Werle, J. W. Allen, Stephen 

City Scavenger — Augustus Hirte. 

Collector — A. S. Bemis. 


Clerks — Philander Hodge, Samuel Beals, 
Giles Slocum, Charles G. Beach, P. Duggau, 
Fayette A. Cook. 

Inspectors — Lewis Freeman, Darius Jewell, 

Lewis Britton, Philip J. Rheinhardt, Sanford 

Superintendent — William Foote. 

Collector, Black Rock — Warren Granger. 


Corner of Lloyd and Prime Streets. 

Collector — John T. Hudson. 

Deputies — P. Hoffman, Buffalo; A. Prince, 
Black Rock ; H. P. Clinton, Black Rock Dam ; 
E. Hensler, Tonawanda. 

■R. H. Best, C. Reeves, A. A. 
Loveridge, F. W. Pattison. 

Clerks— 0. F. Crary, W. H. Albro. 


County Judge — James Sheldon. 

District Attorney — Albert Sawin. 

Surrogate — Charles D. Norton. 

County Clerk — William Andre. 

Depidy Clerk — L. Le Clear. 

Superintendents of the Poor — El as Green, 
Buffalo ; Hiram Carpenter, Evans ; Harry B. 
Ransom, Clarence. 

County Treasurer — James D. Warren. 

Coroner — Charles B. Morse. 

Sheriff — Joseph Can dee. 

Under Sheriff — Nelson Hopkins. 

Deputies — John Pierce, Salmon Shaw, Peter 
Corbin, David Cooper, Edwin Hurlburt, Jacob 
Emerick, Buffalo ; Byron Cochrane. Spring- 
ville ; Augustus Oakley, Clarence ; M. VY\ 
Green, Hamburgh ; Nelson Woodward, Evans; 
Joseph Emery, Jr., Aurora. 

Jailor— E. H. Drake. 

Commissioners of Deeds — Henry Thornton, 
John E. Chamberlain, Harry Thompson, Jr., 
P. M. Vosburgh, David F. Day, S. P. Brecken- 
ridge, Henry H. Clapp, Henry D. Tillinghast, 
Geo. B. Ketchum, Lewis B. Howell, Reubin 
Justin, Warren Granger, V. W. Kingsley, Jo- 
seph Warren, J. E. Baldwin, E. P. Chapin, 
Geo. A. Sherman, Dewitt C. Bachus, Loring L. 
Lewis, Robert Hatfield, John Barto, James 
Crocker, Thos. S. Cutting, James T. Vande- 
veuter, Alexander J. Sheldon, Isaac M. Scher- 



merhorn, Henry C. Persch, Hezekiah H. Sails- 
bury, Gaius Robinson, Warren Lampman, 
John A. Grow, Frederick C. White, Cyrus P. 
Lee, Alonzo Tanner, Cyrus Davis,Josiah Cook, 
Franklin K. Sherwood, Charles Beckwith, 
Christian Lapp, Culver P. Chamberlain, James 
Weirts, Alexander W. Harvey, Mark B. Moore, 
Emory H. Storrs, Albert W. Bishop, Angus 
Cameron, Jacob Krettner, Hosea W. Town- 
send, I. Bowen Preston, Nicholas Ottenot, 
William Bailey, Thaddeus C. Davis, Cyrus 
Guffin, Sam'l B. Hard, A. A. Blanchard, Ste- 
phen B. Porter, David Tucker, E. S. Havens, 
Samuel T. Atwater, Oscar T. Flint, Thos. D. 
Barton, Chester Moore, John Walsh, Reuben 
C. Chambers, Bela H. Colegrove, Norton A. 
Halbert, Geo. J. Bryan, James S. Gibbs, James 
H. Scott, Benjamin F. Parmeuter, Gregory 
Ritt, Charles Manley, George C. Alden, Asa 
Whitemore, George W. Haskins. 

Commissioners of Deeds for other States — 
James S. Gibbs, for New York, Alabama, Ar- 
kansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Geor- 
gia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky. Lou- 
isiana, Maiue, Massachusetts, Michigan, 
Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New 
Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, 
South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, 
Virginia, Wisconsin. Frederick P. Stevens, 
for New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, In- 
diana, Michigan and Wisconsin. W. W. Mann, 
for Massachusetts. Le Grand Marvin, for 
Connecticut, Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. 
G. L. Marvin, for Ohio and Michigan. Dou- 
glas W. Williams, for Ohio, Illinois, Indiana 
and Wisconsin. L. K. Haddock, for Maiue. 
Nelson K. Hopkins, for Ohio, Michigan, and 
Massachusetts. Joseph L. Fairchild, for Wis- 
consin. Perry G. Parker, for Kentucky. B. 
H. Colegrove, for Connecticut and Pennsylva- 
nia. James Vaudeventer, for Michigan. Hen- 
ry C. Tillinghast, for Michigan. A. A. 
Blanchard, for Massachusetts. John M. Scher- 
merhorn, for all the Western States. 

Commissioners of Loans — Almon M. Clapp, 
Buffalo ; and Ezra P. Goslin, Newstead. 

Notaries Public— G. W. Bill, A. M. Clapp, 
C. T. Coit, E. S. Thayer, Seth B. Grosveuor, 
Nelson K. Hopkins, S. T. Atwater, Charles M. 
Hopkins, Andrew Houliston, Jacob Krettner, 
J. R. Lee, John G. Clifford, R. B. Despard, 
Charles L. Mayer, L. K. Haddock, John H. 
Parsons, John Stellwagen, Charles Hutter, 
S. B. Hard, P. Hoffman, C. P. Lee, Warren 
Lampman, W. Meech, Elisha T. Smith, Isaac 
M. Schermerhorn, James Wenz, William 
Warren, H. P. Dox, L. S. Follett, E. P. Gaston. 


County Court and Court of Sessions — James 
.Sheldon, Buffalo, County Judge. William H. 
Grimes, Lancaster, James H. Paul, Aurora, 
Justices of the Sessions. William Andre, 
Clerk. Albert Sawin, District Attorney. 

Terms of Court in Erik County — 1855. 

County Court — Fifth Monday of January, 
(no Jury). First Monday of February. Fust 
Monday of May, (no Jury). Second Monday 
of July. Third Monday of September, (no 
Jury) Second Monday of November. Fourth 
Monday of November, (no Jury). 

Court of Sessions — First Monday of Februa- 
ry. Second Monday of July. Second Mon- 
day of November. 

Superior Court of Buffalo. — General Terms — 
2d Monday of April, June, October, and De- 
cember. Trial Terms, Special Civil Terms — 
1st Monday of January, March, May, July, 
September and November. Special Criminal 
Terms — 4th Monday of January, April, June, 
September and December. 

Court of Appeals — At Albany 1st Tues'dav 
in January, 4th Tuesday in March, 3d Tues- 
day in June, last Tuesday n September. 

Supreme Court, General Term — By Justices 
of the Eighth District — PJrie County, 4th Mon- 
day in January, 3d Monday in May, 2d Mon- 
day in November, 1^54. 4th Monday in 
January, 3d Monday in May, 2d Monday in 
November, 1855. Genesee County, 1st Mon- 
day in September, 1854. Niagara County, 
1st Monday in September, 1855. 

Special Terms of the Supjreme Court, in Erie 
County — On 3d Monday of January and 3d 
Monday of March, 1854, by Justice Greene. 
On 5th Monday of May, 1854, by Justice Mar- 
vin. On 4th Monday of August, 1854, by 
Justice Bowen. On 5th Monday of October, 
1854, by Justice Marvin. On 3d Monday of 
January, and 3d Monday of March, 1855, by 
Justice Greene. On 1st Monday of June, 1855, 
by Justice Mullett. On 4th Monday of Au- 
gust, 1855, by Justice Bowen. On 5th Mon- 
day of October, 1855, by Justice Mullett. 

Circuit Courts and Courts of Oyer and Termi- 
ner, in the Co. of Erie — On the first Monday of 
January, 1854, by Justice Bowen. On the 3d ' 
Monday of March, 1854, by Justice Marvin. 
On the 1st Mouday of June, 1854, by Justice 
Greene. On the 3d Monday of September, 
1854, by Justice Marvin. On the 4th Mouday 
of November, 1854, by Justice Mullett. On 
the 1st Monday of January, 1855, by Justice 
Bowen. On the 3d Monday of March, 1855, 
by Justice Mullett. On the 1st Monday of 
June, 1855, by Justice Greene. On the 3d 
Monday of September, 1855, by Justice Bow- 
en. On the 4th Monday of November, 1855, 
by Justice Greene. 

Terms of the Circuit Court of the United States 
— Fourth Tuesday of June, at Canandaigua. 
Third Tuesday of May, at Albany. Third 
Tuesday of October, at Albany. 

Terms of the District Court of the United 
States, for the Northern District of New York 
— 3d Tuesday of January, at Albany. 3d 
Tuesday of May, at Rochester. 2d Tuesday 



of July, at Utica. 3d Tuesday of August, at 
Auburn. 2d Tuesday of November, at Buffalo. 

N. K. Hall, U. S. District Judge, N". Dist. of 
N. Y. 

Aurelian Conklin, Clerk, Dist. Court. 

J. K. Tyler, Deputy U. S. Marshal 

Benoni Thompson, IT. 8. Commissioner. ♦ 

Police axd Justices' Couuts. 
Police Justice — George Drullard. 
Justices — D. D. Bidwell, D. Hibbard, Henry 
B. Burt, A. S. Merrill, C. A. Waldron. 


Organized in the Spring of 1845, for the 
facilitation of the commerce of Buffalo. 

Officers — Geo. S. Hazard, President ; J. G. 
Desnler, 1st Vice-President; J. S. Johnson, 
2d Vice-President; John J. Henderson, Sec- 
i-etary ; S. S. Guthrie, Treasurer ; S. Coye, 
C. H. Hopkins, Cyrus Clarke, Wm. Fleming, 
C. Hitchcock, R P. Wilkins, S. H. Fish, John 
Allen, Jr., John Pease, P. L. Sternberg, Di- 
rectors. H. C. Walker, P. S. Marsh, and Hi- 
ram Niles, Reference Committee. 


Postmaster — James G. Dickie. 

Assistant Postmaster — W. H. Hecox. 

Clerks — John Powers, John W. Stewart, 
George Walker, James H. Lee, S. U. Brunck, 
Henry H. Stanley, Henry Smith, Louis Fil- 
ner, Louis Weber, Thos. Fitzgerald, Charles 
F. Gardner, Win. H. Blasedell, Frederick 
Crary, Daniel Vaughn, R. D. Ford, Dennis 
Collins, Jr., Michael Wolf, F. Faxlanger, E. 
W. Fellows, George Shetter. 


Oliver Lee & Co's.— Capital, $170,000. Bank- 
ing hours, from 9 A. M. till 3 P. M. Heury 
Lansing, President; E. S. Thayer, Cashier; 
W. V. J. Mercer, Jr., Teller ; C. H. Payne, 
and B. B. Lansing, Book-keepers; Lucius 
Storrs and J. Croniu, Clerks. 

White's Bank of Buffalo.— Capital, $200,- 
000. Geo. C. White, President ; William 
Williams, Cashier ; Win. Hutchinson, Clerk ; 
Frederick Rogers, Book-keeper. Office, 146 
Main street. 

Ilollistcr Bank of Buffalo.— Capital, $200,- 
000. James Hollister, President; Robert Ilol- 
listcr, Vice-president; R. H. Shearman, Cash- 
ier ; W. P. Shearman, Teller and Notary 
Public; C. D.Tows, Book-keeper; E. P. Hol- 
lister, Assistant Teller ; L. Trowbridge, Clerk ; 

C. E. Clarke, jr., Discount Clerk. Office, 220 
Main st. 

Bank of Attica.— Capital $160, 000. Bank- 
ing hours, from 9 A. M. till 3 P. M. Office, 
No. 1, Spaulding's Exchange. A. J. Rich, 
President ; C. Townsend, Cashier ; Henry S. 
Colton, Teller ; Seth B.Grosvenor, Book-keep- 
er and Notary Public; Charles Allen, Assistant 
Book-keeper ; Wm. R. Allen, Assistant Teller. 

Buffalo City.— Capital $200,000. Banking 
hours, from 9 A. M. till 3 P. M. John L. 
Kimberly, President ; Joseph Stringham, 
Cashier ; H. B. Starkweather, Teller ; F. O. 
Drullard, Book-keeper; Henry T. Smith, 
Clerk. Office, cor Lloyd and Prime sts. 

Marine.— Capital $300,000. George Palmer, 
President; J. M. Ganson, Cashier; Geo. H. 
Ganson, Assistant Cashier ; H. J. Shuttleworth, 
Teller and Notary Public; James Sully, Book- 
keeper; H. C. Dudley, Assistant Book-keeper; 
S. A. Provoost, jr., Clerk. Office, 75 Main 

Pratt— Capital $60,000. Thaddeus W. Pat- 
chin, President ; Henry P. Taylor, Cashier ; 
Rurritt G. Seymour, Book-keeper. Office, 139 
Main st. Discounts daily. 

New York and Erie.— Capital $200,000.-— 
Banking hours from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. Pres- 
ident, John S. Ganson ; Cashier, Edward Pier- 
son ; Book-keeper, J. A. McPherson ; Teller, 
L. S. Follett. Office, 5 Spaulding's Exchange. 

Sacketts Harbor Bank, Bvffalo. — Capital 
$200,000. Augustus Ford, President; J. C. 
Dann, Cashier ; Henrv A. Dann, Assistant 
Cashier; W. Hyde Clark, Teller. Office, 246 
Main st. 

Parmer's and Mechanic's. — Capital 
000. E. G. Spaulding, President; C. R. 
Ganson, Cashier; E. T. Smith, Teller; E. D. 
Belden, Book-keeper ; D. W. Tuttle, Clerk ; 
Office No. 3 Spaulding's Exchange. 

International.— Capital $400,000. Geo. W. 
Tifft, President : E. S. Prosser, Vice-presi- 
dent ; Charles J. Coit, Cashier ; F. A. May- 
hew, Teller; J. H. Madison, Clerk; Mo- 
ses Chapman, Discount Clerk. Office 159 
Main st. 

Buffalo Savings.-*- Chartered May 8th, 1846. 
This institution has been in operation nearly 
nine years, and its deposits have amounted to 
over $100,000. Whole number of depositees, 
12.300. Office, 330 Main street. Hours of 
business from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. R. H. Hey- 
wood. President ; E. D. Efner, Vice-president ; 
Henry Howard, Secretary ; Charles Shiels, 
Book-keeper: John U. Waylaud, Clerk; O. 
II. Marshall, Attorney. 

Western Savings.— Chartered July 9th, 1851, 
Office, Townsend Hall — entrance West Swan 

Trustees. — Dean Richmond, President ; 
Harry Thompson, 1st Vice-president ; James 
Hollister, 2d Vice-president ; N. K. Hopkins, 



Attorney ; James L. Barton, Secretary and 
Treasurer; Geo. Palmer, Elijah Ford, Rufus 
C. Palmer, John R. Lee, Lucius H. Pratt, Is- 
rael T. Hatch, Geo. T. White, William O. 
Brown, Philip Beyer, Francis H. Tows, Lew- 
is L. Hodges, Henry Martin, Gaius B. Rich, 
Nelson K. Hopkins, E. S. Warren, Josiah 

Buffalo Trust Company. — Organized under a 
Charter passed April 16th, 1852. Office, 242 
Main st. Open from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. Geo. 
Coit, President ; Orsamus H. Marshall, Vice- 
president ; Robert Pomeroy, Secretary ; Eli- 
hu J. Baldwin, Attorney ; Thomas G. Par- 
sons, Clerk. This Company have deposited 
with the Bank Department $100,000, which, 
together with the personal liability of the 
Trustees, is held as security for all classes of 

Trustees. — George Coit, Henry W. Rogers, 
Guilford R. Wilson, Orlando Allen, Alanson 
Robinson, Aaron D. Patchin, James Wads- 
worth, Stephen G. Austin, Elihu J. Baldwin, 
Samuel F. Pratt, Orsamus H. Marshall, Phil- 
ander Bennett, Peter Curtis, Henry L. Lan- 

Erie County Savings. — Incorporated, April 
10th, 1854. Opened Sept. 1, 1854. Office, 
corner of Main and North Division sts. Of- 
fice hours, from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M., and in the 
evening from 6 to 7 1-2. William A. Bird, 
President ; Gibson T. Williams, 1st Vice- 
president ; Stephen V. R. Watson, 2d Vice- 
president; Cyrus P. Lee, Secretary and Treas- 
urer ; E. C. Sprague, Attorney. 

Trustees. — Wra. A. Bird, Henry Roop, Ste- 
phen W. Howell, Richard Bullymore, Mi- 
chael Danner, John R. Evans, Wm. C. Sher- 
wood, Win, Wilkeson, Noah P. Sprague, Ste- 
phen V. R. Watson, F. Augustus Georger, 
James Wadsworth, Noah H. Gardener, Gibson 
T. Williams, Myron P. Bush, Chandler J. 
Wells, Wm. Fisk, James C Harrison, Brad- 
ford A. Manchester, Jacob Krettner. 


Principal.— Charles E. West, LL. D„ Dela- 
ware, above Chippewa street. 

Trustees — Horatio Shumway, Elihu J. Bald- 
win, Thomas Farnham, Samuel F. Pratt, No- 
ah H. Gardener, Geo. W. Tifft, Benjamin 
Hodge, James Hollister, Aaron Rumsey, 
Thomas M. Fbote, Chas. E. Clarke, Dennis 
Bowen, Judson Harmon, Joseph Dart, John R. 


Organized February 26, 1848. Capital 
$150,000. Increased in 1853 to $300,000. 

Officers. — Samuel F. Pratt, President and 
Treasurer ; Oliver G. Sleele, Secretary and 

Directors — Samuel F. Pratt, Stephen G. Aus- 
tin, William K. Scott, Oliver G. Steele, El- 
bridge G. Spaulding, George Coit, William 
Bucknell, Jr. 

The Company was organized in 1848, un- 
der the general law authorizing the forma! ion 
of Gas Light Companies. The works were 
completed and Gas supplied to the city in 
November of the same year. 

The works are situated on the spacious lot 
on the North side of Genesee street, between 
Jackson and Fourth streets, and occupy about 
two thirds of the block between said streets 
and the Wilkeson slip. 

In the construction of the works, all the 
modern improvements are embraced, and they 
are believed to be unsurpassed by any other 
similar work in the State, in capacity and 
economy of working. 

The large improvements and extensions of 
1852 were made with reference to supplying 
the entire city with Gas, and the future exten- 
sions of Pipe to accomplish this object can be 
made at a comparatively small expense. The 
quantity now laid is about thirty-six miles, 
and the Gasometers are of sufficient capacity 
to supply this city with a daily consumption 
of 350.000 cubic feet. The price of Gas was 
originally fixed at $3,50 per thousand feet, but 
was reduced in 1851 to $3,00 net, when 
promptly paid, which is the price now 
charged. It is believed to be as low if not 
lower than Gas is furnished by any private 
company in the United States. 


Buffalo and Niagara i^a//s-- Capital $565,000: 
Albert H. Tracy, President ; William A. Bird, 
Treasurer and Superintendent. 

Directors — Albert H, Tracy, Wm. A. Bird, 
Israel T. Hatch, Rufus H. King, J. B. Plumb, 
Peter B. Porter, Joel Rathbone. 

New York Central — Capital $23,000,000. 
Erastus Corning, President ; Dean Richmond, 
Vice President; C. Vibbard, General Super- 
intendent; Geo. N. Burrows, Superintendent 
of Buffalo and Rochester Division ; J. V. L. 
Pruyn, Secretary. 

Directors— E. C. Mcintosh, J. V. L. Pruyn, 
A. C. Paige, Russell Sage, Horace White, J. H. 
Chedell, H. B. Gibson, J. Field, D. Richmond, 
J. Seymour, Schuyler Livingston, r Fail. 

Great Western— Capital $13,000,000. R. W. 
Harris, President ;. 0. J. Brydges, Managing 
Director; W. C. Stevens, Secretary; Julius 
Movius, General Agent. 

General Agency for the United States, No. 17 
Exchange street, Mansion House Block. 

Buffalo and New York City — A. D. Patchin, 
President and Lessee ; John Wilkeson, Vice- 
president ; Robert Pomeroy, Secretary and 
Treasurer; J. F. Townsend, Superintendent. 

Directors — A. D. Patchin, Sam'l Swain, Jr., 



R. H. Heywood, James G. Hoyt, John Wilke- 
son, S. F. Pratt, George R. Babcock, James A. 
Mcllvaine, H. Hunt, S. S. Jewett, J. B. Halsted. 

Buffalo, Corning and New York — Capital 

t 1,200,000. Chas. G. Miller, President; J. A. 
edfield, Superintendent; F. Davis, Jr., Sec- 
retary and Treasurer. 

Directors — J. Magee, Reuben Robie, Bath. 
Henry W. Rogers, George W. Tifft, Charles 
G. Miller, G. R. Wilson, Thomas J. Dudley, 
Buffalo. Levi Otis, Batavia. C. F. Bissell, 
Asahel O. Comstock, LeRoy. D. C. McLaren, 
Rochester. T. Brown, Caledonia. L. Balcom, 
Painted Post. 

Buffalo, Bravtford and Goderich — Capital 
$3,000,000. Jas. Wadsworth, President; A. 
Gilkerson, Secretary; Jas. Christie, Treasurer. 

Buffalo Directors — C. S. Pierce, Fayette 
Rumsey, S. Hemenway. 

Buffalo and Pittsburgh — Capital $750,000. 
Orlando Allen, President; C. J. Fox, Vice- 
president; F. Gridley, Secretary; E. R. Black- 
well, Chief Engineer. 

Directors— Orlando Allen, P. P. Pratt, W. 
Williams, W. Wilkeson, S. V. R. Watson, G. 
R. Babcock, James Wadsworth, G. R. Wilson, 
J. R. Lee, L. D. Cobb, C. J. Fox, W. Samuel 
Johnson, E. J. Baldwin. 

Buffalo and State Line — Geo. Palmer, Presi- 
dent; H. A. Risley, Secretary and Treasurer; 
C. C. Dennis, Superintendent. 

Directors — Geo. Palmer, James Wadsworth, 
Joseph Field, Homer Ramsdell, Dean Rich- 
mond, Asa Sprague, William Williams, John 
Wilkeson, Charles H. Lee, Henry L. Lansing, 
Horace White, Alanson Robinson, George W. 


Buffalo and Hamburgh Turnpike — Capital 
$21,500. Henry W. Rogers, President; Geo. 
W. Tifft, Vice-president, Geo. Palmer, Secre- 
tary; John Berlaud, Treasurer. 

Directors — Geo. Palmer, Henry W. Rogers, 
I. T. Hathaway, C. H. Smith, John Berland, 
Jas. O. Putnam, George W. Tifft, Wm. Fiske, 
Pardon C. Sherman. 

Buffalo and Williamsville McAdam — T. A. 
Hopkins, President; John R. Lee, Secretary 
and Treasurer, 

Directors — Ira A. Blossom, Sam'l F. Pratt, 
H. Seymour, Jr., Wm. Hodge, J. G. Masten, 
Chas. G. Miller, T. A. Hopkins. 

Capital $60,000. Annual dividends 5 per 

White's Corners and Buffalo Plunk — Aaron 
Gould, President; X. IX Thomas, Secretary; 
J. J., Treasurer, 

Aurora and Buffalo Plauk — Capital Stock 

t 60,000. Jas. Wadsworth, President; W. S. 
ogers, Secretary and Treasurer. 

Directors — Robert Person, Chas. L. Mayor, 
Robert H. Maynard, Jas. Wadsworth, Joseph 
F. Hill, Warren S. Rogers, Lewis M. Bullis. 

Cattaraugus and Buffalo Plank — Thomas J. 
Dudley, President; Cyrus Cornell, Vice-pres- 
ident; Isaac IS". Fisher, Secretary; Elias Smith, 

Directors — Isaac IS". Fisher, Thos. J. Dudley, 
Elisha Smith, Henry Haight, Cyrus Cornell, 
Benjamin Makby, C. J. Wells, Charles Gard- 

Buffalo and Batavia Plank — E. P. Adams, 
President; Coffman Kurtz, Secretary and 

Directors — Levi Otis, Thredrow Eldred, 
Wm. H. Edwards, Erasmus D. Long, Lyman 
Burnham, John Winspear, Coffman Kurtz, E. 
P. Adams, Wm. May. 


William Taylor, Chief Engineer ; C. H. 
Rathbun, 1st Assistant; R. M. Eddy, 2d As- 
sistant; Anthony Young, 3d Assistant; Wm. 
Rink, 4th Assistant ; Peter Walsh, 5th As- 


New York, Albany and Buffalo Telegraph! 
Company — Office, 145 Main. George Curtis,! 
President ; W. J. Bacon, Secretary ; E. Chap-j 
man, Treasurer. 

Erie and Michigan Telegraph Company — I 
Offices, No. 15 Merchants' Exchange, up stairs,] 
and 145 Main. E. Cornell, President and Su-j 
perintendent; N. Hucker, Jr., Manager ; J. W.J 
Hawn, Operator ; Frank Birdsall, Receiver. I 

House's Printing Telegraph — Offices, NoJ 
147 Main and' 23 Central Wharf. Levi A| 
Ward, President N. Y. State Line ; Henry Si 
Potter, President N. Y. & Mississippi Valleyi 
Line; A. Stager, General Superintendent; HI 
C. Skinner, Assistant Superintendent; C. SI 
Cutler, Receiver; H. C. Temple, Chief Op<f 

Grand Trunk Printing Telegraph — Office, 
147 Main. Connecting with all stations i 
Canada. Ph. Low, President; J. T. Whitney 
Treasurer and Secretary ; Isaac D. PurkisJ 


Medical College of Buffalo. — The University 
of Buffalo was chartered during the legislative 
session of 1846, and endowed with all th 
powers and privileges which belong to an 
College or University in the State. The Me* 
ical department was established and organized! 
in August of the same year. The lectures 



commence on the first Wednesday in Novem- 
ber, and continue sixteen weeks. A prelimi- 
nary term commences four weeks before the 
regular term, which is devoted to dissections, 
clinical instruction, and lectures on special 
subjects. The preliminary term is voluntary 
and gratuitous. 

Hon. Millard Fillmore, Chancellor. 

Council. — Ira A. Blossom, President; Joseph 
G. Masten, Vice-president; James O.Putnam, 
Secretary; Gaius B. Rich, Treasurer ; Thomas 
M. Foote, James O. Putnam, Orsamus H. 
Marshall, George W. Clinton, Elbridge G. 
Spaulding, John D. Shepard, Gaius B. Rich, 
Millard Fillmore, Orson Phelps, Orlando Al- 
len, Ira A. Blossom, Isaac Sherman, George 
R. Babcock, William A. Bird, James Hollister, 
Theodotus Burwell. Austin Flint, member 
elect from the Medical Faculty. Mayor of the 
City of Buffalo, Recorder of the City of Buff- 
alo, Ex- Officio. 

Faculty.— Thos. F. Rochester, M. D., Dean ; 
George Hadley, Registrar and Treasurer; Aus- 
tin Flint, Member elect of the Council ; C. B. 
Coventry, M. D., Emeritus Professor of Physi- 
ology and Medical Jurisprudence ; Charles 
Alfred Lee, M. D., Professor of Pathology and 
Materia Medica; Sanford B. Hunt, M. D., 
Professor of General and Special Anatomy ; 
James P. White, M. D., Professor of Obstret- 
rics and Diseases of Women and Children ; 
Frank Hastings Hamilton, M. D„ Professor of 
Principles and Practice of Surgery and Clini- 
cal Surgery ; Thomas F. Rochester, M. D., 
Professor of Principles and Practice of Medi- 
cine and Clinical Medicine; George Hadley, 
M. D., Professor of Chemistry and Pharmacy ; 
John Boardman, M. D., Demonstrator of Anat- 


Young Men's Association. — The Young Men's 
Association is an institution of a literary and 
scientific character, and was established by 
the young men of this city in the winter of 
1835 and '36, and subsequently incorporated 
by an act of the Legislature, passed March 
3d, 1843. 

The Library numbers about seven thousand 
five hundred volumes, and is gradually in- 
creasing. It is open to members from 8 A. M. 
to 9 P. M. 

The Reading Room is supplied with all the 
daily city newspapers, and many from the 
principal cities in the Union, together with 
the ablest American and Foreign quarterlies 
and monthly periodicals. It is open every 
week day from 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. to members 
and strangers introduced by members, the 
latter being entitled to its free use for one 
month from their introduction. The Rooms 
are in the American Hotel Block. 

Lectures, literary and scientific, are main- 
tained during the winter months. 

Terms of Membership. — Initiation Fee, $1. 
Annual dues, $3 ; payable semi-annually, in 

Officers for 1855. — President, Alexander W. 
Harvey ; First Vice-president, John G. Guen- 

ther ; Second Vice-president, James M. New- 
man ; Third Vice-president, Everard Palmer. 
Cor. Secretary, Samuel M. Chamberlain ; Re- 
cording Secretary, Alfred D. Daw. Treasurer, 
Edward F. Folger. Managers, Roswell L. 
Burrows, James F. Demarest, S. Sturges Guth- 
rie, Perry P. Rogers, James D. Sawj er, Wrn. 
D. Fobes, James T. Vandeventer, Dewitt Clin- 
ton, Henry H. Sage, Rufus L. Howard. 

Standing Committees — Ways and Means — 
Messrs. Guenther, Sawyer and. Howard. Li- 
brary — Palmer, Chamberlain, Fobes, Burrows 
and Guenther. Lectures — Vandeventer, Saw- 
yer, Guenther, Folger and Demarest. News- 
papers and Periodicals — Fobes, Guthrie and 
Clinton. Natural Sciences — Newman, Rogers 
and Vandeventer. Local History — Burrows, 
Fobes and Chamberlain. Donations and 
Subscriptions — Howard, Guthrie and Daw. 
Rooms and Fixtures — Sage, Folger and Dem- 
arest. Law — Clinton, Burrows and Vande- 
venter. Printing — Demarest, Newman and 
Guthrie. By-Laws — Rogers, Newman and 
Daw. Auditing — Guthrie, Burrows and Saw- 
yer. Collecting — Folger, Sage and Daw. 
Membership — Daw, Sage, Howard, Clinton 
and Guthrie. Library Funds — Chamberlain, 
Howard, Rogers, Palmer and Folger. Fine 
Arts — Sawyer, Fobes, Newman, Rogers and 

German Young Men's Association.- -Founded 
May 10, 1841 ; chartered in 1846. Rooms 
corner Main and West Mohawk sts. 

This is a literary Association, having in 
view the same objects, and conducted upon a 
plan similar to the American Young Men's 
Association. It was originally founded by a 
few of the German young men of this city, 
and has greatly increased both in numbers 
and means. Its library now contains eighteen 
hundred volumes, mostly German literature, 
the greater part of which were procured di- 
rectly from Germany. 

Officers. — Carl de Haas, President ; Louis 
Allgewachr, Vice-president ; Robert Hager, 
Corresponding Secretary ; George Gethoeffer, 
Recording Secretary ; John Stellwagen, Trea- 
surer ; Henry Nauert, Librarian. The above 
officers constitute the Board of Managers. 

Standing Committees.—Committeeon Ways 
and Means, John Stellwagen, John Staudt, 
Henry Baethig. Committee on Lectures, Rob- 
ert Hager, Jacob Reichert, Fried. Oehlrich. 
Library Committee, Henry Nauert, F. Lau- 
denbach, Chr. Rodenbach. Committee on* 
Donations, Geo. Getthoefer, Dr. John Hauen- 
stein, Solomon Scheu. Auditing Committee, 
Louis Allgewachr, F. Georger, Chas. Triesch- 

Young Men's Christian Union. — This Society 
has for its primary object the moral welfare of 
the young men of the city, and of those intend- 
ing to take up their abode here. It was 
organized in May, 1852, and incorporated in 
March, 1853, and contains about six hundred 
members. Its library and reading rooms are 



in Kremlin Hall, junction of Niagara and 
Eagle streets. Initiation fee $1.00 ; annual 
dues $1.00. 

Officers. — Jesse Clement, President ; 1st 
Vice-president, S. S. Guthrie ; 2d Vice-presi- 
dent, E. A. Swan ; 3d Vice-president, Amos 
I. Mathews ; Corresponding Secretary, Oscar 
Cobb ; Recording Secretary, Wm. Hersee ; 
Librarian, H. H. Martin ; Treasurer, Isaac C. 
Tryon ; Managers, Edward P. Beals, Sanford 
Eastman, S. Lockwood, Perry P. Rogers, 
Nathan R. Lyman, Amos Williams, Martin R. 
Atkins, Jno. S. Lytle. 

Standing Committees. — Ways and Means, 
N. A. Halbert, Julius Walker, E. H. Cowing, 
A. I. Mathews, I. F. Bryant. Finance, E. A. 
Swan, I. C. Tryon, S. Eastman, J. S. Lytle, 
Julius Walker. Library and Rooms, S. S. 
Guthrie, E. P. Beals, O. H. P. Champlin, H. 
H. Martin, D. F. Wood. Lectures, Stephen 
Lockwood, M. R. Atkins, L. A. Wilcox, E. A. 
Swan, Thos. A. Weston. Publications, Wm. 
Hersee, P. P. Rogers, John Root. Board and 
Employment, A. Paxon, M. L Comstock, Bur- 
gess Hall. Religious Exercises, W. D. Hunt- 
ley, Wm. Hibbard, J. S. Hawley, Thos. G. 
Parsons. Bible Classes, M. R. Atkins, J. L. 
See, A. L. Baker, B. H. Colegrove. Tract and 
Bible Distribution, P. H. Strong, J. J. Porter, 
C. Schoemaker, J. L. See, P. Griffin, R. Cooley, 
Louis Eulner, N. R. Lyman, Amos Williams, 
S. S. Guthrie, W. Hersee, T. G. Parsons, W. S. 
Van Duzee, J. S. Lyons, Burgess Hall, J. F. 
Chard, James Johnson, M. G. Lewis, B. Van 
Duzee, I. C. Tryon. Kremlin Hall, C. E. 
Young, I. C. Taylor, W. Hersee. 

Buffalo Medical Association. — P. H. Strong, 
President; Sanford Eastman, Vice-president ; 
S. B. Hunt, Secretary and Treasurer ; John 
Root, J. S. Hawley, C. H. Baker, Primary 

Members. — C. H. Baker, J. Boardman, B. 
Burwell, J. Barnes, S. G. Bailey, S. N. Bur- 
well, H. H. Bisse'.l, M. Bristol, II. M. Cougar, 
W. Carey, S. Eastman, J. J. Edmunds, A. 
Flint, F. Gardner, E. P. Gray, C. C. F. Gay, 
W. Gould, H. D. Garvin, J. Hauenstein, S. 
Hubbard, F. H. Hamilton, J. S. Hawley, C. W. 
Harvey, S. B. Hunt, C. B. Hutchins, CO. Jew- 
ett, G. Johnson, J. A. Jevte, J. E. King, T. 
T. Lockwood, M. G. Lewis, J. C. Lav, S. F. 
Mixer, J. M. Newman, S. E. Nott, R. W. Nel- 
son, W. Newell, G. F. Pratt, W. Ring, J. Root, 
T. F. Rochester, C. B. Richards, A. S. Sprague, 
J. B. Samo, P. R. Strong, A. Spearman, E. P. 

Smith, Storck, J. Trowbridge, Wm. Treat, 

J. • Underbill, H. B. Vandeventer, J. P. White, 
C. H. Wilcox, J. C. Wyckoff, B. T. Whitney. 

Erie County Medical Society. — President, 
James P. White ; Vice-president, Wm. Van 
Pelt ; Secretary, James M. Newman ; Treas- 
urer, Samuel G. Bailey ; Librarian, James B. 
Samo ; Primary Board, S. Eastman, W. Ring, 
J. S. Hawley ; Censors, Exam, in Anat. Phys. 
and Surgery, Dr. F. H. Hamilton ; Exam, in 
Prac. Med. and Obst,, J. B. Samo ; Exam, in 
Chem. and Pharm., VV. Treat: Exam, in Mat. I 

Med. and Botany, W. Van Pelt; Exam, in 
Med. Juris, and Pathol., H. M. Cougar. 

Buffalo Orphan Asylum. — Organized in 1835. 
Incorporated April 24th, 1837 ; and an amend- 
ment of the Charter in 1839. Located on 
Virginia street, near Delaware. 

Russell H. Heywood, President ; 

Vice-president ; Albert Bigelow, Secretary ; 
William Coleman, Treasurer. 

Trustees. — Latham A. Burrows, Charles H. 
Coleman, Jason Sexton, George Howard, Harry 
Daw, Francis H. Root, Joel Wheeler, Amos R. 
Ransom, George W. Tift, John R. Evans, 
Joseph Dart, jr. 

Buffalo City Hospital. — Trustees — Millard 
Fillmore, Jesse Ketchum, Gains B. Rich, Geo. 
W. Tifft, Stephen F. Austin, Geo. Palmer, 
Russell H. Heywood, Albert H. Tracy, E. G. 
Spaulding, Ambrose P. Yaw, J. L. Kimberly, 
Silas H. Fish, Wm. Ketchum, James Wads- 
worth, Aaron Rumsey. 

Buffalo Hospital of the Sisters of Charity. — 
Corner Franklin and Virginia streets. Rev. 
John Timon, Rev. P. Bede, Geo. B. Deuther, 
Patrick Milton, Wm. Garland, and E. Thomas, 

Female Orphan Asylum, Catholic. — Corner 
Batavia and Ellicott streets. Under the care 
of the Sisters of Charity of St. Joseph. 

St. Joseph's Orphan Asxjlum for Boys. — In- 
corporated December, 1851. John Timon, Pre- 
sident ; John B. Collins, Secretary; Peter Bede, 

Board of Trustees — John Timou, Peter Bede, 
John B. Collins, Thomas Dolen. 

Association for the Belief of the Poor. — Of- 
ficers — Jason Sexton, President; G. A.Moore, 
P. Smith, L. J. Waters, W. Stimpson, Charles 
H. Coleman, Vice-presidents ; R. L. Burrows, 
Secretary ; S. N. Callender, Treasurer. 

Ward Committees — 1st Ward, A. C. Moore. 
I'd Ward, Arthur Burtis. 3d Ward, Daniel 
Bowen. 4th Ward, J. O. Putnam. 5th Ward, 
N. H. Gardner. 6th Ward, P. Bennett. 7th 
Ward, E. 0. Sprague. 8th Ward, P. Smith. 9th 
Ward, N. P. Sprague. 10th Ward, G. C. Coit. 
11th Ward, B.-nj. Hod^e. 12th Ward, S. W. 
Howell. 13th Ward, W. Bailey. 

City Dispensary. — R. H. Heywood, President; 
Silas Hubbard, Secretary; S. N. Callender, 

Managers — Jason Sexton, James Hollister, 
Geo. Jones, Peter Curtiss, Charles H. Coleman, 
O. G. Steele, Francis J. Hendel, Samuel Gary, 
S. N. Callender. 

Physicians — 1st Ward, J. M. Newman, Silas 
Hubbard, James B. Samo. 2d Ward, H. M. 
Cougar, Austin Flint. 3d Ward, T. T. Lock- 
wood, C. H. Wilcox. 4th Ward, J. J. Haueu- 
stein, Wm. Treat, J. A. Felgemachcr. 5th 
Ward, James S. Hawley, Erastus Wallis. 

Consulting Physicians — Josiah Trowbridge, 
B. Burwell. 

Consulting Surgeons — Charles Winne, Frank 
II. Hamilton. Apothecary — A. I. Mathews. 



Homoeopathic Dispensary. — S. N. Callender, 
President; George W. Clinton and J.Salter, 
Vice-presideuts ; James Hollister, Treasurer. 

Trustees — A. A. Eustaphieve, E. A. May- 
nard, Geo. W. Bush, John H. Coleman, Nelson 
Randall, H. G. White, S. T. At water, Henry 
Tanner, G. A. Scroggs, Thomas Le Clear, O 
G. Steele, J. G. Dodge. 

Physicians— N. H. Warner, G. F. Foote, J. 
F. Baker, G. W. Lewis, A. Decker. G. F. 
Foote, Surgeon. 

Friendly Sons of St. Patrick. — James Burke, 
President ; William Riggs, Patrick Moran, 
Vice-presidents ; Andrew Ronan, Recording 
Secretary ; Denis Mahony, Cor. Sec'y ; John 
Rose, Treasurer. 

Executive Committee — Nicholas Higgins, 
Chairman ; John McNamara, Patrick Lynn, 
Owen O'Connell, Martin McDonell, James 
Britt, James O'Connell, Thos. Henessy, Nich- 
olas Higgins ; James Flaherty, Banner Bearer ; 
Daniel McCuleff, Messenger. 

Firemen's Benevolent Association of the City 
of Buffalo.— Incorporated March 23, 1837. 

Officers — John Delong, President; Elias O. 
Salisbury, 1st Vice-president; Harrison H. 
Clapp, 2d Vice-president. 

St. Andrews Society. — John Cameron, Presi- 
dent; James Smith, 1st Vice-president; Do- 
nald McDonell, 2d Vice-president ; John Ja- 
mieson, Treasurer ; William Robertson, Sec- 
retary. A. Fotheringham, Assistant Secretary. 

Managers — James Duthie, James E. Thom- 
son, Hugh Murray, Hugh McMillan, Angus 

Society of St. Vincent de Paul. — Founded in 
1837. John Timon, D. D., President ; P. Bede, 
1st Vice-president ; Patrick Milton, 2d Vice- 
president ; W. A. Pierce, Secretary ; John 
Walsh, Treasurer. 

St. George's Society. — Robert Hadfield, Pres- 
ident ; Wm. Liuder, 1st Vice-president ; Wm. 
Boggis, 2d Vice-president ; Henry Acton. Sec- 
retary ; Wm. L. James, Assistant Secretary ; 
Thomas Carr, Treasurer. 

Managers — Bryan, Aaron, Preston, Loft, 

Buffalo Catholic Institute. — Donald McDonell, 
President; William Burke, Vice-president; 
Michael Hagan, Treasurer ; John J. Dolan, Re- 
cording Secretary; John W. Murphy, Corre- 
sponding Secretary; M. Boland, Librarian. 

Directors — John B. Collins, W. A. Pierce, 
L. Doyle, John Flannagan, T. Cochrane. 

Bodies' Temperance Union. — Organiz'd March 
14th, 1850. Mrs. H. W. Perce, President ; Mrs. 
D. Lathrop and Mrs. S. Hemenway, Vice-pre- 
sidents ; ■ . ■ i Secretary ; Mrs. G. W. Bush, 

Buffalo Printers' Union. — Charles E. Felton, 
President; William H. Loag, Vice President; 
James E. Fox, Recording Secretary ; William 
Hardie, Financial Secretary ; Jerome B. Close, 

Buffalo Water Works.— Albert H. Tracy, 
President; George- Coit, Vice-president; A. 
R. Ketchum, Secretary and Superintendent ; 
Henry L. Lansing, Treasurer. 

Directors — H. W. Rogers, George Coit, O. G. 
Steele, H. L. Lansing, Jos. Dart, jr., H. Cart- 
wright, A. H. Tracy, Robert Campbell, H. P. 
Ward. Office No. 4 Kremlin Hall. 

City Building and Boan Association. — Samuel 
G. Walker, President ; Seth Austin, Secretary; 
James L. Barton, Treasurer ; Elijah Ford, 
Attorney ; A. S. Merrill, John Hellr'iegel, Otis 
Lapham, O. H. P. Cbampliu, S. Bcttinger, A. 
E. Swan, Christopher Longstreet, Trustees. 

Western Boan Company. — Edwin Thomas, 
President ; Oliver G. Steel, Vice-president ; 
W. Lovering, jr., Secretary ; E. J. Baldwin, 
Attorney ; Francis H. Root, Charles E. Clark, 
Geo. Truscott, G. R. Wilson, Geo. Coit, jr., Jos. 
G. Masten, H. C. Walker, E. M. Atwater, and 
Wm. Kemp, Trustees. 

Buffalo Building Society.— Horatio Warren, 
President ; George E. Hayes, Vice-president ; 
Le Roy Farnham, Secretary and Treasurer ; 
Perry G. Parker, Attorney ; Horatio Warren, 
Levi Allen, James C. Harrison, Cyrenius C. 
Bristol, Neheraiah Case, J. B. Dubois, J. McCre- 
die, B. H. Austin, G. E. Hayes, Trustees. 


There are seven Lodges in this city, and 
one Chapter of Royal Arch Masons. 

"Hiram," G. A. Scroggs, Master, meets Fri- 
day evenings. 

" Concordia," Jacob Weil, Master, meets 
every alternate Tuesday evening. 

"Erie," Ellicott Evans, Master, meets Mon- 
day evenings. 

"Washington," Everard Palmer, Master, 
meets Thursday evenings. 

"Modestia," James Wenz, meets every other 

" Queen City," Cyrus P. Lee, meets every 
Monday evening. 

"Parish," (Black Rock) Dr. Dayton, Mas- 
ter, meets Thursday evenings. 

Buffalo Chapter — Royal Arch — Le Roy 
Farnham, H. P., meets Wednesday evenings. 


Lake Erie Encampment — Meets every 
Thursday evening. Ellicott Evans, Grand 


Western Grand Division. — James De Bois, 
D. G. W. P. 

Black Rock Division, No. 473— J. Rrdy, W. 
P. ; J. De Bois, W. A, ; H. L. O'Neil, B. S. 



Meets Friday evening, at their Hall in Black 
Rock, Lower Village. 

Queen City Union Daughters of Temperance. 
No. 48. — Meets every Wednesday P. M., in 
the Kremlin Block. 

Buffalo City Temple of Honor and Temper- 
ance, No. 42, — Meets Wednesday evening of 
each week in the Kremlin Block. T. Parsons, 
D. G. W. T. 

Fidelity Social Degree of the Temple of Honor, 
No. 42. — Meets second and fourth Thursdays of 
each montL. 

Union Temple of Honor, No. 62. — Meets ev- 
ery Monday evening at Temperance Hall, 
Brown's Buildings. 

Mount Soraia Lodge, No. 88, of the Inde- 
pendent Order of Good Templars, meets every 
Saturday evening, in the Kremlin Block. 

Union Social Degree. — Meets the Second and 
Fourth Friday of each month, in Brown's 

Mount Sinai Chapter of Temperance and Wis- 
dom. — Meets at Templar's Hall, in Kremlin 
Block, every Monday evening. H. D. Moon, 
Kins:; Miss Fanny E. Manion, Queen; John 
IT. Wayland, Recorder ; P. M. L. Shephard, 
Grand King. 

Tivoli Lodge L 0. of G T— Meets Tuesday 
evening in Templar's Hall. T. T. Parson, W. 
C. T.; John M. Cooper, W. V. T.; H. D. Moon, 
P. W. C. T. 

Ancient Order of Druids — two groves. 

Liberty Grove — Meets on Tuesday evening, 
in Kremlin Block. 

Buffalo Grove. — Meets on Thursday evening 
at same place. J. L. Haberstro, D. D. G. A. 


There are six Lodges of this order in this 
city, and two degree Lodges under charters 
granted by the Grand Lodge of the I. O. of 
O. F. of Northern New York. 

The oldest is Niagara Lodge, No. 25, insti- 
tuted November (i, 1839. T. H. Warner, ( Act- 
ing) N. G. ; O. B. Woodward, S. Regular 
Meetings, Monday evening of each week. 

The next is Buffalo Lodge, No. 37, institut- 
ed May 6, 1840. Win. H. Nelson, N. G. ; W. 
E. Lowell, S. Regular Meetings, Tuesday 
evening of each week. 

The third is Tchoseroron, No. 48, instituted 
Dec. 28, 1840. Oliver Lee. N. G.; O. F. Green, 
S. Regular Meetings, Thursday evening of 
each week. 

The fourth is Hesperian Lodge, No. 171, in- 
stituted August 22, 1845. P. C. Stambach, N. 
G.; R. W. Hinman, S. Regular Meetiugs, 
Thursday evening of each week. 

The fifth is Walhalla (German) Lodge, No. 
260, instituted Nov. 7, 1846. Frederic Fraen- 
kle, N. G. Regular Meetings, Thursday eve- 
ning of each week. 

The sixth is Odin (German) Lodge, No. 403, 
instituted Feb. 19, 1849. Frederic Held, N. 
G. Regular Meetings, . Monday evening of 
each week. 

Erie Degree Lodge, No. 3. E. R. P. Shur- 
ley, N. G; Ed. B.Davis, S. Regular Meet- 
ings, Second and Fourth Wednesday evening 
of each month. 

Edda Degree Lods;e, No. 33, organized Feb. 
13, 1850. J. Fuchs/N. G. Meets Second and 
Fourth Wednesday evenings of each month. 

T. Parsons, D. D. G. M. District of Erie. 

Mount Vernon Encampment, No. 8, I. O. of 
O. F., instituted August 1, 1841. Regular 
Meetings, First and Third Wednesday even- 
ings in each month. 

T. Parsons, D. D. G. P. District of Erie. 

The Niagara, Buffalo and Tehoseroron 
Lodges meet in the Hall over the Post-office. 

The Hesperian and Frie Degree Lodges 
meet in their Hall No. 3 East Seneca street. 

The Walhalla and Odin, and Edda Degree 
Lodges meet in the new room on Court, near 
Pearl street. 


Major General 8th Division, Nelson Randall. 

Judge Advocate, H. L. Lansing. 

Quartermaster, Andrew J. Rich. 

Paymaster, Solon H. Lathrop. 

Surgeon, Walter Cary. 

Engineer, Bronson C. Rurasey. 

Aids, R. L. Howard and J. C. Dann. 

Brigadier General 3lst Brigade, Gustavus 
A. Scroggs, Buffalo. 

Brigade Major and Inspector, D. D. Don- 
nelly, Lockport. 

Judge Advocate, Major J. T. Vandeventer. 

Engineer, John G. Guenther, Buffalo. 

Deputy Quartermaster, Wm. Andre, Jr., 

Paymaster, Wm. A. Bird, Jr. 

Colonel 65th Regiment, Jacob Krettner, 

Lieut. Colonel, Alexander Sloan, Buffalo. 

Major, Francis Fisher, Buffalo. 

Adjutant, vacant. 

Quartermaster, Solomon Scheu, Buffalo. 

Paymaster, Anthony Diebold, Buffalo. 

Surgeon, D. Devening, Buffalo. 

Chaplain, Rev. Otto Burger. 

Engineer, Louis Pfeiffer. 

Assistant Surgeon, Joseph Ball. 

Cavalry Companv, Captain, Robert Coveny, 



Company A, Conrad Seeber, Capt., Buffalo. 

C, .' 

D, . 

E, John Wolf. 
" F, Michael Wiederich. 

G, Henry Erb. 

H, . 

• Rifle Company, John F. E. Plogstead, Buf- 

Captain Light Artillery, John J. Weber. 
Armory of 65th Regiment, corner Court and 
Pearl sts., Buffalo. 

Field and Staff officers of the 74th Regi- 
ment, New York State Militia. John M. Grif- 
fith, Colonel; John H. Bliss, Lieut. Colonel; 
Watson A. Fox, Major ; Harvey M. Mixer, 
Engineer ; Thos. F. Rochester, M. D., Sur- 
geon ; M. La Rue P. Thompson, D. D., Chap- 
lain ; W. F. Rogers, Adjutant ; Jas. D. Sawyer, 
Paymaster; John Allen, Jr., Quartermaster; 
E. S. Dayton, M. D., Assistant Surgeon. 


Buffalo Commercial Advertiser. — The oldest 
daily paper in the city. Theodore N. Parme- 
lee, Editor. Thomas & Lathrops, Publish- 
ers. Issued evening and morning, and Tri- 


Patriot and Journal, Weekly. — Thomas & 
Lathrops, Publishers. 

Western Literary Messenger, Monthly. — J. 
Clement, Editor. Thomas & Lathrops, Pub- 

Buffalo Medical Journal and Montldy Review. 
— S. B. Hunt, Editor and Proprietor. Thomas 
& Lathrops, Publishers. 

All the foregoing are issued from the Com- 
mercial Advertiser Buildings, No. 161 Main 

Buffalo Courier, Daily, Tri-Weekly, and 
Weekly. — W. A. Seaver, Editor and Publisher. 
Office, 7 West Seneca street. 

Morning Express, Daily, Tri- Weekly, and 
Weekly.— A. M. Clapp & Co., Publishers. Of- 
fice, Exchange Buildings, 156 Main street. 

Buffalo Republic, Daily, Tri- Weekly, and 
Weekly. — Bristol & Welch, Publishers. Office, 
Washington street, adjoining the Post-office. 

The Democracy, Daily and Weekly. — "The 
Democracy" Printing Association, Publishers. 
Office, corner of Main and Hanover streets. 

Buffalo Christian Advocate. — John E. Robie,' 
Editor and Proprietor. Office, 4 West Seneca, 
Phinney's Buildings. 

Der Demo-rat and Weltburger. — (German.) 
Published Daily and Weekly, by Brunck, Held 
& Co. Office, Mohawk street, near Main. 

Buffalo Telegraph. — (German.) Published 
Daily and Weekly, by Henry B. Miller & P. 
H. Bender. Office, 358 Main. 

Ecclesiastical Informer. — (German.) Pub- 
lished Semi-monthly, by J. A. A. Grabau, 
Genesee, near Oak. 

Evening Post, Daily. — George J. Bryan, Pro- 
prietor. Office, No. 7 West Seneca street. 

Buffalo Sentinel. — Published weekly. Mi- 
chael Hagau, Editor and Proprietor. Office, 
24 East Seneca. 

Youth's Casket, Monthly.— -E. F. Beadle, Pub- 
lisher. Office, 199 Main street. 

The Aurora. — ( German. ) Tri-Weekly. 
Christian Wiekmann, Publisher. Office, Ba- 
tavia street, 2d door below Elm. 

The Age of Progress, Weekly. — Stephen Al- 
bro, Editor and Proprietor. Office, 204 
Washington street. 


First Presbyterian. — On the triangle bounded 
by Church, Pearl and Niagara streets. M. 
L. R. P. Thompson, Pastor. 

Trustees — Aaron Rumsey, T. Butler, Chris- 
tian Metz, Jr., N. Wilgus", George Coit, Jr., 
Elbridge G. Spaulding, S. F. Pratt, Orlando 
Allen, M. S. Hawley. 

Lafayette Street Presbyterian. — Between Main 
and Washington, north of the Park. G. W. 
Heacock, Paslor. 

Trustees — George Howard, G. R. Kibbe, 
Geo. Brownell,S. Sears, John Otto, O. F.Pres- 
brey, Seth Clark, L. White, Edward Brewster. 

Central Presbyterian — Corner Genesee and 
Pearl. John C. Lord, Pastor. 

Trustees — Luman K. Plimpton, Wm. Twee- 
dy, J. G. Deshler, Wells Brooks, Emory Taunt, 
Geo. W. Tifft, P. Smith, W. H. Abell. 

North Presbyterian — Main Street, between 
Huron and Chippewa. A. T. Chester, Pastor. 

Trustees — A. J. Rich, Dennis Bowen, Jason 
Sexton, P. P. Pratt, A. A. Howard, E. H. 
Cowing, J. M. Whitcomb, 0. P. Ramsdell, C. 
E. Young. 

Tabernacle Presbyterian — Corner South Di- 
vision and Elm. Arthur Burtis, Pastor. 

Trustees — Nathan Lyman, Daniel Francis, 
James Faxon, Willard Tracy Eddy, James 
Wright, Stephen Lyman,. S. S. Smith, John 
Jenkins, John Mason Peabody. 

Associate Reformed Presbyterian — Washing- 
ton, below Eagle. Clark Kendall, Pastor. 

Trustees— J. S. Lytle, Robert Latta, Andrew 
Broad, Alexander Sloan, D. McGelvery. 

Reformed Presbyterian — Ninth street. 

, Pastor. 

Trustees— Ezra W. Barnum, Robert Barnes, 
James Scott. 



Westminster — Delaware, above North. J. 
J. Porter, Pastor. 

•Trustees— Jesse Ketchum, A. J. McNett, 
William Hodge, Isaac F. Bryant, Horace Par- 
melee, Noyes Darrow, G. E. Washburn, E. S. 
Prosser, Levi Allen. 

Delaware Street Presbyterian — Delaware st., 
above Chippewa. 

Trustees — Wm. Ketchum, Everard Palmer, 
L. Sweet, John H. Selkirk, J. F. Peter, John 
McArthur, S. B. Hunt, John T. Noye, Watson 
A. Fox. 

East Presbyterian — Colored. Elm, between 
North and South Division streets. Jacob A. 
Pryme, Pastor. 

Trustees — George Weir, Jr., E. P. Williams, 
J. Johnson, A. Young, John Simpson, George 
Dover, N. D. Thompson. 

Church of the Puritans — Presbyterian. 
Breckenridge, near Niagara, Black Rock. A. 
T. Rankin, Pastor. 

Trustees — Lewis F. Allen, James Haggart, 
S. F. Gelston, Morgan G. Lewis, William Da- 
vis, Daniel Kelly. 

Niagara Street Methodist Episcopal — Niagara 
street, between Pearl and Franklin. H. Ryan 
Smith, Pastor. 

Trustees — C. Wormwood, H. 0. Cowing, H. 
W. Perce, John R. Evans, M. A. Campbell, P. 
M. Vosburgh, D. S. Provoost, J. D. Hill, Nel- 
son Hopkins. 

Asbury Methodist Episcopal — Corner of Pearl 
and Chippewa. J. B. Wentworth, Pastor. 

Trustees — Joel Wheeler, Christopher Pier- 
son, Abram Twichell, John D. Berry, Samuel 
Joselyn, S. W. Nash, Salmon Shaw. 

Michigan Street Methodist Episcopal — Michi- 
gan, bet. North and South Division. Philo 
E. Brown, Pastor. 

Trustees— F. H. Root, A. Swan, W. Dods- 
worth, H. B. Burt, D. B. Hull, W. W. Mason, 
P. L. Sternberg, C. G. Playter, A. Joselyn. 

Ninth Street Methodist Episcopal — Ninth, 
beyond Maryland. L. S. Chapin, Pastor. 

Trustees — J. A. Campbell, Mahlon Bonnell, 
G. Benson, L. S. Church, Edward W. Palmer, 
Merritt Nichols, Thomas Phillips. 

Vine Street Methodist Episcopal — Colored. 
James M. Williams, Pastor. 

Trustees — Moses Burton, Jas. Woods, Sam'l 
Smith, John Butler. 

German Methodist Episcopal — Sycamore, cor- 
ner Ash. Augustus 0. Hertel, Pastor. 

Trustees — A. Joslyn, John Weber, D. Pro- 
voost, J. S. Lyon, Richard Taff, John Mul- 
hauser, Stephen Abraham. 

Elk Street Methodist Episcopal — Elk street. 
R. Cooley, Pastor. 

Black Pock Methodist — Dearborn street. A. 
W. Luce, Pastor. 

Washington Street Baptist — Washington st, 
north of Swan. J. Hyatt Smith, Pastor. 

Trustees — John Bush, Hugh Webster, A.L. 
Baker, Jason Parker, F. W. Breed, Daniel C. 

Niagara Square Baptist — North-west corner 
Niagara Square. Henry Kirke Green, Pastor. 

Trustees— P. A. Balcom, D. W. Williams, 
Charles W. Smith, Voloros Hodge, W. Tuton, 
R. M. Eddy. 

Free Baptist — Corner Pearl and Genesee 
streets. George H. Ball, Pastor. 

Trustees— E. Farwell, Silas Sweet, Peter 
Corbin, Abel Davis, E. F. Fowler. 

Michigan Street Baptist — Colored. Between 
Clinton and Batavia. , Pastor. 

Trustees — William Quails, Peyton Harris, 
James Henry, Carl Johnson, J. H. Brokenbor- 

German Baptist — Spruce, north of Batavia. 
Christopher Schoemaker, Pastor. 

Holland Baptist — Corner of Eagle and Pine. 
C. Schoemaker, Pastor. 

Black Rock Baptist — Dearborn street. Jas. 
De Bois, Pastor. 

St Paul's, Episcopal- -On the triangle bound- 
ed by Erie, Pearl and Church streets. William 
Shelton, Rector. 

Wardens — Russell H. Hey wood and Lester 

Vestrymen — Elijah Ford, George E. Hayes, 
J. S. Ganson, Charles W. Evans, John Pease, 
S. G. Cornell, H. K. Veile, John T. Lacy. 

Trinity, Episcopal — Corner Washington and 
Mohawk streets. Edward Ingersoll, Rector. 

Wardens — Jerry Radcliff and H. Daw. 

Vestrymen — Henry W. Rogers, R. H. May- 
r.ard, Rollin Germain, Corneal R. Ganson, G. 
T. Williams, H. L. Lansing, J. C. Dann, Walter 

St. John's, Episcopal — Corner Washington 
and Swan streets. S. L. Southard, Rector. 

Wardens — William J. Mack and George S. 

Vestrymen — S. Hemenway, Jas. P. White, 
Hamilton Rainey, Wm. G. Fargo, Joseph G. 
Masten, A. Ball, Joseph Hill, L. D. Hibbard. 

St. James' Episcopal — 

Wardens — R. J. Emmons and John H. Van 

Vestrymen — Jesse Peck, R. N. Reynolds, 
S. Slade, Robert Kittle, Joseph Kitsou, Chas. 
H. Needham, Benjamin Dickey, A. A. Blan- 

Church of the Ascension, Episcopal — North 
street, at the head of Franklin. 

Wardens — I. A. Verplanck and George C. 

Vestrymen— O. B. Titus, J. S. Miller, D. Til- 
linghasf, William Dickson, F. P.-Stevens, J. G, 
Dudley, John Darragh, H. B. Vandeventer, 



First Unitarian — Corner Eagle and Frank- 
lin streets. George W. Hosmer, Pastor. 

Trustees — Joseph Saltar, P. S. Marsh, Wm. 
T. Wardwell, 0. W. Ranney, W. B. Bishop, 
S. N. Callender. 

First Univcrsalist — Washington street, near 
corner of South Division. E. W. Reynolds, 

Trustees — Miles Jones, George A. Moore, 
Chas. T. Rand, George W. Scott, Seth Austin, 
H. W. Townsend, R .Bullyrnore, ¥m. Braley, 
H. C. White. 

First French Protestant — North -east corner 
of Ellicott and Tupper streets. Geo. S. Vogt, 

Trustees — Geo. F. Peugeot, Chas. H. Duck, 
S. Rapin, Chas. Monnin, Frederick Chamot. 

St. Louis, German Catholic — Main, opposite 
Goodell street, , Pastor. 

Trustees — A. Allenbrant, George Fisher, 
Michael Mesrner, Martin Roth, J. P. Mun- 
schauer, Jacob Wilhelm, Charles Chretien. 

St. Mary's, Catholic (Order of the Redemp- 
torists) — Corner of Batavia and Pine streets. 

St. Patrick's, Catholic — Corner of Batavia 
and Ellicott streets. John Timon, Bishop of 
the Diocese; P. Bede, Pastor. 

St. Joseph's Cathedral — Corner of Franklin 
and Terrace streets. John Timon, Bishop of 

St. John's, Catholic- 
Follenius, Pastor. 

Mulberry street. P. 

St. Peter's, French Catholic — Corner Wash- 
ington and Clinton streets. J. M. Maurice, 

St. Mary's of the Lake, Catholic — Near the 
Buffalo Orphan Asylum. Peter Brown, 

German United St. Paul's Evangelical — Wash- 
ington street, between Genesee and Chippewa. 
Otto Burgen,. Pastor. 

Trustees — P. Houck, Frederick Grahling, 
Jacob Bauer, Henry Smith, Jacob Beyer. 

Evangelical Lutheran. — Hickory, between 
Batavia and William sts. F. H. Guenther, 

Trustees — George Kney, Geo. F. Pfeifer, 
Abraham Weiss, J. Seib, Geo. Elsheimer, Paul 

German Evangelical. — Corner of Genesee 
and Hickory sts. Geo. S. Vogt, Pastor. 

Trustees — Jacob Meyer, Henry Steinecke, 
Philip Schue. 

Trinity, German.— Corner of Goodell and 
Maple sts. J. A. A. Grabau, Pastor. 

Trustees— Geo. Henning, Ernst Rother, 
Frederick Budemeir, Augustus Riebe, J. W. 
Schwinn, Wm. Eschenfelder. 

St. Bridget's, Catholic — Corner of Fulton and 
Louisiana sts, C. D. McMullen, Pastor, 

St. Michael's, Catholic — Washington, between 
Chippewa and Tupper. Rev. Luke Caveng 
and B. Fritch, Pastors. 

Committee — S. Bcttinger, Martin Zinns, 
John Swartz, Geo. Kolb, Peter Mesmer. 

German Evangelical — Black Rock, Amherst 

Black Rock Catholic — Near Amherst. Rev. 
Mr. Cestor, Pastor. 

St. Vincent de Paid — Hydraulics. Rev. 
Daniel Moore, Pastor. 

Holy Angels, Catholic — Prospect Hill. Rev. 
Mr. Tredeau, Pastor. 

Zion's German Reformed — Corner of Cherry 
and Spring sts. John Lichtenstein, Pastor. 

Trustees — John A. Guth, Adam Good 
Frantz Seelback, F. Reinharclt. 

Lutheran Trinity, German — William st. 
Conrad Diehlman, Pastor. 

Trustees — Henry Wolter, Wm. Vogel, J. P. 
Schulze, Ernst Beyer. 

Bethel— Perry st. P. Griffin, Pastor. 

Evangelical Mission, German — Goodell, near 
Oak. 0. Doeppenschmicdt, Pastor. 

Trustees — Charles E. Clarke, Isaac D. 
White, Wells Brooks, Selim Sears, Frederick 
Dusing, Joseph Litz, Louis Knollhof. 


The population of Buffalo is now estimated 
at about 80,000. The Assessors' valuation of 
real and personal estate for the years 1853 and 
1854, is as follows : 


Valuation of real estate, 1853,.... $16,698,700 

Valuation of personal estate, 1853, 2,698, 685 

Total, $19,397,355 

Valuation of real estate, 1854,... §21,079,218 

Valuation of personal estate, 1S54,_._ 3 518,221 

Total, $24,597,439 

Increase, §5,200,084 


Valuation of real estate, 1854,.... $4,764,926 

Valuation of personal estate, 1854, 477,300 

Total valuation for 1854, $'29,639,665 

The new territory refers to the township of 
Black Rock, which was added to our city in 
1853, and which increased its area nearly 
24,000 acres. 

Our commercial facilities have, for two or 
three years past, increased at an astonishing 
rate. The widening and deepening of the 
main channel of Buffalo Creek; the construe-, 
ion of the ship canal between the creek and 
the lake, and running parallel to both for 
tnearly two miles, with a convenient and safe 



entrance in all weathers ; the numerous cross- 
slips, and the Erie and Ohio Basins, have ad- 
ded over one hundred acres to the extent* of 
our facilities. The Erie Basin will be com- 
pleted this season, and will afford safe anchor- 
age for a very large number of vessels. Steam 
tugs, recently introduced, greatly facilitate the 
arrival and departure of vessels, by towing 
them from one point to another. Below is a 
list of the Elevators on Buffalo Creek, and their 
capacity for storing grain and elevating per 
hour : 


Brown's Elevator, 350,000 bush 2,500 bush. 

Hatch's....: 200,000 " 2,500 

Evans & Dunbar's, 200,000 " 2,500 

Fish's, 150,000 " 2,500 

Seymour & Wells', 100,000 " 2,500 

Dart's, .150,000 " 2,000 

Sterling's, 140,000 " 2,000 

Hollister's, 100,000 " 2,000 

Richmond's, 60,000 " 2,500 

Holley & Johnson's, 60,000 " 2,500 



It will be seen by the following figures that 
Buffalo is the largest grain depot in the world ! 

Wheat. Ind. Corn. Oats, Rye Total, 

bu. bu. and Barley, bu. 

Odessa, 5,600,000 1,440,000 7,040,000 

Galatz&Ibrelia,. 2,400,000 5,600,000 320,000 8,320,000 

St. Petersburg,.. all kinds, 7,200,000 

St. Louis, 3,082,000 018,384 1,081,078 5,0-1,463 

New York, 5,802,452 3,6-27,883 9,430,335 

Chicago, ...2,916,924 6,745,588 4,034,216 13,726,728 

Buffalo, 6,446,873 9,493,896 4,494,704,20,044,463 


The following table, will show the quantity 
and value of the leading articles received dur- 
ing the past season : 


Flour, bbls 739,557.. $5,916,456 

Meal, - 1,913 7,652 

Rye Flour, 76 3 a 

Pork, 148,893 1,935,674 

Beef, 58,607 732,5=8 

Tongues 142 2,840 

Fish, 10,584 69,964 

Whisky, 51,390 641,375 

Seeds, 20,104 241,24^ 

Oil 9,399 328,965 

.Eags, 8,579 65,790 

Beans, 6,450 25,800 

Nuts, 276 1,330 

Cranberries, 114 1,368 

Fruit, 2,474 7,422 

Grease, 3,795 91,080 

Clay Paint, 629 5,661 

Wax 58 1,740 

Cement, 202 404 

Molasses, 144 2,160 

Ashes, casks, 7,643 204,004 

Iron, tons, 4,537 171,4-0 

Coal, 5-,1()5 290,525 

Oil Cake, 1,033 20,760 

Copper, 1,691 946,960 

Lead, pii^s, 45,303 2.6515 

Wheat, bush. :t,r»T<).:{74 5,891,117 

Corn 10,142,195 6,592,426 

Oats, 4,441.739 1,866,630 

Barley, 317,030 301,581 

Rye, 177,066 177,066 


Potatoes, 34,549.. 25,912 

Butter, lbs 3,799,560 , 721,916 

Cheese, 1,427,620 128,485 

Lard, 14,157,197 1,557,291 

Bacon,. 20,055,744 1,603,916 

Tallow, 574,650 65,664 

Su^ar, hhds 166 11,620 

Tobacco, 2,894 202,580 

Tobacco, boxes, 6,525 22 a ,375 

Glassware, 912. 30,620 

Furs, bales and boxes, 1,165 174,754 

Skins, bdls J 2,255 112,750 

Paper, 11,854 118,540 

Wool, bales, 33,622.- 2,117.320 

Hemp, 4,278 106,950 

Cotton, 1,692 84,600 

Flax, 605 9,075 

Broom Corn, 5,360 64,320 

Pelts, : ...3,290 65,800 

Buffalo Robes, 65 4,265 

Hops, 209 16,720 

Feathers, sacks, 1,133 10,242 

Rags, .. 1, £ 22 18,220 

Hair, 14> 710 

Lumber, feet, 67,423,009 1,348,460 

Staves, No 15,464,554 773,277 

Shingles, 1,654,000 6,202 

Lath, 234,000 936 

Brick, 270,700 3,248 

Nails, kegs, 1,524 6,096 

Rope, coils, 1,690 11,760 

Leather, rolls, 4,423 110.575 

Hides, No 74.644 223,932 

Horses,.... ..'739 73,900 

Cattle, 19,393 775,720 

Sheep, 19,441 58,324 

Live Hogs, 74,431 744,810 

Dressed Hogs, 1,492 18,650 

Sundries, 3,500,000 

Total value, $42,207,409 

" " 1853, 36,881,230 

Increase in favor of 1854, $5,326,179 

The following table shows the principal re- 
ceipts by lake for the past three seasons : 




Flour, bbls 1,299,513 975,557 739,756 

Meal, 5,099 311 1,913 

Pork 60,669 102543 148,898 

Beef, 76,679 69,776 58,607 

Fish, 6,814 7,773 10,584 

Tongues, 130.... 142 

Seeds, 31,559 37,018 20,104 

Whisky, 79,306 66,707 51,390 

Oil 7,577 7,965 9,399 

Eggs, 7,6?6 11,000 8,579 

Beans, 1,151 6,450 

Nuts 2,573 1,543 276j 

Cranberries, 1,176 1,096 114 

Ashes, casks, 14,522 11,553 7,643 

Iron, tons, 4,848 4,731 4,537 

Coal, 34,665 38,1^8 58,105 

Copper, 439 1,068 1,691 

Lead, pigs, 31,916 36,064 45,303 

Feathers, sacks, 1,556 1,138 

Tobacco, hhds 6,620 2,038 2,894 

Tobacco, boxes, 5,o30 6,525 

Furs, bales and boxes, 1,095 1,165 

Skins, bdls 3,-37. ...a.. 2,255 

Pelts, bales, 5,288 ..3,290 

Wool, 45,172 45,830 33,022 

Hemp, 3,593 1,977 4,278 

Cotton, 1.692< 

Flax, 769 520 605J 

Broom Corn, 5,420 4,963 5,360 

Buffalo Robes, 60 631 65 

Hides, No 95,452 9-,00^ 74,644 

Leather, rolls, 7,155 7,991 4,423 

Wheat, bush 5,549,778... 5,421,043.. .3,570,374 

Corn, 5.136,746... 3,665,793.. 10,142,195 

Oats, 2,596,231... 1,4-0,655... 4,441,739; 

Barley, 497,913 401,098 317,030 



■ 185-2. • 1853. 1854. 

Etye, 112,271 107,152 177,006 

3utter, lbs..... 3,989,917,. .6,589,784... 3,799,560 

36,.....' ...5,377,800... 1,427,620 

.ard, 7, 164,572. „ 8,185,300.. 14,157,197 

3acon, 9,796,590.. 23,0=5,645.-20,055,744 

Tallow, ;l,014,6 a 3 762,810 574,650 

Lumber, feet, 72,337,255. .89,294,48 9. .67,423,009 

Staves, M 12,998,614... 9,215,240.. 15,464,554 

Shingles, ... 3,542,642. ..1,654,000 

*ath,_ ' __.2,05«920 234,000 

iorses,No 1,643. ...... .1,533 739 

battle, 15,926 20,466 19,393 

Sheep, ,...16,590 23,22 319,441 

Live Hogs, 111,223 114,952 74,481 

It Pressed Hogs, 5,178 1,492 


!0 Entrances and clearances of American and 

!° Foreign vessels, together with their tonnage, 

,5 during the year 1854 : 

Ameriean vessels from foreign ports,. 81 13,802:03 

Foreign " " " " . 692 133,900:54 


Total, 773 


American vessels to foreign ports,... 106 

?oreign " » " " ... 635 

Total, 791 158,752:02 


Entered, 3,802 1,848,450:29 

Cleared,.. 3,604 1,790,429:26 

Total, 7,406 3,63=879:55 

3rand Total, lfc54 

8,970 3,945,364:19 

Number of Steamboats, Propellers and Sail 
Vessels, with their tonnage, enrolled in the 
District of Buffalo Creek, Dec. 31st, 1854 : 


Steamers, 27 22,843:26 

Propellers, 49 21,161:52 

arques, 5 2,788:82 

Brigs, 33 8,586:44 

Schooners, 123 22,366:79 

Total, ...237. 

Total in 1853, 230. 

Increase, 7 ..4,778:7 

Value of 


Lake, $42,207,409. ...$75,000,000 

Canal,., 77,035,271 26,936,707 

Central Railroad, 20,000,000 12,788,692 

Buffalo & N. Y. City Railroad, .. 5,000,000 2,908, 

Lake Shore Railroad, 3,500,000. 4,500,000 

Niag. Falls & Roch. Railroad, 500,000 1,000,000 

Foreign Trade, 937,539 1,073,871 

Total Commerce of Buffalo,. $149,180,219.. .$124,207,665 



Abbott Road, from Elk to Ferry. 

Adams, from Batavia to Genesee. 

Alabama, from Seneca to Big Buffalo Creek. 

Albany, from Fourteenth to Niagara River. 

Allen, from Main to College. 

Amherst, from Main to Erie canal in Black 

Ash, from Genesee to Batavia. 

Aurora, from Ohio to the Creek. 

Auburn, from Adams to Niagara River. 

Austin, from Military Road to Niagara River. 

Babcock, from Seneca to Williams, or Indian 

Barker, from Main to Delaware, beyond North. 

Batavia, from the Court House to City Line. 

Beak, from Exchange to Green. 

Beech, from Virginia to Carlton. 

Bennett, from William to Batavia. 

Best, from Main to Genesee. 

Bird, from South line of Bird's Farm to Hol- 
land Land Co's Survey. 

Bird, from Forest Lawn to Niagara River. 

Blossom, from Batavia to Huron. 

Bond, from North Canal to Howard. 

Boston, from Goodall to Tupper, 

Bouck, from Delaware to Niagara in Black 

Breckenbridge, from Niagara River to Dela- 

Bristol, from Spring to Raze. 

Brown, from Jefferson to Adams. 

Broad, from Niagara to Amherst. 

Butler, from Delaware to Rogers. 

Buffam, from Seneca North on Indian Reser- 

Burton's Alley, from Main to Elm, above 

Burwell Place, from Scott to Perry. 

Camp, from Sycamore to Genesee. 

Canal, from Main to Erie. 

Gary, from Delaware to State Reserve line. 

Carlton, from Maine to Genesee. 

Carolina, from Tupper to Erie Canal. 

Carroll, from Washington to Alabama. 

Cazenovia, from Seneca at Whittemore's Tav- 
ern to Abbott Road. 

Cedar, from Swan to Batavia. 

Center, from Seneca to Swan, below Ellicott. 

Central Wharf, runs along the harbor, from the 
foot of Main to foot of Commercial. 

Champlin, from Spring to Mortimer. 

Cherry, from Michigan to Virginia, near Jef- 

Chestnut, from Swan to Eagle. 

Chicago, from Buffalo Creek to Swan. 

Chippewa, from Genesee across Main to 

Church, from Main to Erie Canal. 

Cincinnati, from Ohio to the Creek. 

Clinton, from Main to City Line. 

Clinton Avenue, from Delaware to Niagara 

College, from Virginia to North. 

Columbia, from Scott to the harbor. 

Colvin,from Bird to Amherst. 

Commercial, from Terrace to big Buffalo 

Cottage, from Virginia to Hudson. 

Court, from Main to Erie Canal. 

Connecticut, from Erie Canal to old City Line 
in Black Rock. 

Cyprus, from Michigan to Pine. 

Daugherty's Alley, from Seneca to Folsoiu, 
below Michigan. 

Dayton, from Maine to Prime. 

Dearborn, from Niagara to Farmers. 



Delaware, from Terraice to City Line. 

Delaware Place, from Delaware to Virginia. 

Dock, from Long Wharf to Water. 

Dodge, from Main to Jefferson. 

Eagle, East, from Main to City Line. 

Eagle, West, from Main to Terrace. 

East, from Clinton to Howard. 

East, (Black Rock,) from South to Farmers. 

Efner, from Georgia to Virgiuia. 

Eleventh, from Carolina to Albany. 

Elk, from Ohio to City Line. 

Ellicott, from Seneca to North. 

Elm, from Swan to Best 

Emslie, from North Canal to Howard. 

Erie, from Main at the churches to Water. 

Evans, from Terrace to Water. 

Exchange, from Main to City Line. 

Farmers, from Tonawanda to the Canal. 

Ferry, from Niagara River to Williamsville 
Road. g > 

Ferry, on Line of Indian Reservation. 

Fifth, from Court to Vermont. 

Fir, from Park Place to Carolina. 

Fly, from Maiden Lane to Le Couteulx. 

Folsom, from Michigan to Pollard. 

Forest Avenue, from Delaware to Niagara 

Fourteenth, from North to Albany. 

Fourth, from Genesee to Vermont. 

Fox, from North to Love's Lot. 

Franklin, from Terrace to North. 

Front, from Main to Commercial, along the 

Fulton, from Michigan to City Line. 

Garden, from Carolina to Virginia. 

Gay, from Michigan to Potter. 

Genesee, East, from Main to City Line. 

Genesee, West, from Main to Erie Canal. 

Georgia, from Chippewa to Canal. 

German Alley, from Genesee to Sycamore. 

Goodell, from Main to Cherry. 

Goodrich, from Main to Michigan. 

Granger, from Chicago to Canal Slip. 

Grape, from Cherry to North. 

Green, from Washington to Michigan. 

Grey, from Batavia to Genesee. 

Gridler, from Pine Hill Road to Ellicott Turn- 

Grosvenor, from North Canal to Eagle. 

Hamilton, from Emslie to East. 

Hamburgh, from Seneca to Buffalo Creek. 

Hampshire, from Niagara to Ferry. 

Hanover, from Main to Prime. 

Harman.from Best across Genesee. 

Hayward, from Elk to Perry. 

Heacock, from Seneca to Elk. 

Hickory, from Swan to Cherry. 

High, from Main to Johnson. 

Hinkley, from Spring to Jefferson. 

Hollister, from Spring to Mortimer. 

Hopkins, from Abbott Road South to . 

Hospital, from Mohawk to Erie Canal. 

Howard, from Emslie to East. 

Hudsou, from Cottage to Erie Canal. 

Huron, from Oak to Niagara. 

Illinois, from Scott to Creek. 

Indian, leading across Seneca to east line 
of City, near old Indian Church. 

Indiana, from Perry to Buffalo Creek. 

Jackson, from Church to Wilkeson Slip. 

James, from Emslie to East, between Eagle 
and Clinton. 

Jemison, on Reservation, from Seneca to Elk. 

Jefferson, from Eagle to Ferry. 

Jersey, from North to Erie Canal. 

Johnson, from Batavia to North, beyond Jef- 

Johnson Place, from Delaware to Fir. 

Kaene, from Genesee to Sycamore, near Jef- 

Kentucky, from Mackinaw to St. Clair. 

Ketchum, from Carlton to High. 

Kinney's Alley, from East Seneca to Swan. 

Koon's Alley, from Ellicott to Oak, near Hu- 

Lacy, from St. Clair to the Creek. 

Lafayette, from Main to Washington, opposite 
the Park. 

Le Couteulx, from Rock to Water. 

Lemon, from Cherry to North. 

Liberty, from Main Hamburgh Canal to the 

Line Boat Dock, on the Canal, East of Com- 

Lloyd, from Main to Creek. 

Lock, from Terrace to Erie. 

Lockwood, from Howard to Little Buffalo 

Locust, from Cherry to North. 

Long Wharf, runs along the harbor from foot 
of Commercial to Ship Canal. 

Lord, from Howard to Little Buffalo Creek. 

Louisiana, from Seneca to Buffalo Creek. 

Mackinaw, from Ohio to Ferry. 

Madison, from Batavia to Brown. 

Maiden Lane, from Canal to Water. 

Main, is the Main street — runs north and south 
— from Buffalo Creek to new City line. 

Maple, from Cherry to North. 

Mark, from William to Gray. 

Marvin, from Elk to Perry. 

Mary, from Mississippi to Indiana. 

Maryland, from North to Erie Canal. 

Massachusetts, from Sixth to Ferry, in Black 

Matthews, from Spriug to Jefferson. 

Matthew's Alley, from Pearl to Franklin, be- 
tween Eagle and Court. 

McPherson, from Bird to Amherst. 

Mechauic, from Terrace to Erie Canal. 

Miami, from Ohio to Ferry. 

Michigan, from the Creek to North. 

Military Koad, from Amherst to City Line. 

Mill, from Van Rensselaer to Ferry. 

Milnor, from William to Batavia. 

Mineral Spring, from Seneca to Sulphur 

Mississippi, from Scott to the Creek. 

Missouri, from Elk to Perry. 

Mohawk, from Ellicott to Niagara. 

Monroe, from Balavia to Brown. 

Montgomery, from Howard to Little Buffalo 

Moore, from Elk to Ohio. 

Morgan, from Genesee to Chippewa. 

Mortimer, from William to Geuesee. 



tfott, from Eagle to Batavia, 

Mulberry, from Cherry to Worth. 

STiagara, from Main to York. 

STiagara Square, junction of Delaware, Gene- 
see, Court and Niagara. 

Nichols' Alley, from Seneca to Folsom, be- 
tween Court and Michigan. 

tf inth, from Huron to Niagara, in Black Rock. 

STorth, from York to Jefferson, on north line 
of the city. 

Jforth Caual, from Grosvenor to Indian Re- 

tforth Division, from Main to Little Buffalo 

iforth Washington, from Albany to Scaja- 
quaddy Creek. 

Norton, from Peacock to Water. 

3ak, from Swan to Best. 

)hio, from Main along the Creek to the City 

)'Neil, from Niagara to the State Reservation. 

)ntario, from Niagara to Military Road. 

)range, from Cherry to North. 

D acket Dock, from Commercial to Evans, 
aimer, from Georgia to Hudson, 
arish, from Niagara to Niagara River, 
ark Place, from Delaware to Fir. 

3 ark, from Virginia to Allen. 

D each, from Cherry to North. 

D eacock from Evans to Erie, 
earl, from Commercial to Tupper. 
ennsylvania, from North to Erie Canal. 

ferry, from Main to Ferry, 
eterson, from Genesee to Line of Lot No. 5. 

D ine, from Swan to Sycamore. 

D lain, from Albany to Ferry. 

Porter, from Ferry to Bouck. 

Porter, from William to Batavia. 

Potter, from Heacock to Ferry. 

Pratt, from Eagle to Genesee. 

Prjme, from Dayton to Commercial. 

Juay, from Main to Washington, below Ex- 

laze, from Howard to Little Buffalo Creek. 

led Jacket, from Seneca to Elk. 

Ikode Island, from Sixth to Ferry. 

rtich, from Main to Michigan. 

lose, from Virginia to High. 

Sandusky, from Ohio Basin to Hamburgh. 

School, from Niagara to Albany. 

Scott, from Main to Michigan. 

Seneca, East, from Main to the City Line. 

Seneca, West, from Main to Terrace. 

Seventh, from Terrace to Niagara. 

Sherman, from Batavia to North. 

Ship Canal, from the Creek across Erie. 

Sixth, from Terrace to Niagara. 

Skillen, from O'Niel south to . 

Sloan, from Church to Erie Canal. 

Smith, on Indian Reser\%tion. 

South, from Creek to Hamburgh. 

South, from Niagara to Niagara River. 

South Division, from Main to Little Buffalo 

Spring, from Seneca to Cherry. 

Spruce, from Batavia to Cherry. 

Staats, from Mohawk to Court. 

State, from Canal to Water. 

Steele, from Main to Ellicott Turnpike. 

St. Clair, from South to Ohio, 

St. Paul, from Main to Oak, beyond North. 

Steuben, from Alabama to Ferry. 

Sugar, from Williamsville Road to east line of 

Swan, East, from Main to Seneca. 

Swan, West, from Main to Terrace. 

Sycamore, from Oak to Jefferson. 

Summer, from Delaware to Rogers. 

Tecumseh, from Canal Slip to Hamburgh. 

Tennessee, from South to Mackinaw. 

Tenth, from Carolina to Albany. 

Terrace, from Main to junction of Sixth and 

Third, on north side of Erie Canal. 

Thirteenth, from York to Albany. 

Tifft, from Buff, and Hamburgh Turnpike to 
White's Corners Plank Road. 

Tonawanda, Niagara, extending from Am- 

Triangle, from Abbott Road to White's Cor- 
ners Plank Road. 

Tupper, East, from Main to Michigan. 

Tupper, West, from Main to Virginia. 

Union, from Eagle to William. 

Utica, from Delaware to Massachusetts. 

Van Rensselaer, from Seneca to Elk. 

Vandalia, from South to Mackinaw. 

Vermont, from Fourth to Utica. 

Vine, from Oak to Michigan, above Clinton. 

Vincennes, from South to Mackinaw. 

Virginia, from Erie Canal to Cottage, and 
thence to Jefferson. 

Wabash, from Mackinaw to Ohio, on north 
side Erie Basin. 

Walden, from Batavia to Pine Hill Road. 

Walden Alley, from Main to Delaware. 

Walnut, from Eagle to Genesee. 

Warren, from Little Buffalo Creek to Caual 

Washington, east of Main, from Creek to High. 

Water, from Commercial to the beach. 

Watson, from Clinton to Batavia, beyond Jef- 

Weaver's Alley, from Goodell to Virginia. 

White's Corners Plank Road, from White's 
Corners Plank Road to extension of same. 

William, from Michigan to City Line. 

York, from North to the Erie Canal. 


FOR 1855. 




Particular attention to Consignments. Grain, Flour, &c. for Sale. 

B. H. BUCKINGHAM, 108 Broad Street, New York. 
BUCKINGHAM & Co., Toledo. E. P. BUBLINGAME, Chicago, HI. 




Swiftsure Line of Tow Boats on the Hudson Eiver, 


Jfortoarirmg aitfr €01111111551011 Hfejranis, 

JYo. § JfEerchant's Exchange, 



S 11 







Forwarding <£ Commission Merchant 



GREYHOUND, "W. B, Robinson, Master. BANNER, Niel Brown, Master. 


FOX, Isaac Phillip, Master. HENRY L. LANSING, A. M. Kirby, Master. 

FLORA WATSON, J- Hallaran, Master. 


MIRANDA, Geo. Moore, Master. EXCELSIOR, Hall, Master. ' 

Railroad Iron, Locomotives, Merchandise, Lumber, Car Wheels and Car Axles, and other 
Property consigned to me will be forwarded with dispatch. 

WATSON A. FOX, Chequered Warehouse, 29 Central Wharf. 







Also, with Mich. Southern R. R. Line of Steamers to Toledo, and with Steamers and Propel- 
lers to Detroit. 


A. D. ELLIS & Co., M. S. R. R. Dock, Buffalo. 

JAMES BELL & Co.,---- 113 Broad Street, New York. 








Shipping 4" Commission Merchants, 




COBB c&3 CO., 

Produce Commission Merchants, 


c. cobb. 28 CENTRAL WHARF. o. oobb. 






adin swan. Freight for Canal Boats constantly on hand. edmttnd a. swan. 


Produce and Commission Merchant, 

For the Purchase and Sale of 

Flour, Grain, Pork, Butter, Cheese, &c. 


Office No. 7 East Seneca Street. 


18 and 19 CENTRAL WHARF. 




Storage and Produce Merchant, 



Grain Elevated from Sail Vessels and Propellers, and Stored and Delivered 

to Canal Boats. 

Having three run of the Noje Patent Mills, there is constantly on hand fresh ground Corn 
for horse feed ; also, fine bolted meal for family use, and Graham Flour made of the best of 
wheat. Corn and Oats ground separately or together, and for sale unground in quantities to 
suit purchasers. 


C. W. Evans' Coal Yard, for the sale of the Ormsby Coal, which is a very superior Coal, is 
on corner of Erie and Water Streets, at the end of the arm of the Ship Canal. Steamboats 
and town customers supplied with coal at the shortest notice. 


(successors TO P. S. MARSH,) 

Produce Commission Merchants, 

wm. Fleming. NO. 12 CENTRAL WHARF. i. w. allen.' 


Forwarding & Commission Merchant, 


S©1IM§3I(0)I iikijliu, 


Particular attenlion given to the sale or purchase of Flour, Grain, and Produce in general. 
Dealers in Soap and Candle Stock. 



T|r)0 J^spccioi* ^ 2qc\\rt of 2o\\ 2eef, w9 Z^t). 


Pork, Beef, Hams, Lard, Smoked Meat and Fish. 

No. 4, 6, and 7 Dayton Street, bet. Main and Prime Sts. 






Grocer and Commission Merchant 

No. 23 & 24 Central Wharf and Prime Street. 

Dealer in Anchors, Chains, Canvas, Tarred and Manilla Cordage. Cash paid for old Junk. 

Agency of the Buffalo White Lead Company. 





Paints, Oils, Bye Stuffs, Window Glass, Saleratixs, Wooden Ware, Soap, 
Candles, Fish, &c. &c. 

Prime Street and Dock, foot of Dayton Street. 

Agent for Fairbanks' Scales. ... Also, Manufacturers of Bricks. 


wholesale dealer in 




Wholesale and Retail 

Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4 Ohio Buildings, foot of Main Street. 

Anchors and Chains, Tar, Pitch, Tarred and Manilla Cordage, Oakum, White Lead, Gil, 

Glass, Water Lime, <fcc. 



3B. ^- TTT^^IHiiFt., 

(Successor to Brainard & Avery,) 


f «- viw| v-wvw wotvpw v *-rcr^« » | 

No. 26 CENTRAL WHARF, (Up Stairs.) 
Particular attention paid to the purchase, sale, and shipment of all kinds of Produce. 





m Mill! ©Mill! 


Wines, Liquors and Cigars, Pickles, Sauces, Syrups, Nuts, Oysten, &c. 


(Late of the firm of Geo. A. Moore & Co.,) dealer in 

Hamburgh and Erie Co. Cheese, and all kinds of Produce. 


No. 4 Hanover Street, Opposite Huff's Hotel. 

H. HAG AR & CO. 


Groceries, Confectionery, Wines and Liquors, Pork, Flour, 

Cheese, Hams, Tobacco, Snuff, Cigars, Pails, Tubs and Brooms, 


No. 70 Main Street. 


(Of the late firm of Webster & Scott,) general dealer in 


Stone and Wooden Ware, Baskets, Mats, Brooms, Pails and Tubs. 

No. 39 East Seneca Street, opposite the Franklin House. 

Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 

Groceries, Provisions and Produce, 

No. 4 Birkhead Buildings, Commercial, and 138 East Seneca St 

Sugar, Teas, Coffee, Molasses, Spices, Fruits, Flour, Oatmeal, Pearl Barlev, Soap, Candles, 

Oil, Fish, Pork, <fcc. 

♦ . ^ . » 



Green, Roasted and Ground Coffees, 

Prepared Cocoa, Chocolate, Tea, Spices of all kinds, Mustard and Pepper Sauce, 
271 Main Street, directly opposite the Churches. 




(Successors to "Williams, Howard & Co. and Howard & Newman.) 

6R0GER8 and ship CHANDLERS 



Manilla and Tarred Cordage, Tar, Pitch, Oakum, Blocks, Ship and Boat Spikes, 
White Lead, Paints and Oils, American Hemp. 





Tallow, Wick, Palm Oil, Soda Ash, Rosin, and Grease, 


S. !E3C IT 3&3C E cfc Co. 



Corner of Perry and Alabama Streets, 

N. B — Pot-ash, Soda-ash, Palm Oil and Rosin for sale. Cash paid for Grease and Tallow 




A large assortment of all kinds of Fresh, Salt, and Smoked MEATS. Also, Lard, Tallow, 
Ice, (fee, <fec, constantly on hand. 



Constantly on hand, all kinds of 


Dealer in White Fish and Trout, and Provisions of all kinds. 


HENRY 3l,^.^s::b's 

$m ^a &ih & © & "^ m ^a 9 

No. 99 Main and 57 Lloyd Street. 

Constantly on hand a fall and choice assortment of Fresh, Salted and Smoked MEATS, with 
a general assortment of articles usually kept in a market. Ice for sale. 


Wholesale and Retail Dealers in all kinds of 

t Aft V * 8V0SI9 BIAS, 


Michigan Street, 

L. B. PLATT & CO. 

Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 


Also, Hermetically Sealed Fruits. 

ESasemetit 292 Jflaitt Sir eel. 

Wholesale Dealers in 


No. 197 Main Street. 
L. Rowe, Jr., Fair Haven, Conn. J. L. Deming, Buffalo. 

E. A. Elliot, Detroit, Mich. W. Rotve, Hamilton, C. W. 

Importer of and Dealer in 

mm, uowm * ems 



Importers and Dealers in 

WHHB8 JOfl ftHtVOM, 

Josiah P. Wmqht and S. A. Clark, in connection with James Brackett, New York. 




jambs :o::eiT:o:, 




Wo. 1 Birkhead Buildings, Commercial Street. 

Choice Cigars, Fruit, and Nuts, constantly on hand. Also, Motto Verses, Tissue 
Paper and Pure Oils, expressly for Confectioners' use. 





Fruit, Nuts, and Refined Sugar. 

3STo. X^X iB&c&iio. 3t3?©ot, Buffalo* 





fttfrltsjiers, §flobellers ; i 


188 MAIN ST., and 1 & 3 WEST SENECA STREET. 

Call the attention of all Book Buyers to their extensive and unrivaled assortment of J 



Which they offer at the Lowest Prices and on the Best Terms. Their facilities as 
extensive and well known publishers, enable them to furnish all kinds of stock in 
their line, at 


Particular attention is given to the department of 

Among which may be found the publications of the leading houses, such as the 
Harpers, Appletons, A. S. Barnes & Co., Ivison & Phiuney, Mason & Brothers, R. 
B. Collins, Cowperthwaite, Desilver & Butler, Pratt, Woodford & Co., Sanborn, Car- 
ter & Bazin, Phillips, Sampson & Co., and many others whose publications we fur- 
nish at Eastern Prices, without additional charge for Transportation. 

P. & Co. publish Town's series of School Books, comprising Five Readers, Speller 
and Analysis. 

They have also in Store a complete stock of 


And a fine assortment of every thing pertaining to the 


All of which they offer to dealers at the lowest prices. 

Booksellers may rely on having the same attention paid to their orders as though 
they we're present to make purchases themselves. 












Of every description always on hand, or manufactured to order. 


Executed to order with neatness and despatch. 


In Plain, Ornamental, and Antique Bindings. 


On liberal terms. 

Book Biritera' Stock, 


Furnished to order at Manufacturers' Prices, 




The largest assortment of Theological Books in Western New York, including all the 

Publications of 

aflWBir. ©Aram & ibirotmisir^ 



The Mass. Sabbath School Societv's Book Depository kept at the same place. 
J. D, FOOTE, Agent and Missionary. 


3Sa"o. ISO DMC^ixx Street, 
Stationery of all kinds on hand, at the very lowest prices. 

i©®ES, PAPIi, 1 BIANK W08K ? 

Sold at the lowest New York Prices. Purchasers are invited to call and examine before 


:b tj fl :es. es • s 



mansion block. Cor. Main and Exchange Sts. 

The Trade supplied -with everything connected with the Book and Newspaper business, at I 
Publishers' prices. Miscellaneous orders tilled with promptness. 




Office and Warehouse, ---Nos. 24 & 26 Pearl St. 

13. 33. WAITB, 

(Successor to A. F. Lee,) 


Comer of Main and Exchange Streets, over 0. Lee & Co.'s Bank. 

Books, Pamphlets, Cards, Steamboat Bills, and Printing of every description done with neat- 
ness aDd dispatch. Particular attention paid to Commercial, Bank aud Law Printing. 





We are prepared to furnish News and Book Priuting Paper, of various sizes and grades, at 
the regular Mill prices. Special sizes made to order at short notice. Super extra Double 
Medium always on hand. 


Of every description, including extra large Double Medium, &c, of all grades and weight 


Including Imperial, Super-royal, Royal, Medium, Demy, Crown, Double Cap and Cap, Wove 
and Laid, of all grades and prices, from the principal Mills. 

Including Plain. Folio Post, Packet and Commercial Post, Folded and Flat Caps, Commer- 
cial Notes, Double Flat Caps, <fcc, <fcc, by the case or single ream. 


Including French, English and German Folio Post, folded and flat, Packet and Commercial 
Post, Commercial and small Note, Letter Paper, Double Packet Post, <fcc, (fee. 

Including all colors, Common Medium, Extra Super-royal Purple, Ultramarine, Green, Scar- 
let, <fcc, &c. Enameled Paper, various grades. 


Including Legal Cap, Account Paper, German Paper, Record Paper, Foolscap, Packet Post, 
Commercial Post, Letter, Commercial and Packet Note, Bath, <fec, &c, of all grades and 
shades, American, English, French, and German manufactures. 


Including Bond, Bank Note, Tissue, Log, Manilla, Tea, Envelope, Druggists', Hatters', Candle, 
Tobacco, Blotting, Straw, Wrapping, Oiled, Hardware, Metallic Memorandum, and Copy- 
ing Paper, &c. 


We keep on hand a large assortment of Foreign and American Stationery, including eYery 
article required at the Desk or in the Counting House. 


A large assortment, including Super Double French Enameled, Enameled, Porcelain, Satin 
Surface, Ivory and China, White Surface Cards, in Sheets, or cut to regular sizes; also, 
Railroad Cards, heavy and extra heavy, Common Colored Cards, White Printers' Cards, 
&c. Any particular color or style of Cards made to order, 


We manufacture the celebrated Chromotype Borders, from original designs, and keep a large 
assortment constantly on hand. New and beautiful designs constantly on hand. 


A full assortment of Junk and Straw Board, assorted numbers, at wholesale and retail. 


As we now import largely of both English and German Bronzes, we are prepared to offer them 
at as favorable prices as any other house in the country. 


Constantly on hand, a large assortment of English and American Black Inks, Super colored 
Inks, all prices ; Printers' Varnish, Gold Size, <fec, at manufacturers' prices, 





No. 4 East Seneca Street, near the Post Office. 

"We take pleasure in announcing to our friends and the public generally, that a branch of 
the New York Methodist Book-Room has been established in this city, where will be kept, 
at Wholesale and Retail, all the publications of the New York Concern at Book-Room prices; 
together with a general assortment of the various popular religious publications of the day, a 
large stock of 

Miscellaneous Publications, Magazines, Blank Books, Stationery, &c, 

comprising the best assortment of Books to be found at any establishment in Western New 
York. We will also order any other books out of our ordinary trade, and most respectfully 
solicit your patronage. 

Depository of the American Bible Society. Also Depository of the Publication of the Gen- 
eral Protestant Episcopal S. S. Union and Church Book Society. 

H. H. MATTE SON, Agent. 

P. S. By enclosing the publishing price, prepaid, we will forward to your address any of 
the following publications, as you may direct, either by mail or express; and to our friends 
in Canada, we will mail them free of postage on the American side. 

National Magazine, $2.00. 

Quarterly Review, $2.00. 

Ladies' Repository, $2.00. 

Christian Advocate and Journal $1.25. 

Godey's Lady's Boole 
N. B. Please be particular to give the Post Ottice address. 

* Five copies to one address, $2. Where 10 copies or more are taken, 30c. per copy 

t For a single copy sent by mail, 25c. per annum. For eight copies, $ 1 ; 45 copies, $ 

copies, $10 

Sunday School Advocate, 50c* 

Missionary Advocate, 25c. t 

Harper's Magazine, $3.00. 

Putnam'* Magazine, $3.00. 






Best solootod Stock. 


nnt tuttemca, 


Paper Window Curtains, 


At Wholesale and Retail Prices. 


nxr. "vv-m-csrxjs cfc son, 


Country Merchants and Dealers will please call and examine ray stock before purchasing 




Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 

A9IM HASfilBfltt, 

Window Shades, Oil Cloths for Tables & Counters, 

XV-dL Main Street: 


Calmtei, (%tr & ifjijmlsitrg iBarawins, 


Mahogany, Veneers, Varnish, Cane Seats, &c. Curled Hair, 

Hair Cloth, &c, constantly for sale. 


Furniture and Chair Warerooms, 






Carpets, Bugs, Druggets, India Mattings, and Floor Oil Cloth, 

Feather Beds, Mafresses and Cushions, Paper Hangings and Borders, 


Silk and Worsted Damask, Moreens, Laces, Fringes, Gimps, and Embroidered Muslins, &c , 

constantly on hand. 




No. 3 Birkhead Buildings, Commercial St., 

Carpets* Oil Clotas, Window Shades* Trimmings & Looking Glasses* 


Hotel, Steamboat, Boarding House, Vessel, and Boat Bedding, constantly on hand and 
made to order. Also, Hair Cloth, Springs, Manilla, Curled Hair, Sea Grass and Tow. Old 
work repaired. Lounges, Sofas, Ottomans, Matresses, &c. Feather Beds renovated by steam. 
Paper Curtains and Shades hung. Carpets cut and made. 














Mahogany and Rosewood 

213 MAIN STREET, (Up Stairs,) 

Chairs, Rockers, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Tables, Washstands, 







mm tomibmi 


The increasing demand for Good Furniture 
at a low price, has induced a still further en- 
largement of this Establishment, by carrying 
up the buildings on Main Street, and extending 
them through (200 feet deep and 5 stories 
high,) to Washington Street. These are the 
largest Warerooms in the State. They embrace 
Nos. 197, 199, 201 and 203 Main Street, running through to Nos. 210 and 212 Washington Street, 
Main Entrances, 203 Main, and 212 Washington Street Here may be found the 

largest Cheapest, and Best Assortment of Plain and Elegant 




Embracing almost every article that can be named ; among which are Mahogany and Rose- 
wood Sofas, Tete-a-tetes, Divans, Ottomans and Lounges, covered in Brocatelle, Plush, Dam- 
ask, and Hair Cloth, at prices varying from $6 to $150 each. Patent Premium Sofa Beds, 
Patent Self-rocking Cradles, Patent Spring Bed Bottoms, of all the latest improvements. 
Also, Patent Recumbent Extension Easy Chairs, of all kinds. Rocking, Sewing, Easy, and 
Common Chairs. Over 110 different patterns of Mahogany, Rosewood, Walnut, Oak, Maple, 
and Fancy Painted, at prices varying from 35 cents to $60 each. Also, a great variety of 
Book Cases, Bureaus, Commodes, Sideboards, Wardrobes, Bedsteads, Tables, Stands, Hat 
Racks, Piano Stools, Music Racks, Corner Stands, What-nots, <tc, &c. 


Painted Bedroom Sets, at prices varying from $30 to $150. Upholstery Goods, Curled Hair, 
Cotton, and Palm Leaf Matresses, Bolsters, Pillows and Cushions. Looking Glasses at Man- 
ufacturer's prices. 

Cabinet Hardware and Upholstery Materials for Sale to the Trade. 

Having largely increased manufacturing facilities, it is my purpose, by a 
large increase of business, to sell at a reduction on forme: - Low Prices, 
while the quality of the work will be maintained as heretofore unrivalled. 
Every article sold will therefore be warranted to be properly made and 
of good material. 


Repairing, Boxing and Packing done in the best manner and on the most reasonable terms. 
Any one can understand that the Cash System does not require large profits to make up 
losses by bad debts, and those who wish by paying cash to obtain a good article, and save 
from 20 to 50 per cent., are respectfully invited to give me a call. 

ISAAC D. WHITE, 203 Main St. 





Silver Ware, Plated Ware, and Fancy Goods. 






Silver Ware, Fancy Goods, Etc. 




Importers, Manufacturers and Dealers in 

Watches, Jewelry, Silver Ware,j 


K, B.— Watches, Jewelry, &c, Repaired at Short Notice and Warranted. 





N. I? — Particular attention paid to Watch Repairing. Cash paid for Old Silver. Second 
Land Guns and Watches bought and sold. 



Watches, Jewelry, and Silver Ware,' 





STEPfrfli B. BifTS, 

Importer, Manufacturer and Dealer in 

Daguerreotype Plates, and Cases, 


f The Greatest Bagnerrean Establishment in the 
U. S., or in the World, none excepted !" 

Having been established since 1844, we have a SPLENDID LOT OF SPECIMEN'S on 
exhibition, from Miniature to two^-thirds the size of Life. Also, Stereoscope, Crystalotypes, 
or Pictures on Glass and Paper. Our facilities for taking impressions of ALL SIZES, 
Singly or in Groups, are ITNEQUALED. Children of any age taken sitting or standing. 



Instructions given in the Art, and everything furnished at from $40 to $400, 

THIS MAMMOTH ESTABLISHMENT, newly built for the Subscribers, fronts on Main 

Street, and runs through to Pearl Street, 232| feet, with entrance 

from both streets, and all on the second floor, 


^r j^ 2!V nn * 



Annexed is a cut of a Silver Medal, awarded 
the Subscriber by the New York State Agricul- 
tural Society, at Buffalo, in 1848, Syracuse in 
1849, Rochester in 1851 ; also, three Diplomas for 
the best Daguerreotypes. In addition to the 
above, I have received a Medal from the World's 
Fair, at London, in 1851, for pictures of the high" 
est excellence, thus showing more first-class pre- 
miums than any other operator in the United 
States, in every case competing with the first 
Daguerreans in the World. 

Jgf" All persons are most respectfully solicited 
to call, whether wishing Pictures or not, and ac- 
cept the thanks of the Proprietor, 


The Oldest Practical Daguerrean in America. 


evry & Mcpherson, 

Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 


Stephen M. Evry. 19 8' MAIN STREET. Alex. McPherson. 

■^757"- IO. BISHOP *%3 Oo. 

Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

FftM y ft staple oil m@m 


Upholstery Goods, Window Drapery and House Furnishing Articles in General. 
W. B. Bishop, ) 

John Konz, V No. 211 Main Street. 

D. E. Morgan. ) 


(Successors to B. Fitch & Co., ) Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

Constantly on hand a large assortment of Domestic Dry Goods, by the Package, as low as 
can be purchased in JS T ew York. 


O* j&.* WILCOX, 

Manufacturer and Importer of, 


Solving JSillx-S, !>3^c>icio3^±JO.s J5±llx.s, 



Dealer in Wilson's Improved Patent Sewing Machines. 



"Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

Clothing & Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, 

218 Main Street, Townsend Hall Block. 

"W. L. YATES. G. L. T>< NT. 



j". 33. DUBOIS, 



Ready made Garments on hand, Shirts, Collars, Bosoms, &c. 



183 Main Street, Brown's Block. 






Constantly on hand, 
A Full and General Assortment of Ready Made Clothing, Shirts, Collars, Sus- 
penders, Cravats, and every article in his line of business. 


Importers, Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in 


LCJ ill 


"We pledge ourselves to sell Ready Made Clothing from 5 to 10 per cent, lower than it 
can be purchased in any of the Eastern Markets. 




L. D. HIBBARD & Co. 



Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, Trimmings, 



(Successor of S. Tripp.) 


N". B — Particular attention paid to Custom Work, as every thing in that department is 
under his personal superintendence. Also, a general assortment of Gentlemen's Furnishing 
Goods of the very best quality always on hand. 





Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 


Trunks, Carpet Bags, Umbrellas and Fur Goods. 





Trunks, Valises, Carpet Bags, &c. &c. 


ar. £r. weber, 

HAT, MP f Ii§ FWB STii 


O J>k. 

IB "X* X 3ST C3r JS 






3XTo. 196 1VE-A»T3>T STHEET. 


ES. O. ZenO'WKr cfc> Oo., 




China and Bohemian Vases, Table Cutlery, Lamps, &c. China decorated to order. 

No. 175 Main Street. 







<*«>***- , 

Wholesale Depot, 87 Fulton Street 5 New York. 


GEO. P. REED & Co., 17 Tremont Row, Boston. 

WE HALL & SONS, ...... 239 Broadway, N. Y. 

COLBTJRN & FIELD, 154 Main St. Cincinnati, 0. 

BMJIER & WEBER, - - ■- . ;- - . - 58 Fourth Street, St Louis, 



tT. ^^CarlHS cfc SONS, 

Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

mm turn, mtmam 



Boardman & Gray's, and Hallett, Davis & Co's celebrated Pianos, at Makers' prices. 



JX0. B. SAGE. 

XjiOi^xBaro- pierce, 



^"Carriages and all other Requisites for Funerals furnished on the shortest notice. An 
experience of twenty-six years warrants him in referring to the citizens of Buffalo generally. 





B. & H. D. FARWELL, 

iitfii 1 wiiiiiii^ 


Keep constantly on hand Coffins of all kinds and qualities, Shrouds, Coffin Plates, <tc. <fec. 




mnwn twist mm, 




Of all descriptions, Wholesale and Ketail 


F> O "O O ^3IE3 ®, 






127 1M£si±jjl Street 

MM MMB Bit 11 IHIi 



Constantly on hand, a large assortment of Gaming Twist Rifles, "with and -without 

Loading Muzzles. 
Repairing done at the shortest notice. 




Just Beyond the old City Line, near Main Street. 



A. B. MOORE & GO. 

(Successors to C. C Bristol, and Moore, Liebetrut & Co.) 

oiiustk attir jarap J rugs 

Chemicals, Paints, Oils, Dye Stuffs, Glass, 

PUT lY f VAR.NI$H« liUSMES, 10, 






I j UP Jail &i) 6 



As have attained a deserved popularity, and Agents for the 

mm&m mm si® in e 

Orders from the trade promptly executed at the lowest market prices, for cash, or on 
four months' cuedit for approved notes. 





J H N J. § I 8 B © i S, 



Is constantly receiving, and offers for sale at the very lowest prices, a large stock of Drugs, 
Medicines, Chemicals, Glass Ware, Window Glass, Putty, Varnish, Paints, Oils, &c. &c. 

Orders from the Country, and the Canadas, filled on advantageous terms, from articles of 
unexceptionable purity. Camphene, Rosin Oil and Burning Fluid, for sale in quantities to 
suit. Durkee's Baking Powder on hand at all times. This article is now one of the staple 
materials with Housekeepers, and the attention of Grocers is invited to it. 



J% m o. 275 Jflain St. Cor. Worth Division*. 

A general assortment of Patent Medicines, Perfumery, Soaps, &c. &g. Swedish Leeches. 
Physicians' Prescriptions accurately dispensed. 

(Successor to the late William Williams.) 

Groceries, Drags, Medicines, Dye Woods & Dye Stuffs, 

Satinet Warps, Reeds and Shuttles, Pickers, Picker String and Lacing Leather, Leicester 
Machine Cards, Paints, Oils, Window Class, &c. 





Sour Stomach, Sick Headache, Low Spirits, Liver Complaint, Sea Sickness, Pain 
in the Breast or side, Heart Burn, Costiveness, want of Appetite, and 
for purifying the Blood. 


(Successors to A. Reynolds,) 



155 Main Street, adjoining Gothic Hall. 

Choice Teas, Pure Wines, Liquors, Fruits, Nuts, Cigars, &c. Chemicals, Dye Stuffs, Manu- 
facturers' Articles, Paints, Oils, Glass, &c. &c. 







IF 13 . S, 



I'ftt, OILS, till 


The attention of dealers and consumers is called to the following list of 


Which I am Manufacturing, and offering at'the Lowest Market Rates : 

Sperm Oil, Winter and Spring; Elephant Oil, refined and bleached; Whale Oil, Winter 
and Spring, refined ; Lard Oil, Winter, strained, and Spring ; Lard Oil, refined, for Druggists' 
use; Signal Light Oils, for Railroads and Steamers; Pure Olive and Rape Seed Oils; Tal- 
low, Tanners', Acid, and Red Oils ; Doping and Metallic Oils, for Axles and heavy Bearings ; 
Linseed Oil, boiled and raw ; Bright Varnish, Pitch, Tar, Lard and Stearine, packed for use 
or Shipping. 

Pease's I xn. proved. 


For Railroads, Steamers and Propellers, and for every class of Machinery and for burn- 
ing, is superior to Sperm or any other Oil whatever, and the only reliable lubricator that is 
a superior Burning Oil, that will keep bearings cool, and that will not gum. 

ZF» -A. T L E NT S 3H O XT H. IE 33 . 

Practical tests prove this Oil to be twenty-five per cent, more durable than Sperm Oil, 
for every class of machinery and for burning. Its merits are acknowledged iu its long con- 
tinued use on Railroads, Steamers and Propellers, in Machine Shops, Cotton and Woolen 
Factories, Saw, Grist, and Planing Mills, Printing Offices, <fcc, and in no casehas it failed to 
meet the approval of the consumer. Engineers and Machinists pronounce it cheaper for 
burning, and more durable for lubricating, than Sperm or anj other Oil whatever. The 
"Scientific American and Manufacturer's Journal," after testing this Oil, pronounces it 
superior to any other for lubricating. For sale only by the inventor, F. S. PEASE, Manu- 
facturer and Wholesale Dealer in Oils, No. 61 Main St, 

C5f° Reliable orders filled for any part of the United States or Europe. 

» . ♦ . ♦ 

Master Machinist's Office, Michigan Southern Railroad. 
F. S. PEASE. Buffalo.— Tn regard to the Oil manufactured by you, I am confident that you cannot recommend 
it too high, an it will stand ant test that it can be put to. Our road has always, heretofore, used the best Sperm 
Oil. For the last six months 1 have used your Improved Machinery and Signal Light Oil, on the Locomotives of 
this Uoad and It has given entire satisfaction I also used it on the B. and K. Division of the N. Y. Central Road, 
about Blx months, with equal satisfaction. I can cheerfully recommend your Oil, after a test of SEVERAL 
THOUSAND GALLONS, as the CHEAPEST and most DURABLE Oil for Railroad use that I am acquainted with, 
and practical experience proves that it Is saving from ten to fifteen per cent, over Sperm or any other Oil, tor 
lubricating or burning, and IT WILL NOT GUM. U. D. KENEDY, Master Mechanic M. S. R. K. 



Corner of Washington and Quay Sts. 


WEBSTER'S FOSSIL OIL. — A new compound, unsurpassed by anything known as a 
lubricator; absolutely free from all gumming property, and capable of resisting more cold 
than any other Oil in use, remaining limpid and flowing when Winter, Sperm, and Whale 
Oils are congealed and solid. 

WEBSTER'S MACHINERY AND BURNING OIL.— An admirable and reliable 
preparation, of great durability, will not oxidize and form gum ; decidedly superior to Sperm 
for Machinery, and not inferior for burning. 

MACHINERY OIL of lower grades and prices ; well adapted to coarser purposes, and 
to where it is liable to wasteful use. 

Sperm, both in volume of flame, and in illuminating power, and costing one-third less. 

LARD OIL, for ordinary uses, equal to any made. 

LARD OIL, filtered and bleached, for druggists and perfumers' use, transparent, color- 
less, and inodorous as water. 

Raw and Boiled Linseed, and Tanners' Oils. 


Manufacturers of, and Dealers in 

Alcohol, Campheie and Burning Fluid, 



I^r. Oj^.^E3 c«3 CO. 

Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 



No. 14 Exchange Street, opposite the Mansion, corner of Washington. 






No. 91 Main Street. 





fjgl Ippl Bf 4l 




P RATI &co 







It £ fl) 

NOS. 28, 30 & 32 TERRACE STREET, 


American, English and Swedes Iron, 


Copper, "Wire, Japanned and Tressed Tin Ware, Smith's Bellows, Car Axles, Portable Forges, 
Straw Cutters, Mortising Machines, Scythes, Forks, Hoes, Axes, Leather Belting, 


Shelf Hardware of every Description. 

! ^ ^ » 


Buffalo Iron "Works and Nail Factory, Niagara Iron Forge, Iron Safes and Tlatform Scales, 
• Church Bells, Niagara Pail and Tub Factory, Empire Window Glass, <fcc. 








34 Terrace, opposite WESTEHN HOTEL, and adjoining the 
Hardware Store of Pratt & Co. 








Having moved into their NEW MACHINE SHOP, and made large additions to their 
Machinery, are prepared to turn out work at short notice. 

All kinds of Engines and Boilers repaired. 

Mill "Work, Machinery and Castings of all descriptions made to order. Particular attention 
civen to building Castings, Windlass aud Centre Board Wenches. Blacksmilhing and 
Vessel Work done. A good assortment of Mill Gearing, 


_ -4~^^+. , _ 

MR. PLINY F. BARTON remains in our employ, and will give his personal attention to 
any business entrusted with us. 




&•« nil w©mi 

Comer of Chicago and Carroll Streets. 


M^iul 11JLSS 

r @IIllf; 






Boor and Cider Pumps, Lathes, Punches and Dies, Bottle Moulds, Malt Mill Rollers, 
Leather Hose and Rollers, Brass Cocks for Steam and Water, 
Hose and Plain Couplings. 
Also, Brass and Copper Castings, Gas Fittings, Babbct Metal, <fcc. &c. 

IW Job Repairing done on Short Notice. 

Shop, corner of WeisMfcgfom oM Ferry Streets. 


E. 1 EUGEoT. 















SAF1S MADE T© &RO'£fi. 

Safes Removed for those changing their places of Business, at our own Eisk. 

H. 0. BROWN. 

S. S. BR3V, N. 







The Subscribers would inform the public that they keep, in addition to their large stock of 
SCALES and SAFES, a full and complete assortment of MACHINERY TOOLS of every 
description, viz : Engine Lathes, Iron Planers, Upright and Horizontal Drills, Shaping and 
Squaring Machines, Car Wheel Borers, Bolt Cutters, Wood Planers, Boring and Mortising 
Machines, Tenoning, Machines, Gig Saws, Hubb Boring and Mortising Machines, &c. <kc. &c. 
Also, Warehouse Trucks, Jack Screws, Copying Presses, Sugar Mills, Marbleized Iron Man- 
tles and Table Tops, Coal Grates, Church and Factory Bells ; together with Chemical Re- 
fined Lamp Black, Grafton Mineral Paint, <fec. <fec. 


Is from TEN" of the best Machine Shops in the United States, thus offering to purchasers an 
opportunity to select the best and most approved Machinery now in use. 


Consist in part of Planers, Power and Foot Mortising Machines, Tenoning Machines, Horizon- 
tal Boring Machines, Door, Blind, and Sash Machines, &c. &c. 


Such as Hay, Coal, Railroad Track, Depot, Dormant, Wheat Hopper, Platform and Counter 
Scales ; embracing Forty-six Modifications. 


From the Manufactory of Silas C. Herring, with Hall's Patent Powder and Thief Proof Locks. 
The largest assortment west of the city of New York. 


We have on hand, and will furnish to order, Bells from the Manufactory of Messrs. Jones & 
Hitchcock, of any required size and key, unsurpassed in tone and finish. 


A full assortment on hand, together with Coal Grates, assorted sizes. 


of every description on hand. 


For Railroads. Also Screws for raising buildings, <fec. 

Copying Presses various sizes constantly on hand. 
Iron Shelf Brackets for stores, dwellings, etc. 

All of which will be sold at the lowest Manufacturers' Prices, adding freight. 
N. B. Our facilities for furnishing any kind of Machinery to order are unsurpassed by 
any other establishment in the country. 

WEEKS & PRESCOTT, Manufacturers' Agents. 





(Successors to Lowell, "Wright & Co.) 

Efi "~W4 



nil ffliiniiif 


Plans and Specifications for Merchant and Custom Mills made to Order. 







i. M. EVES. 





■ ^ tit jg>|$ til JIJM J&$$. 

Qj> ^J> <K>^ 




Pig Tin, Sheet and Slab Zinc, Braziers' and Sheathing Copper, Copper and Patent 

Metal Bottoms, Lead Pipe, Pig Lead, Cooking and Parlor 

Stoves, Tinmens' Tools. 



Leather Rubber and Belting, Steam "Whistles, Guage Cocks, Connecting 
Cocks, Water and Steam Stops, &c. 


54 Main Street, Buffalo. 




Machinery for Steamboats and Propellers. 

Wor lis as Ohio Street, 8. SKEPARdI 

Z. G-. ALLEN, 



m m i 



oast iiioisr wa.t:h::r wheels, &c] 

Drawings for Flouring or other Mills, and all kind of Machinery, furnished to orde 







Stationary ft Marine Engines, 


■♦— o — ♦ . , 


jgST Jobbing and Repairing executed on Short Notice, by Experienced Workmen. 

Corner of Elk and Mississippi Streets. 



Importers and Dealers in English, German ani American 







J§k ; iC^ 

*l JM 


Iron Safes, Fairbanks' Scales, Refrigerators, Camphene and Fiuid, Plated Ware and 
House Keeping Articles generally. 

207 Main and 216 Washington Streets. 



( ^ $3 

Steamooat Work, Carriage and Harness Trimming, Door Plates, Bell Pulls, &c. 











Planished Table "Ware, and E. R. Globe Lamps, 




3J0-O. s^z t^jsljon jssi? , :o.:E2:E i i% 





jjarMuare anir farming $mgkmettfj&,| 



Old. Hardware Stores-Established in 1818. 

I03E3 '<UU"X. r F r I? O- -^TiEED, 

Dealer in every variety of 




Clinton Street, near corner Spring. 

wTlliam f. be AM A 1ST , 


Bellows, General Blacksmith, Wagon Maker, &c. 


Bellows for Blacksmiths, Iron Foundries, Machinists, «fcc Old Bellows repaired. A full 

assortment of every Size and Quality always on hand, at PRATT'S 

Hardware Emporium, Terrace Street, Buffalo. 

PRATT & CO., Sole Agents, 

JJ3T Merchants and Manufacturers svpplicd at a liberal discount. 


L* & I. J. WHITE, 




Saws, Files, &c, and Dealers in Mechanics' Hardware. 



Manufacturer of 

Screw Drivers, Scratch & Brad Awls, Nail Punches, Upholsterers' Needles, &c. 


Orders from the trade promptly attended to. Corner of Court and Hospital Streets. 

H. XJ T LE Y 5 


Cabinet, Piano Forte, Dulcimer, lEelocleon, 






No. 38 Pearl Street, Five Doors above Seneca. 

Veneers. — Rosewood, Mahogany, Satinwood, Walnut and Oak. Also, Lignum Vitee, Ebony, 

Box, and Cocoa Woods. 


Mist m:»;#*mi 

, ... - 4 <«g»,». 








No, 217 Main Street ? - - -. * and » ■• - - 3 East Swan Street, 





Water Coolers, Water Filters, 


Toilet Ware, Bird Cages, &c. &c. 

— » .». » 



The most superb article for family use, ever made. Cooling and preserving Meats, Milk, 
Butter, Fruit, Wines, &c, in an admirable manner. They are open on the front and top, are 
furnished with Slate Stone Shelves, and a Water Tank, by which perfectly Cold Water may 
at all times bo had without additional ice. The water is drawn from a Silver Plated Faucet 
outside of the Refrigerators. They are handsomely grained, and make a neat piece of furni- 
ture for any room. The improvements in this article certainly place them far in advance of 
anything ever offered for public patrouage. 


ICE TOP " " " 

CLOSET " Three " 


» FANCY.— Block Tin Faucets.— Four Sizes. 1 gal. 2 do. 4 do. 6 do. 
EXCELSIOR.— Silver Plated Faucets.— Three Sizes.— 3 gal. 4 gal. 6 gaL 



Three and Six Gallon Excelsior Coolers. 

CHARCOAL FILTER.— Two Sizes. 3 gal. 6 do. 
POROUS CROCK FILTER.— Two Sizes. 3 gal. 6 do. 



FOUR SIZES. 2jo quarts. 4 do. 3 do. 16 do. 

All orders should be addressed to 

JEWETT & DAY, 31 Main Street. 



72 Main and 13 Hanover Streets, 

rm$*tmt$ * aimsm 




Sheet Iron, Lead and Zinc, Lead Pipe, 


Japanned Ware, Cutlery, Nails, &c. Particular attention paid to 
Plumbing and all kinds of Jobbing. 





|! totters, fo Jfitto, $ §ril gangers, 






A. S. HART. 


(ttflpptf, 8Mn, rt S|eet f to Worker^ 

j£l J3JX> 


No. 5 Commercial Street ; 



FLUID, LAMPS, GLASSES, <fec. (fee. 

fahticuijAii. attention je».a:e:d to jobbing. 

R. S. ZOOK. J. L. ZOOK. D. M. ZOOK. 




X^ A JSf *T* !ES «. ISf ^ * 


And every variety of 

Copper, Tin, and Sheet Iron Wares, with special reference to Heavy Work. 


Washington Street, - Opposite Quay? Street* 








The Subscriber, practical Plumber, Brass finisher, Gas Fitter, &c, importer and manufac- 
turer, is prepared to execute all orders in his line of business, with despatch and in the most 
approved styles. He has in his employ also, a laige number of hands who are accomplished 
mechanics, aud skilled in the business in its various departments, and thus he is enabled to 
fill large orders or to perform complicated and extensive jobs on the shortest notice. 

The curious and those desiring labor or material in his line, are requested to call at his 


Or his large and Extensive Wareroom, 

No. 285 Main Street, Brisbane Block, 

and examine his stock, which comprises all kinds of articles, from the plain and substantial 
to the most delicate ornamental, of both Foreign and Domestic manufacture. 


My stock of Gas Fixtures is the most extensive in the western country, with selections from 
the best English, French and American Manufacturers. Also, a large assortment of SOLAR 
LAMPS and CHANDELIERS. Lampsand Chandeliers altered, repaired, bronzed, lacquered 
and re-gilt. In PLUMBING, my stock is unsurpassed, consisting of Hydraulic Fixtures of 
every description, for Steamboats, Hotels, Public Buildings and Private Dwellings, combin- 
ing all the modern improvements, together with the best mechanical skill and practical expe- 
rience. Steam apparatus, with the latest improvements for Steam Tables, Washing, Drying 
and all kitcheu arrangements, particularly to large Hotels. 


Faucets, Guage Cocks, Oil Cups, Steam Whistles, Ac, of every description on hand. Cast- 
ings of any desired pattern made and furnished to order; and CLUMBERS' MATERIALS 
of all kinds, adapted for the trade. 

IRON PIPES and FITTINGS of every \ariety, for Steam and Water, at retail and to the 






B f h : :l Hi" 


Would respectfully apprise the citizens of Buffalo, that he 

is prepared with workmen and materials to answer any demand 

for services or fixtures in fitting up Houses, Hotels, Stores, Shops 

and Steamboats, with dispatch, and in the most approved style. 

Among his stock may be found a full assortment of the var- 

s| ious styles of 

Hot 5 Cold, Plunge, and Shower Baths, 


WAT ii All CIAM'iEi i T0P8 

Self- Acting and Pan Closets, Marble and other "Wash Basins, with Silver or Brass 

Fittings, Street or Garden Hose of Leather, Rubber or Hemp, Cast Iron 

Sinks of New Description, Hydrants, Wash Trays, 


©iiiiiif m i ©iisjkni§ 

For Gardens or Saloons, of every description, fitted up, both in town and country, 
and in any form that may be desired. Lead, Iron, and Block Tin Pipes of all sizes 
and descriptions, supplied or laid at the shortest notice. 

All orders, from city or country, promptly executed, and in a superior workman- 
like manner. 




.■■'.*.\ /i\ m ^ 


Door, Sash & Blind Manufactory, 

©Hi® 3AS3M. 







Having a Water Front of 600 feet, we are enabled to dress 
Cargoes of Lumber to good advantage. 

Sawing of all kinds done to Order. 

llWbiitgs, Jlradtats, $t &t. f alfoags 0it jjanfc 

Entrance by Plank Road from corner Elk Street and Ohio Slip. 







Bought or received, and sold on commission, or forwarded to the Eastern market at the lowest 
rates, and kept tinder sheds until shipped. 

lAfoeral advances will he made on all consignments* . 
Receiving Yard, Pratt Slip and Ship Canal, in rear of Buffalo Elevator. 


. Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 

Office adjoining the Erie Canal, near the foot of Church Street, 

Has constantly on hand and for sale, 




536 "Wasliinston Street 

F> JL, -A. r*r T 1ST C3- MILL. 

P. B. & L. L. EATON, 



Office, corner Court and Hospital Streets, 

Near the Niagara Falls R. R, Depot. 

Have constantly on hand and for sale all kinds of Pine, Ash, and Whitewood Flooring, Sid- 
ing and Panel Stuff, dressed ready for use. Also, Mouldings, Sash, Doors, (fee. A large as- 
sortment of Lumber of all descriptions, unplaned, kept constantly on hand. Planiug, sawing 
and Turning of every description done, and boxes of all kinds made to order, and with 
promptness, at their mill 


B. & B. HOLMES, 



Such as Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Panel Stuff, &c. 

Also, MatsMIugs, Tkm® Hmfced diffore&f Patterns* 



A GOLD MEDAL of the American Institute, also the Medal of the Massachusetts Me- 
chanics' Association was awarded the Patentee for the best Rotary Planing Machine. 


The best in the world, for sale in gross lots and upwards. 



Cor. of Ellicott and Swan Streets, and cor. Michigan and Scott Streets, 


Constantly on hand, a good assortment of Lumber of every description. 


Manufacturer of, and Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 

® &&&»& ran mmmmmm 

feite, JUch pimh, Shingles, #c. 


Ship Canal, adjoining the New Railroad Depot. 

WM. Y. EMERY, Agent. 

(Successor of Raze & Dickey,) 



Pressed Brick Machines made to order. Orders by Mail or otherwise promptly attended to. 





IBB w9 SIB ~ _s^ MHUBB 


Office, Comer of Hain and Ferry Streets, Cold Spring. 

All brick will be found to be of a superior quality, being made by 


Which makes a stronger and more compact Brick than those made in the 
old way by hand, called Yankee Slop and Roll Brick. 

«__«,—_♦ . . _____ 

Constantly on hand, the best of 

Baiting, Jari; Sfcfotr, #&tn, Cjpmntg # Cjnmmg Jams aitir 



-*~^» -*--«_ 

Arrangements have also been made to manufacture more extensively those fashion- 
able and pretty 


BUFFALO, (not Milwakee, as some call them,) 




3G€ 3£ 3J0E XW 3S W ^OJF^S 

Which are offered at the low price of $5 per Hue. 
N. B. — Brick delivered on short notice. 







Over Parmelee & Hadley's Hardware Store. 


latent JjttmniK Sail U utA anh Steauikit ^ipals, 

Patent Spring Lanterns, Patent Reflectors, 

And every oilier description of Lantern for Railroad and Lake purposes. Also, Manufac- 
turers of Copper Sheet Irou and Tin Ware of every description. 




J% m o. 186 JKc&IA* STREET, 

Manufactures and keeps for sale all kinds of 

giec^o-^cjiieiic ^ S^Jb^ic app^tys, &c. &<J 

And Patent Hydro-Electric Voltaic Chains for Medical use, 
Microscopes, Surveyors' Compasses, Drafting Instruments, &c. 

Electro-Plating and Gilding done to order in the best manner, witb gold or silver, and In- 
structions for sale for my new mode of Plating aud Gilding, which can be done in a few 
moments by any person, when he has the instructions, which may be had, together with 
apparatus for gilding, for §'20. 



WE M R A P^ TO, H W J 


Entrance on Utica, West of Delaware Street. 

, : ♦ < » ♦ 

These Nurseries have for the coming Fall and Spring Trade, a large and finely grown 




El, IE 3 IB .A. EX j 






Of all the STANDARD varieties, as well as those which are NEW and RARE. 



Evergreen & Deciduous Trees & Shrubs 


Most perfect specimens for 

Streets, Parks, and Private Grounds and Gardens. 

Orders addressed to the proprietor will reach him through the Post Office, and 
be promptly attended to. All inquiries will be cheerfully answered, and Descriptive 
Catalogues and Wholesale Lists sent to those who desire them. 

D. S. MANLEY, Proprietor. 



the :b"o*:f , :f i .a.x j <3 


sac o- "^w^x^es, 


Farming Implements, Field and Garden Seeds, 


Agent for the BOSTON" BELTING Co's RUBBER BELTING, Hose, Packing, &c. 

\umm& muiTCE ilea® ©@ 

Manufactory, comer Delaware and Virginia Sts., 

□ i 





JBar and I*ig JLeail constantly on hand,, 

S. G. Cornell, Secretary. G - T - WILLIAMS, President. 




v§mwmmtwm »# #ii 


Office, 221 MAIN STREET, corner of Swan Street, up Stairs. 





Cxt^Ji uj-j 

ilBUI W©11 

Corner of Terrace and Erie Streets. 



Cabinet Slabs, Marble in Block and Slab, Garden Vases, 


Fire Brick, Nova Scotia Plaster, Silex, Water Lime, &c, for Sale, at Wholesale 

and Retail. 



W. H. DREW & CO., 

Under Masonic Hall, corner of Washington and Exchange Streets, 

, Keep constantly ou hand and manufacture to order, 

$*plia far itmttic, ®to i&hto awfr iiift 3uktm at tkx% tension. 

Banners, Jewels, Monitors, Diplomas. Seals cut to order. Military Goods, (fee. ; also, 


That no Masonic Lodge should be without. 



Successors to 0. G. Steele & Co., and Miller, Orton & Mulligan, 








209 Main Street, Buffalo, 

3Ft- *T. O O 1ML JE 9 ■37 O DftT, Proprietor, 

Having purchased the entire interest of ray co-partners, and having the most extensive 
;stablishment of the kind in the west, I am prepared to fill contracts for the largest kind of 
vork with punctuality and in the best style. 

3xecuted promptly, and in every style of the Art, upon the most reasonable terms,, 


161 MAIN STREET, Commercial Advertiser Buildings. 


No. 156)^ MAIN STREET, 

fully prepared to execute all Work entrusted to his care, with promptness and in the best 

style of the Art. 

f" Orders from a distance, accompanied by the necessary Drawings or Daguerreotype* 
will receive immediate attention. 




House, Sign, Steamboat and Ornamental 


No. 106 Main Street. 




192 Main Street, Granite Buildings, np Stairs, 



Choice Botanic Medicines, Herbs, Roots, Barks ; Extracts and Syrups of all kinds ; Medic 
Books, &c. &c, at Wholesale and Retail. 

DE. M. W. HILL, 


Ho. IIS Main gfes&t, 

Choice Botanic Medicines, Herbs, Roots, Barks, Extracts, and Syrups of all kinq 
Medical Books, &c. &c, at Wholesale and Retail. 





— — » ♦ « 


Having associated with him Agents of long experience, located at Wasbtxgtox, Paris al 
London^ and from his long experience in procuring and managing 
Patents, believes himself qualified to solicit 

-flLMDEH.IC-A.0V AND POR33IGr]V JF» .A. 1* 3E2 0V T «S r 

And to give entire satisfaction to those who may wish his services. He will be happy to J 
his friends at 209 Main Street. 



Solicitor of American & Foreign Patents, 

No. 15 Brown's Buildings, near the Post Office. 




&TT@if§l¥ AND iiiiSIL©! M LAW, 

Commissioner to take the acknowledgement and proof of Deeds, 
Depositions, (fee., for 

Alabama, Illinois, Michigan, Rhode Island, 

Arkansas, Indiana, Minnesota, South Carolina, 

California, Iowa, Missouri, Tennessee, 

Connecticut, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Vermout, 

Florida, Maine, Ohio, Virginia, 

Georgia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. 

Parties waited upon at their Residences for acknowledgments. 




In the several Kew York State and United States Courts. 
JTo. 156 JUJS.IJT STMmmT. 

Commissioners to take acknowledgments and depositions for Records and Courts in Ohio, 
Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Indiana, Michigan, (fee. 
Their acquaintance, (from 1F30.) with the laws and people in the Western and other States 
and in Canada, enables them to give dispatch to business therein. 


Ifilf 111 



Corner Commercial Street and Terrace. 

We give personal attention to the purchase and sale of land, payment of taxes, 
investigation of titles and renting of property. 






Attends to the Purchase, Sale, and Renting of Houses, Farms, Lots, and other Real Rstate, 
with promptness and on liberal terms. 


Buffalo Land Office and General Agency, 




He. IIS WasMagtaa Street. 

inauinni onufl. 






H. VAN ALLEN, -...-. Proprietor. 


Ilpil gf Af IBS EQfflU 

Corner of Pearl Street and Terrace. 







F. L. BROWN, - 


•atviiAsei Bousi, 


S. D. ALLEN & CO., Proprietors. 


Adjoining the Albany and Buffalo, New York City and Erie, a nd Buffalo and Cleveland 

Railroad Offices. 

A. N. LARREAU, : ... Proprietor. 


if Ct 11 l f EUROPE, 

F. M, JACOBS, Proprietor. 

Nos. 27 and 29 Pearl Street. 


W JLH1TC V0B ■ inii. 



No. 5 Commercial Street, near the Railroad, Packet Dock and Steamboat Landing. 

Conveyance always in readiness to carry passengers and baggage to and from the House. 

3P"« 30QE €> "O" 3CV "X" * 

tif eh st mm iiEPE 


On the Terrace, opposite the Western Hotel. 

$W Good Horses and Carriages at all times, on reasonable terms. 



— , , 1 ■ ♦ » » . 

Mich. Southern R.R.Line 



And all Points in the South and West. 

The following splendid and unequaled Steamers form the Line between BUFFALO 

and TOLEDO: 


Leaves Buffalo Mondays and Thursdays. 



Leaves Buffalo Tuesdays and Fridays. 



Leaves Buffalo Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

One of the above Splendid Steamers will leave the Michigan Southern Rail Road Line 
Dock EVERY EVENING, at 9 o'clock, or immediately after the arrival of the Eastern 
Express Trains from New York, Boston and Albany, 


Where the LIGHTNING EXPRESS TRAIN will be in waiting to take passengers 

Baggage Checked Through and No Charge for Handling! 

Passengers who prefer to go all the way by Rail Roal, should take the GREAT 
thence by MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAIL ROAD to CHICAGO, without detention. 

The Facilities for the SAFE and SPEEDY TRANSHIPMENT 

THROUGH TICKETS may be had at all the Principal Rail Road Offices, east of 
Buffalo, and at the Company's Office, Michigan Southern R. R. Dock, foot of Commercial 
Street, Buffalo. 

H. B. RITCHIE, Agent, Buffalo. 


CftSAT eitfmt ftWT& 





The following 

FJiSST 0L1S1 ttf AliEiS 

Form the Line between BUFFALO AND DETROIT: 



Leaves BUFFALO every MONDAY and THURSDAY Evenings. 


Leaves BUFFALO every TUESDAY and FRIDAY Evenings. 



Leaves BUFFALO every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY Evenings. 

One of the above steamers will leave the Michigan Central Railroad Dock, foot 
of Erie street, Buffalo, ( Sundays excepted, ) at 9 o'clock, P. M., or immediately after 
the arrival of the Express trains from the East. 

Direct through to Detroit via North Shore, without landing, reaching Detroit next 
day in time to connect with the Lightning Express Train over the Michigan Cen- 
tral Railroad. 

For transportation of Freight of all kinds, this line possesses unusual facilities, 
and for promptness and despatch, cannot be excelled. The Boats for freight capac- 
ity are not equaled on inland waters. All packages marked to the care of C. L. 
SEYMOUR, Freight Agent, Buffalo, will be forwarded the same day that they are 
received. Mark packages, plainly, care of " C. L. SEYMOUR, Freight Agent, 
Buffalo." Trains leave Detroit as follows : 

lst-EXPHESS, - - - - At 7 o'clock, A. M. 

2d, " 9.30 A.M. 

3d, ..--■-- 5.00 P.M. 

4th, " ...,-- 9.30 P.M. 

Through Tickets can be obtained at all the principal Railroad and Steamboat Of- 
fices East; at the office on board the Steamers, and at the office of the Michigan 
Central Railroad Line, foot of Erie street, Buffalo. 

CHARLES E. NOBLE, General Agent 
Wffi. P, Bowner, Gen. Eastern Tray. Agent 





Special contracts made for Freight to and from 


Buffalo & New York City & New York <fe Erie R. R. Company. General Freight and. Tick- 
et Office, No. 9 Exchange street. 

^^_ C. B, GREENOUGH, Agent. 


Western fittrarg Utonger 







Single copies, sent by mail, $ 1 50 

Five copies, one year, 5.00 

Eleven copies, one } r ear, 10.00 

Twenty copies, one year, 18.00 

Advertisements inserted at reasonable rates. 


Western Literary Messenger. — It is made up of original and selected, articles, equally adapted 
to entertainment and instruction, and relying for its circulation on substantial merits rather 
than ostentatious pretensions. Mr. Clement's editorial care is always a safe pledge against 
everything of doubtful character and tendency, and his good taste a satisfactory assurance of 
positive merits. — New York Recorder. 

It always contains a goodly array of literary, scientific, and miscellaneous articles, and is 
just the work every person should have. We would particularly recommend it as a family 
Magazine, always supplying a fund of useful, instructive and amusing reading. — Plariet, 
Chatham, C. W. 

Many eminent names in our literary galaxy of national talent are associated with this 
monthly. The editor is a scholar, and the impress of his really fine intellect is stamped 
upon his serial. — Providence, R. I., Mirror. 

Western Literary Messenger. — We have ever held, the Messenger in high estimation, regard- 
ing it superior to any literary magazine of its price. It is published by Thomas & Lathrops, 
Buffalo, and edited by J. Clement, Esq., who finds time not only to edit the Messenger, but 
also to do many a handsome chore for the dailies, to write poetry for the Magazines, correspond 
with various hcbdomidals, and to canvass, for some legitimate object, at least once a yean 
nearly all Ihe explored territory of the North-West. — Mich. Christian Herald. 







. I 

§ffflk aitft fob J pitting, 

In all departments. With the aid of 


Of the most approved construction, they are enabled to execute work with despatch, and at 
prices to compete with the largest Eastern Establishments. 


Including Lake and Canal Bills of Lading, Drafts, Checks, Notes, Receipts, &c. &c. 

Steamboats and Railroads 

Supplied with the various kinds of Bills, Tickets, Blanks, &c, with elegant and appropriate 

designs, plain, or in colors. 


Having a separate department especially devoted to this description of work, they are ena- 
bled to offer such terms for the execution of Books, Pamphlets, Periodicals, 
Newspapers, &c, as will be entirely satisfactory. 


Our Stereotype Foundry is now in complete operation. Books, Pamphlets, Figure-work, 

Blanks, Checks, Music, Bill-heads, Newspaper-heads, Patent Medicine 

Directions, Labels, Cuts, <fec, Stereotyped in the best 

manner on reasonable terms. 

iqookl :oiisraz>iKTC3-. 

An extensive Bindery is attached to our establishment, where Binding and Ruling of every 
description is executed in a superior manner. 

Blank Books, of every description* on hand or made to order. 



. ♦ ■ ♦ ■ « 


invite attention to this new and artistic style of 


Which has been so much admired, and extensively used for 





fltonhtaiti Jfnmtisjji etes anir Citks, 

For Bibles, Prayer Books, Annuals, &c, and for all purposes for which 


Is useful and appropriate. 

By the Chromotype process we are enabled to give the most delicate shades of colors 
for under-tints, back-grounds, <fcc, in a style hitherto unequaled. 

We refer to the Cards of most of the principal Railroads and Express Companies ini 
the United States and Canadas, for specimens of Chromotype Card Printing. 

Maps and Designs engraved, and every facility offered for the completion of work. 


Of all sizes, constantly on hand. 


i, Commercial Adv. Buildings, 161 Main St 



Abbreviations. — In the pages following, h. stands for house; b. for boards; cor. for corner; opp. for opposite 
Gen. for Genesee; Ex. for Exchange; fVask. for Washington; Del. for Delaware; Va. for Virginia, &c; E. for 
East; TV. for West; N. for North ; S. for South; lab. for laborer; ab. for above; bel. for below; n for near; r. 
for rear. The word street is implied. 

Aabensheine, Michael, with. D. Belden. 
Aasse, Michael, cooper, h. Batavia n. Gray. 
Abbey, Mrs. widow, h. Carroll bel. Chicago. 
Abbott, George S. foreman, Dart & Bros. h. 21 

Abbott, Abram, at 236 Main, h. 258 Pearl. 
ABBOTT, WALTER S. shoestore, 236 Main, 

b. 258 Pearl.— See adv. p. 52. 
Abbott, John H. with Prince & Co. h. Tenth 

near Maryland. 
Abbott, Orrin, sr. h. Pollard n. N". Division. 
Abbott, Wra. W. clerk, 73 Main, b. IT. S. Hotel. 
Abbott, Hugh, joiner, Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Abbott, Franklin, Buff. Steam E. W. 
Abbott, Wm. carpenter, h. Clinton n. Jefferson. 
Abbott, Wm. W. clerk, 73 Main, b. U.S. Hotel. 
Abbott, J. W. with G. A. Prince & Co. 
Abel, Frank, on R. R. b. Sophia Abel. 
Abel, Sophia, widow, h. cor. Exch. and Van- 

Abel, Fred, on R. R. h. Steuben n. Vanrens- 

Abel], Adam, blacksmith, h. cor. Ex. and La. 
Abell, Louis, lab. h. Tenth n: Va. 
Abell, Wm. H., American Trans. Co. h. 125 

Abel], Chas. L. liquor store, Com. Hotel block, 

Ohio, b. Com. Hotel. 
Abell, Thos. G. 235 Franklin. 
Abell, Elizabeth, widow, Kaene n. Gen. 
Abell, Win. weaver, h. Mich. ab. Tupper. 
Abell, Adam, grocer, Mulberry ab. Va. 
Abendschein, Michael, marble cutter, h. Gen. 

n. Jefferson. 
Abernathy, Andrew, ship carpenter, cor. La. 

and Elk. 
Abraham, John D. architect, over 328 Main, h. 

Mariner ab. Va. 
Abrahams, Abraham, clothier. 14 Beak. 

Abrahams, Abraham, clerk, 41 Main. 

Abraham & Sylvester, clothiers, 2 and 3 Com'L 

Abram, Christopher, Thompson's white lead 

Abrams, Noble, gilder, b. 51J^ E. Seneca. 

Absalom, Nicholas, clerk, J. G. Miller, h. 
Mich. n. High. 

Abwender, Joseph, shoemaker, 116 Cedar. 

Academy of the Sacred Heart, cor. Del. and 

Ach, John, saddler, b. cor. Goodell and Maple. 

Ackert, Paul, Van Slyke's planing mill. 

Ackhart, Peter, at Eaton's planing mill. ' 

Acklan, James, ship carpenter, Bidwell, Banta 
& Co. 

Ackley, Julia B. teacher, Female Academy, h„ 
281 Pearl. 

Ackory. Henry, 256 Franklin. 

Ackroid, Hiram, 27 Ex. 

Acomber. John, Buff. Steam E. W. 

Acton, Henry, provision dealer, h. 227 E. Sen- 

Adam, Philip, furnaceman, h. Hickory n. Syc- 

Adam, Peter, tailor, h. Niag. N". of Amherst. 

Adam, Carl, music teacher, over 294 Main, h. 
181 Ellicott. 

Adam, Harl D. G. teacher, Female Academy. 

Adam, Joseph, shoemaker, Fox n. Gen. 

Adams, Charles W. clerk J. G. Miller. 

Adams, Augustus, m. d., over 294 Main, b. 221 
E. Seneca. 

Adams, Mrs. b. Mrs. Hay. 

Adams, Wm. H. engineer, h. 44 Sixth. 

Adams, Benjamin C. on lake, b. 30 Seventh. 

Adams, Henry, confectioner, h. Hospital n, 

Adams, Charles, tailor, b. 27 Pearl. 

Adams, Wra. miller, Ferry n. Adams. 

Adams, Martha, widow of Robert, fancy store, 
407 E. Seneca. 



Adams, F. D. car builder, h. Parish n. Dear- 

Adams, Charles B. car builder, h. Parish n. 

Adams, Walter H. ship carpenter, h. 17 Illinois. 

Adams, James, firm of Athearn & Co. h. 11 

Adams, Allen M. 207 Wash. b. 11 Ellicott. 

Adams & Clark, grocers, 37 E. Seneca. 

Adams, Hiram, firm A. & Clark, h. 23 Carroll. 

Adams, Wm. Ky. n. Ottawa. 

Adams, Milan R. contractor, h. 51 Jackson. 

Adams, Adeline, widow, 27 Sixth. 

Adams, Wm. P. firm Hamilton & A. b. 4 Niag. 

Adams, Robert, stereotype!*, b. 407 Seneca. 

Adams. John, clerk, h. 7 Carroll. 

Adams, Orrin, merchant, h. 54 Sixth. 

Adams, Abner C. at car factory, 12th ward, 
h. cor. Dearborn and Parish. 

Adams, John, mason, h. cor. Court and Staats. 

Addington, Samuel H. Niagara, n. Franklin. 

Ade, John, cooper, cor. Gen. and Johnson. 

Adel, John, blacksmith, h. cor. Ketchum and 

Adians, John, h. Tupper. 

Adler, Joseph, bricklayer, Ash n. Batavia. 

Adler, John, lab. h. 104 Batavia. 

Adler, Albert, turner, 359 Main, h. 496 Mich. 

Adolff, Louis P. grocer, cor. Chippewa and 

Adriance, John V. S. grocer, cor. S. Division 
and Mich. 

Aepfelbocker, Andrew, lab. h. Best n. Elm. 

Afelt, Joseph, shoemaker, 7 W. Eagle. 

Affert, Peter, blacksmith, h. Seneca n. Loui- 

Agan, Michael, lab. h. across the creek. 

Agan, John, Evans n. Water. 

Agar, Francis, with Dart & Bros. 

Agin, Luke, blacksmith, h. Steuben n. Ala. 

Agness, M. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 

Ahearn, Patrick, clerk. 216 Main. 

Ahl, John, cooper, h. Cray n. Batevia. 

Ahles, John, boarding house, 17 Caual. 

Ahnert, John, tinsmith, h. Hickory n. Cherry. 

Ahnert, Frederick, cooper, Hickory n. Syca- 

Airey, Geo. machinist, cor. Ex. and Louisi- 
ana, h. 37 Folsom. 

Akins, John, lab. Dock, foot of Evans. 

Akroid, Hiram, hackman, h 27 Ex. 

Alabach, Jacob, b. Eliza Tilden. 

Alber, John, lab. h. Adams u. Sycamore. 

Al berry, Robert, harness maker, 10 Ex. 

Albers, Albert, shoemaker, Best cor. Ellicott. 

Albert, Eliza, widow, Cottage n. Maryland. 

Albert, John, shoemaker, 4 Commercial, h. 
Maiden Lane. 

Albourd, M. b. 5 Franklin. 

Albrecht, Fred. W. h. 309 E. Gen. 

Albrecht, Fred, brewer, h. Batavia n. toll gate. 

Albrecht, Mary, widow of Henry, h. Tollard 
opp. Folsom. 

Albro, Geo. bookbinder, 188 Main. 

Albro, James, Com. Adv. offico, h. 348 Mich. 

Albro, Stephen, editor, h. 215 S. Division. 

Albro, Wm. H. clerk custom house, b, 215 S. 

Albro, Jenny, teacher, No. 3, b. 215 S. Division. 

Albro, George, b. 215 S. Division. 

Alby, Lindey A. morocco dresser, h. Dearborn 

n. Farmer. 
Aldemos, Nicholas, tailor, h. Locust n. Cherry. 
Aldeu, Geo. C. firm Ferris & A., b. Niagara n. 

Alden berg, August, carpenter, h. N. Division 

bel. Spring. 
Alder, John, foreman, Bidwell, Banta & Co.h. 

across creek. 
Alerd, Thos. painter, 93 E. Seneca. 
Alexander, Randolph, carpenter, h. Maryland 

n. Seventh. 
Alexander, Richard N. engineer, b. Mrs. Mc- 
Alexander, Isaac, clothier, 45 Main, h. Perry 

opp. Ind. 
Alexander, Charles, confectioner, h. 38 Chip. 
Alexander, Capt. Squire, 326 Mich. 
Alexander, Isaac, cutter, h. 36 Ex. 
Alfes, Joseph, furnaceman, Jewett & Root. 
Alford, Margaret, widow of James, 215 North 

Alibrand, Charles, furnaceman, h. 206 Elm. 
Aiibrand, Alois, joiner, h. 206 Elm. 
ALLBERGER, JOB, butcher and provision 

dealer, corner Franklin and Terrace, h. Cold 

Spring. — See adv. p. 37. 
Allberger, Franklin A. h. Main, Cold Spring. 
Allberger, John L. b. Job Allberger. 
Allberger, Wm. C. clerk, b. Job Allberger. 
Allbright, Michael, upholsterer, h. 184 South 

Allen. Orlando, Pres. Buff. & Pittsburgh R. R. 

25 Spaulding's Ex. h. 73 E. Swan. 
Allen, Col. George W. Gothic Hall, h. 82 East 

Allen, Jeremiah, grocer, 49 Ohio, h. Elk, cor. 

Allen, Orlando, jr. b. 73 E. Swan. 
Allen, Wesley D. operator, New York & Miss. 

Telegraph office, h. 69 E. Eagle. 
Allen, Philo, over 170 Main, b. American. 
Allen, Carlisle T. melodeon finisher, h. 182 E. 

Allen, Otis, steamboat office, 6 Efner Block, 

Commercial, b. United States Hotel. 
Allen, Melissa K. 127 Chippewa. 
ALLEN, ZADDOC G. millwright, h. Sen- 
eca n. Van Rensselaer — See Adv. p. 66. 
Allen, Silas M. commission merchant, 22 Mer- 
chant's Ex. h. Johnson Place. 
Allen, Crayton O. grocer, S. Division cor. Pine. 
ALLEN. STEPHEN D. & Co. proprietors 

Niagara Temperance House. — See adv p. 85. 
Allem'Stephen D. firm Stephen D. Allen & Co. 

Niagara Temperance House. 
ALLEN, IRA W. firm Fleming & Allen, h. 

289 Wwh.—Sccadv.p. 34. 
Allen, William, building mover, h. Miami, east 

of Chicago. 
Allen, James, cook, h. 65 Elm. 
Allen, Geo. B. foreman, J. Holloway, b. Mrs. 

Allen, John, b. American. 
Allen, Francis, lab. h. 16 Mississippi. 
Allen, Holley, cooper, h. 104 Oak. 



Allen, Robert, boiler maker, Buffalo Steam 

Engine Works. 
Allen, Cornelius, lab. h. Seneca, bel. Alabama. 
Allen, Lafayette, clerk, Niagara Temperance 

Allen, Albro A. firm Laidlaw & Allen, Niag. 

n. Huron, b. 19 Pearl. 
ALLEN & GRIFFIN", proprietors Vulcan 

Foundry, Water. — See adv. p. 62. 
Allen, Albert J. firm Allen & Griffin, b. 36 

W. Seneca. 
Allen, James, caulker, h. 20 Illinois. 
Allen, Charles L. watchman, b. U. S. Hotel. 
Allen, Holley. cooper, h. 17 Smith Bl'k, Seneca. 
Allen, Viranus S. corn planter manufacturer, 

Van Rensselaer, n. Seneca. 
Allen, John, jr. & Co. forwarders, Soutli Wharf. 
Allen, William, machinist, with Swartz & Co. 

h. 242 S. Division. 
Allen, Lewis F. Niagara, north of Ferry. 
Allen, James, sawyer, h. Squaw Island. 
Allen, J. H. painter, H. G. White. 
Allen, Andrew, painter, William opp. Potter. 
Allen, John, teamster, h. 218 Elk. 
Allen, Levi, Pres. Buff. S. E. Works, cor. Del. 

and Summer. 
Allen} James, ship joiner, McMillen's boat 

Allen, Wm. K. clerk, Bank of Attica, b. 73 E. 

Allen, L. b. 35 Chippewa. 
Allenbrand, Alosius, cabinet maker, h. 206 

Allenbrand, Charles, 206 Elm. 
Allenbrand, Geo. moulder, b. cor. Batavia and 

Allenbrand, Alosius, tinsmith., 371 Main, h. 

206 Elm. 
Alles, Theoppel, lab. h. Batavia n. Monroe. 
Align war, Lewis, cabinet maker, h. S. Division, 

n. Pollard. 
Allic, Peter, tinsmith, h. Bennett. 
All in, Willis, saddler, 3 E. Seneca, b. Hick's 

Ailing, Wm. S. clerk, 199 Main, b. J. Stitt. 
Allinger, Charles, Hersee & Timmerman.* 
Allinger, Francis, Niagara, n. Farmer. 
Allison, Alexander G. 97^> E. Seneca. 
Allman, Geo. clerk, h. 155 Ninth. 
Allmendinger, Chas. F. flour dealer, cor. Gen. 

and Main. 
Alma, Stephen, m. d. cor. Seneca and Pearl. 
Alport, Edwin S. on Wash. Dock, h. Franklin 

Alt, Wm. with Bullymore & Langdon. 
Altfielder, J. with G. A. Prince & Co. 
Altman, Abraham, clothier, 166 Main, b. Man- 
Altman, Henry, butcher, h. Clinton, n. R. R. 
Alton, Mrs. cloak and dressmaker, over H6 

Altscheffel, Joseph, lab. h. Walnut, n. Batavia. 
Alvord, Philo G. watchmaker, 167 Main, b. 5 

Amadon, Frank, with Howard <fc Co. 
Amann, Jacob, Walnut n. Batavia. 
Amberg, John, shoemaker, h. Gray, n. Gen. 
Ambrose, A. hackman, h. 513 Wash. 

Ambrose, Elisha, hackman, h. Pine nJBatavia. 
Ambrose, John, Main, n. tollgate. 
A nibs, Gervas, cap maker, cor. Gen. and Huron. 
Ambs, Joseph, sash maker, h. 206 E. Seneca. 
Ambsler, Charles, piano maker, b. 15 Pearl. 
American Express Co's office, 9, 11 and 13 

W. Seneca. 
American Mowing Machine Works, Scott n. 

American Transportation Co's office, foot of 

Ames, Albert F. nail maker, h. cor. Niagara 

and Clinton Avenue. 
Amon, John, ship carpenter, h. Folsom n. 

Amos & Son, physicians, over 95 Main. 
Amos, John W. firm A. & Son, 95 Main. 
Amos, Van Ness, firm A. & Son, 95 Main. 
Amsden, Ira It. book-keeper, J. A. Pitts, b. 

C. W. Pitts. 
Amstuetz, Anton, lab. h. Hickory ab. Syca- 
Amstuetz, Mrs., nurse, Hickory ab. Sycamore. 
Anderle, Frauds, tailor, Main & Burton Alley. 
Anderson, Alexander S. grocer, 62 Main, h. 31 

Anderson, James, engineer, h.174 N. Division. 
Anderson, Capt. Andrew, cor. Ninth and Pa. 
Anderson, Capt. James, Light House keeper. 
Anderson, Charles, 1 Vine. 
Anderson, George, clothes scourer, h. 97 Oak. 
Anderson, Fleming, printer, Com. Adv. h. 

Smith's Block, Seneca. 
Anderson, William A. clerk, 222 Main, b. Clar- 
Anderson, John, white-washer, h. Swan beh 

Anderson, Wm. confectioner, J. Benson, h. 9th 

n. Va. 
Anderson, Jacob, waiter at American, h. 401 

Anderson, Jacob, h. Madison n. Batavia. 
Anders, Charles, tailor, b. 300 E. Seneca. 
Andre, William, county elk. at new Court 

House, b. Boston Hotel. 
Andre, William, jr., firm O. B. Titus & Co., b. 

45 S. Division. 
Andre, John, tailor, 76 Bennett. 
Andre, Conrad, tailor, 76 Bennett. 
Andre, Christian, mason, h. Bennett n. Wm. 
Andreas, Ernst, 21 Canal. 
Andreas, George, hostler, Genesee House, h. 

Camp. n. Gen. 
Andres, Charles, Eaton's planing mill. 
Andrew, James, upholsterer, Cameron & Mc- 

Andrews, Charles B. elk, 221 Main, b. 33 E. 

Andrews, H. J. b. American. 
Andrews Lyman B. 205 Main, b. 52 E. Swan. 
ANDREWS & SON, opticians, over 2U9 Main. 

See adv. p. 78. 
Andrews, Robert E. firm Audrews & Son, b. 

cor. 9th and York. 
Andrews, William H. atty. h. 45 E. Eagle. 
Andrews, Robert F. firm Andrews & Son, h. 

cor. 9th and York. 
Andrews, Henry, b. Mrs. Tilden, Black Rock. 



Andrews, Araasa, fireman, b. Mrs. S. Philips. 
• Andrews, JohD, S warts' iron works. 
Andrews, James R. painter, h. Palmer n.Va. 
Andrews, Mary, -widow, h. Elk n. Chicago. 
Andrews, Joseph, mate, propeller New Eng- 
land, b. 198 E. Swan. 
Andrus, Davis W. 3* Brown's Building, b. 12 

Angele, Christian, painter, h. cor. Sycamore 

and Walnut. 
Angele, George, rifle maker, b. Hermann Do- 

Angel, Jacob, tanner, N. Case, & Co. 
.Angel, Bartholomew, tanner, N. Case, & Co. 
Angell, Christian, turner, J. Otto & Co. 
Angell, George, with G. A. Prince & Co. 
Angle, Charles, lab. h. over 268 Franklin. 
Angles, Daniel, Walden n. Del. 
Aunen, Nicholas, lab. h. Pratt n. William. 
Annowsky, Henry, piano make*-, 10 Court, h. 

Wash. u. Chippewa. 
Ansell, James, h. Steuben n. Michigan. 
Anthony, Jacob C. firm Thayer & A. h. 68 S. 

Anthony, Edward M. tanner, N. Case & Co. 
Anthony, Wm. Vulcan Foundry. 
Anton, Joseph, lab. h. Adams opp. Sycamore. 
Antweiler, Jacob, joiner, h. Gray u. Batavia. 
Antweiler, Philip, joiner, h. Grayab. Batavia. 
Appel, Jacob, shoemaker, h. Cherry n. Spruce. 
Appleby, Gilman, capt. h. 74 E. Seneca. 
Appleby, James A. lumber dealer, cor. Pearl 

and Court, b. Lovejoy House. 
Appleton, James, jr., jeweler, 210 Main. 
Appercan, Diedrich, with Darttfe Bros. 
Arbogaste, Johu, joiner, h. Walnut n. Batavia. 
Archer, Abel, finisher, h. 159 E. Eagle. 
Ardiff, Edward, stone cutter, h. Fifth n. Court. 
Arey, Oliver, teacher, No. 7, h. 47 Seventh. 
Argus, Henry, shoemaker, under 242 Main,h. 

19 Clinton. 
Argus, Blass, with Jewett & Day. 
Argus, Catharine, widow of John, h. Niagara 

N. of Amherst. ' 
Argus, George, Niagara N. of Amherst. 
Aris, Thomas S. painter, h. Elk u. Louisiana. 
Arkwright, Edward, moulder, Eagle Furnace. 
Armand, Ellen, eating house, canal dock, n. 

Armbruster, Anthony, cor. Ex. and Wash. 
Armbruster, Joseph, cabinet m'r, h. 123 Pine. 
Armbrust, John, tinsmith, h. Walnut n. Wm. 
Armstrong, Galbraith, shoemaker, 36 Chippe- 
wa, h. 229 Pearl. 
Armstrong, Charles, firm A. & Co. h. Palmer 

n. Virginia. 
Armstrong, Christopher, painter, H. G. White, 

h. Chicago, between Folsotn and Swan. 
Armstrong, Charles J. with L. & I. J. White, 

h. Smith Blk, 260 Seneca, 
Armstrong, John, shoemaker, b. 42 Del. 
Armstrong, Alonzo, painter, b. 23 Court. 
ARMSTRONG & CO., upholsterers, 3 Birk- 

head buildings, Commercial. — See adv. p. 48. 
Armstrong, John, boiler maker, h. Perry n. 

Armstrong, Aun, widow, h. Illinois n. Mary. 
Armstrong, William, grocer, 11 E. Seneca. 

Armstrong, William, b. cor. Wash, and Carroll. 
Armstrong, Andrew, engineer, h. 5 Elk. 
Armstrong, Charles B. book-keeper, b. W. B. 

Armstrong, William, shoemaker, b. G. Arm- 
Armstrong, Thos. joiner, b. Ann Armstrong. 
Armstrong, Wm. boiler maker, h. Mackinaw 

n. Hamburgh. 
Arbenshine, Michael, polisher, D. Belden. 
Ard, George, 30 Exchange. 
Arend, Philip, clerk 318 Main, b. A. Arend. 
Arend, Louis F. W. clerk, 318 Main, b. A. Ar- 
Arend, Henry P. 164 Main. 
Arft, John, on lake, h. Pratt n. Batavia. 
Argus, George, elk, 432 Main, b. J. Rudolph. 
Argu t, Geo. C. -with Smith & Bros. 
Arigan, James, Buffalo S. E. Works. 
Arnawine, John, cabinet maker, b. J. Arna- 

Arnold, John, milkman, h. Sixth n. Va. 
Arnold, Richard H. cabinet maker, 20 Ex. 

h. 185 Del. 
Arnold, Wm. W. firm Foote, Little & Co., h. 83 

Arnold, James W. clerk, W. Woodruff. 
Arnold, John, carpenter, h. 5th n. Carolina. 
Arnold, John, lab. h. Jefferson n, Clinton. 
Arnold, Francis, musician, h. 77 E. Gen. 
Arnold, Samuel M. hatter, b. 185 Del. 
Arnold, John, sailor, h. Carroll bel. La. 
Arnold, Mary, widow of Harvey, b. Folsom 

bel. Chicago. 
Arpenbeck, Fred, blacksmith, h. Mich. n. Syc. 
Arras, L. with J. A. Pitts. 
Arrigau, Patrick, lab. h. Evans n. Fly. 
Arright, Francis, mariner, h. 280 E. Swan. 
Art, John A. cigar maker, h. 163 Elm. 
Arthur, William, sailor, h. 8 Chestnut. 
Ash, Robert, teamster, h. cor. N. Wash, and 

Ash, James, clerk, h. Jackson. 
Ash, Eliza, widow, h. Elk n. Chicago. 
Ashby, John, carpenter, h. Park n. Va. 
Ashfield, Ann, -widow, h.40 Del. 
Ashley, Jones & Co. for. and com. mer., cor. 

Prime and Lloyd. 
Ashley, William M. firm A. Jones & Co., h. 34 

W. Seneca. 
Ashley, Dorotha, widow of J. cor. Del. and 

Ashley, Paul, mason, h. Oak n. High. 
Ashley, John E. book-binder, b. John Ashley, 
Ashman, William, steam wash, machine, h. 42, 

Ashton, Isaac, engineer, cor. N. Wash, and 

Forest Av. 
Aspel, Patrick, mason, h. Carolina n. Ninth. 
Aspel, John, clothing store Seneca bel. Pollard. 
Ast, Frank, tanner, h. Pratt n. Clinton. 
Athearn <fe Co. tobacconist, 207 Wash. 
Athearn, Mrs. Cyrus, 16 E. Eagle. 
Athearn, George F. b. Mrs. Cyrus Athearn. 
Atkins, Barton, ice dealer, W. Hotchkiss, h. 

158 Franklin. 
Atkins, Martin R. teacher Central School, h 

cor. Franklin and Court. 



Atkins, Robert, engineer, b. 135 E. Seneca. 
Atkinson, Edward, firm Wheeler-<fc A. h. Mich. 

n. Seneca. 
Atler, Charles, book-keeper, 166 Main. 
Atrof, Theodore, book-binder, h. 369 Main. 
Atwater, Edward M. firm Thompson & Co. h. 

113 Niag. 
Atwater, Samuel T. firm Durfee <fe A. h. 18 

Atwater, Francis J. clerk, Thompson <fe Co. h. 

cor. Del. and Tupper. 
Atwater, Louisa J. teacher, No. 4, b. 26 N. Div. 
Atwood, Luther, policeman, h. N. Division bel. 

Atz, Matthew, at Eagle Furnace, h. 47 Del. 

Atz, Leonard, carpenter, h. Va. n. Tupper. 
Auchinvole, Charles J. clerk, b. 28 S. Division. 
Auchiuvole, John, with A. Ramsey & Co. b. 4 

Ex. ' 

Auctin, Frank, Eaton's planing mill. 
Audenrieth, John, h. Mulberry n. Carlton. 
Augstell, George, lockmaker, h. 107 E. Gen. 
Augstell, Peter, lockmaker, h. Goodell n. Elm. 
Ault, James, with A. D. A. Miller & Co. 
Aumock, Abram, blacksmith, h. Carolina n. 

Aumock, John, engineer, b. 10 Sixth. 
Aurers, George, joiner, h. Gray n. Batavia. 
Auris, Fred, joiner, h. Hickory n. Sycamore. 
Austin, Benj. H. firm Austin, Storrs & Austin, 

h. 291 Wash. 
Austin, Benj. H. jr. firm A., Storrs & Austin, b. 

291 Wash. 
Austin, Dolphus S. firm Stirling, A. & Co. b. 

S. Austin. 
Austin, Emmet, book-keeper, Davis, Sutton & 

Co. b. S. Austin. 
Austin, Stephen G. attorney, 11 Granite Block, 

h. Niag. Square. 
Austin, Seth, office 236 Main, h. 101 E. Swan. 
Austin, Earl C. farmer, h. cor. Farmer and 

Austin, Edmund, carpenter, h. Dearborn n. 

Austin, Jonathan, ins. ag't, Mer. Exch. h. 113 

E. Eagle. 
Austin, Win, ship carpenter, h. 4 Hayward, 
Averell, Charles M. on lake, h. 9 Sixth. 
Averell, Capt. James M. 13 Sixth. 
Avers, John, joiner, h. Hickory n" Batavia. 
Avers, Wm. joiner, b. 100 Hickory. 
Avers, Fred. H. joiner, h. Watson n. Clinton. 
Avery, George, opp. Swan St. Foundry. 
Avery, Christopher L. firm Fish & A. h. Del. 

n. Tupper. 
Avery, George W. 160 Main, h. cor. Church 

and Terrace. 
Avery, Capt. Norman, firm Freeman & A. h. 

435 Main. 
Avery, Charles, with S. Shepard. 
Avery, Wm. H. 160 Main. 
Avery, Frank R. clerk, A. M. Burnham. 
Aykroid, Minerva, teacher, b. 140 Franklin. 
Aylesworth, Henry D. clerk, 215 Main, b. 

Ayres, Wm. B. b. Mansion. 
Axe, George, planemaker, h. Elk n. Chicago. 


Baader, Joseph, jeweler, 389 Main. 
Baas, Conrad, cabinet maker, h. Spruce n. S yc. 
Babbett, Timothy H. painter, h. Ex.n. Wash. 
Babbitt, Samuel S. carpenter, h. Ninth n. York , 
Babbitt, James, with Bid well, Banta & Co. 
Babbitt, Edward, with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Babcock & Moore, att'ys, over 330 Main. 
Babcock, George R. firm B. & Moore, h. Niag . 

Sq. cor. Del. 
Babcock, James, 146 Ninth. 
Babcock, Wm- C. joiner, h. 146 Ninth. 
Babcock, Edwin, joiner, 146 Ninth. 
Babcock, Christopher, joiner, h. Palmer n. Va. 
Babcock, Mrs. nurse, 96 S. Division. 
Babcock, Benj. on the lake, h.352 Mich. 
Babington, Hugh, joiner, h. Vaurensselaer n. 

Bach, Gregory, cooper, h. Bennett bel. Batavia, 
Bach, Gabriel, joiner, h. 116 Sycamore. 
Bach, Robert, firm J. H. Coleman & Co. b. cor. 

Franklin and Niag. 
Bach, Adam, stone cutter, h. cor. Elm and 

Bachdeshell, Henry, at Thompson's white lead 

Bachdeshell, John, at Thompson's white lead 

Bachelor, Enoch W., C. R. R. office, h. Steuben 

n. Ala. 
Bachelder, Enoch W., C. R. R. shop. 
Bachhofer, Andrew, furnaceman, h. Maple n, 

Bach man, Peter, cooper, h. Wash. n. Burton 

Bachman, John, lab. h. 289 E. Genesee. 
Bachman, Rob't, confection'r, Cherry n. Maple. 
Bacbman, Adam, marble man'r, h. Main near 

Backer, Chas. at Van Slyke's Mill. 
Backes, Peter, tailor, Monroe n. Wm. 
Backus, Dcwitt C. law student, Masten & Mil- 
ler, b. Mrs. Mathews. 
Backus, Harry, Buff. Steam Engine Works, h. 

cor. Del. and Eagle. 
Bacon, Reuben C. 15 Ex. b. Mansion. 
Bacon, Chas. E. Book-keeper, 182 Main, h. cor. 

Seventh and Maryland. 
Bacon, Augustus P. telegraph operator, 23 

Central Wharf, b. 133 Pearl. 
Bader, Christian, tanner, h. Seneca n. old city 

Bader, John, tanner, h. Mulberry n. Va. 
Baer, Andrew, laborer, h. Maple n. Carlton. 
Baer, Conrad, printer, Com. Adv. office" h. 444 

Baer, Wm. with Howard & Co. 
Baesch, Matthias, at Eagle furnace. 
Baethig, Henry, daguerrean artist, over 294 

Main, h. 1 Huron. 
Baeumler, Lorentz, plasterer, h. Walnut near 

Bagg, Chas. engineer, h. 231 N. Division. 
Bagnall & Dobbins, ins. agents, Custom House 

Bagnall, Benj. ins. agent, Custom House build- 
ings, h. 165 Niag. 


Ba^nall, Samuel W. cbief of police, 6 Ex. h. 
37 Seventh. 

Bahl, Chas. Miller, b. Oakn. Goodell. 

Babr, Geo. 11. blacksmith, with David Rensch- 
ler, b. 38 Bennett. 

Baidcr, John, Hickory n. Cherry. 

Baider, Augusta, nurse, Hickory n. Cherry. 

Baier, Geo. b. John Haderer. 

Baiermaun, August, lab. h. Pratt n. Sycamore. 

Baik, Charles, brickmaker, h. Ex. bel. Van- 
re usselaer. 

Bail, John, gas fitter, h. Eagle n. Walnut. 

Bailey, Samuel G. m. d. 146 Main, b. 305 Wash- 

Bailey, Gordon, h. 43 S. Division. 

Bailey, Michael, ship car., Ala., opp. Carroll. 

Bailey, Daniel W., clerk, 211 Main, b. Boston 

Bailey, Fritz, with Jewett & Root. 

Bailey, Geo. carpenter, h. Chicago, n. Ex. 

Bailey, James B., joiner, h. 134 E. Seneca. 

Bailey, John, with Bush <fc Howard. 

Bailey, Michael, Obio n. Mich. 

Bailey, Thos., Van Slyke's yard. 

Bailey, William, stone dealer, Batavia, beyond 
toll gate. 

Bain, Capt. W., Geo. n. 5th. 

Bain, Thomas B. melodeon maker, h. 10th, n. 

Bain, Lucy, widow, Niagara n. Huron. 

Bain, Malcolm, joiuer, h. Johnson Place. 

Baker, xVlbert L. attorney at Law, 1 Brown's 
Buildings, h. cor. Huron and Del. 

Baker, Martin, printer, Express office, h. Oak 
n. T upper. 

Baker, William H., firm B. & Thompson, h. 
103 E. Eagle. 

Baker, William, cor. Commercial and Canal. 

Baker, Moses, plow maker, h. 427 Main, n. 

Baker, Lewis, Batavia, n. Hickory. 

Baker, Geo. W., batcher, 190 E. Seneca, h. 154 
E. Seneca. 

Baker, Henry, barkeeper, Terrapin Saloon, h. 
11 Sycamore. 

Baker, Edward, grocer, h. 24 E. Seneca. 

Baker, Bern bard, joiuer, h. Walnut n. Wil- 

Baker, Edward B„ joiner and grocer, cor. Pine 
and Swan. 

Baker, John L., livery keeper, h. 13 Pearl. 

Baker, Lawrence, Phcenix iron works. 

Baker, Silas, musician, h. 350 Michigan. 

Baker, Charles H, m. n., ov. 302 Main, h. 67 

Baker, David, 45 Pearl. 

Baker, Michael, porter, Clarendon. 

Baker, Daniel, porter, h. Park Place, n. Caro- 

Baker, John, North, E. of Main. 

Baker, Clifford A. with Albert L. Baker, b. 

Baker, Horace G., book-keeper, Talcott & 
Hal:, h. 82 N. Division. 

Baker, Fred, moulder, b. 24 S. Division. 

Baker, Jacob, cooper, h. Parish n. Thompson. 

Baker, Win. lab. li. across the creek. 

Baker, Win. II. clerk, 160 Main. 

Baker, James M. at City Clerk's office, b. A. 
L. Baker. 

Baker, Charles, clerk, Daniel Nelson. 

Baker, Henry, h. cor. Tupper and Franklin. 

Baker, Charles H. b. Win. Baker. 

Baker, Morey A., 67 Elm. 

Baker, Benjamin, Van Slyke's yard. 

Baker, Samuel, Van Slyke's yard. 

Baker, Bradford L., ship carpenter, h. Perry 
n. Hay ward. 

Baker, Cbarles, with Bullymore & Langdon. 

Baker, Charles, brakeman, h. Batavia n. Pine. 

Baker, Peter, sailor, h. Spruce n. Batavia. 

Baker & Thompson, provision store, 41 Ohio. 

Baker, Conrad, lab. h. Seneca n. Ala. 

Baker, John, printer, h. Seneca ab. Ala. 

Baker, George P. oyster saloon, 132 E. Sen- 

Baker, J. Phcenix iron works. 

Baker, Dyer T. clerk, 194 Main, b. 36 W. Sen- 

Baker, Wra. ship carpenter, Bidwell, Banta <fc 
Co. h. across the creek. 

Baker, Howard H. clerk, Hart, Newman & 
Co. b. 154 E.Seneca. 

Baker, Henry, in foundry, h. cor. Connecticut 
and 14th. 

Baker, Smith, clerk, T. D. Barton, b. 23 Pearl. 

Bakewell, Benj. with W. H. Glenny, b. 52 E. 

EALCOM, PHILO A, brick-maker, corner 
Main and Ferry, h. same. — See adv. p. 77. 

Bald, Frederick, brewer, h. cor. Batavia and 

Bald, Nicholas, butcher, 123 Pine. 

Bald, Mrs. widow of George, 23 W. Mohawk. 

Baldan, Geo. lab. h. Adams n. Batavia. 

Baldauf, Augustus C. Buffalo steam engine 

Baldauf, Mrs. widow of Adam, Pratt n. Clin- 

Baldauf, Henry, Buff. S. E. works. 

Baldauf, Peter, shoemaker, 151 Oak. 

Baldensperger, Philip, joiner, h. 17 Cherry. 

Baldwin, Elihu J. firm Welch, Hibbard & B. 
h. cor. Niagara and Georgia. 

Baldwin, Henry D. clerk, F. Newbould, b.23 
Pearl. . 

Baldwin, David, clerk, C. C. Wells, h. Tupper 
n. Oak. 

Baldwin, Joseph E. law student, h. 281 Pearl. 

Baldwin, James A. firm Taunt & B. b. Dr 

Baldwin, Daniel, lumber dealer, cor. Huron 
and Del. h. 121 Del. 

Baldwin, Eliza, widow of John, 436 Mich. 

Baldwin, Wm. M. clerk, b. 64 W. Tupper. 

Baldwin, Win. carpenter, h. 136 E.Swan. 

Baldwin, James J. Pine Hill road, n. Adams 

Baldy, Christopher M. priuter, Com. Adverti- 
ser office, b. 23 Batavia. 

Bald j, Wm. steamboat agent, h. 15 Chestnut 

Bale, John, bell banger, 237 Main. 

Ball, Ashley H. h. Niagara, cor. York. 

Ball, Charles, stonecutter, h. 45 Del. Place. 

Ball, Henry P., last maker, Carey n. Morgan. 

Ball, Samuel L., clerk, Wing & Co., b. 39 Oak. 



Ball, John N. firm Hart, B. & Hart, b. 36 Clin- 

Ball, Albert, produce dealer, Hanover, h. 55 E. 

Ball, Francis, furnaceruan, h. 223 Elm. 

Ball, George, ship carpenter, h. Elk u. brick 

Ball, Adelia M. cor. Morgan and Huron. 

Ball, Franklin, carpenter, h. 227 Carroll. 

Ball, Harriet T. teacher No. 8, b. 43 Ellicott. 

Ball, Thomas, puddler, Buff, iron works, h. 
Forest Avenue. 

Ballenger, John H. clerk, 280 Main. 

Balling, Lorenz, lab. h. Gray ab. Batavia. 

Balluff, Erhard, with Geo. Diebold. 

Baltaser, Christopher, lab. h. cor. Thompson 
and Parish. 

Baltser, Louis, mason, h. Camp n. Sycamore. 

Baltus, Geo. Van Slyke's yard. 

Baltz, Peter, lab. h. 500 Mich. 

Baltz, Adam, Rumsey's tannery. 

Bambe-rg, John A. cigar maker, h. Hickory n. 

Bamberg, John, shoemaker, h. 136 Spring. 

Bamberg, Geo. F. lab. h. Pine n. William. 

Bamberger, Christian, blacksmith, b.C.Schmal. 

Band, August, shoemaker, h. Cypress n. Mich- 

Bandel, Elizur, engineer water works, h. Alba- 
ny n. Monroe. 

Bangassier, Geo. 102 W. Tupper. 

Ban gassier, Frederick, firm B. & Brothers, h. 
100 W. Tupper. 

Bangassier, Jacob, firm B. <fc Brothers, h. 100 
W. Tupper. 

Bangassier & Brothers, locksmiths, 15 E. Se- 

Bangeter, John, stone cutter, h. 112 Cedar. 

Banish, Anton, grocer, Gen. opp. Adams. 

Bank of Attica, Spaulding's Exchange. 

Banka, Carl, Thompson's white lead factory. 

Bankenser, Geo at Vulcan foundry. 

Banks, Levi A. grocer, 12 Niag. h. 70 Sixth. 

Banks, R. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 

Banks, Jacob, Buff. S. E. works. 

Bannister, John, with Howard <fc Co. 

Bannister, John, with Wm. Todd. 

Banta, Jacob W. firm Bidwell, Banta <fc Co. h. 
cor. Hayward and Perry. 

Bantam, Capt. John S. 390 E. Swan. 

Bapiist Church, cor. Pearl and Gen. 

Baptist Church, German, Spruce n. Syca- 

Barber, Daniel, grocer and boarding h. 396 
E. Seneca. 

Barber, Moses, baggage master, h. Walnut n. 

Barber, Thomas, with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
across the creek. 

Barber, Wm. with Bidwell, Banta <fc Co. 

Barber, B. B. b. Boston hotel. 
Barber, A. B. with Howard & Co. 
Barber, Cornelius, 125 N. Division. 
Barber, John, joiner, h. cor. Pa. and 7th. 
Barden, Orrin E. millwright, h. cor. Morgan 

and Huron. 
Bardgett, Thos. raer. tailor, 31 W. Seneca. 
Barger, E. S. 10 Brown's buildings. 

Barham, William, ma?on, h. Oak n. High. 
Barker, George W. brick maker, h. Seneca cor. 

Barker, William, wagon maker, 98 E. Seneca, 

h. 104 E. Seneca. 
Barker, Jacob, A. office and h. 72 Pearl. 
Barker, Alden, ins. ag't, Custom Housebuild- 
ings, h. Niag. Sq. next door to Bapt. ch. 
Barker, Mason P. at Hollister's Elevator. 
Barker, Geo. W. grocer, N. Wash. n. Bird Av- 
Barker, Stephen, at Buff. Iron Works, h. For- 
est Av. n. Niag. 
Barker, Richard, melodeon maker, Prince tfc 

Co. h. Tenth n. Carolina. 
Barker, Geo. carpenter, h. 231 E. Seneca. 
Barker, Isaac, engineer, h. 295 E. Seneca. 
Barker, Frank, plumber, b. 20 Exch. 
Barkman, Casper, with Jewett & Root. 
Barlow, W. with Geo. A. Prince <fc Co. 
Barnard, Selah, com. of deeds, over Lee's Bank, 

h. 29 N. Division. 
Barnard, Robert, firm Fero < Carroll. 
Barnard, Frank, machinist, Eagle Furnace. 
Barnard-, Fred, moulder, h. 28 Green. 
Barnard, Elizabeth, widow, b. 10 Boston Block, 
Barnard, Geo. A. clerk, h. Terrace n. Church. 
Barnard, Margaret, b. G. A. Barnard. 
Barnard, Henry D. wagon maker, h. La. n. 

Barnard, James T. clerk, 138 Main, b. 63 E. 

Barnard. Franklin, with Howard & Co. 
Barnes, Samuel, Buff. Steam Engine Works. 
Barnes, Henry, custom house inspector, h. 110 

Barnes, Josiah, m. d. 8 Exch. h. 104 E. Swan. 
Barnes, Joseph C. firm R. J. & R.D. Sherman 

& Co. h. Park Place. 
Barnes, Joshua <fc Son, meat market, 196 Wash 
Barnes, William N. firm J. B. <fc Son, b. J' 

Barnes, Joshua, firm J. B. <fc Son, h. Swan n. 

Barnes, Norman H. joiner, h. Eagle n. Mich. 
Barnes, William T. patentee, cor. Wash, and 

Barnes Jacob L. street com. h. Niag. n. Hudson. 
Barnes, W. L. <fc Co. brokers, 3 W. Seneca. 
Barnes, Woodruff L. firm W. L. B. & Co* h 

North n. Del. 
Barnes, Bradford, j'nr, h. cor. N. Div. and Mich. 
Barnes, John L. firm B. <fc Blachford,b. 7 Beak. 
Barnes, Abram, on the lake, h. Walnut n. Syc. 
Barnes, Ephraim, clerk, J. Barnes & Son. 
Barnes, Robert, cartraan, h. Niag. n. Carolina. 
Barnes, John, cooper, h. N. Porter n. Auburn, 
Barnes, Wra. runner, h. 108 Folsom. 
Barnes, Charles B. joiner, h. 101 E. Eagle. 
Barnes, George, boarding h. 5 Miss. 
Barnes & Blachford, butchers, 191 E. Seneca. 
Barnes, Jane, nurse, Porter n. Auburn. 
Barnes, Mrs. widow, Seneca bel. Vanrensselaer. 
Barnes, Wm. ag't Great Western R. R. h. 106 

Barnes, John, with S. Shepard. 
Barnett, Peter, joiner, h. Palmer n. Va. 
Barnett, James, tailor, h. Elm n. High. 



Barnett, Win, lab. h. Morgan n. Niag. 

Barnhard, Henry B. 432 Mich. 

Barnhard, Alois, basket maker, h. Folsom n. 

Barniski, Charles, shoemaker, h. 81 Elm. 
Barnum, Ezra W. firm Collins & B. h. 151 Del. 
Ban i urn, George G. firm H. Hagar & Co. h. 

cor. Chip, and Morgan. 
Barn urn, Stephen O. variety store, 215 Main, 

h. 74 E. Eagle. 
Barnum, Richard S. variety store, 215 Main. 
Barnurn, Austin, 29 Ex. 
Barnum, Milo, flour dealer, h. 449 Main. 
Barnum. Ezra B. clerk, b. Milo Barnum. 
Barr, William R. ticket agent, b. American. 
Barr, Anthony, varmsher, G. A. Prince <fe Co. 
Ban-, Augustus, Main u. Ferry. 
Barr, Francis H. teamster, h. across the creek. 
Barr, Michael, machinist, Vulcan foundry. 
Barr, Charles, Main n. Ferry. 
Barr, William, clerk, C. R. R. office, h. 306 E. 

Barratt, Wm. grocer, cor. Church and Ter- 
Barrel 1, Wm. H. carver, b. 19 Pearl. 
Barrett, Stephen, cabinet maker, 233 Main, b. 

Mrs. J. O. Moore. 
Barrett, Geo. coffee roaster, h. Palmer n. Md. 
Barrett, James, type pedler, h. 48 Pine. 
Barrett, Charles, r. 232 E.Seneca. 
Barrick, Charles, mason, h. 231 E. Seneca. 
Barron, Michael, lab. h. 4 Centre. 
Barron.* J. widow, 402 Michigan. 
Barrows, Eugene G. book-keeper, J. G. & W. 

I. Mills, h. 172 Del. 
Barrows, Almon Z. teacher Dist. No. 1, h. 9th 

n. Virginia. 
Barrows, Gershom S. clerk 160 Main, b. 172 

Barrows, Nathan, with O. P. Ramsdell, h. 23 

Barrows, Granville, joiner, b. 5 Beak. 
Barrows, Win, painter, H. G. White, b. 22 S. 

Barrows, Wm. b. Western hotel. 
Barry, John, tailor, h. 60 Oak. 
Barry, Mrs. widow, Dougherty Alley. 
Barry, Wm. porter, h. Scott Alley n. Scott. 
Barry, Timothy, lab. h. Evans n. Water. 
Barrv, John, ship carpenter, Howell's boat 

yard, h. Ninth n. York. 
Barry, Daniel, coppersmith, J. Otto & Co. 
Barry man, Archy, clerk, C. Wormwood, fa. 49 

Barsell, Asahel, shoemaker, h. cor. Oak and 

BarU'l, Joseph, car builder, h. cor. S. Division 

and Cedar. 
Bartel, N. melodcon maker, b. Mary Holmes. 
Bartel, Fred. W. joiner, Howard <fc Co. 
Bartell, Victor, ship joiner, Fly, h. 231 Ellicott. 
Bartell, Jacob, joiner, h. Eleventh n. North. 
Bartell, flea* N. Y. C. R. R. machine shop. 
Bartell, N. Courier office, b. 231 Ellicott. 
Barth, John, blacksmith, cor. Excb. and Louis- 
Barth, Mathias, lab. Maple n. Burton Alley. 
Barth, John, engineer, b. Batavia u. Walnut. 

Barth, Geo. b. 160 Pearl. 

Barth, Jacob, blacksmith, h. Batavia cor. Roos' 

Barthauer, Chas. F. barber, at the Clarendon, 

h. 120 Clinton. 
Barthel, Marcus, shoemaker, b. Maple above 

Barthel, Frederick, barber, b. M. Barthel. 
Barihel, Fred. Hickory n. Batavia. 
Barthel, John C. D. barber, Canal n. Erie. 
Bartholomew, Almon, mechauic, h. Seventh n. 

Bartholomew, Chauncey, 261 Elk. 
Bartlett, Elliott, teamster, h. Court n. Morgan. 
Bartlett, Sarah, Mrs. widow of Robert C. 156 

Bartlett, Geo. b. American. 
Bartlett, Henry, b. Fifth n. Va. 
Bartlett, F. W. m. d. office and h. 2 W. Eagle. 
Bartley, Wm. h. Elk between Hamburgh and 

Red Jacket. 
Bartley, Caspar, b. Carroll n. Louisiana. 
Barto, John, att'y at law, street com'rs office, 

h. 109 Franklin. 
Barton, Benj. 90 E. Swan. 
Barton. James L. sec'y Western Savings Bank, 

W. Swan, h. 122 Pearl. 
Barton, Hiram, att'y at law, 155 Main, h. 141 

Barton, James H. firm Hebard, Jollie & B. b. 

122 Pearl. 
Barton, Theodore D. contractor, Mann, Vail 

& Co. building, h. 532 Main. 
Barton, Mary, teacher music, 118 E. Eagle. 
Barton, Plinv F. foundry, corner Le Couteulx 

and Fly, ti. 62 Sixth. 
Barton, Thomas D., Amer. Trans. Co. b. J. L. 

Barton, Mary, widow, cor. Perry and Indiana . 
Barton, Leonard H. engraver, 161 Main, h. Ea- 
gle n. Union. 
Barton. S. Thompson, clerk, 221 Main, b. 122 

Barton, Joseph A. book-keeper, b. Western. 
Basket, Geo. Niag. north of Auburn. 
Bass, Smith, barber, Com'l Hotel block, h. 130 

Bassett, Gustavus, hatter, 161 Main, h. 34 S. 

Bassett, J. carpenter, b. Mrs. T. Ripley. 
Bast, Nicholas, lab. h. Pratt, n. Batavia. 
Bast, Martin, engineer, b. Elm n. Goodell. 
Bast, Henry, mason, h. Adams, n. Gen. 
Bastendorff, Martin, blacksmith, b. Barbara 

Bastet, Lewis, wig maker, 204 Main, h. be- 
yond Cold Spring. 
Bate, Richard L. tinsmith, 64 Main. 
Bates, Henry, Burton Alley, 
Bates, Geo. brickmaker, h. Cold Spring. 
Bates, Wm. J. moulder, Buff, car wheel works, 

h. 124 Court. 
Bates, H. G. m. d. 103 Wash. 
Bates, Geo. cor Ellicott and Batavia. 
Bates, Mary, widow, 124 Court. 
Bates, Richard, carver, b. 19 Pearl. 
Bath, Richard, hair manufacturer, h. Oak n. 




Bath, Thomas, at County clerk's office, h. 
Twelfth n. Pennsylvania. 

3ath, Ludwig, lab., h. 447 Bundy. 

Batsch, John, gardener, h. Best n. Mich. 

Batt, Anton, Gen. bel. Spring. 

Battey, Q. F. tinsmith, h. 153 E. Swan. 

Baub, John, shoemaker, cor. Canal and Maiden 

Bauer, John, baker, h. Niagara N. of Amherst. 

Bauer, Peter, cooper, h. cor. Seneca and Ham- 

Bauer, Wolfgang, lab. h. Hickory n. Gen. 

Bauer, Catharine, widow, 103 Cedar. 

Bauer, Charles, Cold Spring. 

Bauer, Bartel, tailor, Gen. bel. Jefferson. 

Bauer, George, blacksmith, h. 130 E. Gen. 

Bauer, M. clerk, b. 27 Pearl. 

Bauer, Adam, watchman, h. Mortimer n. Ba- 

Bauer, Christopher, lab., h. Hickory n. Syca- 

Bauer, John, h. Pratt n. Gen. 

Bauer, Peter, blacksmith, h. Sycamore n. Jef- 

Bauersfield, John E. shoemaker, 220 Wash. 

Baum, Otto, locksmith, h. 36 Union. 

Baum, Geo. grocer, Sycamore cor. Jefferson. 

Bauman, Eustace, cooper, h. Clinton n. Jef- 

Bauman, George, tailor, 73 Sycamore. 

Bauman, Louis, finisher, h. Hay ward n. Elk. 

Baumeister, Michael, lab., h. Hickory n. Syc. 

Baumeister, Jacob, cabinet maker, h. Boston. 

Baumeister, Henry, Hickory n. Batavia. 

Baumeller, Feit, teamster, h. Watson n. Ba- 

Baumgartner, Simon, carpenter, h. Maple n. 
Burton Alley. 

Baumgartner, Jacob, pedlar, h. Lutheran n. 

Baumstadt, Egede, Spruce n. Sycamore. 

Baushe, John, painter, h. cor. Main and Best. 

Bautz, Jacob, tin store, 212 E. Gen. 

Bautz, Geo. lithographer, R. J. Compton. 

Bautzer, John, mason, h. Camp n. Sycamore. 

Baxter, Peter, printer, h. Georgia bet. Fourth 
and Fifth. 

Bayliss, Edw'd, ship carpenter, h. Ohio n. Mich. 

Bayliss, Win. Buff. S. E. Works. 

Bays, Robert B. Railroad hotel. 

Bay State Hotel, Ohio n. freight depot. 

Beach & Wheeler, dealers in marble, <fec, cor. 
Court and Main. 

Beach, Elias, firm Beach & Wheeler, h. cor. 
Court and Maiu. 

Beach, Charles G. canal col. office, h. 29 Oak. 

Beach, George C. clerk, 138 Main, b. IT. S. 

Beach, Miss Emily L. b. 164 E. Swan. 

Beach, Lydia, widow, 139 Elk. 

Beadle, Erastus F. pub. Youth'* Casket, 199 
Main, h. Cold Spring. 

Beal, John, warehouseman, A. D. Ellis & Co., 
h. 44 Jackson. 

Beale, Mary, music teacher, 139 W. Huron. 

Beale, Edward, clerk, b. 139 W. Huron. 

Beals, Samuel, canal col. office, h. 305 Mich. 
Beals, Julia W. widow, 305 Mich. 

Beals, George, book-keeper, 222 Main, h. 224 

S. Division. 
Beals, Edward P. firm of Pratt & Co., h. 82 

BE \MAN, WM. F. bellows manufacturer, 

Clinton n. Spring. — See adv. p. 68. 
Beamish, Maria, dressmaker, 49 W. Tupper. 
Bean, Geo. tinsmith, S. Dudley <fc Sons. 
Beard, John, tinsmith, J. Otto & Co. 
Beard, Daniel C. grocer, 105 Main, h. Franklin 

above Tupper. 
Beard, Garrett, lab. h. Mechanic. 
Beard, Wm. H. artist, 213 Main, b. American. 
Beard, Mrs. Oliver, 7 Scott. 
Beardsley, Josiah, agent, 190)^ Main, h. 23 

Beardsley, Geo. P. painter, b. 23 Franklin. 
Beardsley, Andrew, lab., h. below Gen. acros-a 

the canal. 
Beasly, Elizabeth, widow, Chicago n. Ohio. 
Beattie, John, at gas works. 
Beattie, John, sawyer, h. Tenn. n. Mackinaw. 
Beattie, Walter, C. R. R. shop. 
Beatting, Rheinhart, h. Spring n. Cherry. 
Beaupre, Mary, 142 Elk. 
Beaupre, Louis, Van Slyke's yard. 
Beaver, Jacob, lab. h. Pennsylvania ab. 12th. 
Beaven, John, shoemaker, 5 S. Division, h. 87 

Becher, Joseph, grocer, h. Mulberry n. Carlton. 
Bechnmnn, Gottleib, syrup maker, h. William 

n. Madison. 
Bechstein, Henry, pedlar, h. Sycamore n. Pratt. 
Bechtold, Peter, marble cutter, h. Sycamore n. 

Bechtold, Michael, painter, h. Wm. cor. Cedar. 
Beck, Charles, blacksmith, h. Hickory n. Wm. 
Beck, Joseph A. joiner, h. Walnut n. Wm. 
Beck, Balz, blacksmith, b. Michael Beck. 
Beck, Henry, clerk, 388 Main, b. 137 Ellicott 
Beck, C. with Geo. A. Prince <fe Co. 
Beck, John, brewer, b. 383 E. Gen. 
Beck, John, tailor, h. Mulberry above Carlton. 
Beck; John F. 2 Centre. 

Beck, Magnus, brewer, h. Batavia n. Hickory. 
Beck, Charles, with Howard & Co. 
Beck, Christian, edge tool maker, h. Mich. n. 

Beck, Michael, blacksmith, h. Sycamore n. 

Becken, Fred, tailor, h. Hickory n. William. 
Becker, Matthias, Eagle furnace. 
Becker, Frederick, boarding house, Water cor. 

Maiden Lane. 
Becker, Christian, brewer, 383 E. Gen. 
Becker, Hugo, grocer, cor Del. and Tupper. 
Becker, John, grocer, North opp. Mich. 
Becker, Matthias, shoemaker, h. Spruce n. 

Becker, Jacob, shoemaker, h. Jefferson n. 

Becker, Geo. with Jacob Roos. 
Becker, Peter, Monroe n. William. 
Becker, Auson, real estate agent, cor. Lloyd 

and Main, h. north canal, Hydraulics. 
Becker, Peter F. Lutheran n. Batavia. 
Becker, Philip, grocer, 390 Main, h. same. 
Becker, Lorentz, grocer, 72 Bennett. 



Becker, Valentine, ship carpenter, h. Bennett 

Becker, Joseph, G6 E. Tupper. 

Becker,. Daniel, 361 E. Genesee.. 

Becker, Geo. shoemaker, h. 234 Elm. 

Becker, Joseph, plasterer, h. Jefferson n. Wm. 

Becker, Christian, tailor, h. Hickory n. Bata- 

Becker, Christian, blacksmith, b. Monroe n. 

Becker, Nicholas, lab. b. H. Young. 

Becker, Peter, machinist, h. 14th n. Vt. 

Becker, Frederick, 358 Mich. 

Becker, Frederick, moulder, h. 360 Micb. 

Becker, John, cigar maker, h. Mulberry n. Va. 

Becker, John C. rectifier, h. Gen. bel. Jeffer- 

Becker, Jacob, mason, h. Carroll bel. La. 

Becker, Sarah M. teacher, No. 4, b 145 Elk. 

Beckert, Joseph, with Bullymore & Langdon. 

Becket, Charles, butcher, b. cor. Washington 
and Perry. 

Beckle, George, 196 Main, b. 203 E. Gen. 

Beckle, Michael, piano-forte maker, b. 228 E. 

Beckly, Lewis, printer, Clapp, Matthews & Co. 

Beck with, James L. mariner, h. Hay ward n. 

Beckwith, Chas. att'y at law, Spaulding's Ex- 
change, h. 9th n. Md. 

Bede, Rev. Peter, 64 Ellicott. 

Bedford, John, 10 Gay. 

Bedford, W. W. Boston hotel. 

Bedson, Wm. H. hatter, 202 Main, h. 348 Wash. 

Beebee, De Witt Clinton, hackman, 14 Batavia. 

Beebe, Wm. S. book-agent, 78 S. Division. 

Beecher, Hiram S. forwarding and commission 
merchant, 28 Cen. Wharf, h. 32 S. Division. 

Beeler, F. J. clerk, h. 66 Ellicott. 

Beemer, S. grocer, Ohio cor. Ind. 

Beer, John B. carpet weaver, cor. Pine and 

Beer, Susan, widow of Francis, Ash n. Gen. 

Beer, Adam, cabinet maker, 233 Main, b. Ash 
n. Genesee. 

Beers, Alfied H. m. d. firm Warner & B. 262 

Beers, Adam, carver, 115 Main. 

Beers, D. N. b. Clarendon. 

Beheim.Fredk, lab. h. Adams n. Batavia. 

Behling, Henry, paiuter, h. 496 Mich. 

Behler, Philip, tinner, b. Steuben n. Vanrens- 

Behn, John F. civil engineer, 11 Brown's build- 
ings, b. 27 Pearl. 

Behringer, George, butcher, b. Batavia n. Mil- 

Behringer, Peter, meat market, Niag. n. Eagle, 
h. Batavia n. Milnor. 

Behringer, Henry, butcher, h. Boston alley. 

Behringer, Anthony, printer, cor. Main and 

Beidinger, W. butcher, h. Gon. bel. Spring. 

Beider, John, Eaton's planing mill. 

Beier, Jacob, mason, h. Walnut n. Genesee. 

Beierlein, John, sr. Elm bel. Qoo'dell. 

Beierlein, John, jr. printer, over 358 Main. 

Beierlein, John, Lutheran n. Batavia. 

Beierlein, Joseph, lab. h. Monroe n. Sycamore, 
Beiler, Philip, Steuben n. Vanrensselaer. 
Beilger, George, at Eagle Furnace. 
Beilman, Jacob, lab. h. 225 Elm. 
Beilman, Jacob, painter, h. Mulberry n. Va. 
Beilstein, Jacob, Maple n. High. 
Beilstein, Jacob, Maple u. Carlton. 
Beimler, Theodore. h. Carlton n. Lemon. 
Beimler, Conrad, lab. h. Hickory n. Sycamore. 
Beirne, Patrick T. firm Carland & B. h. 50 W. 

Beisel, Peter, joiner, b. 220 East Genesee. 
Beisacker, Martin, Buff, steam E. Works. 
Beisecker, Michael, 134 Spring. 
Beiser, Adolph, brewer, b. 565 Main. 
Beitter, Hermann C. firm Pfeffin & B. b. Vine 

cor. Elm. 
Beitz, C. Frederick, cabinet maker, 115 Main, 

h. Goodell n. Elm. 
BELDEN, DEXTER, marble factory, Terrace 

u. Erie, h. 'Niag. square. — See adv. p. 80. 
Belden, John P. painter, b. 9 Carroll. 
Belden, Emory D. book-keeper, F. & M.Bank. 
Bele, John, lab. h. Monroe n. Sycamore. 
Bell, Brampton, b. 99 Ellicott. 
Bell, Alfred, blacksmith, h. 20 Scott. 
Bell, Wm. cooper, h. Ohio n. Mich. 
Bell, John, C. R. R. shop. 
Bell, David, Norton st. foundry, b. Terrace n. 

Bell, James, machinist, b. 8 Sixth. 
Bell, John, carpenter, h. Conn, n, 13th. 
Bell, Wm. Niag. opp. Bouck. 
Bell, John, blacksmith, b. 46 Exchange. 
Bell, Francis, pattern maker, J. Newman, h. 2 

Bell, Robert W. cabinet maker, 94 Wash. 
Bell, Edwin, sash maker, h. 155 Pearl. 
Bell, John, whitewasher,*h. 209 Wash. 
Belle, Weddelin, h. Walnut n. William. 
Bellinger, Jacob, lumber dealer, h. Niagara n. 

Bellinger, Charles, harness maker, 119 Main, 

b. 355 Main. 
Bellows, James, exchange broker, 11 Ex. h. 51 

Bellows, Wm. E. blacksmith, h. opp. Hicks' 

Farmers' Home, E. Seneca. 
Bellows, John, tailor, h. 195 S. Division. 
Belmerick, John, at Rumsey's tannery, 
Beman, Mumford, on the railroad, h. 184 Sen. 
Beruent, Rhoda, widow of Jeremy, 1 1 Church. 
Bement, Anna M. teacher, b. 11 Church. 
Bement, Wm. H. 26 W. Genesee. . 
Bement, Daniel H. on the canal, h. E. n. Ham- 
Bemer, Oscar F. 76 N. Division. 
Bemer, Sylvanus, saloon Reed's dock, h. 36 

Bemis, Elijah St. John, 13 Central Wharf, h. 

261 Wash. 
Bemis, Asaph S. canal col., b. Mrs. P. J. Sid- 
Bemis, Mrs. Aurelia, 109 Franklin. 
Bemis, Richard, ship carp., h. 12 Mechanic. 
Bemish, Richard S. carpenter, h. Mechanic. 
Bencke, Charles, Gen. n. Jefferson. 
Bender, Louis, printer, h. Mulberry ab. Va. 



Bender, P. Henry, firm Miller <fe B., b. Mul- 
berry n. Va. 

Bender, Benja. Eaton's Planing Mill. 

Bender, Frederick, printer, h. Mulberry ab. 

Bene, Francis, moulder, Eagle Furnace, h. 124 

Benedict, Geo. B. attorney, 149 Main, b. 26 Oak. 

Benedict, Ezra T., scbool teacber Dist. No. 5, 
b. 163 Niagara. 

Benedict, Aaron, forwarder, h. 230 E. Seneca. 

Benedict, Almira, teacher Dist. No. 5. 

Benedict, Joul, engineer, b. 189 Oak. 

Benedict, Nathan G. teacher, b. 163 Niagara. 

Beng, Henry, joiner, h. Bennett n. Batavia. 

Benhara, Barzil, Amer. Ex. Office, b.42 Fifth. 

Benjamin, S., 7 Smith Block. 

Benjamin, Lysauder, expressman, b. 37 Union. 

Benjamin, Myron F. boat builder, h. Carolina 
n. Tenth. 

Benjamin, Geo., clerk 11 Main. 

Benner, Charles, jeweler, 200 Main, h. 14 E. 

Bennet Temp. House, cor. Main and Scott. 

Bennett, Philander, cor. Eagle and Pine. 

Bennett, Wm. H. melodeon maker, b. C. H. 

Bennett, David S. firm Sherwood, B. & Glass, 
• b. Clarendon. 

Bennett, Henry, fruit dealer, b. Tenth n. Car- 

Bennett, Edward W. wholesale grocer, 59 Main, 
b. 140 E. Eagle. 

Bennett, Ensign, city surveyor's office, h. 11 

Bennett, Sevmour, book keeper Jason Parker, 
b. 11 Oak. 

Bennett, Evan B. saddler, 6 Ex., b. 4 Oak. 

Bennett, James P., b. cor. Carroll and La. 

Bennett, Daniel, cartman, h. Seneca n. Ala. 

Bennett & Manly, merchants, cor. Niag. and 

Bennett, Henry, firm B. & Mauley, b. Eliza 

Bennett, Stephen, joiner, b. Fourteenth n. Mas- 

Bennett, Charles, trunk maker, 74 main, b. 63 

Bennett, Albert L. Sec. Buff. S. E. Works, b. 
38 W. Eagle. 

Bennett, Charles, trunk maker, over 71 Main, 
b. Mohawk n. Morgan. 

Bennett, Rebecca V. widow of John, with N. 
B. Lyman. 

Bennett, Elijah, cooper, h. Spring n. Batavia. 

Bennett, Edward, baker, Peacock n. Evans. 

Bennett, Samuel, clothier, 4 Com'l. 

Bennett, Tra A. boatman, h. 4}-^ Com'l. 

Bennett, S. Scott n. Wash. 

Bennett, John, carpenter, h. Sixth n. Md„ 

Bennett, James, with L. M. Harper. 

Bennett, Daniel, sailor, b. Elk n. Marvin. 

Bennett, Edward, 7 Court, b. Eagle cor. Pine. 

Bennett, Charles, in car factory, Black Rock. 

Bennett, George, with W. F. Beaman. 

Bennighof, Mrs. Jacobine. Spring n. Sycamore. 

Benoni, Shaw, brakeman, b. 396 E. Seneca. 
Benns, George, blacksmith, h, J 00 Cedar, 

Bens, Samuel, shoemaker, 105 E. Genesee. 
Bensinger, Conrad, at lead factory, h. Mortimer 

n. Genesee. 
Bensler, Herman, cabinet maker, h. Ash n. 

Bensler, Bernhard T. clerk Pratt &. Co., b. 7 

BENSON, JOHN, confectioner, 131 Main, b. 

294 Franklin.— See adv. p. 39. 
Benson, George, miller, h. Seventh cor. Va. 
Benson, James, C. R. R. Shop. 
Benson, Silas, on the lake, h. 63 Del. 
Benson's City Mill, cor. Carolina and Third. 
Benson & Bucklaud, dry goods, 316 Main. 
Benson, De Lancey, firm of B. & Bucklaud, b. 

325 Wash. 
Benson, De Witt S. clerk 316 Main, b. 325 

Benson, George F. cor. Del. and Church. 
Bensted, Joseph, farmer, h. Elk n. Smith. 
Bensted, Richard, blacksmith, h. Elk n. Smith. 
Bentley, George W. last maker, h. 98 Carroll. 
BENTLEY, J. R. & CO., commission mer- 
chants, 17 Central Wharf. — See adv. p. 31. 
Bentley, James R. firm J. R. Bentley & Co. b. 

7 Boston Block, Niag. 
Bentley, Geo. T. book-keeper, b. J. R. Bentley. 
Bently, A. C, Cold Spring. 
Benton, John B. civil engineer, b. Oak cor. 

Benton, R. 0. daguerrian gallery, 268)^ Main 

h. 20 Ellicott. 
Bentz, Henry, cooper, b. 110 Elm. 
Benz, Bernhard, cooper, h. Ash n. Sycamore. 
Benz, Xavier, tailor, 575 Main. 
Benz, Philip, lab. n. Niagara in Black Rock. 
Benz, Jacob, 128 Elm. 

Benzing, Jacob, lab. b. Steuben bel. Van Rens- 
Benzing, Gottlieb, butcher, h. Clinton bel. 

Beuzing, Jacob, joiner, h. Beuuett n. Batavia. 
Benzinger, Christian, lab. b. cor. Jefferson and 

Benzinger, Jacob, brick layer, b. cor. Clinton 

and Jefferson. 
Benzinger, Joseph, recess, cor. Wash. and. 

Beuzino, Jacob, hotel keeper, 55 Ex. 
Benzino, Charles, clerk 55 Ex. 
Ber, Frederick, tailor, b. cor. Michigan and 

Berg, Charles, Mill n. Hamburgh. 
Bergan, P. with Bidwell, Banta <fc Co. 
Berger, Michael, lab. b. 66 Barnett. 
Berger, Gustavus G. firm Colburn & Berger, h. 

27 William. 
Berger, Moritz, musician, b. Lake Shore hotel, 

Berger, Moritz, musician, 57 E. Seneca. 
Berger, Pierre, machinist, h. 14th n. Conn. 
Berggoetz, Wilhelm, lithographer, h. 204 E. 

Bergholz, Fred. Boston n. Tupper. 
Bergholz, Charles, Thompson's lead factory. • 
Bergholz, Charles, lab. h. German n. Gen. 
Berghuis, Ahrend, painter, h. Hickory n. Bat. 
Bergleins, A. P. with Jewett <fc Day, 



Bergman, Louis, 12 Commercial. 
Bergman, Simon, clerk, 12 Commercial. 
Bergman, Henry, lab. h. cor. Cedar and Wm. 
Bergman & Romberg, clothiers, 336 Main. 
Bergman, Louis, firm B. & Romberg, h. 366 

Bergmiller, Susan, widow of John, h. Walnut 

n. Batavia. 
Bergtold, Margaret, widow of Jacob, grocery, 

386 Main. 
Bergtold, John, clerk, h. 184 Pearl. 
Bergtold, John, 165 Main, h. Niag. n. R. I. 
Berkers, Francis, cooper, h. 204 E. Gen. 
Berkes, Henry, clerk, Conrad Houck. 
Berlin, Louis, grocer, Hydraulics. 
Berlinghof, Martin, tailor, h. Wm. n. Watson. 
Bernard, James, at Townsend'ssaw mill. 
Berndt, Peter J. type caster, N. Lyman, h. 

Elm ab. Tupper. 
Berndt, Matthias, Monroe n. William. 
Berndt, Peter, shoemaker, h. 157 Elhcott. 
Berner, Mis. Gertraub, 168 Elm. 
Bernhard, Peter, Ellicott n. Burton alley. 
Bernhard, Geo. lab. h. 447 Mich. 
Bernhardt, Henry, clerk, 294 Main,b. 3 Court. 
Bernhardt, Philip, pedler, h. Gen. n. Kemp. 
Bernheimer, Elias J. store 61 Ellicot, h. same. 
Bernhoeft, Geo. Batavia, cor. Pratt. 
Bernhof, Elizabeth, widow of John B. Cypress 

n. Mich. 
Beroneske, Wm. lab. h. Wm. n. Jefferson. 
Berr, Wilibald, blacksmith, h. Sycamore n. 

Berr, Andrew, joiner, h. Maple n. High. 
Berrigan, James, plasterer, Seventh n. Hudson. 
Berrigan, Wm. Evans bel. Fly. 
Berry, John D. mason, h. Del. n. of Ferry. 
Berry, James, with J. P, & S. A. Provoost, h. 

31 Scott. 
Berry, Wm. painter, h. cor. Carolina and 9th. 
Berry, Andrew, grocer, cor. Seneca and Ala. 
Berry, John, lab. h. 7th n. Pa. 
Berry, Mark, painter, b. cor. Carolina and 9th. 
Berry, Joseph, paint, b. cor. Carolina and 9th. 
Berry, Daniel, Van Slyke's yard. 
Berry, James, painter, b. cor. Carolina and 9th- 
Berryman, Alex, cartman, b. R. Barnes. 
Berryman, John, engineer, h. 205 E. Swan. 
Bersch, Joseph, tailor, 193 Ellicott. 
Berst, Peter, hackrnan, h. 106 Chippewa. 
Bertch, Christ, lab. h. Goodell n. Burtou alley. 
Berticer, John, with Howard cfe Co. 
Bertold, Louis, clerk, 169 Main, b. 386 Main. 
Bertold, Jacob E. 169 Main. 
Bertrand, Mary, widow of Michael, 184 Cherry. 
Bertrand, Matthew, printer, Age of Progress, 

b. Mrs. 1). Karl. 
Bertrand, Michael, printer, h. 184 Cherry. 
Besancan, Conrad, h. Chicago n. Ex. 
Besancan, Peter, lab. h. Wm. n. Pine. 
Besandt, John, joiner, h. Pratt n. Gen. 
Besch, Matthias, Sycamore opp. Pine. 
Besch, Johanna, nurse, Sycamore opp. Pine. 
Besoncon, Peter, at Eagle foundry. 
Besoncon, Conrad, Chicago n. Carroll. 
Besoncon, Felesien, b. C. Besoncon. 
Be8sancer, Frank, lab. h. Cherry n. old city 


Besse, Henry, Maple n. High. 

Besse, Henry, Va. n. Cottage. 

Besser, Gotlieb J. grocer, cor. Wm. and Pratt. 

Besser, Ernst, carriage trimmer, b. 166 Pearl. 

Bessner, Philip, ship carpenter, Bidwell, Banta 

& Co. 
Bessinger, Jacob, blacksmith, h. Bennett bel. 

Bessner, Philip, boarding house Carroll bel. 

Best, Robert H. customhouse officer, h. 59 W. 

Best, Charles A. waiter Western, h. 240 Elm. 
Best, Joel, joiner, h. La. n. Perry. 
Best, Wm. sawyer, Bidwell, Banta & Co. h. 

Fulton n. Hamburgh. 
Best, Joseph, sawyer, h. Tenn. n. Mackinaw. 
Best, Henry, b. Sarah A. Long. 
Best, Melchior, cooper, h. Mulberry n. Carlton. 
Bestak, Joseph, baker, Wm. bel. Spring. 
Bestold, Peter, stone cutter, D. Belden. 
Bethel Church, cor. Perry and Illinois. 
Betsh, b. Phcenix hotel. 
Bettinger, Stephen, dry goods and groceries, 

399 Main. 
Bettinger, Sebastian, joiner, h. Milnorn. Wm. 
Bettis, Sally S. widow of Stephen, 28 W. Eagle . 
Betz, Matthias, 124 Elm. 
Betz, Geo. joiner, h. Gray ab. Batavia. 
Betz, Henry, lab. h. 19 Sycamore. 
Betz, Philip, with N". Case <fc Co. h. Hickory 

n. Wm. 
Betz, Conrad, Smith & Colie's lumber yard. 
Betz, Elizabeth, widow, 104 Batavia. 
Betz, Henry, potter, h. Gen. bel. German. 
Betz, John, lab. h. Adams opp. Sycamore. 
Beunchat, Joseph, lab. h. Wm. n Pine. 
Beuter, Anton, carpenter, b. 398 Mich. 
Beutler, Jacob, butcher, Hickory n. Gen. 
Bevin, James, clerk, 194 Main, b. P. J. Smith- 
Beyer, Frederick, lab. h. Elm n. Gen. 
Beyer, Philip, grocery and h. Main cor. Chip. 
Beyer, Jacob, dry goods store anil h. 113^E. 

Beyer, Catharine, h. Jefferson v. Genesee. 
Beyer, Charles, barber, Clarendon. 
Beyer, Ernst, baker, 234 E. Genesee. 
Beyer, Philip, sr., Oak, ab. Tupper. 
Beyer, Henry, joiner, h. Monroe ab. Batavia. 
Beyer, Philip, mason, h. Monroe n. Clinton. 
Beyerl, Michael, tailor, h. Maple n. Cherry. 
Beyerl, Joseph, tailor, h. North n. Main. 
Bibo, August, joiner, h. Monroe n. Batavia. 
Bibus, John, h. Mulberry n. Va. 
Bichet, Mary, tailoress, 104 Elm. 
Bichy, Herman, tailor, h. Maple n. Cherry. 
Bickel, Geo., clerk, 364 Main, and store, cor. 

Michigan and Goodell. 
Bickell, August, Michigan near Goodell. 
Bickel, Wm., butcher, h. Seneca n. Jefferson. 
Bickeyer, Fred, Eagle fur. h. 30 Del. Place. 
Bickl, Geo., joiner, h. Roos Alley n. Wm. 
Bideman, Jacob, at Buff, iron works, h. N". 

Wash. n. Clinton Av. 
Bidwell, John, baggageman, b. Dayton House. 
Bidwell & Co., dry goods and groceries, 53 




Bid well, Banta & Co., ship builders, Ohio, oil 

the creek. 
Bidwell, Beuj., firm B., Banta & Co., h. cor. 

Cottage and Maryland. 
Bidwell, Vincent, firm B., Banta & Co., h. 90 

E. Seneca. 
Bidwell, John H., ship joiner, B., Banta & Co. 

h. Elk n. Alabama. 
Bidwell, Charles S. ship builder, h. Elk n. 

Bidwell, Daniel D. justice peace, 147 Main h. 

Niag. beyond Va. 
Bidwell, Alfred B , with B. Bidwell. 
Bieber, Peter, grocer, 104 W. Tupper h. same. 
Bieger, Felix, joiner, h. Jefferson ab. William. 
Biegerl, Geo. lab. h. Adams opp. Sycamore. 
Biegler, John, marble cutter, h. Jefferson n. 

Bieler, John, with J. Jost. 
B.'envirth, John, butcher, h. Wm. n. Monroe. 
Biessenger, Matthias, tailor, 300 Elm. 
Biesseuthal, Samuel, pedler, h. 51 Ellicott, 
Bigden, Geo. plumber, J. E. Thomson. 
Bigelow, Wm. W., clerk, 211 Main. 
Bigelow, Samuel A. 107 Niagara. 
Bigelow, Wm. H. clerk, S. K. Worthington, b. 

107 Niagara. 
Bigge, Frederick William, fireman, h. Cedar 

n. William. 
Bigler, Charles, paver, h. Pratt u. Wm. 
Biglin, Robert, clerk, 275 Main,h. same. 
Bihler, Hugo, sash and blind maker, E. K. 

Bihn, Michael, lab. h. Monroe n. Sycamore. 
Billings, Capt. F. P. firm B. & Dickinson, h. 

Ill Clinton. 
Billings, C. F. firm Dodge &, B. h. Tonawanda 

n. the Creek. 
Billings & Dickinson, shipping office, custom 

house buildings. 
Billings, Harriet, widow, b. Niag. n. Md. 
Billip, Ernst, lab. h. Grey n. Batavia. 
Bilz, John, Cedar cor. Batavia. 
Bilz, C. J. brewer, cor. Batavia and Lutheran. 
Bills, J. b. 23 Pearl. 
Bilz, John, 59 Cedar. 
Bilz, Frank, brewer, b. Jacob Scheu. 
Bimur, Margaret, widow, Batavia n. Pine. 
Binder, George, clerk, 336 Main h. 511 Main. 
Binder, Mottzauf, cooper, h. East n. Amherst. 
Bindig, Samuel, clerk, h. 46 William. 
Bindschaedel, Peter, joiner, h. Hickory n. Syc- 
■ amore. 

Bingel, Conrad, Spring near Genesee. 
Bingham, Robert M. firm Eddy & B. h. 189 

Bingham, Robert, with L. & I. J. White, h. 

205 S. Division. 
Bingham, Wm. painter, h. cor. Niagara and 

Bipner, Bernard, with Jewett & Root. 
Bird, Wm. A. jr. firm E. F. Folger & Co. 192 

Main h. 272 Pearl. 
Bird, Wm. A. Niagara N. of Albany. 
Bird, Martha J. teacher, b. 13 Franklin. 
Birdsall, Frank, bookkeeper, 145 Main. 
BIRGE, MARTIN H. paper hanging depot, 

174 Main, h. 81 N. Division.— See adv. p. 45. 

Birkenstock, A. tanner, h. Elm cor. Batavia. 

Birnback, Joseph, shoemaker, Mich, near S. 

Birtwistle, Henry H. barber, 253 Main, b. 51 

Birze, Bapist, brewer, h. Sycamore n. Kane. 

Bischaf, John, at the stave factory, b. cor. 
Swan and Pollard. 

Bisgood, John, civil engineer, h. 31 N. Div. 

Bisgood, Wm. bookkeeper, 357 Main, h. 31 
N. Division. 

Bishop, Albert W. law student, b. 103 Elli- 

Bishop, Alex. lab. h. Church n. Carolina. 

BISHOP, WILLIAM B. & CO. carpet and 
dry good dealers, 211 Main. — See adv. p. 50. 

Bishop, Wm. B. firm W. B. B. & Co. h. 41 S. 

Bishop, Charles, caulker, h. across the Creek. 

Bishop, Wm. with Stephen Bishop. 

Bishop, Gustavus, melodeon maker, h. 502 

Bishop, James D. contractor, h. 127 Clinton 
cor. Union. 

Bishop, Nathaniel, miller, h. Ferry E. of Ad- 

Bishop, Stephen, miller, h. cor. Niagara and 

Bishop, John, blacksmith, cor. Ex. and La. h. 
Ala. n. Fulton. 

Bishop, Edward P. clerk, Mut. Ins. Co. Mer- 
chants' Ex. b. 103 Ellicott. 

Bischopf, Ernst, bookbinder, b. Jacob Sickin- 

Bisinger, Franz, joiner, h Elm n. Goodell. 

Bisse, Fred, cabinet maker, h. Ex. cor. Van- 

Bissell, Harry M. m. d. over 382 Main, h. 22 W. 
Gen. cor. Pearl. 

Bissell, John, & Co. forwarding merchants, 11 
Central Wharf. 

Bissell, John, firm Bissell & Co. h. Delaware 
n. Utica. 

Bissell, Leavitt F. attorney, 3 Brown's build- 
ings, b. 22 W. Gen. 

Bitter man, Casper, with Dart & Bros. 

Bitterraan, J. ioiner, J. A. Pitts. 

Blachford, Daniel, firm Barnes & B. b. 187 E. 

Black, Capt. Hugh, 64 Fifth. 

Black, Joseph, millwright, h. cor. Ninth and 

Black, H. Spencer, millwright, b. Jos. Black. 

Black, Henry, lab. h. Church n. Delaware. 

Black, Robert, 17 E. Seneca. 

Black, Isaac, firm B. & Warner, 8 Commercial. 

Black & Warner, clothiers, 45 Main and 8 

Black, Little, grocer, h. cor. Washington and 

Black, — bookstore, Seneca, b. Phoenix hotel. 

Black Rock Post-office, Niag. N. of Auburu. 

Blackie & Son, publishers, Erie Ex. Lloyd. 

Black i nger, Valentine, Elk st. Market, h. Elk 
n. Mich. 

Blackman, Henry, lab. h. 82 Sycamore. 

Blackmann, Geo. foreman, R. R. b. Adam Eva. 

Black mer, Wm. on R. R. h. 128 Foleora. 



Black mon, George W. capt. on lake, h. Cedar. 
Blackmore, Walter, Ellicott n. Tupper. 
Blade, Charles, h. 1G0 E. Seneca. 
Bladen, Aaron, cook, h. Eagle n. Pollard. 
Blain Jacob, 19 N. Division. 
Blain, Sarah, teacher, b. Jacob Blain. 
Blair, David, caulker, b. Mrs. S. Phillips. 
Blair, Charles W. firm Zook & B. h. Pearl n. 

U. S. hotel. 
Blair, David, at Howell's boat yard. 
Blair, David, with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
BLAKE, GEO. C. proprietor anti-dyspeptic 
bitters, Lloyd, b. Mer. hotel. — See adv. p. 57. 
Blake, Patrick, lab., h. Seneca bel. Spring. 
Blake, Oliver, milk dealer, h. Niag. n. Bouck. 
Blakeley, Robert, stone cutter, h. Md. n. Cot- 
Blakeley, J. & W. wine and fruit dealers, foot 

Blakeley, William, firm J. & W. Blakeley, h. 

258 Franklin. 
Blakeley, Joseph, J. & W. Blakeley, Niag. n. 

Blamy, Samuel, blacksmith, h. Fulton n. Ham- 
Blanchard, Amos A. firm Torrence, Thayer & 

Blanchard, h. 332 S. Division. 
Blanchard, George, engineer, h. Niag. n. R. I. 
Blanchard, Joseph, m. d. 247 Main, h. 328 S. 

Blanchett, Edward C. Niag. n. Va. 
Blanck, Charles F. shoemaker under Phoenix, 

h. Walnut n. Wm. 
Blanck, Daniel, tailor, h. Maple ab. Goodell. 
Blaney, James, ship carp. h. Perry n. R. R. 
Blasedell, W. Henry, clerk, Post-office. 
Blaser, Geo. watchman, h. across the creek n. 

Blass, Christian, lab. h. cor. Swan and Pollard. 
Blasser, Nicholas, lab. b. Sycamore n. Kaene. 
Blast, John, mason, h. East n. Amherst. 
Blast, John, jr. East n. Hamilton. 
Blatz, Anton, joiner, h. Mortimer n Gen. 
Bleckman, Henry, lab. h. Syc. opp. Pine. 
Bledell, Philip, with Jewett &, Root. 
Bleier, Frederick, joiner, h. Pratt u. Batavia. 
Bleiler, Matha, grocer, cor. Prime and Lloyd. 
Bleiler, George, grocer, Niag. cor. Va. 
Bleiler, Kasper, grocer, cor. Water and Com'l. 
Bleissteiner, Michael, joiner, h. Maple n. Bur- 
Blendell, Peter, painter, H. G. White. 
Blendinger, Conrad, tailor, h. 557 Mich. 
Blenker, Wm. tailor, h. Boston n. Goodell. 
Blessing, J. with Howard tfc Co. 
Blessiuger, Jacob, bl'ksm'h, h Bennett bl. Bat. 
Bletzer, John, shoemaker, 34 Chip. h. same. 
Blintzler, Catharine, rear 78 Bennett. 
Bliss, Wm. H. carp. h. Dearborn n. Amherst. 
Bliss, John H. attorney at law, 61 E. Eagle, h. 

Bliss, Wm. T. carpenter, rear 201 N. Division. 
Block, Johu, carpenter, h. 14 Sycamore. 
Blodgett, J. Randolph, organist, St. John's 

church, b. 29 E. Swan. 
Blodgett, Wm. H. teller, J. R. Lee & Co. b. 

325 Wash. 
Bloecher, Geo. masou, h, Cherry n. Jeff, 

Bloecher, Henry, carp. h. Cherry n. Jefferson. 
Bloedeh Barbary, widow of Jacob, Hickory n. 

Bloesinger, Francis, b. N. Himenz. 
Bloesiuger, Henry, b. N. Himenz. 
Bloesinger, Miss Amelia, b. N. Himenz. 
Blondell, Peter, painter, G. G. White, h. Conn. 

n. 12th. 
Blood, Ira, melodeou maker, h. 100 Clinton. 
Blood, Miss Lucetta, teacher, Dist. No. 14, b. 

D. Blood. 
Blood, David, Del. n. Va. 
Blood, Wm. chair maker, 233 Main, h. 146 S. 

Blood, Alansou, melodeon maker, Geo. A. 

Prince & Co. 
Blood, Charles, upholsterer, b. 146 S. Division. 
Bloodsaw, John, cook, h. 217 N. Division. 
Bloom, Jacob, on lake, h. Barker's alley. 
Bloomer, Charles A. Albany n. N. Wash. 
Bloomer, Tooker T. restaurant, W. Eagle n. 

Bloomiday, Mrs. widow, 9 Com'l block. 
Blossom, Ira A. 24 Franklin. 
Blossom. Jane, widow of Samuel F. Niag. N. 

of Hamilton. 
Blossom & Skinner, lumber dealers, Ohio cor. 

Blossom, Thomas, firm Blossom & Skiuner, h. 

46 Franklin. 
Blossom's Exchange, cor Ex. and Wash. 
Bluecher, Henry, carpenter, b. Ash u. Gen. 
Bluhm, Christian F. plasterer, h. Mich. n. High. 
Bluit, Thos. truckman, h. 362 Mich. 
Blum, Wm. coppersmith, W. A. Case. 
Blum, Peter, grocer, 12 E. Huron. 
Blum, Jacob, 5 Water. 
Blumerhofer, Anthony, lab. h. Hickory n. 

Blumenberg, Wm. tailor, h. 101 Cedar. 
Blumeusteiu, Martin, lab. h. over 8 Canal. 
Blumenstein, Gottlieb, shoemaker, cor. Batavia 

and Jefferson. 
Blush, John, East n. Hamilton. 
Bly, Theodore, 7 Commercial. 
Boahringer, Jacob, carp. h. Adams n. Gen. 
Board of Trade, Reading Rooms, Merchant's 

Boardman, Johu, m. d. over 298 Main, and 

physician of the Orphan Asylum, b. 21 S. 

Boardman, Mrs. widow, Canal n. State. 
Boardman, Robert, with S. Shepard. 
Boardman, Frank, machinist, h. Bennett n. 

Boardman, Jason R. S. book-keeper, Bully- 
more & Langdou. 
Boas, Samuel, grocery and liquor store, 234 

Main, b. 21 S. Division. 
Boasberg, Benj. clothier, with N. Boasberg. 
Boasberg, Nathan, 3 Pearl, h.229 Carroll. 
Bochstanz, Ellis A. tinsmith, h. Seneca cor. 

Bockstanz, Alois, tinsmith, h. Jeff. n. Gen. 
Bochstanz. Nicholas, cigar maker, b. E. A. B. 
Bock. Frederick, mason, h. 183 E. Gen. 
Book, Frederick, shoemaker. 178 E. Gen. 
Bockstead, Hermaun H, Gray above, Batavia. 



Bodamer, John, tailor, h. cor. Swan and Pol'rd. 
Bodamer, James, Buff. Steam E. W. 
Bode, Wm. joiner, b. Ellicott n. Va. 
Bodemer, Jacob, founder, h. Bennett n. Bat. 
Boden, Ricbard. tinsmith, J. Otto & Co. 
Boder, Christopher, lab. h. Seneca u. old city 

Bodmer, Andrew, lab. h. 284 E. Gen. 
Boeber, Henry, lab. h. Watson n. Peckham. 
Boechat, Francis, 7 Commercial. 
Boedecke, John H. lab. h. Milnor n. Batavia. 
Boehler Joseph, lab. h. Mulberry n. Goodell. 
Boehler, John, lab. h. G7 Cedar. 
Boehm, Gottfried, merchant, h. Elm n. Gen. 
Boehm, Philip, mason, h. Gen. u. Jefferson. 
Boehm er, Albrecht, lab. h. Adams n. Gen. 
Boehmer, Henry, lab. h. Adams n. Gen. 
Boehringer, Jacob, joiner, h. Adams n. Gen. 
Boellatten, Francais, stone cutter, Holloway & 

Co. h. Chicago n. Ex. 
Boekman, Frederick, joiner, h. Jefferson bel. 

Boeshorr, E. potter, Jefferson n. Clinton. 
Boesse, Desire, cor. Seneca and Pollard. 
10GARDUS, SAMUEL, produce dealer, 4 

Hanover, h. Ill E. Eagle.— See adv. p. 36. 
Bo^ardus, Henry A. clerk, 4 Hanover, b. Ill 

E. Eagle. 
Bogardus, Harrison D. book-keeper, O. W. 

Bogenshuetz, Anton, cabinet maker, h. Pratt 

n. Wra. 
Boger, Henry, blacksmith, b. Elizabeth Boger. 
Bogert, Lawrence, K. jr. b. 36 W. Seneca. 
Bogert, James B. clothier, 164 Main, h. 51)^ 

E. Seneca. 
Boggis. William, saloon, cor. Pearl and Eagle. 
Bohl, Henry, tailor. Bennett n. Wm. 
Bohle. Casper H. lab. h. Gray ab. Batavia. 
Bohlinger, John G. tailor, Hickory n. Wm. 
Bohlman, Wm. painter, h. Pratt n. Clinton. 
Bohlman, John, gardener, h. Sen. bel. Pollard. 
Bohuert, John B. weighmaster, Mich. C. C. R. 

R.h. 74 Sixth. 
Bohringer, Carl A. shoemak. with G. Rehfuss. 
Boice, Isaac, tailor, Tenth n. Va. 
Boier, Ralph, blacksmith, cor. Wash, and Va. 
Boih, Fred, tailor, h. Gen. n. Spruce. 
Boithoit, Louis, tailor, h. 567 Wash. 
Bolan, John, cook on lake, h. 449 Mich. 
Boland, Wm. clothier, 104 Main. 
Boland, Michael, clerk, 104 Main. 
Bolde, Christopher, at Hart's factory/ Black 

Bolde, Henry, at Hart's factory, Black Rock. 
Boldt, Edward, lab. h. Folsom n. Pollard. 
Boll, Joseph, 153 Oak. 
Boiler, Charles, joiner, h. Mich. n. High. 
Boiler, John, lab. h. Fox n. Gen. 
Bolz, Conrad, lab. h. 141 Sycamore. 
Bolz, Geo. lab. h. S. Div. n. Pollard. 
Bolza, Ehrhard, b. Mich, between Swan and 

S. Division. 
Bolza, F. Louis, book-keeper, 190 Main, b. 

Mich, between Swan and S. Div. 
Bomberger, John, mason, h. S. Div. bel. Pollard. 
Bommer, Philip, shoemaker, h. Kane n. Syc. 
Bommer, John, lab. h, 315 E. Gen, 

Bommer, Cornelius, joiner, h. Wm. n. Cedar. 

Bon, Bernhard, joiner, h. 571 Main. 

Bon Philip, lab. h. Hickory n. Batavia. 

Bonatel, James, carpenter, b. Chicago n. Ex. 

Bond, Ephraim T. 27 Ellicott. 

Bond, Oliver, with Good & Moore, h. Steuben 

n. Ala. 
Bond, Daniel, farmer, h. Del. n. Dr. Lord. 
Bon di, Samuel, clothes-cleaner, h. La. n. Perry,. 
Bonker, Albert, on the lake, h. 373 Wash. 
Bonner, Wm. packer, 52 Main, h. cor. South 

and Vincennes. 
Bonnell, Mahlon, lumber dealer, h. Eleventh 

n. Maryland. 
Bonnell, William H. tinsmith, 207 Main, h. 20 

BONNEY, ZOROASTER, proprietor United 

States Hotel. — See adv. p. 84. 
Boogert, Jacob, shoemaker, 8 Vine. 
Booker, Bernard W. 77 E. Eagle. 
Bookhammer, John, ship carpenter, McMil- 

len's boat yard. 
Booklarder, Charles, 34 Main. 
Boomsluiter, Martinus, grocer, William n. 

Boore, Catharine, dressmaker, 176 Franklin. 
Boorom, John, butcher, h. 259 Franklin. 
Boos, Geo. shoemaker, h. Hickory n. Batavia. 
Booth, John, lumber dealer, Ohio at Swing 

bridge, h. Chicago cor. Elk. 
Booth, James W. shipping clerk, Mich, Central 

freight office, b. Mansion. 
Booth, William M. tinsmith, h. 113 Clinton. 
Booth, Joshua M. at Amer. Ex. office, b. Miss 

Booth, Frederick V. book-keeper, 62 Main, b„ 

88 Clinton. 
Booth, Wm. painter, h. 14th n. Albany. 
Booth, John, with S. Shepard. 
Boothroyd, Thomas, lab. h. Carey n. Morgan. 
Borchers, Fred. cor. Pratt and Wm. 
Borck, Victor, mer. h. Clinton n. Pratt. 
Borgen, John, finisher, h. Hickory n. Sycanx 
Borger, Elizabeth, Hickory n. Sycamore. 
Borgert, joiner, 248 Elm. 
Borgword. John, lab. h. Kane n. Gen. 
Borischeck, John, tinsmith, h. Batavia n. Cedar. 
Bork, Joseph, shoemaker, h. Elm n. Va. 
Borket, John, with Bid well, Banta & Co. 
Born, Jacob, joiner, h. Walnut n. Batavia. 
Born, Anna, widow of Philip, 383 E. Gen. 
Born, Jacob, tailor, h. r. 64 W. Tupper. 
Borne, Frank, with Howard & Co. 
Borne, Otto, with Howard & Co. 
Bornegesser, Philip, 75 Cherry. 
Borst, Andrew, Eagle Furnace, h. Clinton n„ 

Borst, John, grocer, 159 Elk. 
Borst, John, jr. clerk, 180 Main. 
Bortz, Fred, Batavia n. Walnut. 
Bcsberg, Nathan, 3 Pearl, h. 229 Carolina. 
Bosoh, Anthony, pedlar, h. 130 Oak. 
Bosche, John, carriage painter, 44 Ex. b 

Main n. Best. 
Boss, Henry, painter, b. 46 Ex. 
Boss, Charles, Hickory n. Wm. 
Boss, Fred, m.ller, 61 *>ak. 
Basse, Charles, clerk, 5.3 Ex. b. 53 E, Seneca,, 



Boston Block, Niag. beyond Morgan. 
Boston Hotel, cor. Ellicott and Clinton. 
Boswell, James, clerk 211 Main, h. 33 N. Div. 
Boswell, Wra. 77 Church. 
Bosworth, Thomas B. b. Boston Hotel. 
Boiholomy, Peter, shoe store, 6 W. Eagle. 
Both well, James, baker, R. Ovens. 
Botsford, Jerome, steamb'tag't, h. 17 Chestnut. 
Botsford, Andrew, clerk 172 Main, b. 102' E. 

Bottom, Marshall W. mason, h. Sixth n. Vt. 
Bottom & Knight, builders, cor. Terrace and 

Bottom, Erastus, b. 5 Franklin. 
Botzen, Henry, on lake, b. H. Young. 
Boumet, Louis, with S. Shepard. 
Bourber, Thomas, with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Bourgiers, Charles, with Andrews & Son, b. 

cor. Michigan and Batavia. 
Bourke, Pierre P. cutter 106 Main, h. Perry n. 

Bourke, Mrs. Bridget, across creek n. tollgate. 
Bourke, James, lab. h. across creek n. tollgate. 
Bourmon, Heury, carpenter, h. r. 100 Elm. 
Bourn, Mrs. Catharine, 8 Union. 
Bourn, Francis, lab. h. Canal n. State. 
Bouyon, Paul, confectioner, 298 Main. 
Bovet, Mrs. Mary, 114 Elm. 
Bow, Win, A. furnishing store 8 Main b. Niag. 

Temp. House. 
Bowden, Win. blacksmith, C. R. R. shop. 
Bowden, Patrick, lab. Dudley & Bull. 
Bowden, Richard, tinsmith, b. 153 N. Divis. 
Bowden, Jane, widow, 153 N. Division. 
Bowen, Michael, lab. h. Mary n. 111. 
Bowen, John, furnaceman, Eagle Furnace. 
Bowen, Dennis, firm B. & Rogers, h. 122 Chip. 
Bowen, Daniel, car maker, Carroll east of Chi- 
cago, h. 216 E. Seneca. 
Bowen, Samuel W. clerk Pratt & Co. b. 154 

E. Seneca. 
Bowen, Thomas, moulder, Eagle Iron Works. 
Bowen, James, with Levi Crawford. 
Bowen & Rogers, att'ys, Spauldings Exch. 
Bower, Jacob, carpenter, h. Carolina n. Niag. 
Bower, Jacob, jr. joiner, b. Carolina n. Niag. 
Bower, Michael, Mary n. 111. 
Bowers, John, bra IP finisher, 237 Main. 
Bowers, John F. silver plater, h. cor. Huron and 

Bowes, P. Van Soke's boat yard. 
Bowie, Wm. D. at 51 Main, b. 154 E. Seneca. 
Bowie, Thomas, wheelwright, h. 83 Carroll. 
Bowles, Mary, widow of John, 394 S. Div. 
Bowman, Francis D. book-keeper 17 Central 

Wharf, b. 50 Pearl. 
Bowman, John, lab. h. Seneca n. Heacock. 
Bowminster, Michael, tanner, N. Case & Co. 
Bowne, Wm. F. b. 5 Franklin. 
Bowron, Thomas, printer, J. Faxon. 
Bows, John, ship carpenter, h. 22 111. 
Boyd, Mrs. Robert, h. Niagara n. Georgia 
Boyd, Thomas, truckman, h. Jackson u. Canal. 
Boyd, David, firm B. & Canning, h. Del. n. 

Bovd, James, soap and potash manuf'r, h. cor. 

Elm and Carlton. 
Boyd, Mrs. ladles* nurse, 40 E. Seneca. 

BOYD, ROBERT D. produce and commis- 
sion merchant, HE. Seneca, h. 35 Ellicott. 
— See adv. p. 33. 

Boyd, James, tanner, h. Niagara n. Pa. 

Boyd, Wra. blacksmith, Niagara n. Mohawk. 

Boyd, James, clerk 35 E. Seneca. 

Boyd & Canning, potash manuf'rs, cor. Del. 
and Louis. 

Boydeu, Barnard, cooper, h. Elk n. Chicago. 

Boy;e, Ellen, widow, Burwell n. Scott. 

Boyle, John, machinist, R. R. h. 199 N. Div. 

BOYLE A GIBBONS, star brewery, St. Paul 
n. Main. — See adv. p. 55. 

Boyle, Andrew, joiner, h. Seventh n. Hudson. 

Boyle, James, truckman, h. N. Division n. Pol- 

Boyle, Ellen, widow of James, Niag. a. Va. 

Boyle, Hugh, firm B. cfe Gibbons, St. Paul n. 

Boyle, Frank, paintjer, H. G. White, b. 15 Pearl. 

Boynton, Thomas C. merchant over 93 Main, 
b. Western. 

Boynton, Theodore N. sash and blind maker, 
48 Clinton, h. 218 Pearl. 

Boynton, Hubbard S. clerk, G. W. Rogers, b. 

Bozzi, Dominick, with J. Sabena. 

Braam, John, joiner, h. 165 Elm. 

Braam, Peter, painter, h. 465 Elm. 

Brace, Lester, 180 Franklin. 

Brace, Curtis L. 48 Court. 

Brace, Robert E. clerk 138 Main, b. 52 E.Swan. 

Brace, John N. Wash. n. Forest Av. 

Brachraar, Joseph, lab. h. Walnut n. William. 

BRADFORD & CHASE, coffee and spice 
manufactory, 271 Main. — See adv. p. 36. 

Bradford, John L. firm B. & Chase, b. Clar- 

Bradford, Wm. R. clerk 205 Main. 

Bradle, James, 31 Main. 

BRADLEY, B. & CO. paper warehouse Gwinn 
block, Pearl. — See adv. p. 42. 

Bradley, Benjamin, firm B. Bradley & Co. h. 
cor. Seneca and Pearl. 

Bradley, Franklin, clerk, 10 Ohio, h. 117 E. 

Bradley, Henry, boarding house, 5 Franklin. 

Bradley, M. widow of John, cor. Cedar and 

Bradley, S. R. with J. A. Pitts. 

Bradley, Roderick, with J. A. Pitts, b. 8 Sixth. 

Bradley, Mrs. Ann, rear 51 Jackson. 

Bradley, Benj'n, merchant, b. Clarendon. 

Brady, Daniel, grocer, h. Palmer n. Va. 

Brady, Thomas, nail maker, h. Seventh n. 

Brady, Charles B. agent, fa. Folsom bel. Kin- 

Bragdou, Charles, lab. h. Military Road near 

Bragg, Milton W. machinist J. A. Pitts, h. 128 

Bragnall, Wm. cabinet maker, 233 Maiu. 

Brahan, James, lab. h. Mechanic. 

Braids, Robert, Fourteenth cor. Vermont. 

Braids, Wm. carriage trimmer, h. Oak n. Va. 

Braier, Conrad, pedler, h. Mich. n. Batavia, 

Braiuard, Robert L., C. II. B. shop. 



Brainard, Joshua G. flour inspector, 16 Cen- 
tral Wharf, h. cor. Morgan and Mohawk. 
Brainerd, C. B. oculist, cor. S. Division and 

Brainerd, T. G. cor. S. Division and Ellicott. 
Braley, James, with J. A. Pitts, h. Niag. ab. 

Branch ford, fm. joiner, h. cor. Cedar and N. 

Branchly, John, chandler, h. Twelfth n. Conn. 
Brauchly, Wm. chandler, h. Twelfth n. Conn. 
Brand, Wm. potter bakery, Hickory n. Gen. 
Brand, John, Peacock n. Erie. 
Brandel, George, stone-cutter, h. Hickory n. 

Brandel, Adam, boiler maker,Buff. S. E. works. 
Brandel, Charles, joiner, h. 574 Wash. 
B randier, Anton, lab. h. Adams n. Genesee. 
Brandner, Anton, Franklin n. Eagle. 
Brando, Nicholas, with Bid well, Bauta & Co. 
Brandt, Wm. painter, h. 105 E. Seneca. 
Brannan, John, ship carpenter, h. Perry n. 

Red Jacket. 
Branner, Peter, lab. h. S. Div. n. Grosvenor. 
Brauen, Clemens, blacksmith, h. cor. Batavia 

and Mich. 
Brauer, Christian, lab. h. Maple cor. Burton 

Brauer, George, grocer, Wm. n. Hickory. 
Braun, John A. shoemaker, h. 99 Cedar. 
Braun, John, ship carpenter, h. Wm. n. Jeff. 
Braun, John, carpenter, b. cor. Batavia and 

Braun, John, mason, h. Cherry n. Jefferson. 
Braun, Adam, tailor, 287 E. Genesee. 
Brauu, John W. grocer, 71 E. Genesee. 
Braun, Gottfrey, Batavia n. Spruce. 
Braunbach, Jacob, cor. Batavia and Ellicott. 
Brauner, Michael, coppersmith, h. 142 Oak. 
Braunfels, Henry, shoemaker, h. Mortimer n. 

Braunlich, Charles E. finisher, B. & N. Y. city 

R. R. h. cor. S. Division and Grosvenor. 
Braunlich, Frederick, shoemaker, h. 109 E. 

Braunlich, Fred. Walnut n. Wm. 
Brautigan, Anton, segar maker, 55 Ex. 
Bray, Michael, ship carpenter, h. Alabama n. 

Brayman, Lansing H. 139 Elk. 
JBrayton, Robert, boat inspector, h. 250 Pearl. 
Brayton, Irwin, clerk 162 Main, b. 66 Pearl. 
Brazill, Ann, widow of Michael, Carroll bel. 

Brazill, John, with H. S. Martin. 
Brazeau, Charles A. grocer, cor. Ex. and 

Breandy, John, at Howell's boat yard. 
Brearing, Charles, Buff. Steam E. W. 
Brearing, Hiram, Buff. Steam E. W. 
Breay, Wm. tailor, h. 233 Carroll. 
Breauchat, Jacob, with F. Colligon & Co. 
Brechner, Frederick, cigar maker, h. cor. Mich. 

and Batavia. 
Brecht, Alex, grocer, cor. Tupper and Franklin. 
Brecht, Charles, wagon maker, h. Batavia n. 

Roos' Alley. 
Brechtel, Iguats, 197 E. Gen. 

Brechtel, Fred, tailor, cor. Sycamore and Ash. 
Brechtel, Geo. tailor. Mulberry n. High. 
Breckenbridge, Stephen P. attorney, 148 Main, 

57 E. Eagle. 
Breckenridge, William, engineer, h. Perry n. 

Brede, Peter, butcher, h. Clinton n. Walnut. 
Breder, Tobias, joiner, h. Spring n. Batavia. 
Bree, Andrew, on lake, b. Mrs. Nicholas. 
Breed, Frederick W. firm Phinney & Co. h. 

46 Court. 
Breehan, Mrs. widow, Smith Bl'k, Carroll. 
Breem, Henry, lab. h. cor. Sycamore and Oak. 
Breger, Charles, joiner, h. Hickory n. Batavia. 
Breininger, Joseph, joiner, h. Ellicott n. High. 
Breithaupt, Louis, sheepskin tanner, h. Steu- 
ben bel. Van Rensselaer. 
Brem, Wolfgang, wagon maker, h. 17 Cherry. 
Brenchley, Wm. candle maker, Wheeler & At- 
Brenchley, John, lab. Wheeler & Atkinson. 
Brenckle, Charles, joiner, h. Elm ab. Goodell. 
Brenkle, Leopold, h 251 E. Swan. 
Brendel, Adam, blacksmith, h. Walnut n. Bat. 
Brennan, John, lab. h. Mississippi n. Elk. 
Brennan, Andrew, truckman, h. William n. 

Brennan, Patrick, truckman, h. Hickory u. 

Brenuan, James, lab. h. Ex. n. Chicago. 
Brennan, James, lab. h. 27 Scott, up stairs. 
Brennan, Edward, Fulton n. the R. R. 
Brennan, Margaret, Ohio n. Indiana. 
Brennan, Mrs. Ann, cor. Court and the Canal. 
Brennan, Michael, weighmaster, Mich. Central 

Brennan, Thos. warehouseman, Mich. Central 

Brennan, Philip, lab. h. W. Gen. across canal. 
Brennan, Daniel, lab. h. r. 140 Elk. 
Brent, Benjamin, boiler maker, h. Fulton ab. 

Brent, Benjamin, Shepard's Iron works. 
Brenttel, Philip, joiner, h. 238 Pearl. 
Brether, Caspar, mason, h. 164 E. Gen. 
Bretthauer, George, shoemaker, b. T. Cotter. 
Bretting, Charles, with Howell & Smith. 
Brettraus, Henry, 6 Main. 
Breunig, Joseph, shoemaker, 197 E. Gen. 
Breunig, Joseph, h. Oak ab. Carlton. 
Brew, William, blacksmith, h. Mechanic. 
Brewer, Fred. H. book-keeper, J. Story, h. 2 

Brewer, James, b. Red Jacket Saloon. 
Brewster, J. N. h. cor. Batavia and Elm. 
Brewster, John H. over 57 Exchange. 
Brewster, Edward, insurance agent, 5 Spaul- 

diug's Ex. Terrace, b. J. Guild. 
Brewster, Ezra, at R. R. hotel, h. 103 Carroll. 
Brewster, Wm. S. insurance agent, 5 Spaul- 

ding's Ex. b. 62 E. Swan. 
Brewster, Israel, 103 Carro'l. 
Brick, Peter, lab. h. 102 Goodell. 
Brick, Nicholas, Mortimer n. Gen. 
Brick, Nicholas, tanner, N. Case & Co. h. 109 

Brick, Balthaser, Mulberry ab. Goodell. . 
Brick, Valentine, tailor, b. 257 Elm. 




Brideson, Augustus, with Bid well, Bauta & Co. 

L. across the creek. 
Bridger, James, ship carpenter, h. r. 140 Elk. 
Bridges, Harmonus, H. frame maker, h. 46 Pine. 
Bridgfurd, Benjamin, mason, h. 38 Del. Place. 
Bridgman, Wesley J. clerk, J. Bissell <fc Co. b. 

24 Carroll. 
Brien, Michael, clerk, 21 Main. 
Briefly, Catharine M. 33 Union. 
Brierly, Win. watchman, h. r. 106 Huron. 
BriggR. Ira C. clerk, Savage & Co. h. 50 Pearl. 
Brings, John, joiner, h. 151 Ninth. 
Brings, Joseph A. gilder, h. 170 S. Division. 
Brings, Thomas, gilder, 193 E. Eagle. 
Briggs, Geo. E. firm B. <fc Co. h. ov<m- 2 Court. 
Briggs, Israel R. cl'k, 218 Main, b 52 E. Swan. 
Briggs & Co. oyster dealers, 144 Main. 
Bright, Lewis jr. on lake, h. over 34 E. Swan. 
Bright, Lewis, blacksmith, John Newman, h. 

34 E. Swan. 
Bright, Andrew, tinsmith, b. 34 E. Swan. 
Brightmore, Wm carp. h. Carolina n. Fifth. 
Brink worth, John, nail maker, h. -Fulton n. 

Brink worth, Frank, boiler maker, h. Fulton n. 

Brintnall, Phineas, 245 E. Swan. 
Brintnall, Geo. ship carpenter, h. cor Ala. and 

Brisbane's Block, cor. Main and E. Eagle. 
Brisolara, Antonio, boarding house, 61 Wash. 
Bristol, Moses, m. d. 343 Wash. 
Bristol, Dan, cor. Tenth and Jersey. 
Bristol, Cyrenius C. firm B. & Welch, h. cor. 

Ea«de and Ellicott. 
Bristol, Edward, with Taunt & Baldwin. 
Bristol, William W. book-keeper, 8 Central 

wharf, b. 343 Wash. 
Bristol & Welch, publishers Daily Republic, 

204 Wash. 
Bristol, Erasmus, b. Dan Bristol. 
Britt, James, 21 Clinton. 

Brittin, Lewis, painter, 92 Main, h. 284 Carroll. 
Britting, Nicholas, h. Mortimer n. Gen. 
Britton, John, at Howell's boat yard. 
Britton, Henry T. painter, 92 Main, b. 84 

Britton, Nicholas, tin and sheet iron workman, 

h. 30 Green. 
Britton, Thos. engineer, B. & N. Y. City R. R. 

h. Elk n. La. 
Britton, Wm. engineer, h. Alabama cor. Fulton. 
Britz, Peter, shoemaker, 55 Cherry. 
Brizee, N. H. b. 133 Pearl. 
Broad, Andrew, joiner, h. 162 N. Division. 
Brock, H. clothier, 98 Main,h. Swan cor. Elli- 
Brock, Julius, 98 Main. 
Brock, Catharine, widow, Ohio n. Basin. 
Brockbank, Charles, Canal cor. Slate. 
Brockhouse, Harman, carp. h. Amherst, near 

Military road. 
Brockman, Michael, with Bush A Howard. 
Brockman, Henry, with Bush tfc Howard. 
Brock way, Reed, 173 Terrace, 
Brodbeck, John, brewer, h. North n. Maple. 
Broden. Michael, laborer, h. Green n. Mich. 
Broderick, B, widow, 20 Smith Bl'k, Carroll. 

Brod fuehrer, Peter, lab. h. Gray n. Gen. 
Brod fuehrer, John, mason, h. Gray n. Batavi 
Brodhead, F. T. teacher of languages, h. 3( 

Brodhead, Wm. W. att'y at law, h. 367 Was] 
Brodhead, N. L. private school, 367 Wash. 
Brodie, James, tanner, h. 438 Mich. 
Brodie, Christina, 437 Main. 
Brodie, Archibald, gilder, h. 233 N. Divisio 
Brodie, Pat. Hamilton n. Niag. 
Brodie, Wm. tanner, h. Porter n. Van Renss< 

Broel, Geo. lab. h E. Eagle n. Union. 
Brogart, Adam, with Dart <fe Bro. 
Brohsart, Charles, poormaster, h. Steuben 

Brokenbourgh, A. S. dyer, h. 193 E. Gen. 
Bromherz (j John, lab. h. 373 E. Gen. 
Bron, Joseph H. clerk, W. C. Dinwoodie, h. 6 

Bronson, Mrs. Isaac, Folsom bel. Spring. 
Bronson, Horace, joiner, h. Ex. n. Chicago. 
Bronson, Chas. C. m. d. 276 Main, b. 156 Peai 
Brooker, Margaret, widow of Chas. II., Carro 

bel. Smith block. 
Brookfield, Emanuel W. 221 Main, b. 30 We 

Brooks, Wells, att'y, h. 192 Franklin. 
Brooks, Alonzo, teacher penmanship, h. Pair 

eru. Va. 
Brooks, Lester, foreman, J. A. Pitts, h. Palm 

n. Ya. 
Brooks, Robert, cor. Ferry and Adams. 
Brooks, Alonzo, with Jewett & Root. 
Brooks, Shelden, moulder, J. A. Pitts. 
Brooks, Preston, clerk, 268 Main, b. 192 Fran! 

Broom, Michael, Hamilton n. East. 
Brombacher, Wm. F., Burton alley, n. Wash. 
Broomer, Geo. tanner, N. Case & Co. 
Broshard, Charles, tanner, h. Steuben n. He 

Brosso, Anthony, hotel, Martiu's corners. 
Bro6so, Peter, miller, h. 400 E. Seneca. 
Brothers, Lewis, joiner, at Yan Slyke's Pla: 

ing Mill, h. 274 Franklin. 
Brothers, J. L. Van Slyke's boatyard. 
Brotz, Francis G. shoemaker, Bennett n. Bai 
Browlick, Charles, machinist, cor. Ex. and I 
Brown, Alexander, cooper, h. 293 E. Seneca: 
Brown, Alex. H. engineer, h. 109 Fulton. 
Brown, Alva, 46 West Tupper. 
Brown, Abram, glazier, Pearl n. TJ. S. hotel. 
Brown, Archibald, on the lake, h. El'- n. Ml 
Brown, Alex, brass finisher, b. 200 Wash. 
Brown, Benjamin, book-keeper, Rainey at 

Richardson, h. Lake shore turnpike. 
Brown, Benjamin F. liquor dealer, h. 70 E& 

Brown, BenoniS. dentist, 266 Wash. 
Brown's Buildings, cor. Main and E. Senecs' 
BROWN, BROTHERS, dealers in machine:< 

and machinists' tools, scales, tfcc. Terrace.- 

See adv. p. 63. 
Brown, B. W. superintendent, Clarendon. 
Brown, Charles, proprietor Browu's hotel, 
Brown, Charles, grocer, h. 213 Wash, 
Brown, Charles L, 80 Del. 




Brown, Conrad, printer, h. Cherry n. Jefferson. 
f j, Brown, Clemons, blacksmith, h. cor. Mich, and 


Brown, Charles, clerk, 205 Main. 
Brown, Capt. Neil, h. Palmer n. Va. ' 

own, Charles, clerk, 3 Mer's. Ex. b. 38 East 


Brown, Dennis, bl'ksmitb,h. Fulton cor. Hay- 
■ ward. 

Jrown, Edwin H. clerk, 11 Ex. b. 51 Oak. 
Jrown, Ephraim C. firm E. 0. B. & Co. b. 325 


mOWK, EPHRAIM C. & Co. china, crock- 
ery and glass dealers, 175 Main. — See adv. p. 

rown, Edward E. firm B. Brothers, b. 12 

Johnson Park. 
Brown, Edwin, on dock, b. T. Cotter. 
frown, Edward, lab. Miss. n. Elk. 
Jrown, Erasmus D. engineer, b. Com. hotel. 
JROWN, FRANCIS L. proprietor Western 

Hotel. — See adv. p. 85. 
Brown, George, at Eagle Furnace. 
Jrown, Geo. V. 78 N. Division. 
Jrown, Geo. Wesley, book-keeper, comptrol- 
ler's office, h. 55 N. Division. 
Jrown, Geo. wool dealer, h. Carroll n. La. 
Jrown Geo. W. 186 Main, b. Franklin house. 
Brown, Henry J. firm Brown & Co. h. 288 

Jrown's Hotel, cor. Mich, and Seneca. 
Brown, Henry C. firm B. Brothers, h. 26 Del. 

Jrown, Henry C.Buff. machinery depot, h. 85 


Jrown, John, with Bidwell, Banta <fcCo. 
Jrown, Joseph, engineer, Palmer's tannery. 
Jrown, Jeremiah, painter, over 280 Main. 
Jrown, James, boat builder, h. 12th n. Conn. 
Jrown, J. S. at Eagle Furnace. 
Jrown, James W. at Eaton's planing mill, h. 

Cold Spring. 
Jrown, Jerry N.m. d. with Dr. Loomis, b. same. 
Jrown, John C. shoemaker, 43 Seneca, h. 55 


Jrown, Joseph, Palmer's tannery. 
Jrown, John. 167 E. Seneca. 
Jrown, James, grocer, Ohio n. toll bridge. 
Jrown, John, umbrella maker, b. 3 Carroll. 
Jrown, John, clerk, 3 Mer's. Ex. b. 38 E. Eagle. 
Jrown, Joseph, lab. h. 31 W. Mohawk. 
Jrown, Lester IB. engineer, h. 297 E. Seneca. 
Jrown, Lyman S. salesman, 186 Main, b, Fr'k- 

lin House. 
Jrown, Michael, lab. Ohio n. Columbia. 
Jrown, Maltha, widow, Ex. n. La. 
Jrown, Miss C. L. teacher, Dist. No. 7, b. 20 

E. Easle. 
Jrown. Mvron E., Buff. & N. Y. City R. R. h. 

213 E. Swan. 
Jrown, Malchias, with Geo. Diebold. 
Jrown, M. B. at Penitentiary. 
Jrown, Mrs. Rosaline, at asylum, Louis n. Del. 
Jrown. Mrs. Mary, 352 Michigan. 
Jrown, Nathaniel, jr. firm Forbush, Brown & 

Co. h. 119 Clinton. 
Jrown, Phoabe P. widow, 20 E. Eagle. 
Brown, Philip, tauner, h. Blossom. 

Brown, Patrick, lab. h. Gen. across the canal. 
Brown, Richard, lab. h. Green n Beak. 
Brown, Ruinsey R. mariner, h. Sixth n. Va. 
Brown, Rev. Peter, Louis n. Va. 
Brown, Kev. Philo E., pastor Swan St. M. E. 

Church, h. rear same. 
Brown, Reuben R. pattern maker, h. 52 Sixth, 
Brown, Selden S. firm B. Brothers, b. Courter 

Brown, Samuel, gold pen manufacturer, 163 

Main, h. Park n. Va. 
Brown, Samuel. 291 East Seneca. 
Brown, Sarah E. teacher, Dist. No. 7, b. 20 E. 

Brown. Stephen, Vineopp. M. E. Church. 
Brown, Thomas, sailor, b. Thos. Clark. 
Brown, William, 294 Franklin. 
Brown, Wm. O. firm Brown & Co. h. Lafayc tie 

n. Main. 
Brown, Win. W. painter, h. 11 Seventh. 
Brown, William, blacksmith, h. Blossom cor. 

Brown, Wm. grocer, 104 East Seneca. 
Brown, Wm H. lab. b. cor. Ex. and Ala. 
Brown, Wm. pattern maker, Jewett & Root. 
Brown, Wm. H. 58 Oak. 
Brown, Warren W. contractor, h. Park n.Va. 
Brown, Win. C. potter, b. 3j0 East Seneca. 
Brown, Wm. S. baggage master, G. W. R. R. h„ 

75 Chippewa. 
Brown, Win. railroad agent, h. 72 Chippewa. 
Brown, & Co., exchange brokers, 3 E. Seneca. 
Brownell, Minerva, widow of Harrison, Chi- 
cago cor. Carroll. 
Brownell, Geo. commission mer. Queen City 

dock, Ohio, h. 9 Park Place. 
Browning, John, 88 N. Division. 
BRUCE, ELIJAH K. ship chandler, 23 & 24 
Cen. Wharf, h. 105 E. Swan.--&t*e adv.p 35. 
Bruce, Harlow, mer. tailor, over 140 Main, h. 

88 E. Seneca. 
Bruce, Wm. R. grocer. 260 E. Seneca. 
Bruce, Charles T. b. 105 E. Swan. 
Bruce, Wm. Van Slyke's boat yard. 
Bruce, Henry, with S. Dudley & Sons. 
Bruce, James, sailor, h. Ohio n. Mich. 
Bruce, John, jr. with Jewett & Root. 
Bruch, Charles, tailor, h. 464 Michigan. 
Brucker, Cornelius, joiner, h. Eagle be!. Spring. 
Bruckner, John, tailor, h. Adams n. Sycamore. 
Brueck, Valentine, tailor, h. 257 Elm. 
Brueck, Fred, tailor, h. 257 Elm. 
Bruediug, John, lab. h. Kane n. Genesee. 
Bruehl, Christian, potter, J. Heiser. 
Bruetsche, Andrew, b. Batavia n. Milnor. 
Bruggeman, John H. clerk 288 Main, h. Cy- 
press n. Michigan. 
Bruman, Christian, joiner, h. Clinton n. Pratt. 
Bruinbach, Wm. F. pa nter, h. Burton Alley 

n. EUicott. 
Brum mer, Geo. tanner, h.Goodell Alley. 
Brnnck, Held <fe Co. publishers Daily Demo- 
crat, W. Mohawk n. Main. 
Brunck, Francis C. m. d. firm Brunck, Held & 

Co. h. Niagara, bet. Carolina and Va. 
Brunck, S. W. clerk, post office. 
Brundige, Charles G. clerk M. S. Hawley, b. 
35 E. Swan. 



Brunk, Augustus, shoemaker, h. Walnut n. 

Bruno, Chas. machinist, h. Mich. ab. Batavia. 

'Brunn, Andrew, clerk 292 Mam. 

Brunn, Geo. lab. h. 106 Cedar. 

Brunner, Johu, Hickory n. Batavia. 

Brunner, Christian, lab. h. Mortimer n. Gen. 

Bruuner, Mrs. widow of Louis, cor. Sycamore 
and Elm. 

Brunner, Christian, 126 Oak. 

Brunner, John, laborer, h. 153 Cherry. 

Bruot, F. G. grocer, cor. Goodell and Oak. 

Brush, J. with Geo. A. Prince & Co. 

Brush, Martin, brickmaker, h. Clinton below 
R. R. 

Brush, Stephen, brickmaker, h. Clinton, bel. 
R. R. 

Brush, Wm. C. brickmaker, h. N. Canal, Hy- 

Brush, Alexander, b. Wm. C. Brush 

Brush, Hiram, com. merchant, 6 E. Seneca, h. 
256 Pearl. 

Bruso, Peter, Forest Avenue n. Niagara. 

Bryan, Geo. J. editor and publisher Evening 
Post, 7 West Seneca, b. Wolden n. Del. 

Bryant, Abner H. cor. Main and Barker. 

Bryant, Henry C. Delaware cor. Bryant. 

Bryant, Warren, grocer and importer of fancy 
goods, over 145 Mam, h. 72 Clinton. 

Bryant, Lusk & Stratton, Commercial College, 
Brown's buildings. 

Bryant, Hubert, with Bully more & Langdon. 

Bryant, Wm. C. att'y at law 274 Main, b. cor. 
Va. and 10th. 

Bryant & Son, proprietors Erie county nur- 
sery, cor. Main and Bryant. 

Bryant, Isaac F. firm A. Bryant & Son, h.cor. 
Main and Bryant. 

Bryant, Geo. b. 44 Franklin. 

Bryant, Geo. H. firm P. L. Sternberg & Co. b. 
Mrs. Eaton. 

Bryant, Reuben, att'y, h. cor. Va. and 10th. 

Bryen, Michael, 21 Main. 

Bryson, Wm. soap maker, Hudson n. 5th. 

Bub, Conrad, lab. h. Walnut n. Gen. 

Bubach, Wm. on the lake, h. Cherry below 

Bubach, Joseph, Gen. n. Jefferson. 

Bubel, Adam, with Dart & Bros. h. Fulton 
n. Chicago. 

Buchanan & Kingston, painters, 15 E. Mo- 

Buchanan, Robert G. painter, 15 E. Mohawk. 

Buchanan, Henry H. painter, h. Tupper n. El- 

Buchanan, Gustavus, cabinetmaker, 223 Main 

Buchanan, Thomas, boot fitter, b. J. Gregg. 

Buchanan, ,h.l93 Franklin. 

Buchheit, Mrs. widow of F. German Alley. 

Buchheit, Geo. baker at Western hotel, h. Ger- 
man Alley, bel. Gen. 

Buchert, Matthias, blacksmith, h. Pratt n. Gen. 

Buck, Mrs. Philip, Amherst E. of Tonawanda. 

Buck, Halbert A. machinist, h. 6th n. Va. 

Buckheimer, Mrs. Barbara, Clinton n. Walnut. 

BUCKINGHAM it GUTHRIE, forwarding 
and com. merchants, 11 Central Wharf. — 
Sec adv. p. 31. 

Buckingham, Mrs. Sarah, b. 256 Pearl. 
Buckland, Harriet, widow of Johu A. h 23S 

Buckland, John W. bookkeeper, 316 Main, b 

55 E. Seneca. 
Buckland, Leverett, grocer,cor. 13th and Conn 
Buckland, John A. cabinet maker, Hersee audi 

Buckland, Andrew J. firm Benson & B. h. 7C 

S. Division. 
Buckley, Barbara, widow, N. Div. bel. Pinel 
Buckley, Asa B. cabinet maker, h. 6th cor.I 

Buckley, M. steamb't ag't, b. R. R. Ex. hotel! 
Buckley, Geo. at Hart's factory, b. J. Schaler 1 
Buckley, Wm. joiner, b. Mrs. Sheehan. 
Buckley, Caroline, widow of Wm. 18 Del. 
Buckley, Thomas, with Bidwell, Banta & Col 
Budd & Thayer, bankers and ex. brokers, cor 1 

Main and Ex. 
Budd, Thos. A. firm B. & Thayer, Main cor. Ex 
Buddemeyer, Frederick, joiner, Ellicott n! 

Burton Alley. 
Buddemeyer, Henry, teamster, Oak n. Burton 

Budlong, Alfred W. firm J. G. Dodge & Co. h 

538 Wash. 
Bueche, Fridolin, lab. h. 181 E. Gen. 
Buecher, Joseph, painter, b. Syc. n. Spruce 
Bueger, Wm. at Eagle Furnace. 
Buehl, Casper, Cherry n. Maple. 
Buehl, Ludwig A. shoemaker, h. 54 Mich. 
Buehrmann, Conrad F. firm Spitzmiller & Cc| 

h. over 344 Main. 
Bueler, John, Spruce n. Sycamore. 
Buell & Willard, forwarding and commi&sioi 

merchants, cor. Lloyd aud Prime. 
Buell, J. Sheder, firm B. & Willard, h. I 

Buell, Madison, 163 Pearl. 
Buell, Charles W. lithographer, over 206 Main 

h. 163 Pearl. 
Buell, Madison V. B. operator, Morse's tel. of 

fice, h. 163 Pearl. 
Buenau, Nicholas, tailor, cor. Syc. and Pratt 
Buerman, Justin, with Jewett & Root. 
Buessing, Barnhard, moulder, h. 14 Bennett. 
Buettler, Matthias, grocer, h. 117 Batavia. 
Buettner, Geo. cabinet maker, h. Pratt n. Ba 

Buettner, Ernst, lab. h. Spring n. Sycamore. 
Buettner, John W. cigar maker, h. Pratt r 

Buffalo Steam Engine Works, Ohio cor. Wa.-l 
Buffalo Steam Cotton Mills, foot of Court. 
Buffalo & Niagara Falls R. R. office, Erie n 

canal bridge. 
Buffalo tfe Canada Junction Telegraph office 

145 Main. 
Buffalo & Rochester Railroad Machine Sbflfl 

cor. Green and Chicago. 
Buffalo & State Line office, Ex. at Depot. 
Buffalo & State Line Freight depot, cor. Alal 

bama and Canal. 
Buffalo & N. Y. City R. R. office, Ex. be 

Buffalo & N. Y. City R. R. Machine Shop, coi 

Ex. and Louisiana. 



Buffalo & N. Y. City R. R. freight depot, Ex. 
rt. Alabama. 

Buffalo, Corning & N. Y. City R. R. office, 
Brown's Buildings. 

Buffalo Printing Ink Co., Vine n. Elm. 

Buffalo Pail and Tub Factory, Tonawanda n. 

Buffalo Nursery, Utica W. of Del. 

Buffalo City Bank, cor. Lloyd and Prime. 

Buffalo Orphan Asylum, Virginia W. of Del. 

Buffalo Ga^ Works, Gen. cor. Fourth. 

Buffalo Savings Bank, Main n. Court. 

Buffalo Medical University, cor. Main and Va. 

Buffalo Female Seminary, Johnson Park. 

Buffalo Car Wheel Works, on the canal n. La. 

Buffalo Water Works, cor. Sixth and Massa- 

Buffalo Iron Works, Niag. on the creek, Black 

Buffalo Woolen Works, cor. Hamilton and Ni- 

Buffalo Car Co., Tonawanda n. Amherst, of- 
fice, 37 Pearl. 

Buffalo Eagle Iron Works, cor. Mississippi 
and Perry. 

n. Spring — See adv. p. 63. 

Buffalo Medical Hospital, Va. n. Main. 

(Buffalo & State Line Sec. office, 8 Granite 

TORY, 4 E. Seneca. See adv. p. 44. 

Buffalo Sentinel office, Seneca east of Wash. 

Buffalo and Pittsburgh R. R. office, 25 Spauld- 
iny's Ex. 

Brothers, Ohio Basin. See adv. p. 74. 

Buffalo Elevator, across the creek. 

Buffalo Steam turning works, cor. Terrace and 

! Mechanic. 

iBuffam, Horace ^A. machinist, h. Seneca be- 
yond Hydraulics. 

iBugbee, Oliver, lumber mer. 2 Mart buildings, 

j Ohio, h. 24 W. Eagle. 

(Buhl, Ludwig A. at 372 Main, h.443 Mich. 

Buhr, Henry, mason, h. 163 Elm. 

Bulger, James, with Samuel Taylor. 

Bulger, John, lab. h. cor. Court and the canal. 

Bulger, John, tinsmith, W. A. Case. 

Bulk, Henry, with Howard & Co. 

Bull, J. B. & Co. leather dealers, 23 Lloyd. 

Bull, Jabez, B. firm of J. B.B. & Co. h. Seneca 
n. Franklin. 

(Bull, George B. firm Dudley & Bull, b. Mansion. 

Bull, Cadwallader, coal dealer, cor. Ohio and 
Chicago, h. Black Kock. 

Bull, John M. lumber dealer, h. Niag. cor. Va. 

Bull, George W. 123 E. Swan. 

Bull, Absalom, att'y, h. Breckenridge n. Niag. 

[Bull, A. widow of Anson, Carey n, Morgan. 

Bullemnre, Casper, shoemaker, h. Bennett n. 

i Batavia. 

Bullinger, Fred, brewer, b. X. Kaldenbach. 

Mich. n. market. See adv. p. 38. 

Bully more, Richard, firm B. & Langdon, h. 
Cold Spring. 

Bullymore, Joseph, gardener, Main ab. North. 

Bullymore, Thomas, butcher, 326 Main, h. 115 

Buls, John, lab. h. Hickory n. Sycamore. 

Bulson, Daniel B. clerk, 198 Main. b. 33 S. Divl 

Bulting, Henry, h. cor. William and Mark. 

Bundrock, Go'tlieb, tailor, h. 534 Mich. 

Bunnell, Bradley, m. r>. Clinton n. Spring. 

Bunnell, Alex, flour dealer, 6 Central wharf, 
b. Clarendon. 

Bunting, Wm. H. sawmaker, r. 14 E. Swan, h 
27 Seventh. 

Buntsch, Margaret, widow, Cypress n. Mich. 

Buntschu. Bartel, Cypress n. Mich. 

Burch, Freeman, painter, h. 221 Carroll. 

Burch, Rev. Charles, 74 Elm. 

Burch, Wm. clock and watch maker, h. 9th 
n. Carolina. 

Burchard, Frederick W. tailor, h. Maryland n. 

Burchard, Charles, b. 156 Pearl. 

Burchard, Charles, joiner, h. Franklin ab Vir- 

Burck, Henry, mason, h. 102 Pine. 

Burck, John, shoemaker, h. Bennett n. Wm. 

Burck, Michael, mason, h. Gray n. Batavia. 

Burdett, Joseph, lab. h. 124 Elm. 

Burdick, John, saloon, cor. Carroll and La 

Burg, George, firm J. & G. B.350 Main. 

Burg, Jacob, firm J. & G. B. 350 Main. 

Burg, Christina, widow, Gen. n. Jefferson. 

Burg, J & G. grocers, 350 Main. 

Burgard, John, butcher, Batavia n. Hickory. 

Burgardt, Peter, butcher, cor Del. and Tupper. 

Burgardt, Theobold, 45 W. Tupper. 

Burger, William J. 279 E. Gen. 

Burger, Victor, shoe shop, 169 Wash. 

Burger, Andrew, with L. & I. J. White. 

Buiger, Geo., Hinckley n. Spring. 

Burger, Rev Otto, 246 Ellicott. 

Burgess, Horace A. painter, H. G. White, h. 
La. cor. Carroll. 

Burgett, Henry, machinist, E. & B. Holmes. 

Burhan, James, lab. h. Gen. across the canal. 

Burhans, John, silver plater, 14 Court, h. 1 Vine. 

Burhard, Francis, clock maker, h. Oak n. Va. 

Burk, James, painter, h. Fourth n. Ga. 

Burk, John, carpenter, h. Del. n. Va. 

BURKE, ANDREW, bookseller and publish- 
er, cor. Main and Ex. h. 57 S. Division. — 
See adv. p. 42. 

Burke, John, ship carpenter, h. 9th n. York. 

Burke, Edwin R. clerk, Gothic Hall, b. 35 E. 

Burke, Michael, lab. h. Maryland n. Sixth. 

Burke, ship carpenter, h. Ky. n. Mackinaw. 

Burke, William & Co. boot and shoe store, 43 
E. Seneca. 

Burke, William, firm W. B. & Co. h. 43 E. 

Burke, Philip. Amherst n. Military Road. 

Burke, Daniel, lab. La. n. Ohio. 

Burke, James, with Jewett & Root. 

Burke, Pat. lab. cor. Ex. and Hamburgh. 

Burke, James, sailor, h. over 41 Main. 

Burke, Thos. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 

Burke, James A. with Andrew Burke. 

Borke, John, waiter, Wadsworth house. 

Burke, Patrick, lab. b. Evans cor. Water. 



Burke, Isabella, widow, h. Scott alley n. Scott. 

Burke, Patrick, on lake,h. across canal n. fob", 
of Hospital. 

Burke, J. M., Van Slyke's yard. 

Burke, J. C, Van Slyke's yard. 

Burke, Peter, tailor, h. Perry n. Ohio slip. 

Burke, John, lab. h. Fulton n. Ohio slip. 

Burkhalter, Henry, clerk, 136 Main. 

Burkhard, Thewbold, pedlar, Ash n. Batavia. 

Burkhard, Mrs. widow of Ignaz, 76 Sycam. 

Burkhard, Frank, at Gas works, h. 36 Union. 

Burkhard, Gustav, tinsmith, Zook Bro. h. Ash 
n. Sycamore. 

Burkhard, Conrad, Steuben n. Pollard. 

Burkhard, Gottlieb, finisher, h. fin, n. Monroe. 

Burkhard, Albert, baker, 57 Wash. 

Burleigh, Horace B. 196 Main, h. 60 E. Eagle. 

Burly, Edward, paper hanger, 275 Main, h. 
Carolina n. 6th. 

Bur nap, Cicero G. moulder, h, cor. Mohawk 
and Hospital. 

Burnett, Sylvester, Ohio n. Swing bridge. 

Burnham, Alfred M. auction and comm. mer. 
h. 7 Pearl. 

Burmuth, Henry, mason, h. Mortimer n. Gen. 

Burnne, John, at Eagle Furnace. 

Burns, James, expressman, h. 64 Fifth. 

BURNS, GEO. L. painter, 106 Main,h. 12 E. 
Eagle.— See adv. p. 82. 

Burns, Dennis, carman, h. Fifth n. Carolina. 

Burns, John, 10 Morgan. 

Burns, Thos. lab. h. Ex. bel. Van Rensselaer. 

Burns, Win. sailor, h. across the creek. 

Bums, Cornelius, cartman, h. Steuben n. Ala. 

Burns, John, Thompson's lead factory. 

Burns, Wra, b. Mrs. Catharine Burns. 

Burns, Henry, b. Mrs. Catharine Burns. 

Bums, Michael, ship carp. h. Perry n. La. 

Burns, Edward S. 254 Pearl. 

Burns, S, Eaton's planing mill. 

Burns, Pat. lab. Md. n. 6th. 

Burns, Pat. Van Slyke's yard. 

Burns, James, Van Slykn'syard. 

Burns, Catharine, widow of Audrew, 9th near 

Burns, Michael, with Bid well, Banta & Co. 

Buruup, Mrs. widow, cor. Georgia and 4th. 

Burr, Sidney, 6 Ellicott. 

Burr, Emmett D. with E. S. Prosser, b. 8 Clar- 
endon block, S. Division. 

Burr, Mrs. L. E. studio, Kremlin bl'k cor. Ea- 
gle and Pearl. 

Burr, Charles, on lake, b. Com. hotel. 

Burrell, Frederick, b. 342 Wash. 

Burrell, Win. barber, Phoenix hotel, b. same. 

Burrell, John, sailor, h. 210 Elk. 

Burroguine, Andrew, ou lake, b. opp. Hicks' 
Farmers' Home, E.Seneca. 

Burroughs, Daniel, b. American. 

Burow, Minnie, 39 E. Seneca. 

Burow, 0. widow, Batavia n. Walnut. 

Burrows, James, sailor, h. Evans bel. Fly. 

Burrows, Win. H. ag*t Penfield, 27 Ex. 

Burrows, Robert C. ag't Penfield, 27 Ex. 

Burrows, Washington J. carpenter, b. 388 East 

Burrows, Fred, printer, Evening Post, h. Bos- 
ton n. Tupper. 

Burrows, Latham A. 78 E. Seneca. 

Burrows, Roswell L. att'y at law, and city el'k, 

b. 78 East Seneca. 
Burrows, Orange, fruit and oyster dealer, 18 

and 20 E. Sen. h. Carroll n. Chicago. 
Burrows, Geo. F. book-keeper, H. Wing & Co. 

h. Scott n. Wash. 
Burrows, Thomas G. carpenter, h. La.n. Miami. 
Burrows, Geo. M. clerk, 18 and 20 E. Seneca, 

h. 99 E. Seneca. 
Burrows, Thos. G. carpenter, h. Perry n. Ala. j 
BURT, HENRY B. Justice of the Peace, Ter- 
race, n. Main, h. 148 S. Div. — See adv. p. 83. 
Burt, James B. carpenter, h. 12 Chestnut. 
Burt, Henry W. clerk, Robinson & Co. b. Mrs. 

H. H. Sizer. 
Burt, Geo. Ellicott n. Goodell. 
Burshey, Fred. Buffalo steam engine Works. 
Bursuar, Charles, b. 81 Batavia. 
Burtis, Rev. Arthur, h. 48 S. Division. 
Burtis, Morse, firm Chard & B. b. 48 S. Div. 
Burtle, Andrew, with J. A. Pitts. 
Burton, Lauren, livery stable, Pearl n. Seneca, 

h. Genesee n. Terrace. 
Burton, Joel W. 6 Sixth. 
Burton, Ferdinand, 65 East Eagle. 
Burton, James H. tailor, h. Mariner ab. Va. 
Burts, Miss Frances J. over 208 Main. 
Burwell, Bryant, m. d. office and h. 120 Fr'kliD. 
Burwell, George N.m. d. Erie n. Main. 
Burwell, Theodotus, 102 East Swan. 
Busch, Jacob, German Alley. 
Busch, Apolenarius, carpenter, h. Pratt n. Gen. 
Busch, Napoleon, with Dart & Bros. 
Busch, Win. cooper, h. German Alley. 
Buse, Ernst, shoemaker, 77 E. Genesee. 
BUSH & HOWARD, leather dealers, 91 Main 

and tannery Chicago — See adv. p. 59. 
Bush, Myron P. firm Bush & Howard, h. cor. 

Swan aud Elm. 
Bush, John, wool and pelt ojealer, 29 E. SeD. 

h. 8 Carroll. 
Bush, Geo. Webster, for. com. mer. cor. Canal 

ami Lloyd, h. 4 Church. 
Bush, Isaac, jr. keeper Lovejoy house. 
Bush, Isaac S. clerk B. & Howard, b. J. Guild. 
Bush, William, carpenter, h. cor. Hamilton and 

Bush, Adam, Niagara north of Hamilton. 
Bush, John, brewer, 149 E. Sen. h. cor. Mul- 
berry and High. 
Bush, Isaac A. telegrapher, 147 Main, b. 24 ; 

Bush, Wra. Buff. Steam Engine Works. 
Bushhart, Matthias, mason, h. Dearborn n. 

Bushhart, Lawrence, Dearborn n. Hamilton. 
Bussinger, John, bricklayer, h. Walnut n.Syc. 
Buskirk, Frank, at Swartz' Iron Works. 
Buss, Frank, with E. & B. Holmes. 
Buswell, Wm. miller, b. 77 Church. 
Butler, Charles W. book-keeper, 188 Main. b. 

6 Elliott. 
BUTLER, THEODORE, bookseller, 159 Main 

h. cor. Del. and Carey. — See adv. p. 42. 
Butler, Onnand, stone cutter, b. 3 Park Place. 
Butler, Onnand, jr. contractor, h. 4 Park Place. 
Butler, John, lab. h. Folsom n. Kinney. 



Butler, Frederick J. with Jewett & Roof, h. 

337 Ellicott. 
Butler, John, lab. h. Folsora n. Kinney. 
Butler, Capt. James, ou the lake, h. 21 111. 
Butler, George, whitewasher, h. Walnut n. Syc. 
Butler, Hart, baggageman, b. 138 East Swan. 
Butler, Cyrus, piano maker, h. Tenth n. Va. 
Butler, Alvah M. firm O. & S. B. h. 3 Park 

Butler, James A. shoemaker, 8 East Swan. 
Butler, Jordan, sailor, h. 446 Mich. 
Butler. Sarah A. widow of Wm. D. Carroll near 

Butler, James, lab. h. rear 34C> East Seneca. 
Butler, John, lab. h. Madison near Batavia. 
Butler, Wra. laborer, h. across the creek. 
Butlei, John, joiner, h. 99 Oak. 
Butler, Mary, widow, 117 Oak. 
Butler, O. & S. dealers in brown sandstone, foot 

of Genesee. 
Butler, John, waiter, Genesee House. 
Butler, Anna, widow, over 274 Main, b. Gene- 
see House. 
Butler, Patrick, porter. Exchange hotel, h. 160 

Butler, James, butcher, h. cor. Fulton and Ala 
Butler, Wm. H. book-keeper, 37 Pearl, b. 29 

East Swan. 
Butler, Mary M. widow of Wm. b. James Sar- 

Butscher, Peter, carpenter, h. Lutheran n. Ba- 
Buttenborg, John, cigar-maker, 55 Pine. 
Butter, John, brick and mowing machine man- 
ufacturer, h. Main near High. 
Butterfield, James H. firm B. & Haskins, h. 64 

West Tupper. 
Butterfield, Geo. K. stave dealer, h. 388 Seneca. 
Butterfield, Geo. lab. h. Ohio cor. Miami, 
j iButterfield <fe Haskins, grocers, cor. Delaware 
I] and Tupper. 

I IButterfield, Charles, b. Genesee House. 
[iButterfield, George, atMcMillen's boat-yard. 
t iButterfield, Wm. H. lab. b. 388 East Seneca. 
| Butterfield, Joel P. lab. b.388 East Seneca. 
,| jButterweg, Charles, at Buffalo Furnace, h. 
I cor. Spring and Sycamore. 
) Butterworth, George, shoemaker, b. 107 Main. 
Butterworth, Charles, moulder, Buffalo S. E. 
,| Works. 

IfButtner, George J. with Wm. F. Beaman. 
J iButton, John, upholsterer, h. Carroll bel. La. 
I Butts, Wm. boiler maker, Buffalo S. E. Works. 
[BUTTS, STEPHEN" B. daguerrean depot, 
I over 170 Main, b. Clarendon — See adv. p. 49. 
1 ijButts, Franklin, Buffalo *S. E. Works. 
Buxler, Fred, tailor, b. 112 W. Tupper. 
4 IByer, Charles, tanner, h. Seneca, Hydraulics. 
>: i! 'Byers, David, lab. b. 8 Sixth. 
JByers, James, with T. D. Barton, b. 10 Sixth. 
IByers, David, lab. h. 356 S. Division. 
] Byrne, James, bookbinder, Parsons & John- 
6, |ij son. 

Byrne, William, clerk, Jacob Lapp. 
■"< Byrne, James and Wm. grocers, 31 Ohio. 
Byrne, James, firm J. &. W. B. 31 Ohio. 
n 'Byrne, Wm. firm J. &. W. B. 31 Ohio^ 
' 'Byrne, James, recess, Evans opp. Fly/ 

Byrns, Edward, clerk, 211 Main, h, 184 Ter- 

Byrns, Patrick, 205 Main, h. 157 S. Division. 

Byrns, Ellen, widow, Ex. n. Chicago. 

Byrns, Pat. lab. h. Illinois n. Scott. 

Byrns, Stephen, on R. R. h. Elk n. Chicago. 

Byrns, Eliza, widow, cor. Eagle and Hickory. 

Byron, Benjamin, elk, Am. Express Office, b 
28 S. Division. 

Bywater, Wm. carpenter, h. 79 E. Gen. 


Cable, Andrew, at Vulcan Foundry. 
Cable, Charles, at Vulcan Foundry. 
Cabott, Maria, widow, h. Fifth ri. Carolina. 
Cadlin, Augustus, engineer, h. ^68 E. Seneca. 
Cadwallader, Joseph, printer, Republic, b. 

Tremont House. 
Cadwallader, Michener, firm Reese & Co. 7 

W. Seneca, h. Seventh n. Va. 
Cadwell, Norun F. saloon, h. Pine n. S. Div. 
Cady, Sheldon, policeman, Court n. Fourth. 
Csesar, Mrs. Randall, 141 N. Division. 
Cahill, John, lab. h. La. n. Ottawa. 
Cain, Wm. lab. h. Carroll bel. Mich. 
Cain, Anna, widow, Burwell n. Scott. 
Cain, James, clerk, b. Burwell n. Scott. 
Cain, Dennis, on lake, h. Carroll bel. Mich. 
Cairns, John, Buffalo S. Engine Works. 
Calder, Mary Ann, widow, 2 Vine. 
Calder, Mrs. Margaret G. 93 Niag. 
Caldwell, Mandeville, on lake, h. Ellicott n. 

Caldwell, Maria, widow of Samuel, 133 S. Div. 
Caldwell, Samuel, b. 133 S. Division. 
Caldwell, Mary, teacher, 133 S. Division. 
Caldwell, Seth, at B. & 1ST. Y. City R. R. of- 
fice, b. Bay State Hotel. 
Caldwell, Elizabeth, dressmaker, Ellicott n. 

Callahan B. widow, Mackinaw n. Chicago. 
Callahan, Michael, marble polisher, h. fourth 

n. Court. 
Callahan, Michael, shoemaker, h. Hickory n. 

Callahan, Geo. A. 15 Commercial block. 
Callahan, John, tailor, h. over 8 Canal. 
Callahan, A. blacksmith, b. Genesee House. 
Callahan, Felix, on lake, h. 39 Folsom. 
Callard, Mary J. widow of Capt. George, cor. 

Hospital and Sixth. 
Callender, Samuel W. grocer and oil dealer, 

229 Main, h. Erie n. Pearl. 
Callender, Amos, 76 Del. 
Calmady, John, lab. h. cor. Carroll and Chi- 
Calmbraz, John, teamster, b. 83 Wash. 
Calplash, Henry, joiner, h. 13th n. Conn. 
Calway, Geo. ship carp. h. Miami E. of La. 
Cameron, Archibald, blacksmith, Green n. 

Cameron, Maria, widow, 67 E. Seneca. 
Cameron, Gilbert, cashier N. Y. City R. R. 

Freight Depot, h. Oak n. Va. 
Cameron, Hugh, firm Wadsworth, C. & Tyr- 
rell, b. American. 



Cameron, Frank, Capt. b. Monroe n. Clinton. 
Cameron, Angus, attorney, b. 62 E. Swan. 
CAMERON ifc McKAY, upholsterers, 125 

Main. — See adv. p. 48. 
Cameron, John, firm Cameron & McKay, h. 

65 E. Seneca. 
Cameron, James, clerk, Camerou & McKay, b. 

65 E, Seneca. 
Cameron, Archibald, grocer, 2 Dayton. 
Cameron, Walter A. J. engineer, b. 34 Fifth. 
Cameron, Francis, moulder, Buffalo Steam 

Engine Works. 
Cammen, John, butcher, h. Seneca bel. Van 

Camp, Saloma, widow of Merlin, h. Georgia 

n. Sixth. 
Camp, Catharine E. widow of Asahel, 120 

Camp, Lucy, widow, 32 Terrace. 
Camp, Patrick, at Mc Milieu's boat yard, b. 

Adam Eva. 
Camp, Nathan H. 48 Main, h. 149 Pearl. 
Campbell, James, salesman, 120 Main, h. 

Hudsou n. Eleventh. 
Campbell, Benja. with S. Shepard. 
Campbell, James M. ship carpenter, h. 4 Hay- 
Campbell, Hugh S. book-keeper, T. B. Til- 
den, h. 101 Ninth. 
Campbell, Walter, b. 156 Pearl. 
Campbell, Henry C. book-keeper, Cutler & 

Deforest, h. Palmer n. Va. 
Campbell, Wm. on lake, b. Thomas Clark. 
Campbell, Wm. H. printer, Republic, b. 22 S. 

Campbell, Daniel, blacksmith, Buffalo Steam 

Engine Works. 
Campbell, John, lab. h. Mason n. Brecken- 

Campbell, Duncan, sailor, b. Thos. Clark. 
Campbell, John, sailor, b.20 Ex. 
Campbell, Malcolm, sailor, b. Alex. Clark. 
Campbell,' Robert, b. Mrs. Owen. 
Campbell, James W. ship carpenter, h. 45 

Campbell, Wm. on lake, h. 96 Ninth. 
Campbell, James J. harness maker, b. Gene- 
see House. 
Campbell, J. E., Van Slyke's yard. 
Campbell, Wm., Van Slyke's yard. 
Campbell, Alexander, sailor, h. Elk n. Mich. 
Campbell, George, ship carp. h. Fulton n. 

Hay ward. 
Campbell, Philip, with S. Shepard. 
Campbell, Mrs. Jane, boarding house, cor. 

Wash, and Carroll. 
Campbell, John A. h. 48 Morgan. 
Campbell. Benjamin, boarding house, 21 S. 

Campbell, Andrew N. 93 S. Division. 
Campbell, Major A. lumber merchant, Ohio 

n. Bwing bridge, h. cor. Church and Del. 
Campbell John A. B. boom derrick, Buffalo 

creek, h. 186 E. Seneca. 
Canada, John, painter, h. 77 Jackson. 
Canada, Alex H. auctioneer, b. cor. Mohawk. 

and Hospital. 
Canada, James, on lake, h. 46 Fifth. 

Canada, John, shoemaker, h. 4th n. Carolina. 

Canal Superintendent's office, Morgan n. Niag. 

Canal Collector's Office, Black Rock, cor. Ca- 
nal and Hamilton. 

Canal Collector's Office, Packet Dock, Com- 
mercial street bridge. 

Canaly, Ann, widow, Elk n. Mich. 

Cande <fe Shumway, flour dealers, Mich. cor. 

Cande, Gilbert, firm C. & Shumway, h. 112 

CANDEE, WISWELL & Co. tin and copper- 
smiths, 72 Main. — See adv. p. 71. 

Candee, Fernando C.firm C, Wiswell & Co. h. 
Palmer n. Md. 

Candee, Joseph, sheriff, b. American. 

Cane, Nancy, 3 Centre. 

Canfield, John H. clerk Wilson's coal yard, b. 
R. R. hotel. 

Canfield, Cornelius H. com. merch. 4 Central 
Wharf, h. cor. Va. and Cottage. 

Cannan, James, carpenter, h. 10th n. R. I. 

Cannavan, John, lab. h. Ex. n. La. 

Cannavan, John, h. Carroll n. Chicago. 

Cannell, Thomas, shoemaker, h. Niagara n. 

Canning, John, firm Boyd & C. h. Del. n. 

Cannon, Patrick, shoemaker, h. 66 Fifth. 

Cannon, Richard, cor. Court and Fourth. 

Cannon, Thomas, carp. h. Eleventh n. R. I. 

Cannon, Patrick, boarding house, Le Couteuls 
n. Water. 

Cannon, John K. finisher, h. Fulton n. Ham- 

Cannon, Peter, watchman, h. York n. 11th. 

Cannou, James, Van Slyke's yard. 

Cannon, James, porter, Wadsworth house. 

Cantillon, John, teamster, h. Park n. North. 

Cantillon, Wm. lab. h. Main u. Utica. 

Cantwell, Michael, h. across the canal n 

Canty, John, tailor, h. 112 Sixth. 

Canty, Pat. blacksmith, J. A. Pitt?. 

Cappeller, August M., D. Belden. 

Carbery, John, at Jewett & Root's. 

Cardinal, Francis, Louisiana n. Elk. 

Cares, John, porter, J. Story. 

Carey, Hezekiah C. hat store, 144 Main, h. 13 

Carey, Samuel, 275 Wash. 

Carey, Richard J., Abbott Road n. Elk. 

Carey, John H. 68 Cedar. 

Carey, Edward, truckman, h. 77 Jackson. 

Carey, John, lab. h. Md. n. Fifth. 

Carey, Michael, Hydraulics. 

Carey, Michael, lab. h. Daugherty's Alley. 

Carey, James, grocer, Evans ab. Fly. 

Carey, Pat. lab. h. n. foot Hospital, acros 

Carey, Philip, lab. h. 29 Seventh. 

Carv, Walter, m. d. office and h. cor. Del. an 

Carl, Pat. foreman, J. L. Baker. 

CARLAND cfc BEIRNE, Gothic hall clothin 
establishment, 153 Main. — See adv. p. 51 

Carland, Win. firm Carlaud <fc B. h.237 Was! 

Carlisle, Miss A. J. milliner, 302 Main, h. sam 



iUM | 

Carliss, John, at Cen. R. R. machine shop. 
Cannichael, Robert, grocer, cor. Carolina and 

Carmod y, Martin, b. 24 Oak. 
Carmody, Catharine, widow, h. 111. n. Scott. 
Carmody, Thomas, lab. h. Tenn.n. Mackinaw. 
Cannon, Francis, on the lake, h. Monroe ri. 

Carney, James, ship carpenter, h. Ohio, Wash. 

Carney, James, lab. b. Mrs. Sheehan. 
Carney, Mrs. widow of Michael, Alb. n. Water. 
Carney, Wm. lab. h. Evans n. Water. 
Carney, Pat. Ex. n. Chicago. 
Carney, John, lab. h. r. 138 Elk. 
Carney, John, waiter, Terrapin lunch. 
Carney, Wm. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Carpenter, Michael, boatman, b. S. W. Lyon. 
Carpenter, Lewis B. with J. Otto & Co. h. Va. 

n. Niag. 
Carpenter, Almon S. freight agent, A. D. Ellis 

& Co. h. 106 W. Huron. 
Carpenter, Socrates W. grocer, 288 Main, h. 9 

Carpenter, John H. saddle and harness maker, 

285 Main. h. 46 Oak. 
Carpenter, Wm. A. 78 Oak. 
Carpenter, Carr, recess, 1 packet dock. 
Carpenter, Thomas R. ship carpenter, h. across 

the creek n. toll-gate. 
Carpenter, James C. painter, b. Dayton house. 
Carpenter, Robert, clerk, 128 Main, h. 165 S. 

Carpenter, Miss M. tailoress, 231 E. Seneca. 
Carr, Peter, grocer, cor. Chicago and Fulton. 
Carr, Thomas, manager theatre, h. 128 Eagle. 
Carr, Joseph, clerk, 77 Main, h. 157 Elk. 
Carr, Philip, truckman, h. Fulton n. Chicago. 
Carr, Mrs. Wm., N. Division bel. Hickory. 
Carr, Patrick, porter, H. Hagar & Co. h. Fol- 

som n. Red Jacket. 
Carr, B. widow of John, across the creek opp. 

Carr, M. widow, Palmer n. Va. 
Carr, Edward, sailor, h. r. 138 Elk. 
Carr, Philip, across the creek opp. Ind. 
Carr, Thomas, tailor, b. Dayton house. 
Carr, J. J. b. Boston hotel. 
Carr, Thomas, b. 43 W. T upper. 
Carr, Ann M. coi-.' Staats and Court. 
Carr, John, watchman, h. La. n. Ohio. 
Carrick, Margaret, Hayward u. Perry. 
Carrick, Jennett, widow, Eik n. Alabama. 
Carrier, John L. ship carpenter, h. on Canal n. 

Carrigan, Catharine, widow, h. 197 Franklin. 
Carroll, Timothy, b. Ex. bel. Mich. 
Carroll, Peter, carpenter, Perry cor. Burwell 


Carroll, Martin, blacksmith, h. 5 Green. 
Carroll Thomas, boarding house, 33 Ex. 
Carroll, Michael, cor. Court and Fifth. 
Carroll, Philip, 81 Cherry. 
Carroll, Cornelius, carpenter, h. Mackinaw n. 


Carroll, John, shoemaker, 91 E. Seneca. 
Carroll, Martin, sailor, h. Elk n. Mich. 
Carroll, John, lab. h. 11 Miss. 

Carroll, Charles, cabinet maker, b. 19 Pearl. 

Carroll, James, C. R. R. shop. 

Carroll, Michael, grocer, h. 5th n. Carolina. 

Carroll, William, Smith block, Ex. 

Carroll, Ellen, widow, with Wm. Carroll. 

Carroll, Ann, 81 E. Seneca. 

Carroll, Michael, joiuer, h. Mass. n. 11th. 

Carroll, John, Ex. n. Chicago. 

Carroll, Dennis, lab. h. 111. n. Scott. 

Carroll, Michael, 3d n. Hudson. 

Carroll, John, carpenter, h. 5th n. Carolina. 

Carroll, John, with Geo. A. Prince & Co. 

Carson, Joseph, Pratt n. Batavia. 

Carson, John, Van Slyke's yard. 

Carson, James, Van Slyke's yard. 

Carson, Thomas, b. 13 Oak. 

Carswell, Allen, ship carpenter, h. Perry n. 

Carter, Washington, cook, Walnut n. Sycam. 
Carter, James, currier, b. Lake Shore hotel, Ex. 
Carter, Wm. whitewasher, h. 117 Oak. 
Cartwright, Geo. blacksmith, Carroll bel. Mich. 
Cartwright, Edward, cor. La, and Elk. 
Cartwright, John, contractor, b. Mrs. Campbell. 
Carty, Thomas, La. n. Ohio. 
Carty, Michael, cooper, h. cor. Ohio and Mack- 
Cartz, Adolf, Buff. S. E. works. 
Cartz, Edward, Buff. S. E. works. 
Caruthers, Wm. ship carpenter, h. Ohio n. La. 
Carver & Gould, att'ys at law, over 232 Main. 
Carver, Lafayette, firm C. & Gould, h. 35 Chip. 
Carver, John, saddler, 285 Main, h. Matthews 

n. Jefferson. 
Carvil, Eliza, nurse, Niag. cor. Auburn. 
Caryl, Benjamin, cor. S. Division and Elm. 
Caryl, Benjamin C. firm Brown & Co. b. 262 

Caryl, Charles, sofa maker, b. 19 Pearl. 
Casalier, Marcus B. at McMilleu's boat yard. 
Cascadden, Frederick, engineer, State Line R 

R. b. 104 E. Seneca. 
Case, Whitney A. coppersmith, cor. Ohio and 

Wash. h. 216 S. Division. 
CASE N. & CO. leather dealers, 14 Ex.— See 

adv. p. 59. 
Case, Nehemiah, firm N. Case & Co. h. 19 

Case, Lucy, widow, 21 Carroll. 
Case, James A. b. 216 S. Division. 
Case, Warren H. firm N". C. & Co. h. Tannery. 
Case, Niles, 17 Central wharf, b. U. S. hotel. 
Case, Joseph G. H. clerk, W. A. Case, h. 216 

S. Division. 
Casey, on lake, h. Ala. cor. Seneca. 
Casey, John, blacksmith, h. 3 Smith block, 

Casey, Thomas, printer, Ex. off. b. Dayton h. 
Casey, Edward, Van Slyke's boat yard. 
Casey, Margaret, widow, Burwell n. Scott. 
Casey, Michael, at Howell's boat yard. 
Casey, Patrick, lab. h. 160 Ex. 
Casey, H. widow, Ohio n. Chicago. 
Casey, Charles, Buff. S. E. works. 
Casey, Wm. blacksmith, h. Green n. Beak. 
Cash, Asa W. 6 Dayton, h. 28 Green. 
Casler, Wm. foreman in Howell's boatyard, h. 

Carroll cor. La. 



Cass, Wra. marble cutter, h. 77 Church. 
Cass, James, marble cutter, D. Belden. 
Cassady, Robert, steamboat agent, h. Niag. n. 

CASTLE, DAN B. jeweler, 135 Main. h. Del. 

n. Cold Spring. — See adv. p. 45. 
Castle, Hiram S. book-keeper, J. & W. Blake- 
ley,!). 233 Oak. 
Castler, Geo. tanner, N. Case & Co. b. Jacob 

Cataract Fire Company, 205 Wash. 
Cathbart, John, Carpenter, h. cor. Seneca and 

Catlin, Ira, Dayton House cor. Ex. and Beak. 
Canghey, David V. mer. tailor, 158 Main, h. 

125 Franklin. 
Caughey, John, sawer, h. Amherst n. Tona- 

Caulfield, A. book ag't, b. Bennet Temp, house. 
Cavalli, Charles, on the lake, h. 7th n. Hudson. 
Cavanagh, John, lab. La. n. Ohio. 
Cavanagh, Jeremiah, grocer, Ohio n. Columb. 
Cavanagh, James, lab. h. Fulton n. Chicago. 
Cavanagh, Lawrence, mason, h. Miss. n. Perry. 
Cavanagh, Andrew, lab. h. cor. Court and 6th. 
Cave, Joseph, joiner, h. Carlton n. Oak. 
Cazeneau, Henry R. with G. A. Prince & Co. 
Cecil, F. melodeon maker, with Prince & Co. 
Ceneven, Mary, widow, over cor. Ninth and 

Central Presbyterian Church, junction Pearl 

and Gen. 
Cever, Pyle, with Wm. Barker. 
Chabod, Desire, with Sangster & Co. h. Wm. 
Chabot, John T. with Bidwell. Bauta & Co. 
Chace, Eber C. firm Marvin, Clark & Co.h. 58 

E. Eagle. 
Chadderdon, John, b. Franklin House. 
Chamberlain, Hunting S. wagon maker, h. 162 

Chamberlain, Sylvester, 162 Pearl. 
Chamberlain, Samuel M. firm C. & Brothers, 

b. Gen. n. Franklin. 
Chamberlain, Mrs. widow of Alonzo J. 164 E. 

Chamberlain, John, sr. building mover, h. 

Perry n. Chicago. 
Chamberlain, Luther, Capt. Lady Elgin, h. 

233 E. Swan. 
Chamberlain, Jonathan, firm C. <fc Brothers, h. 

b. Gen. n. Franklin. 
Chamberlain, Benjamin S. mason, h. 150 Elk. 
Chamberlain, C. P. student at law, b. 7 Carroll. 
Chamberlain, Porter, with S. Shepard. 
Chamberlain, John, jr. ship carpenter, b. J. 

Chamberlain, sr. 
Chamberlain, John E. clerk, P. A. Balcom & 

Chamberlain, Polly, widow, 233 E. Swan. 
Chamberlain, Eveline, milliner, b. 233 E. Swau. 
Chamberlain & Smith, teachers, cor. Main and 

W. Mohawk. 
Chamberlain, I. classical teacher, b. Dr. Bates. 
Chamberlain <fc Brothers, carriage makers, cor. 

Pearl and Mohawk. 
Chamberlain, Wm. sailor, h. Perry n. Ala. 
Chamberlain, Margaret F. teacher, No. 4. b. 

117 S. Division. 

Chamberlain, E. D. b. 160 Pearl. 
Chamberlayne, Edward L. teacher, No. 8, h. 

117 S. Division. 
Chamberlin, Ansel, salesman, 205 Main, h. 

Niag. n. Va. 
Chambers, Hiram, m. d. ins. ag't cor. Com'l and 

Terrace, h. 203 Oak. 
Chambers, Reuben C. ins. agent, b. 207 Oak. 
CHAMBERS, WILLARD L. merchant tailor, 

239 Main, b. Genesee House — See adv. p. 51. 
Chambers, Thomas, sailor, b. Mackinaw nj 

Chamot, Christopher P. shoemaker 10 East 

Swan, h. 86 Clinton. 
Chamot, Catharine, widow, 86 Clinton. 
Chamot, George, moulder, S. Shepard. 
Chamot, Louis, finisher, h. 138 Ellicott. 
Chamot, Fred, carpenter, h. cor. Ellicott and 

T upper. 
Champion, Daniel, veterinary surgeon, h. 26 

Champlin, Stephen, Capt. IT. S. N. h. Main, 

Walden Hill. 
Champlin, Oliver H. P. druggist, 290 Main, b. 

Champlin, Thomas A. P. book-keeper, h. 61 

E. Seneca. 
Champlin, Wm. B. 61 E. Seneca. 
Chandler, Orra, Hudson n. 5th. 
Chandler, Capt. Daniel, h. S. Division u. 

Chandler, Clinton D. b. Saunder's Exchange, 

Chandler, David, Courier office, b. R. R. hotel. 
Chandler, Joseph M. proprietor Saundei's Ex. 

Chandly, Wm. cabinet maker, h. 99 Oak. 
Chapin, Sylvia, widow of C. b. D. C. Wood. 
Chapin, Edward P. att'y, over 190}^ Main, h. 

131 Franklin. 
Chapin, Roswell, att'y, at Wm. Davis', b. 

Phcenix Hotel. 
Chapin, Cooley S. joiner, h. 240 Franklin. 
Chapin, Lucius A. clerk 211 Main, b. Mrs. T. 

Chapman, Moses, clerk International Bank, b. 

58 Chippewa. 
Chapman, Geo. S. moulder, Eagle Furnace. 
Chapman, Thomas, waiter, U. S. Hotel. 
Chapman, G. L. Capt. steamer Oregon, h. 58 

Chapot, John T. ship carp. h. Wm. n. Bennett. 
Chappell, E. L. b. Boston Hotel. 
Chappell, Harvey, with Smith & Bro's. 
Chappell, Capt. Nathan L. 191 E. Swan. 
Chappotin, Sebastian, clerk, H. Roup, h. 35 

W. T upper. 
Chappuis, John B. grocer, 410 Main, h. cor. 

Wash, and Chippewa. 
Chard, J. F. at comptroller's office, b. J. Guild. 
Chard & Burtis, brokers, cor. Commercial and 

Chard, Wm. A. firm Chard & Burtis, b. J. 

Chard, John R. b. 37 W. Eagle. 
Charlemagne, Louis, cook, R. R. Ex. Hotel. 
Charles, Henry, on R. R. h. Steuben n. Pol 




Charles, Geo. plasterer, h. Bennett n. Batavia. 

Charles, Richard, on lake, h. Niag. n. Pa. 

Charles, Benjamin, La. cor. Carroll. 

Charles, Philip, miller, h. Hydraulics. 

Charles, John 0. millwright, n. 155 E. Swan. 

Chace, Eber C. firm Marvin, Clark & Co. h. 
58 E. Eagle. 

Chase, Thomas B. local editor Commercial, h. 
69 S. Division. 

Chase, Wesley, manuf'r printing presses, h. 
90 Ninth. 

Chase, James H. firm Bradford & C, h. 35 

Chase, Jacob, truckman, h. Hickory n. Eagle. 

Chase, J. Henry, teamster, b. Franklin House. 

Chase, Martha H. teacher, No. 1, b. 90 Ninth. 

Chatfield, Edward J. clerk, 294 Main, b. Tup- 
per n. Washington. 

Chatterton, Oscar, 230% Main,b. 52 E. Swan. 

Chavel, Peter, grocer, Wash. cor. Tupper. 

Chavel, Charles, machinist, h. Seneca opp. 

Chavel, Frederick E. clerk, 53 Main. 

Cheese man, William, firm C. & Dodge, h. 23 

Cheeseman & Dodge, livery stable, 116 Pearl. 

Chemit, Jane, widow of Louis, Swan below 

Cheney, Eleazer, watchman, h. Bristol n. 

Cheney, Wm. joiner, h. Bristol n. Spring. 

Cheney, Daniel, boatman, b. Jeremiah Jones. 

Chester, John, Eaton's Planing Mill. 

Chester, F. S. clerk, Pratt & Co. b. 238 Frank. 

Chester, Henry, Bush & Howard. 

Chester, John, Bush & Howard. 

Chester, John, with B. S. Tupper, h. 337 Wash. 

Chester, Rev. Albert T. pastor North Pres- 
byterian Church, h. 238 Franklin. 

Chester, Anson G. associate editor Daily Ex- 
press, h. 223 Franklin. 

Chester, Thomas, firm Thornton <fe C. h. Dear- 
born n. Amherst. 

Chester, Lucas, dyer, 18 Batavia. 

Chevalier, Rev. Edward, Principal St. Joseph 

. College, Prospect Hill. 

Chevars, Thomas, grocer, Ohio n. Columbia. 

Chichester, James L. book binder,C. E.Young, 
h. 263 S. Division. 

Chillcott, J. with S. Shepard. 

Chillcott, Robert, ship joiner, h. Hamburgh n. 
. Perry. 

Chillcott, Wm. ship joiner, h. Louisiana n. Elk. 

Chillcott, Robert, ship carp. h. Louisiana n. 

Chittenden, Thomas, at Eaton's Planing Mill. 

Chowing, Henry C. sr. tailor, Folsom n. Chi- 

CHOYER, THOMAS, silver plater, over 146% 
Main, h. Folsom n. Mich. — See adv. p. 67. 

Chretien, Charles, painter, Main ab. Chippewa. 

Chretien, John, shoe store, Genesee n. Main. 

Chrisbaum, Philip, cabinet maker, 115 Main. 

Christ, Francis, blacksmith, h. Cherry above 

Christ, Frederick, engineer, Swartz's Iron 
Works, h. 148 Ninth. 

Christey, Joseph, b. 80 N. Division. 

Christey, Arthur, clerk, Thomas & Lathrops. 

h. 80 N. Division. 
Christian, John, N. Lafayette n. Niagara. 
Christian, George, b. 160 Pearl. 
Christianson, Peter, with Am. Express Co. h. 

Roos' Alley n. William. 
Christoph, Eugene, clerk, with W. Bryant, b. 

Mrs. Christoph. 
Christoph, Frederick W., Batavia n. Mich. 
Christoph, Lorenz, lab. 136 Sycamore. 
Christopher, Henry, S. Shepard, h. 119 Oak. 
Christopher, Maria, widow of Charles, 402 E. 

Christopher, Joseph, firm C. & Co. h. Del. cor. 

Church, Charles A. watchmaker, 210 Main, b. 

24 E. Eagle. 
Church, Ralph, watchmaker, Swan cor. Wash. 

h. 24 E. Eagle. 
Church, Frank, lab. h. Ferry n. Del. 
Church, Levius S. 122 Folsom. 
Church, Henry W. clerk, 131 Main, b. 122 

Church, Lewis, grocer, Canal n. Erie. 
Church, Merwin, clerk, 229 Main. 
Church, Rudolph, last maker, h. Niagara n. 

Church, Alvah, banker, 13 Exchange. 
Churchill & Parker, grocers, 236 Main cor. 

Churchill, Charles P. firm C. & Parker, h. 511 

Churchill, Putnam, shoemaker, 142 Main. 
Churchill, Henry, surveyor, over 328 Main, h. 

61 Clinton. 
Cicley, Lewis, Swartz's iron works, h. La. n. 

City Hall, Franklin cor. Eagle. 
Civer, Christian, wheelwright, 98 E. Seneca. 
Clabeau, Augustus, butcher, 94 Elm. 
Clabeux, John F. ship carp. William n. Milnor. 
Clabeux, Peter, joiner, h. Pine n. William. 
Clabeux, Philip, ship carpenter, h. Hickory n. 

Claessen, Julies N. recess, Ex. cor. Louisiana. 
Claessen, C. E. h. Batavia bel. Oak. 
Clahan, Timothy, lab. h. Staats n. Court. 
Clampford, George, with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Clampher, George M. boat builder, h. Ninth n. 

Clancy, Wm. B. painter, h. 93 Ninth. 
Clancy, Terence, lab. Le Couteulx n. Fly. 
Clancy, Ann, widow, Sixth n. Va. 
Clapp, A. M. & Co. Morning Express, Ex- 
change Buildings, 156% Main. 
Clapp, Almon M. firm A. M. C. & Co. h. 92 E. 

Clapp, Matthews & Co. job printers, 156% 

Clapp, Harrison H. at Morning Express office, 

h. 239 E. Swan. 
Clapp, Merrick G. b. Swan cor. Ellicott. 
Clapp, Chas. P. upholsterer, b. Genesee house. 
Clapp, John, Buffalo Steam E. W. 
Clar, Ludwig, h. Camp n. Gen. 
Clare, James, boiler maker, Phoenix works. 
CLARENDON HOTEL, H. Van Allen, rro- 

prietor, Main cor. S. Division. — See adv. j. 84. 



Claris, John, agent Brantford R. R. h. G8 E. 

Claris, John W. steamboat agt. b. 68 K. Swan. 
Clark, Alex. L. melodeon maker, h. 98 Clinton. 
Clark, Alex, sailor, b. TLomas Clark. 
Clark, Alex, boarding-house, cor. State and 

Clark, A. L. melodeon maker, with G. A. 

Prince & Co. 
Clark, Ambrose, farmer, h. Turnpike beyond 

Clark, Benjamin B. firm E. Maddon & Co. h. 

Niag. n. Pa. 
Clark, Bradford, millwright, b. Tremont house. 
Clark, Brigham B. b. 43 Elm. 
Clark, Charles, firm Storrs & Co. h. 30 N. 

Clark, Charles, carman, Hayward cor. Fulton. 
Clark, Daniel, engineer, h. Palmer above Car- 
Clark, Daniel, mason, h. 211 Ellicott. 
Clark, David, b. Seneca opp. Alabama. 
Clark, David, carp. h. Morgan cor. Mohawk. 
Clark, David N. cooper, Burwell Place, h. 

Pearl, 2d above Virginia. 
Clark, David, ice dealer, h. Niag. n. Vt. 
Clark, Delavan F. att'y, over cor. Main and 

Eagle, b. Western. 
Clark, Edwin R. 187 Main, b. 62 Oak. 
Clark, E.J. 113 N. Division. 
Clark, Edgar R. clerk, Central R. R. freight 

Clark, Edwin, truckman, Hickory n. Eagle. 
Clark, Elisha, 294 Ellicott. 
Clark, Erastus, freight agent, h. 21 Ellicott. 
Clark, Francis J. firm Marvin, Clark & Co. b. 

Clark, Francis, sailor, b. Alex. Clark. 
Clark, Frank, 211 Main, b. ]27 S. Division. 
Clark, Geo. W. insurance agent, h. 471 Mich. 
Clark, George R. jeweler and fancy goods, 1 

Com'], h. Aurora road. 
Clark, Geo. P. b. 156 Pearl. 
Clark, G. R. clerk, S. Hume & Co. h. Fulton 

n. Ala. 
Clark, Geo. R. h. Ninth n. Carolina. 
Clark, H. F. freight agent, b. Mansion. 
Clark, Henry, b. B. R. Horton. 
Clark, Henry, tinsmith, h. Va. n. 11th. 
Clark, Henry, b. Emily Clark. 
Clark, Henry, with Dart & Bros. 
Clark, Henry, at Rumsey's tannery. 
Clark, Hetta, 23 Pearl. 
Clark, Hugh, moulder, Buff. S. E. Works. 
Clark, Jackson, pattern maker, Shepard's 

Iron Works. 
Clark. James, sailor, h. cor. Elm and 1ST. Div. 
Clark, James, joiner, b. Mrs. Owen. 
Clark, James, boarding house, Water n. State. 
Clark, James, at Swartz's iron w r orks. 
Clark, James W. joiner, Bidwell, Banta & Co. 

h. Perry n. Alabama. 
Clark, James, law student, b. 156 Pearl. 
Clark, Jasper C. clerk, 178 Main, b. 230 Pearl. 
Clark, John, butcher, h. Wash. n. High. 
Clark, John W. b. 66 Pearl. 
Clark, John H. elk, 211 Main, b. 52 E. Swan. 
Clark, Joseph W. grocer, 283 Main, b, same. 

Clark, Justis, warehouseman, J. Parker & Co. 
Clark, Lemuel B. firm Metz & C. h. east side 

Franklin n. Allen. 
Clark, Michael, porter, Spaulding's Ex. 
Clark, Michael, lab. h. Seneca bel. Ala. 
Clark, Mrs. widow, recess, Canal n. State. 
Clark, Myron H. clerk, Ashley, Jones & Co. 

b. 230 Pearl. 
Clark, Orton S. clerk, b. 230 Pearl. 
Clark, Orange W. firm Adams & C. b. 26 E. 

Clark, Pruda, widow of Thomas, across creek, 

opp. Illinois. 
Clark, Robert M. cook, h. Walnut n. Batavia. 
Clark, Rob't, Mich. S. R. R. office, b. Mansion. 
Clark, Richard W. carp, and joiner, h. 62 Oak. 
Clark, Seneca A. book-keeper, Wm. Foote & 

Co. b. 95 S. Division. 
Clark, Seth, 149 Ellicott. 
Clark, Stephen, on Central R. R. b. Mrs. S. 

Clark, Stillraan A. firm Wright, C. & Co. h. 

north-east cor. Erie and Pearl. 
Clark, Thos. boarding house, Lloyd & Canal. 
Clark & Brown, rectifying distillers, Wash. 

cor. Perry. 
Clark, Thomas, firm C. <fe Brown, h. 15 Oak. 
Clark, Thomas, Capt. on the lake, h. 17 Sixth. 
Clark, W. Hyde, firm E. S. Dann <fc Co. b. 2 

W. Eagle. 
Clark, Warren A. at Eaton's Planing Mill, h, 

Sixth n. Carolina. 
Clark, William H. painter, h. 150 E. Eagle. 
Clark, William H. Illinois cor. Perry. 
Clark, William, barber, Western hotel. 
Clark, Wm. T. clerk, Amer. Trans. Co. 
Clark, William, joiner, h. 26 E. Seneca. 
Clark, William H. 196 Main, b. 11 Court. 
Clark, Zenas, sexton North Presbyterian Ch. 

h. Pearl cor. Chippewa. 
Clarke, Byron W. firm Sears & Co. and Clarke 

& Co. 
Clarke, Charles S. firm Sears & Co. h. Morgan 

bel. Huron. 
Clarke, John R. firm O. B. Titus & Co. h. 45 

S. Division. 
Clarke & Co. lumber dealers, cor. Del. and 

Clarke, Frank, 211 Main, b. 127 S. Division. 
Clarke, Fred. 142 Main, h. cor. N. Division 

and Chestnut. 
Clarke, Frederick, shoe store, 410 Main, h. cor. 

N. Division and Chestnut. 
Clarke, Cyrus, firm Walker & Clarke, h. Mo- 
hawk, cor. W. Genesee. 
Clarke, Charles E. attv, 2 Granite Block, h. 

130 Del. 
Clarke, Frederick, shoemaker, h. 101 N. Div. 
Clarke, James A. for. and com. mer. Lloyd 

and Dock, h. 13 N. Division. 
Clary, Michael, currier, h. Seneca n. Ala. 
Clash, D. with G. A. Prince & Co. 
Claude, Louis & Co. dyers, 306 Mich. 
Claude, Louis, firm Claude & Co. h. 306 Mich 
Claudel, Louis, with Howard <fe Co. 
Claus, Daniel, tailor, 123 E. Genesee. 
Clay, De Musgrave, with R. J. Compton, b. 

cor. Carroll and Wash. 



Clayton, John R. printer, Com. Adv. office, b. 
22 S. Division. 

Clear, James, boiler maker, h. 31 Scott. 

Clearwood, John, caulker, h. Folsom bel. Kin- 

Clem, Andrew, with Jewett & Root. 

Clemens, John, lab. h. Spruce n. Batavia. 

Clemens, John, with Dudley and Bull, h. Swan 
above Pollard. 

Clemens, Jacob, stove mounter, Dudley <fe 
Bull, h. Clinton n. Jefferson. 

Clement, Jesse, editor, h. Del. cor. Ya. 

Clemous, Alfred, constable, h. over 436 Main. 

demons, Ann, boa] ding house, over 436 Main. 

demons, Henry H. carriage maker, b. Gene- 
see House. 

Cleveland, Palmer, joiner, h. 87 W. Huron. 

Cleveland, Anna, teacher Dist. No. 10, b. 87 
W. Huron. 

Cleveland, Samuel E. 11 E. Mohawk. 

Cleveland Brothers, lamp manufacturers, Per- 
ry n. Main. 

Cleveland, Edwin, h. HE. Eohawk. 

Cleveland, Henry B. 11 E. Mohawk. 

Cleveland, Luman, HE. Mohawk. 

Cleveland, James, HE. Mohawk. 

Clever, Frederick, grocer, Ohio n. Cincinnati. 

Cleves, Capt. W illiam, 46 Morgan. 

Clexton, Matthew, morocco dresser, h. East n. 

Clexton, Samuel, firm Gordon <fc C. h. Dear- 
born n. Amherst. 

Clifford, John, plumber. 237 Main, h. 70 Pine. 

Clifford, Thomas, lab. h. Chicago n. Ohio. 

Clifford, Pat, lab. h. Chicago, n. Ohio. 

Clifton, Heury C. book-keeper, Mansion. 

Clifton, Wm. at gas works. 

Cligan, Joseph, lab. h. Evans n. Water. 

Clingby, Handy, boatman, h. Maiden Lane. 

Cline, Madame E. 63 Chippewa. 

Clink, Henry, shoemaker, h. Niag. n. Mass. 

Clinton, Nelly, widow, Forest Avenue. 

Clinton, George W. att'y, 7 S. Division, h. 10 E. 

Clinton, De Witt, att'y, 7 S. Division, b. 10 E. 

Clinton, Jane, widow of Thomas, cor. Niag. 
and Breckenridge. 

Clinton, Henry P., IT. S. deputy col. b. Jane 

Clinton Mills, Upper Black Rock. 

Clinton, Geo. De Witt, b. Jane Clinton. 

Cloeke, Richard, with John Ganson. 

Cloos, Elizabeth, widow, 337 E. Gen. 

Clor, Michael, shoe store, 133 Main, h. 72 Del. 

Clor, Peter, cooper, h. Dearborn n. Parish. 

Close, Patrick, mason, h. cor. Fifth and York. 

Close, John W. blacksmith, h.309 E. Seneca. 

Close, Jerome B. Republic office, h. 176 E. 

Close, Emery, Capt. b. Mrs. Coleman. 

Close, James, at Eagle Furnace. 

Closeton, Samuel, lab. h. Elk n. Chicago. 

Clough, Benjamin, foot of Bird. 

Cluff, Wm. at Buffalo Iron works, h. Niag. n. 

Cluin, Catharine, widow of Jacob C. h. Cedar 
ij. Wm. 

Clune, Patrick, lab. h. Fifth n. Court. 

Clup, Nicholas, at Vulcan foundry. 

Clute, Mrs. Eliza L. dress maker, over 322 

Main, h. same. 
Coak, Jones, blacksmith, 7th ab. Ga. 
Coan, Charles, Ellicott n. Burton Alley. 
Coan, M. Julius, clerk, L. Burton. 
Coats, John, ash dealer, h. Seneca, Hydraulics. 
Coatsworth, Caleb, grocer, cor. Union and 

Coatsworth, Joseph, carpenter, h. Gay, cor. 

Coatsworth, John, farmer, h. Elk ab. Ala. 
Coatsworth, Caleb, Elk ab. Alabama. 
COBB & CO. commission merchants, 28 Cen- 
tral Wharf. — See adv. p. 33. 
Cobb, Carlos, firm Cobb & Co. h. 28 E. Swan. 
Cobb, Oscar, firm Cobb & Co. b. Western. 
Cobb, Samuel, cabman, h. cor. Huron and Blos- 
Cobb, Ansel R. firm Cobb & Anderson, h. 85 

East Swan. 
Cobb, Edwin H. clerk, h. 153 Delaware. 
Cobb, Francis, truckman, h. Carroll bel. La. 
Cobb & Anderson, commission merchants, 11 

Cobb, Wm.H. clerk, M. C. R.R. b. 85 E. Swan. 
Cobb, Alfred, truckman, h. Carroll bel. La. 
Coble, Jacob, Rumsey's tannery. 
Coblo, Ludwig, shoemaker, h. Maiden Lano. 
Coburn, Sarah, widow of Theodore, 275 Elk 

above Alabama. 
Coburn, Geo. b. Elk Street House. 
Coburn Square, Ohio foot of Indiana. 
Coburn, Vitt, with Geo. A. Prince <fc Co. b. 8 

Coburn, Theodore, b. Elk Street House. 
Cochrane, Andrew G. C, Amer. Exp. office, h. 

51 East Eagle. 
Cochrane, Andrew C. 51 East Eagle. 
Cochrane, Timothy, foreman, J. G. Reilly, h. 

83 Main. 
Cochrane, Michael, shoemaker, h. Ellicott ab. 

T upper. 
Cochrane, Wm. Folsom below Kinney. 
Cochrane, Thos. clerk, J. C. Patten & Co. 
Cochrane, Patrick, lab. h. over 23 Wash. 
Cochrane, C widow, cor. 3d and York. 
Cochrane, Daniel, joiner, h. Cedar n. Eagle. 
Cochrane, Marti n, b. P. McCarney. 
Cochrane, Patrick, lab. h. Folsom bel. Kinney. 
Cochrane, John, lab. La. near Ohio. 
Cochrane, Patrick, lab. b. Folsom bel. Kinney. 
Codd, Robert, 97 Clinton. 
Codoni, Jecki & Co. picture frame makers, 169 

East Seneca. 
Codoni, Baptiste, firm Codoni, Jecki & Co. h. 

169 East Seneca. 
Coe, Spencer C. att'y at law, 156 Main, h. 9th 

near Maryland. 
Coe, Daniel B. proprietor Wadsworth House, 

cor. Ex. and Mich. 
Coester, John, tanner, h. Batavia n. Mich. 
Coffee, John, joiner, h. 248 S. Division. 
Coffee, Patrick, inspector, 12 Hanover, h. 222 

Coffee, John, sawyer, h. Burwell Place, near 




Coffee, Mary, 5 Chicago. 
Coffee, Margaret, widow, Til. n. Scott. 
Coffee, Thomas, on lake, h. Evans below Fly. 
Coffey, Michael, plasterer, b. Timothy Keogh. 
Coger, Benjamin, waiter, American, h. 6. Vine. 
Cogswell, Henry F., b. E. H. Howard. 
Cogswell, Mortimer C. firm Weston, C. & Co. 

h. 132 E. Swan. 
Cogswell, Zelotus P. millwright, Weston, C. & 

Co. b. 132 E. Swan. 
Cohan, Michael, lab. h. Staats n. Court. 
Coin, Erin, painter, h. Walnut n. Batavia. 
Coine, Wm. cartman, h. 358 S. Division. 
Coit, George, sr. 53 Pearl. 
Coit, G. C. & Sons, auction and commission 

dry goods, 56 Main. 
Coit, Gurdon C. firm G. C. Coit & Sons, h. 

Main n.Tupper. 
Coit, Augustus, firm G. C. C. & Sons, b. Mrs. 

Coit, George, jr. att'y,3 Townsend Hall, h. 53 

Coit, Francis E. firm Clark & Co. h. 48 Pearl. 
Coit, Charles T. cashier International Bank, b. 

53 Pearl. 
Coit, Alonzo H. firm G. C. Coit & Sons, b. G. 

C. Coit. 
Colburn & Berger, civil engineers, cor. Main 

and W. Eagle. 
Colburn, Ransom H. firm C. & Berger, h. 40 

Colburn, Levi H. A. entry clerk. E. K. Bruce, 

b. 36 W. Seneca. 
Colburn, Henry, Am. Express Office, b. 95 S. 

Colburn, John G. h. 15 Union. 
Colburn, Wm. foreman Geo. Truscott,h. Roos' 

Alley n. William. 
Colburn, Peter, teller Marine Bank, b. 325 

Cole, Geo. M. book-keeper, L. & I. J. White. 
Cole, George, City Surveyor, office City Hall, 

b. St. James Hotel. 
Cole, Robert, painter, H. G. White. 
Cole, John, engineer, h. Ohio, beyond toll 

Cole, Warren, clerk, 11 Main. 
Cole, J. L. b. Western. 
Colegrove, Bela H. attorney, over 156 Main,b. 

Coleman, Thomas, lab. h. 5th n. Carolina. 
Coleman, Julius, jeweler, b. Barker's Alley. 
Coleman, J. H. & Co. druggists, 223 Main. 
Coleman, Ruth, boarding house, Elk n. Chi- 
Coleman, John, shoemaker, h. Perry n. La. 
Coleman, John H. Buff. S. E. Works. 
Coleman, Charles, druggist and apothecary, 

268 Main, b. 305 Wash. 
Coleman, Charles H. clerk, 223 Main, b. Mrs. 

Coleman. John H. firm J. II. C. <fc Co. h. 135 

Coleman, Wm. 7. E. Swan, h. 12 Ninth. 
Coleman, John C. mason, h. 98 Chippewa. 
Coleman's Gallery, 7 E. Swan. 
Coleman, Edward, engineer, 11 & 12 Brown's 

Building, b. 21 S. Division. 

Coleman, Henry, with Bidwell, Bauta & Co. 

Colfieid, John, lab. h. Mackinaw n. Ala. 

Colgan, Peter, grocer, Ohio n. Mich. 

Colie, Samuel D. builder, lumber dealer, h. 
24 Johnson Place. 

Colie, Oliver S. rear 108 Clinton. 

Colie, Isaac, book binder, 188 Main, b. 108 
Clinton. v 

Coll, Alexander, b. 125 Ellicott. 

Collamer, Danvers G. com. merchant, 48 Main, 
h. 149 Pearl. 

Collamore, Eliza, widow of Thomas M., N. 
Division bel. Spring. 

Collette, Leon, freight agent, foot of Lloyd, h. 
196 Chicago. 

Collette, Lampert^N". store and house 83 Ba- 

Colley, David, carriage maker, Pearl, cor. Mo- 
hawk, b. 155 Pearl. 

Collier, William H. painter, h. 13th n. Conn. 

Collier, Charles, teacher, Dist. No. 18, h. Niag. 
n. Vermont. 

COLLIGON, F. C. & Co. Eagle Brass Foun- 
dry, cor. Wash, and Perry. — See adv. p. 62. 
.Colligon Frank, firm F. C. & Co. h. 131 

Colligon, John, moulder, Colligon & Co. 

Collin, Zavier, shoemaker, Pine cor. Clinton. 

Collingwood, John, cor. Eagle and Oak. 

Collins, Michael, La. n. Ohio. 

Collins, Jeremiah, La. n. Ohio. 

Collins, Mary, widow, La. n. Ohio. 

Collins, Dennis, lab. La. n. Ohio. 

Collins, Cornelius, La. n. Ohio. 

Collins, Michael, plank road n. Elk. 

Collins, Dennis, policeman, h. Seventh u. 

Collins, Thomas G. clerk, 211 Main, b. 52 E. 

Collins, John, engineer, b. Tho's Clark. 

Collins, Asahel, painter, h. Batavia n. Walnut. 

Collins, Michael, lab. b. David Russell. 

Collins, T. Franklin, bookbinder, h. 24 7th. 

Collins, James, firm C. & Barnum, h. 3 Sixth. 

Collins, Wm. firm Kennedy, Gray & Co. cor. 
Hamilton and Niagara. 

Collins, Patrick, lab. h. Sixth n. Niag. 

Collins, James, warehouseru'n, Kasson's depot. , 

Collins, Wm. tinsmith, h. 135 Elm. 

Collins, Lawrence, lab. h. Ex. n. Louisiana. 

Collins, Dennis, clerk, Post-office. 

Collins & Co. bookbinders, 156jkj Main. 

Collins, Thomas, lab. h. across the creek. 

Collins, James, lab. h. across the creek n. toll- 

Collins, T. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 

Collins, John T. lab. h. Steuben n. Ala. 

Collins, Theodore, lab. b. Steuben n. Ala. 

Collins, John J. lab. b. Steuben n. Ala. 

Collins, Timothy, lab. b. Steuben n. Ala. 

Collins, John, blacksmith, h. Perry n. O. slip. 

Collins, Mrs. James, widow, cor. Fulton & 
Hay ward. 

Collins Martin 0. m. n. 247 Main,b. 27 Ellicott. 

Collins, Victor M. 145 Oak. 

Collins, Patrick, 11 Water. 

Collins, John, Carolina n. Sixth. 

Collins, Fred. lab. h. cor. Court and the canal 



Collinsou, Samuel, file cutter, h. Fulton above 

jjollis, Nicholas, finisher, b. 398 Mich. 
Colliss, Abraham, cigar maker, h. Va. n. 11th. 
Collis, George, painter, H. G. White. 
Collum, Lewis, clerk, 24 Central wharf, b. 36 

W. Seneca. 
Colome, Francis, cook, American hotel, h. 104 

Colson, Fred. A. with S. Shepard. 
Colson, Richard, La. n. the creek. 
Colsou, Augustus, for. mer. h. 75 E. Swan. 
Colston, John, grocer, 32 Terrace. 
,Colton, Jane A. widow of Henry S. 202 Pearl. 
Colton, Henry R. S. teller Bank of Attica, b. 

Colvin, B. Barton, Mich. South'n R. R. office, 

b. 163 Franklin. 
Colvin, S. R. 32 Oak. 
Col well, John, with S, Shepard. 
Colwell, Gardner, at Eagle furnace, h. La. n. 

Colyer, Charles, teacher, h. Niag n. Vt. 
Coman, Isaac W. m. d. homoeopathist,253 Wash. 
Combs, John S. & Co. tobacconists, 227 Main. 
Combs, John S. firm J. S. C. & Co. h. 157 E. 

Combs, Joseph, b. 157 E. Seneca. 
Comdrien, C. T. Boston hotel. 
Comerford, Wm. G. plank road n. Elk. 
Coming, D. carpenter, b. 221 Carroll. 
Comment, J. Baptiste, tailor, h. 32 Union. 
Commercial Hotel, 2 Ohio, foot of Main. 
Compton, James H. with R. J. Compton, h. 9 

Compton, Ellen M. widow of H. B. 245 E. 

Compton, Lewis, carpenter, h. 187 N. Division. 
COMPTON", RICHARD J. engraver and lith- 
ographer, 209 Main, b. 87 Huron. — See adv. 

p. 81. 
Compton, John R. paper hanger and finisher, 

h. 318 Mich. 
Comstock, Marcus L. firm Ketchum & C. 202 

Main, h. Morgan n. Chippewa. 
Comstock & Laing, grocers, 21 Main. 
Comstock, George, salesman, Eaton's planing 


Comstock, (gas,) b. 126 Pearl. 

Comstock, Martin, firm C. & Laing, h. 291 

Comstock, Jos. miller, h. Niag. n. Farmer. 
Comte, Francis, grocer, Amherst. 
Conant, Allen, carp. h. Ohio n. Chicago. 
Conaut, Robert M. joiner, h. 210 Elk. 
Conant, Elbridge F. jeweler, 185 Main, b. 119 

S. Division. 
Cone, Henry, dry goods, 190 Main, b. Niag. 

Temp. House. 
Cone, Everham, at Vanslyke's Planing Mill. 
Connelly, Neil, cutter, Gothic Hall. 
Connelly Dennis, Ohio n. Chicago. 
Congar, Horace M. m. d. 137 Pearl, h. same. 
Congar, Benton A. clerk, b. 137 Pearl. 
Congar, A. P. moulder, b. Thos. Curran. 
Congdon, Benjamin F. Batavia bel. Oak. 
Conkling, Aurelian, clerk U, S. Dist, Court, h. 

206 Pearl. 

Conley, Charles P. currier, h. Carroll n. Chi- 

Conley, Mrs. James, Fulton n. Chicago. 

Conlisk, Patrick, engineer, h. cor. N. Division 
and Chestnut. 

Conner, Michael, lab. h. Miss. n. Elk. 

Conner, Barnett, shoemaker, 5 S. Division, h. 
Blossom n. Huron. 

Conners, Dennis, Fourth n. Georgia. 

Conant, Michael, ship carp. h. Ky. n. Ottawa. 

Condle, James, blacksmith, b. James Moore. 

Condon, Ellen, widow, La. n. Ohio. 

Conely, Michael, h. 214 N. Division. 

Conelly, Martin, Lock n. Erie. 

Conelly, Arthur, grocer, 139 S. Division. 

Conelly, Wm. La. n. Mackinaw. 

Connelly, Edward, Michigan, n. Elk. 

Congreve, Daniel, shoemaker, h. 213 N. Div. 

Connell, James, grocer, h. cor. Elk & Moore. 

Conley, Peter, book-keeper, cor. Lloyd and 

Conley, James, pedler, h. Perry n. Chicago. 

Conley, Pat. with B. B. Jones. 

Connell, Barney, lab. h. Gen. over the canal. 

Conner, John, shoemaker, h. 90 Folsom. 

Conner, Noon, lab. h. 398 S. Division. 

Conner, Thomas, tailor, b. 37 Folsom. 

Conner, John, sailor, h. Fulton n. Hayward. 

Conners, Dennis, b. Thomas Hennessy. 

Conners, Mary, widow, Chicago n. Ohio. 

Conners, Daniel, lab. h. Water n. Com'l. 

Connoly, Neil, tailor, h. Perry n. Ind. 

Connoly, Pat. carpenter, h. 9th n. York. 

Connoly, Bernhard D. joiner, h. Michigan n. 

Connoly, Richard, lab. h. Gen. across canal. 

Connor, Patrick, with N. Case & Co. 

Connor, John, shoemaker, h. 90 Folsom. 

Connyfeld, J. with J. A. Pitts. 

Conover, Wm. H. butcher, h. 389 E. Swan. 

Conover, Wm. H. h. cor. N. Div. and Pine. 

Conrad, Jacob, mason, h. Jefferson n. Clinton. 

Conrad, Welser, finisher, Buff. S. E. Works. 

Conrad, Andrew, tailor, h. cor. Oak and Bur- 
ton Alley. 

Conrad, Wm. tailor, h. Cherry n. Spruce. 

Conroy, John, sailor, h. Smith Block, Seneca. 

Conroy, John, baggage master Lake Shore R. 
R. h. 195 N. Division. 

Consul, Rudolf, cigar maker, b. 389 Mich. 

Convers, James, b. Niag. Temp. House. 

Convey, Stephen, Sixth n. Hudson. 

Convey, James, Sixth n. Hudson. 

Convey, John, cartman, h. cor. Va. and Fifth. 

Convoy, Michael, Rumsey's tannery. 

Conway, Charles, lab. h. Church over canal. 

Conway, Lackaway, grocer, Evans cor. Pea- 

Conway, Pat. lab. h. Sixth n. Hudson. 

Couway, Dennis, lab. h. Daugherty Alley. 

Conway, Julia, widow, cor. Fulton and Hay- 

Conway, Thomas, lab. h. Hayward cor. Fulton. 

Conway, George, painter, h. Pine n. Wm. 

Conway, Michael, tanner, b. Thos. Henissey. 

Conway, John, lab. b. Thos. Henissey. 

Coogan, Henry, lab. h. Sixth n. Hudson. 

Cook & Gilfillan, att'ys, 2 Ex. 



Cook, Adam, tinsmith, h. Gen. n. Morgan. 
Cook, Charles L. butcher, h. 187 E. Seneca. 
Cook, Chauncey, 4th n. Carolina. 
Cook, Edward L. city surveyor's office, h. 

Cook, Edward, barber, at Mansion, h. Potter 

n. William. 
Cook & Fithian, att'vs, 156K Main. 
Cook, Eli, firm C. & Fithian,~h. 170 Franklin. 
Cook, Ephraim F. sup't schools, City Hall, h. 

226 S. Division. 
Cook, Fayette A. clerk, Canal Col. office. 
Cook, Frank, clerk, 215 Main, h. 521 Wash. 
Cook, F. mason, h. East n. Amherst. 
Cook, Henry, with John Cook. 
Cook, Jacob, lab. h. Md. n. 10th. 
Cook, James, mariner, h. 201 N. Division. 
Cook, John, at theatre, b. 15 Pearl. 
Cook, John, shoemaker, foot of Commercial. 
Cook, John, blacksmith, C. R. R. shop. 
Cook, John L. engineer, h. 7th cor. Carolina. 
Cook, John, with G. A. Prince & Co. h. 12th 

n. Conn. 
Cook, Josiah, att'y, firm C. & Gilfillan, h. 444 

Cook, Lyman, joiner, h. Blossom n. Batavia. 
Cook, Michael, porter, 61 Main, h. over same. 
Cook, Patrick, lab. h. Scott n. Wash. 
Cook, Peter, joiner, 53 N. Division. 
Cook, Peter, Ex. cor. Chicago. 
Cook, Peyton R. produce dealer, h. 100 Pearl. 
Cook, R. widow, Nichols' Alley. 
Cook, Susan, teacher, Dist. No. 14. 
Cook, Thomas, blacksmith, Geo. Jones. 
Cook, Wm. shoemaker, h. 185 Terrace. 
Cook, Wm. 67 Sixth. 

Cook, Wm. painter, h. Amherst n. Tonawanda. 
Cook, Zyrach, milliner, 401 Michigan. 
Cooke & Lytle, saddlers, 10 Ex. 
Cooke, John, firm C. & Lytle, h. 30 Oak. 
Cool, James, carver, h. N. Div. n. Grosvenor. 
Cooley, Caleb, Mulberry ab. Goodell. 
Cooley, Alanson, cabinet maker, 115 Main, h. 

67 Chippewa. 
Cooley, William S. 183 Main, h. Mulberry ab. 

Cooley, Luther B. cutter, 72 Lloyd, h. Mul- 
berry ab. Goodell. 
Cooley, Charles M. foreman, 115 Main, b. 67 

Cooley, Geo. A. printer, Thomas & Lathrops, 

b. 67 Chippewa. 
Cooley, Homer H. cabinet maker, 115 Main. 
Cooling, John, carpenter, h. Sixth n. Hudson. 
Coombs, Robert, rectifier, h. Clinton n. Pine. 
Coon, Spencer, b. Tremont house. 
Coon, John. lab. h. Fifth n. Md. 
Coon, Cortland J. clerk, 136 Main, b. 3 Carroll. 
Coon, Leonard, ice dealer, b. John Mark. 
Cooney, Thomas, bootmaker, 95 E. Seneca. 
Coons, David M. shoemaker, 8 E. Swan. 
Cooper, Nathaniel, saddler, 6 Ex. h. 4 Oak. 
Cooper, David, joiner, h. 149 E. Eagle. 
Cooper, John M. b. 19 Pearl. 
Cooper, James, lab. h. Third n. Georgia. 
Cooper, Thomas, cabman, h. 162 Ex. 
Cooper, Mrs. widow of Wm. Bowery n. North. 
Cooper, Robert, N, Wash, n. Eighteenth. 

Cooper, Wm. lab. North cor. Main. 

Cooper, John, with D. W. Whiting. 

Cooper, "Wm. lab. b. Adam Eva. 

Cooper, Geo. lab. b. Adam Eva. 

Cooper, E. M. carp. b. George Briggs. 

Cooper, William, Van Slyke's boat" yard. 

Cooper, John, porter, 211 Main. 

Cooper, Wm. waiter, h. 22 Walnut. 

Coots, William A. & Co. merchant tailors, 137 

Coots, Wm. A. firm W. A. C. & Co. h. 9 Oak. 
Coots, John, tinsmith, J. Otto & Co. 
Copeland, Alanson B. joiner, h. Franklin cor. 

T upper. 
Copland, Henry B. comedian, b. Franklin 

Copperman, Joseph, stone cutler, h. Ninth n. 

Coppins, John, painter, H. G. White, h. 14th. 
Coppock, Wm. R. Main beyond Cold Spring. 
Coran, Susan, grocery and h. Ex. n. Mich. 
Corbett, James, lab. across the creek. 
Corbett, Michael, lab. across the creek. 
Corbett, Henry V. h. Wash. cor. Ex. 
Corbett, Matthew, book-keeper, h. cor. Va. and 

Corbett, Wm. teacher, St. Joseph's College. 
Corbett, Michael, blacksmith, State cor. Fly. 
Corbin, Thos. R. clerk, B. & S. L. fr't depot. 
Corbin, Peter, police officer, h. 73 N. Division. 
Corcon, Cornelius, lab. h. Chicago n. Ohio. 
Corcoran, Martin, lab. h. Ninth n. Hudson. 
Corcoran, Thomas, with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Corcoran, Michael, shoemaker, Lloyd n. Prime, 

h. Ellicott n. Tupper. 
Corcoran, Bartholomew, joiner, b. Saunder's 

Corcoran, Daniel, with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Cormick, Pat. lab. h. cor. Ex. and La. 
Cornell, Geo. E. 223 E. Seneca. 
Cornell, James H. constable, b. Boston hotel. 
Cornell, Samuel G. sec. white lead company, 

h. 14 Park Place. 
Cornell, Christopher, 77 Oak. 
Cornell, Margaret, widow, Scott Alley n. Perry. 
Cornell, A. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Corners, James, with J. A. Pitts. 
Corning, John, R. R. ag't, 17 Ex. b. Clarendon. 
Corns, Joseph, ag't Buffalo Iron works, h. 18th 

n. Niag. 
Cornua, Claude Francis, joiner, h. Del. n. Va. 
Cornwell, Samuel C. keeper Reservoir house. 
Cornwell, John M. firm H. Hagar & Co. h. cor. 

Del. and Walden. 
Cornwell, John, engineer, b. Mrs. S. Phillips. 
Com well, Whitman M. clerk, S. H. Fish, b. 

14 Oak. 
Cornwell, Charles, firemnn, b. Southern hotel. 
Corp, Charles R. Phoenix saloon, h. Ill Huron. 
Corr, William, tailor, 290 Main r. 
Correll, George, painter, h. 163 E. Eagle. 
Corridon, Jeremiah, Ex. bel. Chicago. 
Corrigan, Rosanna, widow of Morris, Carroll 

bel. Mich. 
Cortis, Mrs. Amelia, nurse, 1 Blossom. 
Corwin, Rockwell B. on R. R. h. 11th n. Conn. 
Cor win, Bryant S. Niag. north of Tonawanda. 
Corzillis, Henry, h. Batavia n. Miluor. 



Cosgrief, James, with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Cosgrove, William, plasterer, h. Sixth n. Penn. 
Cosgrove, Terence, engineer, h. 157 Elk. 
Cosgrove, John, lab. h. Perry n. Ala. 
Cosgrove, Francis, blacksmith, b. cor. Fulton 

and Hayward. 
Coslin, Henry, watchman freight depot, h. 5 

Costello, Thomas P. ladies' shoemaker, 8 E. 

Costello, John, Newman's foundry, h. Perry 

n. Chicago. 
Costello, Tbomas, pedler, h. Ex. bel. Van 

Costello, Thomas, checkman, N. Y. city freight 

Cotter, Thos. recess, under Spaulding's Ex. h. 

35 Ex. 
Cotter, Patrick H. tailor, h. Hudson n. 10th. 
Cotter, Mrs. John, 96 S. Division. 
Cotter, James, lab. b. Ohio n. toll bridge. 
Cotter, Wm. C. firm Orris & Co. b. John Y. 

Cotterell, Augustine J. Airier. Ex. office. 
Cottier, Robert, gold beater, 190 Wash. h. 103 

1ST. Division bel. Chestnut. 
Cottier, Elisha B. gold beater, 190 Wash. b. 

103 N. Division. 
Cottier, Hugh, firm Sheppard & C. h. 84 

Cottle, Octavius O. att'y at law, 3 N. Division, 

b. American. 
Cotton, Geo. W. 226 Pearl. 
Cottou, John, with S. Shepard. 
Couch, Mrs. widow of Charles, Ninth n. Mas- 
Couch, John, miller, h. Ninth n. Mass. 
Couch, Charles, Eagle tavern, Niag. n. Parish. 
Coughlin, Timothy, Chicago n. Ohio. 
Coughlin, Charles, on lake, h. across the creek. 
Coughlin, Ellen, widow of Jeremiah, Ohio n. 

Couldock, C. W. actor, b. 101 Ellicott. 
Councer, John, sailor, b. Sam'l Taylor. 
Countryman, Edward, pile driver, h. over 107 

Courter, R. & Co. dealers in fruits and groce- 
ries, 17 Main. 
Courter, Ralph, firm R. Courter & Co. h. cor. 

Niag. Square and Court. 
Courter, A. P., Allen cor. Franklin. 
Courtny, Maurice, painter, with G. L. Burns. 
Courtrier, August, lab. h. Pratt n. Clinton. 
Coville, Peter, joiner, h. cor Court and Geo. 
Coville, Lyman, R. R. conductor, b. Western. 
Cowan, Charles H. clerk, 183 Main, b. 57 E. 

Cowan, W. J. Constable, b. Genesee house. 
Cowau, Adams, printer, Democracy office, b. 

73 E. Seneca. 
Cowan, James, with Bently, Cold Spring. 
Cowan, Robert, joiner, h. Palmer n. Md. 
Cowan, Conrad, tanner, h. Heacock n. Seneca. 
Cowgill, Edmund L. livery, h. cor. Mohawk 

and Ellicott. 
Cowing, Calvin, Niag. n. Ferry. 
COWING, H. O. & Co. grocers, 20 and 21 Cen- 
tral wharf.— See adv. p, 35. 

Cowing, Harrison O. firm H. O. C. & Co. h. 
cor. Penn. and Tenth. 

Cowing, Estes H. firm H. O. C. & Co. h. 4 
Johnson Place. 

Cowing, Fordyce, firm C. & Co. h. 130 E. 

Cowing & Co. flour and feed, 12 and 14 Can'L 

Cowles, Edward, starch and caudle manufac- 
turer, 590 Main. 

Cowles, G. C. b. 23 Pearl. 

Cowles, S. E. b. 23 Pearl. 

Coye, Schuyler, firm Cutter <Zc C. h. Niag. 
Square, southwest side. 

Coyle, James, cor. Fifth and York. 

Coyle, James, ship carp. b. Martin Ferrick. 

Coyne, Michael, grocer, h. Pine n. Clinton. 

Coyne, James, soap boiler, h. 5th n. Carolina, 

Cox, S. with G. A. Prince & Co. 

Cox, John, lab. Tabor's Island, Black Rock. 

Cox, Gustavus, civil engineer, over 328 Main, 
h. 139 Ellicott. 

Crabtree, W. with S. Shepard, h. Perry n. Ohio 

Craft, Nicholas, b. 104 E. Seneca. 

Crafford, Charles, carpenter, h. 204 N. Division. 

Cragg, Wm. 160 Main, h. 9th n. Carolina. 

Craig, Francis S. lumber dealer, Elk n. Mich. 

Craig, Nicholas, moulder, Buff. Steam. E. W. 

Craig, Wm. gas fitter, b. 20 Ex. 

Craig, Aaron, b. F. S. Craig. 

Craighill, Thomas, stone cutter, h. Morgan n. 

Grain, Patrick, mason, h. cor. Vt. and Niag. 

Craine, Barney A. clerk, Morse & Johnson, h. 
22 Seventh. 

Cramer, J. in Vulcan foundry. 

Cramer, Hillery, with Bullymore & Langdon. 

Crane, Samuel, 117 Carroll. 

Crane, Ruth, widow of Thomas. 96 S. Div. 

Crane, Geo. B. joiner, h. 153 S. Division. 

Crane, James, blacksmith, Mich. n. Carroll, h. 
115 Carroll. 

Cranson, Charles B. clerk, Pratt & Co. b. 36 W. 

Crapo, James, firm J. Fallen & Co. b. Mansion. 

Crary, Oscar F. clerk, Custom House, h. Cot- 
tage n. Va. 

Crary, Geo. with J. M. Griffith & Co. b. 4 Bos- 
ton Block. 

Crary, Fred, post-office, b. Franklin House. 

Crate, James, Fifth near Hudson. 

Crate, Moses, boat-builder, Beak n. Wash. h„ 
54 Fifth. 

Crawford, Charles, carriage driver, h. 89 Elli- 

Crawford, John, with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 

Crawford, John, marble cutter, h. Niagara n. 

Crawford, Levi, recess, State n. Fly. 

Crawford, Wm. with F. Mount. 

Craymer, Jacob, at Vulcan foundry. 

Crego, David R. trunk maker, 157 Main. 

Crego, W. D. b. Boston hotel. 

Creighton, William, finisher, Cen. R. R. Ma- 
chine shop, h. Perry n. Hamburgh. 

Creighton, William, with S. Shepard, h. Perry 
n. Alabama. 

Creik, George, painter, H. G, White. 



Creisborn, Augustus, clerk, James Libbey. 
Cremer, John, tailor, 4th n. Carolina. 
Cressman, Jacob, mason, h. Walnut n. Eagle. 
Cressman, Philip, bricklayer, h. Kane n. Gen. 
Cressman, Jacob, mason, h. Kane n. Genesee. 
Crick, Geo. painter, H. G. White, b. 22 S. Div. 
Critchell, Geo. clerk, h. Smith block, Carroll. 
Crittenden, Samuel W. firm C. & Presbrey, b. 

21 S. Division. 
CRITTENDEN" & PRESBREY, real estate 

ag'ts, cor. Com'l and Terrace.--/S'ee adv. p. 83. 
Crocker, Nathaniel, clerk, 6 Hanover, b. G. L. 

Crocker, James, att'y, 230 Main, b. 21 S. Div. 
Crocker, Geo. L. eating house, n. New Market, 

h. 149 E. Swan. 
Crocker, Henry C. store cor. Scott and Mich. 

b. 53 N. Division. 
Croiks, Win. lab. h. n. foot of Gen. over canal. 
Crolius, Clarkson W. b.217 E. Seneca. 
Crolius, Sebastian V. ship blacksmith, h. 217 

E. Seneca. 
Crome, Thos. jr. Van Slyke's boat yard. 
Cromwell, R. widow, 102 Sixth. 
Crone, Charles W. dry goods, 96 E. Gen. h. 93 

E. Genesee. 
Cronin, Jeremiah, clerk, 0. Lee & Co.s. Bank, 

b. Dayton House. 
Cronin, James, ship carpenter, Bidwell, Banta 

<fc Co. 
Cronin, Nelly, widow, Ex. cor. Hamburgh. 
Cronin, Cornelius, Mill n. Heacock. 
Cronin, Michael, cor. Main and Seueca. 
Cronin, Michael, on lake, h. 10th u. Md. 
Cronin, John, lab. h. cor. Hudson and Niag. 
Cronin, Jeremiah, lab. h. cor. Niag. and Penn- 
Cronin, Pat. harness maker, h. Smith Block, 

Cronin, Ellen, widow, Ex. n. Ala. 
Crook, Win. at pail factory, Black Rock. 
Crooker, Wm., keeper Phoenix Hotel, 361 to 

365 Main. 
Crooker, Geo., Red Jacket Hotel, Seneca n. 

toll bridge. 
Crooker, Erastus, prop'r Crooker's Tavern. 
Crooker's Tavern, Seneca, cor. Kinney. 
Crookstan, Wm. L. clerk, Murray & dimming, 

b. R. R. Hotel. 
Crosby, Geo. F., C. R. R. shop. 
Crosby, Chauucey, clerk, 221 Main. 
Crosby, Nathan G. foreman Central R. R. 

shop, h. 285 E. Swan. 
Crosby, Thomas, Capt, on lake, b. 135 E. Sen- 
Crosman, John, at Mich. Central Depot, h. 225 

E. Seneca. 
Cross, Joseph, on R. R. b. G. W. Barker. 
Cross, Aviral J. watchmaker, 185 Main, h. 6 

Cross, Jacob, at Van Slyke's planing mill. 
Cross, Hiram, milkman, b. Dayton House. 
Cross, Fred, at Van Slyke's planing mill. 
Cross, Pen). J. tailor, h. 6 Beak. 
Cross, Erastus W. tallyman, b. Dayton House. 
Cross, Hiram, Artist, h. 96 Carroll. 
Cross, Thomas, at Eagle Furnace. 
Cross, Daniel, h. Fulton n. Ala. 

Crossland, John, cutler, h. 165 E. Seneca. 

Crossland, Mrs. John, milliner and dressmak- 
er, 165 E. Seneca. 

Crossmau, James M. architect, b. 28 S. Div. 

Crossman, John, tallyman, Michigan C. R. R. 
Wharf, h. 225 E. Seneca. 

Crosthwaite, Wm. ship carp. h. Miami n. La. 

Croswell, Jacob, carp. h. Breckenridge n. 
N. Wash. 

Crouse, Baldy, at Rumsey's tannery. 

Crow, Patrick, lab. h. Evans bel. Fly. 

Crow, Nicholas, Swartz's Iron Works. 

Crowder, Jacob, grocer, h. Albany n. Monroe. 

Crowder, Elizabeth, widow of J. L. cor. Fer- 
ry and Adams. • 

Crowick, Charles, with Dart & Bros. 

Crowley, John, tailor, h. cor. Clinton and 

Crowley, Timothy, Seventh n. Pa. 

Crowley, Michael, Sixth n. Hudsou. 

Crowley, M. with G. A. Prince & Co. 

Croxon, Richard, elk, 23 Main, h. 16 Clinton. 

Crudden, James, grocer, Ex. bel. Heacock. 

Cruise, Thos. jr. Morgan n. Eagle. 

Cruttenden, Delia, widow of E., Tupper n. 

Cuddy, Michael, lab. h. Nichols' Alley. 

Cuddy, Michael, with Pratt & Co. 

Cuff, Francis, blacksmith, Fulton n. Ala. 

Culbertson, Cj rus A. joiner, h. cor. Mohawk 
and Niag. 

Cullen, Robert K. M. hatter, 80 Main. 

Cullen, Michael, with E. Madden & Co. 

Cullet, Peter, Buff. S. E. Works. 

Culp, Michael, Buff. S. E. Works. 

Culver, Fraucis, carp. h. Term. n. La. 

Cumfort, Nicholas, lab. h. Le Couteulx n. 

Cumming, James, clerk, 184 Main. 

Cumming, Patrick H. firm Murray & C. b. 31 
E. Swan. 

Cumming, James, blacksmith, h. 299 E. Sen- 

Cumming, John, sail maker, h. Green n. R. 
R. Depot. 

Cummings, Wm. printer, Sentinel Office. 

Cummings, Pierce, Ex. n. city line. 

Cummings, Thomas, Ex. n. Chicago. 

Cummings, Maria, widow of John, h. Fifth 
n. Carolina. 

Cummings, Emerv, shipping clerk 
ubenr & Co."b. 131 S. Div 

P. L. 

Sternberg <ii uo. d. jji o. jjivisiou. 
Cummings, Catharine, widow, 18 Scott. 
Cummings, J. E. Van Slyke's yard. 
Cummings, Perry, fireman, h. Chicago n. Elk. 
Cummings, John, lab. b. Thos. Henessy. 
Cummings, Joseph, C. R. R. shop. 
Cummings, Pat. Buff. S. E. works. 
Cummings, Peter, at R. R. h. 215 N. Division. 
Cummisky, Owen, lab. h. cor. Court and Ga. 
Cunningham, Daniel, h. 5th n. Maryland. 
Cunningham, Mary, widow of James, cor. 10th 

and Carolina. 
Cunningham, Patrick, ship carpenter, b. Peter 

Cunningham, Thomas, drayman, h. 125 Oak. 
Cunningham, Isaac, engineer, h. Fourth u. 



Cunningham, Frauces, widow, Green n. Beak. 
Cunningham, Michael, ship carpenter, b. Peter 

Cunnion, Martin, tinsmith, h. cor. Eagle and 

Cunsman, Philip, Thompson's lead factory. 
Cuntz, Geo. lab. h. Gray n. Gen. 
Cupp, Geo. wood pedler, h. Mechanic. 
Curran, Thomas, blacksmith, h. 26 Jackson. 
Curran, Thomas, ship carpenter, h. Ohio n. 

Curran, John, sail maker, h. Green n. Mich. 
Curran, James, lab. h. Ind. n. Scott. 
Curran, Michael, at Eagle furnace. 
Curran, Andrew, lab. h. 10th n. Maryland. 
Curran, Peter, Mackinaw n. Chicago. 
Currie, Robert, clerk, 138 E. Seneca, b. Day- 
ton Hotel. 
Currie, Alex, sailor, h. 5th n. Court. 
Currier Rufns, carpenter, h. Walnut n. Eagle. 
Currier, Edmond, seaman, h. 47 Cedar. 
Curry, Archibald, Amherst n. Tonawanda. 
Curry, John, recess, 26 Ohio. 
Curry, H., Van Slyke's boat yard. 
Curry, Michael, sailor, h. La. n. Elk. 
Curry, James, sailor, h. Mich/n. Ohio. 
Curry, John, with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Cursons, C. Olive, widow of Josiah, William 

bel. Mich. 
Curtenius, John L. firm Shumway & C. h. 32 

W. Eagle. 
Curtenius, Edward A., 32 W. Eagle. 
Curtin, Patrick, 32 Scott, up stairs. 
Curtis, Cyrenius A. painter, h. Seneca bel. 

Curtis, Capt. Edward, Walnut n. Wm. 
Curtis, Seir, dock clerk, Morgan & Root, h. 50 

E. Eagle. 
Curtis, Walter L. clerk, 270 Main,b. P. Curtis. 
Curtis, Franklin, baggageman, h. 62 Court. 
Curtis, Anna, milliner, 275 Main. 
Curtis, Miss Adeline, b. Mich. n.Swan. 
Curtis, Stephen E., Dearborn n. South. 
Curtiss, Peter, west side Main ab. Chippewa. 
Curtiss, Henry A. firm Bryson & Co. h. cor. 

Hudson and Ninth. 
Curtiss, Daniel W. clerk, 44 Main, b. 14 Perry. 
Curtz, David, with L. & I. J. White. 
Curtz, with Seymour & Wells. 
Cushing, Lysander, drover, h. 72 E. Seneca. 
Cusou, Mitchell, boat builder, h. Mackinaw. 
Custom House, cor. Lloyd and Hanover. 
CUTLER & DEFOREST, cabinet makers, 

233 Main.— See adv. p. 48. 
Cutler, Abner, firm Cutler & Deforest, h. 25 

S. Division. 
Cutler, Samuel, jr. melodion maker, h. Oakab. 

Cutler, Christopher, on R. R. 7th n. Hudson. 
Cutler, Wm. H. firm C. & Davis, h. 173 S. 

Cutler, Miss Clare, boarding house, Wash. n. 

Cutler, Ezekiel, clerk, 3 S. Division, b. 80 -E. 

Cutler, Charles S. at House's tel. office, b. 62 

E. Swan. 
Cutler, Charles, b. R. R. Hotel. 

Cutler, Wm. K. firm C. & Palmer, h. 4th n. 

Cutler & Palmer, mer. cor. Lloyd and 

Cutler, Elizabeth, widow, 30 Smith Block, 

Cutler & Davis, att'ys, over 223 Main. 
Cutter, Jeremiah, lab. h. Gen. across the canal. 
Cutter & Coye, commission merchants, Mer- 
chant's Ex. 
Cutter, Ammi W. firm Cutter & Coye, h. 166 

Cutter, James C. clerk, Murray & dimming. 

b. 36 W. Seneca. 
Cutting, Harmon S. att'y, 7 Townsend Hall, 

b. American. 
CUTTING, THOMAS S. land and general 

agency and intelligence office, 215 Wash. 

h. 178 S. Division. — See adv. p. 84. 
Cutting, Harvey T. shoemaker, h. beyond 

Black Rock Dam. 
Cwing, Jacob, with Pratt & Letchworth. 
Czeruy, Joseph, cabinet maker, h. 52 Goodell. 


Daab, Wm. machinist, h. 77 Elm. 

Dabain, Edward, joiner, h. 34 Scott. 

Dach, Peter, lab. h. cor. North Canal and old 
city line. 

Daggett, Ezekiel S. machinist, b. 134 E.Sen. 

Daggett, Henry B. book-keeper, O Bugbee, b. 
B. R. Horton. 

Dagnon,Patrick, lab. h. 18 111. 

Dalian, Daniel, at Vulcan foundry.. 

Dahinten, John A. painter, h. r. 114 Pine. 

Dahl, George, at Vulcan foundry. 

Dahl, Belthaser, lab. h. Germeu n. Gen. 

Dahl, Henry, boiler maker, Vulcan foundrv, 
h. 283 E. Gen. 

Dahl, Fred, shoemaker, h. German n. Gen. 

Dahlman & Co. dry goods merchants, 276 

Dahlman, Louis, firm Dahlman & Co. b. 27 

Dailey, Wm. intelligence office, cor. Main and 
N. Division, h. 139 S. Division. 

Daily, Michael, sailor, h. Mary n. 111. 

Dakken, Edward, blacksmith, h. cor. Clinton 
and Pratt. 

Dale, Jonathan, blacksmith, h. 4th n. Carolina. 

Dale, Robert J. painter, h. 120 Folsom. 

Daley, Wm. grocer, Green n. R. R. depot, h. 
139 S. Division. 

Daley, James, Chicago n. Ohio. 

Daley, David, tailor, h. 102 Carroll. 

Daley, Daniel, lab. h. 146 Carroll. 

Daley, Daniel, lab. h. Chicago n. Ohio. 

Daley, Leonora, widow of Patrick, h. 146 Car- 

Daley, Elizabeth, teacher, b. Patrick Smith. 

Daley, Eliza, widow of Chas. Va. bel. Fr'klin. 

Da Lee, Wm. S. firm Davis & Da Lee, b. cor. 
Main and Chippewa. 

Da Lee, Richard W. M. at Market, b. South- 
ern hotel. 

Dallas, John L. lab. h. 10 Vine. 



Dalton, John, ship carp'r, Fulton n. Chicago. 

Dalton, Michael, lab. h. Fulton n. Chicago. 

Dalton, Fierce, shoemaker, 3 Folsom. 

Dalton, Joshua, painter, b. 44 Jackson. 

Dalton, Margaret, widow, Mackinaw n. La. 

Dalton, Charles, painter, h. 14th n. York. 

Dalura, Tbos. snip carpenter, b. La. n. Ex. 

Dalzell, Samuel, millwright, b. Franklin house. 

Da Main, Joseph, Mason n. Breckenridge. 

Damainville, Augustus, importer French wines 
and liquors, 163 Main, h. 16 Goodell. 

Dames, Joseph A., Hudson n. Niagara. 

Dames, William, builder, b. J. A. Dames. 

Dames, Joseph H. builder, b. J. A. Dames. 

Dames, Richard, builder, b. J. A. Dames. 

Darner, John, wagon maker, 98 E. Seneca. 

Damon, Hiram, clerk, 25 Main, b. 171 E. Sen. 

Damons, James E. stone cutter, h. cor. Niagara 
and Fa. 

Damot, Frank, with Howard & Co. 

Dana, Lana, widow of L., Court, west of Ter- 

Dana, George, 39 Jackson. 

Danby, John, at Swartz' Iron "Works. 

Dance, Mrs. confectioner, 143 Elm. 

Dandrie, Daniel, lab. h. Hydraulics n. Seneca. 

Danforth, Loring, book-binder, 230 Main, h. 
S. Division cor. Mich. 

Danforth, Joel, 152 Main, b. L. Danforth. 

Danforth, Olive C. widow, 290 Franklin. 

Danforth, Charles, on lake, b. Lake Shore ho- 
tel, Ex. 

Daniel, John M. wood dealer, h. Carroll n. La. 

Daniels, Charles, att'y at law, Erie Hall, h. 
Pearl 3d bel. Allen. 

Daniels, James, 77 Oak. 

Daniels, Sarah, 452 Mich. 

Danlei-, Peter J. with Geo. L. Burns. 

Daulin, Edward, lab. h. Daugherty Alley. 

Dan, Peter, cooper, h. Gen. n. German. 

Daun, Jesse C. cashier Sackets Harbor Bank, 
h. 28 Delaware. 

Dann, Henry A. b. 28 Delaware. 

Dann E. S. & Co. bankers, 2 Exchange. 

Dann, Edward S. firm E. S. D. & Co. b. 28 

Danncman, Charles, carpenter, h. Bennett n. 

Danuer, Michael, receiver taxes, City Hall, h. 
cor. Spruce and Sycamore. 

Danncr, Peter, jnelodeon maker, h. 173 East 

Dinner, Washington T. h. 94 E. Eagle. 

Danner, Daniel, lab. Chicago n. Ohio. 

Danner, Henry, truckman, h. Gra} r n. Gen. 

Dantzer, Charles, with J. P. Provoost & Co. 

Dantzev, Morand, soap maker, h. 5th n. Car'lina. 

Das zeL Joseph, lab. h. Monroe n. Brown. 

Darby, Wallace, teamster, h. cor. 7th and Hud- 

Darcy, Daniel, mason, h. 71 Fifth. 

Darig, Daniel, 342 Michigan. 

Darling, Jonathan, 3 Ninth. 

Darmody, Pat. chair maker, h. 6th n. Hudson. 

Darmstaeder, Christoph, ship carpenter, h. 
Cherry n. Spring. 

Darragh, John, book-keeper, J. G. Deshler,h. 
Main ah. North. 

Darrigan, Timothy, lab. h. Barker's Alley. 
Darrow, Noyes, cor. Del. and Summer. 
Darrow, Charles B. clerk, M. C. R. R. depot, 
DART & BROTHERS, planing mill, Ohio 

Basin, cor. Mackinaw. — See adv. p. 74. 
Dart, Joseph, jr. firm Dart & Brothers, h. 117 

Dart, Erastus D. firm Dart & Brothers, b. 5 

Dart's Elevator, cor. Harbor and Ship Canal. 
Dascomb, Hiram, book-keeper, h. 207 N. Biv. 
Dasotel, Charles, shoemaker, h. 150 Clinton. 
Datt & Pfennig, hatters, 73 E. Gen. 
Datt, Aug. firm D. & Pfennig, h. 73 E. Gen. 
Daugherty, John, 172 E. Seneca. 
Daugherty, John, Van S.yke's yard. 
Dausch, Jos. miller, h. Thompson n. Amherst. 
Dauscher, Jacob, with Stevenson Bros. 
Davenport, Charles, Y. boiler maker, Swartz's 

Iron works, h. 187 E. Eagle. 
Davenport, Ira, h. 322 S. Division. 
David, Fred, tailor, h. 571 Wash. 
David, Edward, carpenter, b. Joseph Tracy. 
Davidson, John, sawyer, Hay ward n. Perry. 
Davidson, John B. barber, American. 
Davidson, Benjamin F. vessel ag't, h. 72 6th. 
Davie, Edmund, Ohio n. toll bridge. 
Davies, Wm. book-binder, h. 231 E. Seneca. 
Davin, David, Fifth n. Carolina. 
Davis, Anthony, lab. h. Pollard, cor. Ex. 
Davis, Rev. Ashel, 297 E. Swan. 
Davis, Cyrus E. firm Cutler & D. b. 216 Pearl. 
Davis, David, boiler maker, h. Fulton n. Chic. 
Davis, Esbon B. gunsmith, 6 Birkhead build. 
Davis, Edward B. printer, Thomas & Lathrops, 

b. 13 Franklin. 
Davis, EjDewietus H. druggist, 10 Terrace, h. 

453 Wash. 
Davis, Elizabeth, teacher, b. 191 Terrace. 
Davis, Geo. firm D. Sutton & Co. and ins. ag't, 

h. 152 Pearl. 
Davis, Griffiths, sawyer, b. 233 Carroll. 
Davis, Harvey, 7 E. Swan. 
Davis, Henry H. b. Rev. A. Davis. 
Davis, Henry L. painter, H. G. White. 
Davis, Henry M. draughtsman, h. 131 E. Sen. 
Davis, Isaac, pedler, h. 225 Carroll. 
Davis, Irving, clerk, 111 Main. 
Davis, Jacob, lumber inspector, h. 216 Tearl. 
Davis, Jacob, tailor, h. 14 Pine. 
Davis, Jarvis, gunsmith, P. Smith, h. over 129 

Davis, J ames H. guns'th, 6 Birkhead buildings. 
Davis, John, mason, h. 3 Ash. 
Davis, John, with Howard & Co. 
Davis, Jacob, tailor, h. Ash ab. Batavia. 
Davis, John, sailor, h. 452 Mich. 
Davis, Moses, joiner, b. Genesee House. 
Davis, Noah, sailor, h. Perry n, Hamburgh. 
Davis, Oscar B. clerk, 204 Main, b. 24 Niag, 
Davis, Rogiua, milliner, 367 Main. 
Davis, Robert, sawyer, h. Ohio n. Basin. 
Davis, Samuel, sailor, h. 144 S. Division. 
Davis, Sutton & Co. for. and com. mer. Long 

Davis, Thaddeus C. att'y at law, Spaulding's 

Ex. b. D. Tillinghast. 
Davis, William, N. Porter n. Auburn. 



Davis, Wm. shoemaker, h. Niag. n. 'Amherst. 
Davis, Wm. H. h. Boston Block, Niagara. 
Davis, Wm. sailor, h. Scott Alley n. Ferry. 
Davis, Wm. H. Sec. Buff. Car Co. h. 9 Boston 

Davis, William, att'y, cor. Main and Lloyd, h. 

46 W. Mohawk. 
Davis, — . glazier, h. 10 Commercial Block. 
Davis & Da. Lee, att'ys, cor. Main and Lioyd. 
Davis & Lockwood, ins. ag'ts, Mer.'s Ex. 
Davison, John, sr. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Davison, John, jr. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Davison, Capt. William, 68 Sixth. 
Davison, Capt. Benjamin F. 72 Sixth. 
Davison, Mrs. Mary E. nurse, b. 15 Court. 
Davison, Wm. C. clerk, Davis, Sutton & Co. 
Davison, Mrs. Margaret, Palmer n. Maryland. 
Davock, Mrs. widow of John W. Del. n. North. 
Davy & Graham, hotel, Market cor. Scott. 
Davy, J. firm D. & Graham. 
Davy, Charles, bandbox maker, b. Thos. Day. 
Davy, Ed. Ohio n. tollgate. 
DAW, HENRY & SON, produce com. mer- 
chants, 26 Central Wharf. — See adv. p. 33. 
Daw, Henry, firm D. & Son, h. 36 W. Eagle. 
Daw, Alfred B. firm D. & Son, b. 36 W. Eagle. 
Daw, Edward, farmer, Del. n. Delevan Ave. 
Dawson, Josh H. firm Ingalls & D. h. 36 7th. 
Day, Norris W. bandbox factory and h. Md. 

cor. Niag. 
Day, Charles W. firm Jewett & D. b. Bennet 

Temp. House. 
Day, Ebenezer, mason, h. 444 Main. 
Day, Hiram C. att'y at law, over Post Office, 

b. E. Day. 
Day, Chas. H. printer, Courier office, b. 56 E. 

Day, David F. att'y at law, 1 Brown's Build- 
ing's b. 444 Main. 
Day, Thomas, h. Ninth cor. Md. 
Day, Andrew J. b. 113 Carroll. 
Day, George, plumber, 330 Main, h. Main n. 

St. Paul. 
Day, David M. on the lake, b. Com'l hotel. 
Day, Lester, Niagara n. Ferry. 

Day, , blacksmith, with John Kane. 

Day, Daniel, cartman, h. 11 Mechanic. 
Day, John, white washer, h. 161 Ellicott. 
Day, Elijah M. printer, Democracy office, b. 73 

E. Seneca. 
Dayton, Lewis, m. d. cor. Niag. and Amherst, 

h. Dearborn. 
Dayton, Charles L. m. d. cor. Hamilton and 

Dayton, Matthew W. h. 5 Church n. Main. 
Dayton, Henry, Hamilton n. Niag. 
Daytonbal, Nichols, with Jewett & Root. 
Daytonbal, Anthony, with Jewett & Root. 
Deacon, Robert W. with Prince & Co. h. 6th 

cor. Carolina. 
Deacon, Jacob, stone mason, h. cor. Folsom 

and Kinney. 
Dean, John W. printer, Democracy Office, b. 

15 N. Division. 
Dean, Herman J. med. student, b. 253 Wash. 
Dean, James, grocer, 94 Franklin. 
Dearney, Thomas, lab. h. across the canal n, 
Falls depot. 

Debra, Adam, with Kuapp & Gillett, h. 386 

Debus, Philip, cooper, h. cor. Peckham and 

Debus, Andrew, cooper, h. cor. Batavia and 

Debus, Fred, cigar maker, h. Batavia corner 

Dech, Frederick, Bennett n. Batavia. 
Deehan, Ann, 58 William. 
Deck, Anthony, 52 Main, h. Mich. n. Tupper. 
Decker, Alex. m. d. 293 Wash. 
Decker, Andrew J. with Wallace Johnson, b. 

20 Carroll. 
Decker, Louis, butcher, h. Ex. cor. Yan Rens- 
Decker, Martin V. B. with Wallace Johnson. 
Deckert, Adam, b. 160 Pearl. 
Deckert, George, b. 160 Pearl. 
Dee, Henry O. firm Fitch, Holbrook & Dee, h.. 

5 Carroll. 
Dee, Wm. H. book-keeper, 136 Main. 
Dees, John, brick maker, h. Fox n. Gen. 
Dees, Jacob, h. cor. Carolina and Eleventh. 
Deeves, Wm. plasterer, h. 17 5th. 
Deforest, Cyrus H. firm Cutler & Deforest;, 

hi 56 S. Division. 
DeFrece, John J. clothier, 55 Main. 
DeGarmo, Wm. with J. A. Pitts. 
Deguer, Charles, mason, h. Ferry n. Adams, 
De Graff, Gerritt, ship carpenter, h. Pine n, 

De Graff, Gerritt, joiner, h. Park n. North. 
De Graff, C. painter, h. 1 Blossom. 
De Graff, Peter, ship carp. h. Pine n. Wm. 
De Graff, Peter, Van Slyke's yard. 
Deguirsi, Joseph, Bennett n. William. 
De Haas, Charles, firm Brunck, Held & Co. b. 

over 423 Main. 
Dehlmger, Victor, mason, h. Elm n. Tupper. 
Deigeb Conrad, tailor, h. r. 555 Seneca. 
Deihl, Peter B. under 148 Main. 
Delamotte, Charles, lab. h. Clinton cor. R. R. 
Delorsey, Eliza, widow, 125 Oak. 
Delane, Wm. clerk, 194 Main. 
De La Crois, Oliver, b. Eliza Tilden. 
Delaney, Elizabeth, basement 5 Elk. 
Delaney, Thomas, ship carpenter, h. La. n. 

Delaney, John, joiner, h. 5 Elk. 
Delaney, Nicholas, lab. h. Fulton cor. Ohio 

Delaney, Michael, ship carpenter, h. across the 

Delaney, James, ship carpenter, h. across the 

Delany, Charles D. proprietor Niagara Forge, 
_ h. 74 Del. 

JJelany, Patrick, lab. Perry n. Hay ward. 
Delany, Wm. lab. h. Seneca n. Ala. 
Delauo, James, musician, h. Johnson Place. 
Delaware Street Presbyterian Church, Del. 

opp. Ontario. 
Dell, John, Squaw Island. 
Dellenbaugh, Charles C. clerk, 358 Main, b. 

133 Ellicott. 
Dellenbaugh, Frederick, m. p. firm D. & S. h. 
87 Batavia. 



Dellenbaugh, F. & S. druggists, 358 Main. 

Dellenbaugh, Samuel, firm F. & S. D. h. 133 

Deller, Jacob, lab. h. Hickory n. Batavia. 

Deller, Jacob, engineer, 233 Main. 

Deller, John, tanner, h. Gray n. Gen. 

Dellevinda, Wm. E. 12 Batavia. 

Dellinger, Adam, grocer, Mulberry n. Va. 

Dells, Caroline, widow, La. n. Ottawa. 

Delon, Charles, cabinet maker, I. D. White, b. 
Genesee House. 

De Long, John, cabinet maker, over 269 Main, 
h. Ninth n. Va. 

Delong, David, Shepard's Iron works. 

Delony, Wm. intelligence office, 203 Wash. 

Delvechio, Charles H. musician, h. 17 E. Eagle. 

Demarest, Wm. C. 194 Main, b. 50 W. Mohawk. 

DEMAREST & HOLMAN, druggists, 155 
Main. — See adv. p. 57. 

Demarest, James F. firm D. & Holman, b. Wes- 

Demers, Louis, 233 Main. 

Deming, Joseph L. firm Rowe & Co. b. Man- 

Demmer, Jacob, wagon maker, h. 119 Pine. 

Democracy Printing Association, 82 Main. 

Democrat, German, daily, W. Mohawk n. Main. 

Dempsey, John, driver, b. 54 Ex. 

Dempsey, Charles, with A. & J. Keogh. 

Demske, Henry, with J. F. Klee. 

Dempster, Wm. blacksmith, h. Mary n. In- 

Demretz, Wm. joiner, h. Sycamore cor. Ash. 

Demstcr, John, pattern maker, Buffalo S. E. 

Demuth, Michael, joiner, b. 398 Mich. 

Denahay, Dennis, tailor, h. 104 Main. 

Dendinger, Louis, h. Spruce n. Sycamore. 

Dendinger, Louis, tailor, h. Batavia n. Walnut. 

Dendler, Joseph, lab. h. 292 Elm. 

Dengel, Christiua, widow of John, b. 168 Elm. 

Dcngler, Geo. lumber pedler, 131 Ellicott. 

Dengler, John, butcher, h. 24 Spruce. 

Denicombe, John, shoemaker, 7 W. Eagle. 

Denio, John, mover of buildings, 201 1ST. Divi- 
sion, h. same. 

Dentingpr, Louis, h. Walnut n. Wm. 

Dennis, Thomas, gold beater, 190 Wash. h. 
146 Huron. 

Dennis, Cyrus C, R. R. Sup't. b. Clarendon. 

Dennis <fe Cottier, gold leaf manufacturers, 190 

Dennis, Samuel, tinsmith, h. Pine n. N. Div. 

Dennis, Daniel, car maker, b. 289 E. Seneca. 

Dennis, Joseph, carpenter, h.289 E. Seneca. 

Dennis, Robert, 91 East Seneca. 

Dennison, Martha A. widow, 56 E. Swan. 

Dennison, Geo. clerk, b. 30 W. Seneca. 

Dennison, Elebeck, barber, Amer. h. 50 Oak. 

Denison, Timothy 1'. book -keeper, Eagle Iron 
Co. h. Pearl 3d. ab. Va. 

Denison, Mrs. H. M. boarding house, 5 Erie. 

Denison, Mrs. Sophronia F. b. T. P. Denison. 

Denniston, Geo. clerk, 205 Main. 

Denny, George, jr. "watchman, h. Kaenen. Gen. 

Denny, Frank, clerk, Murray tfe Cummings, h. 
Mich. bet. Swan and S. Division. 

Denny, Jacob, grocer, cor. Court and Hospital. 

Densham, Capt. John, b. 1 Sixth. 
Densinger, Mrs. widow, Walnut n. Batavia. 

Denton, Robert J. organist, b. 5 Ninth. 

Denton, Robert, piano tuner, h. 5 Ninth. 

Denz, Felix, bricklayer, h. Burton Alley. 

Denz, Benedict, carpenter, h. 113 Pine. 

Denzel, John, shoemaker, Ex. n. Van Rensse- j 

Depel, William, cabinet maker, h. Spruce n. 

Depeuy, Lawrence, sailor, b. Thos. Clark. 

Derby, Rufus, sailor, h. Hayward n. Elk. 

Derek, Joseph, at Hart's factory, Black Rock. 

Dermody, John, melodeon maker, G. A. Prince 
& Co. h. Walnut n. William. 

Dern, Geo. with L. Roth. 

Derr, John, 105 Pine. 

Derr, Fred. M. grocer, Main n. Ferry. 

Dereich, Rev. Jacob, h. Spruce n. Sycamore. 

Derrick, Daniel, foreman, A. M. Butler, h. Cot- 
tage n. Md. 

Derrick, Bndgett, widow, Cottage n. Md. 

Derrick, Fred. R. 167 Main, b. 140 E. Swan. 

Derscheal, Michael, truckman, h. Pollard n. 

Derworth, Marcus, cooper, h. East n. Austin. 

Descamp, Bernard, starch man'r, Puffer cor. 
Granger Creek. 

DESHLER, JOHN G. prod, and com. mer. 14 
and 15 Central Wharf, b. Clarendon. — See 
adv. p. 34. 

Despard, Richard B. 3 Ex. h. 525 Wash. 

De St. Remy, Edward, teacher, 65 West Mo- 

Detampel, Nicholas, lab. h. Pratt n. Sycamore. 

Detmens, Julius, b. Phoenix hotel. 

Dette, Caroline, widow of Louis, h. Maple n. 

Detrerer, John L. lab. h. 114 Pine. 

Detterman, John, at Vanslyke's planing milk 

Deters, Joachim, clerk, 205 Main, h. 29 Spruce. 

Dettmer, Conrad, mason, h. Maple n. Goodell. 

Deuel, Samuel L, book-keeper, 86 Main. 

Deufel, Gottlieb, grocer, 59 Wash. 

Deusch, John G. tinsmith, h. Mich. n. Batavia. 

Dcutchler, Casper, carpenter, h. r. 555 Seneca. 

Deuther, Louis, cabinet maker, Hersee & Tim- 
merman, h. Lutheran n. Wm. 

Deuther, George A. looking glasses, 10 Ex. h. 
Eagle cor. Hick. 

Deutschmann, Charles, machinist, h. 184 E. 

Deutschmann, Bernhard, melodeon maker, h. 
184 E. Gen. 

Deutschle, Joseph, mason, h. Mulberry n.High. 

Deutsher, Nicholas, cooper, h. 7 Cherry. 

Devcniug, Daniel, jr. m. d. Mich. cor. Gay. 

Devening, Daniel, 352 Mich. 

Devercaux, Mrs. W. 49 Ellicott. 

Deverell, Tarlton, baggageman, N. Y. Ceu. R.R. 
h. 222 Carroll. 

Devine, Betsy, widow, Third n. Va. 

Devine, Miss Otline, b. 136 E. Swan. 

Devine, Thomas, lab. h. Hudson n. ]()th. 

Devine, Charles, piano tuner, h. 139 W. Huron. 

Devine, Percy, b. 139 W. Huron. 

Devine, Fred, tanner, h. Roos' Alley n. Wm. 

Devine, John, carman, h. Ex. n. Hydraulics. 



Devine, John, lab. h. 214 N. Division. 
Devine, Frank, piano forte maker, Keogh & Co. 

b. 139 Huron. 
Devine, Andrew, recess, Le Couteulx n. Canal. 
Deviny, Peter, carpenter, h. Miluor n. Wra. 
Devi ny, James, Ky. n. Mackinaw. 
Devitt, Michael, grocer, h. 3d n. Georgia. 
Devitt, Edward, engineer, h. Scott n. Wash. 
Devlin, John, on the lake, h. 511 Wash. 
Devlin, Mary, 202 S. Division. 
Devoy, Wrn. at Eagle furnace. 
Dewald, Julius, sash and blind maker, E. K. 

Dewire, Thomas, with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Dewire, M. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
DeWitt, Edward, with Smith & Brothers. 
Dewitz, Louis, tailor, 53 Cherry. 
De Young, Moses B 6 Carroll. 
De Young, Joseph, 171 Main, h. 135 N. Div. 
Dezot, Mitchell, caulker, h. 1, Smith block, 

Dick, Jane, widow of Samuel, h. Spring n. 

Dick, James M. millwright, h. 247 E. Swan. 
Dick, Abram L. millwright, h. 247 E. Swan. 
Dick, Fred, gunsmith, P. Smith, h. Walnut n. 

Dickens Charles, with Howard & Co. 
Dicker, Adam, b 160 Pearl. 
Dickerson, Harriett, widow of Wm. 5th n. 

Dickeson, Wm. ship carpenter, h. 55 Oak. 
Dickey, John, ice dealer, h. Elk n. Smith. 
Dickey, Anderson, pork merchant, 4 Comm'l, 

h. 52 Morgan. 
Dickey, David, boiler maker, Phoenix Iron 

Works, h. 287 Michigan. 
Dickey, Beujamin, h. N. Canal, Hydraulics. 
Dickie, James G. postmaster, h. 62 E. Swau. 
Dickinson, Wm. 5th n. Hudson. 
Dickinson, Silas E. 83 W. Mohawk. 
Dickinson, Wm. moulder, h. 4th n. Carolina. 
I Dickinson, Abel B. firm Billings & D. h. 137 

N. Division. 
J Dickinson, Thomas, watchmaker, 368 Main, 

h. same. 
Dickinson, A. F. firm C. Hitchcock & Co. h. 

52 E. Seneca. 
i| Dickmann, Geo. butcher, h. Carroll n. Chicago. 
ijDickmar, Peter, lab. h. Batavia n. Pine. 
Dick mar, Fred. lab. h. Barker's Alley. 
i Dickner, Martin, cabinet maker, h. Bennett n. 

I' Dickson, Wm. assistant clerk of Market, 
'i Dickson, John, saddler, 10 Ex., b. 43 E. Sen. 
Dickson, Samuel P. with Hollister & Co. 
j Dickson, Wm., Van Slyke's yard, h. N. Divis- 
ion n. Spring. 
Diebold, George, Buff. S. E. Works. 
Diebold, Charles, with J. Otto & Co. 
! Diebold, Andrew, with Antony Diebold. 
Diebold, John, boarding house, 7 Water, 
i Diebold, Nicholas, cigar maker, h. Walnut n. 

I Diebold, Anthony, clothier, Com'l Block, opp. 

Canal street. 
J Diebold, Sebastian B. cabinet maker and gro- 
cer, h. 135 Batavia. 

Diebold, George, shoe store, 12 Commercial. 

Diebold, Jacob, tanner, h. Walnut n. Gen. 

Diebold, Stephen, with Bush <fe Howard. 

Diebold, Bernhard, 135 Batavia. 

Diebold, Joseph, lab. h. Hickory n. Clinton. 

Diebold, Margaret, widow, r. Walnut n. Gen. 

Diebold, Peter, 32 E. Seneca. 

Diedrichs, Charles, tinsmith, h. Walnut n. 

Diefenbach, Mina, widow of Conrad D. 164 

Diegelmanu, Andrew J. joiner, h. Elm ab. 
Good ell. 

Diehl, Adolf, tailor, cor. Ellicott and Burton 

Diehl, Jacob, fruit pedler, h. Potter n. Gay. 

Diehl, Henry, cigar maker, 191)^ Main, b. 296 

Diehl, Philip, lab. h. Walnut n. Sycamore. 

Diehl, Henry, cooper, Goodell n. Mulberry, h. 
51 Cherry. 

Diehl, Frederick, lab. h. Hickory above Syca- 

Diehle, Conrad, mason, h. 296 Pearl. 

Diehlmann, Rev. P. cor. Milnor and Wm. 

Diehr, Henry, printer, Democracy Office. 

Dier, Christian, grocer, cor.' Elm and Goodell. 

Diercks, Henry, watchmaker, h. cor. Batavia 
and Mich. 

Diestl, Henry, shoemaker, b. Clinton n. Hick- 

Dietrich, John, cabinet maker, h. Jefferson ft. 

Dietrich, John, with Dart & Bro's. 

Dietrich, Daniel, wagon maker, 144 E. Sene- 
ca, h. 24 Wm. 

Dietrich, John, mason, h. Bennett n. Wm. 

Dietrich, Nicholas, mason, h. Bennett n. Ba- 

Dietrich, Philip, shoemaker, h. cor. Wm. and 
Watson . 

Dietrich, Paul, Cherry n. Mulberry. 

Dietz, John, tailor, h. Cherry n. Maple. 

Dietz, Christian, with John M. Smith. 

Dietz, John, joiner, h. Monroe n. Batavia. 

Dietzel, Mary, widow, h. Boston. 

Dietzel, Henry, whipmaker, cor. Michigan and 

Dietzer, Henry, h. Spruce n. Batavia. 

Dietzer, Daniel, carpenter, h. Clintou n. Pratt 

Dihr, Matthias, mason, h. Ellicott n. Burton 

Dilcher, Henry, mason, b. C. Dilcher. 

Dilcher, Christopher, mason, h. Gray n. Bata- 

Dilger, Xavier, watchmaker, 219 E. Gen. 

Dill, Capt. Reuben, 30 Seventh. 

Diller, John, foreman Gould's elevator, h. 
Franklin n. Allen. 

Diller, G. W., Niag. n. Amherst. 

Dillon, James, shoemaker, 146 Elk. 

Dillon, James, sailor, h. Ohio cor. Wabash. 

Dillon, Catharine, widow, Daugherty's Alley. 

Dillon, Matthew, lab. h. 3d n. York. 

Dillon, Martin, lab. h. Elk n. Mich. 

Dimeurce, Louis, carpenter, h. 50 Wm. 

Dimick, Henry S. clerk, W. Penfield. 

Dimick, Capt. M. Terrace bel. Church. 



Dimond, Robert, weigh man, h. Ala. n. Carroll. 
Dimond, John, machiuist, at Reed's elevator. 
Dimond, Alex, weighman, b. Robert Dimond. 
Dingbaum, Herman, bricklayer, h. Cypress n. 

Dingel, John, tanner, h. Carroll n. Chicago. 
Dingens, J. A. firm Frederick & D. 356 Main. 
Diugledei, Wm. brewer, h. Pratt u. Sycamore. 
Dingier, John, with Bullymore & Langdou. 
Dingman, George, tanner, N. Case & Co. 
Dingman, Geo. W. tailor, 193 Main, h. Oak n. 

Dinkel, Thomas, mason, h. Hinckley n. Spring. 
Dinwoodie & Smith, grocers, cor. Clinton and 

Dinwoodie, Wm. C. grocer, Clinton cor. Oak. 
Dipre, Barbara, Bennett n. Batavia. 
Dirnberger, Joseph, lab. h. Sprnce n. Syca- 
Dirntarmirnn, Frank, freighter, R. R. h. opp. 

Swan St. foundry. 
Dirr, Mathias, Elm n. Goodell. 
Dirsam, V. Batavia n. Walnut. 
Dirtele, Adam, tailor, h. Gen. n. Hickory. 
Disch, John, blacksmith, D. Bowen. 
Dischinger, Jacob, with J. A. Pitts, Batavia 

n. Michigan. 
Diskell, Timothy, lab. h. across the canal n. R. 

R. depot. 
Diskell, Daniel, lab. h. across the canal, foot 

Dismar, Christian, joiner, h. cor. Gen. and 

Distell, Henry, shoemaker, h. Wm. n. Bennett. 
District Attorney's Office at New Court House. 
Ditewig, John, shoemaker, 39 Main, b. Mich. 

u. Genesee. 
Ditman, Gl'O. lab. b. John Dix. 
Ditman, John, joiner, h. Monroe n. Peckham. 
Ditmar, Lewis, with H. Daw & Son. 
Ditmar, Geo. with Zook Bro's. 
Ditmar, Christopher, Mich. n. Tupper. 
Ditmar, Fred., cooper, h. German Alley u. Syc. 
Ditmar, Geo. tinsmith, h. German Alley n. Syc. 
Ditterman, Henry, Van Slyke's planing mill. 
Ditto, John A. b. 21 S. Division. 
Dix, John J. grocer, cor. Batavia and Adams. 
Dix, Mary A., widow of John, b. 128 Folsom. 
Dixon, Hiram, painter, h. 211 Delaware. 
Dixon, William H. Walnut n. Eagle. 
Dixon, John, saddler, 43 E. Seneca. 
Dixon, Joseph, painter, h. 44 Fifth. 
Dixon, Henry, sailor, h. Chicago n. Ohio. 
DizzarJ, James, Dcinarest & Holman. 
Doane, Henry D., R. R. agent, 15 Ex., b. Man- 
Dobb. William, machinist, h. 77 Elm. 
Bobbell, John, lab. h. 34 Blossom. 
Dobbins, Samuel, milkman, h. 120 E. Swan. 
Dobbins, David P. ins. agent, Custom House 

building, h. 2 Niagara. 
Dobbins, Capt. Porter P., insurance agent, b. 

2 Niagara. 
Dobinson, William A. firm Klein <fc D. h. 146 

Dobmeyer, Felix, 61 Cedar. 
Dob on, Samuel, boiler maker, S. Shepard, hv 
Fulton n. Red Jacket. ' 

Dockstader, John, confectioner, J. Heth. 
Dockstader, Jerry, confectioner, J. Heth. 
Dockstader, Crony, con feet., h. 7 Gen. Block. 
Dodd, William, 25 E. Seneca. 
Dodd, Michael, clerk 208 Main, h. Blossom n. 

Dodds, Stephen V. mason, h. 160 Franklin. 
Dodds, Wm. H. blockmaker, with J. C. Ely. 
Dodge, Hampton, firm Cheesman & D. h. 23 

Dodge, Henry S. with W. Monteath. 
Dodge, John, Clinton n. Monroe. 
Dodge, Mrs. widow of Ransom C, h. 257 

Dodge, John G. & Co. lumber deal's, 536 Wash. 
Dodge, Geo. firm R. Courter <fe Co. b. A. L. 

Dodge, Chas. cab driver, h. 88 Folsom. 
Dodge & Billings, grocers, Tonawanda near 

Dodge, W. C. firm D. & B. b. C. F. Billings. 
DODS WORTH, WILLIAM, merchant tailor, 

106 Main, h. cor. Mich, and Folsom. — See 

adv. p. 51. 
Doege, Wm. shoemaker, h. Spruce n. Gen. 
Doenig, Barney, at Howell's boat yard. 
Doenner, Francis, milkman, h. Gray n. Gen. 
Doeppenschmidt, Rev. Chas. Oak ab. Carlton. 
Doer, Michael, porter, 21 Central Wharf. 
Doerffell, Hermann, cor. Palmer and Md. 
Doerflein, John, tailor, h. Locust n. Cherry. 
Doesch, George, cabinet maker, fa. 60 Cedar. 
Doeschel, Samuel, shoemaker, b. 102 Batavia. 
Doescher, John, blacksmith, h. Walnut near 

Doetterl, Geo. shoemaker, h. 125 Pine. 
Doetterl, Joseph, shoemaker, h. 117 Pine. 
Doffer, Adolph, tinsmith, b. Folsom. 
Doheny, Patrick, with Bullymore & Langdon. 
Doherty, C. with Bid well, Banta & Co. 
Dolahauty, Patrick, across the creek n. toll- 
Dolan, John, lab. h. Water n.ship canal. 
Dolan, John, lab. h. Ohio n. toll bridge. 
Dolan, Pat. lab. h. 1 Scott. 
Dolan, Philip, grocer, 164 E. Seneca. 
Dolan, Thomas, grocer, 7 Terrace, h. 98 Sixth. 
Dold, Jacob, butcher, h. White's Corners plank 

Dole, John A. teacher, h. 10th near Carolina, 
Dole, Thomas D., N. Y. C. freight office, h. 47 

S. Division. 
Dolen Wm. tanner, h. Seneca n. Ala. 
Dolen, Michael, lab. h. cor. Hudson and Cot- 
Dolen, James, grocer, h. Niagara cor. Breck- 

Dolen, Patrick, 221 Main. 
Dolen, John J. clerk, h. cor. Pearl and Seneca. 
Dolen, Patrick, with Pratt <fc Co., h. Nichols' 

Dolen, Charles, sailor, h. 7 Scott. 
Dolin, Morris, waiter, h. Church n. Terrace. 
Doll, Anthony D. butcher, 422 Main. 
Doll, Sebastian, clerk cor Canal and Evans. 
Doll, Michael, grocer, 61 E. Genesee. 
Domedian, Ferdinand, clerk, Pratt <fc Co., h. 

Ben net n. William. 



Domedion, Jacob, h. 24 Sycamore. 
Dominees, Edward, whitewasher, h. Gray n. 

Donald, Thomas, tailor, Hydraulics, h. Porter 

n. Vau Rensselaer. 
Donald, W. in C. E. Felton's, 11 W Seneca. 
Donaldson, John, blacksmith, h. Fifth near 

Donaldson, David, blacksmith, h. Fifth corner 

Donaldson, J. & D. ship blacksmiths, Indiana 

n. Carolina. 
Donaldson, Wm. firm D. Brothers, h. Fifth n. 

Donaldson, Sam'l, blacksmith, b.156 E. Seneca. 
Donaldson Brothers, ship smiths, Columbia n. 

Donaliu, E. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Douius, Geo. furnaceman, h. Monroe n. Brown. 
Donlon, James, Third n. Va. 
Donn, Nicholas, watchman, h. cor. Jersey and 

Donnahin, Teddy, b. J. Cavanagh. 
Donnelly, Patrick, boatman, b. T. Moran. 
Donnelly, Thomas, lab. cur. 6th and Jersey. 
Donuelly, Peter, lab. Miss. cor. Perry. 
Donuohue, Dennis, lab. h. Ex. n. La. 
Dounohue, John, on dock. b. Ex. n. La. 
Donnohue, Matthew, lab. h. cor. Ex. and Ala. 
Donnohue, Thomas, mason, h. Fifth u. Va. 
Donnoughue, Mrs. widow, 50 Clinton. 
Donnoughue, John, lab. h. Elk n. Chicago. 
Donnoughue, Mrs. widow, Steuben bel. Hea- 

Donnovan, Michael T. pedler, h. Mackinaw 

n. Chicago. 
Donnovan, John, lab. h. corner 9th and Jersey. 
Ijj Donnovan, Peter, lab. h. Term. n. Mackinaw. 
Donnovan, Johanna, widow, Ohio n. La. 
Donnovan, Cornelius, lab. La. n. Ohio. 
Donnovan, Michael, lab. h. across the creek. 
Donnovan, Thos. shoemaker, 52 Ex. 
Donuovan, John, shoemaker, 52 Ex. 
Donnovan, Elizabeth, 52 Ex. 
Donnovan, Timothy, lab. h. 11 Mechanic. 
Donuovan, Daniel, lab. h. 5th n. Md. 
Donuovan, Michael, lab. h. Gen. across canal. 
Donnoven, Miss Eliza, b. 107 E. Swan. 
Doody, Timothy, Steuben n. Ala. 
Doody, Wm. lab. h*, cor. Seneca and Ala. 
Doohen, Mary, widow, Miss. n. Perry. 
Dooher, Anthony, sailor, h. 56 Fifth. 
Dooley, Ellen, 14 Miss. 
Doolittle, Samuel, joiner, h. 214 S. Division. 
Doolittle, Charles, joiner, h. 222 S. Division. 
Doolittle, Orsamus, clerk, G. B. Benedict. 
Doom ink, John H. tailor, h. cor. Eagle and 


Dopf, Caspar, shoemaker, h. Bennett n. Wm. 
Dopf, Benjamin, tailor, Elm n. Goodell. 
Dopp, Wm., Buff. S. E. Works. 
Dopple, George, tailor, cor. Tupper and Va. 
Doran, James, lab. h. Staats. 
Doran, James, with J. Otto & Co. 
Doran, Jsimes, at gas works, b. J. Peggs. 
Doran, Geo. lab. h. Carolina n. 4th. 
Doran, Edward, grocer, Niag. n. Pa. 
Dore, R. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 

Doner, Michael, lab. h. r. of 449 Michigan. 
Dorer, Henry, coppersmith, h. 436 Mich. 
Dormau, Charles, machinist, Central shop, b. 

137 E. Seneca. 
Dormer, James, clerk, 136 Main, b. 108 Sixth. 
Dormer, Mary, widow, 108 Sixth. 
Dorn, Philip, tailor, h. 112 W. Tupper. 
Dorr, Eben P. marine inspector, Mu. In. Co. 

11 Mer. Exchange, h. 161 JSTiag. 
Dorr, Jeseph W. clerk, Bush <fc Howard, b. 

28 W. Eagle. 
Dorr, Felix, 233 Main. 
Dorr, Robert, sailor, h. Fulton n. Chicago. 
Dorr, Felix, lab. h. Adams n. Batavia. 
Dorr, John, stonecutter, h. Pratt n. Gen. 
Dorr, Peter, tanner, h. Jefferson ab. Wm. 
Dorr, Philip, lab. h. Seneca bel. Ala. 
Dorr, Edward, truckman, h. Walnut n. Clin- 
Dorsey, Thos. 5th n. Maryland. 
Dorsey, Owen, lab. h. 5th n. Carolina. 
Dorsey, John, whitewasher, h. Walnut n. Syc. 
Dorsey, John, cartmau, h. 5th n. Carolina. 
Dorsey, B. widow, 5th n. Carolina. 
Dorsey, John, cooper, h. 411 Mich. 
Dorsheimer, Philip, proprietor Mansion. 
Dorsheimer, William, att'y, 4 Spaulding's Ex. 
Dorsheimer, Philip, Shepard's Iron works. 
Dorst, Conrad, saloon, 379 Main. 
Dorst, Jacob, 367 Main. 

Dorst, P. &, F. grocers, cor. Carolina and 9th. 
Dorst, Philip, firm P. & F. D. cor. Carolina 

and Ninth. 
Dorst, Frederick, firm P. & F. D. cor. Carolina 

and Ninth. 
Dory, Adam, carpenter, Conn. n. 12th. 
Dossenback, Matthias, Sycamore n. Spruce. 
Dossinger, Andrew, shoemaker, h. Johnson n, 

Doty, Rufus, engineer, h. 213 Seventh. 
Doty, John B. fisherman, h. Court n. Staats. 
Doty, John, engineer on lake, h. 291 E. Swan. 
Doty, Jonathan, Amer. Trasp. office. 
Dotzler, John, blacksmith, Goodell cor. Elm. 
Dotzler, Jacob, mason, h. Gray n. Gen. 
Doud, Barney, lab. h. Marvin. 
Douding, Samuel, woolen man'r, 17 E. Gen. 
Doudle, Wm. lab. h. Miss. n. Perry r. 
Dougan, Thomas, tinsmith, h. 232 E. Seneca. 
Dougherty, John, carpenter, h. N. Division n. 

Dougherty, Mary, widow, canal cor. Maiden 

Dougherty, James, farmer, plank road beyond 

Douglass, Mrs. widow of Darius E. 16 Chest- 
Douglass, John, Capt. prop. Sandusky, h. cor., 

10th and Carolina. 
Douglas, Wm. recess, cor. Com'l and Water. 
Douglas, Wm. with W. A. Case. 
Douw, Peter J. att'y at law, 141) Main. 
Dover, George, barter, under Mansion, h. Mil- 

nor n. Wm. 
Dovey, John, eugineer, h. Seneca n. Ala. 
Dow, Wm. F., Morgan n. Chippewa. 
Dow, John, lab. h. cor. Wash, and Perry, up 




Dowd, John, book-keeper, J. S. Johnson, h. 14 

Dowling, Peter R. firm D. & Kelly, h. 4 Market. 
Dowling & Kelly, boarding house, 4 Market, 
Dowling, Pat. clerk, Pratt & Co. 
Dowling, Dennis, lab. h. across the creek. 
Dowling, James, on lake, h. across the creek. 
Down, Henry, butcher, Barnes & Son. 
Downer, VVm. A. plumber, G. Day, b. 9 Carroll. 
Downer, Wm. P. traveling ag't, M. C. R. R. b. 

Downie, S., Phoenix Iron works. 
Downic, Nicholas, with Jewett & Root. 
Downing, John, truckman, h. 37 Blossom. 
Downing, Francis, carpenter, h. 32 Smith 

block, Carroll. 
Downs, Edward, painter, h. Johnson Place. 
Dox, Edward R. book-keeper, b. American. 
Doyle, Wm. L. telegrapher, B. <fc N. Y. City 

R. R. office, b. 70 S. Division. 
Doyle, Moses, lab. h. Carolina n. 9th. 
Doyle, Mrs. D. opp. Gas works. 
Doyle, Michael, mason, h. Carroll n. Ala. 
Doyle, Patrick, mason, h. Carolina n. 5th. 
Doyle, Edward, ship carpenter, h. Ohio n. 

swing bridge. 
Doyle, J. H. telegrapher, 23 Central W harf. 
Doyle, Lawrence, lab. h. Gen. n. the canal. 
Doyle, James, lab. h. Sixth n. Hudson. 
Doyle, James, sailor, h. plank road beyond Elk. 
Draes, Fred, joiner, h. Pratt n. Clinton. 
Drake, Lathrop, joiner, h. Carroll n. La. 
Drake, Ehenezer, jailer, h. old Court House. 
Drake, Lambert W. firm Sears & D. b. 10 

Dramer, Michael, Thompson n. Hamilton. 
Dranan, Pat. lab. h. Mechanic. 
Draper, Geo. W. clerk, 164 Main, b. 36 W. 

Draper, Orrin H. clerk, 142 Main,h. 313 Mich. 
Draper, Daniel D. at McMillen's boat yard. 
Draper, Joseph, clerk, 164 Main. 
Drapers, John, confectioner, h. cor. Eagle and 

Dray, Thomas, ship carpenter, h. across the 

creek n. toll bridge. 
Drayton, John, pattern maker, h. 35 7th. 
Drechsel, August F. carpenter, h. Morgan n. 

Dreden, Richard, lab. h. Folsom bel. Kinney. 
Dreher, Charles, joiner, h. Tupper n. Oak. 
Drcher, Frederick, sen. joiner, 458 Mich. 
Dreher, Frederick, jr. joiner, h. Oak ab. Tupper. 
Dreibur, Jacob, Gray n. Gen. 
Dreier, Conrad, tailor, h. Gray n. Batavia. 
Drenkhahn, Wm. shoemaker,*4l8 Mich. 
Drennan, Jerry, lab. h. 10 Miss. 
Dies, Nicl). Thompson's white lead factory. 
Dres, Henry, Ellicott n. Burton Alley. 
Drescher, Mrs. widow of Casper, 113" Pine. 
Drescher, William, tailor, h. Mulberry above 

Drescher, Jacob, watchman, h. Mulberry n. 

Drescher, Catharine, Walnut n. Sycamore. 
Drcschler, Valentine, porter, Western, h. Mul- 
berry n. High. 
Dreschlcr, Geo. lab. h. Camp n. Sycamore. 

Dresing, G. F. shoemaker, h. 153 N. Div. 
Drew, John, steamboat ag't, b. Dayton house. 
Drew, James T. 32 Pine. 
DREW, WM. H. & CO. regalia man 're, Ex. 

cor. Wash. — See adv. p. 81. 
Drew, Wm. H. firm W. H. D. & Co. h. 24 N 

Drew, Edward, carver, 10 Court, b. Francis N. 

Drew, George H. joiner, h. Perry n. Hayward. 
Drew, Mrs. Austin, r. 280 E. Swan. 
Drew, Francis N. piano forte maker, 10 and 

12 Court, h. Franklin, 2d ab. Tupper. 
Drew, Heintzman & Annowsky, piano forte 

makers, 10 and 12 Court. 
Drewe, Frederick, joiner, h. Maple n. Cherry. 
Dewfs, Joachim, tailor, h. Hickory n. Batavia. 
Drews, Charles H. mason, h. Elm n. Tupper. 
Drews, Frederick, lab. h. Boston Alley. 
Drews, Henry, joiner, h. Elm n. Goodell. 
Drexelius, Francis J. lab. h. William n. Clinton 

Drexelius, Anthony, bricklayer, h. William n. 

Clinton Alley. 
Drexler, John, porter, Niag. Temp, house, h. 

Hampshire n. Tenth. 
Dreyer, Wm. tailor, h. Mulberry n. Carlton. 
Dreyer, Henry, tailor, Burton Alley n. Oak. 
Drier, Casper, marble polisher, D. Belden. 
Drier, Fred, cooper, h. Hamilton cor. East. 
Driner,. Philip, car maker, h. Wm. n. Hickory. 
Driscoll, Patrick, sailor, h. Indiana n. Mary. 
Driscoll, Cornelius, warehouseman, h 25 Ohio. 
Driscoll, Jeremiah, sailor, h. Ohio n. toll bridge. 
Driscoll, Michael, lab. h. 1 Folsom, 
Driscoll, Timothy, lab. h. Ohio, at tollbridge. 
Driscoll, Jeremiah, carp. h. Ohio, at tollbridge. 
Driscoll, Margaret, b. 25 Ohio. 
Driscoll, Cornelius, lab. h. across the creek. 
Driskill, Daniel, on the lake, h. N. Division n. 

Droegmoeller, John, h. 251 Elm. 
Droke, John, cooper, h. Amherst, east of Ton- 

Druar, John, clerk, 432 Main, b. J. Rudolph. 
Druar, John, grocer, Niagara n. Amherst. 
Drullard, Frank O. book-keeper, City Bank. 
Drullard, George, police justice, h. Wash. n. 

Drullard, Ralph, tallyman, b. 256 E. Seneca. 
Drullard, Solomon, agent B. & N. Y. C. R. R. 

line, h 256 E. Seneca. 
Drummer, George, joiner, Main cor. Va. 
Drummond, Wm. carpenter, b. 20 Ex. 
Drummond, Wm. joiner, h. 170 E. Seneca. 
Drynen, E. widow, Carolina cor. Fifth. 
Drynen, John, lab. h. across canal n. Benson's I 

Dublin House, Ex. bel. Chicago. 
DUBOIS, JAMES B. merchant tailor, 149 I 

Main, h. Oak cor. N. Div. — See adv. p. 51. 
Dubois, Philo, silversmith, HE. Swan, h. 24 

Dubois, Peter, shoemaker, b. cor. Water and 

Dubois, Henry, with Jewett <fe Root. 
Dubrel, Anthony, with Sangster & Co. h. 72 

N. Division. 




Dubrel, Adolphos, h. 72 1ST. Division. 

Due, Chas. H. joiner, h. Spruce n. Sycamore. 

Ducro, Charles, cabinet maker, 115 Main. 

Ducro, G. cabinet maker, 233 Main. 

Ducy, John, boarding house, Ex. n. Mich. 

Duday, Honora, widow, h. Fulton n. Chicago. 

Dudley, Geo. B. with Dudley & Bull, b. Mrs. 

Dudley, Henry C. book-keeper, Marine Bank, 

b. Mrs. Matthews. 
Dudley, Geo. E. dealer in tin ware and stoves, 

243 Main. 
DUDLEY & BULL, proprietors Union Fur- 
nace, 95 Main. — See adv. %d p. cover. 
Dudley, Thomas J. h. 266 Pearl. 
Dudley, William H. firm Dudley <fe Bull, b. 

Dudley, James G. with Dudley & Bull, b. 

Mrs. Matthews. 
DUDLEY, S. & SON'S, coppersmiths, 57 

Main. — See adv. p. 68. 
Dudley, Stephen, firm S. Dudley <fe Sons.h. 60 

Dudley, Joseph D. firm S. Dudley & Sons, b. 

60 Pearl. 
Dudley, Moses T. firm S. Dudlev & Sons, b. 

60 Pearl. 
Dudley, Thomas J. jr. b. American. 
Dudley, John E. 34 E. Swau. 
Dudley, Edward, firm J. Parker <fc Co. b. 32 

Dudley Hall, 93 and 95 Main. 
Dudley, Reuben, ostler, with I. Holloway, h. 

Allen n. Va. 
Duehring, Fred, cabinet shop, 486 Mich. 
Duell, Samuel M. with Wright, Clark <fc Co. b. 

Railroad hotel. 
Duell, Albert, clerk, b. R. R. hotel. 
Duemplemann, Louis C. clerk, Mich. C. R. R. 

office, h. 170 E.Swan. 
Duerk, Nicholas, lab. h. 1 Sycamore. 
Duerr, Gregory, cabinet maker, b. 398 Mich. 
Duerr, Chas. cabinet maker, b. 398 Mich. 
Duerr, John G. 389 Main. 
Duerr, Anthony, 93 Pine. 
Duerr, August, Walnut n. Sycamore. 
Duff, Archibald M. blacksmith, Mechanic, h. 

8 Sixth. 
Duff, Matthew, recess, Water n. Evans. 
Duff, M. upholsterer, h. Batavia n. German 

Duffey, Charles, recess, Canal cor. Evans. 
Duffy, James - , truckman, h. cor 4th and Geo. 
Duffy, Thomas, waiter, h. 50 Clinton. 
Duffy, Joseph, mason, h. Oak n. Carlton. 
Duffy, Charles M. printer, Thomas & Lathrops, 

161 Main. 
Duffy, Wm. warehouseman, h. Chicago n. Elk. 
Duffy, Patrick, jeweler, Commercial, b. 55 E. 

Duffy, Martin, lab. h. cor. Folsom and Chicago. 
Duffy, Barney, at Van Slyke's planing mill. 
Duffy, Francis, 223 Main. 
Duffy, David, Canal n. Evans. 
Duffy, Martin, ship carpenter, h. Chicago n. 

Duffy, James, ship carpenter, h. cor. Fulton 

and Alabama. 

Dugan, Michael, lab. h. Fulton n. Chicago. 
Dugan, Thomas, tinsmith, h. 234 E. Seneca. 
Dugan, Thomas, h. Scott Alley n. Perry. 
Dngdale, Robert, with G. A. Prince A Co. b. 

Daniel Clark. 
Dugdale, Richard, with G. A. Prince & Co. b. 

Daniel Clark. 
Duggan, Patrick M. Canal Col. office, h. 260 

E. Seneca. 
Duggan, Daniel, blacksmith, cor. Ex. and La. 
Duggan, B. widow, Evans bel. Fly. 
Duhalanty, Thomas, lab. h. Marvin n. Elk. 
Dukes, John, shoemaker, h. Mich. n. Carlton. 
Dulahait, Thos. with Bidwell, Banta <fe Co. 
Dumont, Waldron, foreman, 107 Main, b. Cla:- 

Dumphy, Thomas, upholsterer, 270 Main, b. 

76 E. Eagle. 
Dunbar, Lyman, 283 Pearl. 
Dunbar, Robert, supt. Eagle Iron Works, h. 

8 Park Place. 
Dunbar, J. Jewett, clerk, 217 Main,b. 11 Oak. 
Dunbar, Ambrose, barber, h. 115 Oak. 
Dunbar, Edwin, Mich. n. High. 
Dunbar, Lyman, D. clerk, James Wads worth. 
Dunbergtr, J. with G. A. Prince & Co. 
Duncan, James, brewer, h. Del. n. Ferry. 
Duncan, Harrie P. stereotyper, b. Bennet 

Temp. House. 
Duncan, Edward, on canal, h. 93 E. Seneca. 
Duncan, James, sailor, h. Ohio n, Mich. 
Duncan, Thomas, carp. b. 15 Pearl. 
Duncast, Margaret, Adams n. Sycamore. 
Duncast, William, lab. h. Ash n. Batavia. 
Dunkel, Jacob A. joiner, h. Fulton n. Chicago. 
Dunker, Mrs. Maria, nurse, 556 Michigan. 
Dunker, John, lab. h. 556 Micb. 
Dunlap, Robert, clerk, 279 Main. 
Dunlap, Horace, at Receiver's office, h. 245 

S. Division. 
Dunlap, Asahel, clerk, Assessor's office, b. 245 

S. Division. 
Dunlap, Horace L. clerk, Receiver's office, b. 

245 S. Division. 
Duulop, James, joiner, h. Johnson place. 
Dunn, Patrick, carp. b. Peter J. Smith wick. 
Dunn, Vincent, engineer, h. Perry n. Ala. 
Dunn, Martin, lab. b. Thos. Henessy. 
Dunn, Mrs. Jane, teacher, No. 8, b. Moses Ba- 
Dunn, Samuel, Ohio n. Chicago. 
Dunn,Van Rensselaer R. mason, h. Niag. n.Va. 
Dunn, Edward, boiler maker, State Line R. 

R. shop. 
Dunn, Mrs. Patrick, cor. Carroll and Chicago. 
Dunn, Wm. machinist, h. Perry n. Hamburgh. 
Dunne, James W. clerk, J. Otto & Co. h. 175 

S. Division. 
Dunne, John, Van Slyke's boat yard. 
Dunne, Wm. J. tinsmith, J. Otto" & Co. b. 175 

S. Division. 
Dunning, Orriu, carp. h. Topper n. Wash. 
Dunns, Benedict, lab. h. 96 Cedar. 
Dunovan, Pat. sailor, h. Ohio at toll bridge. 
Dunovan, John, at Van Slyke's boat yard. 
Dunphey, Geo. "W. engineer, 114 Huron. 
Dunphey, Thomas, upholsterer, 270 Main, b. 

76 E. Eagle. 



Dunston, James, with S. Shepai-d. 

Dunston, Thos. Buff. S. E. Works. 

Duntz, Qliver, Buff. S. E. Works. 

Dupre, Victor, m. d. 69 Sycamore, 

Duran, A. T., Van Slyke's yard. 

Durfee, Fenton, clerk, Am. Trans. Co. office. 

Durfee, Philo, firm D. <fc Atwater, h. 148 

Durfee <fe Atwater, insurance agents, cor. Lloyd 

and Prime. 
Durfeldt, Gustavus, cabinet maker, 223 Main, 

h. Johnson n. Batavia. 
Durfeldt, Fred, 191J< Main. 
Durick, Mrs. widow of James, 413 Seneca. 
Dork, Martin, teamster, Kane n. Gen. 
Durkan, Thomas, pedler, h. Folsom bel. Chi- 
Durkee. Geo. W. at Swartz's Iron Works, h. 

393 E Swan. 
Durkett, Peter, Van Slyke's boat yard. 
Durkett, S., Van Slyke's boat yard. 
Durr, George, bonnet store, 398 Main. 
Durst, John, butcher, cur. Dearborn and Ham- 
Dusel, Andrew, carpenter, h. Mulberry n. Va. 
Dusel, Sebastian, bl'ksmith, h. Mulberry n. Va. 
Duseman, Timothy, carpenter, h. Indiana n. 

Dusenberry, Capt. Hiram A. 226 N. Division. 
Dusenberry, Benjamin, h. 14 Oak. 
Dusenberry, Hiram, tinsmith, 31 Main, b. 14 

Dusenberry, Erastus F. tinsmith, Dudley & 

Dustin, James, on R. R. b. Saunders' Ex. 
Dutch, Nathan, glazier, h. Scott alley n. Perry. 
Dutch Evangelical Church, Amherst n. East. 
Duthe, John, printer* b. Hickory n. Genesee. 
Duthie, James, lumber dealer, cor. Niag. and 

Huron, h. 87 Ninth. 
Dutton, Edward H. stave dealer, 2 Main, h.47 

E. Eagle. 
Dutton, Walter, carriage driver, h. Walnut n. 

Duzen, Fred. lab. h. Palmer n. Va. 
Dwyer, Alex, gardener, h. Elk ab. Ala. 
Dwyer, Edward, ship carp. Bidwell, Banta & 

Co. h. N. Division bel. Pollard. 
Dwyer, Michael, cooper, h. Carroll n. Mich. 
Dwyer, Thomas, cooper, b. M. Dwyer. 
Dwyer, Matthew, ship carp. h. Fulton n. Ala. 
Dwyer, Michael, cooper, h. 225 Carroll. 
Dwyer, Spencer, on R. R. h. Carroll bel. La. 
Dwyer, Charles P., Light House Ins. Office, h. 

100 Sixth. 
Dyer, Charles, joiner, h. 225 N. Division. 
Dyer, R 0. baggage master, B. & N. Y. C. R. R. 
Dygert, Jacob, Amer. Ex. office, h. 57 Ellieott, 
Dykoman, Win. Seneca cor. Heacock. 
Dykeman, Adelia M. leacher, No. 4. 
Dynes, Mis. Jane, 437 Main. 


Eagan, Sylvester, lab. h. cor. Court and Staats. 
Eagan. Michael, wagon maker, b. 160 Pearl. 
Eagle Furnace, Mississippi n. Elk. 
JEagle Iron Works, cor. Perry ami Mississippi. 

Eagle Hose Company, Wash. n. Clinton. 

Eagler, Peter, Dart & Bros. 

Fames, Mi o and com.mer. Cen. Wharf. 

Earial, A. with Bidwell, Banta <fc Co. 

Earl, James, with Howard & Co. 

Earl, Deborah, widow of Benj. P., 118 E. Swan. 

East Presbyterian Church, Elm ab. S. Division. 

Eastabrooks, E. H. printer, Express office, h. 

over 500 Main. 
Easter, Matthias, with L. <fc I. J. White. 
Eastern Hotel, Ex. bel. Washington. 
Eastman, Sanford, m. d. office and house 16 

Eastman, William, joiner, h. Eagle n. Walnut. 
Eastman, Charles, b. 8 Sixth. 
Eastman, William H. clerk, Shepard's Iron 

Eaton, Rev. Joshua T. rector St. James 

Church, h. 211 S. Division. 
Eaton, Lewis, Main n. Utica. 
EATON, P. B. & L. L. planing and saw mill, 

cor. Court and Hospital. — See adv. p. 75. 
Eaton, Philo B. firm P. B. & L. L. Eaton, h. 

Tupper head of Pearl. 
Eaton, Lewis L, firm P. B. & L. L. Eaton, h. 

Main n. Utica. 
Eaton, Charles S. clerk, 198 Main, h. 71 Wm. 
Eaton, Charlotte, widow, boarding house, 44 

Eaton, John B. with Amasa Mason, Ferry n. 

Eaton, Samuel S. ins. ag't, 1 Custom house 

buildings, h. Allen n. Main. 
Eaton, Michael, machinist, h. Seneca n. Ala. 
Eaton, Mark, with Smith & Brothers. 
Ebbs, Mary L. b. Jane Weldon. 
Ebbs, John, on lake, b. Jane Weldon. 
Ebeling, Charles, furnaceman, h. Walnut n. 

Ebenau, Emil, engineer, b. 379 Wash. 
Ebenau, Frederick W. architect, h. 379 Wash. 
Ebenezer Church, Grape n. Va. 
Eberhart, William, wine dealer, Batavia cor. 

Eberhart, Christian, grocery and h. 320 Main. 
Eberhart, John, h. Kane n. Sycamore. 
Eberhart. Frank, with Good & Moore. 
Eberhart, Christian, Spriug n. Gen. 
Eberhart, Jacob, Spring n. Batavia. 
Eberhart, John, machinist, h. cor. Oak and Va. 
Eberhart, John G. brewer, b. 383 E. Gen. 
Eberhart, Beruhard, shoemaker, with Fred'k 

Eberhart, John, lab. h. r. 39 Spruce. 
Eberl, Geo. tailor, Batavia n. Spring. 
Eberl, Joseph, tailor, 443 Mich. 
Eberle, Casper, furnaceman, h. Boston u. Bur- 
ton Alley. 
Eberle, Fred'k, plasterer, h. German Alley. 
Eberle, Joseph, Monroe n. Batavia. 
Eberlein, Christian F. brush maker, h. Morti- 
mer n. Sycamore. 
Eberling, Fred, blacksmith, h. Hickory n. 

Ebert, Michael, joiner, b. Cherry n. Maple. 
Eby. Charles, boarding house, 19 Canal. 
Eccles, Wm, fisherman, h. Canal north of 




Eck, Louis, with Jacob Roos. 

Eckel, John, moulder, h. Spruce n. Gen. 

Eckel, Charles, 5th n. Carolina. 

Eckel, Barbary, widow of Philip, 451 Mich. 

Eckel, John, lab. h. Sycamore n. Spring. 

Eckel, Martin, lab. Jefferson n. Gen. 

Eckel, Jacob, Buff. Steam E. W. 

Eckel, Joseph, Buff. Steam E. W. 

Eckels, James, fisherman, h. Hamilton n. East. 

Eckert, Peter, Adams n. Batavia. 

Eckert, Adam, with F. Boechat. 

Eckert, John, tailor, h. Maple n. Goodell. 

Eckert, Thos. shoemaker, h. 344 Mich. 

Eckert, Anu, widow of John, 83 Cherry. 

Eckhard, Frank, 141 E. Eagle. 

Eckhardt, John, saddler, h. Ash n. Gen. 

Eckhart, Peter, teamster, b. Mortimer n. Syc. 

Eckhart, Geo. tanner, h. 246 E. Gen. 

Eckley, J. S. & Brothers, 63 Main, up stairs. 

Eckley, Jos. S. firm E. & Brothers, b. 43 S. 

Ecklev, Wm. H. E.firm E. & Brothers, b. Miss 

Eckley, Edward, firm E. & Brothers, b. Miss 

Eddy <fc Bingham, iron fence and railing manu- 
factory, Church cor. Jackson. 
Eddy, Robert M. firm Eddy <fe Bingham, h. 

179 Terrace. 
Eddy, Ebenezer C. at pail factory, h. Amherst 

west of Thompson. 
Eddy, Willard T. machinist, Buff. Car Wheel 

works, h. cor. Chestnut and Swan. 
Eddy, Willard, clerk, 153 Main, b. 55 E. Sen. 
Eddyman, William, cap maker, h. 31 Ex. 
Ederer, Wolfgang, carpenter, h. Ash n. Gen. 
Edgarton, Mercy, widow of John, b. 263 E. 

Edgcomb, Chas. A. with Hart, Newman & Co 

b. 103 Ellicott. 
Edge, Edward, at Buff. Iron Works. 
Edmonson, Andrew, h. Morgan, bet. Court 

and Niag. 
Edmunds, Asa, joiner, h. 109 E. Seneca. 
Edmunds, John, teamster, h. across the creek. 
Edmunds, Loyal E. builder, h. 103 Seneca. 
Edmunds, Richard, clerk, Pratt '& Co. b. 82 

N. Division. 
Edmunds, Thos. foreman, S. Shepard, h. 111. 

n. Perry. 
Edward, Michael, bill poster, b. J. L. Baker. 
Edward, John J. D. ship carp. h. Louisiana n. 

Edwards, John, engineer, h. 89 Ellicott. 
Edwards, Emily, widow, h. Chic. cor. Carroll. 
Edwards, Richard H. clerk, Pratt & Co. b. 82 

N. Division. 
Edwards, Samuel C. brakeman, h. Chicago n. 

Edwards, Wm. R. with Pratt & Co. h. 100 E. 

Edwards, John, painter, H. G. White. 
Eeles, James, plumber, J. E. Thomson. 
Eeles, Wm. at theatre, h. 208 E. Eagle. 
Eels, Chas. clerk, Pratt & Co. h. 159 Franklin. 
Effereu, Charles A. with J. R. Lee & Co. b. 29 

E. Swan. 
Effiick, David, weighman, h. Ala. n. Carroll 

Efner & Lewis, com. merchants, 4 Hanover. 
Efner, George B. livery stable, 211 Wash h. 

Efner, Elijah D. office Brown's Buildings, h. 

York cor. Seventh. 
Efner, J. Henry, firm E. & Lewis, h. Swan cor,. 

Egan, John, clerk, J. G. & W. I. Mills. 
Egan, John, shoemaker, 244 Main. 
Ege, Jacob, tailor, h. Ash n. Gen. 
Eger, Joseph, shoemaker, 119 E. Gen. 
Egeris, Evert, paver, h. cor. Pine and Wm. 
Egeter, Albert, baker, b. Batavia n. Pine. 
Egether, Andrew, blacksmith, 485 Wash. 
Eggers, Ernst, saloon, Market n. Perry. 
Eggers, Conrad C. cigar maker, William cor. 

Clinton alley. 
Eggert, -Sebastian, shoemaker, over 15 Main. 
Eggert, John, lab. with Good & Moores. 
Eggert, George, Carroll bel. Smith Block. 
Eggert, Wm. shoemaker, h. Goodell n. Elm. 
Eghart, Fred, at U. S. hotel. 
Egloff, Peter, with 1. D. White. 
Egloff, Joseph, mason, h. 292 Elm. 
Egman, Henry, joiner, h. 128 Oak. 
Ehde, C. with J. A Pitts. 
Ehlers, Louis, h. Wm. cor. Adams. 
Ehlers, William, saddler, 10 Ex. h. Wm. cor. 

Ehlinger, Michael, lab. h. Adams n. Batavia- 
Ehmau, Jacob, cabinet maker, h Batavia n. 

Ehrdman, Frank, at Pierce's lumber yard. 
Ehrhardt, Casper, butcher, b. Watson n. Ba- 

Ehrler, Jacob, with R. J. Compton. 
Ehrlick, Francis, book binder, L. Danforth, b. 

27 Pearl. 
Ehrlisch, Louis, book-keeper, 166 Main. 
Eibly, John, cooper, h. Amherst n. East. 
Eichel, Geo. shoemaker, 177 E. Gen. 
Eichelsdoerfer, Michael, h. cor. Michigan and 

Eichhammer, Michael, mason, h. Fox n. Gen. 
Eichorn, John, shoemaker, H. F. Warhus. 
Eigenbrod, Geo. grocer, h. Gen. u. Hickory, 
Eigenbrot, John, tailor, h. Hickory n. Batavia. 
Eighme, Charles J. carp. h. Pollard n. Swan. 
Eikerbush, Charles, jeweler, 161 Main. 
Eiluf, John, lab. h. William n. Walnut. 
Eimen, John, lab. h. Adams n. Gen. 
Einsel, Joseph, lab. h. cor. Tupper and Elm. 
Einsfeld, John P. printer, Express office, h. 

106 Goodell. 
Einsfeld, Geo. paver, h. 106 Goodell. 
Einsfield, Philip, printer, h. 106 Goodell. 
Eirig, Jacob, with H. F. Warhus. 
Eis, George, lab. h. 137 S} r camore. 
Eisenberger, Louis, boarding house, cor. Fly 

and State. 
Eisenberger, Michael, shoemaker, h. Eagle n. 

Eisenberger, Henry, teamster, b. 83 Wash. 
Eisenberger, Henry, carriage driver, h. Luth- 
eran n. Batavia. 
Eisenbrend, Casper, h. 321 Elm. 
Eisenhard, John G. shoemaker, h. Mich. n. 





Eiseuhard, Joseph, Jefferson n. William. 
Eisenman, Felix, lab. h. Adams n. William. 
Eisinger, Michael, joiner, h. Mulberry n. Carl- 
Eisman, M. in C. E. Felton's, 11 W. Seneca. 
Eismiber, Francis, lab. h. Gray bel. Gen. 
Eklif, Charles H. engineer, 174 N. Division. 
Elder, John, sofa maker, b. 19 Pearl. 
Elder & Stearns, upholsterers and paper 

hangers, 270 Main. 
Elder," Stewart, firm E. & Stearns, h. 76 E. 

Eldredge, Samuel, tallyman, P. L. Sternberg 

& Co. h. 90 N. Division. 
Eldridge, Catharine, boarding house, 140 Elk. 
Eldridge, Zoeth, with W. D. Walbridsje. 
Eldridge, Delos, moulder, Buff. S. E. Works. 
Eldridge, Lewis P. clerk, 211 Main, h. 11 

Eldridge, Luther, Brff. S. E. Works. 
Eldridge, John, b. Phcenix Hotel. 
Eldridge, Joseph, clerk. J. Allen, jr. & Co. 
Elebeck, Junius H. barber, American, h. 50 

Eleber, Fred, butcher, with Fred. Lemon. 
Elenz, Wm. shoetn'r, h. Mulberry ab. Goodell. 
Eley, John, 19 Seventh. 
Eley, Jacob, grocer, 69 E. Genesee. 
Elgas, Peter, moulder, Jewett & Root, h. 

Goodell alley. 
Elk Street House, cor. Elk and Michigan. 
El King, Charles F. ins*, ag't, b. 133 Elm. 
Ellicott, Patrick, Barker's Alley. 
Ellicott, Daniel, on lake, h. across the creek. 
Elliott, John, stabler, canal, cor. Erie,h. North 

n. Del. 
Elliott, Bernard, cartman. h. 9th n. Hudson. 
Elliott, Thomas, carpenter, h. r. 101 9th. 
Elliott, Wm. with J. Ellicott, 
Elliott, Gilbert, 24 Del. Place. 
Elliott, Robert, gardener, h. cor. Pa. and 12th. 
Elliott, Wm. gardener, b. R. Elliott. 
Ellingham, Robert, with F. N. Jones. 
Ellinghauser, Eugelbert, store, 405 Main, h. 

Ellis, Allen, Amer. Ex. Co. h. 130 Folsom. 
Ellis, Hiram, clerk, 227 Main, b. Genesee 

Ellis, Isaac, clothier, 41 Main. 
Ellis, John, rag mer. n. Elk u. Chicago. 
Ellis, Wm. cook, h. Walnut n. Genesee. 
ELLIS, A. D. <fc CO. for. and com. mer. foot of 

Com'l. — See adv. p. 32. 
Ellis, Anson D. firm A. D. E. <fc Co. h. 16 Del. 
Ellis, A. carriage maker, W. Williams, b. Ge- 
nesee House. 
Ellis, Thomas, with. J. Allen, jr. <fe Co. 
Ells, Philip, tailor, b. 85 Wash. 
Ells, Wm. A. with S. Dudley & Sons. 
Ellsworth, John, 174 Ellicott, 
Ellsworth, Wm. J. at Dart & Bros. b. 52 E. 

Ellsworth, Henry, with N. Lyman. 
Ellsworth, Elias, med. student, with Dr. H. 

H. Bissell. 
Elresser, Wm. b. 282 E. Swan. 
Klsaezar, John, shoemaker, h. cor. Niag. and 


Els, Frederick, tailor, h. 551 Mich. 
Elsheimer, Geo. grocer, cor. Gen. and Johnson. 
Elsinghorst, Henry, tinsmith, h. Batavia n. 

Elwood,John, brickmaker, h. Ex. n. brickyard. 
Ely, Israel C. pump and block maker, Water, 

h. 22 Carroll. 
Ely, Jacob, teamster, h. 124 W. Tupper. 
Ely, John, foreman, T. D. Barton, h. 19 7th. 
Ely, Peter, finisher, Cutler <fe Deforest. 
Emeigh, Michael, piauo forte maker, h. 176 

Emerich, Jacob, constable, h. 124 Oak. 
Emerich, Philip, butcher, h. Walnut n. Bat. 
Emerich, John, joiner, h. 102 Pine. 
Emerich, Charles, constable, h. Cherry n. Ma- 
Emerich, Geo. with Henry Fanger. 
Emerson, Nelson, keeper tollgate, Ohio. 
Emerson, Charles A. clerk, Pratt & Co. h. 39 

W. Eagle. 
Emerson, Henry M. clerk, Morgan & Root, h. 

94 W. Huron. 
Emerson, Selden, ship carpenter, h. Park PI. 
Emery, Daniel F. firm D. F. E. & Son, h. 140 

Emerv, Franklin, book-keeper, 180 Main. 
Emery, Wm. Y. ag't, Geo. Youell, b. 23 Frankl. 
Emery, D. F. & Son, grocers, 376 Main. 
Emery, Geo. D. firm G. F. E. <fe Son, b. 140 

Eraig, Jacob, hatter, h. 25 E. Gen. 
Emig, John, hat store, 385 Main, h. same. 
Emil, John, sailmaker, h. Wm. n. Pine. 
Emmerling. Frank, grocer, cor. Niag. and 

Emmons, Roderich J. liquor dealer, h. 192 E. 

Emmons, Wesley, pattern maker, Eagle fur- 
Emmons, Fred. W. 171 S. Division. 
Emrich, Gottfried, butcher, h. Jefferson n. 

Emslie, Peter, engineer and surveyor, 5 

Brown's buildings, b. Clarendon. 
Enck, Peter, b. J. Stern. 
Enderlin, John, turner, b. 59 Wash. 
Endicot, Simon W. b. Sarah A. Long. 
Endres, Andrew, Boston n. Va. 
Endres, John, Mulberry n. Hi<rh. 
Endres, George, grocer, 80 E. Genesee. 
Endres, Louis, painter, b. 200 Ex. 
Endres, Joseph, lab. !>. 300 E. Seneca. 
Engel, Nicholas, lab. h. 60 Cedar. 
Engel. Peter, furnaceman, Eagle furnace. 
Engel, Leonhard, 137 °ak. 
Engel, John, with C. Neumann. 
Engelhardt, George, lab. h. Hickory n.Gen. 
Engelhardt, John, lab. h. Mortimer n. Sycam. 
Engelhardt, John, tailor, h. Monroe n. Syc. 
Engerer, John, lab. h. Watson n. Batavia. 
Engetter, Wm. shoemaker, b. 43 Sycamore. 
Engler, Philip, carpenter, h. Abbott road n. 

toll gate. 
Englert, Andrew, shoemaker, h. Adams n. 

English, Wm. boiler maker, cor. La. and Ex, 

h. Fulton n, Hamburgh, 



English, Wm. lab. h. 5th n. Court. 

English, James, mason, h. across the canal bel. 

Enos, Alfred, waiter, cor. Blossom and Koon. 
Enos, L. & Co. millers and com. mer's, over 2 

Euos, Laureus, firm L. E. & Co. h. 6 Boston 

En right, Dennis M. printer, Com'l Adv. h. 

Swan bel. Pine. 
Enright, Matthew, lab. b. Swan bel. Pine. 
Ensign, Charles, 214 Pearl. 
Ensigu, Edward, clerk, b. 214 Pearl. 
Ensign, Elisha W. b. 214 Pearl. 
Entres John, shoemaker, h. Gen. ab. Jefferson. 
Eppele, Fred. German Alley. 
Erh, John, lab. h. 321 Elm. 
Erb, Peter, grocer, cor. Gen. and Jefferson. 
Erb, Wm. lab. h. Kane n. Sycamore. 
Erb, Titus, cigar maker, h. Sycam. n. Spruce. 
Erhar, George, bricklayer, h. Ketchum Alley. 
Erbes, Jacob, shoemaker, h. Hickory n. Gen. 
Erdman, Frank, at Pierce's lumber yard, h. 

Wm. n. Hickory. 
Erdman, Wm., Wm. n. Hickory. 
Erdman, Wm. watchman, R. R. h. cor. Spring 

and Folsom. 
Eresman, John, shoemaker, h. cor. Clinton and 

Erie County Penitentiary, 5th ab. Hudson. 
Erie Exchange, cor. Main and Lloyd-. 
Erie and Michigan Telegraph office, 145 Main 

and 15 Merchant's Ex. 
Erie Manufacturing Co., School cor. 10th. 
Erie Mills, Lower Black Rock. 
Erlanger, Leopold, cigar maker, h. Batavia n. 

Erness, Peter, h. 101 Clinton. 
Ernewein, Andrew, mason, h. Walnut n. Gen. 
Ernewein, Ignatz, shoemaker, h. Walnut near 


Ernst, Gabriel, joiner, Spring bel. Genesee. 
Ernst, Michael, tailor, 89 Elm. 
Ernst, Philip, lab. h. Park n. Virginia. 
Ernst, Albert C. with Geo. Cole, h. Va. n. Cot- 

h* age " 

Ernst, Peter, joiner, at Eaton's planing mill, 

h. Kane n. Sycamore. 

Ernst, Henry, joiner, h. Spring n. Wm. 

Ernst, Valentine, cor. Va. and W. Tupper. 

Ernst, Mary, teacher of music, 96 E. Genesee. 

Ernst, Michael, joiner, Bottom & Knight. 

Err, George, gas fitter, h. 105 Pratt, 

Erter, Martin, Ketchum Alley. 

Ertz, Geo. jr., lab. h. Camp n. Genesee. 

Ertz, Geo. sr., Camp n. Genesee. 

Ervin, Chas. ag't sewing machines, 214 Main. 

(lEschenbach, Moritz, boarding house, junction 
Generee and Huron. 
SEschenfelder, Wm., Ashn. Sycamore, 
I Eschenfelder, John, mason, h. Mulberry above 
J Goodell. 

I ijEskildson, John, sailor, b. W. Sawford. 
' Esner, Geo. carpenter, h. Gen. n. German. 

I Espenbeck, Frederick, blacksmith, h. 418 

I I Michigan. 

| Esper, Elizabeth, widow, over 33 Mohawk, 
f Esser, John, Globe flouring mills, Black Rock. 

Essig, Henry, shoemaker, h. Boston n. Tupper. 

Ethereage, Alfred, upholsterer, h. 37 Cedar. 

Etling, Philip, with D. Belden. 

Etling, Philip, tanner, h. Cherry bel. Spring. 

Ettinger, Joseph, grocer, h. Maple n. High. 

Euluer, Lewis, colporteur Amer. Tract Society, 
h. 29 Spruce. 

Euscher, Fred'k, moulder, h. Wm. n. Pratt. 

Eustaphieve, Alex. A. sec'y Mut. Ins. Co., of- 
fice, Merchants' Ex. h. Geo. cor. Seventh. 

Eva, Adam, grocer, Exchange n. Mich. 

Evans, Jasper, clerk, E. K. Bruce. 

Evans, H. L. clerk, 194 Main, b. 21 E. Eagle. 

Evans, John R. city treasurer, h. 31 Ellicott. 

Evans, James C. com. mer. cor. Water and 
ship canal, h. 272 Washington. 

Evans, Richard, glue maker, h. Abbott road 
n. toll gate. 

EVANS, CHARLES W. produce mer., eleva- 
tor, ship canal, cor. Water, h. 273 Wash. — 
See adv. p. 34. 

Evans, William A. firm Van Slyke, E. & Co. 
h. 35 East Eagle. 

EVANS, OLIVER B. daguerreotypist, over 
214 Main.— See adv. p. 49. 

Evans, James H. joiner, h. Ala. n. Elk. 

Evans, Robert, 214 Main, h. Folsom u. Mich. 

Evans, Lewis E., Amer. Trans'n Co. h. 132 

Evans, Geo. warehouseman, E. H. Sauborn. 

Evans, Henry, with R. J. Compton, b. 175 

Evans, Margaret, widow of William, 273 Wash. 

Evans, Jacob, warehouseman, with W. A. Fox 
& Co. 

Evaus, Ellicott, Franklin ab. Va. 

Evening Post, daily, office over 7 W. Seneca. 

Everardt, John, tanner, h. North Canal u. the 
R. R. 

Everell, Casper, at Swartz's Iron Works. 

Everest, Mary, with J. R. Kennedy. 

Everett, Francis, ship carp, h Falrner n. Ma- 

Evers, John, joiner, h. Hickorv n. Batav'a. 

Evers, John P. on lake, h. 19 111. 

Everson, George, tanner, h. S. Division n. Pol- 

Everson, James, engineer, h. cor. Elm and 

Everson, Edward, printer, b. 20 Ex. 

Everson, John, foreman lead factory, h. Spruce 
n. Sycamore. 

Everts, Orson C. baggage agent, B. & S. Line, 
h. Seneca n. Mich. 

Every, S. grocer, 435 Main. 

Eves, Jesse M. firm Weston, Cogswell & Co. 
b. 74 N. Division. 

Evev, John, turner, h. Elm n. High. 

EVRY & MoPHERSON, dry goods mer- 
chants, 198 Main. — See adv. p. 50. 

Evry, Stephen M. firm E. &McPherson, b. 22 

Ewart, John, clerk, 163 Main, h. 202 Ellicott. 

Ewart, Mrs. M. r. 32 W. Geuesee. 

Ewig, Peter, tailor, Goodell n. Mich. 

Exelby, Charles, miller, h. r. 346 E. Seneca. 

Exelby, Wm. millwright, h. r. 346 E. Seneca. 

Ey, Louisa, widow, 177 E. Genesee. 



Faber, Charles, furnaceman, b. F. Weiss. 

Faber, Henry, blacksmith, h. Eagle n. Hickory. 

Fachs, Wm. Thompson's lead factory. 

Faecher, Elizabeth, widow, r. 114 Pine. 

Fagan, John, moulder, Buff. S. E. Works. 

Fagan, James, baker, b. N. Y. Central hotel. 

Fahl, Joseph, tanner, with N. Case & Co. 

Fairbanks, Albert, sailor, h. Ohio n. Mich. 

Fairchild, Jared, joiner, h. Palmer n. Va. 

Fairchild, Joseph L. attorney, 164 Main, b. 

Falb, Magdalena, widow of Valentine, Walnut 
n. Batavia. 

Fales, Lewis T. 35 W. Seneca. 

Falk, Leopold, h. Milnor n. Batavia. 

Falkeuban, Charles, tailor, Spring n. Wm. 

Faller, Nicholas, 210 E. Genesee. 

Faller, Baptiste, blacksmith, 121 Pine. 

Fallis, John, grocer, cor. Franklin and Chip- 
pewa, h. same. 

Fallon, Michael, pedler, h. 5th n. Va. 

Fallon, Pat, lab. h. Ex. cor. Hamburgh. 

Fallon, Mrs. Wm. 7th n. Md. 

Fallon, J. & Co. merchant tailors, over 202 

Fallon, James, firm J. F. & Co. b. Western. 

Fandermaker, Charles, locksmith, 15 E. Sen. 

Fandocker, George, lab. h. Spruce n. Syca- 

Fanger, Henry, 11 Canal. 

Faning, Michael, State bet. Fly and Canal. 

Fanton, Catharine, widow, r. 211 E. Seneca. 

Farbush, John, waiter, h. 231 E. Geuesee. 

Fargo, Wm. G. firm Livingston, F. & Co. h. 
Niag. cor. Franklin. 

Fargoson, Dennis, tailor, h. Pratt n. Wm. 

Farinlow, Edward, cabinet maker, h. Conn.n. 

Farland, Christopher, at McMillan's boat 

Farley Pat. polisher, D. Belden. 

Farliu, Martin, lab. h. La. n. Carroll. 

Farmer, De Blaquiere & Deedes, lumber deal- 
ers, cor. Elk and La. 

Farmer, Wm. Niagara south of Hamilton. 

Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank, Spaulding's 

Farmer, Terence, lab. h. Perry n. La. 

Farmers' Inn, cor. Seneca and Ala. 

Farmer, Alex., with Wm. Farmer. 

Farmer, Harvey M., C. R. R. sh>p. 

Farnham. Leroy, Sec. Buff. Building Soc. cor. 
Ex and Wash. h. 5G Oak. 

Farnham, Smedley & Co. wholesale dry goods 
and com. mer. cor. Seneca and Pearl. 

Farnham, Thomas, firm F., Smedley & Co. h. 
Del. n. North. 

Farnham, Moulton G. clerk, 129 Main, b. U. 
S. Hotel. 

Farnham, Geo. G. book-keeper, J. Kirkpatrick. 

Farnham <fe Snow, lumber dealers, junction 
Elk and B. «t S. L. R. R. 

Farnham, Henry, on R. R. h. Steuben n. Ala. 

Farnsworth, Hannah M. cor. Court ik Morgan. 

Farnsworth, Henry J. clerk Pratt <fe Co. b. 

Farr, Charles, ship carpenter, b. cor. Scott and 

Farr, Riualdo, clerk, 402 Main, b. Gen. House. 
Farrar, Chillian M. at S. Shepard's, h. 171 N. 

Farree, C. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Farrell, John, Phoenix Iron Works. 
Farrell, John, lab. h. Carroll n. La. 
Farrell, Timothy, on lake, b. John Farrell. 
Farrell, Wm. lab. h. cor. Ex. and La. 
Farrell, Micha«l, lab. h. r. 211 E. Seneca. 
Farrincome, Franklin, with E. & B. Holmes. 
Farroll, John, lab. across canal n. Hospital. 
Farroll, Michael, with S. Shepard. 
Farroll, Lawrence, Ex. n. Ala. 
Farroll, Pat. mason, h. Morgan n. Niag. 
Farroll, James, lab. h. Ohio n. Chicago. 
Farrou, Joseph, stone cutter, h. Ellicott n. Bur- 
ton Alley. 
Farthing, Joseph J. on lake, h. 202 S. Div. 
Farthing, John, Seneca bel. Joslyn's tavern. | 
Farthing, James, butcher, cor. Main and Ea«[ 

gle, h. 179 Ellicott. 
FARWELL, E. & H. D. coffin makers, 7 and 

8 Niagara.— See adv. p. 54. 
Farwell, Eldridge, firm E. & H. D. Farwell. 

h. 78 Chippewa. 
Farwell, Henry D. firm E. & H. D. Farwell, h 

78 Chippewa. 
Farwell, Jesse H. coffin maker, b. 57 E. Sen. 
Farrow, Andrew, lab. h. Nichol's alley. 
Farschun, Conrad, joiner, h. Hickory n. Wm. 
Faser, Robert, plasterer, h. Jeff. n. Wm. 
Fass, Peter, joiner, h. Pratt u. Sycamore. 
Fassett, Alonzo D. 7 W. Genesee. 
Fassett, firm Parsons, Van Dake & Co. b. P'r 

n. Court. 
Fassett, M. R. b. Niag. Temp, house. 
Fattey, Geo. L. clerk, Elk st. market, h.Elk m 

old city line. 
Faude, Jacob, joiner, h. Hickory n. Batavia. 
Faul, Gottfried, shoemaker, 5 Sycamore. 
Faulkner, James R. with F. Mount. 
Faulkner, Susan, widow, Court n. Staats. 
Faulkner, M. L. b. 36 W. Seneca. 
Fauser, Conrad, mason, h. German Alley. 
Faust, John, lab. h. Sycamore n. Mortimer. 
Faver, Peter, grocer, cor. Ellicott and Huron. 
Faxlauger, Frank, clerk, P. O. h. Elm u. High 
Faxon, James, printer, 84 Main, h. 10 Bostoi 

Faxon, Daniel E. printer, 84 Main, b. 10 Boa 

ton Block. 
Faxon, Heury W. local Ed. Republic. 
Faxon, Henry, bookbiuder, b. Franklin house 
Fay, Amos F. clerk, 54 Main, h. cor. Carolini 

and Sixth. 
Fay, Thomas, lab. h. Third n. Pa. 
Fay, Ward, clerk, b. A. F. Fay. 
Fayow, Louis, wood cutter, h. Folsom n. Pol 

Featherstoue, Wm. H. printer, 5 W. Seneca, I 

19 Pearl. 
Featherstoue, Thomas, clerk, Welsh <fe Lattsl 
Fecher, Joseph, mason, h. Pine n. Batavia. 
Fedding, Wm, Boston n. Va. 
Pettier, Francis, mariner, b. 57 E. Seneca. 
Fedler, Gottfried, lab. h. Hickory n. Genesee 



Fee, Alex. Niag, n. Austin. 

Fee, Thomas, h. Amherst n. Military road. 

Feeny, John, lab. h. Miss. n. Perry. 

Feeny, Thus. lab. h. Elk n. Mich. 

Fehlis, Franklin, with Bullymore & Langclon. 

Fehrman, Win. bricklayer, Mortimer n. Syc. 

Fehringer, Thos. mason, b. Walnut n. Batavia. 

Feby, John, lab. h. 14 E. Eagle. 

Feiebach, Geo. lab. cor. Maple and North. 

Feige, Henry, 279 Main. 

Feigel, Conrad, grocer, cor. Wm. and Pine. 

Feigel, John, carpenter, h. Cherry n. Jefferson. 

Foil, Christian, blacksmith, b. 24 Wm. 

Feist, Matthias mason, h. 53 Cedar. 

Feldhahn, Frederick, saw filer, cor. Gen. and 
Ellicott, h. Mich. ab. Good ell. 

Feldmeyer, Geo. lab. h. Munroe ab. Batavia. 

Feldt, Nicholas, lab. h. Adams n. Batavia. 

Felgemacher, Julius, jeweler, h. Batavia n. 

Felgemacher, Joseph A. m. d. Batavia n. Pine. 

Felgemacher, Augustus, piano forte maker, h. 
Batavia n. Pine. 

Felger, John, fnrnaceman, li. Hickory n. Wm. 

Fellner, Godfrey, shoemaker, cor. Terrace and 

Fellows, Mrs. A. 72 E. Swan. 

Fellows. Jeremiah C. 72 E. Swan. 

Fellows, Ephraim W. clerk, Post-office. 

Fellows, Wm. b. Boston hotel. 

Felser, Peter, grocer, cor. Batavia and Adanfs. 

Feltes, Nicholas, policeman, h. Cedar n. Wm. 

Felthousen, Richard B. moulder, h. 153 E. 

Felthousen, Barrett, tinsmith, h. 22 Green. 

Felthousen, Henry C. coppersmith, h. 20 Green. 

Felton, J. & C. E. stereotypers and printers, 11 
Seneca and 33 Pearl. 

Felton, John, firm J. & C. E. F. h. 75 E. Eagle. 

Felton, Charles E. firm J. & C. E. F. h. 32 W. 

Fenly, James, lab. h. Palmer ab. Carolina. 

Fenstermacher, Wm. grocer, h. Seneca, Hy- 

Fenstermacher, Charles, lock maker, b. F. 

Fentzel, Florian, joiner, h. Mulberry n. High. 

Fenzel, George, Mulberry n. High. 

Ferdiuand, Joseph, in the market, h.-cor. Mich, 
and Tupper. 

Ferdinand, Felix, with Howard & Co. 

[Ferguson, Wm. joiner, h. 6th n. Penn. 

jFerguson, Alonzo, with R. Courter. 

Ferguson, Alonzo, 26 Johnson Place. 

iFerkel, Philip, 352 Main. 

Ferkel, Martin, shoemaker, 352 Main, b. same. 

Fernald, Joseph S. 165 Main, h. 49 Ex. 

Fernald, Oliver, looking-gl'ss mak'r, 165 Main. 
h. 159 S. Division. 

Ferucomb, Francis, planing mill, h. Ontario n. 

Fero & Barnard, grocers, Terrace, opp. West- 
ern hotel block. 

Fero, John, firm F. & Barnard, h. Niag. ab. 

Fero, Robert, merchant, h. 7 Ellicott. 

Fero, John R. liquor dealer and grocer, Ter- 
race opp. Western hotel block, h. 4 Ellicott. 

Ferrell, Wm. J. 122 E. Eagle. 
Ferrell, John, sailor, h. 69 Batavia. 
Ferris, Wm. W. clerk, 434 Main, b. same. 
Ferris, Christopher, shoe store, 434 Main, h. 

over same. 
Ferris, Peter J. coffee and spice man'r, 6 Han- 
over, h. 44 Pine. 
Ferris, John T. joiner, h. Carroll n. Louisiana. 
Ferris, Mrs. Hester, 171 E. Seneca. 
Ferris, Daniel O. book-keeper, 6 Hanover, b. 

240 S. Division. 
Ferris, Jacob, firm F. A. Alden, h. 157 Del. 
Ferris, Charles W. printer, b. 171 E. Seneca. 
Ferris & Alden, atty's, over 1 18 Main. 
Ferry, Charles, engineer, b. Brown's hotel. 
Fertig, John, joiner, h. Maple ab. Cherry. 
Fesler, Henry, clerk, 12 Niag. b. G. W. Smith. 
Fester, Wm., Main, S. of Ferry. 
Feth, Jacob, carpenter, h. Pine n. Batavia. 
Feth, Adam, joiner, h. Bennett n. Batavia. 
Fetscbele, Matthias, cooper, h. Bennett n. Bat. 
Feuchter, Philip, varnisher, h. 17 E. Genesee. 
Feuerbach, Joseph, Jefferson n. High. 
Feuerbach, Loreuz, gardener, Mich. n. North. 
Feuerstein, Peter, lab. h. Monroe n. Brown. 
Feuerstein, Peter, lab. h. Beunett n. Batavia. 
Feuerstein, Catharine, nurse, h. Bennett near 

Feyser, Rev. Frederick, h. 34 Union. 
Fick, Frank, lab. h. Ellicott n. Burton Alley. 
Fickel, Charles, shoemaker, h. Batavia near 

Fied, Jacob & Nicholas, with Jewett & Root. 
Fieger, Joseph, at Swartz's Iron Works. 
Field, Martin D. with E. & B. Holmes. 
Field, Geo., Bay State Hotel, Ohio n. Depot. 
Field, Joseph C. clerk, Howard & Co. h. 99 

Fields, Emma, 44 Clinton. 
Fields, Samuel H. builder, h. 296 Ellicott. 
Fields, Thomas C. shoe store, 142 Main. 
Fiisz Christian, pedler, h. 182 E. Genesee. 
Filber, Louis E. teacher, h. 133 Elm. 
Filewood, John, h. Fulton n. Hamburgh. 
Filler, Adam, lab. h. Adams n. Genesee. 
Fillion, Francis, blacksmith, h. junction Seneca 

and Swan. 
Fillmore, Millard P. firm Sprague & F., b. 

Fillmore Engine House, E. Gen. n. Spruce. 
Fillmore, James, ship carp., h. 0. junction La. 
Filner, Lewis, clerk, post office. 
Finckeler, John, lab. h. Spruce n. Genesee. 
Findly, Geo. engineer, h. Milnor n. William. 
Finfgeld, Theodore, tailor, h. 44 Bennett. 
Fink, Franz, mason, h. Locust. 
Fink, John, joiner, h. Batavia cor. Lutheran. 
Fink, John, Cherry n. Maple. 
Fink, C. widow of John, Bennett n. Batavia. 
Fink, John, East u. Hamilton. 
Fink, Antony, tailor, b. 459 Wash'ngton. 
Finke, Jacob, grocer, h. Batavia cor. Walnut. 
Finlan, James, lab. h. Mississippi n. Elk. 
Finley, John, gardener, h. Perry n. Hay ward. 
Finly, James, engineer, h. Morgan n. Genesee. 
Finly, Hugh, with Jewett & Root. 
Finn, Joanna, widow, Fifth n Court. 
Finnegan, Mary, boarding house, 62 Ellicott. 



Finnegan, Patrick, with S. Dudley & Sons. 
Finuegan, James, joiner, h. 4th cor. Georgia. 
Finn iff an, John, mason, h. Illinois n. Scott. 
Finney, John, finisher, Buffalo furnace. 
Fiutelblo v, Frank, boiler maker, h. 8 Cypress. 
Firschbacb, Henry, carp. b. Gray n. Batavia. 
Firster, John, lab. h. Hickory n. Batavia. 
Fisch, Christian, with L. <fc I. J. White. 
Fischer, Fred. b. National hotel, Caual. 
Fischer, Martin, tinsmith, 372 Main, h. 282 

Fischer, Jacob, mason, h. 70 Bennett. 
Fischkus, Geo. blacks'th, h. Clinton n. Spring. 
Fiscus, Peter, Seneca n. Ala. 
Fish, Silas H. com. mercht. 12 Merchants' Ex. 

h. Del. bel. Tupper. 
Fish & Avery, com. merchants. Central Wharf. 
Fish, James M. com. mercht. and elevator, cor. 

Ohio aud Cm. h 129 S. Division. 
Fish, James E. livery stable, h. 342 Wash. 
Fish, Joseph M. steam mill, Ohio, h. 9th west 

of Del. 
Fish, Wilson D. b. 312 Wash. 
Fisher, Aaron C. with Taunt & Baldwin. 
Fisher, Abraham, fisherman, h. Bouck n. Niag. 
Fisher, Andrew, fireman, h. Gen. n. Grav. 
Fisher, Barnhard, with L. & I. J. White" 
Fisher, Caroline, widow of George, 137 Elm. 
Fisher, Charles, tinner, W. A. Case. 
Fisher, Clark, painter, H. G. White, h. cor. N. 

Div. and Hickory. 
Fisher, Edward, mason, h. 24 Del. Place. 
Fisher, Francis, fisherman, h. Bouck n. Niag. 
Fisher, Francis, lumber dealer, h. Elm n. Tup- 

Fisher, Frederick, with Pratt <fc Letch worth. 
Fisher, Frederick, butcher, h. 521 Mich. 
Fisher, Henry, butcher, Gen. cor. Hickory. 
Fisher, Henry, shoemaker, h. Pratt n. Syc. 
Fisher, Jacob, planer, h. Ash n. Gen. 
Fisher, Jacob P. grocer, 238 Elm. 
Fisher, James H. at Howell's boat yard, h. 153 

E. Seneca. 
Fisher, James, Bouck n. N. Wash. 
Fisher, John G. b. U. S. hotel. 
Fisher, John, blacksmith, h. 41 Sycamore. 
Fisher, John, Goodell n. Burton Alley. 
Fisher, John, fisherman, h. Bouck u. Niag. 
Fisher, John M. joiner, 125 E. Gen. 
Fisher, John B. pedlcr, h. Fox n. Gen. 
Fisher, John, Monroe n. Batavia. 
Fisher, J. <fe G. <fc Co. lumber dealers, cor. Gen. 

and Chippewa. 
Fisher, Louis, joiner, h. Locust n. Cherry. 
Fisher, Martin, shoemaker, 232 Franklin. 
Fisher, Martin, tinsmith, 372 Main, h. 282 

Fisher, Mary, dressmaker, 238 Rim. 
Fisher, Nicholas, tailor, h. 135 Oak. 
Fisher, Peter, b. Joseph Jost. 
Fisher, Stephen L. on the canal, h. 102 E. Sen. 
Fisher, William 11. with Henry Pearson. 
Fisher, Wolfgang, joiner, h. Monroe n. Win. 
Fisher. Vorter, fisherman, h. Bouck n. Niag. 
Fisk. Harvey J. clerk, Pratt, A Co. b. 105 Del. 
Fiske, William, office Marine Block, h. 516 

Fiske, J. 497 Main. 

Fiske, Delavau D. carriage maker, Elm, be- 
tween Batavia and Vine. h. 178 N. Division 
Fiske, V. S. clerk, Pratt <fc Co. b. 100 Swan. 
Fiske, Frank W. book-keeper, Geo. S. Hagar. 
Fiske, Frank, 516 Main. 
Fister, Andrew, lab. h. 116 Pine. 
Fistler, Frederick, joiner, h. Clinton bel. Hick 

Fitch, Holbrook <fc Dee, dry goods mer's, 136 

Fitch, William, firm of F., Holbrook & Dee, b 

1 Nia|r. 
Fitch, Henry S. painter, h. 49 Jackson. 
Fitch, Charles, dining saloon, 46 Ohio. 
Fitch, Martin, brakesman, b. Brown's hotel 
Fitch, H. F. with J. A. Pitts. 
Fithian, Freeman J. firm of Cook & F. 161 

Fitzgerald, John, withBidwell, Banta & Co. h 

across the creek. 
Fitzgerald, Percy, cutter, A. Diebold, h. Hos 

pital n. 7th. 
Fitzgerald, Patrick, ship carpenter, h. cor. N. 

Div. and Pollard. 
Fitzgerald, Mary, widow, III. n. Elk r. 
Fitzgerald, Thomas, clerk, P. O.h. Hudson ab 

Fitzgerald, Thomas, h. Pine n. Wm, 
Fitzgerald, Michael, mason, h. over 130 Frank! 
Fitzgerald, James, lab. h. York n. the canal 
Fitzgerald, Johu, jr. lab. h. Hudson n. Cottage 
Fitzgerald, Catharine, widow, Hudson u. Cot- 
Fitzgerold, J. with G. A. Prince <t Co. 
Fitzgerold, Wm. shoemaker, h. Elk E. of Ohi 

Fitzgibbon, John, b. 43 Ellicott, 
Fitzhenry, N. blacksmith, Bidwell, Banta d 

Fitzmeyer, Frederick, Hatch's Elevator, h. 9tl 

u. Va. 

Fitzmorris, John, lab. h. Ex. n. junction Seneca 
Fitzpatrick, Michael, Niag. opp. Parish. 
Fitzpatrick, Jeremiah, sailor, h. 23 Clinton. 
Fitzpatrick, Martiu, 2 Fly. 
Fitzpatrick, Oweu, on lake, b. C. Moore. 
Filzroy, Emma, widow, nurse, Va. n. Niag. 
Fitzsimmons, Thos. boarding house, Mich: 

opp. Fulton. 
Fix, Geo. grocer, 555 Seneca, Hydraulics. 
Fix, Berohard, 377 Wash. 
Fix, Bernhard, joiner, h. Mich. n. High. 
Flach, Edward, grocer, 121 Oak. 
Flach, Richard, grocer, 75 Ellicott. 
Flach, Theodore, tinsmith, J. Otto & Co. 
Flach muller, Joseph, shoemaker, Ellicott I 

Flacht, Philip, h. cor. Oak and Burton Alley 
Fladung, Henry A. shoemaker, 106 Goodell. . 
Flagg, Sam'l D. wholesale grocer, 60 Main, h 

cor. Franklin and Allen. 
FLAGG, J AS. H. <fe CO. shoe dealers, 16l 

Main. — See adv. p. 52. 
Flagg, Jas. H. firm Flagg & Co.h. Niag n. Va 
Flagg, Henry J. clerk, 160 Main, h. Niagara n 

Flagg, Theodore, coppersmith, h. 137 Terrace 
Flaher, Andrew, cor. South and Dearborn. 



Flaherty, Gregory, lab. foot of Gen. over canal. 
{Flaherty, James, h. Chicago n. Ohio. 

Flaherty, Ellen, widow, Chicago .n. Ohio. 
IFlannagan, Thos. sailor, b. C. Moore. 

Flannagan, Philip, shoemaker, h. Lock. 

Flannagan, VVm. 175 Terrace. 

Flannagan, James, bridge tender, n. J. C. Ev- 
I ans' warehouse. 

, Flannagan, Henry G. lithographer, R. J. 
| Compton. 

IFlannagan, Jas. with C. W. Evans. 
iFlannagan, Mary A. milliner, 263 Main. 

Flannagan, Patrick, plank road beyond Elk. 
iFlannagan, Timothy, hostler, h. 85 Ellicott. 
Flannagan, John, joiner, h. 284 E. Swan. 
[Flannagan, Patrick, blacksmith, Daugherty's 

[iFlannerv, Porter, with Demarest & Holman. 

Flar, Barthold, 36 Main. 

Flatan, Ferdinand, book keeper, B. & B. R. R. 
h. 206 E. Swan. 

Fleckenstien, Peter, joiner, h. Monroe n. Beck- 

HUeeharty, Edward, lab. h. 4th n. Georgia. 

Fleeharty, John, jr., firm F. & Co. b. 24 Del. 

Heeharty, J. & Co. for. and com. mer. 27 Cen- 
tral Wharf. 

Fleeharry, John, firm of F. & Co. h. 24 Del. 
I rTeighter, Bartlett, milkman, Niag. n.Bonck. 
JFleisch, Peter, shoemaker, h. 184 E. Genesee. 
Ipieishman, Michael, 96 Cherry. 
IfLEMING & ALLEN, produce com. mer. 12 

I Central Wharf— See adv. p. 34. 
Ipleming, Joseph W. tailor, Mich, n. Tupper. 
■ Fleming, Julius, tailor, h. Mich. n. Goodell. 

Fleming, Julius, joiner, h.53 Cherry. 
Fleming, Win. tailor, h. 53 Cherry, 
perning, Chas. boiler maker, J. Newman, h. 
f 286 Mich. 

Fleming, Wm. firm F. & Allen, h. 108 West 
Ifleming, John, grocery, Long Wharf, h. 201 

II Oak. 
eming, Wm. H. Georgia n. Fifth. 

Fleming, John, at Gas Works, h. 71 Fifth. 
Meming, Geo. H. printer, Thomas & Lathrops, 

b. 78 E. Eagle. 
Hersheim, Lemuel H. dealer in fancy goods, 

187 Main. h. 152 Ellicott. 
^lersheim, Geo. B. variety store, 171 Main, h. 
[ 59 Oak. 
?lesh, Peter, at Eaton's planing mill, h. Good- 

nesher, Fred, with L. & I. J. White, 
[letcher, Thos. h. Abbott Road n. Elk. 
[letcher, Edward, h. 94 East Eagle. 

letcher, John, sailor, h. 5 Green, 
'le.urer, Tobias, with L. & I. J. White, 
i'leury, Frank, finisher, Eagle Fur. h. Spruce 

n. S> camore. 
i'leury, Robert, at Swartz's Iron Works. 

lick, Andrew, carpenter, h. Spring n.Syc. 
^lickinyer. Michael, 130 Oak. 

Mel, Conrad, porter, J. M. Hutchinson. 

linn, Thomas, lab. h. Palmer n. Md. 

linn, Thomas, h. 171 Elm. 
linn, John J. clerk, 171 Main, b. 103 Wash. 

linn, Sarah, widow, Fulton n. Ohio Slip. 

Fliun, John, shoemak'r, Canal n. Maiden Lane. 

Flinn, John, lab. h. Carroll bel. Michigan. 

Flint, Austin, m. n. office Wash. cor. Swan, b. 
St. James Hotel. 

Flint, Oscar T. ins. agent, 246 Main, h. 46 El- 

Flint, Wm. B. firm Howard, Whiteomb & Co. 
b. Mansion. 

Flint, John W. joiner, h. Carey n. Morgan. 

Flint, Wm. S. furniture, 7 Pearl. 

Flint & Co. com. merchants, cor. Ohio <fc Ind. 

Flint, Jonathan T. collector, h. 46 Ellicott. 

Flint, Charles G. treasurer theatre, b. Frank- 
lin House. 

Flint & Nelson, furniture, 7 U. S. Hotel. 

Flint, Wm. S. firm F. & Nelson, h. rear 100 E. 

Floring, Henry, lab. h. German n. Genesee. 

Flowers, Francis, b. N. Y. Central Hotel. 

Floyd, A. T. b.U. S. Hotel. 

Fluette, E. with Bidwell, Banta <fc Co. 

Fluri, George, wagon maker, h. 13 Cherry. 

Flynn, John J. clerk, 171 Main. 

Fobes, Wm. D. 445 Main. 

Fobes, Mrs. widow of Silas A. 56 Pearl. 

Foegen, John, lab. h. Ash n. Sycamore. 

Focht, Andrew, with Jewett & Root. 

Foelner, Louis, clerk, P. O. h. 61 Sycamore. 

Foell, John, baker, Goodell cor. Goodell Alley. 

Foell, John G. cooper, h. cor. Carolina & 11th. 

Fogarty, John, ship carp. Perry n. Hayward, 

Fogarty, Wm. blacksmith, h. cor. Perry and 

Fogarty, James, lab. h. Pollard cor. Ex. 

Fogle, John, with S. Shepard. 

Foker, Wm. lab. h. Perry n. Miss. 

Foley, Sarah, widow, Burwell place n. Scott. 

Folder, Edward, 133 E. Eagle. 

FOLGFR, II F. & CO. hardware merchants, 
192 Main. — See adv. p. 67. 

Folder, I^dward F. firm E. F. Folger <fc C®.h. 
347 Wash. 

Folger, Benjamin H. 347 Wash. 

Follett, James E. sec. Eagle Iron Co. h. 192 

Follett, Lewis S. teller, N. Y. & Erie Bank, b. 
cor. Wash. & La Fayette. 

Follett, David M. joiner, h. 432 Michigan. 

Folsorn. Benjamin, builder, h. Md. n. 9th. 

Folts, George W. merchant tailor, 195 Main, 
h. 179 Huron. 

Foltz & Hopkins, com. merchants, 8 Cen- 
tral Wharf 

Foltz, Jacob J. firm F. & Hopkins, b. Mansion. 

Fontaine, Eli, ship carp. h. Perry n. Hayward. 

Foot, Wm. & Co. for. and corn, merchant, 19 
Central wharf. 

Foot, William, firm Foot & Co. h. 13 Carroll. 

Foote, Geo. F. homoeopathist, 30 Chippewa. 

Foote, Thomas M. cor. Del. and Carev. 

Foote, William, firm F. Little & Co.'h. Pearl 
ab. Va. 

Foote, Julius D. agent Mass. Sun. School So- 
ciety, 274 Main. 

Foote, Rhoda, with W. Foote. 

Foote, Little & Co. storage, for. and com. 
merchants, 26 and 34 Llovd. 

Foote, R. S. agent, h. 105 Ellicott 



Foote, John C. stove mounter, h. Ga. n. Fourth. 
Forbes, David, joiner, h. Thirteenth n. Conn. 
Forbes, Cleveland, agent Mich. S. R. R. h. 26 

Forbes, Alex, joiner, h. 275 Oak. 
Forbush & Co. manufacturers mowing ma- 
chines, cor. Wash, and Scott. 
Forbush, Eliakim B. firm F. & Co. h. cor. 

Mohawk and Del. 
Forbush, Brown & Co. boot and shoe makers, 

over 91 Main. 
Forbush, Justin, firm F., Brown & Co. h. 300 

Forbush, Jonathan C. firm F., Brown <fe Co. h. 

300 Michigan. 
Forbush, Amos B., C. R. 
Forcht, Chas. cabinet maker, h. 110 Batavia. 
Forcht, Henry, cabinet maker, h. 84 Clinton. 
Forcht, Geo. melodeon maker, h. cor Batavia 

and Milnor. 
Ford, Andrew, joiner, h. Palmer n. Va. 
Ford, Ambrose, Buff. Steam E. W. 
Ford, Augustus, attorney, 190^ Main, h. cor. 

Swau and Fine. 
Ford, David, Amherst east of Thompson. 
Ford, E. W., Dearborn north of Amherst. 
Ford <fc Whiting, att'ys at law, 3 and 5 S. Div. 
Ford, Elijah, firm F. & Whiting, h. 297 Wash. 
Ford, John, over 8 Canal. 
Ford, Lewis S. driver, h. 102 Carroll. 
Ford, Matthew, at Mansion, h. over 3 Court. 
Ford, Mrs. widow of Henry J. 84 E. Eagle. 
Ford, Oscar F. cashier Pratt & Co. h. 140 S. 

Ford, Pat. lab. Ohio n. Wabash. 
Ford, Richard, wheelwright, Carroll n. Chi. 
Ford, Rensselaer D. clerk, b. 62 E. Swan. 
Ford, R. D. clerk, Post Office. 
Ford, Thomas, with F. Colligon & Co. 
Ford, Wm. driver, h. 100 Carroll. 
Ford, William, lab. with Walter Snell. 
Fordey, James, lab, h. on R. R., Hydraulics. 
Foreman, Samuel G. on the lake, h. 1ST. Porter 

n. Auburn. 
Forest Lawn, Del. beyond Cold Spring. 
FornafF, Jacob, Lyman's type foundry. 
Forniss, Ignatius, grocer, Niagara north of 

Fornof, Louis,, type caster, h. Hickory n. Syc. 
Forreste, Peter, lab. h. Ex. ab. Heacock. 
Forrester, William H., Shakspeare Saloon, b. 

13 Elm. 
Forrester, Oliver O. h. 60 William. 
Forrester. John, engraver, J. P. Jameson. 
Forscht, Henry, cor. Wash, and Chippewa. 
Forster, Joseph, tailor, Weaver's alley. 
Forster, Fred, wagon maker, h. Maple n. High. 
Forster, Martin, tailor, Weaver's alley n. Va. 
Forster, Fred, teacher, h. Gen. n. Spring. 
Forster, Sebastian, carp. h. Syc. n. Spring. 
Forsyth, Robert, bootmaker, h. 43 E.Seneca. 
Forsyth, Joseph, Franklin ab. Allen. 
Forsyth, James G. clerk, Pratt <fc Co. b. Cour- 

ter house. 
Forsyth, Richard, on the lake, h. 12 Beak. 
Forsyth, William, book-keeper, D. M. Grant, 

h. Carolina n. Eleventh. 
Forsyth, George, Vau Slyke's planing mill. 

Fort, Porter, Sixth n. Rhode Island. 
Fortier, James, b. cor. Tenth and Carolina. 
Fortier, Charles, 143 Ninth. 
Fortune, Thomas, C. W. Evans' elevator, h. 

Ontario n. Del. 
Fosdick, John S., teacher, District No. 15, h. 

329 Ellicott. 
Foster, Delos W. in R. R. office, 12th Ward, h. 

Foster, Wm. J., ship carp. Van Slyke's yard. 
Foster, Thomas, ship carpenter, h. Cedar n. N. 

Foster, Edward C. H., clerk, 172 Main, b. U. 

S. Hotel. 
Foster, Wm. sailor, h. 103 Clinton. 
Foster, Fred, teacher, h. Genesee n. Spring, 
Foster, Robert, at C. R. R. machine shop. 
Foster, Thomas, gardener, h. cor. Fourteenth 

and Vermont. 
Foster, Alonzo, 93 E. Seneca. 
Foster, John C. 40 N. Division. 
Foster, Wm., ship carp., Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Foth, John, tailor, h. 109 Pine. 
Fougeron & Zinsz, dry goods, cor. Genesee 

and Ellicott. 
Fougeron, Francis, watchman, h. 132 Elm. 
Fougeron, J. & N., grocery and meat market, 

cor. Niagara and Mohawk. 
Fougeron, Joseph, firm J. & N. Fougeron, h. 

cor. Niagara and Mohawk. 
Fougeron, Nicholas, firm J. & N. Fougeron, h. 

cor. Niagara and Mohawk. 
Fougeron, Mary, widow of John, h. 375 Waah. 
Foul, Jacob, cooper, Parish n. Dearborn. 
Foundling Asylum, Lewis n. Delaware. 
Fowde, Jacob, melodeon maker, G. A. Prince 

(fe Co. 
Fowdy, Henry, with Jewett & Root. 
Fowler, Benjamin, 22 Niagara. 
Fowler, Geo. L. Terrapin Lunch, Main cornel 

Terrace, h. 35 Ellicott, 
Fowler, Elijah F. ice merchant, h. 69 Sixth 
Fowler, Azro, cabinet maker, 233 Main, 

Palmer u. Virginia. 
Fowler, Win. J. on the lake, b. Western. 
Fowler, Charles F., firm Brown <fc Co., Mart 

Ohio, b. 69 Sixth. 
Fowler, Henry, miller, h. Tenn. n. Mackiuaw 
Fowler, Samuel, Eaton's planing mill. 
FOX, WATSON A. Com. merch., 29 Central 

Wharf, h. cor. Terrace and Eagle. — Sec adv 

p. 32. 
Fox, Chistopher G. book-keeper, J. Holloway 

h. 115 Ninth. 
Fox, Peter, h. Fifth n. Carolina. 
Fox, Samuel, on the lake, h. Palmer n. Va. 
Fox, A. W. real estate agent, h. High betweewB 

Washington and Ellicott. 
Fox, Geo. at Pierce's lumber yard. 
Fox, Charles, Ellicott u. Carlton. 
Fox, CatharineD. widow, 130 Franklin. 
Fox, Michael, nailmaker, b. Pet, Hrinkwortb 
Fox, Wm. warehouseman, h. cor. Elk and Ala 
Fox, Geo. W. brakesman, h. 168 E. Seneca. 
Fox, Charles, with Palmer & Gardner. 
Fox, Michael, cartman, h. Staats. 
Fox, James E., printer, Democracy Office, h 

133 ClintoD. 



Fox, Joseph, lab. h. Seneca n. Alabama. 
Fox, Sfcaats, auct'ioner, 392 Main, h. 46 S. Div. 
Foxall, John, cor. Niag. and Forest Avenue. 
Fraederich, John, tailor, h. Hickory n. Batavia. 
[ Fralev, Daniel, lab, b. O. Connelley. 

Fralick, Francis G., H. Wing & Co. b. 37 Oak. 
I Frambach, Andrew, wagon maker, Hydraulics. 

Frame, Alex. Shepard's Iron works. 
I)! Francis, Daniel, britannia ware manu'y, Pearl, 
I cor. Seneca, h. 13 Oak. 
'Francis, Julius J. with Charles Coleman. 
[> Francis, Lyman, lab. h. 4 Scott. 
I Francis, Benjamin D. ship carpenter, Canal n. 

I Francis, T. painter, b. Phoenix hotel. 
■Francis, Sandy, sailor, h. Hayw.ird cor. Fulton. 

tiFraueis, Thomas, engineer, S. Shepard. 

iFranck, Jacob, Niag. beyond Carolina 

Frank, Andrew H. sash and blind maker and 
machinist, cor. Clinton and Oak, h. 34 Clin. 

Frank, John, musician, h. Camp n. Genesee. 

Frank, Michael, tailor, h. Maple n. High. 

Frank, Henry A. cor. Huron and Wash. 

Frank, Jobst, joiner, h. 96 Cedar. 
llFrank, Geo. with J. A. Pitts. 
[ Frank, Henry, at Pierce's lumber yard, h. 164 

II Sycamore. 

I Frank, Geo. C. furnaceman, h. 45 Del. Place. 
IJFrank, Adolf, harness maker, 117 Main. 
I Frank, Michael, blacksmith, h. 110 W.Tupper. 
llFrank, Peter, tailor, h. Mortimer n. Genesee. 
■ Frank, Peter, Buffalo S. E. works. 
I jJFranke, August, bricklayer, h. Sycamore n. 
I Camp. 

I 'Frankenstein, Baptista, Eagle furnace, h. Lo- 
ll cnst n. Cherry. 

I Frankenstein, Fred, harness maker, 117 Main. 
[Franklin, Edmund, firm F. & Rand, h. 5 Fol- 

I som. 
JfeVauklin House, Seneca cor. Ellicott. 

Franklin, John, ship carpenter, Bidwell, Banta 
& Co. h. Cedar n. N". Division. 

franklin, Ann, widow, 3 Folsom. 

Franklin & Rand, sail makers, Marine Block, 

! Ohio. 

pauklin, Edmund, sail maker, b. 3 Folsom. 

Franklin, George, whitewasher, h. Walnut n. 

I Sycamore. 

Franklin, James, C. R. R. machine shop. 

pasch, Fred, carpenter, h. 402 S. Division. 

Praser, Simon, clerk, 340 Main. 

Eraser, Mrs. widow of Donald, cor. Elk and 

ji Columbia. 

Eraser, James, tailor, 106 E. Seneca. 

Eraser, Win. architect, 10 Brown's Buildings, 

I h. Del. n. T upper. 

Eraser, Mrs. James, nurse, 106 E. Seneca. 

irraser, Robert, r. 242 S. Division. 

frauenknecbt, Andrew, lab. Pratt n. William. 

[rauley, Michael, lab. h. Illinois n. Scott. 

rrauley, Wm. lab. h. 3d n. Va. 

rraunreither, Anthony, shoemaker, h. Wm. n. 

i Walnut. 

frazell, Darian F., Sackett's Harbor Pank. 

preamy, Martin, lab. h. cor Morgan and Gen. 

ped, Thomas, grocer, Main south of Delavan 

i| Avenue. 

fredenburg, Mitchell W., 93 Main, h. 74 Pearl. 

Fredenburg, Philip, miller, h. Niag. n. Austin. 
Fredenburg, Julius, clothier, 9 Main. 
Frederick, Valentine, firm F. <k Dingens, 356 

Frederick & Dingens, merchants, 356 Main. 
Fiee Baptist Church, cor. Genesee and Pearl. 
Free, Henry, carpenter, h. Dearborn n. Parish. 
Freed, Hiram, b. Boston hotel. 
Freele, Alfred G. clerk, 146 Main, b. Phoanix. 
Freelen, Conrad, Van Slyke's planing mill. 
Freeley, W. widow, Nichols' alley. 
Freeman, Lewis, boat insp. h. 24 Folsom. 
Freeman, Marv, 352 Mich. 
Freeman, Henry, ag't R. R. Co. b. 160 E. Sen. 
Freeman, Alauson, firm Kendrick &, F., b. 58 

E. Seneca. 
Freeman & Avery, grocers. 14 Canal. 
Freeman, Ashman, firm F. & Avery, h. 435 

Freer, Elizabeth, widow of Thos. Md. n. 9th. 
Frehers, Franz, joiner, h. Jefferson n. Clinton. 
Frehers, John, joiner, h. German Alley. 
Frei, Gottfried, butcher, h. Syc. n. Spring. 
Freiberger, J. Fritz, Ex. below Pollard. 
Freiberger, Adam, Seneca n. Ala. 
Freiustein, Nich. tailor, cor. Goodell and Oak. 
Freir, Adam, painter, b. F. Weiss. 
Freischlag, Geo. farmer, h. Batavia n. Pratt. 
Freischlag, Fred, tinsmith, 207 Main. 
Freischlag, Frederick, butcher, cor. Hickory 

and Batavia. 
French, Fisher C. blacksmith, h. Morgan n. 

French, Edw. F. book keeper, 173 Main, b. 

211 E.Swan. 
French, Prosper, 211 East Swan. 
French, Harlow, blacksmith, cor. Wash, and 

French, Geo. clerk, 178 Main,b. 211 E. Swan. 
French, Thomas B. blacksmith, 28 W. Genesee. 
French, Jacob J. at pail factory, h. Dearborn 

north of Amherst. 
French Protestant Church, cor. Ellicott and 

T upper. 
French, Wm. W. clerk, Pratt & Letch worth. 
Frenkle, J. Phoenix iron works. 
Freund, Geo. gardener, h. 108 Goodell. 
Freund, Andrew, lab. h. Gray n. Genesee. 
Freuty, Wm. Buffalo S. E. Works. 
Frew, Joseph, Terrapin Lunch. 
Frexler, Philip, with Dart & Bros. 
Frey, Joseph, h. 81 Elm. 

Frey, Anthony, shoemaker, h. Walnut n. Wm. 
Frey, Gottlieb, grocer, cor. Batavia and Elli- 
Frick, Adam, at Eaton's planing mill. 
Ffick, Fred'k, joiner, h. Wm. n. Jefferson. 
Frick, Joseph W. grocer, 436 Main, h. 31 W. 

Fricker, Peter, Sycamore n. Kane. 
Frickman, Joseph, painter, 66 Lloyd. 
Friday, Geo. horse dealer, cor. Elk and Liberty. 
Friday, Michael, tailor, 319 East Genesee. 
Fridenbnrg, Mone, merchant, 9 and 10 Com'l. 
Fridenberg, Mone, merchant, 85 Main. 
Fridenberg, Samuel, clerk, 85 Main. 
Friedel, Jacob, baker, h. cor. Mulberry and 




Friedel, Conrad, lab. h. Clinton n. Jefferson. 
Friedeuberger, Rosina, widow of John, b. 16 

Friedericb, Philip J. gold and silver worker, 

354 Main, h. same. 
Friedericb, John H. jeweler, 354 Main h. same. 
Fried er is, Fred, tailor, h. Mulberry ab. Goodell. 
Friedcris, John, shoemaker, h. 480 Mich. 
Friederis, Christian, lab. h. 480 Mich. 
Friedman, Joseph, painter, h.6 Union. 
Friedmanu, Francis, brewer, 211 Oak. 
Friedmaun, Setb, with Bullymore & Langdon. 
Friedrich, John, lab. Mortimer n. Batavia. 
Friedrich, Ohristoph, with Howard & Co. h. 

Goodell n. Maple. 
Friedrich, Valentine, confectioner, 137 Batav. 
Frienkel, Samuel, clerk, 23 Com'l. 
Frienstein, Nicholas, tailor, cor. Goodell and 

Frier, Frederick, smith, h. Va. n. Tupper. 
Fries, Jacob, shoemaker, h. 220 E. Genesee. 
Fries, John, furnaceman, Mortimer n. Genesee. 
Fries, John, hat store and h. 5 E. Genesee. 
Fries, John, at Swartz's Iron works. 
Fries, Joseph, h. Weaver Alley. 
Fries, Elizabeth, widow of John, Mortimer n. 

Friesman, John C. painter, h. 95 Ellicott. 
Frink, A. H. stave and lumber dealer, Ohio, b. 

Frink, Lyman, caulker, b. John Chamberlain. 
Frisbee, Junius C. firm Glisan & F. b. 4 Bos- 
ton Block. 
Fritsche, Henry, lab. h. 296 Pearl. 
Frise, Joseph, lab. h. Clinton n. N. Wash. 
Frith, Thos. bellows maker, W. F. Beaman. 
Fritz, Stephen, at Swartz's Iron works. 
Fritz, John, shoemaker, h. 344 S. Division. 
Fritz, Geo. tailor, Pratt n. Genesee. 
Fritz, Jacob, butcher, h. Ex. n. N. Y. City R. R. 
Fritz, Henry, brewer, h. cor. Sycamore and 

Fritze, Stephen, h. Walnut n. Batavia. 
Fritzenschaf, August, weaver, h. Walnut n. 

Froehling, Nicholas, bricklayer, h. Pratt n. 

Froekenstein, J. at Vulcan foundry. 
Frogget, Benjamin, lab. 233 Carroll. 
Frohbu8, Clias. piano maker, 196 Wash. h. 

Goodell n. Mich. 
Fromherz, Peier, tailor, h. cor. Ketchum and 

Frost, Mrs. Bryant, 10 Sixth. 
Frost, Marvin N. lumber dealer, 7th n. Va. 
Frost, Mis. Norman, boarding house, 137 E. 

Frost, Ransom M. on R. R. h. 181 N. Div. 
Frost, Stephen P. b. 36 W. Seneca. 
Frost, James, machinist, J. A. Pitts. 
Frowley, Daniel, clerk, Pratt <fe Co. 
Frowley, James, lab. h. Elk n. Mich. 
Frueh, Henry, china gilder, h. Pratt n. Gen. 
Frutig, Philip, tailor, h. Walnut bel. Genesee. 
Frutig, Wm, machinist, with Good <fe Moore, 

h. Sycamore n. Pratt. 
Fryer, Adam, Buffalo S. E. works. 
Fubray, Mrs. Philip, widow, over 8 Canal. 

Fuch, Carl, lab. h. Seneca bel. Pollard. 
Fuchs, Augustus, 367 Main. 
Fuchs, Julius, 307 Main, h. 377 Wash. 
Fuchs, Frederick, lab. h. Hickory n. Batavia. 
Fuchs, George, lab. h. Camp n. Genesee. 
.Fuchs, John, tailor, h. Hickory n. Batavia. 
Fuchs Brothers, importers of wine and cigars, 

367 Maiu. 
Fuchs, Gustavus, firm F. Bros. h. 367 Main. 
Fuchs, Edward, firm F. Bros. h. 367 Main. 
Fuchs, Conrad, lab. h. Adams n. Batavia. 
Fuchs, George, lab. h. Monroe n. Batavia. 
Fuchs, George, lab. h. Gray n. Batavia. 
Fuchs, Peter C. lab. h. Gray u. Genesee. 
Fuchslin, Jacob, tailor, h. Bennett n. Wm. 
Fuegeron, Charles, with Smith <fc Brothers. 
Fuell, Eucharus, tailor, Spruce n. Batavia. 
Fuenfer, Martin, lab. h. Lutheran n. Wm. 
Fuerst, Christopher, b. John Dix. 
Fug, Andrew, lab. h. Maple n. Cherry. 
Fuhrraau, Philip, h. 377 Main. 
Fulbrecht, Henry, at Hart's factory. 
Fullem, Edward, joiner, h. Marylaud n. 10th 
Fuller, George, musician, h. Maple n. Burton 

Fuller," Gilbert W. b. Franklin House. 
Fuller, David M. joiner, h. La. n. Fulton. 
Fuller, Henry W. over 207 Main, b. Mrs. Den' 

Fullert, David M. 432 Mich. 
Fullerton, David, at Gas works. 
Fullerton, Wm. with S. Dudley & Sons. 
Fullington, Ebenezar, joiner, h. Ferry n. N 

Fuuck, Johu, lab. h. Mulberry n. Goodell. 
Furgerson, Charles, b. Tremont House. 
Furlong, Peter, grocer, h. Terrace n. Mechanic 
Furlong, Jos., m. d., 38 Ohio, h. Sixth n. Penn 

Furlong, James, joiner, h. Wm. n. Walnut. 
Fursman, Samuel, 78 N. Division. 
Fursman, Edward L. book-keeper, Morgan <! 

Root, h. 78 N. Division. 
Fursman, Mrs. Samuel, 104 E. Seneca. 
Furthmiller, Wm. shoemaker, h. Hickory t 



Gabelman, Joseph, plasterer,, h. Mortimer l 

Gack, Matthias, lab. h. cor. S. Division ant 

Gaertner, John, 155 Cherry. 
Gaetz & Bro. grocers, cor. Canal and Evans. 
Gaetz, Michael, jr. firm G. <fc Bros. b. 23 I 

Gaetz, Michael, grocer, 375 Main, h. 33 Eas 

Gaetz, Geo. firm G. <fc Bros. b. 33 E. Huron. 
Gaetz, Michael K. clerk, G. & Bros. b. 33 I 

Gaffney, Philip, chandler, h. 325 E. Seneca. 
Gaffney, Anthony, chandler, h. 325 E. Senecj 
Gaffney, Patrick, cor. 7th and Hospital. 
Gaffney, Thomas, chandler, 325 E. Seneca. 
Gaffney, Mary, widow, 3d n. York. 



Gage, George, grocer, 5 E. Seneca, h. 24 Elli- 

Gage, .Wm. pattern maker, J. T. Noye, h. 

Perry n. Illinois. 
Gage, E. P. Vulcan Foundry. 
Gage, Lyman, sailor, b. David Mathews. 
|]| Gager, Uapt. Charles L. 205 Pearl. 
GAGER, JOHN C. jeweler, 201 Main, b. 205 
Pearl. — See adv. p. 48. 
1 Gaberty, Timotby, with G. A. Prince & Co. 
jj Gaberty, Elizabeth, teacber embroidery, h. 
I 32 Scott. 

Gahrig, Philip, Thompson's White Lead Fac- 
1 tory. 

j|, Gabrig, William, Thompson'sWhite Lead Fac- 
f Gail, Perry S. student. Sawin & Lockwood. 

■ Gale, Antbony, boarding house, 20 Ex. 
Gale, Jane, widow of Capt. Moses, rear of 

William n. Uniou. 
i Gale, H. P. b. 20 Ex. 
I s ; Gale, Geo. A. printer, b. 20 Ex. 
M Gale, John, Van Slyke's boat yard. 
)ii Gale, Jacob, C. R. R. shop. 

■ Gall, M. with G. A. Prince & Co. 

!!, Gallagher, Hugb, joiner, b. tow path, n. Niag. 
| Falis depot. 
4 Gallagher, Daniel, fireman, h. Fulton n. Ala. 
Gallagher, Patrick, lab. h. Fulton n. Ala. 
Gallagher, James, tinsmitb, h. 111. n. Perry. 
Gallavan, Michael, alley bet. Mary and Obio. 
I Gall e, John, joiner, h. Mulberry n. Goodell. 
1 Galle, Philip, shoemaker, h. Maple n. Burton 

jjjGalligan, Thomas, saiW, h. 55 Fifth, 
i JGalligan, Charles, at Eagle Furnace. 
si| GALLIU AN, WILLIAM, cabinet maker, 241 
ffllj Main, h. 28 E. Eagle.— See adv. p. 48. 
J Galligan, Edward A., Express messenger, h. 
. I 256 S. Division. 
||lGallivan, Mary, cor. Canal and Lloyd. 
nilGallivan, Martin, engineer, h. 14 Miss. 
iGallman, Pbilip, joiner, h. 165 Elm. 
[Galloway, Alex. It. b. Carolina n. Niagara. 
TliGalloway, Martin, engineer, h. 14 Miss. 
I Gallup, Jacob, at Swartz's Iron Works. 
I Gaily, Mrs., Church bel. Terrace. 
Ipalvin, Thos. lab. b. 55 Smith's Block, Seneca, 
i Galula, Michael, fireman, b. J. Hurd. 
■Galvin, Patrick, lab. b. 113 Folsom. 
er'lGambler, Jane, widow, Pine n. N. Division. 
jJGam men, Christian, wagon maker, h. Spruce 
ailj n. Genesee. 
Gangoi, Nicholas, with H. Lamb. 
i Gaiisevon, Cbristopb, shoemaker, 3 Elk. 
ins,! Ganson, James M. cashier Marine Bank, b. 
231 1 American. 

Sanson, John, attorney, Spaulding's Ex. h. 
Ell! Del. 3d ab. Chippewa. 

i jGanson, John S. president N. Y. & Erie Bank, 
roulf h. cor. Del. and Chippewa. 
33! iGanson, George H. assistant cashier Marine 

I Bank, b. B. Campbell. 
eC a,j|Sanson, Corneille R. cashier Farmers' & Me- 
C ,J| chanics' Bank, h. 46 Del. 

1 Sanson. Augustus, clerk, 86 Clinton. 
ca , Ganss, Win. joiner, h. Jefferson n. Sycamore. 
Garber, Henry, gardener, h. 220 Ellicott. 

Garber, Christopher C. with Jewett <fc lu.ol, 

b. 22 S. Division. 
Gardan, Wm. lab. b. cor. Evans and Fly. 
Gardiner, Thomas, blacksmith, h. Ex. n. Chi- 
Gardiner, Matthew, lab. h. Perry n. Miss. 
Gardner, Charles, b. Boston Hotel. 
Gardner, James, shoemaker, h. 6th 11. Md. 
Gardner, Ferdinand, shoemaker, h. 20 S. Di- 
Gardner, Wm. J. clerk, Pratt & Co. h. 15 Oak. 
Gardner, Nicholas, with Jewett & Root. 
Gardner, John T. law student, b. 150 E. Swan. 
Gardner, John N. ins. agent, Mer. Ex. b. 15 

Gardner, Noah H. firm Palmer & Gardner, 

Gardner, Abel, blacksmith, h. 384 E. Seneca. 
Gardner, Nicholas, grocer, Genesee cor. Camp. 
Gardner, Thomas, marble cutter, h. 13th n. 

Gardner, Capt. Charles, cor. Church and Fr'k- 

Gardner, Edward G. b. Capt. Gardner. 
Gardner, Charles F. clerk post office, b. cor. 

Church aid Franklin. 
Gardner, John, at Swartz's Iron Works, h. 

cor. Perry and 111. 
Gardner, Edward V. on lake, b. 322 Mich. 
Gardner, Ann M. teacber, No. 6, b. 150 South 

Gardner, Frederick, blacksmith, Buff. S. E 

Garlaud, Samuel, tailor, h. Maiiner ab. Va. 
Garlanr, Wm. b. 5 Franklin. 
Garlew, Herman, brick maker, h. Seneca n. 

old city line. 
Garret, Cuyler, 172 Main, h. 86 S. Division, 
Garret, Harriet, vest maker, Batavia bel. Oak. 
Garrity, Luke, cabinet maker, G. A. Prince 

& Co. 
Garry, Patrick, with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Garry, Daniel, boiler maker, h. Fulton n. Ohio 

Garson, George, on the lake, h. Elk adjoining 

Ohio slip. 
Garst, Johu, with S. Sbepard. 
Gartner, Ferdinand, shoemaker, 20 S. Div. 
Garvin, Patrick, caulker, h. Fulton cor. Ohio 

Garvin, Michael, ship carp. h. Perry n. Hay- 

Garvin, John, Carey n. Morgan. 
Garvin, Lucy, widow of Rev. Isaac, 38 Del. 
Garvin, Henry D. m. d. over 152 Mai^ h. 38 

Gary, Wm. distiller, b. 15 Pearl. 
Gas Works, Genesee cor. 4th. 
Gasendorfer, Michael, lab. h. Mulberry n. High. 
Gass, Adam, lab. b. Wm. n. Jefferson. 
Gass, John, on railroad, h. 160 N. Division. 
Gassman, John E. 91 E. Seneca. 
Gastell, George, shoemaker, h. 296 Pearl, 
Gasteil, Anthony, shoemaker, 296 Pearl. 
Gastum, Geo. lab. b. 246 Pearl. 
Gates, Frank D. b. 77 S. Division. 
Gates, Miss Emeline, teacher, b. 224 N. Drv. 
Gates, Adeline, teacher, b. 224 N. Division. 



Gates, Adolphus, cabinet maker, h. 166 East 

Gates, Gerry, wheel wright, b. 176 E. Seneca. 

Gates, Charles, with Bullymore & Langdon. 

Gates, Mrs. widow of Horatio, 224 N. Div. 

Gates, George B. 77 S. Division. 

Gates, Mary, widow of Nicholas, 24 Delaware 

Gates, Nicholas, jr. stone cutter, h. 24 Del. 

Gates, Jacob, H. 300 Franklin. 

Gates, Silas J. clerk, 172 Main, b.,28 S. Div. 

Gates, George, firm Gates & Brothers, h. 233 

Gates, Oliver, engineer, h. 66 Sixth. 

Gates, George W. hat store, 154 Main, b. 29 E. 

Gattie, Leonhart, joiner, h. Walnut n. Syca- 

Gauchat, Philip, h. Spruce n. Sycamore. 

Gauger. John, grocer, Michigan u. Goodell. 

Gaul, Mrs. Charles, 139 N. Division. 

Gavanigh, John, lab. h. cor. Cottage and Mary- 

Gavin, John, Shamrock House, Ex. 

Gavin, Michael, with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 

Gavin, Francis, tailor, b. Dayton House. 

Gay, Francis M. melodeon tuner, cor. Md. and 
7th, h. 10 Ninth. 

Gay, O C. F. m. d. over 221 Main, h. 178 Pearl. 

Gay hard t, Geo. with Howard & Co. 

Gayless, E. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 

Gay lor, Hiram, grocer, 28 Central Wharf. 

Gaylord, Hiram, cor. N. Division and Mich. 

Gaylord, Henry M. clerk D. Belden, b. same. 

Gayzlag, Dickersou, boatman, h. cor. N. Wash. 
and Ferry. 

Gazzaro, John B. fruit. Canal n. Erie. 

Gear, James, with Kemp & Bartell. 

Geary, Wra, clerk, 62 Main, b. 15 Pearl. 

Geas, Valentine, with R. J. Compton. 

Gebauer, Casper, blacksmith, b. Peter Schmal. 

Gebauer, Conrad, lab. h. Bennett n. Batavia. 

Gebhard, Eliza, nurse, 139 Ellicott. 

Geber, George, brick maker, h. Maple n. 

Gebhard, Nicholas, mariner, h. Tupper n. El- 

Gebhard, Margaret, Adams n. Genesee. 

Geblauer, Ferdinand, machinist, h. Mich. n. 

Geckler, Godfrey, joiner, h. Pratt n. Syca- 

Geddes, Norman, clerk, Pratt <fc Co. b. 39 W. 

Gee, Thomas, with Smith & Brothers. 

Geelan, Paul R. cor. Wash, and Dock. 

•Geel, Dennison, blacksmith, n. Farmer. 

Geer, Christopher, with Jewett «fe Root. 

Geer, Andrew, with Jewett & Root. 

<Geh, John, shoemaker, 571 Main. 

Gehlweiler, Sebold, carp h. Johnson n. High. 

Gcib, Fred, mason, h. 250 E, Genesee. 

Geier, Peter, painter, h. Sycamore n. Pratt, 

Geier, Henry, grocer, cor.Ellicott and BurtoD 

Geier, Adam, lab. h. Pratt n. Sycamore. 

Geier, Henry, pedler, h. Sycamore n. Pratt. 

Geiershofer, Abraham, firm Loewi & G. b. 9 

Geiershofer, Isaac, firm Dahlman & Co. b. 9 

Geiger, Frederick, tobacconist, 177 E. Gen. 
Geiger, Regina, bonnet store, 177 E. Genesee. 
Geiger, Adam, with J. J. Weber. 
Geigle, Charles, mason, h. Batavia n. Cedar. 
Geiguud, Joseph, lab. h. Syc. n. Mortimer. 
Geiiner, Christian, Best u. Mich. 
Geir, Adam, sr. at Nursery, h. Pratt n. Syc. 
Geir, Adam, jr. cap maker, 157 Main, b. Pratt 

n. Sycamore. 
Geiseudoefer, Michael, saddler, h. 78 W. Tup. 
Geisendoerl'er, John, lab. h. Adams u. Batavia. 
Geiser, Frederick, butcher, h. cor. Spruce and 

Geizer, Gabriel, with L. & I. J. White. 
Gelston, Samuel F. firm Van Slyke, Evans & 

Co. h. Niagara north of Breck mridge. 
Gemelen, John, carriage trimmer, 104 E. Sen 
Gemith, John, tailor, h. cor. Main and St. Paul. 
Gemmer, Matthias, joiner, h. Monroe n. Bat. 
Genesee House, 404 Main cor. Genesee. 
Geusler, Samuel, clothier, 6 Pearl, h. 10 Beak. 
Geusler, John, cigar maker, Maple n. Cherry. 
Gensler, Adam, carp. b. cor. Syc. aud Walnut. 
Gentilhomme, Edward, 112 Elm. 
Gentleman, Franklin, Ohio n. Wabash. 
Gentzsch, Gottlob, tailor, h. 133 Elm. 
Geoli'roy, Joseph, lab. h. Spring n. Hinckley. 
George, Henry, cabinet maker, 233 Main, h 

Maple n. Goodell. 
George, Charles, plasterer, h. 51 Del. Place. 
George, Matthias, tailor, h. Cherry n. Maple. 
George, Chas. brickmaker, h. S. Div. n. R. R. 
Georger, McLma, widow of Michael, 164 Elm 
Georger, Lewis, harness maker, junction Ohic 

and Elk, h. Hickory n. William. 
Georger, Frank & Co. hat store, 382 Main. 
Georger, Frank, firm F. G. & Co. 382 Main, h 

cor. Ellicott and Chippewa. 
Georger, John, firm F. G. & Co. h. Ellicott n 

Georger, Francis A. dry goods merchant, 401 

Main, h. same. 
Georger, Charles, hat store, 9 E. Gen. b. same 
Georkdutch, John, car maker, h. cor. Mich, anc 

Gephart, Joseph, cor. Eagle and Walnut. 
Gerard, Joseph, tailor, h. 170 Ellicott. 
Gerard, Mary, widow, 170 Ellicott. 
Gerard, Joseph, caulker, b. 4 Scott. 
Gerard, John, at Howell's boat yard. 
Gerard, Angeline, widow, 21 Smith Block 

Gerard, Peter, 170 Ellicott. 
Gerber, Ann E. widow, Ash n. Batavia. 
Gerber, Banda, butcher, cor. Goodell and Eire 
Gerber, Charles, grocer, cor. Burton and Mail 
Gerber, Emit, butcher, cor. Main and Burtor 
Gerber, Philip, 105 E. Genesee. 
Gerber, Frank, grocer, cor. Clinton and Cedai 
Gerber, Don is, cor. Goodell and Elm. 
Gerber, John, h. Ash u. Batavia. 
Gerber, Jacob, silver plater, h. 358 Mich. 
Gerh.irdt, John, mason, h. 441 Mich. 
Gerhard t, John P. grocer, Elk cor. Ala. 



Gerhnrdt, Philip, tailor, h. Locust n. Cherry. 
Gerhard t, Joseph, brewer, b. M. Haefner. 
Gerbardt, Theobold, brewer, 288 E. Genesee. 
II Gerhart, Jacob, tanner, h. 180 E. Genesee. 
|J Gerhart, Christian, tailor, 68 Cherry. 
II Gering, Geo. at Elk st. market, h. 2b7 E. Swan. 
Gering, John, at Elk st. market, h. Walnut n. 
[i Gering, Geo. h. Walnut n. Wm. 
| Gerlach, Jacob, sign painter, 233 E. Genesee, 
f Gerlach, Frederick, cabinet maker, h. 141 Oak. 
m Gerlach, Christian, Pratt n. Sycamore. 
[1 Gerlach, Henry, Hickory n. Genesee. 
Ijj Gerlach, Herman, lithographer h. 41 Sycam. 
,11 Germain, Israel, with Bidwell, Bauta & Co. 
1 Germain, Victor, clerk, "336 Main, b. 188 El- 
I licott. 

|i Germain, Rollin, att'y at law, 7 Court, h. 136 
E. Eagle. 
Germain, Isaiah, carpenter, h. Clinton Alley n. 

German, John C. tailor, 188 Ellicott, 
German Evangelical Reformed Church, cor. 

Spring and Cherry. 
German Young Men's Asso. cor. Main aud W. 

German Baptist Church, Spruce n. Batavia. 
German Odd Fellows' Hall, Court n. Main. 
iGerman Evangelical Church, cor. Genesee and 

German Evangelical Mission Church, cor. 

Goodell and Boston. 
German M. E. Church, cor. Sycamore and Ash. 
||German Evangelical Lutheran Church, Hick- 

bory n. Batavia. 
ermany, Philip, grocer, cor. Batavia and 

Gerner, Adam, mason, b. Cherry n. Spring. 

Gernett, Christina, widow, Viue Alley n. Aiich. 

Gerono, Lorentz, clerk, Pratt & Co. h. 174 

3erry, James, joiner, h. 1 Scott. 

3erst, John, grocer, Niag. n. Amherst. 

jrerst, Louis, moulder, h. Spring u. Sycamore. 

jerstel, Joseph, grocer, cor. Goodell aud Mul- 

jerstenhauer, Conrad, Goodell n. Mulberry. 

jerstner, Matthias, 10 Ex. 

xestell, Joseph, grocer, cor, Goodell and Mul- 

jretchel, , cooper, b. 19 Pearl. 

3ethoefer, Win. book-binder, b. 1 Wm. 

Sethoefer. Catharine, widow, 1 Wm. 

jethoefer, Geo. book-binder, Wanzer & Co. b. 
1 Wm. 

jletmau, Andrew W. with N. Sherman. 

3-etrost, John, watchmaker, 501 Mich. 

jetty, Geo. W. book-keeper, E. Madden & Co. 
b. 24 Niag. 

Jettelmau, Philip, saloon, Long Wharf n. 

Settelman, Charles, shoemaker, 261 Elm. 

jrevake, Henrick, lab. h. Eagle ab. Pratt. 

Sever, C. Wm. grocer, 3 Court, h. same. 

Jeyer, C. Wm. shoemaker, h. cor. Palmer and 

3eyer, George, h. 431 Mich. 

3eyer, John, grocer, 109 Pine. 

Geyer, Wm. lab. h. cor. Wm. and Cedar. 
Gibb, Robert, with S. Shepard, h. 86 W. Tup- 

Gibbs, Joseph, at Dart & Brothers. 
Gibbs, Francis L. h. Ex. n. Louisiana. 
Gibbs, Artemas, joiner, h. 191 Delaware. 
GIBBS, JAMES S. att'y and commissioner, 

164 Main, h. 271 Franklin.— See adv. p. 83. 
Gibbius, John, mason, h. Fulton n. Hayward. 
GIBBONS, JOHN J. druggist, 129 Main, h. 

same. — See adv. p. 57. 
Gibbons, Robert, book-keeper, 129 Main. 
Gibbous, Charles W. firm Boyle <fc G. h. St. 

Gibbons, Michael, lab. h. Fly n. Le Couteulx. 
Gibbons, Edward, lab. h. over 8 Canal. 
Gibbons & Hagar, syrup manufacturers, 57 Ex. 
Gibbons, Charles, firm G. & Hagar, h. Black 

Gibbons, Ann, widow, h. Mary n. Illinois. 
Gibbons, Charles, sailor, h. Fulton n. Chicago. 
Gibeny, James, mason, h. Court n. Staats. 
Gibson, Elijah, Capt. h. Hayward n. Fulton. 
Gibson, R. W. & A. H. vegetable market, cor. 

Wash, and Carroll. 
Gibson, Alexander H. firm R. W. & A. H. G. 

h. 121 S. Div. 
Gibson, Robert W. firm R. W. & A. H. G. h. 

121 S. Div. 
Gibson, Mary, widow, 121 S. Division. 

Gibson, , tailor, 40 N. Division. 

Gibson, Samuel H. engineer, L. & I. J. White, 

b. J. Sullivan. 
Gibson, James C. railroad and steamboat ag't, 

2 Main, h. 103 E. Swan. 
Gibson, Chas. D. produce and com. mer., Mer- 
chants' Ex. h. 17 Oak. 
Gibson, Wm. shoemaker, 7 W. Eagle. 
Gibson, Charles H. with Cutter & Coye,b. 143 

Gibson, John G. book-keeper, C. W. Evans, b. 

21 S. Division. 

Gibson, , tailor,.40 N. Division. 

Gibson, Franklin, baggageman, b. over Wes- 

cott's stable. 
Gibson, Robert, on lake, h. Carroll n. Chicago. 
Gibson, Isaac, on R. R. b. 137 E. Seneca. 
Gibson, Samuel, with B. B. Joues. 
Gies, Valentine, lab. h. Batavia n. Pine. 
Giese, Andrew, lab. h. Gray u. Genesee. 
Gieser, Gabriel, White's edge tool factory, h. 

Walnut n. Sycamore. 
Giesing, Leon hard, blacksmith, b. C. Schmal. 
Gietz, S. b. 27 Pearl. 
Giffing, Eliza W. with W. Giffing. 
Giffing, Wm. H. jr. at American Express 

office, h. Johnson Place. 
Gifting, Isaac H. m. d. dentist, b, 2 Johnson 

Gifford, W. R, conductor, h. Folsom bel. Mich. 
Gifford, Edward, sawyer, h. Ohio beyond toll- 
Gilford, F. with Dr. Brainerd, b. 55 East 

Gikk, Geo. brickmaker, h. over Andrew Frm- 

Gilbay, Thomas, lab. h. Ex. bel. Van Rensse- 



Gilbert, Lewis, Pollard n. Folsom. 
Gilbert, Henry S. on lake, h. 163 S. Division. 
Gilbert, Luzerne, tailor, h. 111. n. Elk. 
Gilbert, Alvan D. firm Courter <fc Co. h. 100 

Gilbert, John M. soap and candle maker, State, 

h. Del ab. North. 
Gilbert, Hermon C. com'l editor Com'l Adv. 

h. over 338 Main. 
Gilbert, David, carpenter, h. 230 Franklin. 
Gilbert, Samuel, carpenter, h. 230 Franklin. 
Gilbert, Sewell, bar-keeper, R. R. hotel. 
Gilbert, Elisha, engin'r, 0. W. Evans' elevator. 
Gilbert, Louis, on the lake, h. Ind. n. Perry. 
Gilbert, Miss S. Jane, Eagle n. Pearl. 
Gilbrieth, John, at Howell's boat yard. 
Gilchrist, Thomas, warehouseman, Mann, Vail 

& Co. 
Gilderslpeve, Charles H. teacher, Dist. No. 10, 

h. 138 Ninth. 
Giles, Mary, with Mrs. T. Ripley. 
Giles, Henry, gardener, b. 233 Carroll. 
Giles, Henry, with S. Shepard. 
Gilfillan, James, firm Cook & G. b. 21 S. Div. 
Gill, M. Van Slyke's yard. 
Gill, John, lab. h. Fly n. Evans. 
Gill, Patrick, grocer, Ohio n. Mich. 
Gill, Geo. saddler, h. Goodell alley n. Tupper. 
Gill, David, furnaceman, h. Auburn n. Niag. 
Gillboy, Win., N. Wash. n. Forest Avenue. 
Gillespie, Angus, saloon, 23 Washington. 
Gillespie, Wm. W. h. 143 Franklin. 
Gillespie, Geo. W. on the lake, h. 134 S. Div. 
Gillespie, James, book-keeper, Pratt & Co. h. 

207 Pearl. 
Gillet, Henry T. firm Knapp & Gillet, h. 91 S. 

Gillet, Augustus M. firm J. O. Provoost & Co. 

b. 63 K. Seneca. 
Gillett, Hiram A. law stud'nt,b. 80 E. Seneca. 
Gillett, John R. clerk, Mich. Cen. R. R. freight 

-Gilligan, Michael, lab. 61 Main. 
Gilligan, Daniel, lab. h. Perry n. Miss. 
Gillhuper, Baptist, mason, h. Johnson n. Gen. 
Gillig, Francis L. saloon, 8 Court, 
Gillig, Lorentz, recess and h. 159 E. Genesee. 
■Gillig, Damian, carriage trimmer, h. 175 E. 

Gillis, Charles, m. n. 171 Main, h. 16 Oak. 
Gillmeister, Felix, waiter, Niag. Temp, house. 
Gillmeister, Fred. 233 Main, h. 191 Ellicott. 
Gillniore, Mrs. Audrew, boarding house, Illi- 
nois n. Perry. 
Gillmore, Hubart, grocer, cor. Eagle & Morgan. 
Gillniore, James, ship carp. Ohio n. Mich. 
Gilman, Albert, machinist, h. 213 E. Seneca. 
Gilman, James W., butcher, h. Pollard near 

Oilman, Matthew S., brewery, Hydraulics, b. 2 

W. Eagle. 
Gimle, John, saddler, h. Batavia n. Hickory. 
Gimle, Bcrnhard, saddler, h. Batavia n. Hick. 
Giuer, John, lab. h. Hickory n. William. 
Ginther, John, porter, Morse <fe Johnson, h. 66 

Ginther. Jacob, with Jewett A Root. 
Gints, Christiana, widow, Franklin ab. Va. 

Gior, Eli, edge tool maker, L. <fc I. J. White. 
Girard, Augustus, joiner, h. 32 Union. 
Girner, Michael, lab., h. Batavia n. Walnut. 
Girner, Geo. Walnut n. William. 
Girvin, Elizabeth, widow, 18 Scott, 
Girvin, Joseph, moulder, h. Perry r. Ala. 
Gisenderfer, Michael, 78 W. Tupper. 
Gistly, Henry, Amherst E. of Tonawauda. 
Gittere, Jacob, sr. mason, 406 Michigan. 
Gittere, Florence, joiner, h. 75 Sycamore. 
Gittere, Joseph, jr. tanner, 12 Sycamore. 
Gittere, Authouy, joiner. Jefferson bel. Bat. 
Gittere, Jacob A. jr. with Anthony Smith. 
Gittre. Nicholas, mason, h. Cedar n. Batavia. 
Gitzkey, Jonas M. clothier, 76 Main. 
Gitzkey, Louis, clothier, 76 Main. 
Given, Robert, lab., N. Porter n. Auburn. 
Given, James, lab., h. Auburn n. N. Wash. 
Gizel, Jacob, mason, h. German n. old city lin< 
Glab, Henry, sash maker, h. 396 S. Division. 
Glaeser, Conrad, Buff. S. E. W., h. 137 Oak. 
Glantz, Fred, gunsmith, 111 Main. 
Glantz, Peter, gunsmith, 111 Main. 
Glasman, Charles, carpenter, h. Pratt n. Syc. 
Glass, Giles P.. huckster, Elk street market, 1 

cor. Wm. and Mark. 
Glass, Henry, with S. Shepard. 
Glassev, Samuel, tailor, 60 Oak. 
Glassford, T. H. 4 W. Eagle. 
Gleed, Fred'k, with Jewott & Root. 
Gleed, Ambrose, clerk J. P. Needham, h. 15 

Gleed, Thomas, cook, h. 4 Vine. 
Gleeson, John, Ex. n. the brickyard. 
Gleeson, John, lab., 61 Main. 
Gleeson, James, brickmaker, h. Ex. n. brick 

Gleeson, Edward, b. cor. Niagara and Pa. 
Gleeson, Patrick, Van Slyke's boatyard. 
Gleeson, Peter, b. Dayton house. 
Gleeson, Philip, clerk, 8 Com'l, h. Michiga 

n. Ohio. 
Gleissner, Martin, Cherry ab. Clinton. 
Gleissner, Martin, Hickory n. William. 
Glennie, J. H. at Fort Erie, h. Niag. n. Auburr 
Glenny, Wm. H. earthenware and glass me 

52 and 162 Main, h. 66 Pearl. 
Gleus, Nicholas, Batavia n. Hickory. 
Glever, Heury, Tonawauda n. Parish. 
Gliker, Jacob, Jefferson ab. Genesee. 
Glinn, John, at Eaton's planing mill. 
Glisan & Frisbee, stationers and paper dealer. 

199 Main. 
Glisan, Thomas W. firm G. <fc Frisbee, 19 

Globe Mills, lower Black Rock. 
Glock, Geo. joiner, h. 39 Spruce. 
Glosser, Joseph, blacksmith h. Va. n. Cottag] 
Glover, John, with S. Sliepard. 
Gober, A. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Gockel, Michael, barber, 2 E. Seneca. 
Godemon, Frederick, bricklayer, h. Mich. i| 

Godfrey, John, with N. Case <fe Co. 
Godshal, Peter, lab. h. 199 Franklin. 
Godwin, James H. clerk, h.r. of 366 Mich. 
Godwin, John, shoemaker, b. 123 E. Seneca 
Goebel, Henry, clerk, 388 Main. 



Goebel, Christopb, tailor, h. cor. Elm and Tup- 

Goegel, Michael, barber, b. Mulberry n. Good- 

Goehring, Christian, carp. h. Spring n. Sycam. 

Goehrong, Christopher, tailor, Hickory n. Gen. 

Goelcer, Fred, boat builder, h. 50 Bennett. 

Goeiler, Geo., Batavia bel. Monroe. 

Goembel, Paul, butcher, cor. Spruce and Ba- 

Goergen, Nicholas, box maker, h. Mulberry n. 

Goergen, Peter, b. Spring n. "William. 

Georger, Ignatz, blacksmith, h. 6 Cypress. 

Goering, John, lab. h. Adams n. Batavia. 

Goeriz, P. Wm., County Clerk's office, b. Bos- 
ton Hotel. 

Goerner, Augustus, h. Goodell Alley. 

Goesz, John, lab. h. Watson u. Batavia. 

Goetle, Jacob, blacksmith, h. 256 E. Genesee. 

Goetle, Jacob, joiner, Elm n. Genesee. 

Goetz, John, shoemaker, h. Hollister n. Spring. 

Goetz, Adam, joiner, h. 1G8 E. Genesee. 

Goetz, Joseph, grocer, Walnut n. Genesee. 

Goelz, John, mason, h. xMichigati n. High. 

Goetz, Rosina, widow of Daniel, Roos' Alley. 

Goetz, John, tailor, h. Adams n. Batavia. 

Goetze, Augustus, with Kraft <fe Gray, h. cor. 
Michigan and Sycamore. 

Goetzinger, Joseph, tailor, h. 7th n. Hudson. 

Goewy, Dean, steward, h. 50 Ellicott. 

Goffe, Joseph, mason, b. Clinton bel. R. R. 

Gold, Henry, tailor, b. Kane n. Sycamore. 

Sold, Mrs. widow of Charles R., Main, 5th ab. 

Gold, John, lab. b. Perry n. Illinois. 

Sold, John, shoemaker, b. Monroe n. Batavia. 

jolden, Thomas, lab. h. Niag. n. Albany. 

3olden, William, 5th n. Carolina, 
olden, Ira, boat builder, h. 65 Fifth. 

5olden. Joseph, lab. h. Burwell n. Scott. 

jolden, Mary, widow, 6th n. Hudson. 

Solder, John, waiter, Mansion, 
oldfinch, Robert, joiner, N. Division bel. 

Joldie, John, head waiter, Mansion, h. 266 S. 

Joldrick, Mrs. Patrick, 63 Fifth. 
J-oldsmith, Abraham, printer, Express Office. 

poklstein, Xavier, lab. h. Spring bel. Genesee. 
" )ldstone, Simon, clerk, 10 Commercial, 
loldthorp, Geo. S. painter, firm Harries & G. 
h. Eagle n. Wash. 

oil, Jacob, blacksmith, h. Ash n. Sycamore. 
oil, Wm.with F. Bocbat. 
ollan, John, blacksmith, 7 Ninth, 
ollop, James, pedler, h. 29 Spring, 
ollwitzer, Geo. lab. Eagle Furnace, h. Wal- 
nut n. Sycamore. 

ollwitzer, Michael, grocer, 106 Sycamore. 
Mlwitzer, Christopher, Spring n. Batavia. 
jjombert, Wm. cor. Batavia and Pine. 
'Jompert, John, shoemaker, h. Cypress n. 

jlonyo, Lewis, caulker, h. Fulton n. Ham- 
'<M burgh. 

e" etl Stood A Moores, Brass and Bell Foundry, 21 

Good, Adam, firm G. & Moores, h. Ind. n. Ohio. 
Good, John, finisher, Buff. S. E. Works, b. 

Dayton House. 
Good, Dauiel, Buff. S. E. Works. 
Good Templar's Hall, Kremlin Blk. 270 Main. 
Goodale, Daniel, contractor, b. Lovejoy House. 
Good all, Daniel, b. Genesee House. 
Goodell, Benj. conductor, Lake Shore R. R. b. 

Brown's Hotel. 
Gooding, Rodney, 74 Ellicott. 
Goodrich, J. H, Main ab. High. 
Goodrich, Erastus H. jeweler, 1 Main, h. cor. 

7th and Carolina. 
Goodrich, Guy H. real estate agent, over 222 

Main, b. Main ab. High. 
Goodrich, Henry A. attorney, over 222 Main, 

b. cor. Main and Higb. 
Goodrich, Allen B. expressman, h. 359 Mich. 
Goodrich, James A. moulder, h. Elk n. Mich. 
Goodrich, Mrs. Jane, Wash. bel. Greene. 
Goodwiu, Thomas, cook, h. 7th n. Hudson. 
Goodwin, Wm. hotel, Mich. n. Ex. 
Goodwin, Patrick, at Red Jacket saloon. 
Goodwin, Israel, ship carp. Ohio n. Chicago. 
Goodwin, Samuel H. clerk, h over 15 Ex. 
Goodwin, James, with Bully more & Langdon. 
Goodwin, Robert, grocer, cor. Perry and Hay- 
Goodwin, Peter, at Red Jacket saloon. 
Goodwin, Pat. recess, Ohio opp. Buffalo City 

Goodwin, Daniel, lab. h. Chicago n. Ohio. 
Gordell, John, with D. B. Castle, b. 42 Ex. 
Gordon, Jacob, carpenter, h. cor. Va. and Tup- 

Gordon, Mary, widow, Ex n. brickyard. 
Gordou, Moses G. clerk, Pratt & Co. h. 144 

Gordon, John, melodeon maker, G. A. Prince 

Gordon, Lewis, caulker, h. La. cor. Ex. 
Gordon, Jas. drover, h. Abbott road n. Elk. 
Gore, Ralph, sewer builder, b. 5th n. Carolina. 
Gorman, Mary, widow of Henry, Fifth n. Ca- 
Gorman, Patrick, lab. h. Water ( B. R.) n. Ferry. 
Gorman, Matthew, Mich. n. Elk. 
Gorman, Jas. ship carpenter, h. Tennessee n. 

Gorman, Michael, lab. h. Ohio n. Liberty. 
Gorman, John, lab. h. Elk n. Mich. 
Gorman, Dennis, Green n. Beak. 
Gorman, Dennis, Lock n. Erie. 
Gorman, Fred. Van Slyke's yard. 
Gorrey, W. b. Boston hotel. 
Gorris, John F. blacksmith, Main cor. Huron. 
Gorton <fc Clexton, proprietors woolen works, 

Black Rock. 
Gorton, Job, firm G. & Clexton, h. Dearborn, 

north of Amherst. 
Gorton, Cyrus L. b. Jos. Gorton. 
Gorton, Henry W. clerk, 178 Main, b. 36 W. 

Gossrau, Henry C. shoemaker, 110 Clinton. 
Gotta, Jacob, h. r. of 284 Pearl. 
Gotthelf, Marx, pedler, h. Batavia bel. Monroe. 
Gotthelf, Moses, ice pedler, h. Niag. n. Eagle. 
Gottlieb, Henry, lab, h. Monroe n. Batavia, 



Gottman, Philip, lab. b. Jacob Sickenger. 
Gottshalk, Henry, tailor, Pratt n. Wm. 
Gotz, Samuel, clothier, Spaulding's Ex. 
Gould, Svlvauus O. firm Garviu & G. over 

232 Main, h. 41 Court. 
Gould, Edward O. prod. mer. cor. Mich, and 

Ohio, h. cor. Wash, and S. Division. 
Gould, William, m. r>. office and h. 125 Pearl. 
Gould, Lorenzo D. builder, 36 Carroll, h. 25 

Gould, Emmons S. saloon, 157 Main. 
Gould, John, clerk, 44 Main, h. 14 Perry. 
Gould, Ferris, prod. mer. cor. Mich, and Ohio, 

h. cor. Wash, and S. Division. 
Gould, Darius V. clerk, Southern hotel. 
Goulding, David S. clerk, 211 Main, h. 137 S. 

Goudveau, Octave, tinsmith, h. Folsom n. Sen. 
Gourley, F. R. painter, H. G. White. 
Gowan, James H. looking-glass maker, h. 210 

S. Division. 
Gowans & Beard, soap and candle manu'rs, 

Ontario, cor. Carolina. 
Gowans, Peter, firm Gowans & Beard, h. 5 

Johnson Place. 
Gowey, Dean, with T. Cotter. 
Goyiett, Joseph, 8 Terrace. 
Grabau, Rev. Johann A. A , pastor Ger. Luth. 

ch. Goodell cor. Maple. 
Grace, John, joiner, h. N. Division n. Gros- 

Grace, John, with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Grad, Anthony, Watson n. Batavia. 
Grady, Thomas, tinman, h. 105 Carroll. 
Grady, James, lab. h. 7th n. Maryland. 
Graebner, Wm. joiner, h. Kane n. Sycamore. 
Graebner, Charles, lithographer, h. 162 Elm. 
©raefe, Chas. cigar maker, h. Mich. cor. Gen. 
Graeber, Catharine, widow, Kane n. Sycamore. 
Graef, Antony, with P. L. Sternberg & Co. 
Graeser, Valentine, tailor, h. 71 Bennett. 
Graf, Frederick, weaver, Mich. n. Tupper. 
Graf, Philip, grocer, cor. Oak and Tupper. 
Graf, Andrew, blacksmith, h. Hickory n. Ba- 
Graf, Gotllieb, boarding house, 12 Water. 
Graf, Harmon, weaver, n. Lutheran n. Wm. 
Graf, Geo. rear 151 Oak. 
Graf, Anthony, Swartz'siron works. 
Graf, Thomas, Palmer n. Va. 
Graf, Chaiks, rope maker, h. 130 W. Tupper. 
Graf, Louis, h. Batavia n. Mich. 
Graf, John, lab. h. Mil nor n. Batavia. 
Graf, Jane, widow, 212 Walnut. 
Graf, John, with F. N. Jones. 
Graff, Herman, with J. A. Pitts. 
Graft, Michael. Mass. n. 12th. 
Graham, Amasa, 42 Court. 
Graham, Nancy, widow of Philip, h. 308 East 

Graham, James, runner, h. 83 Carroll. 
Graham, Mrs. widow of George, 198 Wash. 
Graham, Michael, blacksmith, h. Ex. n. Chi- 
Graham, Mrs. Curtis, Niag. near the creek. 
Graham, Charles, north Wash. n. Eighteenth. 
Graham, Peter, pistou maker, Buffalo S. E. 


Graham, Patrick, R. R. agent, h. 44 Carroll. 
Graham, Joseph, gardener, h. Wash. n. Perry. 
Graham, Ansel, firm Davy & G. h. cor. Scott 

and Market. 
Graham, Wm. ship carpenter, b. cor. Scott and 

Graham, Mary, with Rev. Peter Brown. 
Graham, George, whitewasher, h. Sycamore n. 

Graham, Thos. joiner, h. Ill Folsom. 
Graham, John M. boat builder, h, Niagara n. 

the creek. 
Grahling, Fred'k, grocer, 257 E. Genesee. 
Graling, Jacob, carriage maker, h. Potter near 

Gram, Charles, store, 342 Main, h. 366 Mich. 
Gram, William, tailor, 418 Mich. 
Gram, Anthony, joiner, h. Goodell Alley. 
Gram, Ignatz, joiner, h. cor. Goodell and Good- 
ell Alley. 
Gram, Fred'k H. clerk, 342 Main, b. 366 Mich. 
Grambow, Frederick, clock maker, with Wm, 

Gramby, John, boarding house, 383 Mich. 
Gramlich, Jacob, cabinet maker, h. Pratt near 

Granacher, Lawrence, 137 East Genesee. 
Grandirson, James, brass founder, h. cor. Kin- 
ney and Folsom. 
Granger, Warren, collector, Black Rock, h. 

Main north of toll gate. 
Granger, James, at Eagle Furnace. 
GRANT, DAVID M. carpet ware rooms, 19G 

Main, h. Niag. n. Va. — See adv. p. 52. 
Giant, James, plumber, b. 200 Wash. 
Grant, Gregory J. currier, N. Case & Co. h. 37 

Grant, Robert, clerk, Murray & Cummings, b 

Genesee House. 
Graser, Christian G. shoemaker, h. 406 S. Div 
Grass, Andrew, grocer, cor. Hickory and Wm 
Grassman, Jacob, brewer, with N. Hiemens. 
Gratz, Christian, joiuer, h. Maple n. Cherry. 
Gratz, Frederick, butcher, h. cor. Batavia anc 

Gratz, Ludwig, joiner, h. Maple n. Cherry. 
Gratz, Philip C. sashmaker, h. Ash n. Genesee 
Graul, Conrad, musician, h. 83 Elm. 
Graves, George C. clerk, 199 Main, b. 103 S 

Graves, Frederick, salesman, 203 Main, h. 10! 

S. Division. 
Gray, William, book-keeper, Curtis Mann, h 

108 Clinton. 
Gray, Eldred P. m d. 6 W. Swan, b. Clarendor 
Gray, Milton, firm Kraft & Gray, h. 29 Eaa 

Gray, William M. firm Kennedy, G. & Co. b 

205 Seventh. 
Gray, James, book-keeper, 203 Main, b. 20' 

Gray, Joseph, jr. b. 7 West Genesee. 
Gray, John, carpenter, h. 4 Green. 
Gray, Wm. lab. n. Hickory n. Eagle. 
Gray, Henry, on lake, h. Hickory ri. Clinton 
Gray, Wm. book-keeper, D. W. Whiting. 
Gray, Charles, mariner, h. cor. Hayward an< 




Gray, Alfred, firm Hopkins & G. b. Mansion. 

Gray, Charles, agent Lake Ontario b.tats, b. 
Waverly House. 

Gray, Michael, over 24 Commercial. 

Gray, LeanderH. policeman, h. cor. Eagle and 

Greber, Philip, lock maker, b. 55 Ex. 

Grebner, Charles, lithographic printer, 206 

Green, Elias, sup't of poor, office 336 Main, h. 
200 Pearl. 

Green, Orange F. city sealer, h. 27 Ellicott. 

Green, Samuel C. lumber dealer, 9 Central 
Wharf, b. 6 Mohawk. 

Green, Stair F. milkman, 114 Folsom. 

Green, Jedediab N". carpenter, b. 178 Wasb. 

Green, Minerva, 4 Hay ward. 

Green, Joseph A. clerk, 136 Main, b. U. S. 

Green, Henry, melodeon maker, Prince & Co. 

Green, Mrs. E. widow, Steuben n. Ala. 

Green, Samuel, lab. h. Niag. n. Hampshire. 

Green, T. H. B. b. 5 Niagara. 

Green, Bartholomew, sailor, b. Canal n. Lloyd. 

Green, Samuel, lab. h. 3d n. Va. 

Green, Geo., Van Slyke's yard. 

Green, E. G., Van Slyke's yard. 

Green, Mary, widow, Smith Block, Seneca. 

Green, Rev. Henry K. pastor Niag. Sq. Bapt. 
ck. b. 62 E. Swan. 

Green, Win. Buffalo S. E. Works. 

Green, John, grocer, Canal n. Lloyd. 

Green, James, baker, 195 E. Seneca. 

Green, James, with B. F. Hawkins. 

Green, James, Wescott's Livery Stable, Carroll. 

Green, S. <fe D. bakers, Niag. n. Pa. 

Green, David, firm S. & D. G. h. Niag. n. Pa. 

Green, Thomas Capt. h. 211 E. Eagle. 

Green, Anthony, ship carpenter, F. N. Jones. 

Greene, Wm. H. att'y at law, h. 270 Wash. 

Greene, Benjamin F. att'y, b. 56 E. Swan. 
| Greene, Wm. H. engineer, b. 228 E. Seneca. 
[Greene, Samuel, firm S. & D. G., Niag. b. Da- 
vid Green. 

Greeuau, Thos. ship carp. Ala. n. Mackinaw. 

Greenland, Geo. builder, h. cor. Sixth and Pa. 

Greenland, James, builder, h. cor. 6th and Pa. 

Greenlaw, John B. gilder, h. 11th n. Pa. 

GREENOUGH, C. B. ag't N. Y. & E and B. 
& N. Y. C. R. R. 9 Ex. b. Clarendon.— See 
adv. p. 88. 
JGreenshield, John, cutter, 15 Com'l, h. 75 N. 

.Greenwood, Charles, sailor, h.lOth n. Conn. 

Gregg, Harris H. clerk, 149 Main.b. 74 Ellicott. 

Gregg. John, nail maker, h. Steuben cor. Hea- 

Gregor, Nicholas, Buffalo S. E. Works. 

Gregory, John, Fulton n. Ala. 

Gregory, V. R. marble worker, b. 215 S. Div. 

Gregory, Wm firm Lamb <k G. h. 7 Beak. 
(Gregory, Amos S., principal Dist. No. 3,h. 215 
S. Division. 

Greif, Jacob, brewer, with N. Hiemenz. 
j Grein, Henry, clerk, cor. Clinton and Oak. 

Grein, Conrad, brickmaker, h. Hydraulics n. 
1 Seneca. 

Greiner, John A. lock maker, h. 181 E. Gen. 

Greiner, John, firm A. D. A. Miller & Co. h.20 

Greiner, Frederick, baker, h. 458 Mich. 
Greiner, Herman, shoemaker, h. 128 E. Seneca. 
Greiner, David, Genesee n. Johnson. 
Greiner, Charles, clerk, 28 Main, b. Commer- 
cial hotel. 
Greiner, John, grocer, cor. Gen. and Jefferson. 
Greitz, Charles, with Dart & Bros. 
Grenoes, Francis, caulker, Howell's boat yard. 
Grent, John, lab. h. Ex. n. Ala. 
Greser, Charles, tailor, h. 418 Mich. 
Gress, Geo. pedler, h. Adams n. Batavia. 
Gretien, Frank, 126 Elm. 

Gretzler, John, shoemaker, Mulberry n. High. 
Grevell, Tousaint, caulker, b. James Williams. 
Greves, Louis, carpenter, h. Batavia n. Mich. 
Grey, Ernst G. 135 Ellicott. 
Oridley, Frederick, White's Bank, h. North n. 

Gridley, Clement, 260 Franklin. 
Gridley, Chauncey, machinist, b. Dayton house. 
Grieb, George, lab. h Jefferson n. Batavia. 
Griesbaum, Joseph, 63 Sycamore. 
Griesbaum, August, 63 Sycamore. 
Grieving, widow of Eberhart M., Batavia n. 

Griffin, Mrs. Coleman, 15 Pine. 
Griffin, Rev. Philander, pastor Union, church, 

h. 172 S. Division. 
Griffin, Terence, carpenter, Green n. Mich, 
Griffin, John W. firm Allen & G. h. 212 E. 

Griffin, John B. com. mer. h. 52 W. Tupper. 
Griffin & Co. daguerrean artists, over 246 Main. 
Griffin, Joseph, lab. h. German n. Genesee. 
Griffin, Augustus, at Terrapin Lunch. 
Griffin, Jerome L. daguerrean, b. 47 Ex. 
Griffin, Abraham L. prod, and com. mer. 28 

Central Wharf, h. 30 E. Huron. 
Griffin, James, lab. h. 14th n. Ala. 
Griffin, Wm. blacksmith, with Morgan Wright 
Griffin, Terence, at McMillen's boat yard. 
Griffin, Patrick, grocer, Elk n. Mich. 
Griffin, James, fireman, h. Chicago n. Elk. 
Griffith, John M. firm of J. M. G. & Co. h. 21 

Griffith, John M. &. Co. for. and com. mer's, 

foot of Indiana. 
Griffith, John, Auburn cor. N. Wash. 
Griffith, Geo. with Pratt <fc Co. b. 3 Carroll. 
Griggs, Martha, tailoress, cor. Clinton and 


Grimm, , Monroe n. Batavia. ' 

Grimm, John, truckman, h. Swan bel. Pollard. 

Grimm, John, 251 Franklin. 

Grimm, Geo. carp. h. Ellicott n. Burton Alley. 

Grinburg, Harris, dry good.?, I72i< g # Seneca. 

Grinder, John, Buff. S. E. Works." 

Grinder, Henry, Buff. S. E. Works. 

Grinwis, Luke, b. 137 E. Eagle. 

Grissim, Mrs. widow of John, Eagle n. Oak. 

Grissmann, Ann, widow of Wolfgang, Ash n. 

Griswold, Alex. S. m. n. 98 N. Division. 
Griswold, Frank S. el'k, 318 Main, h. 15 Court. 
Griswold, Jerome S. clerk, 198 Main, b. 25 





Griswold, Walter, book-keeper, H. Utley,b. 36 
W. Seneca. 

Gritman, John W. carpenter, h. Balavia n. Ce- 

Gritsen, John, moulder, with Jewett & Root. 

Gritsen, Beruhard, moulder, with Jewett & 

Gritsen, Henry, with Jewett & Root. 

Grobeu, Carl. cor. ffm. and Bennett. 

Groben, Jacob, cabinet maker, 115 Maid, h. 
Spring n. Sycamore. 

Groeger, John, shoemaker, h. 569 Wash. 

Groesbeck, Elizabeth, boarding house, 325 

Groh, Nicholas, lab. h. 195 E. Genesee. 

Groher, John, mason, h. cor. Elm and Burton 

Grolmitz, Wm. frame maker, h. Elm n. Goodell. 

Groms, Nicholas, h. cor. Genesee and Elm. 

Groning, Charles, at McMillen's boat yard, h. 
Seneca n. Ala. 

Gros, Freeman, painter, b. 46 Ex. 

Gros, John D. att'y, cor. Main and Mohawk, 
h. Oak n. Va. 

Groshans, Gottfried, tanner, N. Case & Co. h. 
378 Mich. 

Gross, George, jr. grocer, Hickory n. Sycam. 

Gross, Jacob, joiner, h. Ash n. Sycamore. 

Gross, George, lab. Genesee House. 

Gross, Geo. sr. Pratt n. Sycamore. 

Gross, Bernhard, stone cutter, h. cor. Va. and 

Gross, John, shoemaker, b. S. Emmerling. 

Gross, Jacob, cabinet maker, 233 Main. 

Grosse, Henry, tailor, h. across canal, foot Md. 

Grosse, Henry, at Van Slyke's planing mill. 

Grossman, Geo. clerk, 51 Main, b. 157 Pearl. 

Grossman, C. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 

Grostine, Moses, pedler, h. Perry n. Wash. 

Grosvenor, Stetson L. druggist, cor. Water and 
Com'l, b. 44 Pearl. 

Grosvenor, Godfrey, 44 Pearl. 

Grosvenor, Seth B. book-keeper, Bank of At- 
tica, h. 524 Main. 

Grotendorst, John, lab. h. Batavia n. Pine. 

Grotz, Jacob, shoemaker, 121 E. Seneca. 

Grouney, Charles S. S. clerk, 231 Main, h. 45 

Grouse, John, with Jewett & Root. 

Grover, Mrs. Margaret, Green n. Wash. 

Grow, John A. att'y, 11 Spaulding's Ex. b. 

Gruber, Jacob, Court bel. planing mill. 

Gruener, Valentine, 57 Wash. 

Gruener, Chas. artist, over 302 Main, b. Hotel 
de l'Europe. 

Gruener, Gustavus, harness maker, 117 Main. 

Gructzmacher, Fred'k, shoemaker, h. Pine n. 

Gruetzler, Edward, colporteur Am. Tract So- 
ciety, h. Spruce n. Sycamore. 

Grunholzer, John J. physician, 159 Oak. 

Grunwald, Alex. cor. Main and Hanover, h. 70 
E. Eagle. 

Grupp, John, at Swartz's iron works. 

Grnpp, Joseph, mason, h Mich. n. Best. 

Guckenheimer, Michael, pedler, Pine n. Wm. 

Gudwasser, Eliza, 94 E. Genesee. 

Guenther, Rev. Francis H. pastor Ev. Luth. 

Church, h. 154 Hickory. 
Guenther & Stevens, grocers and druggists, 

163 Main. 
Guenther, John G. firm G. & S. b. Western. 
Guenther, Nelson J. R. b. 47 Ellicott. 
Guenther, Jacob, moulder, S. Shepard, h. Ce- 
dar n. WiLiam. 
Guenther, Godfrey, lab. h. German alley. 
Guenther, Henry, joiner, h. Mich. n. Burton 

Guenther, Henry, finisher, h. 429 Mich. 
Guenther, August, cooper, h. 429 Mich. 
Guenther, Wm.lab. h. Hickory n. William. 
Guenther, Andrew, 199 E. Genesee. 
Guenther, Augustus, 66 Lloyd. 
Guenther, Geo. tinsmith, h. Batavia n. Cedar. 
Guerdener, Conrad, over 8 Canal. 
Gugle, Andrew, shoemaker, h. Pratt n. Gen. 
Guffln, Cyrus, att'y, John Ganson, b. Western. 
Guiesz, Anna M. widow of A. 63 E. Genesee. 
Guigan, Mich'l, watchman, h. Elk n. Chicago. 
Guild, Israel, watchman, b. Genesee House. 
Guild, Joseph, boarding house, 35 E. Swan 

and 12 Ellicott 
Guild, Harrison. Elk St. Market, h. 365 Mich. 
Guinder, Fred. Van Slyke's planing mill. 
Guiteau, John L. 243 Main, h. 529 Wash. 
Gulder, Casper, carp. h. Walnut n. Batavia. 
Gulliher, Pat. blacksmith, h. Scott n. Wash. 
Gunn, James B., Buffalo S. E. works. 
Gunne, James, carpenter, h. 246 S. Division. 
Gurnee, Alfred, blacksmith, h. 282 S.Division. 
Guruer, John, with J. A. Pitts. 
Gurney, James, joiner, G. A. Prince <fc Co. 
Gurney, Wm. H. clerk, 103 Main. 
Gutekunst, John, with D. Francis, b. 13 Oak. 
Guth, John A. grocer, 277 E. Genesee. 
Guth, Louis, m. d. h. Watson n. Peckham. 
Guthrie. Solomon S. firm Buckingham & G. 

h. 49 W. Genesee. 
Guttery, Mich'l, blacksmith, Burwell n. Scott. 
Gutwasser, Helen, dressmaker, Goodell near 

Gwinn Block, Pearl n. Terrace. 
Gwinn, Wm. R., Delaware bel. Tupper. 
Gyer, Christopher, r. 8 Commercial. 
Gygli, Frank, Walnut cor. Clinton. 
Gygli, Frederick, grocer, Walnut cor. Clinton. 

Haag, Leonhard, plasterer, h. Adams n. Bat. 

Haag, Joseph, tailor, h. Boston. 

Haag, John, tailor, Goodell Alley. 

Haagh, Nicholas, tailor, h. 29 Sycamore. 

Haas, John, mason, h. Tupper n. Oak. 

Haas, Nicholas, shoemaker, 340 Main. 

Haas, Jacob, blacksmith, S. Shepard. 

Haas, John, 3 Sycamore. 

Haas, Philip, shoemaker, h. Seneca ab. Ala. 

Haas, Louis, h. 105 Pine, 

Haas, Geo. bricklayer, Maple n. Burton Alley. 

Haas, John, baker, 518 Michigan. 

Haas, Geo. O, Walnut n. Batavia. 

Haas, Nicholas, sr. Cypress n. Michigan. 

Haas, Charles De, editor, h. Main n. Chippewa. 


Haas, John, tailor, h. Johnson n. Genesee. 

Haas, John, joiner, h. Sycamore n. Mortimer. 

Haas, John, lab. h. Adams n. Genesee. 

Haas, John, Matthew n. Spring. 

Haase, Daniel, lab. h. 242 Elm. 

Haasreuter, John, lab. h. Adams n. Sycamore. 

Habeustreet, Gottfried, watchmaker, 186 Main. 

Habercorn, Francis, lab. h. 204 E. Gen. 

Haberman, Erhard, lab. h. Gray n. Batavia. 

Haberstro & Son, grocery and hardware store, 
401 Main. 

Haberstro, Joseph, firm of H. & Son, 401 Main. 

Haberstro, Joseph L. firm of H. & Son, 409 

Haberstro, Barbara, milliner, 409 Main. 

Habicht, Adam, tailor, h. Maple n. Ninth. 

Hachman, Fred. W. lumber yard, 176 Oak. 

Hack, George, Tenth n. Hampshire. 

Hack, Michael, cor. Fly and Maiden Lane. 

Hackbusch, Christian, stone cutter, h. Lu- 
theran n. William. 

Hackemer, John, lab. h. German alley. 

Hackemer, Clias. brakeman, b. Bennett n.Wm. 

Hackemer, Jacob, fireman, h. Jefferson n.Wm. 

Hacker, John, brewer, h. Maple n. High. 

Hacker, Adam, bricklayer, h. Walnut n. Wm. 

Hacket, George K. plumber, 237 Main. 

Hacket, Charles, b. A. demons. 

Hacket, Wm. sr. policeman, h. 10th n. Jersey. 

Hacket, Wm. jr. at Swartz iron works, b. Wm. 

Hacket, Patrick, composition roofer, h. Folsom 
bel. Kinney. 

Hacket, Wm. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 

Hacket, John, ship carpenter, Bidwell, Banta 
& Co. 

Hacket, Mrs. Charles W. 436 Main. 

Hacksfaff, N\ T. 41 Union. 

Haddock, Lorenzo K. att'y, 8 Spaulding's Ex. 
b. Mansion. 

Haddock, Charles, Buff. Steam E. W. 

Haderer, John, grocer, cor. Gen. and Fox. 

Had field, Robert, laud agent, 2 W. Seneca, h. 
Tenth n. Penn. 

Hadley, Elijah, firm Parmelee <fe H. h. 107 E. 

Hadley, Prof. Geo. m. d. with. A. I. Mathews 
& Co. 

Haefelin, Jacob, firm Kaldenbach & H. h. Lu- 
theran n. Batavia. 

Haefner, Francis, bookseller, 222 Ellicott. 

Haefner, John, plasterer, h. Elm n. Goodell. 

Haefner, Charles, shoemaker, 244 Main. 

Haefner, John, soap factory, Ex. n. R. R. 

Haehn, Sebastian, blacksmith, h. Genesee n. 

Haehndl, Matthew, tailor, h. Mulberry n. High. 

Haekbusch, Christian, miller, J. T. Noye. 

Haemerle, Charles, finisher, h. 122 Pine. 

Haerring, Joseph, miller, J. T. Noye. 

Haerring. Conrad, tailor, 3 Bundy. 

Haesel, Michael, lab. h. Walnut n. Genesee. 

Haffner, John, tuner, h.41 Sycamore. 

Ha gan, Frank, blacksmith, h. Perry n. Miss. 

Hagan, Robert, b. Phoenix. 

Hagan, Michael, printer, h. 5 Ellicott. 

Hagan, Wm. at Buff. Steam E. W. h. Ohio n. 

Hagan, Philip, at Buff. Steam E. W. 

HAGAR. H. & CO. grocers, 70 Main.— See 

adv. p. 36. 
Hagar, Henry, firm H. & Co. h. 131 Pearl. 
Hagar, Aug. firm Gibbons & H. h. Spring. 
Hagar, Wm. H. with H. Hagar <fc Co. h. Del. 

cor. Del. Place. 
Haffarnan, Thos. lab. h. Steuben n. Pollard. 
Hagai, Geo. with H. Lamb. 
Hagar, Wm. with Hagar & Co., h. 178 Del. 
Hagar, Adam, cooper, b. Peter Bauer. 
Hagar, Riemond, Folsom n. Pollard. 
Hagelin, R. Augustus, coffee house, 13 Canal. 
Hagemeier, John, lab. h. Swan bel. Spring. 
Hager, John, cap maker, 109 Main, h. Clinton 

n. Hickory. 
Hager, Philip, builder, Clinton n. Hickory. 
Hager, Robert, bookseller, 364^£ Main, h. over 

3 Court. 
Hager, Philip, printer, Brunck, Held & Co. h. 

Clinton n. Hickory. 
Hager, John W. joiner, h. r. Watson and Mer- 

ritt's lumber yard, E. Eagle. 
Hager, John, lab. h. Maple n. Carlton. 
Hagerman, Norman, blacksmith, Hydraulics, 

h. North Canal. 
Haggart, James L. b. James Haggart. 
Haggart, James, cor. Niagara and Ferry. 
Haggarty, Isaac, cab driver, h. 30 Smith Block, 

Haggens, Charles A. book-keeper, 211 Main. 
Hagmeier, Lewis, grocery and h. 162 Oak. 
Hahn, Otto, cigar maker, 167 E. Seneca. 
Hahn, Frederick W. saw filer, Court n. Main, 

h. 86 Clinton. 
Hahn, Louis, cabinet maker, 307 Main, h. 

Hickory n. Clinton. 
Hahn, Lewis, baker, Genesee n. Hickory. 
Hahn, Wm., Locust n. Carlton. 
Haid, John, baker, Hydraulics opposite No. 5 

Haight, Cornelius, h. cor. Goodell and Oak. 
Haight, Ransom S. grocer, 48 Main, h. Main 

ab. North. 
Haight. Edgar, with Van Slyke, h. 44 Oak. 
HAIGHT, MOSES C. jeweler. 230>£ Main, 

b. 52 E. Swan.— See adv. p. 48. 
Hailand. John, grocer, Ash n. Genesee. 
Haines, Samuel, sup't Erie Co. Penitentiary, 

h. cor. Fifth and Penn. 
Haines, Nathan R. clerk, h. cor. S. Division 

and Chestnut. 
Haiser, Peter, tailor, h. cor. Mulberry <fc High. 
Haiser, Jacob, cooper, 20 Delaware Place. 
Haisler, John, with Zook & Blair. 
Hakes, Chapman, shoemaker, 2£4 Carroll. 
Haksteen, John J. E. m. d. 414 Michigan. 
Halbert, Norton A. firm McNett & H. h. Main 

ab. Bryant. 
Haldane, James, gardener, n. Summer. 
Hale, Washington, b. Mich. cor. Carroll. 
Hale, Henrv J. clerk, 93 Main, b. 31 E. Swan. 
Hale, Henry H. firm Talcott & H. b. 100 E. 

Hale, Clark <t Co. ice dealers, Water n. Au- 
burn, Black Rock. 
Hale, John, b. Mis. Tabor. 
Hale, T. M. b. Boston hotel. 
Haley, Mrs. widow, Evans n. Fly. 




Haley, John, at Swartz's Iron Works. 
Haley, Dennis, sailor, h. Marvin n. Elk. 
Haley, Wm.b.5 Franklin. 
Haley, Wm. sawyer, li. across the creek n. toll 

Haley, John, sailor, h. Elk n. Marvin. 
Halk, Geo. varnisher, 233 Main. 
Halifax, Nathaniel, cabinet carver, h. cor. Va. 

and Palmer. 
Hall, Andrew A. hat store, 232 Main, h. 3 

Hall, Henry W. baker, h. 33 Uniou. 
Hall, Fred, with Bush <fc Howard. 
Hall, Mary, widow, canal n. Evans st. bridge. 
Hall, Luke, machinist, J. A. Pitts. 
Hall, James, h. 75 Clinton. 
Hall, Geo. C. tallyman, J. C. Evans, h. 142 E. 

Hall, Mary A. 93 S. Division. 
Hall, Myron, hostler, Phoenix hotel. 
Hall, Frank A. clerk, 205 Main. 
Hall, Isaac, saloon, Chicago n. Carroll. 
Hall, James Q. lab. h. Fulton n. Ohio slip. 
Hall, Geo. h. Palmer n. Hudson. 
Hall, Wm., Dearborn S. of Hamilton. 
Hall, Corrodon W. clerk, 184 Main, h. cor. Tup- 

per and Ellicott. 
Hall, Morris, joiner, h. 61 Sixth. 
Hall, Joel, lumber dealer, Main ab. Chippewa, 

h. 442 Wash. 
Hall, Burgess, clerk, N. Case & Co. b. 178 

Hall, Nathan K, IT. S. Dist. Judge, 9 Brown's 

buildings, h. U2 Franklin. 
Hall, James C. over 147 Main, h. 16 Batavia. 
Hall, Geo. h. 104 Clinton. 
Hall, Sarah, widow, 142 E. Swan. 
Hall. Nathaniel, deputy city corap. b. Mrs. 

Hall, Wm. cartman, h. Cypress n. Pine. 
Hall, James, machinist, Cen. R. R. shop. 
Hall, Elizabeth, widow of Daniel, Hickerman, 

Haliarou, Mrs. widow of Wm. b. W. D. Rob- 
Hallaran, Mary, widow, 25 Miss. 
Hallaran, Pat. lab. h. Ohio n. swing-bridge. 
Hallenbeck, Garrett S. shoemaker, h. 240 P'rl. 
Halienbeck, Charles, Franklin ab. Va. 
Haller, Martin, finisher, J. T. Noye, h. Walnut 

n. Batavia. 
Haller, Christopher F. shoemaker, h. 442 

Haller, John Geo. shoemaker, h. 50 E. Tupper. 
Haller, Jacob, shoemaker, h. 440 Mich. 
Haller, John, tailor, 95 Oak. 
Haller, .John, joiner, h. 29 Ash. 
Haller, Frederick, sash maker, h. Hickory cor. 

Halleran, Daniel, lab. h. 91 Oak. 
Hallinan, James, lab. h. Md. n. 6th. 
Hallinan, John, Water u. Albany. 
Hallowell, Edwin, clerk, 261 Main, b. 28 S. 

Hal man, Pat. Thompson n. Amherst. 
Hal pin, Henry, baker, h. over 41 Main. 
Hal pin, Win. waiter, Mansion. 
Halsey, Wm. H. 25 Sixth. 

Halty, John, blacksmith, cor. Del. and Del Av. 

Ham, John, 211 E. Genesee. 

Hambleton, Aaron B. boiler maker, h. Miami 

n. Ala. 
Hamill, Archibald, fish inspector, h. Ninth n. 

Hamill, Archibald, jr. b. 95 Ninth. 
Hamill, Archibald, Bean's alley, bet. Mohawk 

and Huron. 
Hamilton, Frank H. m. d. Erie st. over Patchin 

Bank, h. 80 Pearl. 
Hamilton, Mrs. Fidelia, 259 Franklin. 
Hamilton, Alexander, at Swartz Iron works. 
Hamilton, Mrs. Henry, 48 Pearl. 
Hamilton, Patrick, teamster, h. Fifth n. Car- 
Hamilton, Wm. H. clerk, h. 48 Pearl. 
Hamilton, Mrs. widow of Stephen P. h. 237 

E. Swan. 
Hamilton, Chas. J. joiner, h. 6th n. Carolina. 
Hamilton, Albert M. painter, h. Carroll tv 

Hamilton, Levi M. butcher, h. cor. Carolina 

and Fifth. 
Hamilton, James, firm H. & Adams, b. 4 Niag. 
Hamilton, Henry H. painter, h. Ohio cor. 

Hamiltom & Adams, dry goods, 216 Main. 
Hamilton, Calvin U. b. 105 Del. 
Hamilton, James M. b. 214 Pearl. 
Hamilton, John, clerk, 216 Main, b. 4 Niag. 
Hamilton, Benj. B. clerk, International Bank. 
Hamilton, Theodore B. clerk, A.m. Trans. Co. 
Hamlin, Henry H. ag't, h. 121 Clinton. 
Hamlin, Warren, clerk, 316 Main, b. 4 Niag. 
Hamlin, C. J. 422 Main. 
Hamlin, Daniel R. 63 W. Huron. 
Hamlin, John S. book-keeper, Pratt & Co. h. 

6th cor. Carolina. 
Hamlin, Geo. M. salesman, 316 Main, b. 4 

N iagara. 

Hamman, , pedler, Smith Block, Carroll. 

Hammer, John G. tailor, h. 420 Mich. 
Hammer, Philip H. h. 385 Mich. 
Hammon, Michael, Vulcan foundry. 
Hammon, Benjamin, machinist, b. 137 E. Sen. 
Hammond, Benjamin, Buff. Steam E. W. 
Hammond, Mary A. widow, h. Beak n. Wash. 
Hammond, Christopher, with C. Neumann. 
Hammond, Julia, widow of Edward, h. 260 S. 

Hammond, Ann, widow of Jonathan, h. 260 

S. Divisiou. 
Hammond, Geo. clerk, b. 260 S. Division. 
Hammond, Thomas, ag't Am. Trans. Co. h. 9th 1 

n. Va. 
Hammond, Frederick A. 9th n. York. 
Hammond, Frederick V. painter, h. 260 S. 

Hammond, Mary, dressmaker, over 3-12 Main. 
Hampe, Frederick, tailor, r. 104 Clinton. 
Hampel, Frederick, architect, 3 Townsend hall, 

h. 9 Sycamore. 
HAMPTON, THOMAS S. plumber and gas 

fitter, cor. Pearl and Seneca. — Ste adv. p. 73. 
Hampton, Joseph, Forest Avenue. 
Hance, Samuel T. u. d. over 148 Main, b. U. 

S. hotel. 



Hancock, Edwin, shoemaker, 1 Oak. 

Hand, John, Buff. Iron works, h. Forest Av. n. 

N. Wash. 
Hand, James, Louisiana n. Ohio. 
Handel, Francis J. 7 E. Huron. 
Handerhin, John, lab. h. Elk n. Chicago. 
Handicourt, Hipolite, cook at Western. 
Handlin, John, Carolipa n. Ninth. 
Handrich, John, shoemaker, h. cor. Goodell 

and Oak. 
Handy, Elisha R. 287 Mich. 
Handy, Rosanna, widow, Walnut n. Sycamore. 
Hangrieve, Michael, Main n. toll-gate. 
Hankins, Beekman V. boat builder, h. Oak n. 

Hanky, Geo. h. Cypress n. Mich. 
Hank, Martin, on lake. b. Lake Shore Hotel. 
Hanks, Ambrose, engineer, b. Carroll cor. La. 
Hanks, Wm. teamster, h. N. Div. n. Pollard. 
Hanley, Cornelius, lab. h. 6 Mississippi. 
Hanley, Mary, widow, Perry n. Illinois. 
Hanlon, Dennis, printer, C. E. Felton, b.20 Ex. 
Hanlon, Michael, sailor, h. 1 Green. 
Hanlon, Thomas, b. 215 N". Division. 
Hanly, Edward, Niag. Falls Depot, h. over 27 

Hanly, Thomas, engineer, h. 125 Folsom. 
Hanly, John, lab, h. Fulton n. Chicago. 
Hannah, Solomon, shoemaker, b. T. Cotter. 
Hannan, John, lab. h. turnpike bey. toll gate. 
Hannas, Major, painter, b. 28 Niagara. 
Hannavan, Ann, widow of Philip, across the 

creek opp. Wash. 
Hannavan, Patrick, Fulton cor. Red Jacket. 
Hannavan, John, ship carp. Bid well, Banta 

& Co. 
Hannegan, Thomas, lab. 1 Folsom. 
Hannegan, Mary, widow, h. 15 Mississippi. 
Hannibal, Lorenzo P.,b. A. A. King. 
Hannible, F. G. sleigh maker, b. Gen. House. 
Han ni fan, Patrick, La. n. Ottawa. 
Hannifan, John, lab. h. Ohio n. Chicago. 
Ban n if as, Thos, truckman, h. Morg'n n. Eagle. 
Hanny, John, grocer, cor. Niag. and Jersey. 
Hanour, Peter J., with Thos. Kennedy. 
Hanscom, Capt. Chas. on lake, h. 108 Folsom. 
Hansman, Louis, printer, h. 205 Genesee. 
Hanson, Abraham, carriage trimmer, h. Car- 
olina n. Sixth. 
Hanson, Hiram A. book-keeper, Pratt & Co. 

h. 15 Sixth. 
Hanson, John, carman, h. Jackson n. the canal. 
Hanson, Thos, carman, h. Jackson n. the canal. 
Hanson, Jane A. shirt maker, 4 Eleventh. 
Hanson, Joseph, with Wilkes & Co. h. 183 E. 

Hanson, Chas. cabinet maker, 233 Main. 
Hanson, Wm. S. cl'k W. Woodruff, b.Tremont. 
Hanson, Thomas, Seneca ab. Alabama. 
Hanson. Jacob, carriage trimmer, h. Spring 

n. William. 
Hanson, Wm., sailor, h. Ohio n. swing bridge. 
Hantz, Adam. 31 Main. 
Hanway, Michael, lab. h. foot of Genesee, over 

the canal. 
Happ, John. cor. Walnut and William. 
Happ, Martin, clothier, h. 421 Michigan. 
Happ, Bartel, tailor, h. Mich. u. Batavia. 

Harbeck, John S. stave dealer, 53 Ohio, b. 

Harbourne, Henry, shoemaker, h. Cedar n.Wm. 

Harbourne, Conrad, shoemaker, cor. Carroll 
and Chicago. 

Hard, Sam'l B. att'y, Spaulding's Ex. b. Ame- 

Hardie, Wm. printer, Cora. Adv. Office, h. 
Potter n. Gay. 

Hardiker, Wm. coppersmith, 237 Main, h. N. 
Div. bel. Spring. 

Hardison, Capt. Edward, b. J. Horton. 

Hardison, George, ship. carp. b. J. Horton. 

Hardy & Culliuson, file cuiters, Hospital rear 
of Court. 

Hardy, P< j ter, pedler, h. SixLh n. Md. 

Hardy, Patrick, ship carp. h. Elk n.Hayward. 

Hardy, Miss E. C, Allen n. Franklin. 

Hardy, N., widow, Carey n. Morgan. 

Hardy, Robert, joiner, h. Ill Folsom. 

Hardy, Thos., pedler, Virginia cor Seventh. 

Hardy, Edwin, piano maker, h. Carey n. Mor- 

Hare, John, grocer, 7 Elk. 

Hares, Catharine, dressmaker, 439 Main. 

Harf, H. C. cigar maker, b. Lake Shore Hotel. 

Hargraves, James, tailor, h. Hickory n. Wm. 

Hargrave, Sam. painter, h. Carroll bel. Mich. 

Hark, Theodore, shoemaker, h. Walnut n. Ba- 

Harkin, , marble polisher, D. Belden. 

Harlacher, Peter, blacksmith, h. Bennett n. 

Harley, Joseph, moulder, Eddy <fe Bingham. 

Harmon, Cyrus, planing mill, h. 15 Mechanic. 

Harmon, J. & Co. grocers, 29 Main. 

Harmon, Judson, firm J. Harmon & Co. h. 174 

Harmon, E. F. firm J. Harmon & Co. b. J. 

Harmon, Richard, with Bid well. Banta & Co. 

Harmon, Frank P. miller, b. S. B. Mauley. 

Harmon, Joseph, engineer, Eaton's planing 

Harnaman, Charles, at McMillen's boat yard. 

Harper, Leonard.'' M., Michigan Central R. R. 
Wharf, h. 103 Del. 

Harper, Wm. b. Thos. Millington. 

Harraden, James, mason, h. 39 Elm. 

Harries, Edward, firm J. W. Williams & Co. 
h. 81 Clinton. 

Harries, Thomas, painter, H. G.White. 

Harries. Charles, grainer, firm H. & Goldthorp, 
23 E. Seneca. 

Harries, Anne, 83 Clinton. 

Harries & Goldthorp, painters, 23 E. Seneca. 

Harrigan, John, lab. h. La. n. Ohio. 

Harrington, Henry, b. Boston Hotel. 

Harrington, Jane R. nurse, 207 S. Division. 

Harrington, James, steamboat agent, h. 144 
W. Huron. 

Harrington, Lewis B. firm King & H. b. 116 

Harrington Block, Pearl ab. Eagle, r. of Amer- 

Harris. Andrew, forwarder on Central R. R. 
h. 134 Folsom. 

Harris, Asa P. constable, h. 10 Chestnut. 



Harris, Charles, blacksmith, h. Fulton n. Ala. 

Harris, Chauncey, watchman, h. Palmer n. 

Harris, Chapin C. b. Elk St. House. 

Harris, Daniel E. on the canal, h. 7th n. Caro- 

Harris, Daniel P. firm C. F. Miller & Co. h. 8 
Boston Block. 

Harris, Ichabod, moulder, Buffalo Car Wheel 

Harris, Ichabod P. moulder, h. Michigan opp. 

Harris, James W. livery stable, h. 58 S. Div. 

Harris, James, tin and coppersmith, 72 Main, 
h. Scott Alley n. Perry. 

Harris, J. B. moulder, Union furnace. 

Harris, John, lab. h. Ninth n. Carolina. 

Harris, Joseph, livery stable, h. cor. Scott and 

Harris, Linus E. Carolina n. 6th. 

Harris, Lucy, widow, Carroll bel. Chicago. 

Harris, Peyton, clothes cleaner, 25 Com'l, h. 
Mich. u. Batavia. 

Harris, Richard, machinist, b. J. Horton. 

Harris, Richard W. keeper Elk St. House, cor. 
Mich, and Elk. 

Harris, Robert, caulker, h. 325 E. Seneca. 

Harris, Wru. with Hart, Newman & Co. 

Harris, Walter, b. 50 S. Division. 

Harris, William, policeman, h. Potter n. Ba- 

Harris, Win. J. b. Charles Nash. 

Harrison, James C. agent, C. M. Reed's steam- 
boats, office, Long Wharf, h. Main opp. N. 
Presbyterian Church. 

Harrison, Joseph. 93 E. Seneca. 

Harrison, Seth, 64 S. Division. 

Harrison, Henry, machinist, cor. Ex. and La. 

Harrison, Geo. boat builder, h. cor. Fifth and 

Harrison, Jane, widow, Fifth n. Carolina. 

Harrison, Henry, millwright, h. Carroll bel. 

Harrison, John, on lake, b. 176 E. Seneca. 

Harrison, R. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 

Harroun, G. K. clerk, 138 Main,b. Western. 

Harroun, Jerome, watchmaker, 200 Main. 

Hart, Austin S. firm H., Ball & H. b. William 
A. Hart. 

HART, BALL <fe HART, plumbers and gas 
fitters, 237 Main.— See adv. p. 71. 

Hart, Capt. Asa E. firm H., Newman & Co. h. 
cor. Ninth and School. 

Hart, Wm. A. firm H., Ball & H. h. 14 Johusou 

Hart, Charles, carp. h. cor. Seneca and Ala. 

Hart, Columbus. 35 Jackson. 

Hart, Ellen, widow, La. n. Ohio. 

Hart, Henry, 1% Com'l, h. 74 Pearl. 

Hart, Henry S. printer, b. 57 E. Seneca. 

Hart, John, engineer, b. 28 E. Seneca. 

Hart, John, waiter, Western. 

Hart, John, lab. h. Miss. n. Perry. 

Hart, Jacob, b. 32 E. Seneca. 

Hart, John, with R. Hart k Co. 

Hart, John, farmer, Elk, cor. Van Rensselaer. 

Hart, Luther, machinist, h. Carroll n. La. 

Hart, L. C. engineer, b. Southern Hotel. 

Hart, Magdalene, widow of Philip, Batavia n. 

HART, NEWMAN, & CO. grocers and ship 

chandlers, foot of Lloyd. — See adv. p. 37. 
Hart, Ozias, h. 389 E. Swan. 
Hart, Patrick, warehouseman, h. 13 Miss. 
Hart, Robert, & Co. cabinet makers, cor. School 

and Tenth. 
Hart, Robert, firm R. H. & Co. h. Niagara n. 

Hart, Solomon, with Henry Hart, 
Hart, Timothy, lab. h. Chicago n. Ohio. 
Hart, Thos. warehouseman, h. Miss n. Perry. 
Hart, Thomas, shoemaker, h. 36 Union. 
Hart, Wm. shoemaker, h. Gray n. Sycamore. 
Hart, William, Michigan n. Seueca. 
Hartel, Martin, lab. h. Monroe n. Sycamore. 
Harter, Conrad, joiner, h. 218 E. Genesee. 
Harter, Vera Ann.b. 11 Franklin. 
Harter, Geo. lab. h. Jefferson ab. William. 
Hartfelder, John, joiner, h. Mich n.High. 
Hartford, Patrick, gardener, b. 12 Miss. 
Hartiman, Timothy, lab. h. Ohio n. Chicago. 
Hartinger, Albert, lab. h. 214 Sycamore. 
Hartley, James, .'hip carp. h. Carolina n. 5th. 
Hartlieb, Joseph, tanner, h. Jefferson n. Wm. 
Hartman, John, cabinet maker, h. William n. 

Hartman, Mrs. widow of Joseph, 195 E. Gen. 
Hartman, Joseph, lab. h. Bundy alley. 
Hartman, John, Gray n. Genesee. 
Hartman, Charles, cabinet maker, 115 Main. 
Hartman, Adam, lab. h. Bundy alley. 
Hartman, Valentine, lab. h. Adams n. Wm. 
Hartman, Henry, Jefferson ab. William. 
Hartness, Elizabeth S. widow, 73 E. Seneca. 
Hartnev, Richard, Daugherty's alley. 
H; r sell, Jacob, b. Boston hotel. 
Hartshorn, Franklin, auctioneer, 208 Main, b. 

66 S. Division. 
Hartwell, Geo. with Bullymore & Langdon. 
Hartwell, John, lab Ohio n. Chicago. 
Harty, Margaret, widow, 42 N. Division. 
Harty, Mrs. D. 14 Ellicott. 
Harty, John D. insurance agent, custom house 

buildings, h. 14 Ellicott. 
Harty, Wm. G. joiner, h. Morgan cor. Genesee. 
Hartz, Andrew E , Buff. Steam E. W. 
Harvey, Charles W. M. d. surgeon dentist, cor. 

S. Division and Wash. 
Harvey, A. W. firm Marshall & H. h. 53 Pearl. 
Harvev, Horace J. b. 325 Wash. 
Harvey, Wm. R. firm R. Hart & Co. h. Ninth 

cor. School. 
Harvey, John, blacksmith, h. Mass. n. 13th. 
Harvey, Geo. N., Am. Ex. office, b. American. 
Harvey, Leon F. city surveyor's office. 
Harzog, Geo. shoemaker, h. Cedar cor. Wm. 
Haskiu, Edwin, firm Morse & H. b. 133 Pearl. 
Haskins, Nicholas, b. C. Couch. 
Haskins, C. H. firm Pierce & H. h. 96 E. Eagle. 
Haskins, Wm. P. clerk, 26 E. Seneca, h. 96 E. 

Haskins, Roswell W. real estate, h. Michigan 

bet. Seneca and Swan. 
Haskins, Geo. W. associate editor Democracy, 

b. R. W. Haskins. 
Haskins, Win. B. b. R. W. Haskins. 



Haskins, Laura C. widow, Carolina n. 7th. 
Haskins, Hersbel H. clerk, 288 Main, b. Laura 

C. Haskins. 
Haskitt, Sam'l, on the lake, h. Clinton n. the 

Rail Road. 
Hass, Jacob, blacksmith, h. Fulton n. Chicago. 
Hasselback, Anton, butcher, Pine cor. N.Div. 
Hassenfratz, Frank, at Eagle furnace. 
Hassenfratz, Peter, finisher, Eagle furnace, h. 

Mm n. Good ell. 
Hassett, Richard, cartinan, h. Hudson above 

Hassinger, Jacob, capmaker, cor. Batavia and 

Hasslocker, M. Eugene, dressmaker, over 272 

Hastings, Daniel H. Niagara n. Breckenridge. 
Hastings, Eurotus, with C. C. Wykoff. 
Hastings, Thomas B. joiner, Twelfth n. Vt. 
Hastings, Win. chair maker, h. Niag. n. Parish. 
Hatch's Elevator, across the creek. 
Hatch, Israel T. Cottage n. Virginia. 
Hatch, E. P. proprietor Genesee house, 404 

Hatch, Charles P. clerk Genesee house. 
Hatch, Junius H. att'y, h. Niag. cor. Albany. 
Hatch, Joseph C. book-keeper, M. C. R. R. 
Hathaway, Wm. H. carpenter, h. Court n. 4th. 
Hathaway, Charles, joiner, J. A. Pitts. 
Hathaway, Isaac T. 292 Pearl. 
Hathaway, James W. mariner, h. 11th n Md. 
Hathaway, Samuel, engineer, h. 9th n. Va. 
Hathaway, John P. cigar maker, 191)^ Main, 

b. Ex. opp. Beak. 
Hathaway, Silas A., engineer, h. Niagara S. 

of Auburn. 
Hathaway, Win. melodeon maker, G. A. Prince 

& Co. 
Hathaway, Anson, at Swartz's Iron Works, b. 

W. H. Hathaway. 
Hathaway, A. with G. A. Prince <fc Co. 
Hatsel, John, with Bush & Howard. 
Hatsel, Geo. with Bush <fo Howard. 
Hatter, Seih, with Bully more <fe Langdon. 
Hatterscheid, Peter, shoemaker, h. Milnor n. 

Hattorn, Ambrose, joiner, h. Oak n. Genesee. 
Hatwell, Geo. lab., Ellicott ab. Tupper. 
Hau, Arnold, blacksmith, h. Pratt n Sycam. 
Hauck, Christian, machinist, 160 E. Genesee. 
Hauck, John, lab., Walnut n. Batavia. 
Hanck, Francis W, butcher, h. Weaver's Alley. 
Haudricourt, Hippolite, wine and liquor dealer, 

Batavia n. Elm. 
Hauenstein, John, m. d. cor. Main and W. Mo- 
hawk, h. 355 Washington. 
[Hauenstein, Jacob, paver, h. 246 E. Genesee. 
Hauenstein, Geo. L. tailor, h. Ketchum Alley. 
Haumann, Michael, lab. h. Jefferson n. Gen. 
Hauschild, John, cooper, h. Pratt n. Eagle. 
|Hause, Nicholas, with Jewett & Root. 
jHausemann, August, cap maker, 202 Main, h. 

Pine n. Cypress. 
Hauser, Xavier, carpenter, h. Ash n. Sycam. 
JHauser, Michael, gluemaker, h. cor. Clinton 
| and Jefferson. 

i Hauser, John, cigar maker, Monroe n. Wm. 
Hauser, Gregor, carpenter, h. Park ab. Allen. 

Hauser, Wendell, boot maker, Oak n. GoodelL 
Hauser, Thomas, tailor, Adams n. Sycamore. 
Hausle, Matthew, grocer, 133 E. Genesee. 
Hausle, John, with S. Shepard. 
Hausle, Paul, clerk, 205 Main. 
Haveman, Levi, joiner, h. Maple n. Cherry. 
Haven <fc Smith, attorneys at law, 7 Court. 
Haven, Solomon G. firm H. & Smith, h.34 W. 

Haven, S. Z. homoeopathic phys'n and surg. 

278 Main.h. 20 W. Eagle. 
Haven, Charles L. medical student, b. 20 W. 

Haven, Edward P. clerk. W. W. Howell. 
Havens, David, S. gas fitter, b. 25 Pearl. 
Havens, Joseph, clerk, Jared Lewis, b. same. 
Havens, Joseph S., firm E. S. Havens & Co., b. 

Havens, E. S. & Co. grocers, 19 Main. 
Havens, Ephraim S., firm Havens & Co., h. 2 

Park Place. 
Havens, John H. grocer, 73 Main, b. Mansion. 
Havland, Frederick, engineer, h. Steuben, Hy- 
Havlaud, Geo. fireman, b. F. Havland. 
Havland, Gilbert, engineer, b. Fred. Havland. 
Hawkins, Benjamiu F. produce merch't, Mer- 
chants' Exchange, h. 6 W. Mohawk. 
Hawkins, Henry D. 96 N. Division. 
Hawkins, Lucy, boarding house, 55 E. Seneca. 
Hawkins, Edmund W. joiner, h. Abbott Road 

n. Elk. 
Hawkins, Isaac T. joiner, h. Abbott Road n. 

Hawkins, Wm. lumber dealer, cor. Ohio and 

Wabash, h. 59 S. Division. 
Hawks, Thos. S. books and periodicals, P. O. 

h. 41 Franklin. 
Hawks, Daniel, b. T. S. Hawks. 
Hawley, M. widow of Myron G., Carroll near 

HAWLKY, MERWIN 18 and 19 

Central Wharf, h. Niag. Square, bet. Genesee 

and Delaware. — See adv. p. 33. 
Hawley, Seth C. Del. 4th door ab. Chippewa. 
Hawley, Elias S. with Pratt & Co.h. 289 Pearl. 
H iwley, Lucian, att'y, Ex. opp. Mansion, h. 

Ellicott n. Good ell. 
Hawley, James S. m. d. office and h. Niag. ab. 

Hawn, James W. at Speed's Telegraph, b. N. 

Hay, Isabella, widow of John, Gen. n. Terrace. 
Hayden, G. Frederick, carpenter, h. 94 Ninth. 
Hayden, Benj. at Buff. Iron Works, h. Niag. n. 

Forest Avenue. 
Hayden, brace L. clerk, Pratt & Co. h. 180 

Havden, James, book-keeper, 4 Ex. b. 180 

Hayden, Henry R. printer, b. 7 Beak. 
Hayden, S. B. widJw, b. 180 Franklin. 
Hayden, Nathaniel, clerk, 194 Main, b. 36 W. 

Hayen, Jacob, 5 Terrace. 
Hayes, Geo. E. dentist, cor. Main aud S. Divis- 
ion, h. 1 S. Division. 
Hayes, John, mason, h. Illinois n. Scott. 



Hayes, Maria, widow, r. 189 S. Division. 
Hayes, John, lab. h. Ohio n. toll bridge. 
Hayes, Edward, sailor, h. Illinois n. Elk. 
Hayes, James A. printer, 212 N. Division. 
Hayes, James, tinsmith, J. Otto & Co. 
Hayes. J. A. painter, h. 72 Ellicott. 
Haves, Joseph, Eaton's planing mill. 
Hay re, George, mason, h. Mark n. ¥m, 
Hayser, Eli, at Eagle Furnace. 
Hay ward, John A. at Swartz Iron Works. 
Hay ward, Elisba L. 103 Main, b. 32 E. Swan. 
Hayward, Emma, teacher, Dist. No. 10, h. Va. 

n. Garden. 
Hayward, Fanny L. widow of Elisba, 32 East 

Hayward, Geo. W. book-keeper, 103 Main, b. 

32 East Swan. 
Hayward, J. H., Swartz Iron Works. 
Haywood, S. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Hazard, Edward E. 58 E. Swan. 
Hazard, Morris, Capt. steamboat Mississippi, 

h. 58 E. Sw::n. 
Hazard, George S. com. raer. 25 Cent. Wharf, 

h. 71 Delaware. 
Hazen, Eli, engineer, b. Carroll n. Ala. 
Heazel, Richard, lab. h. 3d n. Md. 
Heacock, Mrs. Reuben B. 35 Pearl. 
Heacock, Rev. Grosvenor W. pastor Lafayette 

st. church, h. Wash. 2d door ab. Mohawk. 
Heacock, Edna, widow, b. 35 Pearl. 
Heacock, Reuben B. firm H. & Trowbridge, 

35 Pearl. 
Head, James, Del. n. Deleware Avenue. 
Head, James, with Bullymore & Langdon. 
Headley, James H., lumber dealer, h. 14th cor. 

Heaford, Riley, Capt. propeller Saginaw, h. 

101 Folsom. 
Healey, Thos., lab. h. n. Gen. across the canal. 
Heap, John, blacksmith, J. A. Pitts. 
Hearn, Joanna, widow of P., Carroll n. Chicago. 
Hearne, Henry, truckman, Folsom ab. Chicago. 
Heath, Jacob, with Howard & Co. 
Heather, Thomas, lab. h. 181 N. Div. 
Heather, Robert W., recess, Canal cor. Maiden 

Heaton, John, carpenter, h. Ohio n. toll bridge. 
Heavey, Peter, at G. W. R. R. h. Cedar u. Wm. 
Hebard, John H. h. Clinton n. Jefferson. 
Hebard, Geo. K. clerk, 178 Main. 
Hebard, John, firm Wibert <k H. h. 4 Carroll. 
Hebard, Geo. clerk Hollister Bank. 
Hebard, Wm. C. book keeper, Mann, Vail & 

Co. b. U. S. Hotel. 
Hebard. Jolls & Barton, millers, 61 Ohio. 
Hebcnstreit, Charles, hatter, 25 E. Genesee. 
Heber, Joseph, Thompson's lead factory. 
Heberl, Henry, varnisher, h. 396 S. Div. 
Eeberle, Jacob, shoemaker, 77 E. Genesee. 
Heberliug, James, C. R. R. shop. 
Hebron, Geo. tailor, h. 185 Terrace. 
Hebron, Stephen, joiner, b. 185 Terrace. 
Heckel, John, furnace man, h. Mulberry n. 

Heckel, Gottlieb, 77 Elm. 
Heckel, Peter, barber, 4 Exchange. 
Heckel, Conrad, lab. h. Mulberry n. High. 
Hecker, Joseph, carriage maker, h. 237 Main. 

Heckler, Peter, cigar maker, Huron n. Ellicott. 

Hecox, Samuel, Main n. tollgate. 

Hecox, W. H., assistant P. M., h. Main n. toll- 

Hedecker, Henry, hatter, h. Elm. n. Genesee. 

Hederich, John, lab. h. Adams n. Genesee. 

Hedge, George, watchmaker, 111 Main, h. 28 
S. Division. 

Hedge, Geo. F. piano tuner, b. 28 S. Division. 

Heeg, Jacob, shoemaker, h. Mulberry n. Va. 

Heel, Frederica, 128 Sycamore. 

Hefarnan, Patrick, on lake, b. 176 E. Seneca. 

Hefernan, C. widow., b. Mrs. R. McChristall. 

Hefernan, John, with Howard & Co 

Hefarnin, Wm. lab. h. Burweli n. Scott. 

Hefr'erman, John, Carroll n. La. 

Hefford, Thomas, builder, h. 19 Oak. 

Heiback, Henry, butcher, 268 Franklin. 

Heibel, Henry, melodeon maker, Prince & Co. 

Beidecker, Charles, h. 372 Mich. 

Heidecker, Henry, cap maker, h. Elm n. Gen. 

Heidelbach. George, cor. Clinton and Cedar. 

Heiden, Ferdinand, tailor, h. Goodell n. Mich. 

Heidenreich, Andrew, grocer and saddler, 10 
Exchange, h. cor. Cedar and Batavia. 

Heideureither, Edward, shoemaker, h. Walnut 
n. Eagle. 

Heigannacker, Jacob, at Swartz'siron works. 

Heil, Frederick, m. d., German physician, 36 
E. Genesee. 

Heilf, Albeit, miller, J. T. Noye. 

Heilich, Geo. lab. h. Adams n. Genesee. 

Heil maun, Mrs. Barbara., Pratt cor. Batavia. 

Heilmann, Anton, confectioner, h. 137 Batavia. 

Heimerle, Henry, joiner, h. 50 Bennett. 

Heimerle, Charles, 113 Main. 

Heimerle, Michael, finisher, h. Mortimer n. 

Heimgartner, Fraucis, North n. Mich. 

Heiming, Wm. harness maker, Canal n. State. 

Heimlich, Christian, match maker, 230 E. Gen, 

Heimlich, Philip J. jr. prod. mer. 12 Central 
Wharf, h. 191 N. Division. 

Heimlich, Frederick, 161 Elm. 

Heimlich, Geo. dyer, h. Hickory n. Batavia. 

Hein, George, mason, Gray n. Genesee. 

Hem, Joseph, with L. & I. J. White. 

Hei nerman, Henry, carp. h. Mass. cor. 13th. 

Heinrich, John, lab. h. Pratt n. Wm. 

Heintz, joiner, h. Pratt n. Wm. 

Heintz, Nicholas, Ash u. Sycamore. 

Heintzmann, Theodore, piano forte maker, 10 
Court, h. 115 E. Genesee. 

Heiuze, F. P. b. M. Esehbach. 

Heinze, Charles G. with Wheeler Hotchkiss. 

Heinzel, Matthias, tailor, h. Adams n. Peck- 

Heinzen, Joseph, lab. h. 102 Batavia. 

Heis, Jacob, 3 Quay. 

Heis, Thomas, at McMillen's boat yard. 

Heisel, Christian, tailor, h. cor. Batavia and 

Heiser, Godfrey, brewery and li. 149 E. Seneca. 

Heiser, John, stoneware manu'r, h. Seneca n 

Heisler, Wm. tailor, 401 Main. 

Heisner, Joseph, joiner, h. Boston. 

Heist, John, farmer, Military road. 



Heist, Michael, farmer, Cornelius creek road. 

Heist, Fred, farmer, Cornelius creek road. 

Heistiand, Christian, ship carpenter, h. Hay- 
ward n. Perry. 

Heitz, Eustachius, shoemaker, h. Spring n. 

Heitzberger, Wm. lab. b. Ex. bel. Pollard. 

Heitzhouse, Mrs. widow of Henry, 155 Elm. 

Heitzmann, Conrad, 388 E. Genesee. 

Heitzmaun, Casper, 1 Cherry. 

Helbliug, Joseph, stone cutter, b. Maple n. 

Held, Frederick, firm Brunck, Held & Co. h. 
145 Batavia. 

Held, Christian, lab. 145 Batavia. 

Held, Benedict, grocer, 118 E. Genesee. 

Helraes, Morris, policeman, b. 391 E. Swan. 

Helfrich, Peter, lab. h. Pratt ab. Batavia. 

Helldinger, Michael, with Jewett & Root. 

Heller, Jacob, b. F. Weiss. 

Heller, Christian, wagon maker, b. Batavia n. 

Heller, John, wagon maker, b. 0. Heller. 

Hellinger, John, lab. h. Spring n. Sycamore. 

Hellmuth, John, carpenter, h. Wm. n. Hickory. 

Hellriegel, Conrad, cor. Pratt and Batavia. 

Hellriegel, Henry, grocery and dry goods, 576 
Main, h. same. 

Hellriegel, Philip, grocer, 119 E. Genesee. 

Hellriegel, Wm. baker, 360 E. Genesee. 

Hellriegel, John, collector of taxes, h. cor. Ba- 
tavia and Ellicott. 

Hellriegel, Mrs. widow of Nicholas, 349 E. 

Helstein, Thomas, lab. b. Ex. bel. Hamburgh. 

Helwig, John, organ builder, h. Watson n. 

Hely, Patrick W. on lake, h. 306 Seneca. 

Heraaman, Louis, barber, 8 Water. 

Hemeuway, Silas, omnibus ex. proprietor, 27 
Ex. h. Ga. n. 7th. 

Hemenway, Hiram, 25 Ex. 

Hemeuway, Edward, clerk omnibus office, 37 

Hemenway, Emily, widow, 498 Wash. 

Hem merle, Michael, Mortimer n. Genesee. 

Hemming, Richard, sup't chromotypic print- 
ing, Thomas & Lath r ops, b. 311 Wash. 

Hempsted, Christopher, boatman, b. 4 Ga. 

Hemrich, Stephen, mason, h. Mulberry above 
Carlton. / 

Hemstreet, Abram, Mobawk, between Main 
and Wash. 

Hemstreet, Wm. H. with Thomas & Latbrops, 
b. A. Hemstreet. 

Hemstreet, Benj. b. Mobawk, between Main 
and Wash. 

Hendee, Celian A. clerk, Pratt & Co. h. cor. 
9th and Pa. 

HENDERSON, ALBERT N. magnetic in- 
strument maker, 186 Main, h. 95 N. Divi- 
sion. — See adv. p. 78. 
i Henderson, Edward, grocer, cor. Franklin and 

Henderson, Henry, 62 S. Division. 

Heuderson, Alex, clerk, Pratt <fe Letcbwortb, 
| h. 64 W. Huron. 

Henderson, Allen, moulder, Buff. S. E. works. 

Henderson, John J. com'l editor, Democracy, 
h. 62 Chippewa. 

Henderson, Henry, on lake, h. 16 Smith Block, 

Henderson, Daniel, 278 E. Swan. 

Henderson, Michael, 27 Scott. 

Henderson, Chcirles, cor. Mich, and Ex. 

Hendrick, John, Parish u. Thompson. 

Henking, Ernst, gardener, h. Ferry n. Main. 

Heuu, Charles, tailor, 96 Ex. h. 130 Elm. 

Henneberger, Daniel, cabinet-maker, h. 333 E. 

Hennebrrger, Philip, mason, h. Mich. n. High. 

Hennemann, Charles, carpenter, h. Seneca u. 

Hennessy, Patrick, blacksmith, h. Elk n. La. 

Hennes, Wm., Best n. Mich. 

Hennesy, Michael, warehouseman, b. 27 Scott. 

Hennessy, Thomas, boarding house, cor. Ex. 
and La. 

Hennessy, John, ship carpenter, b. Court n. 

Hennessy, James, lab. b. 225 N. Division. 

Henney, John, h. Spring n. Wm. 

Henrich, John, clerk, Wm. FeMStermacher. 

Henry, Nicholas, mer. cor. Gen. and Spruce. 

Henry, James, basement Wash. Street Baptist 

Henry, John, porter, Mansion, h. Terrace n. 

Henry, John, book-keeper, b. cor. Genesee and 

Henryck, Jacob, grocer, cor. Niag. and Am- 

Heuschel, Julius, on lake, h. 402 Mich. 

Henschell, Robert, book-binder, h. Maple n. 

Henschell, Mary, widow, 120 Goodell. 

Hensbn, Allic, ship carpenter, h. 342 Mich. 

Henz, Matzold, tailor, Mulberry n. Goodell. 

Hepp, Michael, lab. h. Adams n. Genesee. 

Hepp, Matthias, joiner, b. 110 Clinton. 

Hepp, Otto, machinist, cor. Ex. and La. h. Ben- 
nett n. Batavia. 

Heppel, Wolfgang, mas'n,b. Br'wn n. Monroe. 

Heppel, Leonard, lab. h. Maple ab. Goodell. 

Hepps, John, C. R. R. shop. 

Hepworth, Wm. H. clerk, 71 Main. 

Hepworth, Joseph, cabinet maker, h. cor. Ea- 
gle and Niag. 

Herbein, Joseph, barber, b. 8 Court. 

Herber, John, with Cutler & Deforest. 

Herberg, Gustav, instrument maker, h. 115 E. 

Herberger, Ignatz, shoe shop, 182 S. Division. 

Herbold, Charles, h. 116 E. Genesee. 

Herbold, Geo., Del. ab. Virginia. 

Herbold, Martin, grocery aud b. Elm n. Gen. 

Herbulzheimer, Lorenz, lab. h. Monroe n. Bat. 

Herbst, Conrad, painter, h. Seneca n. Jeffers'n. 

Herb>-t, Conrad, lab. b. Maple n. High. 

Herbst, Michael, Mulberry n. High. 

Herd, Balthaser, tinsmith, 233 E Genesee. 

Herhn, W. with J. A. Pitts. 

Hering, John, shoemak'r, h. Batav.n. Walnut. 

Heiiaiij Jacob, shoemaker, 142 Mich. 

Herlan, Jacob, wagon maker, h. 102 E. Gen. 

Herle, Jacob, mason, b. Lutheran n. Wm. 



Herle, Geo. tailor, 521 Mich. 
Herliue, Jacob, turner, W. Galligan. 
Herm, Wm. tailor, h. Hickory n. Batavia. 
Herman, Joseph, wagon maker, h. Oak n. 

Herman, Christopher, moulder, Buff. Steam 

Engine Works. 
Herman, Christoph, furnaceman, h. Adams n. 

Herman, John, tailor, h. cor. Sycamore and 

Herman, Lud wig, joiner, h. Adams n. Batavia. 
Herman, Jacob, plasterer, h. Gen. n. Adams. 
Herman, Charles, with S. Shepard. 
Hermann, John, clothier, 2 W. Genesee, h. 459 

Hermann, Christopher, grocer, 353 Main, h. 

Hermann, Mary, widow of Jos., 50 Del. Place. 
Hermann, Michael, tailor, h. Walnut n. Gen. 
Hermann, Charles, barber, 221 E. Seneca. 
Hermann, widow of John F., Walnut n. Syc. 
Hermann, Joseph, with J. A. Pitts. 
Hermann, Fred, jmner, h. 409 Mich. 
Herrael, Christian, tailor, h. Steuben below 

Heme, Thomas, book-binder, Republic office. 
Hern i man, James, Thirteenth n. Hampshire. 
Hern man, Aretus H. Mich. S. R. R. office, b. 

52 E. Swan. 
Herold, Gustav, joiner, h. Maple n. Cherry. 
Herold, Adam, joiner, h. Hickory u. Sycam're. 
Herold, John, barkeeper, cor. Water and Mai- 
den Lane. 
Heron, E. <fe P. saloon, on Dock, Coburn Sqr. 
Herou, John H., Carroll bel. La. 
Heron, Edward, grocer. 6 Main. 
Heron, John, b. J. H. Heron. 
Heron, William, with F. N. Jones. 
Herr, Geo. baker, Maple opp. Burton Alley. 
Herr, Joseph, painter, H. G. White, h. Best. 
Herr, Jacob, shoemaker, h. 147 E. Genesee. 
Herr, Susanna, milliner, h. 137 Clinton. 
Herrick, George W. saloon, Canal cor. State. 
Herrick, Mis. Eliza, dressmaker, b. Dr. Leach. 
Herron, James, silver plater, over 146 Main,h. 

Folsom n. Mich. 
Heny,. Peter, painter, H. G. White. 
Herscler, Mary, widow of Jacob, Swan n. R. R. 
Hersee <k Tim merman, cabinet makers, 307 

and 309 Main. 
Hersee, James W. with Wm. <fe H. Hersee, b. 

344 Wash. 
Hersee, Thompson, firm Hersee & Timmer- 

man, h. 369 Wash. 
Hersee, Wm. firm Wm. & H. A. h. 344 Wash. 
Hersee, Harry, firm Wm. cfc H. H. b. 344 Wash. 
Hersee, Benjamin, cabinet maker, H. & T. 
Hersee, Mrs. Martha, dressmaker, cor. Chip- 
pewa and Wash. 
Hersee, W, <fc H. cabinet shop, over 340 Main. 
Hert, Charles, tinsmith, Dudley & Bull. 
Herte, Christian, pedler, h. Spring n. Cherry. 
Hertel, Geo. shoemaker, h. Johnson n. High. 
Hertel, John, Smith Block, Seneca. 
Hertel, Nicholas, lab. h. Cedar n. Batavia. 
Hertel, Ferdinand, Ash n. Sycamore. 
Herthc, August, h. 86 Goodell. 

Hertz, Wm. tanner, N. Case &, Co. 
Hcrzberger, carpenter, h. Cherry n. Lemon. 
Herzog, Geo. tailor, h. Locust n. Cherry. 
Herzog, Alois, joiner, h. Sycamore bel. Walnut. 
Hesler, Conrad, lab. h. Gray n. Genesee. 
Hesperian Lodge, over 278 Main. 
Hess, Andrew, tailor, h. Adams n. Sycamore. 
Hess, Chas. b. cor. Swan and Pollard. 
Hess, Frank, shoemaker, 132 N". Division. 
Hess, Wm. Thompson's white lead factory. 
Hess, Siegrist, saloon, 35 Main. 
Hess, Francis Joseph, joiner, h. cor. Carlton 

aud Oak. 
Hess, W T illiam, type caster, with N". Lyman, h. 

Hickory n. Sycamore. 
Hess, Geo. shoemaker, 18 Main. 
Hess, John, type caster, N. Lyman, h. Hick- 
ory n. Sycamore. 
Hesse, Eliza, nurse, 103 E. Genesee. 
Hesse, Peter F. umbrella maker, h. 103 E. Gen. 
Hesse, Francis, bonnet store, 360^ Main, h. 

Hesselschwart, Jacob, blacksmith, h. Hickory 

n. Wm. 
Hessemer, Philip, baker, h. cor. Spring and 

Hessling, Geo. barber, 63 E. Genesee. 
Hester, Thomas, lab. h. Seventh n. Md. 
HETH, JAMES, coufectioner, Birckhead 

Buildings, Com'l, h. same. — See adv. p. 39. 
Heth, Hannon, confectioner, J. Heth. 
Heth, Chas. with J. Heth. 
Hether, Hiram, confectioner, b. cor. N. Divis- 
ion and Cedar. 
Hetrich, Peter, tailor, Cherry cor. Locust. 
Hetz, tailor, h. Ash n. Genesee. 
Hetzel, John, lab. h. Walnut n. Genesee. 
Heurody, John, 15 E. Seneca. 
Heuser, Sebastian, tailor, h. Sycamore n. Jeff. 
Heussy, Casper, clerk, 71 Main. 
Heutzig, D. Phoenix iron works. 
He wish, Wm. clerk, Pratt & Co. b.233 Carroll.! 
Hewitt, Mary, 32 W. Genesee. 
Hewson, Wm. wagon maker, 40 Exchange. 
Hey, John, tailor, h. Ib4 E. Genesee. 
Heywood, Russell H. offico Merchants' Ex. h. 

HI East Seneca. 
HIBBARD, LESTER D. & CO. merchant 

tailors, 70 Lloyd. — See adv. p. 51. 
Hibbard, Lester D. firm L. D. H. & Co. I 

Franklin ab. Va. 
Hibbard, Geo. B. firm Welch, H. & Baldwin 

h. 307 Pearl. 
Hibbard, Wm. sr. joiner, h. 45 Clinton. 
Hibbard, Wm. jr. joiner, h. 112 Clinton. 
Hibbard, Daniel, justice of peace, Black Rock 

Darn, h. Breckenridge E. of N. Wash. 
Hibbard, Daniel J. G., Amer. Trans. Co. h. 23 

Carolina n. Sixth. 
Hibbard, Andrew, ship carp., La. n. Miami 
Hibbard, Oeo. W. clerk, Mann, Vail & Co., h. 

Carroll ab. Chicago. 
Hibbard, Jane, widow, 9 Mississippi. 
Hibbert, James, saloon, Fly. 
Hibbocher, John, painter, h. Milnor n. Batav. 
Hibsch, Jacob, Vulcan foundry. 
Hibsch, Geo. foreman, Vulcan foundry, h. cor. 

Eagle and Union. 



Hibsch, Peter, porter, Clarendon. 

Hibsch, Michael, grocery and h. cor. Eagle and 

Hick, Christian, keeper Hick's Home, 176 E. 

Hick's Home, 176 E. Seneca. 
Hickcox, Benjamin, clerk, 222 Main, b. 62 E. 

Hickelrneyer, Gottfried, stone cutter, h. Pratt 

n. Sycamore. 
Hickey, Mrs. Timothy, boarding house, Ex. n. 

Hickey, John, joiner, h. 104 Folsom. 
Hickey, Pat. boarding house, Perry n. O. Slip. 
HicKey, Sara. P. 113 Wadsworth Bl'k, Carroll. 
Hickey, Patrick, lab. h. 119 E. Seneca. 
Hickey, Lemuel, machiuist, Brown Bros. 
Hickey, Charles, lab. h. Parish cor. Dearborn. 
Hickey, Michael, butcher, h. 7 Elk. 
Hickey, Catharine, dress maker, b. 211 7th. 
Hickey, Ellen M. widow of John, Folsom bel. 

Hickey, James, farmer, h. S. Division r. of 1ST. 

Canal, Hydraulics. 
Hickley, Geo. tailor, over 275 Main. 
Hickman, Arthur, vice maker, h. Carroll near 

Hickman, Isaac, vice maker, h. 126 N. Div. 
Hickman, John, blacksmith, cor. Ex. and La. 
Hickman, Geo. blacksmith, h. Mortimer n. Syc. 
Hicks, Sam'l, dancing master, h. 54 E. Eagle. 
Hick?, John B. cor. Eagle and Oak. 
Hicks, Dewitt O, at Com'l College, over 207 

Mam, h. 131 E. Eagle. 
Hicks, Capt. John, 21" Seventh. 
Hiemenz, Nicholas, brewer, h. Batav. n. Pine. 
Hiemenz, Adam, brewer, h. Jefferson ab. Bat. 
Hiemenz, Martin, brewer, h. Jefferson ab. Bat. 
Hiemenz, Jacob, brewer, b. Martin Hiemenz. 
Hiepleh, Christian, Bennett n. William. 
Higgin, Patrick, carman, Green n. Wash. 
Higgins, Matthew, joiner, h. 346 S. Division. 
Higgins, John, clerk, A. Rumsey & Co. b. 35 

E. Swan. 
Higgins, Charles, saloon, Fly n. State. 
.Higgins, Caleb D. at fish market, Llovd h 47 

Franklin. J 

Higgins, Michael, grocer, Hudson n. 7th. 
Higgins, Norman S. clerk, Pratt & Co. b. 44 

Higgins, Francis J. printer, b. Gen. cor. Terrace. 
Higgins, Martin, truckman, Mackinaw n. La. 
Higgins, Edward, engineer, h. Cedar n. Eagle. 
Higgins, Charles, lab. h. 5th n. Court. 
Higgins, Wm. F. actor, b. 15 Pearl. 
Higgins, John, lab. h. Daugherty's alley. 
Higgins, Wm. lab. h. Scott cor. Beak. 
Higgms, Starr, clerk, b. 44 Franklin. 
Higgins, Zenas, Elk n. Red Jacket hotel. 
Higgins, Michael, Rumsey's tannery. 
Higgins, James, tailor, 37 E. Seneca. 
Higgins, Mrs., Genesee n. Terrace. 
Higgius, Jeremiah, lab. h. Perry n. Miss. 
Higgins, Nicholas, joiner, h. N. Division bel. 

Higgms, Oscar H. 227 Main. 
Higgins, Zenas, 45 Franklin. 
Higham, John, ship carpenter, h. 97 Folsom. 

Higinbotham, Thomas, h. 123 Pearl. 
Hilbert, John, coppersmith, Jewett & Day. 
Hilbert, Martin, lab. h. Monroe n. Peckham. 
Hild, Casper, lab. 131 Walnut. 
Hild burger, Michael, joiner, b. cor.Bataviaand 

Hildenbrand, Philip, brewer, h. Spruce n. Gen. 
Hilderbrand, Henry, shoemaker, 384 Main, h. 

20 S. Division. 
Hildinger, George, tailor, Jefferson n. Va. 
Hildreth, Jeremiah, boatbuilder, h. Carolina n. 

Hildreth, Thomas H. boatbuilder, b. Myron F. 

Hildreth, F. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Hildreth, Oramond, ship carp. Van Slyke's 

yard, h. 156 Ninth. 
Hi! linger, Martin, lab. h. cor. Elm and Burton 

Hiltinger,.John, clerk, 217 Main. 
Hilgeneck, John H. joiner, 430 Michigan. 
Hill, C. Barton, actor, b. Western. 
Hill, Charles, clerk, 168 Main, h. Seventh n. 

Hill, Edward, joiner, Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Hill, Frederick C. copper, tin and sheet iron 

manufacturer, 269 Main, h. over same. 
Hill, Geo. 0., Folsom n. Kinney. 
Hill, George, carman, h. Fifth n. Carolina. 
Hill, George, printer, Republic office. 
Hill, George, tobacconist, 207 Washington. 
Hill, George, blacksmith, h. 77 Church. 
Hill, J., Thompson's white lead factory. 
Hill, J. Oscar, insurance agent, b. U. S. hotel. 
Hill, James B. book-keeper, E. K. Bruce. 
Hill, James, drayman, b. 153 E. Eagle. 
Hill, James, engineer, with Kasson & Co. 
Hill, James, gardener, h. 129 E. Eagle. 
Hill, James r, book-keeper, h. 171 S. Division. 
Hill <fc Hauce, physicians, over 146 Main. 
Hill, John D. m. d. firm H. & Hance, 146 Main, 

h. 7U Delaware. 
Hill, Joseph F. laud agent, Brown's Buildings, 

h. cor. b'ranklin and North. 
Hill, Joseph, planemaker, b. 7 Scott. 
Hill, Joseph, with L. & I. J. White. 
Hill, Margaret, widow of Charles, Seventh n. 

Hill, Martha, widow, 153 E. Eagle. 
HILL, MILO W. botanic physician, 245 Main, 

h. 93 N. Division.— See adv. p. 82. 
Hill, Rob't, blacksmith, h. Tenn. n. Mackinaw. 
Hill, Thomas, chandler, b. Martha Hill. 
Hill, Wm. mason, h. Eleventh n. Hampshire. 
Hill, William, hack man, 27 Exchange. 
Hill, William, shoemaker, h. 160 Exchange 
Hill, William, with S. Shepard. 
Hillard, Avery, lumber agent, h. 105 N. Div. 
Hiiiard, Albert, clerk, 143 S. Division. 
Hiliberger, Matthew, mason, Kemp n. Gen. 
Hiller. Nicholas, tanner, Bush &, Howard, h. . 

Hickory n. Wm. 
Hiller, Jacob, butcher, h. 66 William. 
Hiliiker, James L. at Van Slyke's jJauing 

mill, h. cor. Mich, and N. Division. 
Hills, Misses, boarding and day school, corner 

Wash, and Lafayette. 
Hills, Mary, widow, cor. Hospital and Mohav k. 



Hills, Wm. H. grocer, Eagle cor. Elm, h. 68 E. 

Hills, Horace, exchange broker, 251 Main, h. 

cor. Wash, and Lafayette. 
Hills, Mrs. Amanda M., matron Buff. Orphan 

Hills, Joseph, coppersmith, J. Otto & Co. 
Hills, Geo. S. cockmaker, 40 E. Seneca. 
Hills, John, sup't orphan asylum, Va. n. Del. 
Hilman, Jno. ship carpenter, h. 300 E. Seneca. 
Hiltmann, Joseph, laborer, h. 116 Sycamore. 
Hilton, John P. machinist, h. 290 E* Seneca. 
Hilton, Samuel, at> Eagle furnace. 
Hilton, Abram W. printer, Courier office, b. 4 

Boston block. 
Himelsbach, Joseph, carpenter, h. cor. Va. and 

Himmele, Geo. joiner, h. Gray n. Batavia. 
Himmighofen, C. P. tailor, over 326 Main. 
Hinckel, Henry, book-keeper, h. 338 E. Gen. 
Hindelang, Albert, painter, Wilgus & Son, h. 

9 Huron. 
Hinderbager, Peter, tool maker, h. German 

alley bel. Genesee. 
Hindermeier, Leonhard, lab. h. Adams near 

Hines, John, 16 Batavia. 
Hines, Owen, lab. Van Slyke's boat yard. 
Hines, Nicholas, Buff. S. E. works. 
Hines, Wm. plasterer, h. Palmer n. Carolina. 
Hines, Michael, with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Hines, Mary, widow, Barker's alley. 
Hines, John, clerk, Seligman & Bro. 
Hines, Capt. Geo. b. Niag. Temp. House. 
Hines, Henry, Buff. S. E. vorks. 
Hingston, Sam'l, Van Slyke's yard. 
Kingston, Wm. boat builder, h. Sixth opposite 

Webb's garden. 
Hingston, Edward, ship carpenter, h. Elk opp. 

Hay ward. 
Hingston, John, boat builder, h. Sixth opp. 

Webb's garden. 
Hiukel, Henry G. book-keeper, h. 338 E. Gen. 
Hinman, Geo. W. printer, Thomas & Lathrops. 
Hinman, R. W. b. Tremont House. 
Hinmerle, Michael, 115 Main. 
Hinncshied, John, h. 24 Sycamore. 
Hinson, Peter, Rumsey's tannery. 
Hinson, Geo. constable, h. Puffer n. Main. 
Hinson, Mary, widow of R. 10 W. Swan. 
Hinz, Geo. lab. h. Mortimer n. Genesee. 
Hinze, Edward, cabinet maker, 233 Main. 
Hinze, Geo. Lyman's type foundry. 
Hinze, Fred, joiner, h. Ash bel. Sycamore. 
Hinzel, Henry, lab. h. Gray n. Batavia. 
Hipp, Tony, Buff. S. E. works. 
Hippcheu, Anton, paiutcr, h. Spruce n. Gen- 
Hippelius, Mrs. widow of Joseph, 3 Ash. 
Hippie, Christian, shoemaker, h. 50 Bennett. 
Hippler, Matthew, melodeon maker, h. Cherry 

n. Jefferson. 
Hirod, John, lab. h. Pine n. Cypress. 
Hirsch, Charles, with F. Colligon & Co.h. 231 

Hirsch, F. cutter, b. 27 Pearl. 
Hirsch, Charles S. shoemaker, cor. Ohio and 


Hirsch, Magdalena, 502 Washington. 

Hirsch, Seeligmann, 12 Oak. 

Hirsh, Nicholas, lock maker, 2 E. Swan, h. r. 

502 Wash. 
Hirsh, Samuel, store, 240 Main, h. 12 Oak. 
Hirsh, J. trimmer, 166 Main. 
Hirschberger, Michael, Johnson n. High. 
Hirshfield, Harris, pedler.h. 143^ Oak. 
Hirschinger, Daniel, tailor, h. Goodell n. Mich. 
Hirt, Jacob, joiner, Pratt n. Batavia. 
Hirthe, Aug. city scavenger, h. 86 Goodell. 
His, Jacob, baker, 156 Sycamore. 
Hitchcock, Philander S. carpenter, b. W. H. 

Hitchcock & Co. pro. and com. mer. 12 and 14 

Main, and 6 and 7 Central Wharf. 
Hitchcock, Chester, firm H. & Co. h. Niagara 

n. Hudson. 
Hitschler, Michael, Mortimer n. Genesee. 
Hitsey, Adam, with Eddy <fc Bingham. 
Hitter, Charles, clerk, 271 Main, h. 145 Del. 
Hittrech, Peter, with Bergman <fe Romberg. 
Hitze, Adam, Pine n. Batavia. 
Hitzel, Jacob, butcher, h. 237 E. Genesee. 
Hoag, Darius, fishraarket, Mich. n. Scott, h. 

Carroll cor. La. 
Hoag, Catharine, dress maker, 174 Delaware. 
Hoag, Joseph, Elk n. city line. 
Hoag, Wm. clerk, b. 174 Del. 
Hoag, John, cooper, h. Perry n. Hamburgh. 
Hoag, Allen, with D. Hoag. 
Hoagland, Mrs. John H., Elm n. Carlton. 
Hoapfuer, Charles, with Henry Argus. 
Hobbs, George, engineer, 14th n. York. 
Hobein, Adam, Pratt n. Clinton. 
Hober,Fred'k, blacksmith, b. Seneca bel. Ala. 
Hobsen, Mrs. Elizabeth, nurse, h. 4U Sycamore. 
Hobson, Thomas, with W. A. Case. 
Hochbeimer, Nicholas, lab. h. Adams n. Gen. 
Hock, Fred. cor. Genesee and Walnut. 
Hodder, Jacob, ship carp, h.78 W. Tupper. 
Hoddick, Fred, musician, h. 209 Seventh. 
Hodge, Francis, lab. b. N. Div. n. Grosvenor 
Hodge, Valorus, builder, h. Del. ab. North. 
Hodge, Benjamin, city assessor, City Hall, h. 

cor. Main and Utica. 
Hodge, Wm., Main south of Utica. 
Hodge, Philander, cashier, Canal Collector's 

office, h. 187 Franklin. 
Hodge, Mrs. William, Main south of Ferry. 
Hodge, Augustus P. law student, b. 187 Frank- 
Hodges, Lewis L. keeper American Hotel, 

Main ab. Eagle. 
Hodges, Edward L. at American Hotel. 
Hodgkins, Wm. B. Niag. n. Bird Avenue. 
Hodgson, Geo., Buff. & N. Y. City depot, h. 

South n. R. R. budge. 
Hod rick, Wm. h. 12th n. Vt. 
Hoeffer, Frederick, butcher, 85 Elm. 
Hoeffer, John G. butcher, 394 Main, h. same. 
Hoeffer, Geo. butcher, 163 Ellicott. 
Hoeffer, Nicholas, with Jewett tfc Root. 
Hoeffer, Sebastian, bar-keeper, Canal cor. 

Maiden Lane. 
Hoeffer, Fred, blacksmith, h. Seneca bel. Ala. 
Hoetfler, Antonio, widow of Joseph, Waluut 

n. William. 



Hoeffler, Conrad, lab. h. Wm. n. Jefferson. 

Hoeffler, Conrad, porter, Clark & Brown. 

Hoeffler, John, Jefferson bel. William. 

Hoefle, Geo. joiner, h. Goodell n. Boston. 

Hoefle, John, cooper, h. Davis n. Genesee. 

Hoefner, Margaret, Monroe n. Sycamore. 

Hoehn, Johu, blacksmith, h. Jefferson n. Ba- 

Hoehn, George, saddler, 362 Main, h. 10 W 

Hoenes, John, tailor, h. Locust n. Carlton. 

Hoenes, Fred, turner, 120 Sycamore. 

Hoenes, Henry, turner, h. Batavia n. Jefferson 

Hoepfel, Barbara, Monroe n. Sycamore. 

Hoepfel, Geo., Monroe n. Sycamore. 

Hoephner, Henry, engineer, Courier office, h 
11 Cedar. 

Hoepfner, Adolph, printer, h. 11 Cedar. 

Hoepfner, August, Michigan n. Cherry. 

Hoepfner, Julius, barber, J. Hermann. 

Hoerc, John, lab. h. Mortimer n. Genesee. 

Hoerstig, Bernhard, shoemaker, h. Walnut n. 

Hoesl, John, marble cutter, h. Cedar n. Bata- 

Hoeusie, F. with. Bidwell, Banta <fc Co, 

Hof, August, joiner, h. Milnor n. Batavia. 

Hofele, John, bricklayer, h. Pratt n. Clinton. 

Hofele, Geo. bricklayer, h. Monroe n. Clinton. 

Hoff, Christopher, Vulcan foundry. 

Hoffelt, Andre, lab. h. 143 Sycamore. 

Hoffer, John, blacksmith, b. 59 Wash. 

Hoffer, George, butcher, 85 Elm. 

Hoffheiris, Charles, Cherry n. Hickory. 

Hoffheiuz, Alexander, tinsmith, 72 E. Gen. 

Hoffman, Adam, tailor, h. Canal n. Com'l. 

Hoffman, Christian, harness maker, 117 Main. 

Hoffman, Christian, blacksmith, h. German al- 

Hoffman, E. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 

Hoffman, Francis, lab. h. Pine n. Batavia. 

Hoffman, Francis, furnaceman, h. Hickory n. 

Hoffman, Frank, nailsmith,h. cor. Spruce and 

Hoffman, Florian, rear North Canal. 

Hoffman, Fred, weaver, 130 Oak. 

Hoffman, Fred, grocer, cor. Mich, and Tup- 

Hoffman, H. August, lab. h. cor Sycamore and 

Hoffman, Henry, joiner, h. Sycamore n. Jef- 

Hoffman, J. S., Black Rock Dam. 

Hoffman, Jacob, with J. A. Pitts. 

Hoffman, James, Dearborn n. Parish. 

Hoffman, James, boatman, h. Carolina n. 6th. 

Hoffman, Johu, gas fitter, h. Elm n. Genesee. 

Hoffman, John, Hamilton n. East. 

Hoffman, John, lab. 149 Oak. 

Hoffman, John, carp.h. Ketchum alley. 

Hoffman, John, lab. h. Sycamore n. Pratt. 

[Hoffman, John, blacksmith, Swartz' Iron 

I Works, h. 47 Delaware Place. 

Hoffman, Joseph, mason, h. Pratt n. Sycam. 

(Hoffman, Joseph, lab. h. Ash n. Genesee. 

Hoffman, Julius, ed. Telegraph, b. M. Eschen- 

Hoffman, Leonard, tailor, Hickory n. Batavia. 
Hoffman, Michael, S. Div. n. old city line. 
Hoffman, Michael, tanner, N. Case cfe Co. 
Hoffman, Michael, h. Walnut n. Eagle. 
Hoffman, Michael, lab. h. Adams n. Sycam. 
Hoffman, Phocion, in custom house, h. 38: 

Hoffman, Sam. pedler, h. Spring n. Batavia. 
Hoffman, Samuel, grocer, h. Niag. n. Forest 

Hoffman, Thomas J. confectioner, h. cor. Fol- 

som and Kinney. 
Hoffman, William, with Forbush & Co. h. 

Hoffman, Wm. shoemaker, b. Wm. Lener. 
Hoffman, Wm. with S. Shepard. 
Hoffman, Wm. shoemaker, b. 188 E. Seneca. 
Hoffmann, Adam, Ellicott, cor. Burton alley. 
Hoffmeyer, Caspar, grocer, Niag. n. Forest. 

Hoffmeyer, John, lab. h. 407 Michigan. 
Hoffmire, Louis, grocer, cor. ISTiag. and Mass. 
Hofrichter, Anthony, tinsmith, 184 E. Gen. 
Hogan, Michael J. painter, 463 Wash. 
Hogan, Margaret, widow of James, Marvin n. 

Hogan, Patrick, lab. h. Ohio cor. Columbia. 
Hogan, Thomas, Genesee, across Erie Canal. 
Hogan, James, confectioner, b. Carey. 
Hogan, Wm. confectioner, h. 202 Franklin. 
Hogan, Charles R. bookbinder, Parsons <fe 

Johnson,h. 202 Franklin. 
Hogan, Jeremiah, lab. h. Ex. n. Chicago. 
Hogan, Geo. with A. Sterling. 
Hogan, Wm. % lab. h. cor. Clinton and Cedar. 
Hogan, Charles, with Howard & Co. 
Hogg, Joseph, bookstore and h. 126 Pine. 
Hoh, Julius, with Jewett & Root. 
Hohensee, Fred. L. carp. h. 132 Sycamore. 
Hoheustein, Charles, blacksmith, h. 5C3 Mich. 
Hohl, Emil, 250 E. Genesee. 
Hoist, George, farmer, h. Colvin n. Delaware. 
Hoist, Frederick, farmer, h. Colvin n. Del. 
Holbrook, Edwin A. firm Fitch, H. & Dee, h. 

113 Delaware. 
Holbrook, Anthony, tanner, N. Case & Co. h. 

Fifth n. Hudson. 
Holcer. Jacob, tallyman, h. 383 Michigan. 
Holcomb, Charles G. engineer, h. Niag. cor. 

Holden, John, on lake, h. 109 E. Seneca. 
Holden, W. R. stone cutter, D. Belden. 
Holden, John, foreman, Eddy & Bingham, h. 

456 Michigan. 
Holden, Charles, 318 S. Division. 
Holder, John, barber, Com'l Hotel block. 
Holfelder, John, joiner, h. Michigan n. High. 
Holfelder, Conrad, lab. h. Adams n. Sycam. 
Holfelder, Stephen, mason, h. Adams n. Syc- 
Holfelner, Matthias, joiner, h. Milnor n. Bata- 
Holl, Philip, wagon maker, 131 Sycamore. 
Holl, Wm. wagon maker, with P. Holl. 
Holl, Jacob, joiner, h. Watson n. William. 
Holland Reformed Church, Main cor. Huron. 
Holland, Otis, Tenth beyond Carolina. 
Holland, Wm. C. H. hair dresser, h. 377 Mich. 




Holland, Joseph, whitewashes h. 18 Walnut. 
Holland, Catharine, widow, h. Church n. canal. 
Holland, Capt. Dennis, on the lake, h. Sixth 

n. Carolina. 
Holland, Patrick, porter, U. S. hotel. 
Holland, Fred, porter, Granite buildings. 
Holland, R. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Hollederer, John, Monroe n. Batavia. 
Hollenbach, John, butcher, h. Adams n. Gen. 
Hollenbach, J. G. butcher, h. Adams n. Gen. 
Hollenbeck, George W. clerk, 196 Main. 

Holleran, , Fourth n. Connecticut. 

Hollerith, Mrs. Fraucisca, milliner, 272 Main. 
Hollerith, George, bonnet store, 272 Main. 
Hollf'clder, John, butcher, h. N. Div. n. Pollard. 
Hollidge, Eli, com. mer. Merchant's Exchange, 

Prime, h. 35 W. Seneca. 
Holling, Geo. cigar maker, h. Batavia n. Cedar. 
Hollister Bank, Main cor. E. Seneca. 
Hollister, Edward P. at Hollister Bank, b. J. 

Hollister, R. & Co. grocers and druggists, 202 

Hollister, Robert, firm R. H. & Co. Main ab. 

Hollister, James, banker, h. Niagara Square 

cor. Delaware. 
Hollister, John J. with Wm. Fiske. 
Hollister, Miles, varnisher, h. Niagara n. Mass. 
Hollister Elevator, Ohio n. swing bridge. 
Hoboway, Isaac, contractor, Mich. n. R. R. 

Depot, h. Del. n. North. 
Holloway, William, foreman Isaac Holloway, 

h. Cottage n. Maryland. 
Holloway, Mrs. widow, Franklin" ab. Allen. 
Holly, James T. teacher, h. Bundy alley. 
Hoi man, Edward D. firm Demarest & H. b. 

Holman, Henry, clerk, b. 95 S. Division. 
•Holmes, Mary, widow, N. Division cor. Elm. 
Holtnes, Jas. cabinet maker, b. Mary Holmes. 
HOLMES, E. & B. washboard factory and 

planing mill, Mich. n. canal. — See adv. p. 76. 
Holmes, Edward, firm E. & B. H. h. 65 S. Div. 
Holmes, Brittain, firm E. & B. H. h. 65 S. Div. 
Holmes, Wm. clerk, 43 Main, h. 127 N. Div. 
HOLMES, WM. G. bookseller, 274 Main, h. 

69 William.— /See adv. p. 42. 
Holmes, Henry, barkeeper, U. S. hotel. 
Holn, Andrew, b. Water cor. Maiden Lane. 
Holschlag, John, Buff. Steam E. W. 
Holschlag, Charles, Buff. Steam E. W. 
Holsher, Henry, lab. h. 82 Sycamore. 
Hoist, Marius, music teacher, Bristol n. Spring. 
Holsuch, J. tanner, N. Case & Co. 
Holt, George W. h. 214 Pearl. 
Holt, Arrabert F. at American Express office, 

h. 359 Michigan. 
Holt, J. Thornrlike, h. n. Div. below Spring. 

Holtz, , b. A. Backer. 

Holtzschub, Jacob, tanner, h. 62 Bennett. 
Holtzwarth, Chas. grain merchant, 39 Ohio. 
Holwerschen, Andrew, 11th n. R. I. 
Holzhausen, August, blacksmith, h. Gene6cen. 

Holzman, John, joiner, h. Walnut n. Batavia. 
Homan, Benj., C. R. R. Hue, b. Niag, Temp. 


Homan, George, at Gas Works. 
Horaeier, Francis, lab. h. Adams n. Sycamore. 
Homelius, Henry, jr., joiner, h. 405 Michigan. 
Homer, John, wagon maker, b. Batavia u. 

Homier, Joseph, boarding house, 48 Ohio. 
Hommel, J., with Howard & Co. 
Hommell, Wm. finisher, G. A. Prince & Co., h. 

cor. Jersey and Ninth. 
Hommer, Jacob, carp. h. Monroe n. Batavia. 
Hommester, Fred., vinegar maker, h. Ninth n. 

Honezwarts, Andrew, b. P. Schaefer. 
Honnen, Hen., tailor, Ellicott n. Burton Alley. 
Honneysett, Samuel, Exchange, Hydraulics. 
Honor, John, with Bush & Howard. 
Honrich, Robert, clerk, 205 Main,h.40 Spruce. 
Honsell, Win. upholsterer, Hersee tfe Tim mer- 
man, h. 33 Sycamore. 
Honson, T., with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Hoofer, Casper, C. R. R. shop. 
Hoole, Joseph T., ageut, h. 5 Union. 
Hoole, Michael, brickmaker,h. Ex. below Van- 

Hooner, John, with Wm. Barker. 
Hooper, John K., butcher, h. cor. Folsom and 

Hooper, Thomas, tinsmith, J. Otto & Co. 
Hooper, Henry J., with Taunt & Baldwin, b. 

28 S. Division. 
Hoose, Lois, widow, b. William Swan. 
Hoover, John, Van Slyke's planing mill. 
Hopf, Wolfgang, lab., h. Perry n. Ala. 
Hopkins, Henry C, tinsmith, b. 14 Oak. 
Hopkins, Patrick, laborer, h. Fifth n. Carolina. 

Hopkins, , milkman,- Martin's Corners. 

Hop '-ins & Co., com. mer. 8 Central Wharf. 
Hopkins, Charles' A., firm H. & Co., b. 21 S. 

Hopkins, Rebecca, milliner, over 239 Main. 
Hopkins, Nelson K., att'y, Ex., opp. Mausion 

h. 145 East Swan. 
Hopkins, Charles M., 3 E. Mohawk. 
Hopkins, Nelson, under sheriff, h. 210 Frank' 

Hopkins & Gray, attys, Ex. opp Mausion. 
Hopkins, John A., firm Foltz & H., h. Niag. 

below Black Rock Dam. 
Hopkins, Mrs. Amelia, 44 Blossom. 
Hopkins, Wm., at McMillen's boatyard. 
Hopman, Henry, marble cutter, fa. 66 Wm. 
Hopmas, Henry, marble polisher, D. Belden. 
Hopper, Alfred J., R. R. agent, h. 125 S. Div. 
Horan, Ellen, widow of Michael, h. 33 Folsom, 
Horan, Wm. O, printer, Courier office, b. 35 

Horch, Peter, joiner, h. Gray ab. Batavia. 
Horin, James, on the lake, h. Illinois, n. Terry 
Horn, Geo. M .moulder, h. Kane u. Genesee. 
Horn, George, lab. 101 Cedar. 
Horn, Michael, Buffalo Steam Engine Works. 
Horn, Frank, Thompson's white lead factory. 
Horn, Francis, at lead factory, h. Mortimer n. 

Hornbeck, James, boiler maker, Phoenix Iron 

Works, h. Perry n. Ohio Slip. 
Hornberger, Conrad, cabinet maker, h. 48 Del. 




Hornburg, Win., shoemaker, 20 S. Div. h. cor. 

Sycamore and Bundy Alley. 
Home, Arnold, with Howard & Co. 
Horner W. Edgar, currier, b. 37 Carroll. 
Hornick, Samuel N. clerk, 136 Main, b. U. S. 

Hornung, Karl, paver, cor. Genesee and Elm. 
Hornung, Lorenzo, tailor, h. Batavia n. Mich. 
Hornung, John G., blacksmith, h. Pratt n. 

Horsman, George, pattern maker, J. A. Pitts. 
Horton, Jas. boarding house, Michigan n. Elk. 
Horton, Allen W„ forward, and com. mer. 27 

Central Wharf, h. 211 S. Div. 
Horton, Benj. R., book-keeper, H. M. Mixer, 

h. Miller Block, Mich. 
Horton, John M., Canal n. Water. 
Horton, James, shoemaker, h. Cedar n. Swan. 
Horton, Charles, b. Western. 
Hose n beck, J., Phoenix iron works. 
Hosmer, Rev. Geo. W., pastor Unitarian Ch. 

h. 83 Niag. 
Hosmer, Albert, clerk, U. S. engineer depart. 

h. at the Fort. 
Hosmer, Silas, chair maker, 97 East Seneca, h. 

59 E. Seneca. 

Hosmer, Gustavus P., firm H. & Townsend, h. 

60 S. Division. 

Hosmer, Chas. G., b. 59 E. Seneca. 
Hosmer, Lott, shoemaker, h. 156 Niagara. 
Hosmer, Edward, shoemaker, 18 Main. 
Hosmer, Albert, jr., with Hosmer & Townsend. 
Hosmer & Townsend, stave deal, foot of Wash. 
Hosp, Cornelius, joiner, b. Mich, n. Carlton. 
Hotchkiss, John W., jeweler, 167 Main, h. 285 

Hotchkiss, Frederick A., grocer, cor. Niag. and 

Huron, h. same. 
Hotchkiss, Hiram, jeweler, 167 Main, h. Carey 

n. Del. 
HOTCHKISS, WHEELER, lumber and ice 

dealer, cor. Niag. and Pearl. — See adv. p. 75. 
HOTEL DE L' EUROPE, F. W. Jacobs, 

prop. 27 and 29 Pearl.— See adv. p. 85. 
Hottinger, Andrew, mason, h. Brown, opp. 

Hottinger, Martin, shoemaker, 32 Main. 
Houck, Conrad, store, Batavia n. Hickory. 
Houck, Michael, grocer, 93 East Genesee. 
Houck, Philip, flour dealer, cor. Gen. and Oak. 
Houck, Christian, with L. A I. J. White. 
Houck, V. at Van Slyke's mill. 
Houck, Valentine, cabinet maker, h. Thir- 
teenth n. Vermont. 
Houck, Thomas, C. W. Evans' elevator. 
Houghtaling, John, conductor, b. 64 E. Eagle. 
Houghton, Henry, painter, h. 107 E. Eagle. 
Houghton, Geo. W., Justice Superior Court, h. 

447 Main ab. Chippewa. 
Houliston, Andrew, firm of Montgomery & H. 

h. 91 N. Division. 
Hourigan, James, bl'ksmith,h. 5th n. Carolina. 
House, Gerrett, organ builder, 284 Main, h. 43 

House's Printing Telegraph Co. 147 Main. 
House, Sarah J. dress maker, b. 30 Seventh. 
Houseman, John W.ornamenter,h. Carroll bel. 


Houston, Wm., Ala. n. Mackinaw. 
Houy, Ludwig, tailor, h. 20 Bennett. 
Hoval, Charles, b. 81 Batavia. 
Hover, Stephen, with S. Shepard. 
Hovey, Josiah, 2 Boston Block, Niagara. 
Howard, Austin A. att'y, 270 Main, h. North 

west of Delaware. 
Howard, Rufus L. cor. Chicago and Hamburgh 

Canal, h; 99 Delaware. 
Howard, Hiram E. office N. Division n. Main, 

h.440 Main. 
Howard, Whitcomb & Co. dry goods mer. 138 

Howard, Ethan H. firm Howard, Whitcomb 

&, Co. h. Niagara Square. 
Howard, Henry, Sec. Buff. Savings Bank, h. 

443 Main. 
Howard, George, firm Bush & Howard, h. 88 

East Swan. 
Howard, Lloyd, h. 12 William. 
Howard, Wm. barber, 24 Exchange. 
Howard, Geo. varnisher, H. G. White. 
Howard, Wm. teamster, h. Eagle n. Pollard. 
Howard, Walter S. book-keeper, A. D. Ellis 

<fc Co. 
Howard, Mrs. Eddy, Sen. n. Van Rensselaer. 
Howard, Timothy, lab. h. Folsom n. Chicago. 
Howard, Miss b. 23 Pearl. 
Howard, James, clerk, A. Conkling, h. over 

284 E. Swan. 
Howard, Wm. P. farmer, h. r. 259 Franklin. 
Howard, Geo. P. clerk, 202 Main. 
Howard, Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker, over 29S 

Howcutt, John, book-keeper, Howard & Co. 

b. 62 E. Swan. 
HOW, THOMAS P. patent ag't, 15 Brown's 

Buildings, h. S. Div. cor. Elm.-See adv. p. 83. 
Howe, Charles, with Bullymore & Langdon. 
Howe, Robert, painter and paper hanger, h*. 

Howe, Joseph H. painter, h. 12th n. Hudson. 
Howe, Lewis, lab. h. Seneca bel. Potter. 
Howe, Joseph, hack man, b. 125 Ellicott. 
Howe, A. S. clerk, 205 Main. 
Howell, Wm. W., dry dock yd, Green n. Beak. 
Howell, James B. gilder, 165 Main, b. 21 East 

Howell, John, 36 East Seneca. 
Howell & Smith, porter, cider, and vinegar 

manufacturers, 36 East Seneca. 
Howell, John R. firm H. & Smith, h. 156 S. 

Howell, John S. joiuer, h.25 Union. 
Howell, Stephen W., Dearborn n. Amherst. 
Howell, Robert, clerk, b. Cold Spring. 
Howell, Zephaniah, moulder, Buff. Car Wheel 

Howell, Stephen, moulder, Moores & Purdy. 
Howell, James T. clerk, S. W. Howell. 
Ho wells, Thomas, teamster, h. 122 N. Division. 
Howells, James, contractor, h. 169 S. Division. 
Howells, David, Forest Avenue n. N. Wash. 
Howiller, John, carpenter, h. 29 Milnor. 
Howland, Charles, ice merchant, h. Niag. n. Va. 
Howland, Capt. Thomas, 392 East Swan. 
Howlett, Margaret, widow, Mississippi near 




Howley, Edward, grocer, cor Folsom and Chi- 
Hoy, Barney, lab. h. Perry n. Mississippi. 
Hoyt, Peter W. clerk, b. 131 Chippewa. 
Hoyt, Henry A. book-keeper, h. Georgia n. 

Hoyt, Seth, runner, h. 107 NT. Division. 
Hoyt, Orson C. m. d. 498 Washington. 
Hoyt, James G. att'y, Ex. opp. Mansion, h. 176 

Hoyt, Benj. joiner, Central R. R. machine shop, 

ti. 184 N. Division. 
Hoyt, Richard E. carpenter, h. 7 Folsom. 
Hovt, John G. joiner, h. r. 210 Elk. 
Hoyt, E. F. 168 Wash. h. 158 East Seneca. 
Hoyt, Mrs. widow of Joseph D., 11 Carroll. 
Hoyt, Wm. B. clerk, Foote, Little & Co. b. 388 

E. Seneca. 
Hoyt, Wm. H. law student, b. 176 Pearl. 
Hoyt, John H. clerk, 205 Main. 
Hubacher, Nicholas, joiner, h. 337 East Gen- 
Hubacher, John, mason, h. Adams n. Sycamore. 
Hubbard, Edward, cigar maker, b. 46 Ex. 
Hubbard, Tunis, clerk, Buff. <fc State Line R. 

R. freight depot, b. 63 S. Division. 
Hubbard, Lyman, book-keeper, 237 Main. 
Hubbard, Stephen J. cierk, Amer. Exp. office, 

b. 156 Pearl. 
Hubbard, Ozias, clerk, J. M. Griffith & Co.b. 

178 Wash. 
HUBBARD, CHARLES J. iron founder, h. 

151 E. Swan. — See adv. p. 62. 
Hubbard, Benj. L. printer, Republic office, h. 

Delaware n. Ferry. 
Hubbard, J. Sherwood, at Amer. Exp. office, b. 

156 Pearl. 
Hubbard, Walter B. b. 70 S. Division. 
Hubbard, Linus P. 70 S. Division. 
Hubbard, Silas, m. d. 183 E. Seneca. 
Hubbard, Geo. L. 119 Delaware. 
Hubbell, Wm. C. with S. Kennear, b. Mrs. C. 

Hubbell, John, att'y, Spaulding's Ex. b. 21 S. 

Hubbell, Mrs. Charlotte, widow of Curtis, h. 

191 S. Division. 
Hubbell, Selim, ship carpenter, Woodward & 

Warner, b. 191 S. Division. 
Hubbell, Miss Adeline C. milliner, b. 191 S. 

Hubbell, Orrin M., IJ. S. Express office, h. 109 

Hubble, Samuel B. carpenter, b. 201 Wash. 
Hubele, Ferdinand, 131 Ellicott. 
Hubbers, Arnold, h. 68 Wm. 
Huber, Miss Louisa, professor of music, 111 

Huber, Stephen, furnaceraan, h. cor. Hickory 

and Cliuton. 
Huber, Mrs. Christian, 109 Delaware. 
Huber, Sebastian, h. 82 Sycamore. 
Huber, Francis Joseph, joiner, h. Walnut n. 

Huber, John, paver, h. Hickory n. Sycamore. 
Huber, Michael, at McMillen's boatyard. 
Huber, Casper, lab. h. 122 Pine. 
Huber, Emil A. clerk, h. Spruce bel. Genesee. 

Huber, Lucas, tailor, h. Pratt n. Sycamore. 
Huck, Jacob, grocer, cor. Genesee and Spruce. 
Huck, John, ship carpenter, h. Bennett n. Bat. 
Hucke, Henry, lab. h. 147 Oak. 
Hucker, Nathan'l, gardener, h. Johnson Place. 
Hucker, Nathaniel, jr. telegraph office,, 15 Mer. 

Ex. b. N. Hucker. 
Huddlestou, Thos. R. book-keeper, J. Wad- 
worth, b. 62 E. Swan. 
Hudson, Wm. with Cutler & Deforest. 
Hudson, Samuel, with W. A. Case. 
Hudson, Bartholomew, N. Wash. n. Clinton 

Hudson, John T. attorney and collector, b. 

Hudson, Joseph C. with Cutler & Deforest, b. 

Miss Cutler. 
Hudson, John H., R. R. conduct'r, b. Americau. 
Hudson, James, clerk, J. Jamieson. 
Hueber, Emil A. 499 Mich. 
Hueber, Marx, 567 Wash. 
Huebsch, Geo. h. 70 Bennett. 
Huebner, John, tailor, h. Walnut n. Batavia. 
Huebschon, Peter, joiner, h. Jeff. n. Peckham. 
Huelz, Joseph, shoemaker, h. Adams n. Bat. 
Huestis, John, turner, 32 Carroll. 
Huener, Jacob, brass finisher, b. 59 Wash. 
Huenerwadel, John, cigar maker, h. Sycamore 

n. Walnut. 
Huett, Mary, 32 W. Genesee. 
Huetter, Charles, with G. Parsons, Elm n. 

Huff's Hotel, 83 Main. 

Huff, Wm. W. veterinary sur. h. 98 E. Seneca. 
Huff, Capt. John G., Perry n. Wash. 
Huff, Oliver W. 117 E. Seneca. 
Huggins, M. b. 30 W. Seneca. 
Huggins, Frauk, b. 4 E. Mohawk. 
Hugging, John, clerk, 138 Main, b. 30 W. 

Hughes, Thomas, on the lake, h. Fourth n. 

Hughes, Michael, Ex. n. city line. 
Hughes, John, piano forte finisher, b. 114 6th. 
Hughes, Michael, engineer, h. 4th n. Georgia. 
Hughes, Bernard, att'y, 148 Main, h. 214 S. 

Hughes, John, hack driver, h. 90 Carroll. 
Hughes, Wm. O. machinist, h. Amherst n. 

Hughes, Win. hackman, h. 90 Carroll. 
Hughes, Peter, sailor, h. Evans bel. Fly. 
Hughes, Catharine, widow, b. Michael Hughes. 
Hughes, Robert, at McMillen's boat yard. 
Hughes, Edward, lab. h. Ex. below Van Rens- 
Hughes, Patrick, lab. h. Seneca n. junction Ex. 
Hughes, Michael, grocer, Miss. n. Perry. 
Hughes, John, on lake, h. across the creek. 
Hughes, Richard, teamster, Bidwell, BantaA 

Hughes, John W. sign painter, 3 S. Division, 

b. 15 Pearl. 
Hughes, Robert, blacksmith, h. Evans bel. Fly. 
Hughson, Geo. H. with Samuel Bennett. 
Hughson, Rhoda, widow of Nichols, with Jas. 

Hughson, Dinsey, vest mak'r, b. A. Edmonds'n. 



Hughson, John, bl'ksm'h, h. Ea »le n. Hickory. 
Hugro, Frauk, engineer, li. Carroll bel. La. 
Hugron, Frank, C. R. R. shop. 
Hugron, Louis, engineer, 400 E. Seneca. 
Huijssoon, James, store, cor Mich, and Wm.k 

Hulbert, Milton A. b. Lovejoy house. 
Hulbert, E. C. carpenter and joiner, b. George 

Hulbert, Abner D. tallyman, h. 103 Carroll. 
Hulbert, Samuel, Brantford R. R. agent, 83 W. 

Hulbert, Ruth, widow of Hart, h. 11 Oak. 
Hull, Frank, Vau Slyke'syard, h. 105 Folsom. 
Hull, Robert, truckman, h. 252 S. Division. 
Hull, Edmund C. freighter, h. Seneca n. La. 
Hull, David B. keeper Beunet Temp, house. 
Hull, Willard G. 65 Ellicott. 
Hull man, Theodore, tailor, b. 200 Ex. 
Hullman, John, blacksmith, W. F. Beaman. 
Hullmantle, Bernhard, tailor, Pratt n. Wm. 
Humaun, Jacob, lab. h. Kane n. Genesee. 
Humason, Gamaliel, book-keeper, Bush & 

Howard, h. 114 S. Division. 
Humberstone, Mrs. E. dressmaker, 257 Wash. 
Huraberstone, John E. upholsterer, b. 227 

Humberstone, John, 257 Wash. 
Humble, Wm. ship carpenter, h. Hay ward n. 

Humble, John, ship carpenter, h. 161 S. Div. 
Humble, Ann, widow, h. Hayward n. Elk. 
Humble, John, ship carpenter, h. Hayward n. 

Humble, Robert, ship carpenter, h. Hayward 

n. Elk. 
HUME, S. <fe Co. soap and candle manufactur- 
ers, 2 Marvin Block, M ch. — See adv. p. 37. 
Hume, Stevenson, firm S. H. & Co. h. Caroliua 

n. Palmer. 
Hume, Geo. cabinet maker, b. 19 Pearl. 
Humiston, Fred. T. with Thompson & Co. 
Hummel, Michael, tailor, h. Spring n. Wm. 
Hummel, Fred. lab. h. Hickory n. Genesee. 
Humphrey, Geo. saloon, Le Couteulx n. Fly. 
Humphrey, Robert, paper hanger, h. Morgan 

bel. Huron. 
Humphrey, James, engineer, b. Southern hotel. 
Humphrey, Andrew, printer, 161 Main. 
Humrich, Robert, clerk, h. Spruce n. Syc. 
Hune, Christopher, with Howard <fc Co. 
Hungerford, Hannah, widow, b. S. Haines. 
Hungerford, Miss Caroline, b. S. Haines. 
Huuner, John, grocer, Seneca n. Hamburgh, 

Hunn, Calvin B. express agent, h. 134 Huron. 
Hunn, Edmund, weighmaster, h. 139 S. Div. 
Hunscke, John H. lab. h. Boston. 
Hunsinger, Charles, Niag. N. of Parish. 
Hunsfnger, Michael, wagon maker, h. Niagara 

N. of Amherst. 
Hunt, S. B. M . d. h. 289 Mich. 
Hunt, John, tobacconist, 207 Wash. 
Hunt, John, sawyer, h. Marvin n. Fulton. 
Hunt, J. Wilson, tinsmith, 243 Main. 
Hunt, Alex, att'y, cor. Main and Swan, b. 21 

Hunt, Lewis B. shoemaker, h. 5th n. Carolina. 

Hunter, Sumner, b. 28 Niag. 

Hunter, John B. clerk, J. M. Hutchinson, h. 19 

Huntington, Jacob G. marble engraver, h. 107 

Huntington, Miss, teacher, Dist. No. 10. 
HUNTLEY, SILAS, grocer, 51 Main, h. 127 

Pearl. — See adv. p. 35. 
Huntley, Williams D. teacher, Dist. No. 14, h. 

Walden n. Franklin, 
Huntey, John C, joiner, b. Genesee House. 
Huntsberger, Elizabeth, widow, Fulton n. Ohio 

Huutsman, Mrs. James, 135 E. Seneca. 
Huntsman, Philip, Buffalo S. E. Works. 
Hupraan, Michael, with F. Boechat. 
Huppuch, Joseph, painter, N. Wilgus & Son, 

h. Walnut n. Wm. 
Hurd, Matthew, waiter, Mansion. 
Hurd, Joseph L. & Co., foot of Washington. 
Hurd, Jos. L., firm H. & Co., b. Mansion. 
Hurd, Wm. F. clerk, b. Mansion. 
Hurd, Judson, lab. h. Carroll n. La. 
Hurd, Norman, boarding house, cor. Court and 

Hurlbert, Edwin, dep'y sheriff, h. 152 Frank- 

Hurlburt, Abner, Carroll n. Mich. 
Hurles, Hugh, 12th n. Conn. 
Hurley, Timothy, u. foot Church. 
Hurley, Patrick, lab., h. 2 Fly. 
Hurley, Mary, widow, cor. La. and Ottawa. 
Hurley, John, lab., h. Hayward n. Fulton. 
Hurley, Hugh, Chandler, h. 12th n. Vt. 
Hurley, Jos. machinist, Swartz's Iron Works. 
Hurley, Joseph, moulder, h. cor. Hospital and 

Hurrigan, Patrick, lab., h. foot Hospital over 

Hurst, Charles, with F. Colligon & Co. 
Hurstman, Freir, h. Smith Block, Seneca. 
Hurtz, Wm. turner, N. Case & Co. 
Husbands & Whiting, att'ys, 3 S. Division. 
Husbands, Joseph D., firm H. & Whiting, 3 S. 

Huse, Albert, cigarmaker, 10 W. Genesee. 
Husk, Wm., C. R. R. shop. 
Huss, Herman, confect., h. Clinton n. Monroe. 
Hussaug, Christopher, grocer, Seneca beyond 

2d canal bridge. 
Hussey, Michael, lab., h. Genesee across Erie 

Hussey, John, watchman, h. Staats. 
Hussong, Frederick, cor. Michigan and Wm. 
Husted, Samuel, 43 Union. 
Husted, Wm. H. house and sigu painter, or. 

Main and Eaa;le, h. Oak n. Goodeli. 
Husted, John H, clerk, Pratt & Co., h. 115/ 

Husted, Giles, sash maker, h. 38 Pine. 
Husted, Ezekiel, melodeon maker, h. Oak near 

Husted, Edwin S., clerk, Pratt & Co., b. 43 

Husz, Florence, joiner, h. Pratt n. Syc. 
Hut, Michael, mason, h. Spruce n. Batavia. 
Hutchins, Chauucey B. m. v. over 238 Main, b. 




Hutchinson, Elisha, m.d., b. and office cor. Oak 

and Clinton. 
Hutchinson, John M., leather dealer, 40 & 42 

Lloyd, b. J. D. Sheppard. 
Hutchinson, Win. H., teller White's Bank, b. 

Dr. Hutchinson. 
Hutchison, James, printer, Express office. 
Hutchinham, John, soap maker, h. Perry near 

Hay ward. 
Hutmacher, Francis, shoemaker, h. Walnut n. 

Hutmacher, Peter, lab. h. Pratt n. Batavia. 
Hutton, Geo., saddler, h. r. 1 Beak. 
Hutzler, Conrad, 175 Cherry. 
Hyatt, Geo., b. G. Hyatt. 
Hyatt, Galen O, pattern maker, S. Shepard. 
Hyatt, Gilbert, book-keeper, h. Caroliua near 

Hyatt, fra. farmer, at Martin's Corners Plank 

Hyke, Petronella, 118 Pine. 
Hyman, Nicholas, clothier, 5 Com'l. 
Kyman, Barnard, clothier, h. 12 Beak. 
Hyves, Charles, tailor, Hickory n. Wm. 

Iann, Matthias, grocer, cor. Goodell and Oak. 
las, John, Van Slyke's yard. 
Iauch, Valentine, with F. Boechat. 
Iehrle, Oottlob F. butcher, h. Win. n. Monroe. 
Ignatz, Andrew, tailor, Monroe ab. Batavia. 
Ihrig, Christian, baker, Genesee n. Jefferson. 
Ihte, Fred, tailor, Adams u. Genesee. 
■ Ilig, Peter, tinsmith, h. 78 Pine 
Illbacher, Michael, Walnut n.^Batavia. 
Imand, Henry, baker, 57 Wa s h. 
Imholz, Fidel, shoemaker, h. 105 E. Genesee. 
Imley, Louis R. with S. Shepard. 
Indemau, Casper, Adams n. Sycamore. 
Ingalls, David S. grocer, 346 Main, b. Mrs. 

Ingalls & Dawson, painters, 2 Canal. 
Ingalls, Geo. W. firm I. <fe Dawson, h. 34 Fifth. 
Ingerhott, George, tanner, h. Seneca n. Ala. 
Ingersoll, Edward S. clerk, 222 Main. 
Ingersoll, Edward, rector Trinity Church, h. 

Mohawk next to church. 
Ingersoll, Ambrose, proprietor Merchants' 

Inglehardt, Geo. Rumsey's tannery. 
Inglesont, Wm. clerk, 166 Main. 
Ingl is, James, book-keeper, Bristol & Welch, h. 

77 Clinton. 
Ingraham, Wm. mariner, h. Chicago cor. 

'• Ingraham, Wm. painter, H. G. White. 
Ingraham, Robert, painter, H. G. White. 
1 mii.iii, Henry, boot maker, 5 S. Division, h. 43 

Inner, Donald, clerk, 280 Main, b. Genesee 

Innes, Daniel, b. Genesee House. 
Insenhof, John. lab. h. Johnson n. High. 
International Bank, 159 Main. 
Ireaon, John, book-keeper, 24 Central Wharf, 

h. cor. Oak and High. 

Irish, Lorenzo D. currier, Bush <fc Howard, b. 

232 E. Seneca. 
Irish, Chas. G. sr. 355 Mich. 
Irish, Chas. G. jr. 126 E. Eagle. 
Irish, Benj. G. joiner, h. 355 Mich. 
Irlbacher, Peter, firm Irr, I. & Co. h. Walnut n. 

Irlbacher, John, firm Irr, I. & Co. Walnut n. 

Irmler, August, tailor, h. r. 405 Mich. 
Irr, Irlbacher & Co. gas fitters and brass fin- 
ishers, basement 340 Main. 
Irr, George, firm I., Irlbacher & Co. h. 105 j 

Irrmann, Michael, Goodell Alley. 
Irvin, Charles H. city surveyor's office, h. 78 

E. Seneca. 
Irwin, Patrick, key maker, h. Ex.bel. Chicago 
Irwin, Samuel J. printer, b. Walnut n. Clint. 
Irwin, James S. sr. shoemaker, 44 Ex. h. Wal- 
nut n. Clinton. 
Irwin, Geo. W. printer, 5 W. Seneca. 
Irwin, Edward, carp. h. Walnut n. Clinton. 
Irwin, Arad S. on St. Line R. R. b. 396 E. 

Irwin, James S. sash maker, h. 16 Union. 
Isaacson, Joseph, paper hanger, 275 Main, h. 

171 Wash. 
IT J EN, HENRY, hotel, 5 Commercial.— S«« 

adv. p. 85. 
Ivers, John, runner, b. cor. Water and Maiden 

Ives, Wm. librarian Young Men's Association, 

h. 99 Clinton. 
Ives, Henry, at Buffalo Nursery, h. Del. south 

of Ferry. 
Izinghurst, Joseph, machinist, Buff, car wheel 


Jackson, Samuel, chair maker, h. 220 S. Div. 
Jackson, Mary, widow of Win. grocer, cor. 5th 

and Court. 
Jackson, James, broker, h. Ex. n. Chicago. 
Jackson, Henry, barber, under Pratt Bank, h. 

38 Ex. 
Jackson, Elizabeth, regalia maker, over 278 

Jackson, Mary Ann, teacher, Dist. No. 3, h. 

31 Seventh. 
Jackson, John, whitewasher, h.460 Mich. 
Jackson, James, cook, h. Ex. n. Ala. 
Jackson, Matthew, paper hanger, b. 155 Pearl. 
Jackson, Jane, widow, Madison ab. Batavia. 
Jackson, Jones, lab. h. Wm. n. Pine. 
Jacks.on, Harriet N. widow, Carey n. Morgan. 

Jackson, , 93 E. Genesee. 

Jackson, Wm. H. on lake, h. cor. Batavia and 

Jackson, Gursheom E. L. elk. Franklin house. 
Jackson, John J. boarding house, cor. Erie and 

Jackson, Wm. lab. St. Paul n. Main. 
Jackson. Wm. with Bully more <fe Langdon. 
Jacky, Frederick, stone cutter, with D. Belde?. 
Jacob, Barnard, 60 Ellicott, 
Jacob, Louis, joiner, h. Mulberry ab. Good«ll. 



Jacob, Fred. lab. h. 289 E. Genesee. 

Jacob, Moses, clothier, Pearl n. Com'l.h. Terry 

T J 

n. Ja. 

Jacob, John, butcher, b. Spruce cor. Batavia. 
Jacob, George, h. Bennett n. Batavia. 
Jacobin, Jacob, C. R. R. shop. 
Jacobs, Frederick, N. Case & Co.'s tannery. ■ 
JACOBS FREDERICK W. proprietor Hotel 

de P Europe, 27 and 29 Pearl.— -See adv. p. 85. 
Jacobs, Jacob, tanner, N. Case & Co. 
Jacoby, Henry, joiner, h. Genesee n. Jefferson. 
Jacoby, Herman, barber, Water n. foot of State. 
Jadden, James, lab. h. Gen. across Erie canal. 
Jaeger, George, tailor, h. 147 Batavia. 
Jaeger, David, grocer, Batavia n. Mich. 
Jaeger, Michael, lab. h. Hickory n. Batavia. 
Jaeger, John, lab. h. Gray n. Genesee. 
Jaeger, John, soap and candle maker, Monroe 

n. Sycamore. 
Jaeger, Henry, cooper, h. Gray n. Genesee. 
Jaeger, Charles, tailor, 571 Main. 
Jaeger, Louis, cigarmaker, 136 Sycamore. 
Jagal, Frederick, with fm. Barker. 
Jahraus, Jacob, with Good & Moore, h. Cherry 

«cor. Hickory. 
James, Wm. L. fancy dry goods mer. 280 Main. 
James, George, with Howard. <fc Co. 
James, Charles A. 183 Oak. 
James, Joseph, 4 Niagara. 
James, John, 67 E. Genesee. 
James, John, blacksmith, h. Perry n. O. slip. 
Jameson, William W. truckman, h. 3 William. 
Jameson, Isaac, truckman, 126 W. T upper. 
Jameson, Wm. lab. h. r. 51 Chippewa. 
Jameson, William, with Howard & Co. 
JAMIESON, JNO. grocer, 4 Birkhead Bd'gs, 

Commercial, h. same. — See adv. p. 36. 
Jamieson, Joseph, sailor, h. Ohio u. Mich, 
Jamieson, John, grocer, 138 E. Seneca- 
Jamison, John P. engraver, over 230 Main, h. 

8 E. Mohawk. 
Janke, Henry, tailor, 556 Michigan. 
Jausen, Augustus, 86 Cliuton. 
Japps, John, with S. Shepard. 
Jardin, Edward, 70 William. 
Jams, Jacob, brass finisher, Good & Moore. 
Jarrett, Wm. book-keeper, h. S. Div. cor. Pine. 
Jarrett, Wm. Arthur, clerk, Pratt & Co. h. 189 

S. Division. 
Jarriott, M. dressmaker, 105 E. Seneca. 
Jarvis, William, cook, h. 52 Pine. 
Jarvis, Ralph L. engineer, h. Mariner, n. Va. 
Jarvis, Miss Julia, b. 174 Pearl. 
Jarvis, Romain, shoemaker, h. 17 Illinois. 
Jarvis, J., Bi dwell, Banta <fc Co. h. Perry n. 

Jauch, John, shoemaker, h. Clinton n. Jeff. 
Jaus, John, shoemaker, 73 Sycamore. 
Jax, John, bricklayer, h. 110 Batavia. 
Jax. Maria, Spruce n. Genesee. 
Jax, John, mason, h. Genesee bel. Spring. 
Jay, Peter, engineer, Buff. & 1ST. Y. City R. R. 
Jeob, Thomas, with J. Sour. 
Jecki, Jerome, 169 E. Seneca. 
Jeckly, Charles, joiner, h. Carlton n. Lemon. 
Jefferson Engine House, Batavia n. Mich. 
Jefferson, Michael, tinsmith, h. Mohawk cor. 


Jeffrey, John, boiler smith, Vulcan foundry, 

h. 36 Sixth. 
Jeffrey, Wm. carp. h. Fifth opp. Penitentiary. 
Jeggly, Fred. Batavia n. Cedar. 
Jehle, Francis, butcher, h. Best n. Main. 
Jelly, Esaias, printer, Ex. office, b. 35 Church. 
Jenkins, Wm. H., N. Y. C. R. R. office, h. 49 

S. Division. 
Jenkins, Lewis, book-keeper, C. E. Young, h. 

79 E. Swan. 
Jenkins, Ebenezer, 49 S. Division. 
Jenkins, William H. with J. F. Hill. 
Jenkins, Nicholas, finisher, Taunt & Baldwin, 

h. 88 Oak. 
Jenkins, John, gilder, h. 142 S. Division. 
Jenkins, Elias, 49 S. Division. 
Jenkins, Sophia, widow, cor. Palmer and Md. 
Jenks, Miss Zidana, teacher, District No. 3, b. 

204 E Swan. 
Jennings, Charles W. finisher, h. La. n. Elk. 
Jenor, August, ship carpenter, h. Matthews n. 

Jenrich, Fred, milkman, h. Fox n. Genesee. 
Jenrich, Philip, bricklayer, h. Bat. n. Hickory. 
Jensen, Thomas, carpenter, h. over 41 Main. 
Jepla, Dennis, lab. h. over John Haid's. 
Jerche, Christian, pedler, h. Spring n. Gen. 
Jerge, Anton, grocer, Cherry n. Spring. 
Jerome, Levi D. saloon, 306 Main, h. 117 

Jessel, Charles, tailor, h. 73 Sycamore. 
Jetter, Jacob, file cutter, 59 E. Genesee. 
Jerth, M. lab. J. A. Pitts. 
Jesseyman, Jas. sailmaker, h. 5th n. Carolina. 
Jeudevine, Henry, N. Div. bel. Spring. 
Jeutter, Christian, tailor, 238 Elm. 
Jewell, Isaac, rectifier, h. Moore n. Ohio. 
Jewell, Darius, canal inspector, h. 213 N. Div„ 
Jewell, F. b. 23 Pearl. 
Jewett, Elam R. b. American. 
Jewett & Root, Eagle furnace and warehouse, 

office Mississipi south of Perry. 
Jewett, Sherman S. firm J. & Root, h. 94 E. 

JEWETT BROTHERS, house -furnishing 

store, 217 Main and 3 E. Swan. — See adv. 

p. 69. 
Jewett, James H. firm Jewett Brothers, h. 352 

Jewett, Charles C. m. d. firm Jewett Brothers, 

b. Mrs. Mathews. 
JEWETT & DAY, stoves and hardware, 31 

Main. — See adv. p. 70. 
Jewett, John C. firm J. & Day, h. 106 S. Div. 
Jewett, John L. C. F. firm Taylor & J. h. 46 

Jewett, John, hackman, 27 Exchange. 
Jewish Synagogue, Pearl, r. American hotel. 
Jeyte, John A. m. d. druggist, Batavia u. Oak. 
Jiengrich, Conrad, tailor, h. cor. Ellicott and 

Burton alley. 
Jillings, Michael, h. cor. Morgan and Niag. 
Joan, John, carpenter, h. Locust n. Cherry. 
Jobes, Wm. W. baker, b. 203 E. Swan. 
Jobin, Joseph, 124 Elm. 
Jockel, Geo. blacksmith, with Jacob Bart. 
Joeckl, Michael, barber, Niag. cor. Mohawk, h. 

Mulberry ab. Goodell. 



Joel, Nathan, pedler, h. Pine n. William. 
Joerger, Henry, Batavia n. Monroe. 
Johannes, Peter M. painter, cor. Ex. and La. 

h. Pollard n. Swau. 
Johannes, Francis, mason, Ketchum alley. 
Johannes, Michael, mason, h. Ketchum alley. 
John, Fred, with Howard & Co. 
Johns, Alfred, boat builder, h.5th n. Carolina. 
Johns, Ann J. widow, 91 E. Seneca. 
Johns, Win. joiner, h. Ex. bel. Chicago. 
Johnson, Almor, engineer, h. 185 E. Eagle. 
Johnson, Augustus, fish market, Lloyd, h. 

Fifth n. Court. 
Johnson, Amanda, widow, Michigan n. Elk. 
Johnson, Audrew, baker, Am. Hotel, h. 369 

Johnson, Andrew M. clerk, 44 Main, h. 219 E 

Johnson, Burdett J. firm Loveridge & J. h. 

Del. n. Bryant. 
Johnson, Charles H. with W. A. Fox. 
Johnson, Charles, fisherman, h. n. Mich. C. R. 

R. Wharf. 
Johnson, Charles N". with J. S. Johnson. 
Johnson, Charles, clothes cleaner, h. 9 Wm. 
Johnson, Carr, gardener, h. Maryland n. 7th. 
Johnson, Daniel T. lab. h. Walnut n. Sycam. 
Johnson, Elizabeth, widow, cor. Oak and 

Johnson, Ellen, widow, h. Niag. N. of Breck- 

Johnson, Geo. W. cigar maker, b. Lake Shore 

Hotel, Ex. 
Johnson, Geo. W. hairdresser, Amer. Block. 
Johnsou, George, m. d., 1 E. Seneca. 
Johnson, George, p. m. Niag. N. Bouck. 
Johnson, George W. pattern maker, Eagle fur- 
Johnson, Henry, fisherman, Md. n. Ninth. 
Johnson, Henry W. lab. h. Fifth opp. Peniten- 
Johnson, Hiram, broker, 1 W. Seneca, h. Main 

ab. Chippewa. 
Johnson, James M. firm Parsons & J. h. 45 

Johnson, John, lab. h. 105 Pine. 
Johnson, James, carp. b. 63 Sixth. 
Johnson, James, on the lake, h. Barker's alley. 
Johnson, John B. grocer, u. Elk St. Market, b. 

20 Carroll. 
Johnson, James, blacksmith, h. La. u. Ottawa. 
Johnson, John M. on the lake, h. Walnut n. 

Johnsou, John J. firm Osborn <fc J. h. 30 Elli- 

Johnson, John T. oakum manufacturer, Swan 

n. R. R. 
Johnson, John H, 107 Folsom. 
Johnsou, John S. elevator, office, Ohio and 

Skinner slip, h. T upper u. head of Pearl. 
Johnson, John W. steamboat engineer, h. 52 

W. Tupper. 
Johnson, Levi C. engineer, h. Walnut n. Wm. 
Johnson, L. F., Buff. S. E. Works. 
Johnson, Michael, tailor, La. n. Elk. 
Johnson, Mortimer F. 44 W. Eagle. 
Johnsou, Norman B. tailor, over 274 Main. 
Johnsou Place, Del. ab. Chippewa, W. side. 

Johnson, Peter, tailor, over 196 Main, b. 91 

Johnson, Robert B. upholsterer, 198 Main, h. 

123 E. Eagle. 
Johnson, Rufus R. firm Morse & J. h. 12 Car- 
Johnson, Robert, bookbinder, h. cor. Swan 

and Chestnut. 
Johnsou, Spencer, b. Amanda Johnson. 
Johnson, Thos. elk. 172 Main, b. U. S. Hotel. 
Johnson, Wallace, grocer, 45 E. Seneca, h; 20 

Johnson, Wm. fisherman, h. 5th n. Court. 
Johuson, William, whitewasher, h. 16 Elm. 
Johnson, Wm. sailor, h. 38 N. Divisiou. 
Johnson, Wm. H. baker, h.203 E. Swan. 
Johnston, Gerart, joiner, h. 63 Sixth. 
Johnston, Andrew, clerk, Yaw & Son. h. 219 

Jonson, Geo. W. att'y at law, 27 E. Eagle, b. 

29 E. Eagle. 
Jolls. Emerson, miller, h. 12 Carroll. 
Jones, Adam, watchman, h. 341 S. Division. 
Jones, Albert, book binder, b. 33 Elm. 
Jones, Albert, clerk, 225 Main, b. 11 Church. 
Jones, Arthur W. firm Sangster <fc Co. h. 356 

Jones, Benjamin B. ship builder, h. Del. n. 


Joues, , mason, h. cor. 7th and Hudson. 

Jones, Mrs. Eliza A. millinery store, 3 Niag. h. 

Jones, Elizabeth, widow, boarding house, Ohio 

n. Chicago. 
Jones, Emerson, 7th n. Carolina. 
Jones, Evan T. carpenter, h. Carroll bel. Smith 

Jones, Frederick, on lake, b. 11 Mechanic. 
Jones, Frederick N. 6hip builder, h. Del. S. of 

Jones, Geo. iron fence maker, 107 Pearl, h. 108 

E. Eagle. 
Jones, Geo. H. iron fence maker, 107 Pearl, h. 

20 Seventh. 
Jones, George B. h. 3 Niag. 
Jones, Humphrey P. mer. tailor, 1 Townsend 

Hall, h. 62 W. Huron. 
Jones, Isaac A. firm Ashley, J. & Co. h. 

Del. ab. Bryant. 
Jones, Jeremiah, horticulturist, h. Steuben n. 

Jones, John, ship carp. Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Jones, John F. baggageman, N. Y. C. R. R. b. 

Genesee House. 
Jones, Marshal N. clerk, Miles Jones. 
Joues, Mary A. widow, cor. 18th and N. Wash 
Jones, Merlin, with Miles Jones. 
Jones, Michael, lab. h. 60 Fifth. 
JONES, MILES, pork inspector, cor. Prime 

and Hanover, h. cor. Chippewa <fc Georgia. 

See adv. p. 37. 
Jones, Nathaniel, mason, h. 74 N. Division. 
Jones, Orange, on lake, h. 288 N. Div. 
Jones, Peter, furnaceman, h. Mulberry, n. 

Jones, Richard, P. machinist, 75 Sixth. 
Joues, Robert, sailor h. Cedar n. Eagle. 
Joues, Robert, painter, H. G. White. 



Jones, Samuel, baggageman, b. Folsom bel. 

Jones, Schuyler, on the R. R. h. 193 S. Div. 
Jones, Seth'C. boat builder, h. cor. JN'iag. and 

Jones, Susan, nurse, William n. Pratt. 
Jones, Win, book binder, W. Seneca, h. 33 

Jones, Wm. H. tailor, 122 Main, b. Niagara 

Temp. House. 
Jones, Wm. puddler, h. cor. N. Wash. & Forest. 
Jones, William cook, on lake, h. Walnut n. 

Jones, Wm. V. joiner, h. Alabama n. Fulton. 
Jones, Wm. C. with Miles Jones. 
Jones, Wm., with Bidwell, Bauta & Co. 
Jopp, Henry, Buffalo Steam Engine Works, h. 

153 Sycamore. 
Jopp, John, Buffalo S.E. Works, b. 153 Syca. 
Jordan, John, engineer, on the lake, h. Perry 

n. Hamburgh. 
Jordan, Thomas, moulder, h. 33 Scott. 
Jordan, Edward, fore man .Warren & Brothers. 
Jordan, Richard H., clerk, 14 Central Wharf. 
Jordan, Richard, Van Slyke's yard. 
Jordan, Thomas, sailor, h. Fulton n. Hay ward. 
Jordan, John, Buff. S. E. works. 
Jorg, Henry, joiner, h. Maple u. Goodell. 
Joselyn, Samuel, cistern builder, h. cor. High 

and Elm. 
Joselyn, D. M., hotel, Seneca, beyond 2d canal 

bridge. , 
Joselyn, Wm., Steuben n. Hcacock. 
Joselyn, Alanson, grocer, cor. Michigan and 

North Division, h. same. 
Joslyn, Orvill, watchman, h. cor. Carroll and La. 
Joslyu, Charles, cabinet maker, Staats. 
Joseph, Frederick, at Swartz's Iron Works. 
Joseph, Joseph, painter, 94 E. Seneca. 
Josett, Frederick, machinist, h. Hickory n. 

Josett, Joseph, mason, h. Spring n. Sycamore. 
Josler, John, Howard & Co. 
Jost, Joseph, brewer, cor. Bataviaand Pratt. 
Jost, Fred., lab., h. Maple n. Carlton. 
Jost, Peter, lab. h. Spruce n. Sycamore. 
Joy, Walter, 190)^ Main, h. 12 Delaware. 
Joy, Wm. H., U. S. Ex. office, b. cor. Morgan 

and Chip. 
Joy, Lewis B., clerk, R. Hollister & Co., b. W. 

Joy, Huldah, widow, 6 Delaware. 
Joy, John, La. n. Ohio. 
Joyce, W. lab. h. Daugherty Alley. 
Joyce, Pat. with W. A. Case. 
! Judevine, Hen. jr. lab. h. N". Div. bel. Spring. 
Judlow, E. bookkeeper, Geo. Day, b. 20 Ex. 
Jud, Joseph, lab. h. Hickory n. Sycamore. 
Judd, Orvan K., Amer. Ex. office, h. Carey 

n. Del. 
Judson, Lebbeus, railroad agent, h. 120 Pearl. 
Judson, Joseph S. A., 12 Granite Buildings, b. 

120 Pearl. 
Juerges, August, shoemaker, h. Mulberry n. 

Juliard, Louis L. blacksmith, h. cor. 9th and 

Jung, Chas. mason, h. Mortimer n. Genesee. 

Jung, Martin, lab. h. 66 Bennett. 

Jung, Valentine, brush maker, h. Batavia n. 

Jung, Michael, pedler, b. Spruce, n. Genesee. 
Jung, Jacob, shoemaker, Hickory n. Genesee. 
Jung> Michael, shoemaker, Hickory n. Genesee. 
Jung, Anthony, milk pedler, h. Batavia n. 

Jung, Jacob, teamster, b. Spring n. Sycamore. 
Jung, Charles, with H. Wing & Co., b. Wm. 

n. Pine. 
Jung, Theobold, cigar maker, h. 157 Ellicott. 
Jung, Emil, cigar store, 96 Ex. 
Junge, Chas. melodeon maker, Prince & Co. 
Jungert, John M. shoemaker, Maple n. Cherry. 
Jungman, John, cooper, h. Cypress n. Mich. 
Jungman, John, cooper, h. Sycamore n. Spring. 
Juugson, Peter, painter, h. 32 Union. 
Jungwirth John A. file cutter, 108 Batavia. 
Junkes, Joseph, lab.h. 91 Pine. 
Justin, Thomas, engineer, b. Henry Bliss. 
Justin, Hamblet, machinist, h. cor. Dearborn 

and Hamilton. 
Justin, Reuben, machinist, h. Dearborn, south 

of Amherst. 
Justin, Asael A. blacksmith, b. Niag. north of 

Jutt, George, 43 Cherry. 

Kaelberer, Christian, cor. Bristol & Spring. 
Kaemmrer, Frank, tailor, h. 72 Bennett. 
Kaep, August, lab. h. Mich. n. High. 
Kaffenberger, Barnhard, prof, of music, b. 

Spring n. Sycamore. 
Kahapka, Simon, Boston n. Goodell. 
Kahem, Wm. cabinet maker, h. Sycamore n. 

Kahler, Conrad, printer, b. Boston hotel. 
Kahler, Henry, bn tcDer > with Henry Rahm. 
Kahn, Michael, bla cksm Hh, h. Cedar n. Wm. 
Kahn, Moses, cigar mak er , h. 134 Ellicott. 
Kahrey, Jacob, lab. b. Ex n. junction of Sen- 
Kaiser, Henry, gardener, h. Conn, near 10th. 
Kaiser, Frederick, plasterer, h. Mich. n. Burton 

Kaiser, Christian, calico printer, h. opp. Swan 

street foundry. 
Kaiser, Peter, machinist, h. 114 Cedar. 
Kaiser, John, shoemaker, h.Ketchum Alley. 
Kaiser, Chas. printer, Thomas & Lathrops, b. 

14 Bennett. 
Kaiser, Martin, cabinet maker, 14 Bennett. 
Kaiser, John, mason, h. Maple near High. 
Kaiser, Andrew, mason, h. 104 Cedar. 
Kalaghan, Rich, driver, h. Mulberry n. Goodell. 
Kalb, John, 248 East Genesee. 
Kaldenbach <fc Haefelin, brewers, Lutheran n. 

Kaldenbach, Xavier, firm K. & Haefelin, Luth. 

n. Batavia. 
Kaletzky, Edward, glove maker, 13 Ex. h. 317 

Kam, Sebastian, h. Hickory n. Batavia. 
Kammerling, S. A., Cedar n. Clinton. 



Kam merer, Francis, furnaceman, h. Hickory 

n. Sycamore. 
Kamper, Charles, firm Clinkhammer & K., li. 

84 Oak. 
Kamprath, Fred., shoemaker, h. S. Division n. 
^ the R. R. 

Kane, James, painter, b. 46 Exchange. 
Kane, John P., clerk, 190 Main. 
Kane, John, seaman, h. over 159 Elk. 
Kane, Daniel, h. Elk n. Michigau. 
Kaue, Roger, 117 Oak. 
Kane, John, blacksmith, h. 5th ab. Carolina. 
Kane, Peter, blacksmith, with John Kane. 
Kaneen, Mary, widow, h. 5th u. Maryland. 
Kaneen, Capt. William, cor. Niag. and Bouck. 
Kann, Christian, tailor, h. Spruce bel. Gen. 
Kapahn, Tobias, clothier, Batavia n. Hickory, 

h. same. 
Kappe, Christopher, mason, h. cor. Michigan 

and Goodell. 
Kappel, John, shoemaker, h. 18 Bennett. 
Kappler, Francis A. grocer, h. Walnut n. Bat. 
Karbach, John, tailor, h. Niag. n. Hudson. 
Karback, John, Niagara n. Hudson. 
Karbeg, John, lab. h. Goodell n. Maple. 
Karg, John, tailor, h. Hollistem. Spring. 
Karg, Matthias, mason, h. Adams n. Genesee. 
Karigan, James, tailor, h. Spring n. Clinton. 
Kariger, Fred, carpenter, h. 19 Sycamore. 
Karigir, Fred. jr. finisher, b. 19 Sycamore. 
Karl, John, mason, h. Adams n. Genesee. 
Karl, Christian, lab., h. Kane n. Sycamore. 
Karl, Fred., with S. Shepard, 
Karlein, Michael, h. 550 Michigan. 
Karms, Charles, joiner, h. Lutheran n. Batavia. 
Karn, Adam, lab., h. Maple n. Carlton. 
Karnetz, August, carpenter, h. Bennett n. fin. 
Karr, Coridou, salesman, Pratt & Co., h. 152 

E. Swan. 
Karr, James N; clerk, Pratt & Co. b. 43 Oak. 
Karst, Mrs. widow of Jacob, h. 117 Pine. 
Kasch, John, tailor, h. Spruce n. Sycamore. 
Kassler, John, furrier, Batav. n. Ash, h. same. 
Kassou, Marsh W., firm K. & Sou, b. 44 W. 

Kasson, William M. & Sons, Locomotive Expr. 

office, Ex. d. R. R. depot. 
Kasson, Wm. M., firm W. M. K. & Son, h. 44 

W. Eagle. 
Kasson, Mrs. widow, 44 W. Eagle. 
Kasper, John, shoemaker, with Geo. Diebold. 
Kassler, Liebold, carpenter, h. 38 Del. Place. 
Kast, Henry, wagon maker, b. C. Schnial. ■ 
Kastner, Adam, wagon maker, h. Bat. n. Pratt. 
Kastner, Geo. wagon maker, h. Bat. n. Pratt. 
Kastert, Henry, painter, h. over 23 Canal. 
Katon, Patrick, Carolina n. 9th. 
Katzenberger, Andrew, lab. Gray ab. Batavia. 
Kaufman o, George, blacksmith, h. Cherry n. 

Kaufman, Adam, tailor, h. Cherry n. Jefferson. 
Kaufman, Lewis, h. Mich. n. Burton Alley. 
Kaull, Jacob, lab. h. Walnut n. Win. 
Kauuer, Peter, lab. h. Monroe n. Sycamore. 
Kautz, John, miller, h. Niag. n. Mass. 
Kavanagh, Patrick, lab. h. 171 Elm. 
Kavanagh, Pal. across Erie Canal n. Genesee. 
Kavauagh, Michael, lab. h. Sixth u. Hudson. 

Kayser, Martin, cabinet maker, 14 Bennett. 
Kayser, Charles, printer, Com'l Adv. office, b. 

14 Bennett. 
Kayser, August, joiner, b. 14 Bennett. 
Kealty, Michael, lab. h. 206 N. Division. 
Kearr, John, watchman, h. 34 Smith Block. 
Keating, Geo. cashier, J. Wadsworth, h. 21 S. 

Keating, Michael, pedler, h. S. Division bel. 

Keating, Robert, book-keeper, Jewett & Root, 

b. 21 S. Division. 
Kebel, Thomas, sailor, h. 122 Pine. 
Keeber, Torry, with Jewett & Root. 
Keebs, Johauna C. 91 E. Seneca. 
Keck, John, tanner, h. N. Canal n. the R. R. 
Keefe, Daniel, coachman, Fir u. Park Place. 
Keefe, Wm. at McMillen's boat yard. 
Keefee, Daniel, shoer, 73 Ellicott. 
Keegau, Ellen, widow, cor. Palmer and Va. 
Keel, Charles A., Wash. cor. High. 
Keel, James O. gardener, Wash. n. High. 
Keeler, Nicholas, Buff, Steam Engine Works. 
Keeler, Geo. waiter, Western. 
Keeler, James, waiter, Western. 
Keelty, Michael, watchman, h. Evans n. Fly. 
Keen, Wm. J. Union hotel, Com'l. 
Keena, Peter, moulder, h. basement Bethel 

Keena, Michael, on lake, h. 46 Fifth. 
Keena, John, on lake, h. 5th it. Ga. 
Keena, Fred, with S. Shepard. 
Keeuen, Charles, lab. h. cor. Fulton and Hay- 
Keenen, Catharine, 108 Oak. 
Keever, Thomas, miller, b. John McCabe. 
Kefogle, Peter, Vulcan foundry. 
Kegau, Charles, ship carpenter, h. Burwell n. 

Kehl, John, ship carpenter, h. Wm. n. Pine. 
Kehl, John, Van Slyke's boat yard. 
Kehl, J. with B. B. Jones. 
Kehoa, Richard, with Joseph Christopher. 
Kehoe, Lawrence, lab. h. 225 N. Division. 
Kehr, Geo. B. finisher, Swartz's Iron Works, 

h. Niag. n. Jersev. 
Keiber, Philip J. 378 Mich. 
Keif, Pat. blacksmith, h. Perry n. Ohio slip. 
Keil, Adam, cooper, h. Dearborn south of Fa' 

Keil, John, with W. Somerville. 
Keilker, Jeremiah, lab. h. Steuben cor. Van 

Keillen, Daniel, lab. b. Thomas Hennessy. 
Keim, Geo. butcher, h. 149 E. Genesee. 
Keim, Henry, Kane n. Genesee. 
Keim, Andrew, grocer, cor. Genesee and Gray 
Keim, George, butcher, h. 205 Elm. 
Keim, Peter, lab. h. Pratt n. Sycamore. 
Keim, Michael, tailor, h. Walnut n. Batavia. 
Keimer, Adam, York n 14th. 
Koin, Sebastian, tinner, Shiels & Kingsbury. 
Kein, M. with G. A. Prince & Co. 
Keirst, John, lab. h. Niag. cor. Farmer. 
Kcisoler, Peter, with S. Shepard. 
Keiser, Benjamin, lab. h. Seneca n. Ala. 
Keitel, John, lab. h. Heaoock n. Seneca. 
Keith, John, 72 N. Division. 



Keith, Thomas, b. Samuel Taylor. 

Keith, Mrs. Franklin, Chicago n. Elk. 

Keith, Chas. P. ship carpenter, h. Chicago n. 

Keith, John, ship carpenter, h. Chicago n. Elk. 

Keith, Edmund, melodeon mak'r, G. A. Prince 
& Co. 

Keith, Wm. ship carpenter, h. Chicago n. Elk. 

Keith, Archibald, sailor, b. Thos. Clark. 

Keith, Donald, sailor, b. Thos. Clark. 

Keith, Gilbert, sailor, b. Thos. Clark. 

Keitz, Conrad, tailor, Maple n. Cherry. 

Kelch, John, clerk, 21 Main. 

Kelderhouse, John, wood dealer, h. 28 Sixth. 

Kelderhouse, Jeremiah, 28 Sixth. 

Kelderhouse, Samuel, hack driver, h. 28 Sixth. 

Kelge, Wm. lab. Huff, car wheel works. 

Kellar, Michael, lab. Palmer <fe Gardner. 

Keller, Christian, shoemaker, h. near cor. Mo- 
hawk and Pearl. 

Keller, Christoph, watchman, h. Cherry n. 

Keller, Christoph, tanner, h. Geuesee n. Gray. 

Keller, Edward, lab. h. 18 Bennett. 

Keller, Nicholas, tanner, h. Cedar n. Wm. 

Keller, Conrad, tanner, h. Hickory n. Cherry. 

Keller, Charles, Howard & Co. 

Keller, Wallace, with Griffin <fc Co. b. 49 Ex. 

Keller, Andrew, joiner, h. Gray n. Genesee. 

Keller, Michael, printer, b. 20 Ex. 

Keller, Geo. waiter, Western, h. 206 1ST. Div. 

Kellner, Chris, joiuer, Eaton's planing mill. 

Kellogg, Aaron J. with F. Cowing. 

Kellogg, Freeman T. painter, h. 109 N. Div. 

Kellogg, Daniel, with S. Shepard. 

Kellogg, Walter P. clerk, 207 Main, b. 115 

Kelley, Mies Ann, dressmaker, over 298 Main. 

Kelly, Anthony, lab. h. Ex. below Van Rens- 

Kelly, Ann.b. 23 Pearl. 

Kelly, Daniel, sailor, across the creek n. toll- 

Kelly, Daniel, agent &c. h. cor. Niagara and 

Kelly, Dennis, lab. h. 4 Green. 

Kelly, Daniel, with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 

Kelly, Dennis, sailor, h. Canal cor. Maiden 

Kelly, Edward S. carpenter, h. Palmer n. Md. 

Kelly, Henry S. carpenter, Eagle furnace, h. 
( 42 Bennett. 

Kelly, James, machinist, h. Smith Block, 

Kelly, John, farmer, Martin's Corners. 

Kelly, John, lab. h. Nichols' Alley. 

Kelly, John, lab. h. Folsom bel. Kinney. 

Kelly, James, with Pratt <fc Co. h. 161 S. Div. 

Kelly, John, lab. h. Heacock n. Seneca. 

Kelly, John, finisher, Buff. Steam E. W. 

Kelly, John, Chicago u. Ohio. 

Kelly, Thos. mariner, h. Chicago n. Ohio. 

Kelly, Martin, coppersmith, h. 223 N. Division. 

Kelly, Michael, Van Slyke's yard. 

Kelly, Patrick, telegrapher, b. 80 Main. 

Kelly, Sam'l, ship carpenter, h. Chicago n. Elk. 

Kelly, T. J. printer, Courier office, b. 189 S. 

Kellv, Thomas, firm Dowling <fe Kelly, h. 4 

Kelly, Mrs. Winneford, cor. Tupper & Frank- 
Kelly, Walter, daguerrean, b. 46 Ex. 
Kelsey, Sardius P., Waverly house. 
Kelty, Michael, with Stevenson Brothers. 
Kernke, Geo. joiner, h. Goodell n. Mich. 
Kemm, John, carpenter, h. Tupper n. Elm. 
Kemp, Wm. painter, 230 Main, up stairs, h. 

Union cor. Eagle. 
Kemp, Thomas, joiner, h. 65 Fifth. 
Kemp & Bartell, ship joiners, Le Couteulx. 
Kemp, John, with Howard & Co. 
Kempel, Louis, melodeon maker, G. A. Prince 

& Co. 
Kemper, Geo. Buff. Steam E. W. 
Kempkes, Ferdinand, lab. h. 97 Pine. 
Kempshall, Willis, boarding house, 33 East 

Kemter, Geo. tailor, h. 139 Oak. 
Kenaga & Peterson, piano forte manufacturers, 

196 Wash. 
Kenaga, John, firm Peterson & Co, 196 Wash. 

h. Franklin ab. Va. 
Kenall, Alfred, b. 212 Walnut. 
Kenann, Alfred, b. cor. Clinton and Walnut. 
Kendall, Luther F. b. Genesee house. 
Kendall, Milton J. firm Farnham & Co. b. 50 

Kendall, Rev. Clark, pastor Asso. Ref 'd Presb. 

Church, h. 41 Oak. 
Kendall, Frederick, variety store, 208 Main,b. 

126 S. Division. 
Kendall, Sylvester H. 214 Main, h. 124 S. 

Kendall. Jacob, b. 124 S. Division. 
Kendall, Thomas, lab. h. Steuben n. Heacock. 
Kendrick tfe Freeman, milk dealer-, 58 E Sen. 
Kendrick, Wm. firm K. & Freeman, 58 E. Sen. 
Kendrick. Russell, 84 Main, h. 240 S. Division. 
Keuefick, John, Eleventh n. Mass. 
Kennedy, Thomas, grocer, 26 Commercial, h. 

6 Park Place. 
Kennedy, Edward, shoemaker, h. Mississippi 

n. Perry. 
Kennedy, Gray & Co. com. mer's, 22 Mer. Ex. 
Kennedy, Bridget, widow, Iud. n. Scott. 
Kennedy, Alex. H. firm Shoecraft & K. h. cor. 

Hospital and Mohawk. 
Kennedy, John R. firm K., Gray & Co. h. N. 

Wash. n. Bird. 
Kennedy, Patrick, lab. h. Marvin. 
Kennedy, Margaret, widow of Robert, Palmer 

n. Virginia. 
Kennedy, Samuel, b. Margaret Kennedy. 
Kennedy, Leonard, fireman, R. R. b. Mrs. S. 

Kennedy, Wm. drayman, h. 138 W. Huron. 
Kennedv, Salem G. book-keeper, 198 Main, b. 

22 Carroll. 
Kennedy, Thomas, cartman, h. Ninth n. Va. 
Kennedy, Charles, clerk, Pratt & Co. b. 36 W. 

Kennedy, Thomas, lab. h. Clinton bey'nd R. R. 
Kennedy, Wm. B. on lake, h. Sen. n. Heacock. 
Kennedy, Pat, La. n. Ohio. 
Kennedy, J. painter, with H. G. White. 



Kennedy, Thomas, lab. h. Spring n. Seneca. 
Kennel, Henry, brickmaker, h. 160 E. Genesee. 
Kennele, John, Batavia n. Elm. 
KENNETT, THOMAS, mer. tailor, 183 Main, 

h. 57 E. Swan. — See adv. p. 51. 
Kenuey, Daniel, tailor, h. 28 N. Division. 
Kenr.ey, Kearn, lab. h. cor. Md. and Tenth. 
Kenney, Patrick, Carolina n. Fir. 
Kenney & Corastock, roofing slate, with Mann, 

Vail & Co. 
Kenney, Ezra D. firm K. & Comstock, h. rear 

191 Delaware. 
Kenney, Pat. teamster, h.rear 140 Elk. 
Kenney, John, grocer, Carolina n. 4th. 
Kenney, Thomas, lab., b. Thos. Hennessey. 
Kenney, John, joiner, h. 10th n. Carolina. 
Kenngott, John, lockmaker, h. Elm n. Gen. 
Kennington, John, blacksmith, h. 12th n. Conn. 
Kent, Lewis B. cartman, b. 93 E. Seneca. 
Kent, Caroliue, 118 Pine. 
Kent, Lorenzo, boilerrnaker, h. Wash. n. Scott. 
Kent, Zunas, clerk, 8 Main, h. 118 Pine. 
Kent, Win, melodeon maker, Prince &, Co. 
Kenton, Nicholas W. hatter, h. 227 N. Div. 
Kenyon, John, machinist, b. 137 E. Seneca. 
Keog, Patrick, plasterer, h. 211 Seventh. 
Keogh, Timothy, plasterer, h. 9th n. York. 
Keogh <fe Co. piano forte makers, cor. Seneca 

and Pearl. 
Keogh, Augustine, firm K. & Co. h. 1 Church. 
Keogh, John, firm, K. & Co. b. A. Keogh. 
Keogh, Lawrence, at Eagle Furnace. 
Keogh, Thomas, plasterer, b. T. Keogh. 
Keppel, Henry, b. 160 Pearl. 
Keppel, Charles with Howard <fc Co. 
Keppler, Godfrey C. Sycamore opp. Pine. 
Kerber, Joseph, cor. Genesee and Adams. 
Kerber, Louis, shoemaker, b. cor. Ash <fe Gen. 
Kerchner, Adam, mason, h. Kane n. Sycamore. 
Kerdl, Authony, watchmaker, 42 Exchange. 
Keregan, James, tailor, h. Spring n. Win. 
Kerlach, Magdalena, Spruce n. Genesee. 
Kerling, Matthias, lab. r. 134 Elm. 
Kerling, Andrew, weaver, h. Pine n. Cypress. 
Kern, Anthony, pattern maker, Eagle Furnace. 
Kern, Fred, with Jacob Roos. 
Kerner, Fred, with H. Lamb. 
Kerncr, John, joiner, h. 208 Elm. 
Kernick, Jacob, cor. R. I. <fc 10th. 
Kernick, Ann, widow, 113 S. Division. 
Kerr, James, with S. Shepard. 
Kerr, Thomas, engineer, D. Belden, h. Ch. n. 

the canal. 
Kerr, John, with D. Belden. 
Kerr, Alexander, milkman, h. 158 E. Swan. 
Kerr, August, b. S. VV. Lyon. 
Kerr, Robert, sawtender, D. Belden. 
Kersch, Emanuel, 307 Michigan. 
Kerschhuefler, Louis. Seneca bel. Heacock. 
Kersten, Christian, lab. h. Bennett n. Batavia. 
Kertsch, Matthias, painter, h. 219 Ellicott. 
Kerty, Wm. A., with Smith & Brothers. 
Kessman, Peter, joiner, h. Cherry n. Maple. 
Kessel, J. shoemaker, h. Hamilton n. East. 
Kessel, Wm. lab., h. East n. Farmer. 
Kester, James, watchman at penitentiary. 
Ketchara, Alonzo R., supt. water works, h. 37 

W. Mohawk. 

Ketchum <fe Comstock, hatters, 202 Main. 
Ketchum, William, firm K. <fc Comstock, h. 48 

East Seneca. 
Ketchum, Wm. F. foreman, Howard & Co. h. 

cor. Mohawk and Delaware. 
Ketchum, Jesse, North, west of Delaware. 
Ketchum Alley, between High and Carlton 

and Michigan and Elm. 
Ketchum, George B. 202 Main, b. 48 East 

KETTLE, S. P. solicitor of patents, 209 Main. 

See ado. p. 82. 
Kibbe, Geo. R. stave dealer, h. 65 East Eagle. 
Kibbe, Daniel, joiner, Eaton's planing mill. 
Kick, John, tanner, N. Case <fc Co. 
Kidder, George B. law student, Sawin & Lock- 
wood, b. 124 S. Division. 
Kiebler, Fred, butch, cor. Genesee and Spruce. 
Kief, John, tinsmith, 191 Main, b. 182 E. 

Kiefer, Frantz X. lab. h. Gray n. Genesee. 
Kieffer, Joseph, with William Robinson. 
Kieffer, Chas. painter, Washington ab. Tupper. 
Kieffer, Joseph, cooper, 97 Pine. 
Kieffer, Geo. shoemaker, h. 163 Batavia. 
Kief haber, Adam, tailor, h. Hickory n. Clinton. 
Kief haber, Peter, Hickory near Clinton. 
Kiely, Pat. carpenter, h. across the Creek. 
Kiener, Joseph, boiler maker, h. 131 Pine. 
Kienie, Sebastian, tinsmith, h. 103 Pine. 
Kiese, Christian, lab. h. Mortimer n. Genesee. 
Kiesel, George, at Swartz's Iron Works. 
Kiesel, Conrad, lab. h. Cedar n. William. 
Kilcoyne, Anthonv, sailor, h. Marvin n. Elk. 
Kilcher, Michael, Buff. S. E. Works. 
Kilgore, Moses, cooper, h. 198 S. Division. 
Kilhe'nay, John, lab. h. Seventh n. Hudson. 
Kilhofer, John, insurance agent, h. 190 S. Div. 
Kilkorsh, M ich. joiner, h. Seventh n. Maryland. 
Kill, John Geo. grocer, 300 E. Seneca. 
Killfay, E. widow, 6th n. Hudson. 
Killinger, Matthias, 165 Main, h Walnut n . 

Kilpick, Bartley, on the lake, h. William n. 

Mi In or. 
Kimball, Mrs. E. widow of Lovell, 96 Clinton. 
Kimball, Lathrop T. clerk, Bagnall & Dobbin?, 

b. 165 Niagara. 
Kimball, J. S. clerk, Western. 
Kimball. Harry, cor. Perry and Hay ward. 
KimberleVi John L. banker, h. Wash. ab. 

Kimberly, Eliza, 336 Washington. 
Kimberly, Jacob, lab. h. r. 130 Sycamore. 
Kimmerel, Daniel, joiner, h. Hickory n. Sac 
Kimmerly, John, shoemaker, h. 106 Adams. 
Kim mitt, Francis, rope maker, cor. Carolii a 

and Seventh. 
Kim mitt, Patrick, rope maker, Fifth n. Va. 
Kinder, Gertrude, widow, 9 Cherry. 
Kindl, Baptist, plasterer, h. Hickory n. Syc. 
Kinfrick, Betsy, widow, Ohio n. toll bridge. 
King, Aaron A. h. Pearl, 1st ab. Va. 
King, Albert H. jeweler, 161 Main, h. cor. Car- 
roll and Louisiana. 
King, Ann, widow, 193 Ex. 
King, Andrew, lab. h. Perry, Ohio slip. 
King, Augustusjoiner, b. Adam Eva. 



King, Bernhard H. jeweler, 161 Main, h. 317 

King, Cbas. att'y, 148 Main, b. Genesee house. 
King, Oh as. m. d. b. 262 Wash. 
King, E. rnelodeon maker, G. A. Prince & Co. 
King, Geo. D. b. A. A. King. 
King, Herman, moulder, Buff, car wheel worts. 
King, James E. m. d. office 177 Main, h. Niag. 

opp. Baptist church. 
King, John, barber, h. Vine n. Oak. 
King, Joseph, blacksmith, Wm. F. Beaman. 
King, Michael, engineer, h. Fulton n. Ala. 
King. Mary, widow, b. 57 E. Seneca. 
King, Peter, ship carpenter, Van Slyke'syard. 
King, Robert, 61 Ohio. 
King, Samuel, moulder, Moores <fc Purdy. 
King, Samuel, Clinton n. Jefferson. 
King, Sam'l, machinist, Buff, car wheel works. 
King, Susan, 452 Mich. 
King, Walter, lumber dealer, cor. Mich, and 

Elk.b. J. Horton. 
King & Harrington, dry goods, 318 Main, Am. 

King, Wm. firm K. & Harrington, h. 15 Court. 
King, Wm. cabinet maker, Staats, h. Sycam. 
King, Wm. ship carpenter, b. J. German. 
King.Wra. jr. druggist, 249 Main, b. 21 S. Div. 
King, Wm. S. with A. Bunnell, h. 15 Court. 
King, Zilpha, widow, b. L. P. Hannibal. 
Kingman, Capt. Amasa T. 515 Main. 
Kingsbury, Edwin S. firm Shiels & K. 

Kingsley, Alban S. rnelodeon maker, 

Kingsley, Silas, 81 Franklin. 
Kingsley, Vine W. att'y, 164 Main, b 

Kingsley, Lura Ann, widow, nurse, cor. Ala. 

and Perry. 
Kingsley, Robert M. machinist, b. 134 E. Sen. 
Kingston, Geo. painter, 15 Mohawk, h. Hud- 
son n. Ninth. 
Kinius, Henry, joiner, h. Gray ah. Batavia. 
Kink, Geo. lab h. Cherry n. Mich. 
Kink, Fied'k, lab. h. over Fred'k Pfau's. 
Kinkeard, Dennis, h. cor. Scott and Wash. 
Kinrauth, Nelson, printer, 156j^ Main, b. 2 

Kinuaue, Jno. truckman, h.FoIsombel. Kinney. 
Kinne, Henry M. firm Niles & K. h. 196 Pearl. 
Kinne, Wm. H. clerk Julius Walker. 
Kinnear, Sylvester, blacksmith, h. Park n. Va. 
Kinuear, Wm. ship smith, h. Mariner n. Va. 
Kinner, John, 191 Cherry. 
Kinney, Elizabeth, widow of Dr. P. 79 Chip. 
Kinney, Jerry, alley r. 34 N. Division. 
Kinney & Comstock, dealers in slate, with 

Manu, Vail & Co. 
Kinney, Ezra D. firm K. & Comstock, h. rear 

191 Delaware. 
Kinney, Mrs. widow, saloon, Canal n. Evans. 
Kinney, Pat. stone mason, h. 5th n. Carolina. 
Kinuey, John P., C. R. R. shop. 
Kinyon, Geo. W. M. brakeman, h. Green near 

Kinsky, Balser, mason, h. 40 Del. Place. 
Kinzky, Peter, with J. Sauer. 
Kinzky, Geo. mason, h. 199 Franklin. 

b. J. 

h. 8 

21 S. 

Kinzel, Christian, with Elson <fe Jones, b. cor. 

Clinton and Cedar. 
Kip, Henry, jr. sup't U. S. Exp. Co. h.270 P'rl. 
Kiiby, Thomas, shoemaker, h 12th n. Vt. 
Kirby, Dennis T. clerk, 142 Main. 
Kiicher, Henry J. lab. h. Spring n. Sycamore. 
Kircbgaesner, John, Hollister n. Spring. 
Kircbgaesner, Joseph, lab. h. Hollister near 

Kirchgaessner, John, blacksmith, h. Batavia 

cor. Pine. 
Kirch gasser, Casper, tailor, h. cor. Sycamore 

and Walnut. 
Kirchgasser, Matthias, tailor, h. cor. Sycamore 

and Walnut. 
Kirchmaier, Lorenz, blacksmith, h. Goodell n. 

Kirchmeier, John, J. Sage & Sons, h. rear 405 

Kirchner, Geo. shoemaker, h. Boston n. Va. 
Kirk, Mrs. Ann, seamstress, 181 Swan. 
Kirk, Thomas, butcher, h. 218 Elk. 
Kirk, John, upholsterer, 233 Main, h. 116 East 

Kirkland, John, clerk, Dart & Bros. h. La. n. 

Kirkover, Louis, sr. brickmaker, h. Seneca, 

Kirkover, Oliver, jr.- b. T. Ritter, Hydraulics. 
Kirkover, Oliver, sr. North Canal, Hydraulics. 
Kirkpatrick, Jos. for'g mer. Long Wharf, foot 

of Com'l, h. 127 N. Division. 
Kiin, Anth'ny, cabinet mak'r, h. 42 Del. Place. 
Kirsch, Emanuel, grocer, cor. Seneca & Mich. 
Kirsch, Peter, clerk, cor. Seneca and Mich. 
Kirsch, Fred A. tailor, h. Hickory n. Wm. 
Kirsch, Mrs. nurse, Batavia n. Bennett. 
Kirsch, John, lab. h. Batavia n. Bennett. 
Kirschner, Elizabeth, Walnut n. Sycamore. 
Kirschoff, Jos. with J. M. Griffith & Co. 
Kirscht, August, shoemaker, h. Spring n. 

Kirstan, Christian, clerk, Pratt & Co. h. 94 

Kirval, Henry, joiner, Eaton's planing mill. 
Kirvin, Philip, hackman, h. Elk n. Hay ward. 
Kirwin, Philip, lab. h. Elk ab. Ala. 
Kisel, Philip J., Spring cor. Swan. 
Kisker, Adam, joiner, h. Hickory n. Sycamore. 
Kissock, David, Canada telegraph office, h. 91 

Kisster, Geo. with N. Case & Co. 
Kilching, John C. builder, h. 143 Ellicott, 
Kitson, Joseph, joiner, h.Fu'tou n. Hamburgh. 
Kittle, Robert, civil engineer, h. 324 S. Div. 
KITTLE, SAMUEL P., inventor, over 209 

Main, h. 315 Mich.— &?c adv. p. 82. 
Kittle, John, b.T. Cotter. 
Kittler, Mary.wid. of John, Eagle ab. Pollard. 
Kilzner, Peter, Buff. S. E. Works. 
Ivivill, John, miller, h. 151 E. Seneca. 
Klaes, Jacob, 128 Sycamore. 
Klaiber, George, teamster, b. 83 Wash. 
Klar, Frank, lab. h. Walnut n. Sycamore. 
Klas, Peter, drover, h. N. Div. n. Pollard. 
Klas, Philip, teamster, h. 153 N. Div. 
Klauk, Peter, lab. Eagle Furnace. 
Klauk, Dorothea, widow of John, 73 Sycamore. 



Klauk, Augustus, clerk, 53 Maiu, h. 73 Syca. 
Kleber, Louis, piano maker, with Keogh & Co. 

h. cor. Genesee and Elm. 
Klee, Jolm F. shoemaker, 22 Main. 
Klee, Coustantine, shoemaker, J. F. Klee. 
Klee, Win. lab. h. Clinton n. Walnut. 
Klee, Joseph, lab. h. Monroe ab. Batavia. 
Klee, Fred, shoemaker, 4 Ohio. 
Klee, Joseph, with E. & R. Holmes. 
Kleiner, Margaret, 158 Sycamore. 
Klein, August, 550 Mich. 
Klein, Charles C. painter, h. 39 Spruce. 
Klein, Chas. E. grocer, cor. Goodell and Mich. 
Klein, Daniel, lab. h. 66 Cherry. 
Klein, Francis, tailor, h. Mulberry n. High. 
Klein, George, clerk, P. Beyer, b. same. 
Klein, GodiYiea, sr., 482 Mich. 
Klein, Dobinsou & Co. pump and block makers, 

cor. Water and Norton. 
Klein, Hawley, firm K., Dobinson & Co. b. 27 

Klein, Henry, lab. h. cor. Oak and Genesee. 
Klein, Herman, wagon maker, b. J. Graling. 
Klein, Jacob, turner, 134 Oak. , 
Klein, Jacob, shoemaker, 242 Main. 
Klein, Jacob, lab. h. German n. Genesee. 
Klein, Jacob, cooper, h. Elm n. Genesee. 
Klein, John, Batavia n. Walnut. 
Klein, John P. shoemaker, 15 Main, h. same. 
Kleiu, Johu, upholsterer, over 213 Main, h. 

Kiein, John, with Bush & Howard. 
Klein, John, tailor, h. Monroe n. Batavia. 
Kiein, Leouhard, shoemaker, h. Spruce below 

Klein, Louis, saloon, Long Wharf. 
Klein, Mrs. Mary, 451 Mich. 
Klein, .Nicholas, with Smith & Brothers. 
Klein, Paul, Pratt n. Sycamore. 
Kiein, Bhilip, warehouseman, h. Goodell cor. 

Kiein, Philip G., cor. Vt. and 13th. 
Klein, Polly, widow of Matthew, 27 Seventh. 
Kiein, Theobold, Mulberry n. Goodell. 
Kleiu nans, Peter, shoemaker, 387 Main, h. 

Camp n. Genesee. , 

Kleinliaiis, Christian, shoemaker, h. Kane near 

Kleinknecht, Samuel, at Eagle Furnace. 
Klein man, Henry, joiner, h. 110 Pine. 
Kleiuschraidt, Margaret, Davis n. Genesee. 
Klein.-teuber, Henry, Fulton n. Chicago. 
Kleitz, Geo, book-keeper, 282 Main, h. 401 

Klein, Andrew, grocer, Monroe n. Wm. 
Klenim, Nicholas, lab. h. Cherry n. Mich. 
Kleinm, Henry, 1(16 Elm. 
Klemp, John, shoemaker, 20 S. Division, b. 

Sycamore opp. l'ine. 
Kkuk, David, lab. h. 101 Batavia. 
Klepeer, Geo. merchant, cor. Niag. and Ham- 

Kliber, George, 131 Ellicott. 
Kuber, James, at Eagle Furnace. 
K:it t, Joseph, shoemaker, h. Mich. n. Goodell. 
Klicr, Andrew, lnl>. h. Hickory n. Genesee. 
Klier, Justin, lab. h. Pine n. William. 
Kline, Hiram, at Whitcomb't livery stable. 

Klingebiel, Wm. lab. h. Adams n. Genefee. 
Klingbammer, Johu, brewer, h. Rous' alley n. 

Kliugler, Alex, mason, h. Bennett «. Batavia. 
Klink, Christian, butcher, h. 179 Ellicott. 
Klink, Tobias, bricklayer, h. 179 E. Genesee. 
Klinkhammer & Kamper, liquor store, 53 Ex. 
Klinkhammer, Clemens, firm K. & Kamper, h. 

184 Oak. 
Kloer, Fred, with Jacob Roos. 
Klotz, Michael J., Niag. north of Amherst. 
Kluber, Columban, tailor, h. Bennett u. Batav. 
Kluepfel, Casper, lab. h. Mulberry n. Carlton. 
King, Joseph, stonecutter, h. Mich. n. Tupper. 
Klusman, Henry, hotel keeper, Ex. n. Mich. 
Knahn, Michael, tailor, Walnut n. Sycamore. 
KNAPP & GILLET, alcohol distillers, 18 

Lloyd, n. Prime. — See adv. p. 59. 
Knapp, Lyman, firm K. & Giilet, h. 89 N^ Div. 
Kuapp, Stephen L. carpenter, h. 253 E. Sen. 
Knapp, Joseph, lab. h. Mulberry n. Goodell. 
Knapp, Nicholas, Buff. S. E. Works. 
Knapp, Joseph, with Jewett & Root. 
Knapp, Nicholas, painter, h. 554 Mich. 
Knapp Jacob, bricklayer, h. Mulberry near 

Knapp, James G. clerk, b. Beunet Temperance 

Knapp, G. A. oculist, 140 Main, h. Walden n. 

Knapp, Sarah, widow, Perry n. Hay ward. 
Knapp, Peter, with Jewett & Root. 
Knauber, Conrad, painter, H. G. White. 
Knecht, Adam, teamster, h. Camp u. Gen. 
Knecht, Jacob, lab. h. Spring n. Genesee. 
Knecht, George, Watson n. William. 
Kneeland, Elisha Y. furnace builder, h. 36 

Kneeland, C. F. b. 36 Clinton. 
Kneidel, Matthias, butcher, Bullymore <fe 

Langdon, h. Maple n. Goodell. 
Knell, Louis, boiler maker, b. Batavia n. Wal- 
Knell, Peter, carp. h. German n. Genesee. 
Knerr, Leouhard, lab. h. Pine u. Batavia. 
Knese, John, h. 442 Michigan. 
Knetsch, August, tailor, h. Batavia n. Hickory 
Kney, George, tailor, 130 Elm. 
Knickerbocker, Mary Ann, Carroll n. La. 
Knight, Caleb, joiner, h. Sixth n. Hudson. 
Knight, Argustus F. joiuer, b. Gen. House. 
Knight, Wm. at gas works, h. 77 Jackson. 
Knight, Willard M. daguerreau artist, over 238 

Knippel, George, shoemaker, h. 450 Mich. 
Knippel, Adam, tailor, h. 420 Michigan. 
Knobloch, Charles, shoemaker, h. Benuett bel 

Knobloch, John, shoemaker, J. F. Klee. 
Knobloch, Jacob, lab. h. Monroe n. Peckham 
Rood el, widow of Louis, milliner, h. 480 

Knoell. Jacob, ship carp. h. Bennett n. Wm." 
Knolhoff, Louis, at gas works, h. 185 N. Div. 
Knoll, Christian, tailor, h. Roos' alley n. Wm 
Knorle, Christian, teamster, h. 38 i el. Place. 
Knorr, Wm. boiler maker, h. 198 E. Gen. 
Kuorr, Fred. lab. h. Swan n. It. R. 



Knorr, Charles, cor. Jefferson and Batavia. 
Knouber, Stephen, shoemaker, Batavia n. 

Knower, Timothy, on lake, h. Smith's Block, 

Knowles, Daniel, at cotton factory. 
Knowlton, Thomas, N". Y. carriage store, h. 62 

Knowlton, Charles, book-keeper, b. 11 Oak. 
Knox, Rebecca, widow of James, 43 W. Tup- 

Knox, Eli B. lumber dealer, h. 29 Niag. 
Knox, Pat. Fulton n. Chicago. 
Knox, John, joiner, cor. 1ST. Division and Gros- 

Kobbers, Marin, pedler, h. cor. Pine and fra. 
Kobo, Frederica, widow, 190 Elm. 
Koch, John, grocer, Genesee cor. Walnut. 
Koch, Jacob, tinsmith, h. 76 Bennett. 
Koch, John P. dry goods, cor. Ash and Bata- 
Koch, John, 111 Pine. 
Koch, Frank, clerk, 215 Main, h. 521 Wash. 
Koch, Henry, carpenter, h. 545 Michigan. 
Koch, Martin, joiner, h. cor. Clinton and 

Koch, Harry, Mich. n. Goodell. 
Koch, Joseph, tailor, h. Oak ab. Goodell. 
Koch, Jacob, baker, 116 E. Genesee. 
Koch, John, shoemaker, h. 333 Elm. 
Koch, Adolphus, clerk, 187 Main. 
Koch, Jacob, mason, h. Adams n. Genesee. 
Koch, Francisca, nurse, Adams n„ Genesee. 
Koebel, Geo. lab. h. Fox n. Genesee. 
Koehler, John, harness maker, 403 Main. 
Koehler, Peter, joiner, h. Cherry ab. Jefferson. 
Koehler, Mrs. widow of Ernst, Hickory n. 

Koehler, Franz, baker, Batavia bel. Pine. 
Koehler, Charles, painter, N. Wilgus & Son. 
Koehler, Christian, tailor, h. cor. Batavia and 

Koehler. Adam, baker, h. cor. Cherry and Jef- 
Koelsch, Peter, 129 Elm. 

Koenig, Joseph, blacksmith, h. Ash n. Batavia. 
Koenig, Christian, grocer, h. 331 E. Genesee. 
Koenig, Charles F., Beak cor. Green. 
Koenig, Henry, Hickory n. Genesee. 
Koenig, John, with S. Shepard. 
Koenig, Geo. tanner, h. cor. Clinton and Cedar. 
Koenig, Wm. blacksmith, h. Ash n. Sycamore. 
Koenig, John, shoemaker, h. Hickory n. Gen. 
Koenning, Henry, carpenter, h. 45 Bennett. 
Koeppel, John, boarding house, 25 Canal. 
Koeppel, Sebastian, lab. h. Adams n. Sycam. 
Koeppen, August, cabinet maker, h. Goodell n. 

Burton Alley. 
Koerbe, Michael, lab. h. Monroe n. Sycamore. 
Koerber, John, mason, h. Adams n. Sycamore. 
Koerker, Henry, mason, h. cor. Jefferson and 

Koh, Mrs. widow, cor. Court and the canal. 
Kohl, Adam, blacksmith, Pratt n. Genesee. 
Kohlbrenner, Ferdinand, joiner, h. Mulberry 

n. Goodell. 
Kohle, Baldas, joiner, h. Hickory n. Genesee. 
Kohler, Michael, h. Boston Alley. 

Kohler, Christian, tailor, h. Lutheran. 

Kohlpacker, Adam, with W. Wilgus & Son. 

Kohn, Simon, painter, h. Pine opp. Cypress. 

Kohn, Geo. shoemaker, 72 E. Tupper. 

Kohn, John, lab. h. Spring n. Sycamore. 

Kolb, G. M. & Co. saddlers, 117 Main. 

Kolb, Jacob, firm G. M. K. & Co. h. 175 Oak 
n. Genesee. 

Kolb, George M. firm G. M. K. & Co. h. 355 

Kolb, Geo. & Co. harness makers, 335 Main. 

Kolb, Louis, turner, Spruce n. Sycamore. 

Kolb, Edward, lab. h. Genesee n. Gray. 

Kolk, Frederick, cigar maker, h. 501 Mich. 

Kolkmeier, Henry, bricklayer, h. 112 Pine. 

Kollajik, Matthias, cor. Main and Burton Alley. 

Kollatz, Charles, tailor, h. Maple n. High. 

Kollner, August, 233 Main. 

Koller, John, joiner, h. Adams n. Batavia. 

Kollmeier, Stephen, lab. h. Genesee n. Gray. 

Kolzer, Geo. lab. h. Johnson n. High. 

Konzler, Conrad, lab. h. 94 Cedar. 

Koon, Spencer, with S. Dudley & Sons. 

Koon, Philip, 1 Blossom. 

Koons, Jacob H. 3 Huron. 

Koph, John, cooper, h. East n. Amherst. 

Kopp, Wm. bricklayer, h. Gen. n. Hickory. 

Korfman, Ludwig, joiner, h. Eagle n. Hickory. 

Korn, Peter, blacksmith, with Jacob Bart. 

Korn, Joseph, recess, 3 Water. 

Korn, Philip, shoemaker, h. Ex. bel. Pollard. 

Korn, Charles, shoemaker, 77 East Genesee. 

Korn, John, lab. h. Locust n. Cherry. 

Korparn, Ransom, surveyor, h. 40 Goodell. 

Kortilius, John, pedler, h. 422 Mich. 

Kortz, John, firm W. B. Bishop & Co. b. 41 S. 

Kortz, Henry, with N. Case & Co. 

Koshlert, Geo. lab. h. Watson n. Batavia. 

Koschofsky, August, joiner, h. Hickory n. Ba- 

Kossuth Lodge, cor. Genesee and Ellicott. 

Koster, Eliza, widow, 50 N. Division. 

Koul, Charles, cooper, h. Seneca n. junction 

Kraemer, Mattis, lab. h. Ex. n. brickyard. 

Kraemer, John, lab. h. r. 45 Bennett. 

Krafert, Jacob, gardener, h. 161 Cherry. 

Krafft, Frederick, Wm. grocer, Genesee be- 
yond Hickory. 

Kraft, Anton, joiner, h. Ellicott n. Goodell. 

Kraft & Gray, coffin makers and undertakers, 
23 East Huron. 

Kraft, Francis J. firm K. & Gray, h. 29 East 

Kraft, Joseph, firm K. & Gray, h. 29 East Hu- 

Kraft, Henry, 344 Main, b. 61 Sycamore. 

Kraft, Henry T. lab. h. 24 Del. Place. 

Kragot, Geo. with Howard <fc Co. 

Kram, George, cabinet maker, h. 39 Spruce. 

Kramer, Henry, lab. Eaton's planing mill. 

Kramer, George, shoemaker, h. 556 Mich. 

Kramer, John, pedler, 126 Pine. 

Kramer, Leonard, shoemaker, h. Pine n. Cy- 

Kramer, Mattis, tailor, h. 36 Bennett. 

Kramer. Peter, sr. mason, h. 410 Mich. 



Kramer, Philip, German Alley. 

Kramer, Adam, mason, h. cor. Spruce and 

Krames, John S. tailor, b. Smith's hotel, Mich. 
Kramp, John, cap maker, 140 Main. 
Krannepull, Gottlieb, upholsterer, b. L. Sprick- 

Krannigfield, John A., blacksmith, h. 45 Del. 

Kranz, John M. shoemaker, Canal n. Erie. 
Kranz, Charles, sailor, h. Wm. n. Bennett. 
Kranz, Charles, grocer, Seneca, Hydraulics. 
Kraper, Fred. lab. h. Ex. n. Van Rensselaer. 
Krapp, Fred, painter, h. Clinton cor. Walnut. 
Kratzert, Geo. watchman, h. Cherry n. Spruce. 
Krauff, Jacob, Hamilton n. East. 
Krauff, Joseph, b. Anthony Roeder. 
Kraus, Balthaser, lab. h. Spring n. Batavia. 
Kraus, John, lab. h. Adams n. Genesee. 
Kraus, John, sr. tailor, 581 Main. 
Kraus, John, jr. tailor, h. 577 Wash. 
Krause, Emily, widow, cor. Main and Milnor. 
Krause, Chas. H. at Merchant's Dispatch office, 

h. 235 E. Swan. 
Krauskopf, John, blacksmith, h. 22 William. 
Krauss, William, barber, Com'l Hotel Block, 

h. 495 Wash. 
Krauss, Fred, tailor, 27 Main. 
Krauss, Henry, tinsmith, h. Mich. n. Goodell. 
Krausskopf, Wm. professor of music, h. over 

428 Main. 
Krebs, John, lab. h. Eagle bel. Spring. 
Krebs, Henry, tailor, h. Goodell n. Wash. 
Krech, Charles, tinsmith, h. Main ab. Burton 

Krech, Fred, tinsmith, 207 Main. 
Krefft, Frederica, widow, 135 Oak. 
Kreher, Adam, shoemaker, Spruce n. Genesee. 
Kreif, John, wagon maker, h. 151 Oak. 
Kreier, Cristoph, mason, h. Cedar n. Batavia. 
Krein, Joseph, printer, h. Watson n. William. 
Krein, Christian, pedler, h. Watson n. Wm. 
Kreiner, Geo. shoemaker, 98 Ex. h. Folsom n. 

Kreinheder, Job H. joiner, h. Gray ab. Bat. 
Kreinheder, Henry, lab. h. Gray ab. Batavia. 
Kreis, Mrs. George, Cold Spring. 
Kreis, George, baker, cor Elk and Miss. 
Kreisel, George, blacksmith, h. Spruce n. Syc. 
Kreitner, Fred, blacksmith, h. Boston. 
Kremlin Hall, junction Niagara and W. Eagle. 
Kremstedt, Henry, lab. h. Van Rensselaer n. 

Krenkel, Fred, carpenter, h. Bennett n. Bat.- 
Kress, Fred'k, grocer, cor. Ellicott and Carlton. 
Kretter, George, brick maker, h. Mulberry ab. 

Krcttner, Jacob, ins. agent and notary public, 

281 Main, h. same. 
Krctz, Michael, tailor, Oak n. Goodell. 
Kretzbarg, Fidele, miller, h. East cor. Am- 

Kreutzbindcr, , Batavia n. Walnut, 

Krieg, Beueventura, shoemaker, h. Batavia n. 

Krieg, Philip, tailor, h. 222 Elm. 
Kriegbaum, Philip, shoemaker, h. Pratt n. 


Kriegelsteiner, Wolfgang, shoemaker, h. 3 

Krieger, Michael, cabinet store, 218 E. Gen. 

Kroeber, , joiner, h. Kane n. Genesee. 

Kroeher, Jacob, h. Gray bel. Genesee. 
Kroher, Geo. mason, h. Elm n. Burton alley. 
Kroler, Bernard, Dearborn n. Hamilton. 
Kroll, Christian, cutter, Gothic Hall, h. Jefferj 

son n. Clinton. 
Kroll, John, tailor, 161 Cherry. 
Krollman, John, cabinet maker, h. Bennett i 

Krollmer, N". with G. A. Prince & Co. 
Krombein, Louis, m. n. Genesee n. Hickorv. 
Kropp, William, h. 168 Elm. 
Krueger, Frederick, tailor, h. Goodell n. Maphj 
Krueger, John F. W. hardware, 23 E. Genese< 

h. 35 Sycamore. 
Krueger, August, blacksmith, h. Hickory l 

Krueger, Conrad, mason, 348 E. Genesee. 
Krueger, Ferdinand, h. 35 Sycamore. 
Krueger, Paul, lab. h. Gray n. Batavia. 
Krueger, Henry, carpeuter, h. Pine n. Batavi 
Krueger, Christian, lab. h.Mich. cor. Chern 
Krueger, August, shoemaker, h. Ketchum : 

Krueger, Frederick, cigar maker, h. 18 Cherr 
Krug, Gottiob, cooper, 468 Michigan. 
Krull, Charles, joiner, h. Jefferson n. Williai 
Krumholz, Ferdinand, lab. 287 Oak. 
Krupp, Mrs. widow. Bennett n. Batavia. 
Krapp, Geo. clerk, E. K. Bruce, h. Bennett' 

Krutzelman, Fred, cigar maker, 55 Ex. h 

Krupp, Adam, clerk, 366 Main, h. 8 Benuet 
Kruppel, Christian, tanner, h. Ex. n. V 

Kuatlander, John, lab. h. Hydraulic n. Sene 
Kuchler, Mary, widow of Michael, 578 Was! 
Kucherson, John, cor. Franklin and Court. 
Kuchler, Mrs. widow of Adam, 112 Batavia 
Kuehn, Michael, Sycamore n. Pratt. 
Kuehn, William, cabinet maker, h. Cypress 

Kuehnemund, Frederick, plasterer, h. Spri 

bel. Sycamore. 
Kuempel, Louis, cabinet maker, h. Pratt 

Kuenhle, John G. joiner, h. Elm n. Goodell 
Kugler, Andrew, lab. h. Walnut n. Batavia 
Kugler, Harriet, widow, h. Seneca, Hydrauli 
Kugler, Wm. shoemaker, h. Bennett n. Bat 
Kuhn, Abraham, lab. h. Adams n. Batavia. 
Kuhn, Francis, grocer, Goodell cor. Good 

Kuhn, Fred'k, cabinet maker, 233 Main 
Kuhn, Conrad, Locust n. Cherry. 
Kuhu, John, tinsmith, h. 102 Batavia. 
Kuhn, Henry, on the lake, h. Pratt n. Batav 
Kuhnle, Alois, saddler, h. Hickory n. Batav 
Kuhnsdoff, Anthon, with John Cook. 
Kuicha, Francis, tailor, 572 Main. 
Kull, Frederick, grocer, Dock, n. foot Com' 
Kuiblcr, Fred, butcher, cor. Gen. and Spru 
Kummer, John, lab. h. 564 Michigan. 
Kumpf, Louis, wagon maker, b. Pet. Schma 





,: ' : n 



Kumpf, f-eo. lab. b. Kane n. Sycamore. 

Kumpf, Geo. 2d, lab. h. Kane n. Sycamore. 

Kumpf, Peter, boilermaker, Kane n. Sycara. 

Kunze, Gregor, joiner, h. Goodell Alley. 

Kunzmann, Philip, in lead factory, h. Gray n, 

Kurdc, Julia, widow of David, h. 72 Oak. 

Kurtt, Fred, shoemaker, h. Maple n. Cherry. 

Kurtz, Crawford, with Seymour & Wells. 

Kurtz, Milton, b. Jeremiah Allen. 

Kurtz, Henry, tanner, h. Pratt n. Wm, 

Kurtz, Reinhard, clerk, 260 E. Seneca. 

Kurtz, Nicholas, Mulberry n. Goodell. 

Kurtz, Henry, grocer, Batavia cor. Madison. 

Kurtzwart, John, Hickory n. Sycamore. 

Kurtzwart, Baptist, bricklayer, h. Elm n. Goo- 

Kurtzwart, Francis, joiner, h. Boston. 

Kuster, Joseph, butcher, cor. Canal and Mai- 
den Lane. 

Kuster, Godfried, 372 Michigan. 

Kutten, Michael, C. R. R. shop. 

Kyle, Wm. coppersmith, b. 200 Washington. 

Kyle, Capt Wm. boarding house, 200 Wash. 

Kynock, John, insurance agent, Mer. Ex. h. 70 

Kynock, Wm. clerk, Davis, Sutton & Co., b. 
70 Pearl. 


Labby, Joseph, with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 

Lachner, Geo. joiner, h. Main n. Goodell. 

Lachner, Francis, mason, h. Gray n. Genesee. 

Lachs, Matthias, clerk, h. Clinton n. Pine. 

Lacy, Joseph, at Vulcan foundry. 
jLacy, James G. machinist, h. 5th n. Carolina. 

Lacy, John T. cashier Amer. Ex. Co., h. 252 
E. Seneca. 

Lacy, Edgar D. clerk, Araer. Ex. Co., b. Capt. 

Lacy, Miss Susan, b. 252 E. Seneca. 

Ladd, Chas. W. hat and bonnet bleacher, 194 

Ladd, James S. clerk, 176 Main, b. 1. Del. 

Ladd, Edward W. warehouseman, Mann, Vail 
1 & Co. h. North, west of Delaware. 
ItLaduke, Jerry, caulker, h. across the creek. 
I La Fayette Bell and Brass Foundry, Ohio n. 
I] Washington. 
IjLa Fayette saloon, 279 Main. 
||La Fever, James, with F. Mount. 
ILa Flam, J., Scott n. tannery. 
[La Flam, Jos., boarding house, Ohio n. Basin. 
IfiLafort, Bonaventure, grocer, Syc. n. Spruce. 

La Fort, B. cabinet maker, 233 Main. 

La Hart, Wm. lab. h. Folsom bel. Kinney, 

Laher, Daniel, waiter, Mansion. 

Lahey, Patrick, Ohio n. La. 

Laible, Christopher, sr. farmer, h. Cornelius n. 

I Military Road. 

I Laible, Nicholas, Niagara n. Amherst. 

[Laible, Christopher, jr. grocer, cor. Tonawan- 

I da and Amherst. 

fLaidlaw & Allen, brass founders, over 111 

jLaidlaw, John, firm L. & Allen, h. 51 Ellicott. 

Laing, Jacob, firm Comstock & Laing, 21 Main, 

h. cor. 7th and Carolina. 
Laing, Daniel, 71 Main, h. 263 E. Swan. 
Laing, A. grocer, 71 Main, h. cor. Mass. and 

Lake, Samuel, sec'y Erie Co. Far. Mut. Insur. 

Co. 156^ Main, h 253 Franklin. 
Lake, John G., cor. Canal and Com'l, h. 324 

Lake Ontario Steamboat Office, Erie near the 

Lake, Anna, widow, 175 Delaware. 
Lake, Charles, Mich. C. R. R. wharf, b. Mrs. 

Laker, Daniel, waiter, Mansion, h. 90 Frankl. 
Lalley, John, lab. h. Perry n. Miss. 
Lally, B. W., b. Phoenix hotel. 
Lama, Margaret, widow, cor. Perry and Miss. 
LAMB, HENRY, butcher, 99 Main.— See adv. 

p. 38. 
Lamb, Thomas, firm Lamb <fc Gregory, h. 172 

E. Swan. 
Lamb & Gregory, butchers, Ex. n. Wash. 
Lamb, Mrs. cor. Court and Georgia. 
Lamb, Wm. waiter, U. S. hotel. 
Lamber, Geo. with N. Case & Co. 
Lambert, Geo. tanner, b. Jacob Sickenger. 
Lambert, James, Van Slyke's boatyard. 
Lambert, Wm. Van Slyke's boatyard. 
Lambert, Lewis, painter, b. 84 Carroll. 
Lambert, Thos. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Lamberton, Wm. clerk, State Line R. R. office, 

b. 117 Carroll. 
Lambrex, Henry, plasterer, h. Franklin above 

Lambrex, Lorentz, plasterer, h. 538 Michigan. 
Lamerce, Frank, tanner, h. Bennett bel. Bataw 
Lamphere, Joseph, teamster, h. cor. Thompson 

and Hamilton. 
Lamphier, Thomas, joiner, h. 10th n. Carolina. 
Lamphier, Charles, book-keeper, H. G. White, 

h. 7th ab. Hudson. 
Lamphier, H. H. melodeon maker, George A. 

Prince & Co. h. 178 Niagara. 
Lampman, Warren, firm C. C. Leonard & Co. 

h. 16 Perry. 
Lamy, Peter, clothier, 160 E. Genesee. 
Lanahan, James, with, Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Landefeld, Charles, shoemaker, h. Clinton n. 

Lander, James, foreman, 133 Main, h. 3 Sixth. 
Lander, Wm. P. Delaware n. Louis. 
Landers, John, painter, h. 31 Sycamore. 
Landgraf, John, lab. h. Monroe n. Sycamore. 
Landon, Isabella, dressmaker, b. 442 Main. 
Landon, Henry, machinist, J. A. Pitts, h. 150 

Landsheft, Wm. with W. F. Beaman, h. Ba- 
tavia n. Pine. 
Landsittel, Anthony, whitewasher, 208 East 

Landwehr, Francis, mason, h. Hickory n. Syc. 
Lane, Henry M. printer, Thomas & L"athrops. 
Lane, John, harness maker, Evans, h. Wash- 
ington n. Carroll. 
Lane, John, lab. h. Louisiana n. Ottawa. 
Lane, Timothy, lab. h. Louisiana n. Ottawa. 
Laney, Malcolm, sailor, h. over 41 Main. 



Lang, Jacob, butcher, h. Batavia opp. St. Ma- 
ry's church. 

Lang, Francis, tailor, Bennett n. "William. 

Lang, Michael, lab. h. Pine n. William. 

Lang, Thomas, grocer, cor. Md. and 10th. 

Lang, Christian, Batavia n. Oak. 

Lang, Adam, tailor, h. Sycamore cor. Walnut. 

Lang, Daniel, joiner, G. A. Prince & Co. h. 
Cedar r. William. 

Lang, Joseph, lab. h. Gray n. Genesee. 

Lang, Jacob, mason, h. Cherry n. Spruce. 

Lang, Henry, wagon maker, h. Oak. 

Lang, Michael, tool maker, cor. Batavia and 

Lang, Geo., 151 Oak. 

Lang, Christian, stone cutter, h. 489 Wash. 

•Lang, Christian, Clinton cor. Pratt. 

Lang, Henry, -wagon maker, h. Clinton n. 

Lang, Fred., Hickory n. Genesee. 

Lang & Gittleman,tool makers, 139 Batavia. 

Lang, John, carp. h. Spring n. Sycamore. 

Lauganhadir, Herman, joiner, h. Steuben n. 

Langdon, Geo. P. firm Bully more & L. b. 

Langdon, Mrs. John, widow 53 E. Seneca. 

Langdon, Geo. W. blacksmith, Ohio n. Michi- 
gan, h. Carroll u. Chicago. 

Langdon, Geo., Buff. S. E. Works. 

Lange, Charles, Elm cor. Batavia. 

Lange, James, C. R. R. shop. 

Lauge, Ernst A. lab. h. 9 Vine alley. 

Lange, Wm. tanner, h. S. Division n. R. R. 

Lange, Wm. shoemaker, h. 172 Ellicott. 

Langemeyer, Magdalene, widow of Francis, 
99 Oak. 

Langenbach, Gottlob, with Pratt & Letch- 
worth, h. Hickory n. Cherry. 

Langenbach, David, shoemak'r, 188 E. Seneca. 

Langenbach, John, lab. h. cor. S. Division and 

Langenfield, John IS", shoemaker, Camp n. 

Langheuer, Andrew, mason, h. Adams n. Ba- 

Langkis, John, lab. h. Monroe cor. Sycara. 

Langlots, Andrew, with Morgan Wright. 

Langroff, Geo. tanner, h. Seneca, Hydraulics. 

Lauier, Michael, with Jewett cfe Root. 

Laukas, Michael, lab. h. Adams n. Batavia. 

Lanman, Wm. sailor, b. Thomas Clark. 

Lannan, Pat., Mackinaw n. Chicago. 

Lannau, Thos. at water works, h. Fifth n. 

Lannan, Patrick, bricklayer, h. Oak n. High. 

Lannau, Thomas, moulder, h. Walnut n. Ba- 

Lanphear, II i ram H. melodeon maker, G. A. 
Prince <fc Co. h. 178 Niag. 

Lanse, Fred, tailor, h. Spruce n. Sycamore. 

Lansing, Garrett, at Jewett & Root's foundry, 
h. cor. S. Division and Pine. 

Lansing, Blocker, O. Lee & Co's Bank, b. H. 
L. Lansing. 

Lansing, Garrett, with Jewett & Root. 

Lansing, Henry L. pros. 0. Lee & Co's Bank, 
h. cor. Del. and Johnson Place. 

Lansing, Stephen, with Jewett & Root. 
Lanyon, John, carp. h. 14th n. York. 
Lapham, Edna, teacher, b. 70 Delaware. 
Lapham, Otis, ins. agent, over 236 Main 

291 Wash. 
Lapp, Jacob, grocer, 3 Mart, Ohio, h. 112 I 
Lapp, Martin, printer, Republic office, h.J 

Lapp, Christian, att'y at law, 98 Oak. 
Lapp, Isaac, miller, h. Niag. S.. of Ambers! 
Lappin, Robert, boarding house, La. cor. C j 
Lapsley, George, printer, Courier, h. I 


Larkin, , joiner, h. Carroll bel. La 

Larkin, John, frame maker, h. 37 Cedar. 
Larkin, Thomas, Carolina n. Ninth. 
Larkin, Mrs. widow of Levi H, Elm n. 
Larkin, Ellen, widow, 6th n. Hudson. 
Larkin, Catharine, widow, 12 Miss. 
Larkins, Philip, lab. h. Fifth n. Court. 
Larned, Josephus N. book-keeper, I 

Sternberg & Co. b. S. Z. Haven. 
Earner, John, lab. h. 119 N. Division. 
Larock, Armstrong, Van Slyke's boat ya:i 
Larock, James, Van Slyke's boat yard. I 
Larreau, L. D. clerk, 194 Main, b. R. R. ij.e! 
Larreau, Oliver, engineer, b. J. Leplent 


Hotel, at Eastern R. R. depot, Ex.— Se 

p. 85. 

Larreau, Christian, Matthews n. Mortime 
Lary, James, lab. h. 37 Blossom. 
Lary, John, with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Lasher, John E. h. 31 Elm. 
Lassoing, Jacob, blacksmith, h. cor. CI 

and Spring. 
Lathrop, Solon H. firm Thomas & Lat 

h. Main n. North. 
Lathrop, Esther F. widow of Dennisoi| 

Lathrop, Septimus, for. com. mer. Merc 

Exchange, h. cor. Main and Walden :| 
Lathrop, John, engineer, b. Clarendon. 
Lathrop, Alfred G. clerk Bank of Attic£| 
Latimer, Wm. joiner, h. Main n. Ferry. 
Latta, E. with Howard & Co. 
Latta, Robert, firm Welsh & Latta, h. 

Latterman, August, shoemaker, h. G 

Lattice, John, lab. h. Third n. Jersey. 
Lattig, Conrad, locksmith, h. 163 Elm. 
Latz, John, lab. h. Walnut n. Sycamor 
Lau, Frederick, mason, h. Davis n. Gen 
Lauber, Geo. carp. h. 296 Elm. 
Lauch, Francis, b. cor. Batavia and Hi 
Laudan, Charles, 349 E. Genesee. 
Laudenbacker, Fred, block tin ma' 

Francis, h. 105 E. Eagle. 
Laudern, Charles, Thompson's white 1 

Lauer, Ludwig, shoemaker, h.Goodell 
Lauer, Geo. on lake, b. Henry Young. 
Lauer, Francis, h. 67 Sycamore. 
Lauer, Nicholas, shoemaker, h. Mich, r 
Lauer, Peter, lab. h. Spruce n. Sycarn 
Laughey, Larray, 237 Main. 
Laughlin, Asa, grocer, h. cor. Vt. and 



aughlin, Martin, Van Slyke's boat yard. 
Laurie, James, ship carp. h. Palmer n. Va. 

aurie, Anthony, at Howell's boat yard. 

jauser, Martin, lab. h. Adams n. Batavia. 

jauser, Win. blacksmith, b. G. Graf. 

aut, Peter, lab. h. Kane n. Sycamore. 

autenschlaeger, Fred, cook, h. Wash. n. Scott. 

autz, Wm. grocer, Jefferson n. Genesee. 

jaux, Jacob, tailor, 262 E. Genesee. 

aux, Peter, lab. h. Hinckley n. Spring. 

aux, Adam, lab. h. 170 Elm. 

aux, Elizabeth, dressmaker, Mulberry n. 


aux, John, teacher, h. cor. Wm. and Jefferson. 

averack, Wm. firm R. Hollister & Co. h. 80 
i Delaware. 

avery, Wm. J. grocer, 3G0 Main, h. same. 
'jjavery, Michael, lab. h. 6th n. Hudson. 

avictory, Stephen, b. 30 Scott, up stairs. 
! avictory, Samuel, caulker, h. 30 Scott. 
,. aviu, Mary, widow, Seneca bel. Ala. 
[avin, John, lab. h. 3d beyond Maryland. 
| avost, Thomas S. carpenter, h. Seneca n. Ala. 
ti avost, Levi, lithograph printer, R. J. Comp- 
' ton. 
!i kw, Robert, shingle maker, h. 141 Elk. 

aw, Daniel, lab. h. 23 Lloyd. 
1 iw, James, engineer, shingle factory, b. 396 
:Je. Seneca. 

iwler, Joseph, carpenter, Howard & Co. 
J iwler, Peter, Ottawa n. La. 

iwler, Robert, with Howard & Co. 

iwler, John, lab. h. Folsom cor. Chicago. 

iwless, Mrs. widow of Timothy, Cedar n. 
j | William. 

I iwless, Lawrence, moulder, b. widow Law- 
!'•■ less. 

lawless, Thos. lab. h. across the creek. 
iliwlow, Edward, mariner, h. Ala. n. Steuben. 
i wrence, Bartholomew, Kiag. n. Amherst. 
i Awrence, Frederick, clerk, 144 Main. 
ii liwrence, Wm. lab. Clinton Avenue n. ~N. 

ti iwrence, G. F. H. music teacher, 28 Huron. 
, iwrence, Joseph A. lab. h. 68 Court, 
i Iwrence, Sam'l T. joiner, b. 20 Ex. 
5) Iwrence, Michael, tinsmith, h. 89 Pine. 

Jlwrence, Abram B. 188 Main, b. 46 Court. 
Ci iiwreuce, Jeanetta, widow of Wm. H. cor. 

Pearl and Swan. 

wrence, Marshall, 33 Court. 
i,f iws, John, foreman, James A. Appelby, h. 
J 1283 Oak. 
fljuwson, Richard, boarding house, Ohio n. 111. 

i Lwson, Peter, lab. h. Pratt n. Wm. 
jjiHwson, John, tinsmith, W. A. Case. 

Ellwson, John, on lake, h. across the creek. 
nil lwson, T. with Bid well, Banta & Co. 

Jwton, Joseph R. clerk, 8 Main, b. Niagara 
,],) Temp, house.- 

fy, Frances, widow of John, 73 E. Genesee. 
|lji Charles, 232 Main, h. 168 Swan. 
, ].y, Charles, joiner, h. 21 Bristol. 

iiy, James C. m. d. office and h. Erie n. Main. 
jMy, Jonathan, with J. C. Lay. 
I • lycock, Thomas, dairyman, h. Seneca bel. 

j junction Ex. 
j| Iyer, Jacob, farmer, Military Road. 

Layton, Edward, driver, h. Eagle n. Cedar. 

Layton, Zula, widow, 57 E. Seneca. 

Layton, John M. clerk, 36 E. Seneca b. 57 E. 

Lazarus, Ephraim, clothier, 352 Main. 
Lazarus, Asias, pedler, h. 27 E. Huron. 
Lazell, Edward, 26 Miss. 
Leach, Leman R. m. d. junction Swan and 

Seneca, h. INT. Canal. 
Leacb, Geo. South n. Wiag. 
Leach, John, N. Y. C. R. R. b. Dayton house. 
Leach, Joseph, finisher, h. Elk opp. Marvin. 
Leader, John, blacksmith, h. cor. Perry and 

Leak, Wm. iron fence manuf. Main n. Chip- 
pewa, h. 48 Morgan. 
Leak, Robert N. blacksmith, with J. A. Pitts. 
Leake, Wellington J. m. d. 18 Mart, Ohio. 
Leaprick, Charles, watchmaker, 210 Main. 
Learmont, Robert, Buff. S. E. Works. 
Learmouth, Hugh, over 121 Main. 
Leary, John, ship carpenter, Bid well, Banta 

& Co. 
Leary, James, lab. h. Perry n. Illinois. 
Leary, Cornelius, ship carpenter, h. Heacock 

cor. Seneca. 
Leavenworth, A. E. law student, with D. F. 

Leavey, Michael, porter, 221 Main, h. Sixth n. 

Leavitt, James S. printer and bookbinder, 

Merchants' Ex. h. 103 E. Swan. 
Leberer, John, lajb. h. 44 Bennett. 
Lebert, Christian, cor. Mich. n. High. 
Le Clear, Lodowick, att'y and deputy Co. elk. 

b. Boston hotel. 
Le Clear, Thomas, artist, 234 Main, h. 190 

Le Compt, cook, Mansion. 
Le Conde, Louis, 364 Mich. 
Ledebur, Henry, joiner, h. Adams n. Sycam. 
Lederer, Charles, cabinet maker, 307 Main, h. 

Palmer n. Hudson. 
Lederer, Leonard, butcher, h. cor. Goodell and 

Lederle, Otto, lithographer, h. 234 Ellicott. 
Lederman, Elizabeth, Gray n. Genesee. 
Ledermann, George, shoemaker, h. Pine n. 

Ledermann, Edward, mason, h. Goodell n, 

Ledger, John, ship carpenter, h. Miami n. La. 
Lee, Uriah D. firm Lee, Abell & Co. h. 126 

Lee, Richard H. h. Niag. ab. Morgan. 
Lee, J. R. & Co. bankers, 181 Main. 
Lee, John R. firm J. R. Lee & Co. h. 113 

Lee, James H. clerk, in Post-office, b. R. H 

Lee, Abell & Co. for. and com. mer's, 47 Ohio. 
Lee & Brother, jewelers, 164 Main. 
Lee, Charles T. firm Lee & Bro. h. 23 ISTiag. 
Lee, Oliver, firm Lee & Bro. h. 83 Franklin. 
Lee, Samuel W. jr. firm Stimpson & L. b. Cla- 
Lee, Joshua H. auctioneer, 208 Main, h. 66 S, 




Lee, Cyrus P. sec. Savings Bank, h. 349 Wash. 
Lee, Robert W. engineer, b. cor. Chicago and 

Lee, Henry, ship carpenter, h. Blossom. 
Lee, Charles H. firm Lee, Abell & Co. b. 

Lee, Matthew, Buff. S. E. Works. 
Lee, Thomas, lab. h. 9th n. Hampshire. 
Lee, James, Elk n. brick yard. 
Lee, Andrew F. firm White & L. h. 91 Niag. 
Lee, Samuel, with B. B. Jones. 
L?e, Eliza, widow, cor. Evans and Water. 
Lee, George H. b. R. H. Lee. 
Leech, Jarius H. clerk, Thomas & Lathrops. 
Leech, John W. carpenter, h. Alabama opp. 

Leech, Richard, Alabama opp. Carroll. 
Leech, Joseph, with S. Shepard. 
Leeson, John, 95 E. Seneca. 
Leeuw, Jacob D. 223 Carroll. 
Lefever, Robert, h. 231 Pearl. 
Leflam, Joseph, at Howell's boat yard. 
Leggett, Alexander, C. W. Evans' elevator, h. 

Va. n. Eleventh. 
Leggett, Capt. Wm. H., Fulton n. R. R. 
Leggett, Peter, painter, h. 147 Batavia. 
Lehmann, Nicholas, shoemaker, h. 110 Sixth. 
Lehmann, Joseph, cor. Genesee and Jefferson. 
Lehmann, Joseph, shoemaker, h. Bennett n. 

Lehmann, Noah, carpenter, h* Swan n. Hy- 
Lehner, Joseph, blacksmith, h. Monroe n. Bat. 
Lehner, Michael, lab. h. Monroe n. Sycamore. 
Lehr, Yost, tailor, junction Swan and Seneca. 
Lehrmann, Frederick, lab. h. Vine Alley near 

Leib, Philip, with S. Shepard, h. Gray n. Bat. 
Leibl, Elizabeth, widow of John, 120 Mich. 
Leibold, Adam, lab. h. Hickory n. Batavia. 
Leibrock, Daniel, shoemaker, b. J. J. Zeeb. 
Leichtnam, John, h. 405 Main. 
Leis:hney, James, truckman, h. Clinton near 

Leigh ton, Edward, at New England hotel. 
Leighton, Robert, N. Wash. n. Bird Avenue. 
Leikam, Joseph, 106 Goodell. 
Leikhart, H., Niag. N. of Amherst. 
Leiuinger, B. widow of Frederick, 19 Sycam. 
Leiniuger, Charles, cor. Jefferson and German. 
Leininger, Geo. lab. h. Pratt n. Sycamore. 
Leininger, John, teacher, St. Louis school, h. 

r. St. Louis Church. 
Leis, Daniel, mason, h. Johnson n. Genesee. 
Leisch, Barnhard, lab. h. Adams n. Sycamore. 
Leischer, Alonzo, at Eagle furnace. 
Leiser, Theodore, tailor, 231 Elm. 
Leiser, John, ship carpenter, h. Bennett n. 

Leist, Jacob, saddler, b. Batavia n. Walnut. 
Leistner, John, barber, cor. Batavia and Ash. 
Leller, John, tailor, h. Mulberry n. High. 
Lembke, John, 321 Elm. 
l.emble, Jacob, with N. Case & Co. 
Lemen, Wm. carpenter, h. Carolina n. Fifth. 
Lemon, Francis, butcher, h. cor. Batavia and 

Lemmou, Chas. B. b. 93 Clinton. 

Lemmon, John C. clerk, 23 and 24 Central 

Wharf, h 93 Clinton. 
Lendenbach, Philip, millwright, J. T. Noye. 
Leng, Wm. farmer, Mich. n. High. 
Lenhard, Andrew, grocer, 232 E. Seneca. 
Lenhart, Jacob, grocer, Lafayette n. Wash. 
Lenhart, Margaret, widow, 3 Commercial. 
Lenner, Bartholomew, lab. h. Adams n. Syc. 
Lennox, Adeline P. widow of Thomas, 203 N. 

Lennox, James H. printer, Democracy office, 

h. 203 N. Division. 
Lenon, T. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Lenz, Nicholas, shoemaker, Cherry n. Maple. 
Leo, Michael, stone cutter, h. Conn. n. Ninth. 
Leo, Win. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Leonard, Patrick B. grocer, 27 Canal. 
Leonard, Joseph A. whip manuf 'r, b. Franklin 

Leonard, Sylvester, C. R. R. shop. 
Leonard, M. D. Buff. Steam E. W. 
Leonard, Harvey, whip maker and glover, 27 

E. Seneca. 
Leonard, Norman, ticket agent, 5 Ex. b. U. S. 

Leonard, Thomas, ship carpenter, h. Alabama 

opp. Carroll. 
Leonard, Gregory, grocer, 197 Ex. 
Leonard, Clark O. firm C. O. L. & Co. b. Lura- 

na Leonard. 
Leonard, John, ship carpenter, h. Miami n. Laj 
Leonard, C. O. & Co. grocers, 51 Ohio. 
Leonard, Lurana, widow, boarding house, II 

n. Elk. 
Leonard, Frank, 5 Boston Block. 
Leonard, Wells, teamster, h. Niag. n. Austiu.l 
Leonhardt, Chas., Hickory n. Sycamore. 
Leonhardt, Lewis, turner.. Walnut n. Sycam. 
Leople, Charles, with Smith & Brothers. 
Leoy, L. clothier, b. 27 Pearl. 
Leplent, John, contractor, h. Seneca belo^ 

Leplent, Louis, engineer, b. J. Leplent. 
Lepler, John, cutter, 166 Main, b. 37 W. Sen) 
Leppla, Peter, tailor, h. Spruce n. Sycamore! 
Lerch, Peter, at Eaton's planing mill. 
Le Rock, Armstrong, lab. h. Mechanic. 
Le Roy, F. L. over 348 Main. 
Le Roy, Minerva J. dressm'k'r, over 348 Mail 
Leschall, John, 377 Wash. 
Leser, John H., Gray n. Batavia. 
Lesher, Charles, b. 5 Franklin. 
Leslie, James, baker, 39 Chippewa, h. same.] 
Leslie, Wm. H. cabinet maker, h. 354 Mich. 
Lessler & Joseph, 120 Main. 
Lessler, Joseph, firm L. & Joseph, h. Del. 

Cold Spring. 
Lessler, John, Thompson's white lead factor 
Lessle, John, mason, h. Kane n. Batavia. 
Lesswing, Peter, blacksmith, Buff, furnace. 
Lester, Merriman, milkman, h. 118 E. SwanJ 
Lester, Joseph, with D. Belden. 
Letchworth, Wm. P. firm Pratt & L. b. 

riet Billings. 
Letchworth,"Edward H. clerk, Pratt & Letcl) 

worth, h. 99 S. Div. 
Letson, Myron H., Dearborn N. of imherst.| 
Lett, Uriah K. barber, h. 2 Potter. 



Lettau, Michael, grocer, Canal n. State. 

Letterroan, fm. blacksmith, h. cor. Palmer 
and Maryland. 

Letti, Sylvester, barber, Canal c. Maiden Lane. 
I Letz, John, lab. h. Bennett n. Batavia. 
I Letz, Joseph, joiner, h. 6 Huron n. Oak. 
J Letz, Jacob, waiter, h. 16 Bennett. 

Leu, Christian, wagon maker, 144 E. Seneca. 
[JLeuckert, Wm. baker, h. Ash n. Batavia. 
iJLeuer, Wm. junction Swan aud Seneca. 
'j Level, Samuel, with Bid well, Banta & Co. 
I Levi, Abraham, clothier, 7 Commercial. 

Levi, Louis, ship carpenter, h. Louisiana n. 

I Levi, Emanuel, clerk, 9 Commercial, b. Hotel 
Jl de l'Europe. 
[Levi, Israel, clerk, 190 Main, h. 95 E. Seneca. 

Levien, Douglass A. com'l editor Commercial 
Adv. h. 327 Michigan. 
l! ; Levin, Mrs. Lucy, Elm n. Burton Alley. 
I Levy, Moses, over 113 Main. 
IjLewis, Albert, plasterer, h. 151 Ellicott. 

I Lewis Alfred W., 18th n. Niagara. 
llLewis, Charles, lab. h. Pollard opp. Folsom. 
IjLewis, Charles E. lithographer, b. cor. Wash. 

j anc Carroll. 

II Lewis, Charles H. firm Christopher & Co. h. 

Frmklin ab. Allen. 
I'lLews, C. b. Boston Hotel. 
JLewis, Chester, auctioneer, b. Clarendon. 
l;Lewis, Chauncey, cab driver, b. 255 E. Swan. 
■Lewis, Edwin J. barber, Southern Hotel. 
■Lewis, Edwin, Bristol n. Spring. 

■ Lawis, Franklin, carpenter, h. 8 Union, 

■ Lewis, Francis, firm Efner & L. h. 188 Oak. 
■Lewis, George W. m. d. over P. O. 
liLewis, George, blacksmith, b. James Moore. 
■Lewis, Henry, 1ST. Y. C. R. R. office. 

1 Lewis, Hugh, foreman, R. J.Compton,h.610ak. 
IjLewis, James, lab. b. 233 Carroll. 
Lewis, James, at Eaton's planing mill, h. 431 

Lewis, Jared, grocer, cor. Court and Pearl, h. 

135 Pearl. 
Lewis, John S. lab. Van Slyke'syard,h.Hick- 
I ory n. Genesee. 
Lewis, John, dentist, 278 Main, 
i-iewis, John H., Elk n. Louisiana. 
Lewis, John H., N. Y. C. R. R. office. 
Lewis, John, tanner, N. Case & Co. 
Lewis, John R. with J. Lewis, dentist. 
Lewis, Levi, engineer, h. 258 S. Division. 
Lewis, Loran L. attorney, 272 Main, h. 249 

jiewis, Morgan G. m. d. cor. Niag. and Auburn, 

jewis, M. G. with S. Shepard. 
jewis, Robert, clerk, 174 Main, b. 200 Wash, 
iewis, Mrs. Samuel, 62 E. Swan, 
ewis & Potter, job printers, over 278 Main, 
jewis, Theodore G. job printer, over 278 Main. 
<ewis, Theo. G. printer, b. Genesee House. 
<ewis, Walter, on Central R. R. b. Mrs. S. 


ewis, Wm. A. pattern maker, Jewett & Root, 

b. 22 S. Division, 
^ewis, Wm, with Jewett & Root. 
<ey, John G. brewer, h. Cedar n. William. 

Ley, Francis, joiner, h. cor. Main and Burton 

Ley, Wades, blacksmith, b. Fred'k Pfau. 
Lezotte, Oliver, grocer, Elk cor. Liberty. 
Libbey, James, recess, h. 54 Chippewa. 
Lichtenberg, George P. lab. h. Gray n. Batavia. 
Lichtenstein, Eliza, clothier, 11 and 13 Main. 
Lichtenstein, Rev. John, cor. Oak and Burton 

Lichtenthal, Matthias, tailor, b. M. Feldt. 
Lichtenthal, Nicholas, h. Adams n. Batavia. 
Lichur, Mathias, lab. h. 121 Pine. 
Lickel, Anthony, grocer, junction Seneca and 

Liebel, Michael, Watson n. Batavia. 
Liebel, John, grocer, cor. Goodell and Elm. 
Lieberman, Fenton, 27 Pearl. 
Liebetrau, Fred., Johnson n. High. 
Liebetrut, Julius, druggist, 364 Main, h. 234 

Liebl, John, shoemaker, h. Goodell n. Elm. 
Liebold, Andrew, stone cutter, h. Mulberry n. 

Lied, Christian, Cedar n. Eagle. 
Liederman, Christoph. lab.h. cor. Hickory and 

Liedke, Henry, hosemaker, Good & Moore. 
Lienhart, George, lab. h. 15 Cherry. 
Liepert, Fred, tanner, h. Seneca n. Ala. 
Lies, George, cor. Batavia and Gray. 
Lieu, Thomas, Van Slyke's planing mill. 
Lightbody, Rhoda, teacher No. 16, b. 11 

Lightwine, Sarah, widow, 35 Carroll. 
Lilly, Simon, engineer, h. 2 Scott. 
Lilly, Michael, h. Columbia n. Ohio. 
Limberger, Frederick, blacksmith, h. Weaver 

Limmle, John, potter, b. Hickory n. Genesee. 
Lincoln, Preston M. on lake, h. over 127 Main. 
Lindau, Frederick, joiner, h. 159 Oak. 
Lindenberg, Cornelius, 201 E. Genesee. 
Lindenberg, Elizabeth, nurse, 201 E. Gen. 
Lindenbower, Harrison, clerk, Wm. Lockwood, 

b. 94 Carroll. 
Linder, Wm. with A. Roeker. 
Linder, Capt. Wm. firm Wibert & L. h. Niag. 

n. York. 
Lindhal, E. P. saloon, 25 Washington. 
Lindley, Lucifer, joiner, h. 125 Delaware. 
Lindley, John, lab. h. Wash. ab. Tupper. 
Lindley, Nathaniel, clerk, 50 Main, h. 105 

Lindner, Christian, Michigan opp. Tupper. 
Lindner, August, shoemaker, 445 Michigan. 
Lindner, Fred'k, lab. h. Weaver's Alley n. Va. 
Lindner, George, lab. h. Cherry n. Spruce. 
Lindsay, Mrs. John A. 248 Pearl. 
Linekohl, Wm. shoemaker, h. Pratt n. Batavia. 
Linendoll, George, Miami n. Louisiana. 
Lingar, Fred, cooper, b. 6 N. Canal. 
Link, Frank, blacksmith, h. Hickory near 

Link, Joseph, blacksmith, S. Shepard. 
Linke, John, joiner, h. 368 Michigan. 
Linneman, Frederick, mason, h. 412 Mich. 
Linneman, Frank, blacksmith, h. 422 Mich. 
Linnemann, Henry C. mason, h. 129 Pine. 



Linsemann, John, joiner, h. Locust. 
Lipp, John, stone cutter, h. Batavia n. Hickory. 
Lipp, Mrs. widow of Charles, Hickory ab. Ba- 
Lipp, Elizabeth, Pratt n. Batavia. 
Lippe, Martin, painter, h. Hickory n. E. Gen. 
Lippert, Margaret, widow of John, 466 Mich. 
Lippert, Joseph, Adams n. Sycamore. 
Litchenstein, Eliza, 11 Main. 
Little & Studdiford, land agents, 10 Granite 

buildings, Main. 
Little, Samuel C. firm Foote, L. & Co. h. 55 

E. Eagle. 
Little, Nelson, firm L. & Studdiford, h. 7 

Litz, John, painter, h. Pratt n. Genesee. 
Liver, George, blacksmith, h. 82 Sycamore. 
Livingston, Fargo & Co. proprietors Buffalo, 

Detroit, St. Louis, Chicago and Cincinnati 

Express, Seneca cor. Pearl. 
Loag, Wm. H printer, Com. Adv. 
Lobe, Daniel, tailor, h. Spring n. Clinton. 
Lobenthall, Jacob, cap maker, 154 Main. 
Lobin, Joseph, Eagle furnace. 
Lochte, Andreas, tailor, h. 87 Cherry. 
Lochte, Henry, baker, 168 E. Genesee. 
Lock, Andrew, Dart & Bros. 
Lock, John, mason, h. 461 Washington. 
Lock, Charles H. mason, h. Morgan ab. Huron. 
Lock, Charles, cigar store, 302J^ Main, b. 461 

Lockrow, Harmon M. with J. Van Slyke & 

Co. h. 106 Clinton. 
Lockwood, John A. foreman Thomas & La- 

throps, h. 158 Niagara. 
Lockwood, Timothy T. m.d. over 3 E. Seneca, 

h. 201 E. Seneca. 
Lockwood, Stephen, firm Sawin & L. b. 80 E. 

Lockwood, John F. ins. agent, Merchants' Ex. 

b. American. 
Lockwood, Desobry J. clerk, 215 Main, h. 112 

W. Huron. 
Lockwood, Daniel, h. 205 N". Division. 
Lockwood, Wm. passage agent, h. 94 Carroll. 
Lodin, Joseph, at Eagle furnace. 
Loebbe, Joseph, joiner, h. Carroll n. Chicago. 
Loebig, John, locksmith, h. 112 Cedar. 
Loebig, Michael, tinsmith, h. cor. Genesee and 

Loebinger, Alois, lab. h. Spring n. Sycamore. 
Loebrich, Geo. grocer, 127 E. Genesee. 
Loebs, Jacob, clothier, 372% Main, h. 234 

Loegler, Frederick, firm Wolf & L. b. 10 W. 

Loegler, Valentine, lab. h. Jersey cor. 11th. 
Loeprick, Charles, jeweler, 210 Main. 
Loersch, Philip, physician, 198 E. Genesee. 
Loersch, Joseph, law student Cook & Fithian, 

b. 198 E. Genesee. 
Loesch, Nicholas, shoemaker, h. Wash. cor. 

Loesch, Francis, joiner, h. Oak n. Tupper. 
Loesch, Nicholas, bricklayer, h. 129 Elm. 
Loesh, Philip, cigar maker, h. Walnut n. Gen. 
Loesh, Peter, at Eaton's planing mill, h. rear 

E. Genesee u. Spruce. 

Loescher, John, blacksmith, h. 411 Mich. 
Loescher, Abraham, Spring n. Sycamore. 
Loeser, Magdalene, 183 Genesee. 
Loew, Jacob, mason, h. Cherry n. Jefferson. 
Loew, Eckhart, shoemaker, h. 339 E. Genesee. 
Loew, John, shoemaker, h. Camp n. Sycamore. 
Loewi & Geiershofer, merchants, 306 Main. 
Loewi, Samuel, firm L. & Geiershofer, h. 9 

LOFT, WILLIAM, druggist, 275 Main, h. 

same — See adv. p. 57. 
Loftis, Michael, city police, h. cor. Exchange 

and Heacock. 
Loftus, John, pedler, h. 45 W. Tupper. 
Logan, Bartholomew, 22 Sixth. 
Logl, Geo. joiner, h. Elm n. Goodell. 
Loh, Henry, lab. h. Sycamore n. Spring. 
Lohouse, Fred. W. shoemaker, 244 Main, h. 

Maple n. Cherry. 
Lohrich, Nicholas, furnaceman, h. 550 Mich. 
Lohner, Jacob, stone cutter, h. St. Paul n. Main. 
Loischot, Joseph, Eagle furnace. 
Lomann, Lewis, ship joiner, h. N. Di7. n. 

Lommer, John, Spruce n. Sycamore. 
London Saloon, cor. Seneca and Ellicott. 
London Hotel, cor. Ex. and Chicago. 
Lonergan, James, keeper Farmers' Home, O. 

n. Shepard's Foundry. 
Lonergan, Joseph, carpenter, h. 285 Swan. 
Long, Sarah Ann, widow of Rich'd, h. Ontario. 
Long, Wm. piano maker, h. Ninth ab. Va, 
Long, Wm. tanner, Rumsey's. 
Long, Henry, melodeon maker, Prince & Co. 
Long, John, with L. & I. J. White. 
Long, Andrew J. joiner, b. Sarah A. Long. 
Long, John, Buffalo steam engine works. 
Long, Lucius, 10 Central Wharf, with Edwin 

Long, Wm., J. P. & S. A. Provoost. 
Long, Michael, blacksmith, h. ov. 8 Canal. 
Long, Ray,hackman, 27 Ex. 
Long, Nicholas, shoemaker, 391 Main. 
Long, Hen. wagon maker, h. Clinton n. Pratt, 
Long, Timothy, lab. h. across the Creek. 
Long, Chris, with Weston, Cogswell & Co. 
Long, David, lab. b. J. Cavanagh. 
Longbeck, John, mason, h. Eagle bel. Spring. 
Longhurst, Wra. builder, h. Park Place. 
Longhurst, John, over 113 Main. 
Longhurst, Thos. joiner, b. E. G. Morehouse. 
Longstreet, Christopher, foreman S. Sawin, b. 

W. G. Harvey. 
Longway, Julius, teamster, h. 89 E. Genesee. 
Loukman, Jacob, lab. h. 11th n. Mass. 
Loomer, George, with S. Dudley & Sons. 
Loom is, Horatio N. m. d. house and office 79 

Franklin, cor. Niagara. 
Loomis, Erast us, joiner, h. 56 Morgan. 
Loomis, Harvey, 79 Franklin. 
Loomis, Charles K. clerk, Bagnall & Dobbins, 

b. Franklin house. 
Loomis, Edward W. barkeeper Lovejoy house 
Loomis, L. with Bidwell, Banta <fe Co. 
Loomis, Wm. N. b. H. N. Loomis. 
Loomis, Helen, teacher, b. 56 Morgan. 
Loony, James, cabinet maker, h. 137 Elm. 
Loony, Wm. foot of Genesee, across the canal 



Loony, Mrs. widow, Steuben bel. Heacock. 

Loop, Jacob, on R. R. b. 137 E. Seneca. 

Loos, John, tailor, b. 106 Cedar. 

Loosen, Cbas. jeweler, D. B. Castle, b. 3 Court. 

Loots, John, with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 

Loplam, James, with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 

Loplo, John, 149 Oak. 

Lord, David, with C. F. Miller & Co. 

Lord, Wm. A. hackman, 27 Exchange. 

Lord, Lewis, hackman, 27 Exchange. 

Lord, John C. pastor Central Presbyterian 

church, h. Del. opp. Forest Lawn. 
Lord, Frederick A., Eaton's planing mill, h. 

Del. ab. North. 
Lord, Samuel Z. with J. B. Lord. 
Lord, James B. proprietor Exchange, Amherst 

east of Tonawanda. 
Lords, Casper R. hackman, h. 125 Ellicott. 
Lorentz, John, painter, h. 99 Pine. 
Lorenz, John, sr. 97 Pine. 
Lorenz, P. George, grocer, 407 Main and 37 E. 

Lorenz, Philip, grocer, cor. Gen. and Kaene. 
Lorenz, Sophia, widow, 97)^ E. Seneca. 
Lorenz, Charles, cooper, h. 134 Spring. 
Lorenz, , at Buffalo furnace, h. Walnut n. 

Lorig, John, moulder, Eagle furnace, h. Mul- 
berry n. Goodell. 
Loring, Peter, joiner, h. "Walnut n. William. 
Los, Jacob, lab. h. Jefferson n. Batavia. 
Loson, Chas. harness maker, h. cor. Oak and 

Losee, Alfred S. flour dealer, 74 Main, h. 105 

Losee, Simeon, produce dealer, 74 Main, b. 

105 Niagara. 
Losson, Nicholas, harness maker, h. 65 E. Gen- 
Loth, Peter, cutter, h. 104 Clinton. 
Loton, John, cabinet maker, h. 73 Oak. 
Lotridge, Francis A. cor. Canal and Com'l. 
Lotridge, Samuel C. bill poster, b. cor. Canal 

and Commercial. 
Lotwinker, Henry, joiner, h. Gray n. Genesee. 
Louis, August, at McMillen's boat yard. 
Louth, Henry, with George Brownell. 

Louttel, Capt. , b. 135 E. Seneca. 

Loux, Martin, with H. G. Stambach. 

Love, Jame3 B. printer, Com. Adv. office, b. 22 

S. Division. 
Love, John W, druggist, E. H. Davis, h. 13th 

n. Vermont. 
Love, David, truckman, h. 85 Huron. 
Love, Samuel G. teacher, b. 28 S. Division. 
Love, Robert W., captain of police, h. Sixth n. 

Love, Mrs. widow of Thomas C. 139 Franklin. 
Love, Mrs. Levi, Auburn n. the canal. 
Love, John, marble cutter, 233 Main, h. 13th 

n. Vermont. 
Love, William, Buff. S. E. Works, h. 14th n. 

Lovejoy House, Terrace cor. Pearl. 
Lovejoy, Henry, surveyor, over 12 Niag. h. 

229 E. Seneca. 
Lovejoy, Sarah, widow of Joshua, h. 171 E. 


Loveridge, Edwin D. firm L. & Johnson, h. 
Cold Spring. 

Loveridge, Austin A. inspector customs, h. 1 

Loveridge & Johnson, pro. dealers, 58 Main. 

Loveridge, Everett W. book-keeper, 58 Main. 

Lovering, Peter, at McMillen's boat yard. 

Lovering, William, 30 E. Eagle. 

Lovering, Wm.jr. ins. agent, 3 Merchant's Ex- 
change, b. St. James Hotel. 

Lovering, Charles F. clerk, 25 Central wharf, 
b. Wm. Lovering. 

Lovett, Jeremiah, ship joiner, h. 2 Centre. 

Lovett, Michael, ship joiner, h. Kinney's al- 

Lovell, Geo. with I. Hollo way, Allen n. Ma- 

Lowe, Tobias, agent, Bishop's boom derrick, 
h. 84 Sixth. 

Lowell, Wm. E. 53 W. Tupper. 

Lowell, Edwin P. machinist, b. Tremont. 

Lower, Nicholas, shoemaker, 161 Pearl, h. 
Michigan n. High. 

Lown, George, cooper, h. 286 S. Division. 

Lowry, Geo. butcher, h. Elk n. Van Rensse- 

Lowry, James, with T. D. Barton. 

Loyd, Thomas, stone mason, h. 64 Sixth. 

Lozett, Edward, caulker, h. 26 Miss. 

Lucas, Susan A. widow, b. 13 Franklin. 

Lucas, Lorenzo D. joiner, b. 134 E. Seneca. 

Luce, Wm. W. clerk, Winslow Hall, h. Sene- 
ca n. Kinney. 

Luce, E. G. at city clerk's office, h. 204 Pearl. 

Luce, Zephania, agent, h. 54 Pine. 

Lucy, James, lab. h. across the creek. 

Lude, John, tanner, h. over Casper Wagner, 

Ludlow, Capt. Charles H., Niag. n. 18th. 

Ludson, Orrin, in pail factory, h. Amherst. 

Ludwig, Nicholas, with Good & Moore, h. 
Adams n. William. 

Ludwig, Charles, shoemaker, h. 490 Mich. 

Ludwig, Jacob, pattern maker, Buff. S. E. 
Works, h. Michigan n. Batavia. 

Ludwig, Henry, shoemaker, 44 Ex. 

Luebke, Henry, machinist, h. 122 Pine. 

Lueders, Charles, 81 Elm. 

Lueders, George, shoemaker, 87 Main, h. 15 

Luedike, Henry, tailor, h. Pratt n. Sycamore. 

Luehmann, Luesenhop, cabinet store, 98 E. 

Luehman, Fred, cabinet store, 98 E. Genesee. 

Lueke, Andrew, tailor, h. Ash n. Sycamore. 

Luetke, Wm. lab. h. 35 Sycamore. 

Luetkemeyer, Casper, milkman, h. Gray near 

Lugh, John, at Van Slyke's planing mill. 

Luh, Christian, rear 229 Elm. 

Luigart, Matthias, grocer, 157 Oak. 

Luipold, Henry, cabinet maker, h. Goodell 

Luippold, Mrs. widow, cor. Jefferson and Wm. 

Luippold, Martin, joiner, cor. Wm. and Jeff. 

Luke, John, tailor, h. Palmer n. Va. 

Luley, Fred, with H. Lamb. 

Lull, Phineas F. clerk, 57 Main, b. 5 Franklin. 



Lurabert, Wra. painter, h. Maple n. Cherry. 
Lumber, Wolfgang, blacksmith, h. Ninth n. 

Lund, Henry, grocer, h. Del. n. Del. Av. 
Lung, Anton, shoemaker, h. Batavia n. Ash. 
Lunn, John, hackman, 27 Ex. 
Luny, John, joiner, h. 10 Goodell. 
Lurmann, John, lab. h. rear of 405 Mich. 
Luscher, Hartman, East n. Parish. 
Luskant, Nicholas, lab. h. Adams n. Sycam. 
Lussky, John Geo. tailor, h. Gen. n. Hickory. 
Lutz, Fred, butcher, b. 6 Canal. 
Lutz, John, grocer, cor. Hayward and Perry. 
Lutz, John, joiner, h. 216 Genesee. 
Lutz, Matthias, joiner, h. 210 E. Genesee. 
Lutz, Frank, shoemakei*, 244 Main. 
Lutz, Fred, joiner, h. Genesee n. Hickory. 
Lutz, Stephen, lab. h. cor. ¥m. and Adams. 
Lutz, Wm. lab. h. Mortimer n. Genesee. 
Lux, Peter, 459 Wash. 
Lux, Henry, shoemaker, h. 56 Goodell. 
Lux, Martin, truckman, h. Ash n. Genesee. 
Lycett, Eleanor, widow, 43 Church. 
Lyda, John, with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Lyman, Geo. W. barkeeper, Wadsworth house. 
Lyman, Bark, carriage maker, b. 276 Ellicott. 
Lyman, John, carriage maker, b. 276 Ellicott. 
Lyman, Loomis, contractor, 177 E. Seneca. 
Lvraan, Nathan, type founder, Seneca, W. of 

"Pearl, h. 23 Ellicott. 
Lyman, Nathan B. type founder, h. Franklin, 

5th ab. Virginia. 
Lyman, Nathan R. type founder, h. Ninth n. 

Lyman, Stephen, type founder, h. 119 E.Eagle. 
Lyman, Wm. E. type founder, h. 319 Mich. 
Lyman, Wilford C. tinsmith, W. A. Case. 
Lymburner, Hamilton, ag't woolen factory, h. 

Dearborn N. of Amherst. 
Lynch, Andrew, joiner, h. Ninth n. York. 
Lynch, Catharine, widow, 193 S. Division. 
Lynch, Cyrenius B. joiner, h. S. Division cor. 

Lynch, Edward, truckman, h. 1 Scott. 
Lynch, James, b. rear 31 Ex. 
Lynch, John, grocer, 7 Commercial. 
Lynch, John, on lake, h. 29 N. Division. 
Lynch, Johu, joiner, b. Mrs. Sheehan. 
Lynch, John, porter, Franklin house. 
Lynch, Michael, carpenter, h. Scott Alley. 
Lynch, Michael, lab. h. Abbott Road n. Elk. 
Lynch, Patrick, Seneca, Hydraulics. 
Lynch, Patrick, composition roofer, Folsom n. 

Lynch, Peter, drayman, h. Morgan n. Mohawk. 
Lynch, Wm. farmer, h. Niag. below Farmer. 
Lynch, Thomas, lab. h. Fly n. Evans. 
Lynch, Ann, widow, 74 Fifth. 
Lynch, Michael, lab. Fifth n. Md. 
Lynch, John, Van Slyke's boat yard. 
Lynch, Patrick, lab. h. N. Div. n. Pollard. 
Lynch. James, composition roofer, h. 2 Folsom. 
Lynch, Pat. lab. b. D. Russell. 
Lynd, Adam, carman, h. 151 E. Eagle. 
Lynett, P., Van Slyke's boat yard. 
Lynett, Wm. lab. h. Sixth n. Hudson. 
Lynn Block, Niag. opp. Bapt. Church. 
Lynn, David, on the lake, h. Perry cor. La. 

Lynn, Patrick, boarding house, Ex. bel. Wash- 

Lyon, James S. firm L. & Van Tine, h. 172 
E. Seneca. 

Lyon, Charles C. engineer, h. Mariner n. Va. 

Lyon, Jacob, joiner, h. Perry cor. Burwell 

Lyon, Gideon A. joiner, h. 167 S. Division. 

Lyon, Gideon, ship carpenter, h. 167 S. Div. 

Lyon, Geo. G. firm S. Hume & Co. h. 105 S. 

Lyon, Mary A. boarding house, 52 E. Swan. 

Lyon, Cyrus, b. 12 Johnson Place. 

Lyon, Edward R. 185 Main, h. 48 Oak. 

Lyon & Van Tine, land agents, 1 Brown's 

Lyons, Pat. lab. h. Staats. 

Lyons, Stephen W. proprietor R. R. House, 
Ferry n. the canal, Black Rock. 

Lyons, Patrick, Ohio n. Chicago. 

Lyons, Patrick, Cen. R. R. shop. 

Lyons, b. Saunder's Ex. 

Lyons, Michael, lab. h. Ferry n. Adams. 

Lyons, James, mason, h. 54 Fifth. 

Lyport, David, 27 Clinton. 

Lyth, Francis, mason, h. 14th cor. Conn. 

Lyth, John, packer, 162 Main, h. Puffer. 

Lytle, John S. firm Cook & L. h. 45 Oak. 


McAllister, Archibald W. grocer, 7. E. Seneca, 
h. Franklin ab. Va. 

McAllister, Ebenezer, grocer, ] 1 E. Seneca, h. 
Franklin ab. Va. 

McAlloon, John, lab. h. 34 Blossom. 

McArthur, Peter A., firm L. D. Hibbard <t Co. 
h. 146 E. Swan. 

McArthur, A. & J. J., confectioners, 297 Main. 

McArthur, John J. firm A. & J. J. McA. h. 297 

McArthur, Arthur, firm A. & J. J. McA., pro- 
prietor McArthur's Garden, h. 297 Main. 

McArthur, John, 297 Main. 

McArthur, John, miller, h. Ferry, n. N. Wash. 

McArthur, Alex, on lake, b. Capt. Dimick. 

McArthur, John, book-keeper, 20 Main, h. 146 
E. Swan. 

McAuley, Bernard, at Phinney & Co's, b. 24 

McAuley, Elizabeth, widow, 24 Illinois. 

McAuley, Daniel, stamper, Parsons & John- 
son, b. 24 Illinois. 

McAuliff, Timothy, with Jewett & Root, 

McAvoy, Thos. at Van Slyke's planing mill, 
h. Folsom bel. Kinney. 

McAvoy, Wm. b. Tremont House. 

McBean, Charles, clerk, C. R. R. h. 24 Ash. 

McBride, Alex, boatman, h. across canal, bel. 

McBride, James, 6ailor, b. T. Clark. 

McBrocklin, Thomas, printer, Democracy of- 
fice, b. 221 Carroll. 

McBurney, John, cabinet maker, h. cor. Caro- 
lina and 10th. 

McCabe, Patrick, watchman, h. across the 



McCabe, Joseph, sawyer, h. Elk cor. Moore. 
McCabe, Michael, sawyer, h. Elk h. Moore. 
McCabe, B. widow, Perry n. Ala. 
McCabe, Hugh, joiner, h. Perry n. Hayward. 
McCabe, Patrick, ship joiner, h. Fulton near 

McCabe, Edward, sailor, h. Ex. n. Chicago. 
McCabe, Henry, bPksrnith, b. Joseph McCabe. 
McCabe, Francis, lab. h. Elk n. Chicago. 
McCabe, Peter, with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
McCabe, Hugh, carman, h. Perry n. Ala. 
McCaffery, James, painter, b. 46 Ex. 
McCaffery, Barnard, Indiana n. Ohio. 
McCairn, Donald, Ohio n. Chicago. 
McCale, Catharine, widow of Thos. h. r. 238 

E. Seneca. 
McCall, Fletcher, Amherst n. Tonawanda. 
McCanley, J. with L. & I. J. White. 
McCarney, Peter, truckman, h. Church near 

McCarrick, Pat. lab. h. Staats n. Court. 
McCarthy, John, grocer, 238 East Seneca. 
McCarthy, James, S. Shepard. 
McCarthy, Pat. lab. h. Church n. the canal. 
McCartney, Thomas, on lake, h. Main, 1st bel. 

McCartney, Geo. R. on lake, h. 10th n. Md. 
McCarty, F. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
McCarty, Jeremiah, lab. h. across canal, foot of 

McCarty, Eugene, Fifth n. Carolina. 
McCarty, Timothy, ship carp. b. 21 Illinois. 
McCarty, Cornelius, lab. h. 11th n. Carolina. 
McCarty, Mrs. widow of Pat., Green n. Wash. 
McCarty, Charles, ship carpenter, h. Fulton n. 

McCarty, Daniel, lab. h. Fulton n. Ala. 
McCarty, John, Buffalo S. E. works. 
McCarty, James, lab. h. La. n. Ohio. 
McCarty, Timothy, milkman, b. 118 Swan. 
McCarty, Jeremiah, on lake, h. Miss, n. Perry. 
McCarty, Thomas, lab. h. La. n. Ohio. 
McCarty, Jeremiah, on lake, h. cor. Maryland 

and Fifth. 
McCarty, Michael, joiner, cor. 9th and Geo. 
McCarty, Dennis, distiller, h. Hickory n. Bat. 
McCarty, Florence, Ohio n. Chicago. 
McCarty, Mary, widow of Simon, Swan near 

McCarty, John, lab. h. Third n. York. 
McCarty, Hannah, widow, 5th n. Md. 
McCarty, Owen, carman, h. Fulton cor. Red 

McCarty, Charles, engineer, h. Perry n. Ohio 

McCarty, James, lab. h. Ohio n. Mackinaw. 
McCarty, Charles, sailor, h. City hotel, Main. 
McCarty, Jeremiah, lab. h. 146 Elk. 
McCarty, Thomas, porter, Mansion. 
McCarty, John, sailor, h. 59 Washington. 
McCarty, Malcolm, at McMillen's boat yard. 
McCarty, Mary, seamstress, cor. Eagle & Cedar. 
McCarroll, Mrs. widow, Court n. 5th. 
McCauley, John, plane maker, h. 12 Beak. 
McCauly, Charles, lab. Perry n. Miss. 
McClanan, Serena, 105 Delaware. 
McClanan, Samuel, b. Robert Davis. 
McClarn, James, keeper swing bridge, Ohio. 

McClaren, James, carp., h. 1ST. Div. n. Pollard. 
McClean, John, shoemaker, h. 4th n. Court. 
McClean, John, whitewasher, h. 99 Oak. 
McClearn, Wm. canal stable, h. Church bel. 

McClelland, John, pedler, h. La. n. Fulton. 
McClure, Joseph, spar maker, h. Perry n. Ala. 
McClure, James, E. cake maker, 98 Chippewa. 
McClure, Henry, machinist, h. Ex. u. La. 
McClure, J. C. machinist, cor. Ex. and La. 
McClure, James E. cooper, Hospital bel. Court. 
McClusky, James, on lake,h. Ex. bel. Heacock. 
McClustall, R. widow, Pa. bel. Sixth. 
McCollom, Patrick T. store, 22 E. Eagle. 
McCollum, K Otis, clerk, B. Bradley & Co. b. 

4 Sixth. 
McCollum, Thos. P. boarding house, 15 Pearl. 
McCollum, Wm. painter, b. 15 Pearl. 
McCombs, Robert, ship carpenter, h. Miami 

n. La. 
McCo manghey, John, Ohio n. Liberty. 
McConvell, Anthony, tinsmith, h. 32 Sixth. 
McConvell, Michael, lab. h. Fulton n. Ala. 
McConvell, John, tinsmith, W. A. Case. 
McConverit, Michael, with F. K Jones. 
McConvey, John, grocer, 14 Sixth. 
McCook, Jane, widow, 9th n. Carolina. 
McCool, James, hatter, 80 Main, h. same. 
McCoomy, Edward, lab. h. r. 54 Fifth. 
McCord, Andrew, hackman, 27 Exchange. 
McCord, Andrew, driver, b. 54 Exchange. 
McCormick, George, ship carpenter, b. David 

McCormick, E. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
McCormick, Angus, sailor, h. 48 Ohio. 
McCormick, Charles, 54 Smith block, Seneca. 
McCormick, Francis, blacksmith, b. 20 Exch. 
McCormick, Philip, lab. h. Folsom bel. Kinney. 
McCornick, Francis, on lake, h. 352 Mich. 
McCosh, Francis, key maker, h. 10th n. Va. 
McCoul, Michael, Buffalo S. E. Works. 
Mc Court, Mrs. widow of Thomas, 104 Terrace. 
McCowl, Daniel, lab. h. cor. Perry and Miss. 
McCoy, Robert, whitewasher, h. Blossom n. 

McCrary, Erastus, cooper, h. Sixth n. Md. 
McCray, Guilford, clerk, S. L. Grosvenor. 
McCray, John, sailor, b. Thos. Clark. 
McCray, Bute, sailor, b. Thos. Clark. 
McCready, Maria, widow of Andrew, 149 S. 

McCready, Jane, teacher Dist. No. 3. 
McCredie, AnnaMaria, widow of James, board - 

ing house, 51 Pearl. 
McCredie, James, book-keeper, D. Richmond, 

h. 193 Del. 
McCredie, Richard, book -binder, C. E. Young. 
McCredie, Sarah L. teacher 'No. 4, b. 149 S. 

McCue, Ann, widow, Fifth n. Ga. 
McCue, Edward, Court bel. Fifth. 
McCulloch, James, grocer, cor. Fifth and Ca- 
McCulloch, Elizabeth, widow, 210 Seneca. 
McCulloch, John, upholsterer, 205 Main,b. 160 

S. Division. 
McCulloch, James H. clerk, 159 Main, b. 36 

W. Seneca. 



McC umber, Orlando, att'y, 2 Terrace, b. 62 E. 

McDaniels, Edward, glazier, h. 120 Oak. 
McDavett, Wm. fisherman, Genesee across Erie 

McDermond, Michael, lab. h. Miss. n. Perry. 
McDermot, Eliza, teacher Dist. No. 2. 
McDermot, Patrick, 2d, on the R. R. h. Eagle 

n. Pollard. 
McDermot, Michael, b. P. McDermot 2d. 
McDermot, John, lab. h. Cedar n. Wm. 
McDermot, Margaret, widow of John, N. La- 
McDermot, Jenny, ass't teacher, Dist. No. 3. 
McDole, Jeremiah, grocer, Canal n. State. 
McDonald, Tusan, chair maker, 233 Main, h. 

13th n. Vermont. 

McDonald, , finisher, Staats. 

McDonald, Chas. C. book-keeper, 12 Main, b. 

13 Chestnut. 
McDonald, Samuel, 170 N. Division. 
McDonald, James, Ex. n. Chicago. 
McDonald, Duncan, book-keeper, 194 Main, 

b. 36 W. Seneca. 
McDonald, Lewis, b. 160 Pearl. 
McDonald, Timothy, lab. h. basement Medical 

McDonald, William, book-keeper, b. 13 Chest- 
McDonald, Michael, clerk, h. 13 Chestnut. 
McDonald, Michael, b. Saunders' Ex. 
McDonald, John, boot maker, Ga. n. Sixth. 
McDonald, Thomas, carpenter, h. Ninth n. 

McDonald, James, lab. h. Fulton n. Chicago. 
McDonald, J. G. Buff. S. E. Works. 
McDonald, John, sailor, b. Thos. Clark. 
McDonald, John, engineer, b. Thos. Clark. 
McDonald, Renald, sailor, b. Thos. Clark. 
McDonald, Peter F. tailor, b. Dayton house. 
McDonald, Wm. at Merchants' hotel. 
McDonald, Ronnld, over 194 Main. 
McDonald, Ronald C. over 194 Main. 
McDonald, Dauiel G. machinist, b. 135 E. 

McDonald, James, painter, h. Elk n. Mich. 
McDONELL & Co. daguerrean rooms, over 

194 Main. — See adv. p. 49. 
McDonell, Donald, firm McD. & Co. h. Pearl 

ab. Seneca. 
McDonell, A. daguerrean, b. Genesee house. 
McDonell, Alex. C. contractor, h. 242 Pearl. 
McDonnell, Martin, porter, S. D. Flagg, h. N. 

Division n. Spring. 
McDonough, Luke, lab. h. 9th n. Hudson. 
McDougal, Geo. 172 Main, b. R. R. hotel. 
McDougal, Ronald, hotel keeper, 17 E. Seneca. 
McDougal, Hughey, sailor, b. Thos. Clark. 
McDougal, John, sailor, h. over 41 Main. 
McEcheran, Alex, grocer, Ohio n. Illinois. 
McEachran, Archibald, 51 Main, b. 23 Pearl. 
McElroy, James, at Gas Works, h. 8 Green. 
McEwen, Wm. B. firm Merrill cfe McE. h. 236 

McEwen, Justus, printer, 188 Main, h. cor. 

Church and Franklin. 
McEwen, Barney, truckman, h. Scott Alley n. 


McFarland, Lawrence, tailor, h. Staats. 

McFarlane, Daniel, clerk, 62 Main, b. 31 Niag. 

McFarlane, Robert D. firm Thomson & McF. 
b. A. S. Anderson. 

McFarlane, James, cutter, Wage & Scott, h. 
Walnut n. Clinton. 

McFarlane, Duncan, carpenter, h. Carroll n. 

McFarlane, P. teamster, Bidwell, Banta & Co. 

McFee, Hector, sailor, b. Thos. Clark. 

McGarrity, David, shoemaker, h. Ga. n. 5th. 

McGarrity, James, lab. h. 77 Jackson. 

McGarry, James, lab. h. Perry n. Illinois. 

McGarry, Mary, widow, Mary n. Illinois. 

McGean, James, truckman, h. cor. Wm. and 

McGee, Philip, joiner, h. 153 N. Division. 

McGee, Michael, carpenter, h. Ferry n. Water, 
Black Rock. 

McGee, Patrick, carpenter, h. Wm. n. Hickory. 

McGee, Philip, waiter, Western. 

McGill, Charles, h. 374 Wash. 

McGillivray, Wm. clerk, 205 Main. 

McGillvray, Duncan, ship carpenter, Ohio cor. 
Miss. h. Sixth n. Va. 

McGillvray, Mrs. milliuer, 14 Batavia. 

McGinness, James, plasterer, h. Mich. n. High. 

McGinnis, John, lab. h. Folsom bel. Kinney. 

McGinnis, Roger, lab. h. Ex. bel. Vanrens- 

McGlinn, James, stone cutter, h. Niag. cor. Pa. 

McGlish, Chas. cor. Main and Ferry. 

McGloiii, James, firm J. McG. & Son, 'h. 140 
E. Seneca. 

McGloin, Barney, Van Slyke's boat yard. 

McGloin, Francis, with Sangster & Co. h. 141 
East Seneca. 

McGloin, James <fc Son, rope makers, 140 E. 

McGork, Pat. lab. h. Sixth n. Md. 

McGory, Daniel, lab. h. Hudson n. Cottage. 

McGory, John, with Bidwell, Bauta & Co. 

McGovern, Barney, C. W. Evans' elevator. 

McGovern, Patrick, nail maker, b. Jno. Brink- 

McGowan, Andrew, lab. h. Daugherty's alley. 

McGowan, Barney, with C. W. Evans. 

McGowan, Thomas, Van Slyke's boat yard. 

McGowan, Pat., Van Slyke's boat yard. 

McGowan, Mrs. A. boarding house, 42 N. Div. 

McGowan, Henry, ship carpenter, h. cor. Hu- 
ron and Ninth. 

McGowan, James, lab. Fifth n. Carolina. 

McGowan, Michael, cor. Wash, and Ohio. 

McGowan, John, b. Rose McGowan. 

McGowan, Rose, widow, h. Carroll cor. La. 

McGrath, John, lab. b. N. Div. n. Mich. 

McGrath, Thos. boatman, h. cor. 7th and Va. 

McGrattan, Thos. carman, h. 14 111. 

McGuigen, Patrick. 123 Ellicott. 

McGuire, Stephen, grocery and h. Ex. n. Mich. 

McGuire, John, ship carp. h. Ninth n. Hudson. 

McGuire, Dennis, grocer, Elk n. Louisiana. 

McGuire, Michael, Perry n. Miss. 

McGuire, Thos. lab. h. 156 N. Division. 

McGuire, Philip, jr. on lake, h. r. 47 Jackson. 

McGuire, Patrick, Court n. Staats. 

McGuire, John, lab. Water n. Com'l. 



McGuire, Thomas, gilder, 165 Main. 
McGuire, Thomas, teamster, h. North Canal, 

McGuire, John, Evans n. Water. 
McGuire, on lake, h. Fifth n. Carolina. 
McGuire, Wm. lab. h. Steuben n. Ala. 
McGuire, James, waiter, Merchants' Hotel, h. 

364 Mich. 
McGuire, John, Eagle n. Walnut. 
McGuire, John, blacksmith, h. Pollard near 

McGuirke, E. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
McGurk, Edward, ship carpenter, h. La. near 

McHala, Thomas, with E. Weed & Co. 
McHearny, Hector, sailor, b. Thos. Clark. 
McHenry, James, stone cutter, D. Belden. 
McHenry, James, grocer, 2 Main, h. 3 Scott. 
McHenry, John, grocer, h. Fourth n. Carolina. 
McHern, Hugh, sailor, b. 5 Scott. 
McHugh, John, 86 Main. 
Mcllvary, Bernard, on lake, h. Fulton n. Chi- 
Mcintosh, Robert, clerk Seymour & Wells, h. 

Elk, junction Ohio. 
Mcintosh, Donald, ship carpenter, Ohio n. toll 

Mclntyre, John, lab. h. Fifth n. Carolina. 
Mclntyre, James, tailor, h. Sixth n. Pa. 
Mclntyre, Michael, hostler, Franklin House. 
Mclver, Duncan, clerk, 249 Main. 
McKay, Alexander, firm Cameron & McK. h. 

Terrace n. Court. 
McKay, James, with Pratt & Letchworth. 
McKay, Archibald, truckman, h. 51 Chippewa. 
McKay, Thomas, saloon, 8 and 9 Dayton. 
McKay, Donald, upholsterer, 125 Main. 
McKay, John S. carpenter, b. P. Collins. 
McKay, Jas. lab. n. foot Genesee across Erie 

McKay, Pat. lab. n. foot Genesee across Erie 

McKay, David, lab. n. foot Genesee across 

Erie Canal. 
McKearman, conductor, b. American. 
McKee, James W. engineer, h. cor. Va. and 

McKeehan, Thos., Buff. S. E. works. 
McKeever. Thos. miller, J. T. Noye. 
McKendrick, John, lab. h. Md. cor. Third. 
McKenna, Michael, coppersmith, h. Fifth n. 

McKenna, John, moulder, h. 14 Sixth. 
McKenne, Sarah, widow, h. Centre n. Swan. 
McKenzie Wm. plumber, J. E. Thompson. 
McKenzie, James, stone cutter, h. 43 Seventh. 
McKenzie, Cornelius, hatter, 161 Main, h. 

Seneca n. Alabama. 
McKenzie, Fred, stone cutter, h. cor. Morgan 

and Niagara. 
McKenzie, Wm. H. b. 9 Carroll. 
McKeown, Hugh C. truckman, h. Carey near 

McKernan, Pat. fancy goods, Fly n. Lecou- 

McKibbin, Rob't H. clerk Keystone State, b. 

106 East Eagle. 
McKibbin, Hugh, sr. 106 East Eagle. 

McKibbin, Hugh, clerk, Gothic Hall, h. 106 E. 

McKierman, John, at B. & S. L. R. R. office, 

b. American. 
McKilbin, John, carpenter, h. 65 William. 
McKim, Wm. W. firm Wanzer, McK. & Co. b. 

Mrs. Mathews. 
McKinnie, Charles, Shepard's iron works. 
McKinzie, Cornelius J. hatter, h. Seneca near 

McKirdy, Capt, Alexander, 23 Illinois. 
McKirlaine, Pat., Shepard iron works. 
McKiver, Wm. sailor, h. La. n. Fulton. 
McKnight, Fred'k A. with E. H. Sanborn, b. 

52 Pearl. 
McKnight, Theodore W. with H. C. Walker 

& Co. h. Franklin bel. North. 
McKnight, Geo. b. 126 Pearl. 
McKnight, James, b. T. W. McKnight. 
McLane, Patrick, tailor, 95 East Seneca. 
McLane, Mary, widow, Fourth n. Carolina. 
McLane, Rob't, lab. h. 5th n. Smith's bakery. 
McLane, Henry, constable, h. 17 Seventh. 
McLane, Patrick, with S. Shepard, h. Perry 

near La. 
McLane, Robert, mason, h. Ill N. Division. 
McLarrty, Malcolm, ship carpenter, h. Palmer 

near Maryland. 
McLarty, Archibald, sailor, b. Thos. Clark. 
McLauchlin, Patrick, lab. h. 2 Centre. 
McLauchlin, Lawrence, plumber, h. Eleventh 

n. Virginia. 
McLaughliu, Patrick, clerk, 17 Main. 
McLauglin, Thos. printer, Democracy office. 
McLynchey, Thos. eating house, Canal corner 

Maiden Lane. 
McMahon, Dennis, lab. h. cor. Palmer and 

Hudson. * 

McMahon, laborer, h. Exchange n. Chicago. 
McMahon, John, lab. h.Niag. n. Breckenridge. 
McMahon, Andrew, at Eagle furnace. 
McMahon, Arthur, shoemaker, h. Canal n. 

McMakin, James, lab. h. cor. Ex. and Heacock. 
McManiman, Martin, lab. h. Evans ab. Canal. 
McMann, Michael, carman, h. Carroll below 

McManners, John, sail maker, b. 123 Main. 
McManners, James, lab. h. cor. Ellicott and 

McManners, Margaret, over 123 Main. 
McMannis, Edwin, sailor, h. cor. Fly and Mai- 
den Lane. 
McMaster, Catharine J. teacher, Dist. No. 8,b. 

52 W. Tupper. 
McMaster, Sarah, widow, h. 1 Beak. 
McMeliman, Wm. 80 Cedar. 
McMichael, Wm. H. boat builder, h. Carroll 

bel. Louisiana. 
McMichael, Mary, widow, b. Wm. McMichael. 
McMillan, Hugh, boat builder, Green, h. 70 

McMillan, Duncan, recess, 109 Seneca. 
McMillen, Angus, sailor, b. Alex. Clark. 
McMillen, Betsy, widow of Daniel C. b. Gen- 
esee house. 
McMullen, James, cartman, h. 128 W. Tupper. 
McMullen, John, boiler maker, h. 204 N. Div. 



McMullen, Rev. Chas. D., Louisiana n. Elk. 
McMurcher, James, engineer, L. 439 Mich. 
McMurphey, Philip J., Amer. Express office. 
McMurrav, Thomas, tailor, over 1G4 Main, h. 

86 W. Huron. 
McMurty, John, finisher, Buff. Steam E. W. 

h. cor. La. and Elk. 
McNairy, James, lab. h. across the creek. 
McNally, Thomas, grocer, Ohio n. Columbia. 
McNamair, Mrs. Margaret, widow of Thomas, 

Scott Alley n. Perry. 
McNamara, James, warehouseman, h. 19 Ex. 
McNamara, Pat. lab. h. Tenn. n. Mackinaw. 
McNamara, Pat. lab. h. cor. Chicago and 

McNamara, Thomas, lab. h. La. n. Ohio. 
McNaughton, Daniel, blacksmith, h. Morgan 

n. Carey. 
McNaughton, Rebecca, widow, Palmer near 

McNaughton, David, Eleventh n. Virginia. 
McNaughton, Wm. sailor, h. Thirteenth near 

McNeil, Stewart, Mich. n. Ohio. 
McNeil, Capt. Andrew, on the lake, h. 16 

McNeil, — — lab. h. Seventh n. Carolina. 
McNerteney, John, lab. b. Thos. Henessy. 
McNett, A. James, firm McN. & Halbert, h. 

Main n. Barker. 
McNett & Halbert, att'ys, 156 Main. 
McNicholas, M. widow, 4 Water. 
McNicholas, Thos., Mohawk n. Wash. 
McNicholas, Mrs. widow, Le Couteulx below 

McNish, Wm. foreman, Eagle Iron Works. 
McNish, John, lab. h. 181 Terrace. 
McNivan, John, sailor, b. Thos. Clark. 
McNoddrity, Antony, lab. h. 111. n. Scott. 
McNoe, George, printer, Com. Adv. office, b. 

212 Elk. 
McNomara, C. widow, Third n. Md. 
McNulty, Owen, tinsmith, 191 Main. 
McNulty, James, hackman, 27 Ex. 
McFhail, Wm. machinist, h. Perry n. Ala. 
McPherson, Archibald, over Erie Savings Bk. 
McPherson, John A. clerk, N. Y. & Erie B'nk, 

b. 36 W. Seneca. 
McPherson, Johu, butcher, Elk Street Market, 

h. 7 Vine. 
McPherson, Alexander, firm Evry & McP. b. 

36 W. Seneca. 
McPhilips, H. T. clerk, 240 Main. 
McQuade, Michael, lab. Third n. Va. 
McQuale, Capt. Charles, h. Fulton n. Ala. 
McQuan, George, musician, 18 Wm. 
McQueen, Peter, over 41 Main. 
McQueen, Alex, recess, Canal n. Maiden Lane. 
McQuiade, Neil, lab. Third n. Maryland. 
McQuide, Stephen, Van Slyke's planing mill. 
McRae, Daniel, gas fitter, b. 200 Wash. 
McTige, John, lab. h. Sandvtown. 
MeTom, D. clerk, 219 Main", b. 21 E. Eagle. 
McVean, Mrs. seamstress, 28 Jackson. 
McVicker, James, truckman, h. 26 Seventh. 
McWhorter, John, 117 E. Eagle. 
McWhorter, Frank, clerk, 18 E. Seneca. 
McWhorter, George, 50 Fifth. 

McWilliams, Francis, shoemaker, h. Ellicottn. 

McWilliams, Alex, clerk, 67 Main. 
Mabbatt, James, foreman, Eagle furnace, h. 

Fulton n. Alabama. 
Maber, John, lab. h. Adams n. Sycamore. 
Mabie, Moses T. shoe store, 278 Main, h. 2 

Mabie, Margaret, b. M. T. Mabie. 
Maboes, John, grc cer, Niag. n. Parish. 
Macbeth, Helen, widow, 91 E. Seneca. 
Maccloud, Mrs. widow, 91 E. Seneca. 

Macer, Thompson's white lead factory. 

Mache, Wm. tailor, h. Batavia n. Cedar. 
Mache, Adolf, goldsmith, b. W. Mache. 
Machold, Gottfried, joiner, h. Spring n. Syc. 
Machled, John, 580 Wash. 
Machmer, Adam, teamster, cor. Jefferson and 

Machrith, Edward, b. 9 S. Division. 
Machwrith, Adolph, tinsmith, h. 371 Main. 
Mack & Wakelee, ship chandlers, Long wharf. 
Mack, Wm. J. firm Mack <fc Wakelee, h. 118 

Mack, James, truckman, h. 113 Folsom. 
Mack, John, Louisiana n. Ottowa. 
Mack, Catharine, widow, Louisiana n. Ottowa. 
Mack, Wm. shoemaker, h. 327 E. Genesee. 
Mack, Michael, lab. h. La. n. Ottowa. 
Mackay, Edward, m. d. 123 Pearl. 
Mackay, John, coachman, h. 83 Ellicott. 
Mackintosh, Jane, widow, h. Elk n. Chicago. 
Macklin, Henry, mason, h. cor. Tupper and 

Macomber, Orlando, at'y, 2 Terrace, b. 62 E. 

Macomber, Charles S. att'y at law, h. 41 

Madden, Edw. firm E. M. & Co. h. 44 Fifth. 
Madden, John, cor. State and Canal. 
Madden, E. & Co. coal dealers, Erie and ship 

Madden, John, on R. R. h. Seneca n. junc. Ex. 
Madison, Mi&s Marie L. music teacher, 151 

Madison, James H. book-keeper, International 

Bank, b. 22 Carroll. 
Madison, William, merchant, 43 Main, h. 151 

Madison, Charles, 10 E. Eagle. 
Madison, Geo. W. auction and com. mer. 43 

Main, b. 151 Franklin. 
Maear, Frederick, grocer, h. Wm. opp. Potter. 
Maeder, Frantz, joiner, h. Va. n. Maple. 
Maerz, Conrad, mason, h. Ash n. Genesee. 
Maerz, Conrad, carpenter, h. Walnut n. Syc. 
Maerz, Christian, cooper, b. Teter Bauer. 
Maffet, Fred. 11 E. Swan. 
Maffet, T. W. b. Boston hotel. 
Magett, Thomas, whitesmith, h. 62 Fifth. 
Mahan, Mary A. widow, Clinton n. Pine. 
Mahaney, John, 4th n. Conn. 
Mahaney, Cornelius, Ohio n. Mackinaw. 
Mahaney, Mrs. widow, Nichols' Alley. 
Mahany, Cornelius, lab. cor. N. Lafavette and 

Mahany, John, lab. h. Can-oil bel. Mich. 
Mahany, Malachi, Daugherty's Alley. 



Mahany, Eulie, widow, h. Elk n. the bridge. 

Mahar, William E. engineer, h. 4th n. Court. 

Mahar, John, Green n. Wash. 

Mahar, William, boat builder, h. Church n. 

Mahar, Francis, Rumsey's tannery. 

Maharg, John, carman, h. Carey n. Morgan. 

Maher, Jeremiah, lab. h. N. Div. n. Hickory. 

Maher, Philip, lab. Folsom n. Kinney. 

Maher, James, lab. h. Folsom bel. Kinney. 

Maher, Edward, plumber, h. Liberty n. Elk. 

Maher, Patrick, policeman, Perry n. Red 

Maher, Edmund, lab. h. Elk n. Hayward. 

Malier, Martin, lab. h. Folsom bel. Kinney. 

Mahigan, Cornelius, lab. h. Chicago n. Ohio. 

Mahigan, John, lab. h. La. n. Ohio. 

Mahog, James, carman, h. Elk cor. Hamburg. 

Mahon, Thomas, lab. h. cor. lOthand Carolina. 

Mahoney, Thomas, Norton st. foundry. 

Mahoney, Daniel, lab. h. La. n. Ohio. 

Mahoney, Martin, Ohio n. Miami. 

Mahoney, Patrick, lab. Indiana opp. L. & I. J. 

Mahoney, John, cabinet maker, Prince & Co. 

Mahoney, William, lab. h. 6th n. Md. 

Mahoney, John, lab. h. 4th n. Ga. 

Mahoney, Michael, lab. h. Pollard, Hydraulics. 

Mahoney, Margaret, Ex. n. La. 

Mahoney, Michael, on dock, h. Ex. bel. Chi- 

Mahoney, John, truckman, Ex. bel. Chicago. 

Mahoney, Pat. blacksmith, h. Steuben bel. Ala. 

Mahoney, Helen, widow, Nichols' Alley. 

Mahoney, R. widow, Nichols' Alley. 

Mahoney, Owen, lab. h. cor. Court and Canal 

Mahoney, Timothy, b. Owen Connelly. 

Mahoney, James, at Howell's boat yard. 

Mahoney, Timothy, sailor, h. La. n. Elk. 

Mahoney, Pat. Ohio n. La. 

Mahoney, John, lab. Ohio n. Chicago. 

Mahoney, Dennis, lab. h. Ex. bel. La. 

Mahoney, Wm. lab. h. Ex. bel. Van Rens- 

Mahoney, Marston L. Main n. Ferry, 

Maier, Carl, Ex. Hydraulics. 

Maier, Gottlieb, cabinet maker, h. Cypress n. 

Maier, Francis X. turner, h. Bennett n. Wm. 

Maierle, Joseph, tailor, Batavia n. Pine. 

Maillefert, Samuel, Maple, ab. Goodell. 

Maillefert, Charles, teacher, h. Maple above 

Main, Thos. with Amer. Express Co. 

Mainzer, John, Hollister n. Spring. 

Maishoss, John, tinsmith, cor. Gen. and Elm. 

Maitland, James, express, b. 20 Ex. 

Major, Henry, painter, h, 4 Centre. 

Makepeace, Henry F. 145 Main. 

Malcolm, John, last maker, 221 Carroll. 

Male, Alfred, joiner, Fulton n. Ala. 

Maley, Miss Anna, dressmaker, over 422 Main. 

Maley, Fred, blacksmith, h. Hamilton n. East. 

Malhoubie, Charles, French teacher, h. 1 John- 
son Place. 

Maliarte, Gustav, watchmaker, h. Cypress n. 

Mallon, James, 68 Fifth. 

Mallon, Capt. Hugh, York n. 10th. 

Mallon, Daniel, carpenter, h. Spruce n. Gen. 

Mallory, John, recess, Canal at the bridge. 

Mally, Ellen, widow, Wash. n. Perry. 

Mally, Patrick, pedler, h. Ex. n. Chicago. 

Malone, Thomas, plumber, 330 Main. 

Malone, Anthony, ship carpenter, b. Jane 

Malone, David, b. Jane Nicholson. 
Malone, James, tailor, h. Ohio at tollbridge. 
Malone, Peter, tailor, 91 E. Seneca. 
Malone, John, on lake, h. 91 E. Seneca. 
Malone, Pat. lab. h. over 8 Canal. 
Malone, John, tobacco cutter, J. S. Combs & 

Co. b. Genesee house. 
Malone, Richard, porter, Genesee house. 
Maloney, Patrick, at Buff. St. Eng. Works. 
Maloney, Michael, milkman, b. 318 E. Swan. 
Maloney, Thomas, plumber, b. 20 Ex. 
Maloney, Catharine, widow, 130 Franklin. 
Maloney, Pat. lab. h. Fifth n. Md. 
Maloney, C. widow^ Sixth n. Hudson. 
Maloney, John, lab. Court bel. 5th. 
Maltzel, George, joiner, h. Sycam. n. Jefferson. 
Maltby, Mrs. J. F. 71 Oak. 
Manchester, Bradford A. mortgage, bill and 

stock broker, 1 Brown's buildings, h. 17 

Mandle, Matthews, cooper, b. N. Canal n. the 

R. R. 
Mang, John M. shoemaker, 293 Main, b. 43 

Mang, Wm. shoemaker, 293 Main, h. 43 Syc. 
Manhard, John, tailor, h. Batavia n. Pine. 
Manhard, Frank, shoemaker, Batavia n. Pine. 
Manion, Wm. warehouseman, h. B unveil n. 

Mank, Wm., Van Slyke's boat yard. 
Mauley, George, 205 Del. 
Manley, Seth B. mer. cor. Niag. and Albany. 
MANLEY, D. S. proprietor Buffalo Nursery, 

Utica west of Del. — See adv. p. 79. 
MANLEY, WM. R, banker and ex. broker, 

over 192 Main, b. Clarendon. — See adv. p. 82. 
Manley, James, engineer, J. A. Pitts, h. 4th n. 

Manley, Charles, clerk, 21 Central Wharf, h. 

Niag. cor. Albany. 
Manly, John, lab.h. Louisiana n. Ohio. 
Manly, Timothy, Ohio n. toll bridge. 
Mann, P. lab. J. A. Pitts. 
Mann, Mary, widow, Wm. H., Va. n. Niag. 
Mann, Fred, cigar maker, h. Jefferson n. Peck- 
Mann, Wm. B. com. mer. Merch. Exchange, h. 

Main, Cold Spring. 
Mann, William W. atty, h. 29 Ellicott. 
Mann, Charles J. produce mer. 15 Central 

Wharf, h. 109 E. Swan. 
Mann, James, blacksmith, h. 199 Seventh. 
Mann, Peter, lab. h. Sycamore n. Pratt. 
Mann, Vail & Co. agents, N. Y., Boston, and 

Western line, Erie and Ship Canal. 
Mann, Curtis, firm M., Vail & Co. h. Sum- 
mer W. of Del. 
Mann, Elizabeth, widow of Charles, Steuben 

n.Van Rensselaer. 



Mann, ¥m. H. sailor, h. Roos' alley. 

Mann, Ransom W. daguerrean, 246 Main, b. 

25 Pearl. 
Maun, Belshazer, clerk, 221 Main. 
Mannett, Wenzelaus, blacksmith, h. Monroe 

n. Batavia. 
Manney, Mrs. widow, Evans bel. Fly. 
Manning, Pat. lab. b. Ohio n. tollbridge. 
Manning, John, lab. Van Slyke's boat yard. 
Manning, Simon, macbinist, b. 211 E. Seneca. 
Manning, Aaron, saddler, 3 E. Seneca, h. 100 

E. Eagle. 
Manning, Nicholas, h. rear of 115 E. Seneca, 

Manning, Samuel B. miller, h. Mason n. 

Manning, John, Ohio n. tollbridge. 
Manning, Wm. with Howard & Co. 
Manning, James H. Tucker's livery stable. 
Manning, Jerry G. firm H. Adams & Co. b. 26 

E. Seneca. 
Manning, Michael, Van Slyke's boat yard. 
Mannion, Patrick, carman, h. cor. Perry and 

Mannion, Michael, sailor, h. Mich. n. Ohio. 
Manns, Henry, butcher, h. Vermont n. 13th. 
Manny, Patrick, blacksmith, h. Ex. n. Chi- 
Manser, Frederick, with G. A. Prince & Co. b. 

Thomas Manser. 
Manser, Thomas, h. 14th n. Jersey. 
Mansion, P. Dorsheimer, cor. Main and Ex. 
Mansfield, Wm. Q. m. d. 165 E. Seneca. 
Mansfield, Wm. W. clerk, 290 Main, b. 38 

Mantel, George, lab. h. Pratt n. Genesee. 
Manthe, Charles, shoemaker, h. Walnut n. 

Manweiler, Jacob, wagon maker, b. Peter 

Mapes, Stephen, h. 11th n. Md. 
Maples, Olney B. elk, 196 Main, b. Franklin. 
Mapleson, Page, currier, h. 5 Beak. 
Marcy, G. D. b. Mansion. 
Mardy, Lewis, whitewasher, h. 20 Blossom. 
Marea, Mary A. 24 Illinois. 
Marea, Margaret, widow, 24 Illinois. 
Marhofer, Jacob, morocco dresser, h. Potter 

n. Gay. 
Margi, John, gardener, h. Gray n. Genesee. 
Marigold, Henry, in spice factory, 6 Hanover. 
Marikof, Frank, cabinet maker, 115 Main. 
Marine Block, cor. Ohio and Liberty. 
Marine Bank, 75 Main. 
Mark, John, h. Palmer n. Md. 
Markane, Wm. mason, h. 100 Walnut. 
Markham, Thos. carp. h. Watson n. Bristol. 
Markham, Thos. J. upholsterer, h. Watson n. 

Markle, John J. engineer, Elkn. Michigan. 
Marks, Michael, 171 Washington. 
Marks, Patrick, b. Fred. Schweder. 
Marks, Solomon, cutter, 166 Main. 
Marks, Henry, in pail factory, h. cor. East and 

Marlcy, Patrick, lab., h. Clinton Avenue. 
Marony, Mary, widow, h. Miss. n. Perry, r. 
Marony, Michael, lab. h. Evans n. Water. 

Marony, Daniel, h. Chicago n. Ohio. 
Marquet, Josephine, widow, r. 100 Elm. 
Marr, John, cooper, h. cor. IJtica and Rogers. I 
Marsh, Andrew M. clerk, b. 144 Carroll. 
Marsh, Martha, widow of Ray, 17 Batavia. 
Marsh, Phineas S. com. mer. 12 Cen. Wharf, h. 

120 S. Division. 
Marsh, LeRoy W. clothier, 122 Main, b. 144 

Marsh, Mary Ann, widow, 144 Carroll n. Mich j 
Marsh, Joseph, W. Y. C. R. R. b. Mansion. 
Marshall, Amos, h. Maiden Lane, cor. Fly, 
Marshall, Mary, widow of M. 11 Pine, 
Marshall & Harvey, att'ys, over 330 Main. 
Marshall, Orsamus H. firm Marshall & Harvey 

h. 78 Pearl. 
Marshall, John, Mulberry n. Carlton. 
Marshall, Mrs. J. E. 78 Pearl. 
Marshall, Garrett, 76 Carroll. 
Marshall, Charles R. clerk, Palmer & Gardner 

h. cor. N. Canal and old city line. 
Marsilliott, Malcolm, finisher, b. 7 Scott. 
Marstoph, John, at Swartz's Iron Works 
Martell, John, with F. N. Jones. 
Martens, Caroline, widow of Charles, 403Mict 
Martens, John, tailor, h. Mich n. Goodell. 
Marter, Louis, saddler, b. cor. Batavia an 

Martial, John, painter, h. Hospital n. Seventl 
Martin, Aaron, hotel, Martin's Corners. 
Martin, Alexander J. at theatre, h. 5th n. Yoi 
Martin, Angus, sailor, b. Thomas Clark 
Martin, Catharine, widow of Daniel, Ninth i 

Martin, Capt. John, 16 Sixth. 
Martin, Dan'l, clerk, h. Thompson n. Amhers 
Martin, David, joiner, b. Sarah E. Long 
Martin, David, blacksmith, h. Maple n. Cherrj 
Martin, Edward, fisherman, h. Mason n. A 

Martin, Francis, teamster, h. Niag. n. Austi 
Martin, Gaylord, brickmaker, with George 

Martin, Gideon, sailor, h. Fulton n. Ala 
Martin, Henry N. firm Swartz, Sprague & 

h. 28 Ellicott. 
Martin, Henry, porter, h. 248 Franklin. 
Martin, Henry, R. R. sup't, cor. Main ar 

Martin, Henry, carpenter, h. 79 Ellicott. 
Martin, Henry H. b. Henry Martin. 
Martin, Henry S., Red Jacket saloon, b. M 

S. Philips. 
Martin, Jacob, Batavia cor. Hickory. 
Martin, Jesse, moulder, Jewett & Root. 
Martin, Joel, fisherman, h. Mason n. Aubur 
Martin, John, sailor, h. Carroll n. La. 
Martin, John, tailor, h. 503 Mich. 
Martin, John, tailor, 553 Mich. 
Martin, John, musician, h. cor. Court and 
Martin, Joseph, painter, h. 225 N. Division 
Martin, Joseph, ship carpenter, Van Slyk 

yard, h. 40 Delaware Place. 
Martin Luther College, Maple n. Va. 
Martin, Manuel, sailor, h. N. Division n. Poll 
Martin, Manuel, Buff. S. E. Works. 
Martin, Mary, widow of Martin, basement 

E. Seneca. 



Martin, Mary, widow, 19 Exchange. 

Martin, Mary, widow, Ohio ab. Chicago. 

Martin, Mrs. widow of J. B. 67 E. Genesee. 

Martin, Mrs. widow of John, 342 Michigan. 

Martin, Philip, blacksmith, h. 7th n. Carolina. 

Martin, Robert, sailor, h. La. n. Fulton. 

Martin, Stephen, grocer, Washington n. Greene. 

Martin, Thomas, across creek n. tollgate. 

Martin, William, joiner, h. Tenth n. Carolina. 

Martin, Wm. grocer, Elm n. Goodell. 

Martin, Wm. joiner, h. 132 Ellicott. 

Martindale, W. W. clerk, 194 Main. 

Martindale, Timothy, blacksmith, b. Mrs. 

Marvel, Agnes, nurse, b. Barker's alley. 

Marvel, Charles, Carlton n. Ellicott. 

MARVIN, LE GRAND & GEO. L. att'ys, 
156 Main.— See adv. p. 83. 

Marvin, Le Grand, firm Le G. & G. L. M. h. 
17 Oak. 

Marvin, George L. firm Le G. & G. L. M. h. 58 
W. Mohawk. 

Marvin, Sarah L. widow of Asa, 80 W. Huron. 

MARVIN, CLARK & CO. dry goods, 172 
Main. — See adv. p. 50. 

Marvin, Eurotas, firm M., Clark & Co. h. 93 

Marvin, Ebenezer, stove dealer, b. 38 Oak. 

Marvin, Sylvanus, grocer, dock cor. Canal. 

Marx, John, at Buffalo foundry, h. Sycamore 
n. Pratt. 

Marx, Matthias, lab. h. 447 Michigan. 

Mary, Louis, at Vulcan foundry. 

Masket, Adolph, blacksmith, h. 34 Union. 

Maskill, Robert, grocer, Terrace n. boat yard. 

Masmaun, Matthias, 222 E. Genesee. 

Masmann, Fritz, clerk, 103 Main, b. T. Cotter. 

Mason, Wm. W. constable, h. 43 Elm. 

Mason, Daniel, painter, h. 143 Clinton. 

Mason, John, grocer, Niagara cor. Morgan. 
,"j Mason, James, at Mansion, h. Elm n. High. 

Mason, Geo. A. ship joiner, h. Perry n. Hay- 

Mason, Altana, widow of James, 8 Chestnut. 

Mason & Lovering, 3 Merchant's Exchange. 

Mason, Wm. H. jr. exchange office, 247 Main, 
b. American. 

Mason, Amasa, Ferry n. Delaware. 

Mason, Andrew, ship carpenter, h. Perry n. 

Mason's Green House, cor. Del. and Ferry. 

Mason, Wm. W, with John Bush, h. 27 E. Sen. 

Mason, Andrew J. clerk, 215 Main, b. 27 E. 

Mason, Seth L. b. 27 E. Seneca. 

Mason, Mary E. teacher, District No. 7. b. 37 

- Ellicott. 

Mason, Samuel, b. 176 E. Swan. 

Mason, John B. butcher, b. John Mason. 

Mason, Benjamin D. portrait painter, b. Clar- 

Mason, James, ship carpenter, h. Perry n. Hay- 

,J Mason, , artist, b. cor. Pearl and Swan. 

3 * Mason, William M. b. American. 

Mason, Thomas, Ohio n. Chicago. 

Mass, John, lab. h. Mulberry n. High. 

Masse & Brothers, clothiers, 156 Main. 


Masse, Nelson, firm M. <fe Bro., b. Hotel do 

Masse, Solomon, firm M. & Bro. b. 23 Frankl. 
Massmer, Pet., cutter, h. cor. Tupper & Mich. 
Mast, Bernhard, joiner, h. Hickory n. Batavia. 
Mastaff, Christian, with C. Delaney. 
Masteu, Joseph G. attorney, Brown's Build- 
ings, h. Chestnut Lawn, Franklin south of 

Masten, John, b. J. A. Masten. 
Master, John, Spruce n. Sycamore. 
iVi aster, Catharine, 52 W. Tupper. 
Masters, John, blacksmith, h. Fulton n. Ala. 
Masters, Samuel, teamster, h. Fulton u. Ala. 
Masters, Julius, on railroad, b. Mrs. Ogden. 
Mather, L. Norton, clerk, J. W. Williams & 

Co., b. 11 Oak. 
Mather, Amos, mason, b. Samson's saloon. 
Mather, Theodore, Wadsworth house. 
Mather, John, Niagara Temperance house. 
Mathes, Philip, grocer, cor. Huron and 9th. 
Mathes, August, joiner, h. 163 Elm. 
Mathes, Julius, with P. Mathes, b. same. 
Matheson, M. C. dressmaker, 179 Franklin. 
Mathews, Pascal P. produce, 18 Carroll. 
Mathews A. I. & Co. druggists, 221 Main. 
Mathews, Amos I., firm A. I. M. & Co., h. 181 

Mathews, Betsy, 29 E. Swan. 
Mathewson, Wm. boiler maker, Buff. S. E. W., 

h. Fulton n. Chicago. 
Mathias, Christian, cabinet maker, h. Mich. n. 

Mathieson, Mrs. Grace, nurse, b. 77 Church. 
Mattei, Mattis, sculptor, under 207 Main. 
Matteson, Carlos W. clerk, 4 E. Seneca. 
MATTESON, HARRY H., bookseller, 4 B 

Seneca, h. 291 Oak. — See adv. p. 44. 
Matthaes, Christian G. dyer, Batav. n. Bennett 
Matthes, John, joiner, h. Eagle n. Hickory. 
Matthew, Kinyon, 157 Pearl. 
Matthews, Harry, printer, Express Office, b. 2 

Matthews, Ephraim, confectioner, J. Benson, 

h. Clinton n. Monroe. 
Matthews, James N. firm Clapp, M. & Co., h. 

97 S. Division. 
Matthews, David, sawyer, h. Perry n. Ala. 
Matthews, Mrs. E. 61 Chippewa. 
Matthews, Richard, U. S. Expr. office, h. 176 

S. Division. 
Matthews, Benjamin, whitewasher, h. Indiana 

n. Washington. 
Matthews, Henry, sawyer, h. across the creek 

n. tollgate. 
Mattice, Fred. M. joiner, h. 10th bey'd Jersey. 
Mattice, Ruth A. teacher, Dist. No" 1. 
Matties, August, with Kemp & Bartell. 
Matzdorf, Christian, blacksmith, Mulberry n. 

Maue, Michael, tailor, h. Cherry n. Hickory. 
Mauerman, Joseph, tailor, h. Maple n. Burton 
Maul, John, wood pedler, h. Adams n. Syc. 
Mauman, John, plasterer, h. 298 Pearl. 
Maurer, John, mason, h. 178 Oak. 
Maurer, Nich., musician, h. Hickory n. Wm. 
Maurer, John, clerk, 11 Main. 
Mauriot, Rev. Hector, St. Joseph College. 



Maus, John, plasterer, h. Johnson n. Genesee. 

Maus, Christian, at Eagle Furnace. 

May the, Utmar, boarding house, cor. Canal 

and Maiden Lane. 
Maxon, Alanson, clerk, 271 Main, h. ISTiag. Sq. 

3d beyond Bapt. Church. 
Maxwell, Joshua, h. 25 Ellicott. 
Maxwell, John, b. 5 Franklin. 
Maybach, Gottlieb, cuttler, h. Batavian. Hick- 
Maybach, Wm. harness maker, b. George J. 

Maybee, Wrn., Oak n. Genesee. 
Maybee, Ed. M., firm C. Scott <fc Co. 
Mayer, Frank, mason, h. 223 Elm. 
Mayer, Jacob, joiner, h. Locust. 
Mayer, John B. watchmaker, b. Batavia near 

Mayer, John, with Howard & Co. 
Mayer, Andre, boot maker, ISTiag. n. Va. 
Mayer, Peter, shoemaker, 23 E. Genesee. 
Mayer, Andrew, 106 Cedar. 
Mayer, Abraham, tailor, Pratt ab. Clinton. 
Mayes, George, joiner, 91 S. Division. 
May hew, Jonathan, 44 W. Mohawk. 
Mayhew, Fred. A., teller, Int'l Bank, b. 64 W. 

Mayli, John, shoemaker, b. Wm. Leuer. 
Maynard, Elisha A. president board health, h. 

56 East Seneca. 
Maynard, Robert H. land broker, h. 67 East 

Maynard, Friend H. engineer, N. Y. C. R. R. 
Meacham, Jacob, C. R. R. shop. 
Meacbam, John H. clerk, Davis, Sutton <fc Co. 

b. 126 Pearl. 
Mead/Bithia, widow of Richard, daguerrotyp- 

ist, over 274 Main. 
Mead, Wm. 115 N. Division. 
Mead, Pavid S., Oak near Tupper. 
Mead. Nathaniel, on the lake, h. 299 Mich. 
Mead, Thaddeus W. tallyman, N". Y. C. R. R. 

h. 25 S. Division. 
Mead, Walter, book-keeper, b. Mrs. Owen. 
Mead, Oscar, miller, h. N. Wash. n. Bouck. 
Meads, Horace, Walnut n. Sycamore. 
Mears, Thomas Y. liquor dealer, h. 22 Goodell. 
Meach, Horace J. with Cowing & Co. h. 30 

MEECLI, WELLINGTON, notary public, 

cor. Main and S. Div. b. Clarendon. — See 

adc. p. 83. 
Mecch, Samuel L. firm Cowing & Co. h. 166 

E. Swan. 
Meech, Asa B. over 223 Main, h. 26 Chippewa. 
Meech, Geo. W. at theatre, h. 193 Main. 
Meehan, John, with Bidwell, Banta & Co. h. 

234 Franklin. 
Meehan, John, ship carp. h. Chicago n. Elk. 
Meehem, Margaret, widow, h. 225 N.Divisiou. 
Mehl, Henry, grocer, r. 116 Sycamore. 
Mehl, Hartinan, butcher, h. Maple n. Burton 

Mehlcr, John, lab. h. Gray bel. Genesee. 
Meekens, John, with O. W. Ranney. 
Meekens, James, Auburn n. Niagara. 
Meeker, Henry, joiner, h. 261 East Swan. 
Meekins, Wm'. lab. h. Niag. n. Forest Avenue. 

Mehltretter, Chas. tailor, h. Spring n. Hinck- 

Mehnert, John, wagon maker, h. Goodell n, 

Mehnert, George, wagou maker, h. Goodell n. 

Mehrmann, John F.b. 112 Batavia. 

Meidenbauer, Geo., Michigan n. High. 

Meigs, Gideon, patent fence maker, Mechanic, 
h. 89 Ninth. 

Meineke, Henry, shoemaker, h. Goodell n. Ma- 

Meisinger, Martin, shoemaker, h. 296 Elm 

Meisinger, John, shoemaker, h. Elm n. Bur- 
ton alley. 

Meisser, Geo. shoemaker, 13 Com'l block. 

Meissner, Ernst, teacher, h. 88 Goodell. 

Meister, Edward, tailor, h. 581 Wash. 

Meister, Adam, lab. h. Hickory n. Genesee. 

Meister, Wm. shoemaker, h. Hickory n. Gen 

Melcher, Michael, tailor, h. Hickory n. Wm. 

Melheizer, John, cabinet maker, Taunt 

Mellen, Dewight, engineer, h. 144 E. Swan. 

Mellion, John, Pine n. William. 

Meloth, Peter, lab. h. Monroe n. William. 

Meloy, John, carp. Van Slyke's yard. 

Melvaney, Patrick, lab. h. Steuben n. Pollard 

Melviu, Bridget, widow, b. Mary Melvin. 

Melvin, John, cooper, h. Elk n. Louisiana. 

Melvin, Mary, widow, Ex. cor. Hamburgh 

Menaar, Nicholas, tinsmith, J. Otto & Co. h 
20 William. 

Mendel, Henry, painter, h. Watson n. Wm. 

Mendsen, Thomas H. firm R. J. & R. D. Slier 
man & Co. b. 29 E. Swan. 

Menger, Jacob, merchant, h. Elm n. Virginia 

Menges, William, piano maker, h. Kane n 

Mengus, Wm., Buff. S. E. Works. 

Menig, Joseph, joiner, h. Cypress n. Michigan 

Menig, Adam, Pratt n. Batavia. 

Menig, Valentine, joiner, h. Madison n. Bata 

Menkel, John, painter, h. Eagle cor. Hickory 

Mennert, John, wagon maker, h. Goodell e 

Mennig, Christian R. vinegar maker, Batavi 
i). Walnut. 

Mennig, Fred. lab. h. Waluut n. Batavia. 

Mensch, William, clothier. Wash. cor. Gen. 

Mensch, Mrs. widow of Valentine, 171 Elm. 

Mensch, C. widow, Cedar n. William. 

Mensch, Henry, tailor, 401 Michigan. 

Mensen. Pat. with Howard tfe Co. 

Meny, John, driver, b. 54 Ex. 

Meny, John, lab. h. Smith block, Carroll. 

Mercer, Wm. 11 Park Place. 

Mercer, Wm. V. J. jr. teller O. Lee & Co 
Bank, b. American. 

Merchant's Hotel, cor. Com'l and Lloyd. 

Merchant's Exchange, Hanover. 

Merchant's Dispatch Office, Lake Shore R. El 
freight depot. 

Merckel, Joseph, Prime n. Lloyd. 

Merckel, John, with P. L. Sternberg & Co. 

Merckle, Leonard, cabinet maker, b. Spruce 



Merganhagan, John, barber, 105 Carroll. 
Mergler, Bartel, joiner, h. Cherry n. Maple. 
Mergler, Peter, joiner, Eaton's planing mill. 
Beriam, Franklin, grocer, cor. o. Division and 

Meriam, Franklin, Capt. h. 198 E. Swan. 
Meridith, Richard, boarding house, Ex. bel. 

Merikle, John, shoemaker, 151 Oak. 
Merker, Julius, hardware store, Gen. n. Mich. 
Merkle, Henrietta, German beJ. Genesee. 
Merkle, Theresa, Sycamore n. Spring. 
Merckt, Macar, cooper, h. Locust u. Cherry. 
Merkt, Lawrence, with H. Wierling. 
Merkt, Joseph, brewer, h. Hickory n. Gen. 
Merkt, Markar, brewer, h. Locust. 
Meiiing, Andrew, brush maker, cor. Eagle 

and Walnut. 
Mernosh, John, ship carp. b. 4 Scott. 
Merrick, Margaret, widow of Joseph, 139 N. 

Merrick, Aaron C. clerk, 211 Main, 
Merrick, John, Buff. S. E. Works. 
Merrick, Mrs. music teacher, 39 Court 
Merrigau, Thomas, salesman, 212 Main, h. n. 

R. R. Depot. 
Merrill & McEw T en, carpet dealers, 212 Main. 
Merrill, George W. firm M. & McEwen, h. 82 

Merrill, Henry L. book-keeper, Amer. Trans. 

Co. h. Franklin n. Alien. 
Merrill, Albert S. justice of the peace, 148 

Main, h. 35 Cedar. 
Merrill, Jerome B. Ellicottn. Tupper. 
Merrill, Albert F. lumber dealer, cor. Seneca 

and Louisiana, b. 35 Cedar. 
Merrill, Edwin, with S. Shepard. 
Merrill, Freedom, book-keeper, R. R. Ex- 
change hotel, b. same. 
Merrill, Ira, h. Niag. u. Jersey. 
Merritt, James P. horse dealer, h. 121 Pearl. 
Merritt, John D. clerk, S. Hume & Co. h. 62 

Merritt, Gilbert H. painter, h. 35 Union. 
Merritt, Russell A. cooper, h. 11 Green. 
Merritt, B. H. firm Watson & M. h. Cottage n. 

Merritt, James M. firm M. & Bros. b. 138 E. 

Merritt, Rebecca, widow of Thomas, cor. Pine 

and Eagle. 
Merritt, Peter, cooper, h. Green n. Wash. 
Merritt, Richard A. carpenter, h. Fulton n. 

Merritt, James, trunk frame maker, Miss. n. 

Merritt, Burke, trunk frame maker, Miss. n. 

Co' Merritt, George H. clerk, Watson & M. h. 70 

S. Division. 
Merry, Henry J. surveyors' instrument maker, 

h. 4th n. Ga. 
Merry, L. painter, H. G. White. 
Meryiess, John, clerk, 138 Main. 
Merzey, Michael, at Vulcan foundry. 
Merzig, Nicholas, blacksmith, h. Lutheran n. 

Messen, Martin, wagon maker, b. C. Schmal. 


Messer, John, baker, Batavia n. Walnut. 

Messer, Christopher, sawyer, h. Dearborn n. 

Messer, John, chair maker, 233 Main. 

Messing, Wm. grocer, 189 E. Genesee. 

Messinger, John, shoemaker, b. 102 Batavia, 

Messier, Isaac C. joiner, h. 11th n. Va. 

Mesmer, John, lab. h. cor. N. Canal and old 
city line. 

Messmer, Michael, flour dealer, 277 Main, h. 

Messmer, Casper, blacksmith, h. Hickory n. 

Messmer, Peter, tailor, h. cor. Tupper and 

Messmer, Vincenz, pump maker, h. Genesee n. 

Messner, Peter, cabinet maker, 78 E. Genesee. 

Messner, Anton, brewer, h. Monroe n. Batavia. 

Metcalf, Bela B. firm A. B. Moore & Co. b. E. 

Metcalf, Horace A. clerk, White's Bank,b. 172 
S. Division. 

Metcalf, James H. keeper Southern hotel. 

Seneca. — See adv. p. 44. 

Methodist Church, JS T iag. between Pearl aud 

Metropolitan Theatre, 193 Main. 

Metz <fc Clark, att'ys at law, 13 Spaulding's 

Metz, Adam, lab. h. 44 Bennett. 

Metz, Christian, jr. firm M. & Clark, Spauld- 
ing's Exchange, b. Clarendon. 

Metz, Jacob, cooper, h. 44 Bennett. 

Metz, Jacob, moulder, h. 34 Bennett. 

Metz, Jacob, with Good & Moore. 

Metz, John, with E. & B. Holmes. . 

Metz, Michael, lab. h. 80 Bennett. 

Metz, Nicholas, joiner, h. Goodell n. Maple. 

Metz, Peter, shoemaker, h. Watson n. Wm. 

Metz, John, butcher, h. Batavia n. Pratt. 

Metz, Jacob, with Turner & Bros. 

Metz, Valentine, with Turner & Bros. h. Ben- 
nett n. Wm. 

Metzen, Peter, with Van Slyke, Evans & Co, 
h. Elm n. Batavia. 

Metzger, Zepheniah, butcher, h. Main n. toll- 

Metzger,Philip, tailor, h. Peckham n. Jefferson. 

Metzger, John, boarding house, Ex. near Mich. 

Metzger, George, livery stable, rear of Phoenix 
Hotel, h. 371 Michigan. 

Metzger, Florence, blacksmith, h. cor. N~iag. 
and Hampshire. 

Metzger, Jacob, cutter, 27 Main. 

Metzger, Francis, grocer, Ohio cor. Mackinaw. 

Metzler, John, mason, h. Clinton near Jefferson. 

Meuir, Charles, cor. Eagle and Pine. 

Meurer, Chas. cabinet finisher, h. Eagle n. 

Mevius, Eochen, tailor, h. Genesee n. Spruce, 

Mey, Michael, musician, Cypress, n. Mich. 

Mey, Cyprian, tailor, h. Johnson n. Genesee, 

Mey, Fritz, carpenter, h. rear 555 E. Seneca. 

Mey, Frederick, lab. h. Seneca n. Hydraulic 

Mey, John, lab. with Palmer & Gardner. 

Meyer, Alois, furnaceman, h. Ash n. Genesee. 



Meyer, Alfred, clerk, J. C. Patten & Co. h. 24 

Meyer, Anton, lab. h. Adams n. Batavia. 
Meyer, Conrad, at Swartz's Iron Works. 
Meyer, Christopher, cooper, h. Cypress n. Mich. 
Meyer, Charles, h. 141 E. Eagle. 
Meyer, Christian, with Dart & Bros. 
Meyer, Conrad, tailor, h. Cherry n. Spring. 
Meyer, Daniel, Canal n. Erie. 
Meyer, Fred., merchant, William opp. Potter. 
Meyer, Frederick, shoemaker, h. 134 Elm. 
Meyer, Frederick, firm M. & Tretbar, b. Hotel 

de PEurope. 
Meyer, F. music dealer, b. 27 Pearl. 
Meyer, George, 141 Sycamore. 
Meyer, Ceo., Gray above Batavia. 
Meyer, George, lab. h. Johnson n. Genesee. 
Meyer, John, lab. h. Monroe n. Batavia. 
Meyer, Joseph, lab. h. Kane n. Sycamore. 
Meyer, Joseph, grocer, cor. 6th and Carolina. 
Meyer, Jacob, cabinet maker, b. 112 Batavia. 
Meyer, John, boiler maker, h. 189 Spring. 
Meyer, John George, shoemaker, h. Adams n. 

Meyer, Joseph, on lake, h. Spring n. Sycam. 
Meyer, John, furnaceman, h. Spring n. Syc. 
Meyer, Jacob, with W. H. Gleuny, b. 142 Oak. 
Meyer, Jacob, joiner, h. Locust. 
Meyer, John U. lab. h. rear 201 E. Genesee. 
Meyer, John W. A. grocer, cor. Walnut and 

Meyer, Jacob C. saddler, Batavia, n. Spruce. 
Meyer, John, foreman, Bellows & Co. h. 

Cherry n. Spring. 
Meyer, John, laborer, Hickory n. Genesee. 
Meyer, John, stone cutter, h. Hickory n. 

Meyer, Lunhard, Michigan, near Burton Alley. 
Meyer, Mrs. Michael, Pratt n. Clinton. 
Meyer, Maria, widow of Jacob, 142 Oak. 
Meyer, Mary, widow, cor. Milnorand Batavia. 
Meyer, Michael, tailor, h. 137 Sycamore. 
Meyer, Peter, type caster, N. Lyman, h. 131 

Meyer, Philip, carpenter, h. Niag. n. Austin. 
Meyer, Peter, farmer, Military Road. 
Meyer, Smith, with Dart & Bros. 
Meyer, Simeon, cooper, h. Batavia n. Mortimer. 
Meyer, Stephen, apothecary, h. Pinen. Cypress. 
Meyer, Theodore, bricklayer, h. Mich. n. High. 
Meyer, Victoria, widow, Batavia n. Walnut. 
Meyer & Tretbar, music store, over 274 Main. 
Meyers, Francis L. jr. musician, Spring n. 

Meyers, Nicholas, with Andrews & Son, h. 

cor. Milnor and Batavia. 
Meyers, John, Niag. n. Farmer. 
Meyers, Lewis, Buff. Steam E. W. 
Michael, Nicholas, truckman, h. 41 N. Div. 
Michael, Lawrence, Buff. Steam E. W. 
Michael. Joseph, Buff. Steam E. W. 
Michaels, Henry, machiuist, Buff, car wheel 

Michel, Bernard, lab. h. 104 Cedar. 
Michel, Ignoz, shoemaker, h. Vermont n. 13th. 
Michel, Lorentz, in Buff. Steam E. W. h. 121 

Michigan St. M. E. Church, Mich. n. N. Div. 

MICHIGAN SOUTHERN R.R. office, foot of 

Com'l. — See adv. p. 86. 
MICHIGAN CENTRAL R. R. office, foot of 

Erie. — See adv. p. 87. 
Michigan St. Baptist Church, (colored) Mich. 

n. Batavia. 
Mickel, John, 307 Wash. 
Mickels, John, tailor, h. Adams n. Batavia. 
Mickley, Henry, machinist, Buffalo car whed 

Middleton, Geo. whitewasher, h. 451 Mich. 
Miesel, Christopher, lab. h. 16 Walnut. 
Mieth, Henry, shoemaker, 548 Mich. 
Mietsch, Juliana, widow of Chas., Hickory n. 

Mignerey, James, blacksmith, h. 314 Mich. 
Mignery, Nicholas, lab. h. 110 Elm. 
Mignery, Peter, lab. h. 110 Elm. 
Mihlberger, Geo. teamster, h. Sixth n. Pa. 
Mile,, Charles R. book-keeper, 63 Main, b. 15 

Miles, Chas. C. firm Tuton & M. h. 29 S. Div. 
Millar, Allen P. with A. Rumsey & Co. h. cor. 

Md. and Eleventh. 
Millar, Robert W. firm R. W. M. & Co., b. 

Millar, Ichabod P. keep'r Rainbow, h. Clinton 

n. Monroe. 
Millar, R. W. & Co. com. mer's, 25 Main. 
Millar, Geo. Buff. Steam E. W. 
Millard, Thos. clerk, Buff. Iron works, h. Niag. 

n. Bird Av. 
Millen, Adam, packer, 52 Main, h. Carlton n. 

Miller, A. D. A. & Co. grocers, 28 Main. 
Miller, A. D. A. firm A. D. M. & Co. h. 30 

Miller, Adam, Clinton n. Spring. 
Miller, Adam, sr. musician, h. 88 Cherry. 
Miller, Adam, jr. musician, Cherry n. Spring. 
Miller, Alexander, Cottage cor. Md. 
Miller, Adolph, tinsmith, h. Ketchum Alley. 
Miller, Andrew, blacksmith, h. over Peier 

Miller, Andreas, tailor, Spring n. Genesee. 
Miller Andrew, mason, h. 73 Sycamore. 
Miller, Augustus, with Geo. Sargent. 
Miller, Adolphus, firm Myers & M., b. 3C8 

Miller, Bernhard H. painter, h. 503 Mich. 
Miller, Barbara, dressmaker, 243 Elm. 
Miller, Charles F. & Co., livery stable, cor. 

Terrace and Evans. 
Miller, Charles G. 6 Brown's Buildings, h.214 

Miller, Charles, painter, h. 225 Pearl. 
Miller, Christian, mason, h. Walnut between 

Batavia and William. 
Miller, Conrad, musician, h. next to 90 Cherry. 
Miller, Conrad, teamster, Adams n. Genesee. 
Miller, Conrad, cabinet make]-, 233 Main, h. 

189, E. Eagle. 
Miller, Charles, lockman, h. 32 Del. Place. 
Miller, Chauncey H. at McMillen's boat yard, 

h. Carroll below La. 
Miller, Conrad, joiner, h. Pratt n. Eagle. 
Miller, Conrad, lab. h. Adams n. Batavia. 
Miller, Christiau, weaver, 204 E. Genesee. 



Miller. Chas. F. firm C. F. M.& Co.h. 45 Pearl- 
Miller, Charles, carp. Genesee n. Jefferson. 
Miller, Daniel, tailor, 132 Elm. 
Miller, Daniel, mason, h. Walnut n. "William. 
Miller, David S. 211 Washington. 
Miller, David, mason, h. Walnut n. William. 
Miller, Ethard, wheel'right, b. Casper Wagner. 
Miller, Elizabeth, widow of William T. 214 

Miller, Fred, with E. & B. Holmes. 
Miller, Frederick, Maple n. High. 
Miller, Frederick, carpenter, Burton n. Mich. 
Miller, Frederick S. captain, h. 112 S. Division. 
Miller, Frederick, lab. h. 321 Elm. 
Miller, George, painter, b. 46 Ex. 
Miller, George, baker, b. 105 Pine. 
Miller, Geo. lab. h. Best n. Elm. 
Miller, Gottlieb, lab. h. St. Paul near Main. 
Miller, George, h. Ferry. 
Miller, George, lab. h. over Aud. Frambach's. 
Miller, Henry, stone cutter, h. 296 Elm. 
Miller, Henry, Batavia n. Adams. 
Miller, Henry, joiner, h. 549 Mich. 
Miller, Henry H. book-keeper city surveyor, 

h. cor. Delaware and Ferry. 
Miller, Henry, shoemaker, Michigan n. Goodell. 
Miller, Henry B. firm M. & Bender, h. 64 Oak. 
Miller, Hiram C. clerk, 216 Maiu, b. Boston 

Miller, Henry, painter, b. 200 Ex. 
Miller, Harry, alderman 6th ward, h. Walden 

south of Genesee. 
Miller, Harry, moulder, h. cor. Cedar and 

Miller, Jacob S., Delaware cor. Ferry. 
Miller, Jacob, 173 Main, h. cor. Genesee and 

Miller, James M., sail rigger, E. K. Bruce, h. 

Elk n. Ala. 
Miller James, insurance agent, 1 Brown's 

Buildings, h. 380 Main. 
Miller, James, waiter, R. R. Hotel. 
MILLER, JOHN", tin and coppersmith, 395 

Main. — See adv. p. 68. 
Miller, John, furuaceman, Ea-le Furnace. 
Miller, John, mason, h. Cherry n. Michigan. 
Miller, James, blacksmith, 135 Elm. 
Miller, Jacob, shoemaker, h. Fox n. Genesee. 
Miller, John, lab. h. Best n. Elm. 
Miller, John, tailor, b. 495 Wash. 
Miller, Jacob, Thompson's white lead factory. 
Miller, John, moulder, Buffalo Steam Engine 

Miller, John G. grocer, cor. Wash, and Ex. b. 

Miller, John F. barber, h. Maple n. Goodell. 
Miller, John G. F. boarding house, cor.Clinton 

and Elm. 
Miller, John, laborer, h. 256 Franklin. 
Miller, John, joiner, h. St. Paul n. Main. 
Miller, John, last maker, h. 137 East Eagle. 
Miller, John, milkman, h. Niagara near Bird. 
Miller, John, ship carpenter, h. cor. Chippewa 

and Main. 
Miller, John, carp. h. Main near Chippewa. 
Miller, Joseph, cooper, h. Court near Hospital. 
Miller, John, sailor, b. 59 Washington. 
Miller, John, lab. h. 384 E. Genesee. 

Miller, John, jr. at Eagle Furnace. 
Miller, John, on lake, h. Hickory n. William. 
Miller, John, gardener, h. Walnut n. Batavia. 
Miller, Joseph, lab. h. Hickory n. Batavia. 
Miller, Joseph, bricklayer, h. Hinckley near 

Miller, John B. with Howard & Co. 
Miller, Joseph, at Hart's factory, b. Anthony 

Miller, John, tinsmith, h. Pine n. William. 
Miller, Julius, carp. h. Ex. n. Vanrensselaer. 
Miller, Lewis, ship joiner, Pratt near Eagle. 
Miller's Livery Stable, cor. Terrace, Lock and 

Miller, human A. clerk, receiver's office, h. 93 

N. Division. 
Miller, Lawrence, porter, Railroad Hotel. 
Miller, Matthias, shoemaker, h. Locust near 

Miller, Michael, joiner, h. Gen.ab. Jefferson. 
Miller, Mrs. widow of Wm. T. 214 Franklin. 
Miller, Mary, Fly uear Evans. 
Miller. Mark, blacksmith, h. Mich opp. Fulton. 
Miller, Nicholas, mason, 487 Washington. 
Miller, Nicholas, lab. h. 254 E. Genesee. 
Miller, Otto, joiner, h. Spring cor. Hollister. 
Miller's omnibus office, Main near Ferry. 
Miller, Philip, shoemaker, h. 562 Mich. 
Miller, Peter, boarding-house, 200 Exchange. 
Miller, Peter, mason, h. Batavia near Pine. 
Miller, Philip, clerk, h. Genesee bel. Spring. 
Miller, Philip, fresco painter, h. 243 Elm. 
Miller, Peter, moulder, h. cor. Clinton and 

Miller, Philip, clerk, 37 Ohio. 
Miller, R. painter, H. G. White. 
Miller, Richard, ship carpenter, h. Milnor n. 

Miller, Richard, truckman, h. Mark n.William. 
Miller, Sebastian, with Pratt & Co. h. Pine 

cor. Sycamore. 
Miller, Susan, widow of Nicholas, Walnut &. 

Miller, Samuel E. cabinet mak. h. 42 Jackson. 
Miller, Thomas, gardener, cor. Seventh and 

Miller, William F. attorn ey-at-law, Brown's 

Buildings, h. 188 Pearl. 
Miller, Wm. W. clerk, T. Williams & Co. b. 50 

S. Division. 
Miller & Bender, publishers Telegraph, 358 

Millett, Frank, at Howell's boat yard. 
Millett, John, at Howell's boat yard. 
Millheiser, John, cabinetmaker, h. 204 S. Div. 
Milligan, Eugene A. lab. h. Steuben n. Ala. 
Milliken, Charles A. grocer, 63 Main, h. 420 

Millington & Brother, umbrella and parasol 

manufacturers, 259 Main. 
Millington, Edwin H. firm M. & Bro. h. 57 N. 

Millington, Joseph, at Iron Works, h. N. Wash. 

n. Bird A v. 
Milliugton, Thomas, Niag. near Forest Av. 
Mills, Robert, on the lake, h. 50 Sixth. 
Mills, James H. blacksmith, h. 23 Union. 
Mills, John, engineer, h. 52 William. 



Mills, J. G. & W. I. grocers and fruit dealers, 

89 Main. 
Mills, Wm. firm J. G. & W. I. Mills, h. 133 

Mills, Ansel, blacksmith, h. 56 E. Eagle. 
Mills, Henry, melodeon tuner, h. 330 S. Div. 
Mills, George, compass maker, h. Smith block, 

Mills, George, Perry n. 111. 
Mills, R. H., Buffalo Steam Engine Works. 
Mills, John, porter, h. Georgia u. 5th. 
Mills, John, lab. rear 54 Fifth. 
Mills, Nancy, widow, Evans ab. Canal. 
Mills, Calvin J. clerk, Mack & Wakelee, h. 85 

Mills, Charles R. b. 137 Delaware. 
Millward, Matthew, gas fitter, b. 200 Wash. 
Millson, George, engineer, h. Walnut n. Eagle. 
Milner, Walpurga, Adams n. Sycamore. 
Miluor, Robert, m. d. cor. William and Potter. 
Milnor, A. George, 11 Milnor. 
Milsom, Wm. stucco worker, h. Steuben above 

Milton, Patrick, 123 Main. 
Miner, Julius F. m. d., 115 S. Division. 
Miner, R. B. car builder, h. East n. Parish. 
Minch, Anthony, blacksmith, h. Pratt near 

Minchen, Maurice, lab. b. J. Cavanagh. 
Mings, James, with J. G. & W. I. Mills. 
Mings, Wra. livery stable, W. Huron n. Main. 
Minihen, J. widow, Exchange uear Heacock. 
Minkle, Adam, cabinetmaker, 233 Main, h. 75 

Minkler, Peter, cigar mak. Milnor n. Batavia. 
Minor, Julius F. m. d. h. 115 S. Div. 
Minor, Henry D. blacksmith, b. Thos. Carran. 
Minox, John, at Howell's boat yard. 
Mires, Jacob, finisher, h. Mortimer n. Genesee. 
Mirtis, John, Eagle Furnace, h. Cypress near 

Mischka, Adalbert, joiner, h. Main. cor. Burton 

Mischo, John, mason, h. Mulberry near High. 
Mischo, John, blacksmith, Pine cor. Batavia. 
Mislin, John, shoem'kr, h. Hinckley n. Spring. 
Mitchell, James, joiuer, h. 155 Delaware. 
Mitchell, Geo B. book-keeper, h. Niagara, 4th 

doOr beyoud Baptist church. 
Mitchell, Thomas, joiner, h. r. 121 Clinton. 
Mitchell, Wm. stone cutter, h. Palmer n. Md. 
Mitchell, Wm. H. gardener, h. St. Paul. 
Mitchell, Capt. James S. 98 Folsom n. Chicago. 
Mitchell, Win. W. boatman, h. Steuben n. Ala. 
Mitchell, Edward A. cook, h. 6 William. 
Mitchell, Roderick, engineer, h. 14th n. York. 
Mitchell, Daniel, with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Mitchell, Olivia, widow, 1 Boston Block, Niag. 
Mitchell, Alex, blacksmith, C. R. R. shop. 
Mitchell, Wm. butcher, b. W. G. Coinerford. 
Mitchell, Rachael E. milliner, b. 37 Ellicott. 
Mitchell, Isabella, 95 E. Seneca. 
Mitchell, Robert, lab. with J. C. Evans. 
Mitchell, Robert, blacksmith, b. T. Cotter. 
Mitchell, David, marble polisher, D. Belden. 
Mitchell, Edward, stone cutter, b. W. Mitchell. 
Mitchell, Charles H. clerk, 184 Main. 
Mitchell, Lewis, cook, h. Walnut n. Syc. 

Mitcke, Frederick, mason, h. Boston. 

Mitson, Robert, ship carpenter, b. 260 £. Sen. 

Mittag, Henry, shoemaker, 176 Elk. 

Mittler, Lorentz, potter, h. Johnson n. Genesee. 

Missert, Jacob, shoemaker, 572 Washington. 

Mixer, Sylvester F. m- d. office and h. 74 E. 

Mixer, Harvey M. lumber dealer, 6 Mart, Ohio, 

b. American. 
Mixer, Leauder W. with Harvey M. Mixer, b. 

Mock, Adam, blacksmith, h. Heacock n, Sen. 
Mock, John, stone cutter, h. Adams n. Syc. 
Mocklan, John, lab. h. 269 Franklin. 
Moehring, Charles L. shoemaker, Genesee n. 

Moeller, Edward, music teacher, over 302 

Moeller, Joachim, shoemaker, h. Spruce n. 

Moenneke, Conrad, painter, h. Gray n. Gen. 
Moersfelder, Nicholas, cutler, 348 Main. 
Moersfelder, Nicholas, jr. 348 Main. 
Moeser, Wm. cigar maker, Ash cor. Genesee. 
Moeser, Jacob, pedler, h. Kaene. 
Moessinger, Geo. grocer, cor. Elm and Gen. 
Moessinger, John, cabinet maker, 115 Main. 
Moest, John, shoemaker, 393 Main. 
Moffat, James, brewer, h. Morgan n. Mohawk. 
Moffatt, Wm. brewer, h. Morgan n. Mohawk. 
Moffat, D. A. painter, H. G. White. 
Moffat's Brewery, June. Morgan and Mohawk. 
Moffatt, Alex, melodeon maker, h. 6th u. Pa. 
Mohr, Wm. organ maker, h. Ellicott n. Burton 

Mohr & Schlag. clothiers, 382 Main. 
Mohr, Edward, firm M. & Schlag, h. Ellicott 

n. Goodell. 
Mohrs, Jacob, joiner, h. William n. Walnut. 
Moisenot, John, with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Moissinac, Baptist a, cook, h. 280 E. Swan. 
M older, Jacob, butcher, 212 E. Genesee. 
Molony, James, umbrella maker, h. 20 Scott. 
Molter, Louis, painter, h. Cherry n. Spring. 
Molloy, Ellen, nurse, 5 Ellicott. 
Molloy, J. widow, Nichols' alley. 
Molloy, Thomas, plumber, b. 30 Ex. 
Molloy, James, on R. R. b. Thos. Hennessy. 
Molloy, Mary, widow, 2'J Illinois. 
Molloy, Matthew, ship joiner, b. 20 Illinois. 
Molloy, Joseph, ship joiner, b. 20 Illinois. 
Monaghan, Pat. cor. Water and Coin'l. 
Monholl, Wm. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Monat, Wenzel, blacksmith, F. Colligon. 
Monier, George F., lumber dealer, h. 100 Elm 
Monnin, Charles, machinist. 48 Ex. h. same. 
Monroe, James, joiner, b. Red Jacket. 
Monroe, Wm. C. jr., on lake, h. 9th n. Va. 
Monroe, John, sail maker, b. 46 Ex. 
Monroe, Win. H. 40 East Seneca. 
Monroe, Jeremiah D. ship carp. h. 65 Sixth. 
Monroe, Wm. C. sr. whip man'r, 359 Main, h. 

9th n. Va. 
Monroe, George, pedler, b. J. N. Claessen. 
Monteath, William, for. and com. mer. Marine 

Block, Ohio, h. 54 E. Swan. 
Monteath, George H. clerk, Wm. Monteath, b. 

73 E. Seneca. 



Montavun, Geo. cavpeuter, b. Chicago n. Ex. 
Montgomery, Augusta R., m. d. 129 Franklin. 
Montgomery, Robert, firm M. V. Houliston, h. 

100 N. Division. 
Montgomery, Capt. John H. h. 149 N. Div. 
Montgomery, Wm. ornamental painter, h. 153 

Montgomery & Houliston, ex. brokers, 3 Ex. 
Montgomery, George, tanner, N. Case & Co. b. 

Franklin house. 
Montgomery, Elizabeth, widow of Henry, 133 

Montgomery, Hugh M. book keeper, 174 Main, 

b. 153 Ninth. 
Moody, James, 202 Franklin. 
Moody, John W„ h. Oak near Tupper. 
Mook, John, with E. & B. Holmes. 
Moon, Merrills A. clerk, 202 Wash. b. 11 Oak. 
Moon, Hiram D. clerk, b. 51 E. Seneca. 
Mooney, Patrick, with T. J. Noye, h. Fulton 

n. Chicago. 
Mooney, Robert, shoemaker, h. Elk n. Marvin. 
Mooney, John, lab. h. Marvin n. Fulton. 
Moouey, John, joiner, h. 18 Elm. 
Mooney, James, clerk, b. 18 Elm. 
Mooney, L. engraver, and lithographer, over 

206 Main, h. 118 Pearl. 
Mooney, John, blacksmith, S. Shepard. 
Mooney, John A. h. Seventh cor. Pa. 
Mooney, Samuel, blacksmith, Van Rensselaer 

n. the canal. 
Mooney, John, b. Thos. Carroll. 
Mooney, James, carpenter, h. 7 Scott. 
Mooney, John, blacksmith, h. Hydraulics. 
Mooney, Peter, grocer, 174 E. Seneca. 
Mooney, John, porter, Southern hotel. 
Moor, Margaret, milliner, Oak, n. N. Division. 
Moor, Michael, lab. h. Pratt n. Sycamore. 
Moore, Alexander, cook, b. James Morrison. 
Moore, Andrew, at Eagle Furnace. 
MOORE, A. B. & CO. druggists, 225 Main. 

— See adv. p. 56. 
Moore, Andrew B. firm A. B. M. & Co., h. 193 

Moore, Augustus C. city assessor, h. 263 Elk. 
Moore, Charles, boarding house, Evans n. Fly. 
Moore, Chester, clerk, E. S. Bemis, b. B. R. 

Moore, Rev. Daniel, h. N. Canal, Hydraulics. 
Moore, Elisha W. bricklayer, h. Park n. Va. 
Moore, Felix, fireman, h. Ohio n. tollbridge. 
Moore, Frances A. teacher, b. U. D. Moore. 
Moore, George A., Hamburgh cheese, 68 Main, 

h. 145 Elk. 
Moore, Geo. freight agent, N.Y. Central R. R., 

h. 227 E. Seneca. 
Moore, Henry IT. grocer, Niag. n. Mohawk. 
Moore, Isaac, joiner, h. Chicago cor. Ex. 
Moore, John, nail maker, b. T. Wogan. 
Moore, James, building mover, h. Walnut n. 

Moore, James, lab. h. Perry n. Ohio Slip. 
Moore, James, tailor, b. James Morrison. 
Moore, John, lab. h. Water n. Albany. 
Moore, Morris, b. John Moore. 
Moore, Moritz, b. Anna Moeschenbach. 
Moore, Mark B. firm Babcock & M., b. corner 
Swan and Oak. 

Moore, Susan M. widow of John O., 25 Pearl. 
Moore, Uri D., Ferry n. N. Washington. 
Moore, Wm. hatter, h. Porter n. Auburn. 
MOORE, WILLIAM, ins. agent, 3 Custom 

buildings, h. Park n. Va. — See adv. p. 35. 
Moore, William, b. John Moore. 
Moores, Wm. P. firm Good & Moores, h. 240 

E. Swan. 
Moores & Purdy, Buffalo Car Wheel Works, 

cor. La. and the canal. 
Moores, Henry, firm M. & Purdy, h. 174 East 

Moorman, Mrs, widow of Ferdinand, h. 137 

Moorman, Franklin, finisher, Keogh & Co. 
Moorman, Daniel, mason, h. Morgan n. Gen. 
Moran, John, warehousem., h. Evans n. Water. 
Moran, Michael, lab. h. Fly n. State. 
Moran, Timothy, Peacock bet. Norton and 

Moran, Edward, with J. C. Evans. 
Moran, Jas., ship carp., h. Perry n. Chicago. 
Moran, John, lab. h. Massachusetts cor. 11th. 
Moran, Daniel, turner, h. 4th n. Carolina. 
Moran, Pat. with G. S. Hazard, h. 225 N. Div. 
Moran, Andrew, Fly n. State. 
Moran, Anthony, with T. Cotter. 
Morant, Jos., boiler maker, h. Miami n. Ala. 
Morehead, Mrs. widow, Fifth n. Geo. 
Morehead, Isaac, moulder, h. 8 Sixth. 
Morehouse, Eben S. joiner, h. Park n. Va. 
Morehouse, John F. printer, Express office, h. 

4 Union. 
Morehouse, Harry, blacksmith, h. 145 Elm. 
Morehouse, Francis B., 71 Chippewa. 
Morey, Martin us, ship carpenter, h. 5th n. Ca- 
Morey, Samuel, waiter, American, h. 15 Huron. 
Morey, James, barber, h. Batavia n. Bennett. 
Morey, H. V. lard oil and candle manufactu'r, 

Carolina n. Tupper, b. Genesee House. 
Morey, Davenport, Ontario n. Carolina. 
Morey, Edwin W. clerk, Hart, Ball & Hart, 

h. Huron n. Ellicott. 
Morgan, Francis, blacksmith, h. Green n. 

Morgan, Owen, clothing store, 187 Niagara. 
Morgan, Darwin E. clerk, 211 Main, h. 90 S. 

Morgan, Amos, builder, Elm n. Clinton, h. 67 

S. Division. 
Morgan, Abel G. firm Davis, Sutton & Co. h. 

73 S. Division. 
Morgan, Edward M. painter, h. 209 E. Eagle. 
Morgan, Thomas, melodeon maker, h. 152 9th. 
Morgau, Mary Ann, widow, 152 Ninth. 
Morgan, Richard, sexton, h. under Universal- 

ist church. 
Morgan, James R. Van Slyke's boat yard, h. 

162 E.Seneca. 
Morgan & Root, for. com. mers. foot of Lloyd. 
Morgan, Sam. firm M. & Root, b. U. S. Hotel. 
Morgan, Geo. P. clerk, Morgan & Root, h. 27 

N. Division. 
Morgan, Louis S. de Gla, clerk, 215 Main, b. 

73 E. Seneca. 
Morgan, Merrick, ship carp. Van Slyke's, h. 

92 Clinton. 



Morgan, Geo. telegrapher, b. 20 Ex. 
Morgan, Ellen, widow, 165 Ellicott. 
Morgan, Patrick, silk dealer, b. Franklin. 
Morgan, E. C. law student, with D. F. Clark. 
Morgan, Julia, widow, b. 48 W. Eagle. 
Morgenstern, Peter, lab. h. 454 Michigan. 
Morgenstern, Jacob, hatter, with C. Georger, 

b. 454 Michigan. 
Morgenstern, Mrs. widow of Daniel, Walnut 

n. Sycamore. 
Moriarty, Peter M. ins. agent, 5 Brown's build- 
Moritz, Henry, at Hart's factory, b. John 

Morley, William, jr. wood engraver, G. D. 

Wightman, b. 22 S. Division. 
Morley, Wm. melodeon tuner, Prince & Co. h. 

22 S. Division. 
Morlock, Edward, carp. h. 118 Cedar. 
Morlock, Ignatz, woodsawyer, 118 Cedar. 
Morn, Philip, Church n. the canal. 
Mornhinweg, Ferdinand, tinsmith, 237 Main, 

h. Michigan n. Goodell. 
Morningstar, Henry, moulder, Buffalo S. E. 

Morrell, Isaac, Walnut n. Sycamore. 
Morrell, John H. 20 Blossom. 
Morri6, John S. & Son, pyrotechnists, Niag. 

bet. School and Albany. 
Morris, John S. firm J. S. M. & Son, h. Niag. 

n. Albany. 
Morris, Chas. firm J. S. M. A Son, h. School n. 

Morris, Charles, forwarder, 26 Lloyd, b. Tre- 

Morris, John, bolt maker, Eagle furnace. 
Morris, Edward, clerk, 301 E. Seneca. 
Morris, Nicholas, 245 Main. 
Morris, Thomas, blacksmith, Eagle furnace, h. 

Carroll bel. Chicago. 
Morris, Philip, blacksmith, b. Carroll below 

Morris, William, blacksmith, b. Can-oil below 

Morris, Paul J. with E. S. Prosser, b. 301 E. 

Morrisey, Wm. cor. Canal and State. 
Morrisey, Michael, recess, cor. Chicago and 

Morrisey, Michael, blacksmith, h. Perry n. 

Morrisy, Michael, Fifth n. Court. 
Morrison, Michael, blacksmith, Buff. S. E. W. 
Morrison, Wm. P. baker, Park Place, h. same. 
Morrison, Mrs. widow of J. W. 5 William. 
Morrison, John, at the Water Works, h. 38 

Morrison, Chas. A. clerk, 136 Main. 
Morrow, Thomas, Niagara n. Court. 
Morrow, Andrew W. cabman, h. 124 Chip. 
Morrow, Johu, truckman, h. Ninth n. Hudson. 
Morrow, James, carman, h. 179 Franklin. 
Morrow, James, omnibus driver, h. 24 Green. 
Morrow, Hugh, grocer, 12!) Chippewa. 
Morse, Mary E. teacher, No. 8, b. 44 Court. 
Morse, George, with Morse tfe Johnson. 
Morse, Mortimer, C. R. R. shop. 
Morse & Haskin, salt dealer, 12 Central Wharf. 

Morse, Henry, with Ashley, Jones & Co. b. 

102 E. Seneca. 
Morse, Henry P. on R. R. b. 26 N. Division. 
Morse, Alfred, caulker, h. Fulton n. Ala. 
Morse, Geo. W. with G. A. Prince <fc Co. 
Morse, W. ship carpenter, h. 24 Spruce. 
Morse, Charles B. coroner, with Davis, Sutton 

& Co. h. 24 E. Swan. 
Morse, Parker, firm W. H. Drew & Co. h. 26 

N. Division. 
MORSE & JOHNSON, ship chandlers, Ohio 

n. foot of Main. — See adv. p. 35. 
Morse, David R. firm M. & Johnson, Main n. 

Morse, Charles H. firm M. & Haskin, h. 44 

Morse's American Telegraph, 145 Main. 
Morse, Jacob, cabn't maker, Taunt & Baldwin. 
Morton, John F. h. Pearl, 4th bel. Allen. 
Morton, Mrs. Pamela, 342 Michigan. 
Morton, Alfred, lab. S. Hume & Co. 
Morzan, J. with G. A. Prince <fc Co. 
Mosack, John, Pratt n. Clinton. 
Mosback, Valentine, 12 Vine. 
Mosback, Ottillie, 15 Sycamore. 
Moseley, John, with L. & I. J. White. 
Moseley, Hon. Wm. A., Niagara cor. York. 
Moser, John, lab. h. Spruce n. Batavia. 

Moser, , shoemaker, Walnut n. Batavia. 

Moser, Christian, brickmaker, h. r. Fred. Pfau. 
Moses, Edmund, b. Tremont. 
Moses, Henry, on lake, b. 135 E. Seneca. 
Mosley, W. with G. A. Prince & Co. 
Mosgeller, Christian, joiner, h. Adams near 

Mosgeller, John C. joiner, h. Gen. n. Spring. 
Mosher, Miss Ruby L. b. 55 E. Seneca. 
Moshier, Edward, engineer, h. Thirteenth n. 

Moshier, Sallust, sailor, h. 47 Cedar. 
Mosier, John, tinsmith, 237 Main, b. 100 Bat. 
Moss, Elizabeth, widow, 18 Smith Block, 

Moss, James, with E. & B. Holmes. 
Moss, Harriet, widow of Lambert, cor. Jersey 

and Twelfth. 
Moss, Frank W. printer, 156)^ Main, b. 25 

Mostberger, Philip, with Gilman & Barton, h. 

Ex. n. Van Rensselaer. 
Motsch, Lewis, grocer, h. cor. Ellicott and 

Mott, Thomas, miller, h. cor. Hamilton aud 

Mott, Wm. 14 Clinton. 
Motz, Wm. A. with Chas. Duffy. 
Mouhl, Geo. lab. h. over 8 Canal. 
Mouirer, Wm. with Kemp & Bartell, h. 20 

Moulton, Ariel W. melodeon maker, h. 4 Union. 
MOUNT, FIRMAN, livery stable, Terrace n. 

Evans, b. U. S. Hotel.— See adv. p. 85. 
Movius, Julius, agent, Gt. West. R. R. 17 Ex. 

h. 22 W. Eagle. 
Moxerty, John, at Eagle furnace. 
Moxley. Henry, barber, under 186 Main,h. 138 

S. Division. 
Moy, John, tailor, h. Morgan n. Niag. 



Moyer, Jacob, 23 Canal. 

Moylan, Wra. lab. b. cor. Cedar and N. Div. 

Muck, John, Van Slyke's boat yard. 

Muckle, James, b. 44 E. P^agle. 

Muckridge, Andrew J. varnisher, Sage & Sons, 

h. Ninth n. Virgiuia. 
Mudge, Miss Elizabeth, across the creek near 

Muehlencamp, John, bricklayer, h. 409 Mich. 
Muehlencamp, Moritz, blacksmith, h. Ash n. 

Mueller, John C. 408 Main. 
Mueller, Philip P., Potter n. Batavia. 
Mueller, John, lab. h. Roos' Alley. 
Mueller, Martin, 466 Mich. 
Mueller, Michael, elk. 400 Main, b.60 Ellicott. 
Mueller, Geo. tailor, h. Spring n. Genesee. 
Mueller, Frederick, lab. h. Hickory n. Sycam. 
Mueller, Philip, stone cutter, h. 241 E. Gen. 
Mueller, Jacob, gardener, h. Batavia n. Jeff. 
Mueller, John, lab. h. Gray n. Batavia. 
Mueller, Jacob, carpenter, h. Spring n. Sycam. 
Mueller, Simon, lab. h. 441 Mich. 
Mueller, Rosina, widow of Michael, 467 Mich. 
Mueller, John, wagon maker, b. P. Schmal. 
Mueller, Andrew, baker, with L. Munsinger. 
Mueller, John, joiner, h. Spruce n. Genesee. 
Mugler, Adam, lab. h. 95 Oak. 
Muelhaupt, Gregory, shoemaker, h. 121 Pine. 
Muenich, John, lab. h. Hickory n. Pratt. 
Muench, Henry, joiner, h. Adams n. Genesee. 
Muench, John, Ash n. Sycamore. 
Muenger, John, lab. h. Spring n. Batavia. 
Mugler, Philip, grocer, 559 Seneca. 
Mugridge, George, baker, junct. Elk and Ohio, 

h. 8 Mississippi. 
Mugridge, Joseph, baker, with Geo. Mugridge. 
Mugridge, Sarah, widow, h. Seneca ab. Ala. 
Muir, James B. on the lake, h. 52 Ellicott. 
Muir, John, sailor, b. Thos. Clark. 
Mulcahy, Catharine, widow, 225 N. Division. 
Mulde, Joseph, Kemp n. Genesee. 
Muldou, Capt. Jerald, 252 S. Division. 
Muldon, John, at Eagle furnace. 
Mullen, Arthur, moulder, h. Elk n. Ohio slip. 
Mullen, Geo., Van Slykels boat yard. 
Mullen, Thomas, lab. h. Fifth n. Court. 
Mullen, James, brakesman, b. 44 Carroll. 
Muller, John C. painter, 408 Main, h. same. 
Muller, John B. city surveyor's office, h. 411 

Mullett, Hon. James, b. Clarendon. 
Mullhall, Stephen J. constable, h. 22 111. 

Mullhall, Mississippi n. Perry. 

Mulligan, Henry S. ag't Amer. Exp. Co. h. 13 

Park Place. 
Mulligan, Eugene, Main n. Utica. 
Mulligan, Mort, Shepard's iron works. 
Mulligan, Michael, lab. h. Ohio at toll-bridge. 
Mulligan, Wm. musician, h. Evans n. Fly. 
Mullin, Wm. insp. lumber, b. Robert Lappin. 
Mullin, Wm. baggageman, b. R. R. Ex. hotel. 
Mullins, James, lab. h. Green n. Mich.. 
Mulloy, Patrick, lab. h. cor. S. Division and 

Mulverhill, Timothy, lab. h. cor. Jersey and 

Munce, James, clerk, 6 Dayton, b. 219 E. Sen. 

Munce, James, joiner, h. 219 E. Seneca. 
Munger, Sullivan, engineer on R. R.b. SoutL- 

ern hotel. 
Munger, Salmon L. on R. R. h.6thu. Hudson. 
Munkel, Louis, Batavia n. Walnut. 
Munroe, Wm. C. whip manufact'er, 359 Main, 

h. Ninth n. Va. 
Munsch, Wm. with Dart & Brothers. 
Munschauer, Geo. grocer, Sycamore cor. Elm. 
Munschauer, Elizabeth, widow of John, 23 

Munschauer, Peter, stone cutter, 37 Sycamore. 
Munsinger Louis, baker, h. cor. Genesee and 

Munson, Hiram, with A. Mason, Ferry. 
Munson, John, marine inspector, 3 Mer. Ex. 

h. 209 S. Division. 
Munz, L. widow, h. Fifth n. Hudson. 
Munzert, Nicholas, tailor, Hickory cor. Batav. 
Murdock, Hiram, car maker, h. Amherst n. 

Murdock, Thomas, firm Reid, M. & Co. b. 169 

E. Swaa. 
Murphy, Daniel, lab. h. Fly cor. Evans. 
Murphy, Dennis M. G., clerk, 158 Main, b. 352 

Murphy, Dennis, lab. h. across the creek. 
Murphy, Dennis G. h. 352 Wash. 
Murphy, Dennis, lab. Ohio n. Chicago. 
Murphy, Ellen, widow, over 8 Canal. 
Murphy, Frank, 4 Centre. 
Murphy, James, with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Murphy, James, lab. h. Miss. cor. Perry. 
Murphy, James, lab. h. Gen.opp. gasworks 
Murphy, James, on lake, h. Ex. pel. Van Rens- 
Murphy, John, 352 Wash. 
Murphy, John, blacksmith, b. James Moore. 
Murphy, John W. h. cor. Main and Swan. 
Murphy, John, ship carp. h. Elk n. Moore. 
Murphy, John, blacksmith, h. 81 Ellicott. 
Murphy, John W. ins. agent, over 223 Main. 
Murphy, John, lab. Genesee opp. gas works. 
Murphy, John, caulker, Van Slyke's boat yd. 
Murphy, Joseph, ship carpenter, h. Mackinaw 

ii. Hamburgh. 
Murphy, Lawrence, lab. h. Genesee opp. Gas 

Murphy, Lawrence, N. Division bel. Pollard. 
Murphy, Martin J. lab. h. 3d n. Georgia. 
Murphy, Mary, widow, with Thomas P. Sears. 
Murphy, Michael E. machinist, h. Tenth n. 

Murphy, Moses, lab. h. Carroll n. La. 
Murphy, Nicholas, at Swartz Iron Works. 
Murphy, Patrick, lab. h. 19 Huron. 
Murphy, Patrick, 3d n. Va. 
Murphy, Philip, at Amer. Exp. office, h. cor. 

Main and Swan. 
Murphy, Thomas J. grocer, cor. Franklin and 

T upper. 
Murphy, Thomas, m. d. 5 Upper Terrace near 

W. Eagle. 
Murphy, Timothy, lab. h. Steuben u. Ala. 
Murphy, Wm. L. confectioner, cor. Wash, and 

Murphy, Wm. lab. h. 10th n. Md. 
Murphy, Wm. plumber, b. 46 Ex. 



Murray & Gumming, dry goods merchants, 
191 Main. 

Murray, Wm. firm M. & dimming, b. Araer. 

Murray, Edward B. of "The Democracy" As- 
sociation, h. Niagara n. Va. 

Murray, Michael, Ninth n. Carolina. 

Murray & Co. dry goods, 282 Main. 

Murray, Patrick, carpenter, h. Eleventh near 

Murray, Hugh, firm M. & Co. h. 33 Chippewa. 

Murray, John A. carpenter, h. 147 E. Eagle. 

Murray, Michael, Eleventh bey. Carolina. 

Murray, Kerr, machinist, C. R. R. shop. 

Murray, Patrick, at Swartz Iron Works. 

Murray, Hughbert, clerk, 216 Main, b. T. Mur- 

Murray, James, joiner, h. Milnor n. Batavia. 

Murray, Patrick, lab. h. Ky. n. Mackinaw. 

Murray, James, blacksmith. Shepard's Iron 

Murray, Edmund, Ohio n. Chicago. 

Murray, Thomas, cooper, b. Com'] hotel. 

Murray, David S. foreman, Democracy Asso. 
b. 73 E. Seneca. 

Murray, Henry, at Swartz Iron Works. 

Murray, John, shoemaker, h. over 8 Canal. 

Murray, Michael, lab. h. over 8 Canal. 

Murray, Timothy, clerk, 216 Main, h. 9th n. 

Murray, Thomas, b. T. Murray. 

Murray, James, blacksmith, h. Perry n. Hay- 

Murray, James, sailor, h. Fulton n. Hamburg. 

Murray, Daniel, Ohio n. Chicago. 

Murritr, Joseph, at Vulcan foundry. 

Murtagh, Burnett, lab. h. Steuben n. Ala. 

Murwany, , lab. h. Green n. R. R. depot. 

Musson, Henry W. book-keeper, Cleveland 
line of steamers, h. Palmer n. Hudson. 

Muster, John, cooper, h. 25 Mississippi. 

Mustod, Todd, with Sangstertfc Co. 

Muth, Adam, Bennett n. William. 

Musson, Wm. foreman, J. Otto & Co. h. 190 

Musson, Wm. with Sangster <fe Co. 

Myer, Henry B. 73 Chippewa. 

Myer, Geo. C. 205 Main.h. Pratt n. Clinton. 

Myer, Joseph, tailor, 143 Oak. 

Myer, Edward H. with F. H. Myers. 

Myers, Lawrence, with Howard & Co. 

Myers, John, Shepard's Iron Works. 

Myers, Wm. H. glass stainer, h. Niag. beyond 

Myers, John C. mariner, h. 103 Folsom. 

Myers, Francis II., Erie cor. Peacock. 

Myers, John D. tailor, h. Chicago n. Perry. 

Myers, Charles, with H. Wing & Co. 

Myers, John, painter, 4 Court, b. 383 Mich. 

Myers, Thomas, lab. h. Pollard n. Steuben. 

Myers, Wm. painter, 4 Court, b. 383 Mich. 

Myers, George, ship carpenter, h. 61 Del. PI. 

Myers, George, witli S. Shepard. 

Myers, Gottlieb, painter, h. Amherst n. Thomp- 

Myers <fc Miller, painters, 4 Court. 

Myers, John H. sup't, C. W. Evans' elevator. 

Myers, Cornelia M. dressmaker, 107 Del. 

Myers, Jacob, locksmith, 15 E. Seneca. 

Myers, Jacob, at Swartz's Iron Works. 

Myers, R. W. upholsterer, 211 Main. 

Myers, Theodore, firm M. <fe Miller, h. 383 

Myers, Robert, McDonald & Co. 
Myers, Peter, Lyman's type foundry. 
Myers, Matthew, with J. Staats. 
Myers, Philip, carpenter, h. Niag. n. Farmer. 
Myert, John F. foreman Vulcan foundry. 


Nabb, Anton, Cherry ab. Jefferson. 
Naers, J. 153 Wash. h. 81 Carroll. 
Naesch, Charles, Buff. S. E. Works. 
Naey, John, Van Slyke's boat yard. 
Nafield, Siraou, Shepard's Iron Works. 
Nafzger, Jacob, sash and blind maker, h. Swan 

bel. Pollard. 
Nagel, John C. clerk, 205 Main. 
Nagel, William, Hickory n. Batavia. 
Nagel, Constantine, Sycamore n. Pratt. 
Nagel, Francis, cooper, h. Palmer n. Va. 
Nagge, John G. lab. h. 121 Pine. 
Nagle, John, ship carpenter, h. 358 S. Division. 
Nagle, Lorentz, boiler maker, h. Sycamore n. 

Nagle, Charles F. clerk, 205 Main. 
Nagle, Wm. bricklayer, h. Walnut n. Genesee. 
Nagle, Charles, butcher, b. 237 E. Genesee. 
Nagle, Lorentz, lab. h. Cherry n. Lemon. 
Nagle, Charlc«, lab. b. J. Cavanagh. 
Nagle, Michael, with Jewett & Root. 
Nail, Wm. at Buff. St. Eug. Works. 
Nails, Lawrence, boiler maker, Buff. St. Eng. 

Nalbach, Peter, Jefferson n. Batavia. 
Napier, Peter, maltster, h. 69 Chippewa. 
Nares, John, cutter, Gothic Hall, h. 81 Carroll. 
Narvis, Peter, joiner, h. Pine n. Wm. 
Naseva, Domneck, 62 Bennett. 
Nash, Wm. pedler, b. Smith Block, Carroll. 
Nash, Samuel W. book-keeper, Case & Co. 14 

Ex. h. 317 E. Seneca. 
Nash, Richard, tailor, h. 13 Miss. 
Nash, Chas. musician, 375 Main. 
Nathan <fe Levy, 113 Main. 
Nathan, Morse, firm N. & Levy, 113 Main. 
Nathan, John, Van Slyke's boat yard. 
Nathan, Joseph, lab. h. 126 Mortimer. 
Nauert, Jacob, 102 Batavia. 
Nauert, Henry, book-binder, 188 Main, h. 145 

Naughton, James, sailor, h. Terry n. Ohio slip. 
Nauth, Peter A. tailor, Batavia u. Sprin<r. 
Naylor, John, on lake, h. cor. Gay and Mark. 
Neal, Jane, dressmaker, 11 S. Division. 
Neal, John, h. 40 Wm. 
Neal, 11. 0. with Bidwell, Banta <fc Co. 
Neal, Moses, Van Slyke's boat yard. 
Near, Jay, h. over 428 Main. 
Neary, John, ship carpenter, h. 6th cor. Va. 
Neher, Valentine, shoemaker, h. Church n. 

Neberig, Conrad, Spring n. Genesee. 
Neberig, Charles, moulder, h. 33 Milnor. 
Neberig, Peter, moulder, Dudley & Bull. 



Neberig, Frederick, moulder, h. E. Swan n. 

the R. R. 
iTeberig, Henry, with Jewett <fc Root. 
Neeb, Henry, cabinet maker, h. Mich.n. High. 
Needham, Chas. H. clerk, Buff. & State Line 
• R. R. h. :J38 S. Division. 
Need li am, Joseph P. seed store, 208 Wash. h. 

358 Wash. 
needham; John, mason, h. Ohio n. tollb ridge. 
Neely, Christopher, with Jewett & Root. 
Neep, Peter, with J. A. Pitts. 
Weeper, James, moulder, Union furnace, h. 1 

meeson, James, lab. A. H. Tracy. 
Neff, Adam, fish market, Lloyd, h. 46 Sixth. 
Neff, Louis, painter, h. Sycamore cor. Ash. 
Neff, Simon, 164 Main, b. Genesee house. 
Neff, Simeon, cutter, O. P. Ramsdell & Co. b. 

Genesee house. 
Neff, Peter, cooper, b. Peter Bauer. 
Negus, John G. clerk, h. 98 E. Eagle. 
Negus, Henry T. tinsmith, J. Otto & Co. 
Neibecker, Philip, blacksmith, Wash. n. Gen. 
Neiber, Joseph, lab. h. Adams n. Genesee. 
Neiderhoffer, John, with Rainey & Richardson. 
Neiderlander, John, cabinet maker, h. Mich. 

bel. Batavia. 
Neiderlander & Co. leather dealers, 351 Main. 
Neiderlander, Mrs. Frederick, 95 E. Genesee. 
Neiderlander, John, leather dealer, 311 Main, 

h. 164 Oak. 
Neiderlander, Nicholas, firm N. & Co. h. Elli- 

cott Creek. 
Neidhardt, Charles, clerk, Tayler & Jewett, 

h. 29 Union. 
Neidhardt, Edward, printer, over 7 W. Seneca, 

b. 108 Cedar. 
■ eidhart, Lewis, turner, h. 108 Cedar. 
Neier, Wm. mason, h. Jefferson n. Wm. 
Neirmeyer, E. clerk, b. 27 Pearl. 
Neil, Michael, cooper, h. 116 W. Tupper. 
Neiland, Fred, butcher, Hydraulics. 
Neiman, August, lab. h. over 8 Canal. 
Neipke, George, bricklayer, Davis n. Genesee. 
Neisel, Christian, turner, b. cor. Genesee and 
I Ash. 

Neiss, Chas. Eagle furnace, h. Pratt n. Gen. 
IjNelligan, John, at Howell's boat yard. 
I Nelson, Mark, tinsmith, h. 3 Centre. 
[Ne'son, Wm. ship carpenter, Fulton n. Red 

Nelson, Daniel, paper warehouse, Wash. n.Ex. 
Nelson, Wm. H. clerk, Pratt & Co. 
Nelson, Richard W. m. d. over cor. Eagle and 
i Main, b. American. 

Nelson, Geo. B. firm Flint & N. b. 25 Pearl. 
Nelson, George, lab. with A. Sterling & Co. 
Nelson Andrew, Van Slyke's boat-yard. 
Neu, Leonard, joiner, h. Genesee n. Mortimer. 
Nepper, Nicholas, engineer, h. cor. Elk and 


Nesbitt, Samuel, engineer, h. 32 Fifth. 
Nesen, Capt. Joseph E. Ninth near Md. 
Nesselbusch, Peter, joiuer, h. Spring n. Gen. 
Nester, John, lab. h. Pollard, Hydraulics. 
Nester, John, jr. lab. C. J. Nester. 
Nestman, Julius, jeweler, 161 Main, b, 317 


Netney, Wm. tanner, h. Carroll below Chicago. 
Netscher, George, liquor dealer, h. 439 Main. 
Netscher, Charles, cooper, h. 313 E. Genesee. 
Nett, Wm. with Bush & Howard. 
Neubald, John, blacksmith, h. cor. Maple and 

Neuberg, John, lab. h. Clinton beyond R. R. 
Neuberger, Joseph, joiner, h. Wm. n. Hickory. 
Neukircher, Joseph, engineer, h. 222 Ellicott. 
Neuland, Christian, joiner, h. 149 Oak. 
Neuman, John, shoemaker, h. Maple u. High. 
Neumann, Christopher, shoemaker, Water u. 

Maiden Lane. 
Neuner, Geo. joiner, h. Monroe n. Sycamore. 
Neunter, Henry, teamster, h. Goodell near 

Neunter, Frederick, shoemaker, h. Mulberry 

above Goodell. 
Neunter, Clemens, teamster, h. Goodell cor. 

Nevill, Wm. lab. h. across the creek.. 
Nevill, Jas. truckman, h. Folsom n. Chicago. 
Nevitt, Daniel, sailor, h. Chicago n. Ohio. 
Nevitt, Robert, overseer poor, Scott, h. Perry 

near Alabama. 
New Court House, cor. Clinton and Ellicott. 
New York and Erie Bank, Spaulding's Ex. 
New England Hotel, cor. Carroll and Mich. 
New, Henry, bellows maker, Walnut naar 

Newback, Fred, painter, h. 44 Bennett. 
Newberger, Joseph, cabinet maker, 307 Main. 
Newbould, Frederick W. hardware merchant, 

23 Main. b. American. 
Newcomb, E. M. printer, Republic office. 
Newell, Van Rensselaer C. pork inspector t 

Dayton, h. Tenth beyond Carolina. 
Newell, Benjamin F. ship carpenter, h. 234 S. 

Newell, George W. clerk B. & S. L. freight 

depot, h. 248 S. Division. 
Newell; Robert, telegrapher, b. cor. Carroll , 

and Wash. 
Newell, Wm. A. m. d. over 5 E. Seueca, b. cor. 

Carroll and Wash. 
Newell, Horace, pork inspector, h. 18 Seventh. 
Newell, Alonzo, ship carpenter, h. Huron n. 

Newell, R. widow of Raphael, b. 18 Seventh. 
Newell, Chas. D. machinist, b. 137 E. Seneca, 
Newell, Benhart, tanner, h. Seneca, at Hy- 
Newell, Henry, civil engineer, b. cor. Carroll 

and Washington. 
Newhouse, John, cooper, h. Thomson near 

Newhouse, Henry, miller, h. Amherst west of 

Newhouse, Thomas, with Bush &; Howard. 
Newkirchen, John, with L. & I. J. White, h. 

Milnor n. William. 
Newkirk, Joseph, coffee roaster, 271 Main. 
Newkirk, Charles, coppersmith, h. 197 N. Di- 
Newkirk, James, on dock. h. cor. Carroll and 

Newkirk, John S. firm Provoost <fc Newkirk, h. 

91 West Huron. 



Newkirk, Mrs. widow of Isaac W. with M.W. 

Newland, John, sexton 1st Presb. Ch. h. base- 
Newland, R. E. engineer, Buffalo and N.Y. 

City R. R. 
Noel and John, Van Slyke's boat yard. 
Newman, Lewis, b. George G. Newman. 
Newman, John, b. George G. Newman. 
Newman, Wra.J. gilder, b. 15G N. Division. 
Newman, Johnson T. blacksmith, b. J. Horton. 
Newman, Eugene, sailor, h. Perry n. La. 
Newman, L. with G. A. Prince & Co. 
Newman, G. with Bid well, Banta <fe Co. 
Newman John, Phoenix Iron Works, Ohio, h. 

16 East Swan. 
Newman, Wm. H. H., with J. Newman, b. 78 

East Seneca. 
Newman, George L. firm Hart, Newman & Co. 

h. 8 Delaware. 
Newman, James M. m. d. over 234 Main, b. 16 

East Swan. 
Newman, William, Clinton u. Walnut. 
Newman, Geo. E. clerk, 52 Main, h. Carey n. 

Newman, Wm. W. teacher, Dist. No. 13, h. 34 

Newman, Harmon, millwright, h. Fulton n. 

Newman, George G. type dresser, N. Lyman, 

h. 41) Clinton. 
Newman, John, carpenter, h. Illinois n. Perry. 
Newman, Mrs. James, widow, Ind. cor. Perry. 
Newman, Fred, 39 Sycamore. 
Newman, Christopher, Water n. Maiden Lane. 
Newth, Wm. clerk, 178 Main, h. 109 S. Div. 
NEWTON, ISAAC S. lumber dealer, Erie 

Canal near Church, h. 170 Terrace. — See 

adv. p. 75. 
Newton, Robert, pattern maker, h. 143 Oak. 
Newton, Robert, jr. carpeuter, h. 113 Ninth. 
Newton, Francis L. clerk E. K. Bruce, b. 36 

West Seneca. 
Newton, Samuel, shoemaker, h. Hickory n. 

N. Division. 
Newton, John, Van Slyke's boatyard. 
Newton, J. B. clerk, Pratt <k Co. b. 100 Swan. 
race cor. Pearl. — See adv. p. 85. 
Niagara Square Baptist Church, northwest 

cor. Niagara Square. 
Niagara Street M. E. Church, Niag. n. Pearl. 
Niagara Falls Railroad Depot, cor. Court and 


Va. office 38 Lloyd. — See ado. p. 80. 
Niagara House, Black Rock Dam. 
Niagara Forge Company, Perry ab. Chicago. 
Niagara Pail and Tub Factory, on Creek, near 

Tonawanda (sr.) 
Niagara MiLls, Lower Black Rock, opposite 

Nial.Hngh B. watchman, h. 171 Oak. 
Nial, Ellen, dressmaker. 193 1 o Main. 
Niebecker, John P. blacksmith, h. Franklin n. 

Nichell, Henry, m. d. Sycamore n. Michigan. 
Nicholaus, Geo. lab. h. Adams n. Sycamore. 

Nichols, Margaret, widow, Water n. Com'l. 
Nichols, C. P. paymaster N. Y. C. R. R. 
Nichols, Peleg, h. over 432 Main. 
Nichols, Charles C. clerk, 207 Main, b. 45 

Nichols, Thomas, blacksmith, h. 31 Mohawk. 
Nichols, Asher P. att'y, 268 Main, h. 3 John- 
son Place. 
Nichols, Merritt, bandbox maker, Main cor. 

Chip. h. cor. Ninth and Hudson. 
Nichols, John, conductor, b. Mansion. 
Nichols Mial, jr. clerk, 187 Main. 
Nichols, Silas, bandbox maker, b. M. Nichols. 
Nicholson, Jane, widow of Robert, La. near 

Nicholson, Jannett, store, 40 Exchange. 
Nickeler, Fred. lab. h. Hollister n. Mortimer 
Nicken, Hubert, shoemaker, h. Lutheran. 
Nickles, Reinhard, clothier, h. 115 E. Genesee. 
Nicklin, Jas. wagon maker, h. 127 Franklin 
Nicklis, Wm. clothier, 27 Main. 
Niebel, John, joiner, h. Hickory n. Batavia. 
Niederbild, John C. painter,h. Spring n. Syc, 
Niedman, Ernst, carpenter, h. Mulberry near 

Niedmann, Lewis, carpenter, h. Maple near 

Burton alley. 
Niederlander, John, merchant, 164 Oak. 
Niehaus, Herman, lab. h. German alley. , 
Niehoff, Henry, tailor, h. 183 E. Genesee. 
Niemeir, Emil, b. Hotel de l'Europe. 
Nienhaus, Henry, truckman, h. Pine n. Cy 

Nienhaus, John, engineer, h. 56 Bennett. 
Nierschl, Andrew, tailor, h. Hickory n. Batav 
Nieschwitz, Wiudeline, lab. h. Watson n. Wm 
Niess, Fred. cor. Swan and Spring. 
Niles <fc Kinne, com. mers. foot Indiana. 
Niles, Hiram, firm N. & K. h. 154 Pearl. 
Niles, Sanford D. clerk, 205 Main. 
Niles, Matilda, widow of Leonard, across th« 

Nimbs, Arheuna B. artist, 190}^ Main, h. 211 

Ninth Street Methodist Episcopal Church 

Ninth n. Hudson. 
Niquet, Henry C. carriage shop, h. Bowery n 

Nisell, Edward, grocer, Niag. n. Albany. 
Nispel, John, joiner, h. Kane n. Sycamore. 
Nitsche, Fedor, cigar maker, 408 Main. 
Nitzschke, John G. carpet weaver, h. 146 Elm 
Nitzschke, Francis A. clerk J. J. Gibbous, h 

146 Elm. 
Nixon, Samuel, 40 Exchange. 
Nixon, Wm. foot of Illinois. 
Noack, August, tailor, h. 80 Sycamore. 
Noah. Mrs. widow of Michael W. 6 Carroll 
Nobb, Henry, teamster, h. Niag. n. South. 
Noble. A. F. b. Clarendon. 
Noble, Robert P. firm Bissell <fc Co. b. Niag 

Temp House. 
Noble, John S. firm Lowell, Noble & Co. h 

3 Georgia. 

Noble, Chas. B. clerk, 194 Main, b. 36 W. Sen 
Noble, Charles E. general agent Mich. C. R 

H. Line, h. 26 E. Eagle. 
Noble, Chas. B. printer, 156>£ Main, h. 3 Geo 



Nobles, Wm. sailor, b. Thomas Clark. 

Noblett, Jno. B. grocer, cor. Hay ward and Elk. 

Noehrig, Chas. tailor, h. Bennett n. Batavia. 

Noeller, Lawrence, with D. D. Bidwell. 

Noeller, Henry, h. over 33 W. Mohawk. 

Noeller, Geo. tailor, Gem?see n. German. 

Noelt, Fred, tailor, h. Mulberry n. Carlton. 

Noeth, John, b. J. Scheu. 

Noeth, Geo. lab. h. Fox n. Genesee. 

Nohn, Corneille, basket maker, h. 36 Delaware 

Nohn, Adam, butcher, cor. Clinton and Elm. 
Nokes, Edwin, miller, h. Parish n. Dearborn. 
Nolan, Thos. lab. h. Seneca, Hydraulics. 
Nolan, Christopher, Ohio n. Swing bridge. 
Nolen, Patrick, lab. h. Fulton n. Chicago. 
Nolte, Francis, cabinet maker, b. 112 Batavia. 
Noonan, John R., 111. n. Ohio. 
Noonan, Wm. driver, Clinton n. railroad. 
Noonan, Martin, lab. h. Seneca n. N. Y. C. R. R. 
Nord, Peter, mariner, b. W. Schraft. 
Norraadin, Thos. shoemaker, h. 107 Folsom. 
Norris, Wm. bricklayer, h. R. I. n. Tenth. 
Norris, Jas. at Morse's Telegraph office, b. 95 
* S. Division. 

Norris, Thomas, butcher, b. W. Comerford. 
Norris, John, attorney, over 146 Main,b. U. S. 

Nort, Peter, mariner, Dock bel. Water. 
Nort, John, mason, h. Pratt n. Batavia. 
North Presbyterian Church, Main n. Chip'a. 
Norton, Chas. D. att'y and surrogate, corner 

Wash, aud Clinton, h. 82 W. Huron. 
Norton, Mrs. J. G. 139 Delaware. 
l| Norton, Mrs. Samuel, 30 W. Seneca. 
|j Norton, Chas. 153 Pearl. 
} Norton, Z. J. keeper at Penitentiary. 

I] Norton, , m. d. Exchange n. Wash. 

I! Norton Street Foundry, Norton n. Water. 
J Nortou, Geo. W. cigar maker, 191)^ Main. 
Norval, John, m. n. 38 Main. 
Nothnagel, Philip, carpenter, h. cor. Eleventh 

and Virginia. 
Nott, Sam'l E. S. H. m. d. office and h. 215 E. 

Notter, Geo. ship carp. h. Sixth n. Va. 
Nottingham, Wm. ship carp. b. 140 Elk. 
Nowak, John, shoemaker, h. 8 Canal. 
Nox, John, joiner, cor. N. Div. and Grosvenor. 
Noxon, Edgar C. with E. S. Gould. 
Noye, John T. mill manufac'r and furnisher, 

Main cor. Hanover and Canal, h. 180 Frank. 
Noye.Wm. F. with J. T. Noye, h. 59 West 

Noye, Richard, Huron n. Pearl. 
Noyes, James J. clerk, Kemp & Bartel, b. 38 

Noyes, John S. lumber dealer, cor. Ohio and 

Wabash, b. Clarendon. 
Noyes, Geo. M. att'y, 190)£ Main. b. 21 South 

Noyes, Jas. book-keeper, b. Mrs. Grissim. 
Nueddel, Christopher, cabinet maker, h. 121 

Nugent, John, printer, Thomas & Lathrops. 
Nugent, Geo. machinist, Buff, car wheel works, 

b. cor. Carroll and Chicago. 
Nunnemacher, Anton, carpeuter, h. 72 Syc're. 

Nussbaum, Philip, glazier, h. Perry n. Wash. 
Nusz, Jacob, carriage maker, h. Mulberry u. 

Nuttall, Henry, 160 Main, h. 179 N. Division. 
Nye, Monroe, tinsmith, h. Niag. n. Hamilton. 
Nye, Nicholas, with Jewett & Root. 

O'Brian, Malachi, boiler maker, S. Shepard. 
O'Brian, C. widow of Patrick, Fifth u. Court. 
O'Brian, Capt. Wm. P. h. 58 Sixth. 
O'Brian, Dennis, lab. h. Ohio n. Toll Bridge. 
O'Brian, Michael, lab. h. Mass. cor. Eleventh. 
O'Brian, Michael, lab. h. La. n. Ohio. 
O'Brian, Matthew, on the R. R. h. 96 Folsom. 
O'Brian, John, lab. h. Pollard, Hydraulics. 
O'Brian, Wm. sailor, h. Evans near Water. 
O'Brian, James, h. 213 E. Swan. 
O'Brian, Dennis, at Van Slyke's planing mill. 
O'Brian, John, 209 East Swan. 
O'Brian, Edward, recess, Ohio n. Mich. 
O'Brian, John P. moulder, b. Patrick O'Bi'iar. 
O'Brian, Thomas, grocer, cor. Canal andSta.c 
O'Brian, James, lab. h. 95 E. Seneca. 
O'Brian, John, lab. h Elk east of Chicago. 
O'Brian, Michael, brakesman, C. R. R. Ex. 

O'Brian, Thos. boarding house. Miss. n. Elk. 
O'Brian, Henry, lab. h. 51 Chippewa. 
O'Brian, Alex, engine mak.h. 5th n. Carolina. 
O'Brian, Anne, widow, Palmer n. Md. 
O'Brian, Murtah, grocer, Ohio n. Columbia. 
O'Brian, Thomas, grocer, Ohio, n. Mich. 
O'Brian, Jeremiah, lab. h. Tenn. n. Mackinaw. 
O'Brian, John, lab. h. La. n. Ohio. 
O'Brian, Daniel, tinsmith, W. A. Case. 
O'Brian, Bridget, widow, La. n. Carroll. 
O'Brian, Daniel, Wilson's coal yard. 
O'Brien, Daniel, stone mason, h. 4th n. the 

O'Brien, Wm. hostler, George Metzger. 
O'Bryan, Patrick, grocer, Fifth cor. Carolina. 
O'Calleghan, Barrey, blacksmith, h. 11 Miss. 
O'Connell, John, lab. h. 4 Centre. 
O'Connell, Owen, at Gas Works, h. Genesee n. 

O'Connell, Daniel, lab. h. Miami east of La. 
O'Connell, John, at Gas Works. 
O'Connell, John, lab. h. Perry n. Mississippi. 
O'Connell, James, lab.h. cor. 5th and Carolina. 
O'Connell, John, 5th n. Carolina. 
O'Connell, Richard, truckman, h. Water cor. 

O'Connell, James, lab. h. 16 Miss. 
O'Connell, Patrick, lab. Elk n. the bridge. 
O'Connell, Cornelius, lab. h. La. n. Ohio. 
O'Connor, Edward, with S. Shepard. 
O'Connor, Wm. tailor, 93 Pine. 
O'Connor, Captain John, 80 East Eagle. 
O'Connor, Catharine, widow of John H. 193 

S. Division. 
O'Connor, John, painter, h. Gen. bel. Terrace. 
O'Connor, John, with S. Shepard. 
O'Connor, Daniel, shipwright h. across the 

creek n. tollgate, 
O'Connor, Cornelius, withM. Vaughn. 



O'Connor, Patrick, currier, b. 37 Carroll. 

O'Connor, John, stone cutter, h. 5th n. Court. 

O'Connor, fat. on lake, b. Mrs. Nicholas. 

O'Connor, Edward, blacksmith, h. 146 Elk. 

O'Connor, John, lab. h. 146 Elk. 

O'Connor, Wra. sailor, h. Chicago cor. Fulton. 

O'Dea, John, at Swartz's Iron Works. 

O'Dea, Mary, widow, Perry n. Mississippi. 

O'Dca, Thomas, sailor, h. La. n. Elk. 

O'Donald, Timothy, with Dart Bros. 

O'Donnell, John, boiler maker, h. Perry n. 
Red Jacket. 

O'Donnell, Robert, lab. h. Perry n. La. 

O'Donnell, Charles, Franklin cor. Tupper. 

O'Donnell, Edmund, boarding house, Le Cou- 

O'Donnell, Timothy, carpenter, h, Carroll bel. 

O'Donnell, James, grocer, Ind. n. Wash. 

O'Donnell, John, with Smith <fc Brothers. 

O'Donnell, James, lab. h. Chicago n. Fulton. 

O'Dwyer, Thomas, supervisor, h. 82 Sixth. 

O'Farrell, Michael, baker, h. Heacock n. Sen. 

O'Grady, Edward, boarding house, Peacock. 

O'Grady, James, boarding house, Evans bel. 

O'Grady, Thomas, grocer, cor. Evans and Fly. 

O'Gray, Mary, widow, cor. Evans and Canal. 

O'Hagan, Francis, blacksmith, h. Perry n. Mis- 

O'Hara, Peter, sailor, b. 1 Green. 

O'Hara, James, lab. h. 3 Buff, city warehouse. 

O'Hara, Edmund, barber, 15 Canal. 

O'Hara, John, lab. h. Genesee, across the canal. 

O'Hara, Thomas, Rumsey's tannery. 

O'Hara, John, carpenter, h. 37 N. Divisiou. 

O'Hara, Thomas, watchman, h. cor. Heacock 
and Carroll. 

O'Haran, Thomas, h. Steuben n. Ala. 

O'Kane, John, blacksmith, h. Fifth n. Carolina. 

O'Larey, Mrs. Edward, Marvin n. Fulton. 

O'Lau^hliu, C. widow, York n. the canal. 

0'Lau<j;hlin, Michael, lab. h. Ohio. n. swing 

O'Laughlin, John, gardener, h. Folsom bel. 

O'Leary, Timothy, Van Slyke's boat yard. 

O'Maley, lab. h. 3d n. Geo. 

O'Maley, Wm. clerk, W. Bryant. 

O'Mara, William, grocer, Terrace n. Church. 

O'Mara, Patrick, carman, h. Perry n. Ala. 

O'Ncil, Margaret, widow of J. 165 E. Seneca. 

O'Neil, Michael, lab. Columbia n. Ohio. 

O'Neil, Dorothv, widow of Edmund, Swan 
bel. Pollard. 

O'Neil, Pat. across the creek. 

O'Neil, Arthur, blacksmith, h. 64 Illinois. 

O'Neil, Henry L. at woolen factory, Hamil- 
ton cor. East. 

O'Ncil, William, grocer, 44 Ohio. 

O'Neil, Matthew, clerk, 162 Main, b. Mrs. 

O'Neil, Robert, ship carpenter, Mackinaw n. 

O'Neil, Edward, Mechanic n. boatyard. 

O'Neil, William, recess, Leeouteulx. 

O'Neil, William, with J. A. Pitts. 

O'Neil, Richard, Van Slyke's yard. 

O'Reilly, Sylvester J. firm Valentiue & O'R. 

h. Delaware ab. North. 
O'Roork, Thomas, lab. h. Third n. Carolina. 
O'Roork, Patrick, shoemaker, 44 Ohio. 
O'Shaughnessy, Michael, weighman, Walker! 

& Clarke, h. Ex. n. Chicago. 
O'Shea, Daniel, tailor, 42 Sixth. 
O'Shea, Jeremiah, Mackinaw n. Chicago. 
O'Shea, Richard, lab., h. Mich. n. Ohio. 
O'Shea, Michael, b. Shamrock House, Ex. 
Oakland Nursery, Ferry west of Delaware. 
Oaks, Washington, farmer, b. Saunder's Ex. 
Oasin, C. with G. A. Prince & Co. 
Oatman, Lewis, in Townseud's saw r mill. 
Oatman, M. J. teacher No. 20, h. Dearborn n 

Obendorfcr, Isaac, 166 Main, b. 55 E. Seneca. 
Oberdrifter, Wm. lab. h. Walnut n. Batavia. 
Obeiholser, C. C. clerk, h. 34 W. Tupper. 
Oberist, John F. b. 28 Folsom. 
Obermeyer, Ignatz, 12 Walnut. 
Obermeyer, John, lab. h. Adams n. Sycamore. 
Obermeyer, Joseph, lab. h. Adams n. Sycara 
Obern, Isaac, clerk, Altman & Co. b. 55 E, 

Oberst, Thomas, lab. J. A. Pitts, h. Davis n, 

Oberst, John, finisher, Buff. S. E. Works, b 

Mariner n. Va. 
Oberst, Charles, carpenter, h. Pratt n. Batavia 
Oberthuer, Michael, Monroe n. Batavia. 
Ochler, Frank, stone cutter, D. Belden. 
Ochler, Andrew, with D. Belden. 
Ochs, Maximilian, joiner, h. Elm ab. Tupper 
Odell, John, East n. Amherst. 
Odemmeyer, Mrs. widow of Henry, Parish n 


Odium, James, gardener, b. Ferry west of Del 
Odt, Sabeas, lab. h. over 8 Canal. 
Oehler, Francis, marble cutter, h. Jefferson n 

Oehler, Philip, shoemaker, h. Spring u. Gen. 
Oehler, Catharine, Milnor n. Wm. 
Oehlheim, George, blacksmith, h. Mich, n 

Good ell. 
Oelbacher, John, gas fitter, h. Walnut n. Bat. 
Oelrich, Fred, goldsmith, over Gothic Hall, b 

27 Pearl. 
Oemig, Frederick, gardener, h 3 Cherry. 
Oeser, Charles, saw filer, h. Walnut n. Wm. 
Oestreich, Francis, Maple n. Carlton. 
Offenbacher, Valentine, tanner, h. Bennett n 

Ofrlich, James, weigher, elevator, h. Pollard cor 

Ogden, Julia, widow of Garrett, Carroll bel 

Ohio Street Iron Works, S. Shepard, Ohio eai 

of Chicago. 
Ohnesorgen, Mrs. F. nurse, Potter n. Gay. 
Ohnesor^en. Frederick, joiner, J. A. P*itts, h 

Potter n. Gay. 
Olcott, Mollen, recess, Canal opp. State. 
Old Held, Frank, sawyer, h. Ferry. 
Old man, William, foreman, S. Shepard, h. Fill 

ton n. Hamburgh. 
Olin, J. M. cierk. 12 Niag. b. 15 Court, 
Olislager, Herman, coppersmith, h. 135 Bat. 



Oliver, Joseph, on R. R. b. Carroll bel. La. 

Oliver, Wm. G. deutist, over 263 Main, h. same. 

Oliver, John N. jr. joiner, h. 1G9 Del. 

Oliver, John N. joinei% h. 169 Del. 

Oliver, Wm. B. painter, h. 68 Chippewa. 

Oliver, Frederick, dentist, 157 Main, h. same. 

Oliver, Hetta, teacher No. 2, b. 169 Del. 

Oliver Lee <fe Co's Bank, cor. Main and Ex. 

Oliver, Horatio, blacksmith, 102 Pearl, h. 148 
E. Eagle. 

Oliver, Jesse, cook, b. Steuben n. Pollard. 

Olsckle, Ferdinand, bricklayer, h. Jefferson n. 

Olson, Gudtchalk, 48>£ Oak, 

Olson, Jacob, carp. h. 228 S. Division. 

Olver, Elizabeth, widow of Wm. h. Eagle n. 

Olver, Thos. painter, h. Eagle n. Jefferson. 

Onink, Wm. lab. h. 105 Oak. 

Onink, Charles, stereotyper, 161 Main, b. 105 

Oppenham, Gabriel, 169 E. Seneca. 

Opper, George, saddler, h. Tenth n. Va. 

Orcan, Louis, joiner, h. Smith block, Seneca. 

Ordner, John, mer. and tinsmith, h. cor. Gen- 
esee and Michigan. 

Ordway, Mrs. A. B., 3 Vine. 

Ordway, J. Merrill, State Line R. R. office, h. 
3 Vine. 

Orman, Lawrence, lab. b. 72 W. Tupper. 

Orphan Asylum, Virginia W. of Delaware. 

Orphan Asylum, (Catholic,) cor. Batavia and 

Orph;m House, (Catholic,) Batavia n. Milnor. 

Orr, Thomas, on lake, b. 20 Ex. 

Orr, Isaac, on lake, h. 389 S. Division. 

Orr, Amzi, 172 Main. 

Orr, Geo. W. clerk, 176 Main, b. J. Seibold. 

Oir, George, farmer, Martin's Corners. 

Orr, Wm. marble polisher, h. 4th n. Carolina. 

Orr, Wm. C. railroad conductor, B. B. & God- 
erich R. R. b. Clarendon. 

Orris, John Y. firm O. & Cotter, h. Carolina n. 

Orris cte Cotter, flour and feed store, 408 Main. 

Orschel, Frantz, 163 Cherry. 

Ort, Peter B. clerk, cor. Main & Gen. b. same. 

Osborn, Wm. H. gilder, 165 Main. 

Osborn, James W. 140 Oak. 

Osborn, Geo. H. clerk, 211 Main, h. 7 Sixth. 

Osborn & Johnson, flour and feed store, Krem- 
lin block, cor. Eagle and Pearl. 

Osborn, Elias, firm O. & Johnson. 

Osborn, Sarah Ann, widow, b. G. H. Osborn. 

Osborne, Catharine, widow of George, 92 Fol- 

Oschuetz, Fred, joiner, h. Peckham cor. Mon- 

Osman, Daniel C. clerk, b. Bennet Tempe- 
■ ranee House. 

Ostatag, Sebastian, melodeon maker, Prince 
& Co. 

Oster, Matthias, iab. h. Monroe n. William. 

Ostermeyer, John, grocer, 423 Michigan. 

Ostrander, Philip, printer, h. 66 W. Huron. 

Oswald, Geo. W. clerk, 136 Main. 

Oswald, John, marble worker, D. Belden, h. 

I Sycamore n. Camp, 

Oswald, Leonhard, Cedar n. William. 
Oteno, Daniel, engineer, h. Palmer n. Hudson. 
Otis, Calvin N. architect, 3 Townsend Hall, b. 

Oris, Mary T. widow of Nathaniel T. h. 133 

Otis, Henry H. with Phinney & Co. 
Otner, Matthias, store, Adams opp. Sycamore , 
Ott, Michael, jr. lab. h. Porter n. Van Rensse- 
Ott, Franklin, 299 E. Swan. 
Ott, Jacob, clerk, 96 Main, h. Swan n. Spring. 
Ott, Dorothea, 62 Elm. 
Ott, Joseph, Batavia near Milnor. 
Ott, Louis, grocer, Hickory n. Batavia. 
Ott, Michael, lab. Hickory n. Sycamore. 
Ott, John, clerk, 182 E. Swan. 
Ott, John, tailor, h. 62 Elm. 
Ottenot, Nicholas, dry goods and groceries,, 

370 Main, h. same. 
Otten wright, J., with Howard & Co. 
Otterburn, George, with N. Case & Co. 
Otto, Lewis, soap boiler, h. 231 E. Seneca. 
Otto, Charles L. shoemaker, 27 Milnor. 
OTTO, JOHN & CO. coppersmiths, Wash. 

opp. Quay. — See adv. p. 71. 
Otto, John, firm J. Otto & Co. h. 351 Wash. 
Otto, Chas. 233 Main, h. Walnut n. William. 
Otto, Lewis, tailor, h. 223 Elm. 
Outred, Richard, lithographer, b. Union Hotel. 
Ovens, Robert B. clerk, 34 E. Seneca, h. same. 
Ovens, Robert, baker, 34 E. Seueca, h. same. 
Overbeck, Francis, cabinet maker, h. 148 Elm. 
Overfield, Frederick, h. Niag. n. Hampshire. 
Ovington, Wm. H. firm Dart & Bros. b. 5 Erie. 
Owen. Joseph, millwright, h. Niag. n. Breck- 

Owen, Benjamin, Niag. n. Clinton Av. 
Owens, Eliza, widow, saloon, opp. N. Falls 

Owens, William, in Buffalo Iron Works, h. 

Forest Av. n. N. Washington. 


Pabst, Casper, joiner, h. cor. Sycamore and 

Packard, Edward, gunsmith, 111 Main. 
Packard, Capt. Samuel, cor. Tenth and Va. 
Packard, Peter, gunsmith, 111 Main. 
Padden, Patrick, Ninth near Mas*achusetts. 
Pseckert, Herman, locksmith, h. cor. Mich, and 

Pseckert, Adolph, saddler, h. cor. Mich, and 

Pseckert, Edward, locksmith, h. cor. Mich, and 

Pagan, Louisa, widow of Thomas, cor. Seneca 

and Franklin. 
Page, Remy, with F. N. Jones. 
Page, Sarah A. boarding house, 46 Exchange. 
Page, David P. keeper Erie county pen item 

tiary, h. Fifth near Penn. 
Page, Lyman A. street insp. b. Mrs. T. Ripley, 
Page, Henry O. at Wadsworth House. 
Page, Edward, daguerrean, b. 46 Ex. 
Page, Josiah, contractor, h. 137 Ninth. 



Paige, Henry, shoemaker, 168 Main b.Tremont. 
Pailey, Benjamin, blacksmith, h. Terrace n. 

Pailey, Joseph, with Jewett <fc Root. 
Pailler, Alex, teacher, St. Joseph's College. 
Paiues, Samuel, 127 Canal. 
Painter, John, painter, H. G. White. 
Painter, John, gardener, h. Rhode Island n. 

N iagara. 
Pair, Enos, Blue Jacket recess, 81 Main. 
Palmer, Michael, shoemaker, 40 YVm. 
Palmer, James H. firm Cutler & P. h. Seventh 

beyond Carolina. 
Palmer, B. truckman, 184 Main. 
Palmer, Hiram, carp. h. Hay ward n. Perry. 
Palmer, Franklin, eugiueer, h. Hay ward cor. 

Palmer, Peter, joiner, b. Pollard opp. Folsom. 
Palmer, John, lab. h. Miluor n. Wm. 
Palmer, Wm. A. book-binder, 161 Main, b. 

John J. Parsons. 
Palmer, Geo. pres. Marine Bank, h. cor. Good- 
ell and Wash. 
Palmer, Rufus C. pres. Amer. Trans. Co. h. 69 

E. Seneca. 
Palmer, Hezekiah D. joiner, h. 20 Wm. 
Palmer, Oliver, marine insp. with Davis & 

Lock wood, h. Bristol n. Spring. 
Palmer, Elias W. mer. general collector, h. 

Morgan bet. Court and Niag. 
Palmer, Alanson, land agent, over 233 Main. 
Palmer & Gardner, tanners, Hydraulics. 
Palmer, Edward W. cor. Palmer and Md. 
Palmer, Robert T. boatman, h. Swan near 

Palmer, Richard W. clerk, 205 Main, b. 29 E. 

Palmer, Everard, cor. Oak and Goodell. 
Palmer, Charles W. melodeon tuner, Prince & 

Palmer, Albert, clerk, b. Mrs. Norton. 
Palmer, Joseph, clerk, 278 Main. 
Palmer, Ann, widow, h. Bethel Church, Perry. 
Palmer, Geo. L. clerk, 225 Main.- 
Palmer, Philip, teamster, h. Pollard opp. Fol- 
Palmer, Geo. on the lake, h. 89 Cedar. 
Palmer, Michael, shoemaker, h. 40 Wm. 
Palmerton, Wm. boatman, h. Alb'y n. School. 
Pamsel, Casper, clerk, 406 Main, h. cor. Walnut 

and Sycamore. 
Panchot, Christopher, warehouseman, J. G. 

Papeueau, H. with Bidwell, Banta <fc Co. 
Paradise, Peter, shoemaker, h. Wash, above 

Paragon, John, sail maker, b. 46 Ex. 
Parance, Klaus, caulker, h. Fulton n. Hamb'g. 
Parezo, James, recess, Canal n. State. 
Paris, Chas. tobacco agent, h. 66 W. Tuppcr. 
P arisen, David L. sail maker, h. cor. Va. and 

Parish, Wm. H. grocer, cor. Elk and La. 
Tark Place, W. of Del. and N. of Chippewa. 
Parke, J. B. clerk, G. It. Wilson & Co. b. 301 

Parker, Samuel, Walnut n. Batavia. 
Parker, John P. carman, h. 387 Swan. 

Parker, Perry G. att'y, 2 Townsend Hall, h. 
33 E. Eagle. 

Parker, Jason, firm Churchill & P. and J. P. 
& Co. h. 32 Ellicott. 

Parker, Elisha H., C. W. Evans' elevator, h. 

Parker, Thomas, lab. Central R. R. machine 
shop, h. Carroll n. Ala. 

Parker, Thomas R., land agent, 2 Volmer's 
Block, h. Ga. n. Niagara. 

Parker, Thomas L., clerk, A. R. Cobb & Co., 
h. 92 N. Division. 

Parker, Joel, painter, h. corner Hamilton and 

Parker, James, ship carpent., b. E. H. Parker. 

Parker, Henry, Koon's Alley. 

Parker, Edward, at Clarendon, h. 55 Ellicott. 

Parker, James & Co. coal merchants, Norton 
and ship canal. 

Parker, Julius W. clerk, 191 Main. 

Parker, Joanna, widow of John G., 387 East 

Parker, Geo. carpenter, h. Carroll n. Ala. 

Parkhurst, A- Vv . clerk, Pratt & Co. b. 135 P'rl 

Parkhurst, Hamilton A., foreman, Howard <fc 
Co. h. Seneca n. Chicago. 

Parkinson, Virginia, teacher, No. 4, b. 137 

Parks, Wm. engineer, lead factory, h. 11th n. 

Parks, Horace, carman, h. 189 N. Division. 

Par melee, Theodore N. editor Com. Adverti- 
ser, b. American. 

PARMELEE & HADLEY, dealers in hard- 
ware, stoves, iron safes, refrigerators, <fec, 
207 Main and 216 Wash.— See adv. p. 67. 

Parmelee, Horace, firm P. cfc Hadley, h. Dela- 
ware n. Utica. 

Parmelee, Albert, sawyer, h. Dearborn north 
of Amherst. 

Parmelee, Solomon, stave dealer, 2 Main, h. 
49 E. Eagle. _ 

Parmenter, Benjamin F. attorney at law, Sur- 
rogate's office, b. 7 Carroll. 

PARR, GEO. tool maker, h. Sixth n. Court 
— See adv. p. 69. 

Parr, Ellen, widow, r. 9 Seventh. 

Parread, John, joiner, h. 100 Elm. 

Parrot, Geo. fisherman, h. cor. Ferry <fc JenVn. 

Parry, Wm. H. clerk, 205 Main. 

Parsell, Newton, cutter, 152 Main, h. Beak n 

Parsell, Hiram, with Pratt & Letchworth, h. 
117 N. Division. 

Parsell, Anu, Court n. Staats. 

Parsell, Mrs. Winnifred, Perry n. Miss. 

Parson, John PL, American Express office, b. 2 
Johnson Place. 

Parson, Timothy, Odd Fellows' Depot, 278 
Main, h. 51 E. Seneca. 

Parson, William, 14 Niagara. 

Parson, Mrs. M., ladies furnishing stor£, U 

Parson, Sarah Y., teacher, b. 30 Chippewa. 

Parson, Johnson & Co., soap aud candles, 58 

Parson, Wm., h. 208 S. Division. 

Parsons, Win., Niagara Temp, house. 



Parsons, Silas, firm P., Van Dake & Co., b. 
Niagara Temp, house. 

Parsons, Van Dake & Co., flour and feed store, 
Wash. ab. Seneca. 

PARSONS & JOHNSON", book-binders, 161 
Main. — See adv. p. 41. 

Parsons, John J., firm P. & Johnson, h. Frank- 
lin ab. Virginia. 

Parsons, Wm. soap aud candle pedler, h. cor. 
Niagara aud Morgan. 

Parsons, Fred. T. chandler, h. Eagle n. Pine. 

Parsons, Francis J. chandler, b. F. T. Parsons. 

Parsons, Wm. jr. chandler, b. F. T. Parsons. . 

Parsons, Thomas G. book-keeper, Buff. Trust 
Co. b. 37 W. Seneca. 

Parsons, Galusha, att'y, 163 Main, b. 24 Car- 

Parsons, Samuel V. joiner, b. Ill Clinton. 

Partridge, Joseph G., dairyman, h. Seneca, at 
old city line. 

Partridge, Joseph, h. Seneca, at old city line. 

Pasch, John, ship carp. h. Tupper n. Mich. 

Paschke, Chas. tailor, h. Walnut n. Genesee. 

Paschke, John G. with Wm. Heiming. 

Paschke, August, tailor, h. 11 Cedar. 

Pask, Wm. clerk, 283 Main,b. 4 Niagara. 

Pasis, John, lab. h. 9 Vine Alley. 

Patat, John,j04 Elm. 

Patchin, A. D., lessee B. & N. Y. City R. R. b. 

Patchin, Fred, with Howard & Co. 

Patchin, Thaddeus W., pres. Pratt Bank, h. 5 

Patchin, Richard J., pattern maker, h. Georgia 
n. Fifth. 

Patchin, Edward A., melodeon maker, h. 55 
West Tupper. 

Patchin, Almon T., street comm'r, h. Fulton, 
west of Ohio slip. 

Patee, E. F., engineer, h. Perry n. Ala. 

Patschke, Frederick, tailor, h. Mich. ab. Cherry. 

Patison, John, tanner, h. Porter n. Van Rens- 

Patrick, Adolfert.b. A. M. Duff. 

Patrick, Allen, b. 8 Sixth. 

Patten, J. C. & Co. for. and com. mer's, Long 
Wharf cor. Ship Canal. 

Patten, James W., firm J. P. & Co. h 149 Del. 

Patten, Julius 0., firm J. C. P. & Co. b. 149 

Patten, George W. clerk, b. 149 Delaware. 

Patten, Thomas W. clerk, 211 Main, b. 21 S. 

Paterson, F. W. pro. com. merchant, 9 Cen- 
tral Wharf, b. J. Guild. 

Patterson, Margaret A. widow, 9th n. York. 

Patterson, Rebecca, widow of Robert, 350 

Patterson, George, melodeon maker, Prince & 
Co. h. 199 N. Division. 

Patterson, Wm., Van Slyke's yard. h. William 
n. Watson. 

Patterson, James, 222 Main, b. 226 E. Eagle. 

Patterson, Richard, painter, b. 19 Pearl. 

Patterson, Wm. H. book-keeper, J. E. Thom- 

Patterson, Robert, 69 Delaware. 

Patterson, Geo. sail maker, b. 46 Ex. 

Patterson, Lewis A. law student, B. H. Cole- 
Patterson, James, at toll-gate, Main, bey. Cold 

Pattison, Francis G. insp. customs, h. 43 Ce- 
Paul, Matthew, 116 Pearl, h. Pratt n. Gen. 
Paul, August, land agent, h. Milnor n. Batavia. 
Paul, Peter, with Bullymore & Langdou, h. 

Genesee n. Gray. 
Paul, Jacob, h. cor. Oak and Genesee. 
Paul, Louis, lab. h. Camp n. Sycamore. 
Pari, Geo. baker, h. cor. Batavia and Gray. 
Paul, Peter, painter, h. Pratt n. Eagle. 
Paull, Richard, gardener, 160 Oak. 
Paulsackel, George, carpenter, h. Adams n. 

Paulus, Michael, laborer, h. 8 Cypress. 
Paulus, John, paver, h. Mortimer n. Genesee. 
Paulus, Paul, lab. h. 162 Sycamore. 
Pauly, Daniel, grocer, Ex. n. Van Rensselaer. 
Pax, Casper, melodeon maker, Prince & Co., 

h. Lutheran. 
Pax, John, boot crimper, h. 21 Sycamore. 
Pax, Antonio, clerk, 370 Main, b. same. 
Pax, Margaret, widow of Jacob, 165 Elm. 
Paxon, Erastus, with J. G. Partridge. 
Paxson A. & C. watchmakers and jewelers, 111 

Paxson, Franklin, blacksmith, b. N. Hagerrnan. 
Paxson, Calvin, watchmaker, 111 Maiu, b. A. 

Paxson, Ahaz, jeweler, 111 Main,h. 16 Seventh. 
Pavette F. with Bidwell, Bauta & Co. 
Payne, John E. 70 Oak. 
Payne, Mrs. E. 70 Oak. 
Payne, George, boiler maker, h. Perry east of 

Payne, Charles T. 186 Franklin. 
Payne, Charles H. book-keeper, Lee & Co's 

Bank, b. 186 Frauklin. 
Payne, Mrs. Judd C. 250 South Division. 
Peabody, Wm. H. clerk, 221 Main, b. 100 E. 

Peabody, John M. 100 E. Seneca. 
Peabody, Joseph W. with E. Brewster, b. 62 

E. Swan. 
Peacock, John, boiler maker, with S. Shepard, 

h. cor. Folsom and Chicago. 
Peacock, Wm. W. surveyor, 190 Maiu, h. 26 

W. Eagle. 
Peacock Wm. on lake, h. Folsom cor. Chicago 
Peacock, L. with S. Shepard. 
Peacock, Frank, with S. Shepard. 
Peacock, James, with Maurice Vaughn. 
Peanot, John, with N. Case & Co. 
Pearce, Samuel, porter, 211 Main. 
Pearce, Clark, N. Washington n. Eighteeut' . 
Pearl Street House, 17 and 19 Pearl. 
Pearl Street M. E. Ch., Pearl cor. Chippewa. 
Pearson, Christoph, pattern maker, h. 185 El- 

Pearson, Joseph, 6th n. Va. 
Pearson, Henry, barber, adjoining U. S. Hotel. 
PEASE, FRANCIS S. oil merchant, 61 Main, 

h. Hudson, cor. Niagara. — See adv. p. 58. 
Pease, John, American Trans. Co. office, h. 73 




Pease, Capt. W. T„ Terrace n. Court. 

Pease, David, Perry n. Ohio Slip. 

Peat, Ann, widow, h. 128 Court. 

Peck, Edward C. clerk, canal superintendent, 

h. Carolina n. Seventh. 
Peck & Smith, grocers and sh'p chandlers, 5 0. 
Peck, William, firm P. & Smith, h. 26 Carroll. 
Peck, William, cook, h. 18 William. 
Peck, Jesse, mason, h. Jefferson ab. Batavia. 
Peck, Charles E. stationer, printer, and binder, 

over 157 Main, h. 59 Ellicott, 
Peck, Jirah C. blacksmith, h. 160 Pearl. 
Peck, Wm. B., Amer. Ex. Co. h. Ill Delaware. 
Peck, Daniel, keeper Boston Hotel. 
Peck, Gideon, jr. clerk, h. over 338 Main. 
Peck, Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, over 338 Main. 
Peck, Charles, clerk, 190 Main. 
Peck, Julius, h. Seneca bel. junction Ex. 
Peck, Geo. W. b. Jesse Peck. 
Peck, Fred. lab. h. Kaene n. Genesee. 
Peck, Jacob, drayman, 149 E. Eagle. 
Peck, John, Thompson's white lead factory. 
Pecker, Charles, shoemaker, 20 S. Division. 

Pecker, , blacksmith, h. 14th n. Vermont. 

Peckes, Casper, Lutheran. 

Peckham, John W., Elk st. market. 

Pockover, John, 174 Main. 

Peek, Harvey J., Commercial hotel. 

Peel, Geo. truckman, h. 27 Union. 

Peggs, James, at Gas Works. 

PE1RCE, LORING, sexton and undertaker, 

h. 153 Franklin. — See adv. p. 54. 
Peirce, Samuel, b. 212 E. Seneca. 
Peligtena, John, image maker, 72 Lloyd. 
Pellmann, Fiancis H. carpenter, h. 44 Wra. 
Pelow, Joseph, caulker, h. Fulton n. Ala. 
Pelton, John J. carpenter, h. 11th n. Vermont. 
Pembroke, R., Van Slyke's boat yard. 
Pemsel, Casper, Walnut n. Sycamore. 
Pendergrass, Wm. ship carp. h. over 55 Ex. 
Pendergrast, , ship carpenter, h. 9th n. 

Pendleton, Thomas N. book-keeper, Lovcjoy 

Penfield, Wm. stage proprietor, 27 Ex. h. 97 

Penfield, Guy D. clerk, Pratt & Letch worth, b. 

23 Franklin. 
Penfold, Mrs. widow of Wm., La. n. Elk. 
Penitentiary, (Erie County,) cor. 5th and Pa. 
Penn, Sophia, widow of Henry, cor. 7th and 

Penn, Henry L. clerk, 266 Main, h. 7th p. 

Penn, Geo. on lake, h. across the creek n. toll- 
Penn, John R., Buff. Merc'tile College, b. Niag. 

Temp, house. 
Pennels, Thos. blacksmith, h. Batavia beyond 

Pennels, Wm. blacksmith, h. Batavia beyond 

Pennels, Geo. blacksmith, h. Batavia beyond 

Peno, Orwin, coppersmith, Hart, Ball <fc Hart. 
Pensagras, Philip, with Howard <fe Co. 
Penshot, Peler, farmer, Del. ab. North. 
Peutecost, John, ship carp, Howell's boatyard. 

Pentland, Wm. J. with Klein, Dobinson & Co. 
Perce, Hiram W. h. 155 Franklin. 
Perce & Haskins, confectioners, 26 E. Seneca. 
Perce, Otis W. firm P. & Haskins, h. 26 E. 

Perce, Le Grand, law student, b. 155 Franklin. 
Percival, Fernando, with S. Shepard. 
Percy, Peter, joiner, h. Fulton n. Ala. 
Perger, Ferdinand, window shade painter, h. 

136 S. Division. 
Perham, Beman, clock mender, h. 4 Folsom. 
Perkins, Wm. clerk, Pratt & Co. b. 44 Frankl. 
Perkins, Thos. G. h. 13 E. Mohawk. 
Perkins, Horace, agent, h. 72 E. Eagle. 
Perkins, Lewis E. clerk, Central R. R. 
Perkins, Wm. H. clerk, 221 Main, b. cor. Court 

and Pearl. 
Perkins, Lyman P. att'y, 164 Main, b. Thos. 

Perriii, John, ship carpeuter, h. Fulton n. Hay- 
Perrin, Geo. ship carpenter, h. Fulton n. Hay- 
Perry, Horatio O. foreman, S. Shepard, h. 

Fulton n. Hamburg. 
Perry, James A. lumber dealer, foot of Md. h. 

cor. Georgia and Seventh. 
Perry, Israel B. shoemaker, h. 161 Elk. 
Perry, Theodore, moulder, S. Shepard. 
Perry, Wm. H. 74 Ellicott. 
Perry, Geo. on the lake, h. Carroll bel. Mich. 
Persch,- Frederick, grocer, Eagle cor. Pine, h. 

Persch, Henry C. grocer, Terrace cor. Churchy 

h. same. 
Person, Charles, clerk, b. 219 Oak. 
Persthiu, John, Maple n. High. 
Perue, Geo. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Peter, Henry, painter, H. G. White. 
Peter, Jas. F. grocer, 48 Main, h. 39 E. .Eagle. 
Peter, Henry, tinsmith, h. Batavia n. Elm. 
Peter, Elizabeth, widow of Henry, 49 N. Dir. 
Peterhans, Geerge, lab. h. Adams n. Genesee. 
Pelerman, Geo. carp. h. Genesee n. Jefferson] 
Peterman, Barbara, Gray n. Genesee. 
Pelerman, Jacob, joiner, Howard cfc Co. h. Oak 

bel. Goodell. 
Peternus, John, lab. h. 143 Sycamore. 
Peters, Charles, painter, h. Ash n. Batavia. 
Peters, Christian, warehouseman, Michigan C. 

R. R. v\ harf. 
Peters, Henry, tinsmith, h. cor. Potter and Gay. 
Peters, Wm. engineer, across the creek. 
Peters, John, 520 Michigan. 
Peters, Samuel, salesman, 152 Main, h. 264 S. 

Peters, Joseph, whitcwasher, h. 134 N. Div 
Peters, Geo. C. pattern maker, h. 4th u. Court. 
Peters, J. Fred, painter, h. 402 Michigan 
Peters. Samuel C., Van Slyke's planing mill, 

b. 264 S Division. 
Peters, Gottfried, tailor, 180 E. Genesee. 
Peterson, Charles J. 196 Washington. 
Peterson, John, sheep skin and wool dealer, 

Hydraulics, h. 32 Green. 
Peterson, Chas. B. on the lake, h. 2 Centre. 
Peterson, Andrew, ship carpeuter, h. 238 E. 







Peterson, Henry, Spruce n. Batavia. 

Peterson, Matthias, on the lake, h. Roos' alley. 

Peterson, Hans, sailor, h. Bennett n. William. 

Petrie, Alexander, lumber dealer, h. 78 Car- 

Petrie, William F. 28 Central Wharf, h. 198 
Swan bel. Chicago. 

Petrie, George, gas titter, h. 8-1 E. Eagle. 

Petsch, Charles F. tailor, h. 46 E. Genesee. 

Petsch, Fred, cabinet maker, h. 128 Sycarn. 

Petsche, Christian, wagon maker, h. Kaene n. 

Pettes, Wm. H. government agent, h. 38 Del. 

Pettet, Mers, 110 Clinton. 

Pettibone, Jay, h. 31 E. Eagle. 

Petti bone, Stoughton, firm B. Bradley & Co. 

Pettit, Joseph, cor. South and Niagara. 

Pettitt, Edward, tailor, cor. Oak and Virginia. 

Petty, B. S. b. Western. 

Petz, John, Adams n. Sycamore. 

Petzold, John, Maple ab. Goodell. 

Petzold, Charles, painter, 79 E. Genesee. 

Petzolk, John, lab. h. Ketchum alley. 

Peugeot, Francis, firm F. Colligon & Co. b. 
Commercial. Hotel. 

Peugeot, Peter, 154 Ellicott. 

Peugeot, George, h. 156 Ellicott. 

Peziug, Peter, silver plater, h. Lutheran n. 

Pfau, Frederick, blacksmith, h. Seneca, Hy- 

Pfeffin, John Casper, 231 Elm. 

Pfetfiu, John C. 2i E. Seneca 

Pfeifer, Magdaleua, widow of Michael, 95 

Pfeifer, Henry P. collector, h. 43 Clinton. 

Pfeifer, Geo. F. 70 Lloyd, h. Franklin, 3d ab. 
Waldeu alley. 

Pfeifer, Henry, Monroe n. William. 

Pfeifer, Philip, shoemaker, h. 239 Elm. 

Pfeifer, Jacob, tailor, b. 95 Pine. 

Pfeifer, Mrs. C. widow of Philip, cor. Main 
and North. 

Ffeifer, Louis F. Niag. n. Pennsylvania. 

Pfeifer, John 1ST. type caster, N. Lyman, h. 
Hickory n. Sycamore. 

Pfeifer, Louis, lab. h. Gray n. Batavia. 

Pfeifer, Emil, clerk, L. F. Pfeifer, h. 139 Elli- 

Pfeifer, John, joiner, h. 95 Pine. 

Pfeifer, Theoband, grocer, Michigan n. Ohio. 

Pfeifer, Christian, with N. Ca^e tfc Co. 

Pfeifle, Fred, tanner, h. cor. Eagle and Hick- 

Pfener, Fred. 119 Oak. 

Pfennig, Franz, firm Datt & P. h. 73 E. Gen. 

Pfister, Andrew, tailor, h. 59 Cedar. 
Jli!l Pfister, Nicholas, lab. h. cor. Wm & Jefferson. 

Pntzenmier, Mary Ann, widow, German cor. 

Pfleger, Jacob, tailor, Pratt n. Sycamore. 

Pfluger, Frederick, butcher, h. 205 Elm. 

Pfiug, Frederick, clerk, John Seibel. 

Rug, John, lab. h. Maple n. High. 

Pflug, Michael, tailor, Maple n. High. 

Pflug, Jacob, tailor, h. 14 Chippewa. 

Pflug, Jacob, lab. h. 130 Sycamore. 

Pfolger, David, cooper, h. Eagle bel. Spring. 


Pfohl, Jacob H. with Cobb & Co. h. 52 Ben- 
Pfrang, Julia, Spruce n. Batavia. 
Phalon, Sylvester, C. R. R. shop. 
Pharnarabucey, Cornelius, painter, h. Batavia 

n. Bennett. 
Phelps, Orson, 497 Main. 

Phelps, James D. joiner, h. Monroe n. Clinton. 
Phelps, Philander W. steamboat agent, h. 98 

Phelps, Elihu, tallyman, h. cor. S. Division 

and Pine. 
Phelps, Louisa, teacher, Female Academy. 
Phelps, G. M. painter, 16 Piue. 
Phelps, Charles B. dentist, h. Franklin above 

Phelps, Wm. B. clerk, Western World, h. 32 

W. Seneca. 
Phelps, Fred, machinist, State Line shop, b. 

Mrs. S. Phillips. 
Philes, Henry H. with E. S. Prosser, b. 9 
' Carroll 
Philipp, Solomon, clothier, 94 Main, h. 70 E. 

Philippi, Henry, Abbott Road n. Elk. 
Philippi, Wm. lab. h. Fox. 
Philips, Seneca, h. Palmer n. Hudson. 
Philips, Peter, cabinet maker, h. 90 Clinton. 
Philips, William, clerk, 21 Central wharf, b. 

Philips, Captain Isaac, 14 Clinton. 
Phillips, Alonzo, melodeon maker, G. A. Prince 

& Co. h. 325 Ellicott. 
Phillips, Anthony, joiner, h. Tupper n. Elm. 
Phillips, Samuel, Elk n. Smith. 
Phillips, Joseph, Abbott Road n. Elk. 
Phillips, James, barber, with H. Moxley. 
Phillips, Stephen G. clerk, prop. Indiana, h. 

141 Ninth. 
Phillips, Stephen, upholsterer, 212 Main, h. 

Palmer n. Md. 
Phillips, Wm. J. silversmith, HE. Swan, h. 

42 Jackson. 
Phillips, Lorentz, sailor, b. 59 Wash. 
Phillips, Andrew, lab. h. Genesee over the 

Phillips, Jacob, engineer, J. Sour, h. Elm n. 

Phillips, Sophia, widow of John, Chicago n. 

Phillips, John, lab. h. La. n. Perry. 
Phillips, John, teamster, J. W. Banta. 
Phillips, Wm. b. Western. 
Phillips, Geo. grocer, cor. Batavia and Monroe. 
Phillips, Chas. b. Mrs. S. Phillips. 
Phillipson, Isaac, turner, b. Daniel Clark. 
Philpot, Wm. S. produce com. mer. 25 Central 

wharf, h. 297 Mich. 
Philpot, Wm. R. clerk, 25 Central wharf, b. 

297 Mich. 
PHINNEY & Co. publishers and booksellers, 

188 Main, and 1 and 3 W. Seneca. — See adv.. 

p. 40. 
Phiuney, Elihu, jr. firm P. & Co. h. 99 Niag. 
Phoenix Steam Boiler Manufactory, Ohio near 

Thayer's elevator. 
Phoenix Hotel, 361 to 365 Main. 
Phraenhardt, Philip, shoemaker, 72 W. Tup'r. 



Picard, Frank, butcher, Elk St. Market. 
Pickering, Edgar P. firm J. R. Lee & Co. h. 

Swan u. Pearl. 
Pickett, Spencer, tinsmith, 243 Main. 
Pickett, Joseph, with Bid well, Banta & Co. 
Pickstock, Thomas N. m. d. h. Scott n. Wash. 
Piens, Virginia, widow of Theodore, Puffer n. 

Piepho, Charles, painter, h. cor. S. Division 

and Spring. 
PIERCE & Co. lumber dealers, cor. Swan and 

Ellicott, aud cor. Mich, and Scott. — See adv. 

p. 76. 
Pierce, Charles S. firm Pierce & Co. h. Elk 

ab. Chicago. 
Pierce, James B. clerk, 1G6 Main, h. 64 East 

Pierce, Jonathan, ladies' shoemaker, 12 Court, 

h. same. 
Pierce, Francis T. coppersmith, h. 45 Cedar. 
Pierce, Charles L. firm Pierce & Co. h. 47 

Pierce, Jerome, firm Pierce & Co. b. C. S. 

Pierce, John, constable, h. 150 S. Division. 
Pierce, Samuel, book-keeper, Vulcan foundry, 

b. 212 E. Seneca. _ 
Pierce, Isaac Dan'l, join'r h. Elk n. Hayward. 
Pierce, Win, A. book-keeper, Good & Moore, 

b. cor. La. and Fulton. 
Pierce, Ezekiel P. book-keeper, 210 Main, h. 
• 159 Ninth. 

Pierce, Emma, teacher No. 4, b. 55 E. Seneca. 
PIERCE, LO RING, und'rtak'r,h. 153 Frank- 
lin. — See adv. p. 54. 
Pierce, Samuel, 31 N. Division. 
Pierce, Joseph, at McMillen's boat yard. 
Pierce, Sophia, widow, b. 8 Boston Block. 
Pierce, Miss Jane, teacher, Dist. No. 15, b. 55 

E. Seneca. 
Pierson, Robert, painter, b. 6th ab. Carolina. 
Pierson, Edward, cashier N. Y. & Erie Bank. 
Pierson, Henry, hatter, h. N. Div. n. Pollard. 
Piersons, Henry, barber, over 107 Main. 
Piersons, Pat, Chicago n. Ohio. 
Pietschmann, Albert, barber, 53 Ex. h. Jeffer- 
son n. Wm. 
Pike, Edwin G. with Smith & Brothers, b. 

Pike, Charles B. with Smith & Brothers, b. 

Billiard, Fred, truckman, h. 80 Sycamore. 
Pilster, Joseph, porter, R. J. Corapton. 
Pincin, Charles, 158 E. Eagle. 
Pindar, Susan, widow of Wm. H. 143 E. Sen. 
Pine, Samuel, joiner, b. 63 Clinton. 
Pine, Oscar A. painter, b. 117 E. Seneca. 
Pine, Edwin J. painter, b. 117 E. Seneca. 
Pinkcpank, Rev. Henry, h. 44 Wm. 
Pinkney, Joseph, painter, H. G. White, h. 104 

Pinkney. Joseph, sr. 104 Clinton. 
Pinner, Michael, 139 Franklin. 
Pinner, II. h. 289 Pearl. 
Pinney, John II. clerk, 227 Main. 
Pinney, John, firm J. S. Combs & Co. h. 157 

E. Seneca. 
Pinton, Nicholas, 67 E. Genesee. 

Pioneer Hook and Ladder Co. No. 1, 19 S. 

Piper, George, carriage trimmer, h. Eleventh n. 

Pitford, Henry, blacksmith, cor. Ex. and La. 
Pitkin, Jos. F. jeweler, 210 Main, h. 76 Chip. 

— See adv. p. 48. 
Pitman, Henry, shoemaker, h. Eleventh near 

Pitman, Peter, sailor, b. R. R. Ex. hotel. 
Pittner, Leouhard, lab. h. 104 Batavia. 
Pitts, John A. threshing machine maker, h. 

Niag. ab. Morgan. 
Pitts, Calvin W. foreman, J. A. Pitts, h. cor. 

Palmer and Va. 
Pitts, Horatio W. b. Niag. ab. Morgan. 
Pitts, John B. clerk, J. S. Johnson, b. J. A. 

Pitts' Agricultural Works, cor. Caroliua and 

Pitz, Adam, shoemaker, 218 Elm. 
Pitz, Jacob, chair maker, 214 Elm. 
Pitzing, Jacob, firm Rodenbach <fe P. h. cor. 

Wm. and Hickory. 
Pixley, Philander, joiner, h. Carey n. Del. 
Place, John, carmn.n, 66 Main, h. 167 N. Div. 
Planz, Elizabeth, widow of Peter, Spring n. 

Piatt, A. B. & Co. wool dealers, 38 Lloyd. 
Piatt, Anson B.firm Piatt & Co. h. 37 Ellicoit. 
Piatt, John G. cutler, h. Elk n. Ohio. 
PLATT, L. B. & Co. oyster and fruit dealers, 

basement 292 Main. — See adv. p. 38. 
Piatt, L. B. firm L. B. P. & Co. 
Piatt, H. S. clerk, L. B. Piatt & Co. b. 21 

Playter, Chas. G. book-keeper, Pratt &. Co. h. 

Niag. n. York. 
Playter, Henry J., Wash ab. Oarlton. 
Plembel, Jacob, tanner, h. Bennett n. Wm. 
Pleuthner, John, joiner, h. Mich. n. High. 
Plimpton, Lumati K. firm P. & Welch, h. 129 

Plimpton & Welch, auct. and com. mer's, 50 

Ploettle, Philip, with Jewctt & Root, h. Pratt 

n. Sycamore. 
Plogsted, John F. C, Wm. n. Walnut. 
Ploo, Geo. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Plow, Geo. ship carpenter, h. across the creek. 
Plumley, Allen S., Main ab. Best. 
Plu miner, Wm. E. clothier, h. Dearborn near 

Poettiuo;, Henry, shoemaker, 334 Main, h. 65 

Poh, Louis, stone cutter, h. cor. Batavia and 

Poh, Louis, stone cutter, 353 Main. 
Poh, Mrs. Caroline, widow of Jacob, 122 Elm. 
Pohl, Wm. with Howard & Co. 
Pohle, Augustus, cabinet maker, h. 409 Mich- 
Pol'ilman, Theodore, tailor, 239 Main. 
Pohlman, Henry, tanner, h. Gray n. Batavia. 
Poinsett, Thomas G. piano tuner, J. Sage «fc 

Sons, b. 55 E. Seneca. 
Polhemus, Wm. H. S. clerk, Boston hotel. 



Police Station No. 4, 428 Mich. 
Police Station No. 2, cor. Mohawk and Pearl. 
Police office, Terrace, opp. Western hotel. 
Pollard, John, ship carpenter, h. Fulton near 

Pollard, Randall, with R. J. Compton. 
Pollard, John, painter, b. 9 Carroll. 
Pollock, Joseph, with Jewett & Root, h. 40 

Pollock, Chas. boiler maker, h. Perry n. Ham- 
Pollock, Thomas, clerk, 160 and 162» Main.h. 
. 162 N. Division. 
Pomeroy, Robert, Sec'y Buff. Trust Co. h. cor. 

Swan and Oak. 
Pomeroy, E. C. teacher, No 12, b.62 E. Swan. 
Pomeroy, Jacob, clerk, Kasson's office, b. 198 

East Swan. 
Potninville, Francis, mason, h. 34 Scott. 
Pond, Reuben, painter, h. 2 Terrace. 
Pond, Charles L. blank book maker, h. Seneca 

n. Chicago. 
Pond, Charles, chair maker, h. 52 Smith's bl'k, 

Pontius, Jacob, lab. h. Mortimer n. Genesee. 
Pool, Cyrus 0. att'y, 272 Main, b. H. L. Safford. 
Poole, Rushmore, 175 Main.h. 63 E. Eagle. 
Pooley, William, joiner, h. Ninth n. Va. 
Poore, Dennis, 77 Chippewa. 
Poos, Valentine, wagon maker, h. Pratt n. Gen. 
Popp, Jacob, joiner, h. Monroe n. Sycamore. 
Poppenberg, Albert, professor of music, h. Del. 

above Ferry. 
Poppenberg, Robert, musician, h. Walnut n. 

Poppenberg, Gustav, musician, h. Cypress n. 

Porley, Win., Van Slyke's yard. 
Porrett, Christopher, baker, h. Twelfth near 

Port, Fred, joiner, h. Hickory n. Cherry. 
Porteous, Thos. on lake, b. 9 Smith Block, 

Porter, Walter, builder, h. 83 S. Division. 
Porter, Samuel, pattern maker, h. Ala. near 

Potter, Stephen B. att'y, 1 Erie Ex. b. 89 S. 

Porter, Rev. J. Jermain, pastor Westminster 

Church, h. Delaware ab. North. 
Porter, Franklin B. ship carp. b. 135 E. Sen. 
Porter, Johu, joiner, h. across the creek. 
Porter, Chas. S. at Theatre, b. IT. S. hotel. 
Porter, James, at Theatre, b. U. S. hotel. 
Porter, Ellen, wife of Richard, r. 34 Seventh. 
Porth, Henry, grocer, Mich. n. Goodell. 
Postal, George, carpenter, Oak n. Tupper. 
Postal, Fanny, Walden u. Franklin. 
Post, Oliver A. grocer, 54 Clinton, b. Crook- 

er's tavern. 
Post, William, joiner, h. 15 Seventh. 
Post Office, cor. Seueca and Wash. 
Post, John C. clerk, 223 Main, h. 62 Pine. 
Potatio, Francis, moulder, 122 Elm. 
Poth, G. H. lab. h. cor. Batavia and Ellicott. 
Potter, Heman B. 8 Clarendon bl'k, S. Div. 
Potter, Fred. A., firm Lewis & P. h. 91 Clin- 

Potter, John W. printer, Com. Adv. office, b. 
3 Carroll. 

Potfhoff, Albert, 17 Exchange. 

Powell, John, stone cutter, h. 91 Ninth. 

Powell, Egbert H. clerk, Morgan & Root, h. 

' 85 N. Division. 

Powell, Wm. clerk, 192 Main, h. 83 Clinton. 

Powell, David, M. C. R. R. baggage agent, 221 
East Seneca. 

Powell, John H. jeweler, 1 Main. 

Powell, , clerk, F. S. Stevens, b. Franklin 


Powell, Jerusha S. 152 East Swan. 

Powell, Wm. carpenter, h. 227 Carroll. 

Powell, Peter, with Bullymore & Langdon. 

Power, Daniel S. caulker, h. Hayward n. Elk. 

Power, Michael, tanner, h. Steuben n. Van 

Power, Pat. grocer, Seneca cor. Swan. 

Power, Adam, watchman, 233 Main. 

Power, Michael, lab. h. Ex. n. Heacock. 

Powers, John, clerk, post office, b. Miss Cutler. 

Powers, Edward, at Buff. S. E. Works. 

Powers, Pat, lab. with C. W. Evans. 

Powers, Daniel S. caulker, h. cor. Fulton and 

Pragnell, Wm. cabinet maker, b. N. Hucker. 

Pralow, Fred, tailor, h. S. Div. n. the R. R. 

Pralow, Fred, bricklayer, h. Mulberry n. Carl- 

Prast, John, carpenter, cor. Goodell and Mich. 

Pratt, Lucius H. com. mer. Mich. bet. Swan 
and Seneca, h. 89 Swan cor. Mich. 

PRATT & CO. hardware mer's, Terrace, ad- 
joining U. S. hotel. — See adv. p. 60. 

Pratt, Samuel F., firm P. & Co. h. Swan opp. 

Pratt, Pascal P., firm P. & Co. h. Main above 

Pratt, Gorham F., m. d. 8 W. Swan, h. 135 E. 

Pratt, Capt. Amos, steamboat Globe, h. 10 
Park Place. 

Pratt Bank, under Mansion, 139 Main. 

Pratt, Mrs. Hiram, widow, 77 E. Swan. 

Pratt, Sophia, widow of Samuel, h. 139 East 

PRATT & LETCHWORTH, man'rsand imp. 
of saddlery, coach and trunk hardware, 
Terrace opp. Western. — See adv. p. 61. 

Pratt, Chas. W. clerk, 170 Main, b. 117 S. Div. 

Pratt, Frederick M. firm P. & Allen, h. 36 

PRATT & ALLEN, hardware and agricul- 
tural implements, 170 Main. — See adv. p. 68. 

Pratt, Chas. H. clerk, Wadsworth House. 

Pratt, Asahel B. clerk, 18 Central Wharf. 

Prazo, Christian, shoemaker, cor. Carroll and 

Prebster, John, lab. h. Watson n. Batavia. 

Preis, Christian, mason, h. Ash n. Sycamore. 

Preising, John, Michigan n. Carlton. 

Premassing, Henry, harness maker, h. Walnut 
n. Batavia. 

Prenatt, Alex, weighman, h. Fulton n. Hay- 

Prenatt, Augustus, engineer, h. Walnut above 



Prenatt, James, weighman, h. Perry n. Ala. 

Prendel, Michael, Genesee n. Fox. 

Prendergast, Edward R. dry ooods, 322 Main. 

Prentice, Horace, clerk, 192 Main, b. II Court. 

Prentice, Geo. C. waiter, Western. 

Prepster, Geo. lab. h. Johnson n. Genesee. 

PRESBREY, OTIS F. real estate agent, cor. 
Coin, and Terrace, h. Niag. 5th door bey. 
Va.— See adv. p. 83. 

Prescort, Wrn., firm Weeks & P., h. Franklin 
above Allen. 

Prescott, Plummer, artist, over 288 Main, b. 

Preston, Christopher, ship carp. h. r. 189 S. 

Preston, John R. dining saloon, 19 E. Seneca. 

Preston, Isaac H. ship carp. h. Eagle n. Walnut. 

Preston, Wm. H. engineer, h. 191 E. Eagle. 

Preston, Daniel, blacksmith, 233 Carroll. 

Preston, Geo. H. book-keeper, Weeks & Pres- 
cott, b. 55 E. Seneca. 

Preston, Alexander on the R. R. b. Saunders' 

Preston, J. Bower, clerk, Haven & Smith, b. 3 
Mob aw k. 

Preston, Gilbert, engineer, h. cor. La. and Ex. 

Preston, John, blacksmith, cor. La. and Ex. 

Presz, Nicholas, shoemaker, with J. M. Smith. 

Pretal, Peter, shoemaker, h. Cherry n. Locust. 

Price, Wm. h. 121 N. Division. 

Price, Edward, tinsmith, h. Palmer n. Virginia. 

Price, Charles, blacksmith, h. Niag. n. Auburn. 

Price, Catharine, b. George Ballus. 

Price, V. C. & Co. chemists, 283 Main. 

Price, V. C. firm V. C. Price & Co. h. 207 

Price, Thomas, sailor, h. La. n. Elk. 

Price, Margaret, 141 Clinton. 

Price, John, with Bush & Howard. 

Price, Henry W. clerk, 236 Main, b. 141 Clin- 

Prichard, John, with F. Mount. 

Prickle, Conrad, lab. h. Jefferson n. Bafavia. 

Prickle, Anthony, lab. h. Howard n. Jefferson. 

Priest, Jane, widow, Perry n. Ala. 

Prikele, Michael, laborer, h. Adams opp. Sy- 

Prime, Rev. Jacob A. pastor East Presbyte- 
rian Church, h. 375 Michigan. 

Prime, Arthur, rigger, hi. Scott Alley. 

Primrose, Benjamin, Lyman's type foundry, 
b. Tremont. 

Primrose, Briirliam, cor. Eagle and Ellicott. 

PRINCE, GEORGE A. & Co. manufacturers 
improved melodeons, cor. Niag. and Md. — 
See adv. p. 53. 

Prince, George A. firm G. A. P. & Co., h. 109 

Prince, Samuel N. clerk, b. 109 Niag. 

Prince, Eugene F. clerk, Bidwell, Banta & 
Co. h. Miami n. Ala. 

Prince, Alpheus, collector, Black Rock, b. Seth 
B. Manley. 

Prine, Hamilton, with Wing ttr Co. 

Piingle, Phelps H. with S. Heminway. 

Pringle, John b. Genesee House. 

Pringle, Geo., C. R. R. shop. 

rrior, Geo. lab. h. 213 N. Division. 

Prior, Joseph W. painter, h. 286 Pearl. 
Prior, Wm. S. carpenter, h. Van Rensselaer. 

near Steuben. 
Prior, Thomas, backman, h. 102 Clinton. 
Priser, Edward, on lake, h. 128 Court. 
Pritz, Peter, at Swartz's Iron Works. 
Prochnow, Chas. printer, Courier office, b, 8 

Proctor, John, tailor, h. Sixth n. Md. 
Proel, Simon, tailor, cor. Johnson & High. 
Proessel, Ludwig A. coffeehouse, 117 Maiu. 
Prosser, Erastus S., Merchants' Exchange, h. 

Del. above Summer. 
Protbias, John, grocer, 6 Main. 
Prouty, James, grocer, Ohio, h. cor. Elk and 

Provoost & Newkirk, sail makers, Prime. 
Provoost, David, firm P. & Newkirk, h. Mich. 

n. Swan. 
Provoost, J. P. & S. A. sail makers, foot of 

Provoost, Samuel A. firm J. P. & S. A. Pro- 
voost, h. Niag. near Geor. 
Provoost, James P. firm J. P. & S. A. Pro- 
voost, h. 63 East Seneca. 
Provoost, Wm. T. & M. H. grocers, cor. North 

Division and Michigan. 
Provoost, Wm. T. firm W. T. & M. H. P. b. D. 

Provoost, Milton H. firm W. T. & M. H. P. b. 

D. Provoost. 
Provoost, George E. clerk, 205 Main, b. 55 N. 

PROVOOST, J. P. & CO. soap and candle 

manuf'rs, 20 Hanover. — See adv. p. 37. 
Provoost, Win. K. firm J. P. Provoost tfc Co. b. 

63 E. Seneca. 
Pruenn, John, cabinet maker, b. 112 Batavia. 
Prushaw, Thomas H. paiuter, h. 98 Ninth. 
Prushaw, James R. machinist, h. Seventh 

beyond Carolina. 
Pudvine, M. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Puff el, August, joiner, h. 77 E. Genesee. 
Puffer, Simon, Puffer near Main. 
Pullen, Edwin, Va. n. Niag. 
Pullen.Wm. at Eagle Furnace, h. cor. Seventh 

and Hospital. 
Puis, John, tailor, h. Goodell near Elm. 
Puis, Henry, lab. h. North Division n. Spring. 
Pultz, John C. cor. Terrace and Mechanic. 
Pulvermueller, Leopold, lab. h. Sycamore n. 

Purcell, Edward, h. Fulton n. Hayward. 
Purcell, Thomas, truckman, h. Folsom above 

Puritan Church, Breckenridge, N. of Niag. 
Purdy, John, firm Moores <fe P. b. cor. Chest- 
nut and Swan. 
Purrington, George A. with Am. Express Co. 

h. 15 North Division. 
Pushaeur, John, lab. h. 12th n. Pa. 
Putnam, James O. attorney-at-law, h. cor. 

Goodell and Washington. 
Putnam, Henry W. mariner, h. 26 Mississippi. 
Putnam, Caleb, hackman, h. 86 Carroll. 
Pynchon, Lucius K. grocer, Ohio n. Mich. h. 

Carolina n. Palmer. 
Pyncbon, Calvin, clerk, L. K. Pynchon. 




Quaife, Quartos, book-keeper, Clark & Brown, 
h. 11th n.Va. 

Quails, Wm. barber, 314 Main, h. 381 Mich. 

Queen City Mills, Black Rock. 

Quell, Charles, h. 76 E. Genesee. 

Quermbach, John, shoemaker, h. Main n. Bur- 
ton Alley. 

Quester; John, lab. li. 439 Michigan. 

Quester, Elizabeth, nurse, 439 Michigan. 

Quigley, John, coppersmith, h. 285 N. Div. 

Quigley, Thomas, lab. h. Fulton n. Chicago. 

Quii, Margaret, widow, h. Burwell n. Scott. 

Quilliven, John, lab. h. Ohio n. Columbia. 

Quilt, John, lab. h. Perry n. Miss. 

Quinlan, Patrick, at Buffalo Steam Engine 
Works, h. 18 Sixth. 

Quinn, Thomas, Carroll below Chicago. 

Qui nn, Dennis, Alabama, near Seneca. 

Quinn, Joseph, mason, h. Johnson Place. 

Quinn, John, boarding-house. State cor. Fly. 

Quinn, Daniel, Wads worth House. 

Quinn, , drayman, h. 45 Oak. 

Quinn, John, engineer, b. R. R. Hotel. 

Quinn, Pat. sawyer, Ohio n. Tollbridge. 

Quinn, James, on lake, h. across the creek. 

Quirnback, Joel, tailor, h. Monroe u. William. 

Raach, Frederick, book -binder, 159 Main. 

Rabon, F., Geo. A. Prince <fe Co. 

Rack, Henry, lab. h. Seneca ab. Ala. 

Racine, Margaret, widow, Cypress n. Mich. 

Radcliff, Geo. sailor, h. Sixth n. Va. 

Radcliff, Jerry, JO Delaware. 

Radcliffe. Stephen M. moulder, Eagle furnace, 

h. Fulton n. Chicago. 
Radcliffe, John, with T. Bullymore, b. same. 
Raddy, Daniel, lab. h. Genesee over the canal. 
Raedlein, Nicholas, joiner, h. Sycamore near 

Raedlein, Michael, musician, h. Camp n. Syc. 
Raeker, Augustus, furniture, Batavia bet. Elm 

and Oak. 
Raesch, Charles, Buff. Steam E. W. 
Raesch, S. Fred, upholsterer, 233 Main. 
Raffel, Conrad, mason, h. Ash n. Nycamore. 
Ragan, John, lab. h. Third n. Maryland. 
Rahm, Daniel C. carpet weaver, 223 Ellicott. 
Rahm, Henry, butcher, Niag. n. Va. h. same. 
Rahn, Philip, Palmer & Gardner. 
Raichle, Godfrey, image carver, h. Batavia n. 


rail road exchange hotel, 90 

Exchange. — See adv. p. 85. 
RAINEY & RICHARDSON, commission 

merch'ts, 16 Central Wharf. — See adv. p. 34. 
i Rail Road Hotel, Ex. adjoining C. R. R. depot. 
Rainey, M. D. printer, Courier office. 
Rainey. Hamilton, firm R. &, Richardson, b. 

29 E. Swan. 
| Rainey, Alex, clerk, 5 E. Sen. b. 24 Ellicott. 
Rais, Geo. m. d. at Buffalo Med. Hospital. 
Raleigh, Edmund, Hudson ab. Cottage. 
Ralph, William, h. 79 Clinton. 

Ralph, Eilmund S. book-keeper, P. A. Bal- 

com, h. Ferry u. Main. 
Ralph, Edward, brickmaker, . h. Hickory n. 

Ralph, Hugh, teamster, h. Niagara opp. Forest 

Ramaciotti, Francis, piano forte maker, h. Mil- 

nor n. Batavia. 
Ramage, George, tailor, over 275 Main. 
Ramm, Conrad, joiner, h. Boston. 
Rammacher, Wm. lab. h. Walnut n. Sycamore. 
Rampt, John, with Smith & Brothers. 
Ramsdell, Mrs. widow of Wm. b. I. Williams. 
Ramsdell, Oliver, on the lake, h. Hickory n. 

Ramsdell, Charles, 42 Franklin. 
Ramsdell, Henry, shoe store, 184 Main, h. 303 

Ramsdell, O. P. & Co. wholesale shoe store, 

168 Main. 
Ramsdell, Orin P. firm O. P. R. & Co. h. 74 

Ramsdell, Wm. G. h. cor. Pearl and Tupper. 
Ramsey, Peter, blacksmith, h. cor. Fulton and 

Ramsey, John, Jubilee house, Delaware. 
Ramsour, Michael, mason, hi. Jeff. n. Clinton. 
Rand, Chas. T. blacksmith, h. 156 E. Seneca. 
Rand, Alonzo C. book-keeper, 57 Main, li. 

York n. Fourteenth. 
Rand, Charles M. firm Franklin & R. h. 180 

E. Seneca. 
Randahan, John, with S. Shepard. 
Randall, Volney, shoe store, 74 Main, h. 679 

Randall, Nelson, shoe store, 152 Main, h. 

Niagara n. Virginia. 
Randall, Jesse, 2 Granite Block, h. cor. Ellicott 

and High. 
Randall, Milton, steamboat agent, opp. Niag. 

Falls depot, h. Morgan n. Carey. 
Randall, A., R. R. conductor, h. 89 Franklin. 
Randall, San ford M. 170 E. Seneca. 
Randall, Joseph, on the lake, b. Niag Temp. 

Randall, Alfred, book-keeper, Morn. Express 

office, h. 219 Carroll. 
Randall, Fel x, gas fit'r, 160 Main, b. 200 Wash. 
Randaw, Simon, shoemaker, h. Fulton n. Ala. 
Randecker, Adam, tailor, h. 106> Batavia. 
Randel, Geo. H. clerk, Davis & Sutton, h. 47 

Rankin, Francis, m. b. 188 Oak. 
Rankin, Jas. carpenter, h. Perry n. La. 
Rankin, Rev. Alex. T. pastor Puritan church, 

h. cor. N. Wash, and Ferry. 
Rankin, Hugh, on the lake, h. 18 Illinois. 
Ranney, Robert, sailor, h. 8 Scott. 
Ranney, Orville W. salt dealer, 17 Central 

Wharf, b. 44 Franklin. 
Ranous, Alfred R. designer, h. Carey west of 

Ransom, Amasa R. hatter, 85 Main, h. 197 E. 

Ransom, Giles T. engineer, h. Perry n. Ala. 
Ransom, Wm. F. clerk, 85 Main, b. 197 Swan. 
Ransom, Wm. with E. & B. Holmes. 
Ransom, Clark, Court n. Hospital. 



Ransom, Harry R. medical student, with D. B. 

Ransom, E with S. Shepard. 
Rapmau, Adam, carpenter, h. 404 Michigan. 
Rappold, John, Wash. n. High. 
Rapty, Francis, shoemaker, h. Walnut n. Bat. 
Raqui, Louis, joiner, h. 12 E. Huron. 
Raritan, Ellen, widow, h. Exchange n. Ala. 
Rashleigh, W. with G. A. Prince & Co. 
Rast, Lorentz, butcher, h. Adams n. Batavia. 
Ratel, Joseph, engineer, h. cor. Folsom and 

Rath bone, Samuel, 212 Franklin. 
Rath borne, Richard W. flour inspector, 14 

Central Wharf, h.47 W. Eagle. 
Rath bun & Whitmore, flag and curb stone 

dealers, cor. Henry and Erie canal. 
Rathbun, Thomas, firm R. & Whitmore, h. 24 

Rathbun, Ellicott M. builder, h. 75 Carroll. 
Ra'hbun, Charles L. h. Walden alley n. Del. 
Rathbun, Maria, widow of Lyman, Walden 

Rathbun, Charles H. h. 81 S. Division. 
Ratzel, John, Jefferson n. German. 
Ran, John, joiner, h. William n. Walnut. 
Rau, Henry, cooper, h. Thompson n. Parish. 
Raubenheimer, Frederick, 118 Oak. 
Ranch, Frederick, barber, h. Maple ab. Goodell. 
Ranch, George, on lake, h. Genesee n. Gray. 
Rauhensh in, John, grocer, Elk cor. Ohio Slip. 
Raumer, George, lab. h. Gray n. Batavia. 
Rausch, Xavier, brewer, cor. Batavia and Gray. 
Rausch, George, tailor, h. 531 Mich. 
Rausch, Jacob, cor. Jefferson and Balavia. 
Rauschenberg Brothers, cigar store. 36 Main. 
Rauschenberg, Diedrich, firm R. Bros. b.Mer. 

Rauschenberg, Albert H. firm R. Bros. 36 Main. 
Rauscher, Nicholas, laborer, h. 2U7 Elm. 
Rawdon, Win. H. machinist, Dart Bros. 
Rawley, Michael, lab. h. cor. Ex. and La. 
Rav, David, with Williams, Tanner & Co. 
Rav, Win. F, N. Y. C. R. R. shop, b. Southern 

Ray, Thos. S. pattern maker, h. 286 Franklin. 
Ray, Andrew J. clerk, 318 Main, b. 2 Niagara. 
Ray, James, ship carpenter, at Howell's boat 

yard, h. N. Division n. Grosvenor. 
Ray, John, lab. h. Elk n. Ohio. 
Ray, Margaret widow of John,. N. Division n. 

Raybome, Julius, with Howard & Co. 
Raybome, A. with Howard & Co. 
Raymond. George, wool dealer, 260 Pearl. 
Raynor, Augustus, 44 Franklin, b. 273 Wash. 
Raynor, Charles A. clerk, 160 Main. 
Raze, Benjamin, N. Canal, 
Raze. Ansel 8. brick maker, b. 57 E. Seneca. 
RAZE, JOEL S., brickmaker, h. N. Canal.— 

See adv. p. 76. 
Rea, John, with Howard & Co. 
Rea, Andrew, with 8. Shepard. 
Reachlev. Charles, engineer, J. T. Noye. 
Read, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow of John, 38 E. 

Read, Henry, joiner, h. cor. Weaver aud Bur- 
ton Alley, 

Read, Willard S. foreman, Otis Vaughn, h. 

276 S.' Division. 
Read, Mary H, Swan n. Spring. 
Ready, Thomas, lab. h. Mackinaw n. Chicago. 
Ready, Wm. sailor, h. Ex. n. La. 
Ready, John, sailor, h. Ex. n. La. 
Reamer, Wm. blacksmith, h. Cherry n. city line. 
Reanhart, Daniel, tailor, with S. Gensler. 
Reapp, Jacob, brewer, M. S. Gilman. 
Reardon, Jerry, lab. h. Hayward n. Fultou. 
Reardon, William, laborer, h. Ind. n. Perry. 
Reardon, Ellen, widow, Exchange n. Ala. 
Reardon, Hannah, widow, Perry n. Wash. 

Reastarr, Augustine, baker, h. Swan n. R. R. 

Reber, Jacob, milkman, h. Bennett n. Batavia. 

Rebgow, John, caulker, h. 28 Scott. 

Rebgow, John, jr. caulker, h. 29 Scott. 

Rebstock, Lorentz, b. 29 Huron. 

Rebstock, John, tailor, h. 29 E. Huron. 

Rebstock, Constantiue, butcher, h. Canal n. 

Rebstock, Stephen, Niagara n. Farmer. 

Rebstock, Jacob, book binder, Main ri. Chip- 

Rechtenwalt, Mich'], tinsmith, Monroe n. Wm. 

Rechtenwalt, Nicholas, Pratt n. Clinton. 

Rechtenwalt, John N. with Jewett & Root. 

Rechtenwalt, Mrs. widow of Jacob, Cedar n. 

Rechtenwalt, Jacob, furnacernan, h. 103 Cedar. 

Rechtenwalt, Perer, cor. Batavia and Spruce. 

Rector, Wm. D., Black Rock. 

Reda, Peter, merchant, h. 33 Jefferson. 

Redberg, Aug., blacksmith, h. Oak n. Goodell. 

Redfield, Piatt M., h. 126 Pearl. 

Redfield, Charles, jeweler, h. 442 Main. 

Redgriff, Anna, 352 Michigan. 

Red Jacket Recess, cor. Main and W. Seneca. 

Redmond, Garrett, Van Slyke's yard, h. Wal- 
nut n. Sycamore. 

Redpath, John, stone cutter, D. Belden. 

Redpath. Robert, clerk, b. 19 Pearl. 

Reeb, Adam, tailor, h. Pratt n. Genesee. 

Reed Patrick, Niagara n. Bird. 

Reed, Wm. W. coppersmith, h. 52 S. Division. 

Reed, Wm. R. joiner, b. Capt E. Sims. 

Reed, Wm. sailor, b. Samuel Closeton. 

Reed, Charles, painter, b. 21 E. Eagle. 

Reed, Miss Mary, dressmaker, b. 210 E. Senrca. 

Reed, John, ship carp., h. Pollard n. Seneca. 

Reed, James, cabinet maker, b. 15 Pearl. 

Reed, Fred, tailor, Walnut n. Wm. 

Reed, Daniel, ship carpenter, b. Adam Eva. 

Reel, Christian, lab. h. Ferry n. Adams. 

Rees, Charles, clerk. 4 Ohio. 

Roes Edwin, sup't Buff. S. E. Works, h. 655 

Reese, Charles, clerk, 190 Main. 

Reese, Geo. & Co. printers, 5 W. Seneca. 

Reese, Geo. firm R. & Co., h. Morgan bet. Hu- 
ron and Carey. 

Reeve, Edward, with Jewett & Root. 

Reeve, Geo., Central R. R. machine shop. 

Reeve, John, Central R. R. machine shop. 

Reeve. Richard, 5 Folsom. 

Reeve, Wm. melodeon maker, Prince tfc Co. 

Reeves, John, upholsterer, Hart's factory, h. 
Vermont n. Ninth. 



Reeves, Thomas, at. Eagle Furnace. 

Reeves, Charles H., insp. customs, h. corner 

Pearl and Allen. 
Reformed Holland Church, cor. Gen. & Huron. 
Reformed Presbyterian Church, 9th n. Va. 
Eeformed Protestant Dutch Church, Delaware 

ab. Huron. 
Regonauer, Maria C. h. Pine n. Wm. 
Reiner, Xavier, tailor, Lutheran. 
Rehbaum, Fred, lock maker, "Walnut n. Wm. 
Rehbaum, Albert, lock maker, h. 259 E. Gen. 
Rehling, August, truckman, h. Jefferson near 

Rehm, Gustavus, harness maker, 117 Main. 
Rehm, Geo. J., cor. Canal and Evans. 
Reborn, Martin, shoemaker, Steuben below 

Reborn, Peter, shoemaker, h. cor. Seneca aud 

Van Rensselaer. 
Rehr, John, butcher, over 8 Canal. 
Reibohl, Christian, shoemaker, h.26l E. Gen. 
Reichardt, Jacob, tailor, h. Batavia n. Pine. 
Reichart, Fred, butcher, h. Lutheran n. Wm. 
Reichert, Geo., Niagara north of Parish. 
Reichert, Andrew, shoemaker, 16 Bennett. 
Reichert, Mrs. widow of Geo. P., 8 Huron. 
Reichert, Wm., Dearborn n. Parish. 
Reich man, F. J. shoemaker, h. Walnut n. Bat. 
Reichopt, Fred, tanner, h. Ex. n. brickyard. 
Reid, James, marble cutter, b. 20 Exchange. 
Reid, Elizabeth, b. 20 Exchange. 
Reid, Wm. moulder, h. 181 Terrace. 
Reid, Edward, clerk, B. & S. L. freight depot. 
Reid, Murdoch & Co., pro. and com. store, 

208 Washington. 
Reid, James, firm R., Murdoch & Co., h. 169 

E. Swan. 
Reid, Simon, firm R., Murdoch & Co, b. 169 

E. Swan. 
Reid, James, joiner, h. Swan n. Chestnut. 
Reid, John, at Swartz's Iron Works. 
Reid, Robert, shoemaker, Goodell Alley. 
Reidinger, John, Spring n. Hollister. 
Reidpath, Robert D. clerk, 1 E. Seneca. 
Reifer, Morris, with M. Fridenberg. 
Reifler, John C. with J. F. Klee. 
Reiger, Geo. butcher, Joseph Krister. 
Reih, Michael, Mulberry n. High. 
Reil, John, butcher, cor. Spruce and Sycam. 
Reil, John S., Monroe n. Sycamore. 
Reiling, Catharine, widow of John, h. Genesee 

n. Jefferson. 
Reilly, Thomas C, bonnet ware rooms, 228 

| Reilly, John G. clothier, 83 Main. 
Reilly, Miss M. A. milliner, 228 Main. 
Reillv, Joseph W., 232 Main. 
Reilly, James T. clerk, 232 Main. 
Reilly, Thomas, on lake, h. 117 Cedar. 
Reiman, Gottlieb, lab. h. German Alley. 
I Reiman, Charles, 13 German Alley. 
Reiman, Jacob, carpenter, h. 10th n. Jersey. 
[Reiman, Joseph, lab. h. Walnut n. Sycamore. 
ijReimann, Luuwig, wagon maker, h. Hickory 
n. Clinton. 
Reimann, Jacob, "Walnut n. Sycamore. 
I! Reimann, Philip, wagon maker, 87 E. Seneca, 
h. William u. Hickory. 

Reimand, Geo. lab. h, 94 Cedar. 

Reimer, Matthew, carpenter, h. 2 Smith Block, 

Reimes, Henry, shoemaker, h. 168 E. Genesee. 

Reinagel, John, carpenter, h. Wm. n. Cedar. 

Reindl, John, joiner, h. Walnut n. Batavia, 

Reinecke, Frederick, printer, h. 95 E. Genesee. 

Reiner, John, Van Slyke's yard. 

Reinev, Geo.. C. R. R. shop. 

Reingle, Louis, Buff. S. E.' Works. 

Reinhard, Daniel, tailor, cor. Sycamore and 

Reinhard, Jacob, clerk, 400 Main. 

Reinhardt, Philip J. 8 Commercial, h. Morti- 
mer cor. Genesee. 

Reinhardt, Jacob, cap maker, h. "Wash. n. Scott. 

Reinhardt, Charles, grocery, cor. Chippewa 

Reinhardt, Ludolph, comb maker, h. Maple n. 

Reinhardt, John, cabinetmaker, h. Walnut D. 

Reinhardt, Frederick, shoemaker, Gen. n.Wash, 

Reinhardt, Peter, brewer, h. 214 E. Genesee. 

Reinhardt, Geo. A. clerk, 449 Wash. 

Reinhardt. Casper, mason, h. Kane n. Sycam. 

Reinhardt, Peter, tailor, h. Elm cor. Batavia. 

Reinhardt, Simon, tailor, Hickory n. Genesee, 

Reinhardt, John, at Van Slykc's planmg mill. 

Reinhardt, Philip, 72 W. Tupper. 

Reinhart, Henry, clerk, 216 Main, b. 28 Hick. 

Reinheimer, Geo. stone cutter, h. Best cor. Elm. 

Reinig, George, joiner, h. Spruce n. Sycamore. 

Reining, John, shoemaker, 3 Commercial. 

Reinsch, John, tailor, 79 E. Genesee. 

Reisberger, Martin, lab. h. Ash n. Genesee. 

Reischling, Christian, lab., h. Sycamore n„ 

Reiser, Conrad, turner, h. 10 Walnut. 

Reiss, Theodore, Buff. S. E. W^orks. 

Reissweber, Anton, joiner, h. 105 E. Genesee. 

Rerster, Charles, at Swartz's Iron Works. 

Reister, Frank, Thompson's white lead factory. 

Reiter, Rinehald, shoemaker, with Phil. Korn. 

Reithardt, Barbara, nurse, 367 Mich. 

R ithardt, Conrad, druggist, 367 Mich. 

Reitz, John, mason, Kane n. Svcamore. 

Reitz, J. George, clothier, 85 Main, h. Hickory 
n. William. 

Reler, Bartholomew, baker, h. Walnut n. Gen. 

Relf, Edward, plumber, 237 Main. 

Relf, Thomas, grocer, 279 Main, h. same. 

Relf, George, mason, h. 81 Chippewa. 

Relf, Thomas J. cigar store, 295 Main, h. over 
424 Main. 

Relf, Perry, cisrar maker, b. 279 Main. 

Relph, Eliza M. dressmaker, over 10 Niag. 

Remington. Cyrus K: clerk, at Gas Works, h. 
32 Goodell. 

Remliuger, George, grocer, cor. Pine and Wm. 

Remus, Nicholas, at Swartz's Iron Works. 

Rendell, Elias D. R., Swan n. Chestnut. 

Rendt, Emanuel, sailor, h. Seneca n. Hay- 

Renfrew, David, carpenter, h. 43 Seventh. 

Renigle, John, C. R. R. shop. 

Renner, Geo. tailor, h. 36 Union. 

Renner, Peter, 21 W. Mohawk. 



Renner, John, tanner, h. 384 E. Swan. 

Renouf, Philip, ship carpenter, b. Mackinaw 
n. Chicago. 

Renschler, David, blacksmith, Hydraulics, h. 
33 Bennett. 

Renwick, Mary J. widow, Ohio cor. Liberty. 

Renz, Matthias, tailor, Batavia n. Spruce. 

Repp, Andrew, lab. h. Pratt u. Batavia. 

Republic office, 204 Wash. 

Retel, Catharine, nurse, Pine n. Batavia. 

Retel, Casper, jr. h. Pine n. Batavia. 

Retel, John, physician, Genesee n. Jefferson. 

Retlang, Geo. with S. Shepard. 

Retlein, Nicholas, joiner, b. Sycamore n. Jef- 

Reu, John, stone cutter, h. Watson n. Batavia. 

Reubens, Simeou H. at Swartz's Iron Works. 

Reus, Zephyrin, lab. h. Hinckley n. Jefferson. 

Reusz, Geo. blacksmith, h. Wm. n. Hickory. 

Renting, Geo. carpenter, h. Wm. n. Pine. 

Rexford, George C. musician, h. 13 Church. 

Reyburn, Thomas C. att'y, over P. 0. h. Va. 
n. 11th. 

Revering, John, carpenter, h. Batavia n. Pine. 

Reynale, Henry O. 64 Main. 

Reynard, John, b. Thos. Carroll. 

Reynolds, Hiram H. dentist, 235 Main, up 
stairs, h. same. 

Reynolds, Wm. millstone manu'r, h. La. n. 

Reynolds, Ralph N. on R. R. h. 230 S. Div. 

Reynolds, Miss, dressmaker, over 384 Main. 

Reyuolds, John, mason, h. Sixth n. Hudson. 

Reynolds, Charles, millwright, h. Dearborn n. 

Reynolds, Linus, watchman, h. 320 S. Div. 

Reynolds, Milton E. joiner, h. Oak ab. Tupper. 

Reynolds, Cornelius, millstone manu'r, h. 77 

Reynolds, Michael, grocer, cor. Staats and 

Reynolds, Schuyler, over P. O. b. 21 S. Div. 

Reynolds, Nathan A. cor. Morgan and Mo- 

Reynolds, Rev. E. W. 293 Mich. 

Reynolds, Wm. H. machinist, with Howard & 
Co. b. Mrs. S. Phillips. 

Rheinlaender, Christopher, butcher, cor. Sixth 
and Hospital. 

Rheinlaender, Conrad, basket maker, cor. Ba- 
tavia and Cedar. 

Rhodes, Samuel D. builder, b. Genesee house. 

Rhodes, Harriet, widow, 150 Clinton. 

Rhodes, Anthony, with Howard <fe Co. 

Ribbel, Jacob, tailor, 49 Spruce. 

Ribbel, Phil, cutter, J. B. Dubois, h. 41 Clint. 

Ribbel, Charles, firm W. A. Coots & Co. h. 
123 Clinton. 

Ribeli, Burkhard, wood seller, h. Pratt n. Bat. 

Riberk, August, with Howard <fc Co. 

Ribidoux, John, carpenter, h. 28 Scott. 

Ribleny, Conrad, tailor, h. Pratt n. Clinton. 

Rice, John, on lake, b. 135 E. Seneca. 

Rice, Augustus, brakesman, b. Brown's hotel. 

Rice, Eunice, widow, with Ellen Armond. 

Rice, Patrick, tinsmith, b. 1 Green. 

Rice, Peter, lab. b. 1 Green. 

Rice, Gilbert, policeman, b. 12 Ninth. 

Rice, Daniel S. carriage maker, 296 E. Seneca, 

h. 128 N. Division. 
Rice, Clement T. book-keeper, Courier office, 

b. cor. Eagle and Terrace. 
Rice, Edward, grocer, 78 Main, h. same. 
Rice, Wm. S. teacher, Black Rock, h. Wash, it] 

Rice, Casper, clerk, Pratt & Co. h. Bennett. 
Rice, Edward, clerk, b. 27 Seventh. 
Rice, Charles B. gardener, h. Del. ab. Barker. 
Rich, Andrew J. Pies. Bank of Attica, h. Main 

cor. Tupper. 
Rich, Gains B., Main ab. North. 
Richard, Francis, Steuben cor. Hamburg. 
Richard, Geo. joiner, h. Ellicott n. Burton 

Richard, Augustus, cook, on lake, b. Lake 

Shore hotel. 
Richard, Frank, ship carpenter, b. J. Laplent. 
Richard, Bangard, policeman, h. 21 Wm. 
Richard, John, b. 125 Ellicott, 
Richards, Augustus, b. Smith's hotel. 
Richards, Thomas, saloon, Fly n. State. 
Richards, E. F. with G. A. Prince. 
Richards, Jas. B., Buff. S. E. Works. 
Richards, Franklin, with Bidwell, Banta & 

Richards, Mrs. Nancy, 205 Oak. 
Richards, Edward W., Main ab. Ferry. 
Richards, Lafayette, melodeon maker, Prince 

& Co. 
Richards, Charles B. m. d. 146 Main, h. opp. 

Niag. Sq. Baptist Ch. 
Richardson, Elijah K. sash and blind maker, 

h. N. Canal n. Swan. 
Richardson, Geo. firm Rainey & R. h. 10 El- 
Richardson, Rufus H. painter, H. G. White, b 

28 Niag. 
Richardson, Robert, ship builder, h. 94 W. 

Richardson, Samuel B. furniture dealer, 5 

Richardson, Edward J. steward, h. 134 Oak. 
Richardson, Marchall, ship builder, h. 100 

Richardson, Wm. on R. R. b. Elizabeth Cutler. 
Richardson, Thomas, paper hanger, b. 19 Pearl. 
Richmond, , clerk, Dean Richmond, b. R. 

R. Exchange hotel. 
Richmond, Allen, 37 E. Eagle. 
Richmond, Alleu, 16 Central wharf, b. Amer. 
Richmond, Dean, for. and com. mer., cor. Mich. 

and Ohio, b. Clarendon. 
Richmond, Jewett M. b. Western. 
Richmond, Wm. with Howell & Smith, b. 68 

E. Seneca. 
Richmond, Capt. Horace, 250 E. Seneca. 
Richtener, Christian, lab. h. Adams n. Batavia. 
Richter, August, painter, h. Walnut n. Eagle. 
Rick, John, with S. Shepard, h. 127 Pine. 
Rickard, Geo. H. 238 E. Genesee, b. 168 E. 

Rickard, Geo. H. flour and feed store, b. 168 

E. Seneca. 
Rickcords, Edward, b. American. 
Ricke, Henry, Clinton n. Cedar. 
Rickcrt, Pat. blacksmith, h. 3d n. the canal. 



Kiickert. Fred'k, clerk, 29 Main,h. cor. Carroll 

and La. 
Rickets, P. with Bidwell, Ranta & Co. 
Rickie, Henry, Sweet's planing mill. 
Riddle, Wra. brickmaker, h. 238 E. Seneca. 
Kidder, Henry, with Weston, Cogswell & Co. 
Rider, John, iab. h. 28 Clinton. 
Rider, John A ship carpenter, h. Elk n. old 

city line. 
Rider, Geo. plumber, h. Va. n. Niag. 
Riebelinger, Joseph, cooper, h Kaue n. Gen. 
Riebling, Henry, clerk, 336 Main. 
Rieckheimer, Henry, painter, cor. Wrn. and 

Riedel, John, joiner, h. Adams n. Batayia. 
Riedemann, John F. shoemaker, h. 311 Mich. 
Riedermaun, Fred, lab. h. Hickory n. Batavia. 
Rieder, Daniel, tailor, W. Genesee n. Main. 
Rieder, Geo. tailor, h. Mortimer n. Sycamore. 
Riedpath, John, with D. Belden. 
Riefenstahl, Julius, m. d. 225 Main, b. 221 E. 

Riegelmann, Fred'k, firm Schaefer & R. h. 290 

E. Seneca. 
Rieder, John, butcher, h. German bel. Gen. 
Riehl, Francisca, widow of August, 120 Cedar. 
Riehl, Christian, tinsmith, with J. Miller. 
Rielander, Joseph, lab. h. 102 Batavia. 
Riem, Geo. carpenter, h. cor. Oak and Tupper. 
Rieman, Francis H. grocer, cor. Clinton and 

Union, h. 32 Clinton. 
Rieman, Geo. h. 101 Clinton. 
Rieman, John, h. 103 Clinton. 
Rieman, David, bla'ksmith, H. S. Cbamh'rlain. 

I Rieman, Francis H. watchman, Van Slyke's, 
h. cor. Clinton and Watson. 
Riemer, William, blacksmith, h. Locust near 

Rienow, Fred'k, joiner, h. Maple n. Cherry. 

Rieuow, Louisa, nurse, Maple n. Cherry. 

Ries, Geo. shoemaker, h. Wm. n. Batavia. 

Ries, Casper, Bennett n. Batavia. 

Ries, Fred'k, shoemaker, h. Batavia n. Cedar. 

Riesheck, Fred, carpenter, h. 79 E. Genesee. 

Riesinger, Thos. lab. h. Folsom n. Pollard. 

Riester, Eustach, grocer, cor. Wash, and Bur- 
ton alley. 

Rietling, Geo. shoemaker, h. cor. Carlton and 

Rietz, John, William n. Pine. 

Riggs, Burtis, b. 5 Franklin. 

R'iggs, Wm. H. clerk, B. & S. L. freight depot, 
h. 236 S. Division. 

Riggs Wm. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 

Riley, B. brevet major gen.U. S. A., Main n. 

Riley, Wm. horse dealer, h. 84 N. Division. 

Riley, James, across Erie Canal, n. Depot. 

Riley, Thomas, porter, 163 Main, h. Cedar bel. 

Riley, Joseph, clerk, Pratt & Co. 

Riley, John, on lake, h. 2 Georgia. 

Riley, Patrick, l a b. h. Palmer n. Va. 

Riley, Thos., Shepard iron works. 

Riley, Thos. lab. h. Green n. Beak. 

Riley, I. Phoenix iron works. 

Riley, Mary, widow, h. Green n. Beak. 

Riley, Mary, widow, Terrace, r. engine house. 

Riley, James, clerk, h. York n. Thirteenth. 

Riley, Timothy, Fifth n. Carolina. 

Riley, Michael, Van Slyke's yard. 

Rih j y, James, 30 Exchange. 

Riley, Michael, 8 Canal. 

Riley, John, tanner, h. Grosvenor n. N. Div. 

Rimbach, Henry, joiner, h. Cherry n. Hick'ry. 

Rinck, Eliza, widow of William, 365 E. Gen. 

Rinck, Wm. jr. printer, C. E. Youug, h. Palmer 
n. Carolina. 

Rinck, Bartholomew, rope maker, 160 Oak. 

Rindskopf, Mrs. widow, 75 Batavia. 

Rindskopf, Louis, cigar maker, h. Elm n. Bat. 

Ring, Wm. m. d. 5 Boston block, Niag. 

Ringer, Charles, mason, h. Ferry. 

Ringleib, Adam, cooper, h. Parish n. Thomp- 

Ringmacher, Dieterich, blacksmith, h, Mich. 
n. Goodell. 

Ringwald, Anthony, lab. b. J. Heiser. 

Rino, Henry, joiner, h. Mich. n. High. 

Rinseck, Michael, cigar maker, b. Phoenix 

Ripley, Josiah, paper hanger, b. Mrs. T. Rip- 

Ripley, Thirza, widow, Morgan n. Niag. 

Ripley, Austin, engineer, h. 100 E. Swan. 

Ripley, Mary Ann, teacher, Dist. No. 7. 

Ripont, James, store, 81 Batavia. 

Ripont, Peter, b. J. Ripont. 

Rippel, Wm. 262 E. Genesee. 

Rippel, Jacob, grocer, 26*0 E. Genesee. 

Risley, Edmund, soap boiler, h. 393 E. Swan. 

Ritchie, Henry B. agent, M. S. R. R. office, foot 
of Com'l, h. 163 Franklin. 

Ritchie, Martha, dressmaker, Church n. Ter- 

Riter, Augustus, 143 Oak. 

Ritt, Nicholas, 216 Batavia. 

Ritt, Gregory, bookseller and ins. agent, Ba- 
tavia n. Pine. 

Pitt, Michael L. with J. 1ST. Gardner. 

Ritter, Felix, Buff. S. E. works, h. 493 Mich. 

Ritter, Franklin, constable, h. 76 N". Division. 

Ritter, Frederick, cabinet maker, 233 Main,h. 
418 Mich. 

Ritter, Philip, boiler maker, h. Ind. n. Perry. 

Ritter, Louis, tanner, Steuben bel. Vanreus- 

Ritter, Henry. 487 Mich. 

Ritter, Charles, carpenter, h. Park ab. Allen. 

Ritzert, Jacob, 85 Cherry. 

Ritzhampt, Fritz, lab. Palmer and Gardner. 

Roach, Dennis, sailor, h. 3 Scott. 

Roach, Michael, stone mason, h. junction Swan 
and Seneca. 

Roach, James, lab. h. cor. Perry and Miss. 

Roach, John, sailor, h. 3 Scott. 

Roach, Mary, widow, Mich. n. Elk. 

Robb, David C. moulder, Swartz's iron works, 
h. Tenth u. Vermont. 

Robbins, Levi R. joiner, h. Breckenridge near 

Robbins, Elizabeth H., Wash. n. Va. 

Robe, Harvey W. freight ag't, M. S. R. R. 
Line, h. 104 Carroll. 

Robein, Francis, grocer, cor. Walnut and Wm. 

Robert, John, tan'r, N, Case & Co. h. Watson. 



Robert, Christian, harness maker, Goodell 

Alley n. Tupper. 
Roberts, Elijah, printer's joiner, 194 Wash. h. 

5 Carroll. 
Roberts, Charles, engineer, Eaton's planing 

Roberts, Joseph, grocer, cor. Oak aud Good ell. 
Roberts, Stephen A. clerk, J. G. & W. I. Mills. 
Roberts, John, saw manufacturer, cor. Swan 

and Wash. 
Roberts, Joseph D. maltster, h. Delaware cor. 

Roberts, Horace C. with Ashley, Jones & Co. 

h. 75 Hickory. 
Roberts, Chas. E„ B. & S. L. R. R. office, h. 

232 E. Seneea. 
Roberts, Oliver, Dearborn n. South. 
Roberts, Michael, bl'ksm'h, Martins' Corners. 
Roberts, Lewis, sailor, h. 5 Scott. 
Roberts, Hiram, fireman, b. Mrs. S. Phillips. 
Roberts, Jacob, with N. Case & Co. 
Robertson, Thomas, at McMillen's boat yard. 
Robertson, Geo. W. hatter, 109 Main, h. 258 E. 

Robertson, John F. finisher, h. cor. Chicago 

and Swan. 
Robertson, John, ship carpenter, h. Perry n. 

Robie, John E. publisher Christian Adv. 3 W. 

Seneca, h. Niag. S. of Auburn. 
Robie, Elizabeth, widow of John, Bouck near 

Robinson <fc Co. exchange brokers, 182 Main. 
Robinson, Alanson, firm R. & Co. 182 Main, h. 

Del. 2d ab. Chippewa. 
Robiuson, Erasmus D. h. 46 E. Swan. 
Robinson, Win. F. recess, 43 Ohio. 
Robinson, Wm. carriage maker, Lock st. h. 

Del. ab. Worth. 
Robinson, Gaiu, att'y, 148 Main, b. 46 East 

Robinson, John, blacksmith, h. Cold Spring. 
Robinson, James, 23 E. Seneca. 
Robinson, Joseph, blacksmith, h. Evans above 

Robinson, Wm. blacksmith, b. Evans above 

Robinson, Morgan L. keeper Penitentiary, h. 

Fifth n. Penn. 
Robinson, Sidney M. with Wilgus & Son, b. 

23 E. Seneca. 
Robinson, Peter, lab. Buff, car wheel works. 
Robinson, James, cartman, h. 153 E. Eagle. 
Robinson, C. J. painter, H. G. White. 
Robinson, James, warehouseman, h. cor. Elk 

aud Hamburg. 
Robinson, Wm. D. capt. Bay State, h. Terrace 

n. Church. 
Robinson, Henry, carpenter, h. Peunsyl'nia n. 

Robinson, Thos. ship carpenter, h. Folsom bel. 

Robison, James, 117 Oak. 
Robison, Patrick, ship carpenter, h. Folsom 

bel. Kinney. 
ROBSON, JAMES O. gunsmith, 111 Main, h. 

North n. York. — Sec adv. p. 55. 
Robsou, Robert, at Gas Works, b. 41 Jackson. 

Robson, Archibald, carpenter, h. 212 Elk. 
Roch, Nicholas, saddler, 3 East Seneca, h. 

Hickory near William. 
Roche, Martin, milkman, h. Mich. n. Ohio. 
Roche, James, joiner, h. Fulton n. Chicago. 
Roche, Owen, musical instrument dealer, h. 

119 Franklin. 
Roche, John, musical instrument dealer, h. 2 

W. Genesee. 
Roche, Richard, cooper, h. Chicago corner 

Roche, Thomas, with Pratt & Co. h. Genesee 

n. Jackson. 
Rocheleau, Louis, engineer on lake, h. cor. 

Swan and Pollard. 
Rochester, Thomas F. m. d. office and h. cor. 

Washington and Swan. 
Rochevot, George, brewer, 149 E. Seneca. 
Rock, Johu, with Sn ith <fe Brothers. 
Rocker, Louis, joiner,,!). Cherry n. Lemon. 
Rockderschel, John, lab. h. Gray n. Genesee. 
Rockett, Thomas, lab. h. Genesee across the 

Rockfellow, Nelson, engineer on lake, b. Mrs. 

Rockwell, John, foreman Dudley & Bull. 
Rockwell, John J. book-keeper Clarendon. 
Rockwell, Simon D. printer, Republic, h. Sen- 
eca n. Saunder's Exchange. 
Rockwell, Frederick S. clerk, Livingston, F. 

& Co. h. Ga. near Sixth. , 
Rockwell, John M. coppersmith, h. 55 Fifth. 
Rockwell, Augustus, artist, over 268 Main, h. 

71 East Eagle. 
Rodd, Jacob, with L. and I. J. White. 
Roddle, Thos. mason, h. Morgan n. Mohawk. 
Rode, John, Shepard's Iron Works. 
Rode, Charles, shoemaker, b. J. Dittewig. 
Rode, Philip, tanner, h. Seneca n. Ala. 
Rodenbach, Mrs. widow, Pratt ab. Batavia. 
Rodenbach tfe Pitzing, bakers, cor. William 

and Hickory. 
Rodenbach, Ludwig, firm R. & Pitzing, Wil- 
liam and Hickory. 
Rodenbach, Christopher, grocer, cor. Michi- 
gan and Batavia. 
Rodney, John, grocery and h. Palmer cor 

Roe, Robert, saloon, 88 Exchange. 
Roe, John, across the creek, n. tollgate. 
Roebel, Charles, tailor, h. 123 Clinton. 
Roeckelein, Geo. lab. h. Monroe n. Sycamore 
Roeder, Louis, shoemaker, Geo. Diebold. 
Roeder, Anthony, boarding-house, Niagara n 

Roediger, Fred, tailor, h. Clinton n. R. R. 
Roedling, Geo. n. St. John's Cath. Church. 
Roehner, Francis, tailor, h. Waluut n. Batavia 
Roehner, Joseph, teacher, h. Pine ab. Batavia 
Roehner, Adam, shoemaker, h. Elm nt-ai 

Roehner, John G., Pine n. Batavia. 
Roell, Anton, painter, h. cor. Goodell anc 

Roemer, Jacob, Jefferson ab. Virginia. 
Roesch, Adam, chandler, h. Carroll n. Chicago 
Roesch, Mary, widow, Spring near Sycamore 
Roesch, Peter, lab. h. Walnut n. Batavia. 



Roesch, Christian, tailor, h. Spring near Sy- 
Roeschwein, Joseph, tailor, h. cor. Mich, and 

Roeseler, William, joiner, h. 12 Potter. 
Roessel, Charles, lab. h. Monroe n. Batavia. 
Roe^-ser, Jacob, grocer, Niag. near Virginia, h. 

Rocsser, Casper, plank maker, h. William n. 

Roffo, John, grocer, Canal n. Erie. 
Rogers, Sherman, S. firm Bowen & R. h. 62 

E. Swan. 
Rogers, John, jr. Forest Av. n. N.Wash. 
Rogers, Peter B. sailor, h. Smith Block, 

Rogers, Fred, book-keeper, White's Bauk, h. 

Palmer n. Va. 
Rogers, Daniel A. hotel, Lloyd below canal 

Rogers, G. W. & Co. 93 Main. 
Rogers, Alex., R. R. conductor, 37 Exchange, 

h. 94 Clinton. 
Rogers, Andrew Y. paper hanger, 59 Clinton. 
Rogers & Bowen, att'ys at law, Spauldiug's 

Rogers, Henry W. firm R. & Bowen, b. Amer. 
Rogers, Jabez J. 137 Delaware. 
Rogers, Perry P. b. 137 Delaware. 
Rogers, John, Belden's marble factory, h. 73 

Rogers, Horatio B. firm J. A. Vanghan & Co. 
I b. 24 Niagara. 

Rogers, Daniel, mariner, h. 6 Scott. 
Rogers, Mary Ann, widow, Blossom. 
Rogers, Wm. F. foreman, Republic office, h. 

Oak cor. 1ST. Division. . 
Rogers, John, cor. N. Wash, and Auburn. 
Rogers, Washington, miller, b. Ferry west of 

Rogers, Henry W. jr. firm Hart, Newman & 

Co. b. 62 E. Swan. 
Rogers, James, joiner, h. 284 Franklin. 
Rogers, Jas. laborer, h. Peacock cor. Evans. 
Rogers, James, Niagara Temp. House. 
Rogers, B. D. with Bully more <fc Langdon. 
Rogers, Francis, C. R. R. machine shop. 
Rohe, Peter, jr. jeweler, cor. Com. and Canal. 
Rohe, Peter, sr. grocer, 145 E.Eagle. 
Rohe, Frederick J. constable, h. 143 E. Eagle. 
Roherbacker, Gregory, poster, 155 Main, h. 7 

Rohleder, Francis, grocer, cor. Union and 

Rohner, Francis, with Kraft and Gray. 
Rolir, Paul, harness maker, 355 Main, h. 177 

Rohr, John, clothier, 2 Efuer Block, h. Bata- 
via near Oak. 
Rohr, Rudolf, finisher, Prince & Co. h. 49 

Rohr, Paul, sr. 12 Elm. 
Rohr, John, with Pratt & Letchworth. 
Rolirbach, John, grocer, 161 Batavia. 
Rohrbacher, Gregory, clerk, 155 Main, h. 6 

Roice, Allen, Boston Hotel. 
Rolf, Edward, Hickory near Batavia. 

Rolf, Aug. F. cabinetmaker, h. 112 Batavia. 

Kolpfuss, Godfrey, shoemaker, Niag. n. Morg, 

Roll, August, tailor, Watson n. Clinton. 

Roll, Xavier, carpenter, h. rear 80 Sycamore. 

Holland, Andrew, lab. h. Ash n. Genesee. 

Rolland, John, lab. h. Monroe n. Batavia. 

Roller, John D. tailor, Watson cor. William. 

Roller, Wm. boiler maker, h. Miami cor*. Ala. 

Rollin, Francis, baker, Hickory n. Clinton. 

Rollin, Matthew, carpenter, h. 9 Miss. 

Rollin, Peter, baker, h. Hickory n. Clinton. 

Rollin, Henry, Buff. S. E. Works. 

Rollins, Josiah A. melodeon mak. Prince & Co, 

Rollman, Joachim, joiner, h. cor. Tupper and 

Rollo, Elizabeth, widow of George, cor. Good- 
ell and Cherry. 

Rollo, George, billiard saloon, Concert Hall.h. 
24 Green. 

Romaine, Peter, book-keeper, Bid well, Banta 

6 Co. h. Hayward near Elk. 

Romann, Anton, joiner, h. Adams n. Sycamore. 
Romberg, Jacob, firm Bergman & R. h. 2 Oak. 
Romeis, Jacob, blacksmith, 178 E. Genesee. 
Romer, Washington, glass stainer, b. 23 Pearl. 
Romer, Isaac J. joiner, Van Slyke's planing- 

mill, b. 23 Pearl. 
Rommeus, John, lab. h. Gray ab. Batavia. 
Ronalds, James H. with S.W. Lyons, b. same. 
Ronan, E. widow, Third n. Md. 
Ronan, Andrew, Evans n. Water. 
Ronthein, Henry, blacksmith, h. Cherry n. 

ROOP, HENRY, provision merchant, 6 and 

7 Dayton, h. 535 Main.— See adv. p. 34. 
Roos, Jacob, brewery, h. Roos' Alley between 

Pratt and Hickory. 
Root, John, m. d. office and h. cor. Oak and 

N. Division. 
Root, E. and A. R. fish dealers, 6S Main. 
Root, Francis H. firm Jewett & Rool, h. 3(U 

Michigan below Eagle. 
Root, Edward, firm E. & A. R. Root, h. 47 W. 

Root, Josiah S. pattern maker, Eagle Furnace, 

h. 47 Clinton. 
Root, Adrian R. firm E. & A. R. Root, b. E. 

Root, Charles G. clerk, Hiram Johnson, h. 45 

W. Mohawk. 
Root, Amos, miller, h. cor. Parish and East. 
Root, Lewis, with S. Shepard, h. 155 Elk. 
Root, Birdsey A. firm Morgan & Root, h. 

Ninth beyond Va. 
Root, Mrs. Edward, 47 W. Mohawk. 
Root, Mrs. Henry, 45 W. Mohawk. 
Root, Geo. H. machinist, b. Seneca n. Chicago. 
Roots, Francis, cor. Seneca and Chicago. 
Roots, John, grocer, cor. Seneca and Chicago. 
Rosa, August, bricklayer, h. Walnut n. Gen. 
Rosar, Peter, moulder, b. Sycamore n. Spruce. 
Rosbury, Henry, tanner, h. Folsom n. Pollard, 
Roscar, Henry, blacksmith, h. Carolina n. 6lh. 
Rose, Thomas, railroad agent, b. P. J. Smith- 
Rose, Michael, railroad conductor, b. P. J. 

Rose, Thomas, shoemaker, h. 5th n. Carolina. 



Rose, Hugh, clerk, Pratt & Co b. U. S. Hotel. 
Rose, John W. watchman, h. Perry u. Ham- 
Rose, John, watchmaker, 368 Main, b. same. 
Rose, Edwin, contractor, h. 88 Franklin. 
Rose, John, grocer, Exchange above Heacock. 
Rose, James, shoemaker, h. 111. near Ohio. 
Rose, Joseph, stone cutter, D. Belden, h.298 

Rose, John, miller, h. Monroe n. Peckham. 
Rose, Isaac N. b. Tremont. 
Rose Richard, Court n. railroad depot. 
Rose, Frederick, harness maker, h. 109 E. 

Rose, Robeit, warehouseman, b. T. Cotter. 
Rose, Simon, 180 Main, h. 116 Clinton. 
Rose, brothers, architects, 5 W.Swa.n n. Main. 
Rose, Edwin, firm R.Bros. 5 W. Swan. 
Rose, Henry, firm R. Bros. 5 W. Swan. 
Rose, Abram, ship carpenter, with A. Mason. 
Rosenbach, Eugene, ship joiner, h. across the 

Rosenbach, Magdeliue, widow, St. Paul near 

Rosenblatt, Peter, cabinet maker, Gray near 

Rosenblatt, Anthony, joiner, h. Mulberry ab. 

Good ell. 
Rosen bury, Charles, clerk, Buffalo Steam En- 
gine Works. 
Rosengarten, E. tinsmith, 139 Batavia. 
Rowngrcen, Niles J. tailor, cor. Gay and 

RoMiiuahu, Gottfried, at furnace, h. Spring 

n. Sycamore. 
Rosen uer Henry, tailor, Spruce n. Sycamore. 
Ro:rental, Samuel, watchmaker, 379 Main. 
Roset, John, lab. h. Gray n. Batavia. 
Rosier, Nathan, lab. h. Steuben n. Pollard. 
Rosner, Fred, blacksmith, h. Adams near 

Ross, Clark, W. assistant surveyor, b. 229 E. 

Ross, David, painter, 66 Lloyd, h.Swan below 

Ross, Robert, painter, h. Seneca cor. Ala. 

Ross, , h. Steuben n. Pollard. 

Rbas, Samuel, actor, b. 15 Pearl. 
RosSj Aribusa, widow, 97 East Seneca. 
Ross, Andrew, engineer, h. Fifth n. Court. 
Ross, Franklin D. printer, D. D. Waite. 
Ross, James J. joiner, h. Sixth near Hudson. 
Ross, Benjamin, joiner, h. 228 E. Seneca. 
Ross, Theodore S. 153 Main, b. 35 East Swan. 
Ross, Amasa H., Water near Ferry. 
Rosseelj Charles, firm G. R. Wiiton <fc Co. b. 

Roth, John A. grocer, Mich, near Cypress. 
Roth, Martin, cap maker, 300 Main, h. Oak 

above T upper. 
Roih, John, painter, H. G. White. 
Roth, Ludwig, lab. h. Elm n. Burton Alley. 
Roth, Maxinnllian, grocer, h. cor. Sycamore 

and Walnut. 
Roth, Conrad, 84 Sycamore. 
Roth, John A. m. D. cor. Sycamore and Walnut 
Roth, John A. blacksmith, h. PJI Pine. 
Roth, Nicholas, Genessee cor. German. 

Roth, Henry, shoemaker, h. Cherry n. Spruce. 

Roth, Christopher, Sycamore n. Pratt. 

Roth, Lorentz, brewer, cor. Main and North. 

Roth, Rosina, Batavia below Oak. 

Roth, Joseph, porter, 205 Main. 

Roth, Anton, Bennett n. William. 

Roth, John, boilermaker, h. Sycamore n. Pratt. 

Roth, Sebastian, shoemaker, b. G. Kreiner. 

Roth, John Jacob, 10 William. 

Roth, John, with S. D. Flagg, h. 16 Bennett. 

Roth, Adam, Jefferson n. Bristol. 

Roth, Win, Thompson's white lead factory. 

Roth, Conrad, Walnut n. Batavia. 

Roth, Johu, with Bush <fc Howard. 

Rothaermel, Louis, blacksmith, b. P. Schmal. 

Rothenberger, Frederick, shoemaker, with 

Frederick Wolf. 
Rother, Johu E. melodeon maker, h. 118 Cliut. 
Rother, Gustavus, wagon maker, cor. Genesee. 

and Ellicott, h. 169 Elm. 
Rother, William, joiner, h. Ketchum Alley. 
Rother, Frederick, tailor, h. Mich. n. High. 
Rother, Christian, saw tiler, h. 169 Elm. 
Roul, Michael, with S. Shepard. 
Rounds, Wra. H. master propeller, h. Carey n. 

Rous, A. M. widow of Perry, 10 Chestnut. 
Rouse, Charles W. b. Com'l hotel. 
Rowan, Martin, clothier, 100 Main, h. same. 
Rowbotham, John, pedler, h. 93 Seneca. 
HOWE & CO. fruit and oyster dealers, 197 

Main. — See adv. p. 38. 
Rowe, Francis X. book-keeper, J. G. & W. I. 

Mills, b. Western. 
Rowe, Abram, joiner, b. J. Killing. 
Rowe, Wilber, at Buff. St. Eng. Works. 
Rowe, Peter, with F. N. Jones. 
Rowland, Charles, wh'itewasher, h. 156 Mich. 
Rowland, Abram, mason, h. 120 JS T . Division. 
Rowley, James F. foreman, N. Wilgus & Sun, 

h. 6 Delaware Place. 
Rowley, James, grocer, cor. 5th and Carolina. 
Rowley, Charles C. firm Armstrong & Co. b. 

U. S. hotel. 
Rowley, Washington, b. Western. 
Rowst, John, sailor, h. Ex. n. La. 
Roxbury, Richard, Van Slyke's planing mill. 
Roy, Alex, blacksmith, Jefferson n. Wm. 
Royal, C. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Rubedo, Joseph, at Howell's boatyard. 
Rubedo, John, at Howell's boat yard.' 
Rubel, Jacob, tailor, h. 280 Franklin. 
Uubel, Andrew, clerk, 62 Main. 
Rubins, Henry, firm W. A. Coots & Co. h. 107 

S. Division. 
Rubrock, John, shoemaker, h. Bennett n. Wm. 
Ruch, Jacob, flour mer. h. Seneca n. Chicago. 
Ruckdishel, Henry G., Locust u. Cherry. 
Ruddiek, John, Buff. S. E. Works. 
Ruddied.-, Win., Buff S. E. Works. 
Rudell, Win. watchmaker, h. Genesee n. Pearl. 
Rudell, John, bricklayer, h. 10th n. Carolina. 
Rudig, Conrad, cap maker, h. 126 Oak. 
Rudiger, Feodore, teacher, Female Academy. 
Rudin, Alex. B. b. Tremont. 
Rudio & Derr, bakers, 105 Pine. 
Rudio, Christian, firm R. ct Derr, 105 Pine. 
Rudolf, Wm. C. clerk, 192 Main. 



Rudolf, Jacob, jr. grocer, 423 Main, h. over 449 

Rudolf, Joseph, lailor, Elm ab. Goodell. 
Rudolf, Henry, painter, h. Oak ab. Tupper. 
Rudolf, Henry, match maker, h. Spring near 

Rudolph, John, lab. h. Brown n. Jefferson. 
Rudolph, Rev. Valenius, h. Mulberry n. Va. 
Rudolph, John, moulder, h. 16 Bennett. 
Rudy, John, turner, h. Amb'rst W. of Thoms'n. 
Ruebel, Jacob, tailor, h. Spruce n. Sycamore. 
Ruegger, Edward, lab. h. Spring n. Sycam. 
Ruehl, John, paver, h. Genesee n. Johnson. 
Ruester, Joseph, machinist, ffra. n. Bennett. 
Ruesterholz, Conrad, cooper, h. 89 Cherry. 
Ruf, Alois, blacksmith, h. Tonawanda near 

Ruffier, Joseph, Goodell n. "Wash. 
Ruffle, John, shoemaker, h. 411 Mich. 
Ruhlaud, John, painter, h. cor. Batavia and 

Ruhland, Geo. b. 5 Franklin. 
Ruhlman, Lucas, joiner, Ohio ab. Chicago. 
Ruhlins, Martin, cabinet maker, 307 Main. 
Ruhlmann, Arbogast, cor. Peacock and Evans. 
Ruiz, Peter, Buff. Steam E. W. 
Rumell, Fadal, cooper, h. Eagle n. Austin. 
Rumley, Edwin F. actor, b. 15 Pearl. 
Rumrill, Henry, mason, h. 131 S. Division. 
Rumrill, Levi H. firm P. L. Sternberg & Co. h. 

83 S. Division. 
Rumsey, Emraett P. 1 Chestnut. 
Rumsey, A. & Co. leather dealers, 4 Ex. 
Rumsey, Aaron, firm A. R. & Co. h. 53 E. 

Rumsey, DexterP. firm A. R. & Co. h. Ellicott 

n. S. Division. 
Rumsey, Bronson C. firm A. R. & Co. h. cor. 

Del. and Park Place. 
Rumsey, Fayette, R. R. agent, 37 Ex. 
Rumsey, I. Parsons, clerk, 138 Main. 
Rumsey & Co.'s tannery, Scott bel. La. 
Runcie, James, tr'nk mak'r, und'r 4 E Seneca, 

h. 63 Clinton. 
Runckel, Geo. H. tailor, h. German Alley n. 

Runckel, Philip, lab. h. cor. Mulberry and 

Runckel, Philip, 53 Cherry. 
Runckel, John H. with W. A. Case. 
Runckel, Catharine, widow of Henry, Spring 

n. Genesee. 
Rundel, Orrin H. clerk, Thomas Wright, b. 

204 Pearl. 
Rundell, Jos. P. firm Klein, Dobinson & Co. 
! Rung, Jacob, tailor, cor. Com'l and Water, h. 

Spruce n. Genesee. 
jRunnie, John, with Bush & Howard. 
Runyan, Mead, teamster, h. 54 Ex. 
Runyan, Wm., N. Porter n. Bouck. 
IjRupp, Geo. finisher, h. 117 Clinton. 
Rupp, Frauk, shoemaker, b. F. Waldraff. 
Rupp, Geo. M., Buff. Steam E. W. 
IRuppert, John, mason, h. Johnson n. Genesee. 
JRuppner, John, lab. h. Cherry n. Spruce. 
Ruprecht, Michael, bricklayer, h. Mich, near 

Rupter, Philip, Buff. Steam E. W. 

Rupter, Wm, Buff. Steam E. W. 

Rupter, Louis, Buff. Steam E. W. 

Rupter, Francis, Buff. Steam E. W. 

Rusco, Lydia K. widow, 61 Sixth. 

Rusche, John, with Geo. Shetler. 

Rush, Mrs. widow of Joseph, si - . 189 Ellicott. 

Rush, Joseph, draftsman, h. 189 Ellicott. 

Russ, Engelhard, lab. h. Spring n. Genesee. 

Russ, J. A., N. Y. City R. R. office, b. Dayton 

Russell, Robert, painter, b. 46 Exchange. 

Russell, Charles F., b. 14 Swan. 

Russell, , clerk, Rowe <fc Co., b. Frank- 
lin house. 

Russell, David, lab. h. Perry n. Red Jacket. 

Russell, Patrick, lab. b. David Russell. 

Russell, John E. foreman, Union Furnace, h. 
Gay n. Michigan. 

Russell, Robert, bookstore, 320}^ Main,h. E1-. 
licott n. Tupper. 

Russell, Thomas, lab. Bidwell, Banta & Co. h. 
Miami n. Ala. 

Russell, Robert W. book-keeper, H. Daw & 
Son, h. 39 S. Division. 

Russell, Robert D. clerk, 187 Main, b. R. Rus- 

Russell, Elizabeth, widow, 39 S. Division. 

Russell, John, pressman, h. Carroll n. Ala. 

Russell, Henry B. bookbinder, 188 Main. 

Russell, E. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 

Rust, Henry, painter, h. 258 E. Genesee. 

Rutherford, Eleanor B. teacher, b. J. Clinton. 

Rutledge, Bryan, porter, 21 S. Division, h. 37 
JST. Division. 

Rutter, Thomas, Seneca beyond junction of 

Rutzscher, Herman, at Eagle Furnace. 

Ryal, Mary, widow, Palmer ab. Carol iua. 

Ryan, Patrick, joiner, h. Virginia n. 6th. 

Ryan, Martin, ship carpenter, h. cor. Fulton 
and Ohio Slip. 

Ryan, James, carman, h. Ohio junction La. 

Ryan, Patrick, blacksmith, h. Ferry n. Caual. 

Ryan, James, 35 Liberty. 

Ryan, Patrick, Ohio n. Swing Bridge. 

Ryan, James, lab. h. Fulton n. Chicago. 

Ryan, John, lab. h. Lock n. Erie. 

Ryan, John, hackman, 27 Exchange. 

Ryan, Charles, Central R. R. machine shop. 

Ryan, Edward, blacksmith, h. 5th cor. Md. 

Ryan, Mrs. Winneford, 238 E. Seneca. 

Ryan, Catharine, widow, cor. Park Place and 

Ryan, James, tailor, h. 4 Green. 

Ryan, James, blacksmith, 17 E. Eagle. 

Ryan', James, Van Slyke's yard, h. cor. Rhode 
Island and Sixth. 

Ryan, Alexander, sailor, h. Exchange n. Ala. 

Ryan, Patrick, carpenter, h. Fulton n. Chicago. 

Ryan, Mary, widow, h. Ex. n. last factory. 

Ryan, Mary, widow, h. 2 Scott. 

Ryan, Lawrence, boatman, h. York n. Fifth. 

Ryan, Thomas, lab. h. 5th n. Court. 

Ryan, Martin, lab. h. 3d n. York. 

Ryan, Pat. lab. h. 3d n. Virginia. 

Ryan, Tbomas, lab. h. Illinois . n. Scott. 

Ryan, John, joiner, h. cor. Virginia and 11th. 

Ryan, Timothy, lab. h. IS". Div. n. Pollard. 



Ryan, Thomas, ship carpenter, h. Perry near 

Hay ward. 
Ryan, Maurice, Ohio, junction Louisiana. 
Ryan, Win. D. blacksmith, h. Bouck n. Niag. 
Ryter, Felix, Buff. S. E. Works. 
Ryter, Jacob, 13iiff. S. E. Works. 
Ryter, Philip, Buff. S. E. Works. 


Sabena, Joseph, saloon, opp. N. Falls depc t. 
Sabin, Stewart, printer, Democracy office, b. 

73 E. Seneca. 
Sachs, John, mason, h. Brown n. Monroe. 
Sacht, Henry, piano maker, 196 Washington, h. 

Spruce n. Sycamore. 
Sacket, Edward B. clerk, 3 Ohio, b. 15 Pearl. 
"Sackett, John B. teacher, Dist. JS T o. 4, h. 137 

Sackett, Grace A. teacher, b. 42 Oak. 
Sackets Harbor Bank, 246 Main. 
Sacks, Ludwig, Batavia cor. Roos' alley. 
Sadler, Thomas, Bully more and Langdon, b. 

4 Oak. 
Saffert, John H. painter, H. G. W T hite. 
Safford, Henry L. stave maker,' h. Niagara n. 

Saft'ord, P. T. with Pratt & Co.h. 100 Swan. 
Safford, Elisha, b. H. L. Safford. 
Salt, John, joiner, b. Batavia n. Walnut. 
SAGE, J. & SONS, music store, 2U9 Main.— 

See adv. p. 54. 
Sage, John, firm J. S. & Sons, h. 19 Court. 
Sage, Henry H. firm J. S. & Sons, b. 19 Court. 
Sage, John B.firm J. S. & Sons, b. 19 Court. 
Sage, Win. S. clerk, Sage & Sons, b. 19 Court. 
Sage, Reuben C. builder, 10 Brown's build- 
ings, h.40 W\ Eagle. 
Sage, Theodore B. 48 Main, b. 40 W. Eagle. 
Sage, John, lab. h. Erie n. the canal. 
Sakrzewa, Charles, tailor, h. Maple n. High. 
Salaender, Mrs. Jacob, Watson n. William. 
Salaender, Charles, Buff. S. E. Works. 
Salegman, Louis, tailor, J95 Main. 
Sallis, Michael, grocer, Long Wharf, h. 203 

Salisbury, James, bar-keeper, h. Waldcn n. 

Salisbury, Chas. W. saloon, Ex. n. N. Y. C. 

R. II. depot. 
SALISBURY, HEZEKIAH A. com of deeds, 

1 Niag. h. 38 W. Genesee.— See adv. p. 84. 
SALISBURY, GUY H, Niagara land office, 

1 Niag. h. same. — 8<c adv. p. 84. 
Salisbury, Elias O. b. 38 W. Genesee; 
Salisbury - ! Wm. J. joiner, h. Del. n. Allen. 
Salow, Fred, shoemaker, Good ell n. Maple. 
Salsbury, Henry, h. 10 William. 
Saltar, Joseph, clerk, T. (). h. 189 Franklin. 
Saltsman, Geo. with Howard it Co. 
Sah man, John, moulder, h. German n. Gen. 
Samo, James B. M. n. over P. (). h. 2^5 Oak. 
Samo, Chas. W. 66 Lloyd, h. 285 Oak. 
Samo, Theodore B. b. 285 Oak. 
Samo, James 11. upholsterer, h. 285 Oak. 
Samson, .lames, saloon, cor. Main and Huron. 
Samson, Joseph, Lutheran n. William. 

Samson, Augustus, finisher, C. R. R. shop. 
Samson, Victor, machinist, N. Y. City R. R. 

b. 22 S. Division. 
Samson, Adolph, at Swartz's Iron Works. 
Samson, Theodore, machinist, b. 137 E. Sen. 
Samuels, Nathan, clerk, S. B. Butts, h. cor. 

Potter and Gay. 
Sanborn, Edward H. for. and com. mer. Long 

Wharf, h. 127 S. Division. 
Sand, Paulus, engineer, h. 238 Elm. 
Sand, Valentine, joiner, h. 253 Elm. 
Sand, John, silversmith, b. 24 S. Division. 
Sander, Chas. W\ cabinet maker, 115 Main. 
Sander, August, cabinet maker, 115 Main. 
Sander, Godfrey, harness maker, h. Walnut n. 

Sanders, Wm. painter, h. Fulton n. Hamburgh. 
Sanders, Henry, cooper, h.Thomp'n n.Hamil'n. 
Sanders, Henry, carpenter, h. 109 Ninth. 
Sanderson, Francis M. clerk, 205 Main, b. 30 

W. Seneca. 
Sandrock, George, shoemaker, 9 E. Huron. 
Saudrock, Geo. with Sage & Sous. 
San ford, James W. on " Queen of the West," b. 

126 Pearl. 
Sauford, Isaac, flour and feed store, 47 E.Sen- 
eca, b. 128 E. Swan. 
Sanford, W T oungs, canal inspector, h. 435 Main. 
Sauford, Mrs. L. P. b. 11 Court, 
SANGSTER cfc CO. lantern manufactory, 41 

E. Seneca. — See adv. p. 78. 
Sangster, Amos W. firm Sangster & Co. h. 202 

Sangster, Hugh, h. Sulpher Springs road. 
Sangster, James, 41 E. Seneca, h. 20 Oak. 
Sangster, Archibald C. sash and blind maker, 

140 E. Seneca, h. 65 Batavia. 
Saon, Eli, with F. N. Jones. 
Santon, Joseph, at Eagle Furnace. 
Sansjcuse, Michael, baker, cor. Elk and Miss. 
Saraw, Bartholomew, shoemaker, Folsom n. 

Sargent, James, hack man, h. Chicago between 

Folsom and Pine. 
Sargent, Geo. saloon, Erie cor. Peacock. 
Sargeet, Henry C. el'k, 336 Main, b. 51 1 Main. 
Saueber, Godfrey, ship carp. h. 9th n. Carolina. 
Sauer, Michael, shoemaker, h. Va. n. Tupped 
Saner, Fred, shoemaker, h. Walnut n. Batavia. 
Sauer, Fred, shoemaker, b. John Sauer. 
Sauer, E. widow of Rudolf, 38 Del. Place. 
Sauer, Charles, lab. h. 94 Cedar. 
Sauer, John, musician, h. 102 Cedar. 
Sauer, Charles, butcher, h. Wm. cor. Walnut, 
Sauer, Conrad, 131 E. Genesee. 
Sauer, Peter, job er, h. Tenth n. Jersey. 
Sauer, Jacob, locksmith, h. 108 Batavia. 
Saner, Joseph, grocery and h. cor. Goodell and 

Sauer, Fred, carpenter, h. Palmer n. Hudson. 
Sauer, John, barber, Niagara n. Amherst, 
Sauerbier, J. nurse, Watson n. Batavia. 
Sauertig, Albert, grocer, cor. Georgia and 6th. 
Sauerwein. Henry, trunk maker, 4 E. Seneca 

b. 55 E. Seneca. 
Saul,, Mer. b. Phoenix Hotel. 
Saunders, Mary H. b. Margaret Hill. 
Saunders, Calvin, milkman, h. 120 E. Swan. 



Saunders, Ernst, Thompson n. Parish. 
Saunders, Riley, att'y at law, Seneca cor. 

Chicago, b. Saunder's Exchange. 
Saunder's Exchange, cor. Seneca and Chicago. 
Sauter, Dionis, joiner, Sycamore n. Pratt. 
Sautter, Frederick, joiner, h. 5 Water. 
Sauter, Jacob, shoemaker, 8 Water. 
Sauter, Joseph, b. R Cannon. 
Savage, Patrick, at Swartz's iron works. 
Savage, Joseph, engineer, h. Fulton n. Ala. , 
Savage, Pat. with Howard & Co. 
Savage, Robert, lab. h. Third n. York. 
Savage & Co. for. and com. merchants, Cent- 
ral Wharf. 
Savage, Edmund, firm Savage & Co. b. Amer. 
Savage, Thomas, milkman, h. White's Cor- 
ners plank road. 
Savill, Win. wagon maker, h. "White's Corners 

plank road n. Elk. 
Saville, James, watchmaker, 164 Main, b. U. 

S. Hotel. 
Sawford, Wm. cor. Lloyd and the canal. 
Sawiu, Philander W. cor. Eagle and Del. 
Sawiu, Silas, builder, 8 W. Eagle, h. 20 Del. 
Sawin & Lockwood, att'ys at law, 156 j^ Main. 
Sawin, Albert, firm S. & Lockwood, and 

Dist. Att'y, h. cor. Carey and Morgan. 
Sawin, Carlton T. b. 20 Delaware. 
Sawyer, Zachariah L. cor. East and Amherst. 
Sawyer, Jonathan B., Express Co. h. 126 Fol- 

Sawyer, James D. com. mer. 11 Cent. Wharf, 

h. Niag. cor. Morgan. 
Saxauer, Jacob, wagon maker, b. Potter n. 

Saxe, Charles H. sailor, h. La. n. Ohio. 
Sayer, Charles, Buff. S. E. Works. 
Sayles, Harvey, engineer, h. 232 S. Division. 
Spinder, J. joiner, J. A. Pitts. 
iScadden, Charles, R. R. engiueer, b. South- 
ern Hotel. 
Scally, John, grocer, Niag. n. Breckenridge. 
camell, John, grocer, Green n. Beak, 
ca'nlan, Patrick, grocer, Evans cor. Water, 
canlau, Martin, lab. h. Ex. bel. Hamburgh. 
|Scanlan, Michael, lab. h. Seneca bel. Ala. 
Scaulau, Robert M. clerk, Cutler & Palmer. 
Scanlan, John, lab. h. Elk. n. Michigan. 
jScanniel, Joseph, Carroll bel. Michigan. 
Bcarritt, James M printer, b. 4 Oak. 
pcatcherd, James, clerk, Farmer, De Blaquiere 
:! & Co. b. Jeanette Carrick. 
3chaaf, Foltine, lab. h. across Erie Canal bel. 

Round house. 
Schabdach, Martin, shoemaker, h. Brown n. 

Schabio, Peter, painter, h. Ash n. Sycamore, 
jschabio, Mrs. nurse, Ash n. Sycamore. 
chaefer, Bartholomew, wagon maker, h. 
Hickory n. Wm. 
chaefer, Geo. cooper, h. cor. Seneca and Ham- 

Ichaefer, John, grocer, 375 E. Genesee, 
khaefer, Henry, mason, Batavia n. Adams. 
|chaefer, Henry, wagon maker, h. Pratt n. 
! Clinton. 

ifchaefer, Henry, tailor, h. 97 E. Genesee, 
chaefer, Geo. grocer, 567 Main. 

Schaefer, John C. grocer, Hickory n. Clinton. 
Schaefer, Joseph, carriage trimmer, b. 104 E. 

Schaefer, John, firm S. & Riegelmann, h. 290 

E. Seneca. 
Schaefer, Theodore, at Eagle furnace, h. 31 E. 

Schaefer, Francis, bricklayer, h. Sycamore n. 

Schaefer, Michael, h. N. Division bel. Pollard. 
Schaefer, Christian, vinegar factory, 202 Oak. 
Schaefer, Peter, shoemaker, Ohio junct. Elk. 
Schaefer, Valentine, joiner, Adams n. Batavia. 
Schaefer, Philip, barber, under R. R. hotel, 

Schaefer, Valentine, jr. h. cor. Goodell and 

Schaefer, John, lab. b. cor. Peacock and Evans. 
Schaefer, John, Mich. C. R. R. wharf. 
Schaefer, Casper, tinsmith, h. cor. Wm. and 

Schaefer, Adam, furnaceman, h. 120 Goodell. 
Schaefer & Riegelmann, grocers, 290 E. Sen. 
Schaefer, Fred, bricklayer, h. Monroe n. Peck- 
Schaefer, Henry, with Jewett & Root. 
Schaefer, Michael, German Alley u. Sycam. 
Schaeferlein, John, Cherry n. Spruce. 
Schaeffer, Valentine, butcher, h. Genesee n. 

Schaeffer, John H. joiner, h. Spring n. Hinck- 
Schaeffer, Christian, h. 109 Pine. 
Schaeffer, John, shoemaker, 244 Main. 
Schaefler, Nicholas, with Cutler & Deforest. 
Schaelkelf, John, with Smith & Bros. 
Schaff, Joseph, moulder, h. 32 Del. P. ace. 
Schaff, Daniel, lab. h. 214 Sycamore. 
Schaffer & Rebstock, tailors, 1 Volraer's BPk. 
Schaffer, Frank, tailor, b. Scheu's saloon. 
Schaffer, John, gardener, h. Camp u. Genesee. 
Schall, Andrew, grocer, h. cor. S. Division and 

Schall, Fred, joiner, h. Ellicott ab. Goodell. 
Schallau, Fred, marble cutter, h. Camp u. Gen. 
Schaller, John, boarding house, cor. Niag. and 

School. - 
Schaller, Francis, stone cutter, h. Cherry n. 

Schaller, John, joiner, h. r. 165 Elm. 
Schaller, Charles, plasterer, h. German Alley 

n. Genesee. 
Schaller, Simon, tailor, h. Gray n. Genesee. 
Schaller, John, with Kemp & Bartel. 
Schamberger, John, Maple n. Goodell. 
Schanglin, Samuel, Main n. tollgate. 
Schanne, Adrian, painter, h. Walnut n. Wm. 
Schanne, Jacob, painter, h. Walnut n. Batavia. 
Schanzlin, Jacob, brewer, Main cor. tollgate, 
Schank, Charles, with A. Raeker. 
Schapp, Fred., Buff. S. E. Works. 
Scharre, Henry, lab. h. Walnut n. Batavia. 
Schatt, Christian, lockmaker, h. Del. Place. 
Schattner, Michael, h. 171 Elm. 
Schatz, Wm. joiner, h. Goodell alley. 
Schatz, Geo. lab. h. 71 Bennett. 
Schaub, Francis, 222 Delaware. 
Schauf, Philip, pavior, h. Cherry n. Spring. 



Schauf, Adam, pavior, b. Cherry n. Spring. 

Schauf, Adam, at gas works. 

Schaumloeffel, John M. cooper, b. 542 Mich. 

Schaus, Peter, chair maker, h. Hickory n. Bat. 

Scheerer, Michael, tailor, h. 399 S. Division. 

Scheffel, Gottfried, grocer, 259 E. Swan. 

Scheffer, Frank E., U. S. Express office, h. 
120 Folsora. 

Scheffer, John, sailor, h. Clinton cor. Hickory. 

Schefferstein, John, lab. h. Pratt n. William. 

Scheffler, Thomas, machinist, b. 7 Scott. 

Scheffler, Wm. butcher, Batavia n. Milnor. 

Scheffler, Peter, butcher shop, Batavia n. Mich. 

Schefler, Joseph, wagon maker, h. cor. Batavia 
and Madison. 

Scheib, Fred, blacksmith, h. 206 E. Genesee. 

Scheibler, Dorothea, milliner, 123 Pine. 

Scheibler, Catharine, milliner, 123 Pine. 

Scheiboeck, Peter, carp. h. Walnut n. Bat. 

Scheid, L. William, Monroe n. William. 

Scheidt, Michael, Gray n. Genesee. 

Scheine, Geo. carpenter, b. 46 Exchange. 

Scheit, John, Pine n. Cypress. 

Scheit, John, Watson n. William. 

Schell, John, blacksmith, h. Cedar n. William. 

Schell, Charles, wagon maker, Bat. n. Adams. 

Schell, Charles, tailor, h. 288 Elm. 

Schelle, Rev. F. R. h. Tupper n. Ellicott. 

Schelling, , blacksmith, h. Bat. n. Walnut. 

Schelling, Frederick, pedler, h. cor. Lutheran 
and Batavia. 

Schem, Charles A. finisher, h. High cor. Elm. 

Schenck, Jacob, gardener, h. Ferry n. Del. 

Schengelberger, Jacob, clerk, S. Scheu. 

Schenk, Joseph, grocer, cor. Elk and La. 

Schenk, Gottlob, shoemaker, Adams n. Gen. 

Schenk, John, lab. h. Ash n. Sycamore. 

Schenk, Nicholas, carp. h. 254 E. Genesee. 

Schenkel, John A. grocer, Main ab. Ferrv. 

Schenkel. Philip, lab. h. 92 Cedar. 

Scheu kelberger, Jacob, tailor, Walnut n. Bat. 

Schenkelberger, Martin, grocer, Batavia cor. 

Schenkeberger, Charles, Vulcan foundry. 

Schepp, Conrad, tow path n. Niagara Falls 

Scherder, John, b. 55 Exchange. 

Scherer, Marcus, Maple n. Goodell. 

Scherer, John, Genesee bel. Spring. 

Scherer, Michael, moulder, h. Spruce n. Gen. 

Scherer, James, cooper, b. John Hangman. 

Scherf, John, watchmaker, 373 Main. 

Schermerhorn, Isaac M. 11 Central Wharf, h. 
339 Michigan. 

Schermerhorn, Jeremiah, butcher, h. Barker's 

Schermerhorn, C. with Bid well, Banta <fe Co. 

Schermerhorn, Eliza, widow. 97}^ E. Seneca. 

Scherzer, John, shoemaker, h. Monroe n. Syc- 

Schessler, John, melodeon maker, h. Pine n. 

Scheu, Philip, brewer, cor. Wash, and High, 

b. 207 E. Genesee. 
Scheu, Henry J. teamster, h. Gen. cor. Spring. 
Scheu, Henry, baker, cor. Huron and Oak. 
Scheu, Solomon, saloon, cor. -Vain and Mo- 
hawk, h. 353 E. Genesee. 

Scheu, Wm. grocer, 157 E. Genesee. 

Scheu, Jacob, brewer, Genesee cor. Spring. 

Scheu, Martin, lab. h. Pratt n. Genesee. 

Schew, Jacob, shoemaker, Niag. N. of Am- 

Sheuer, Peter, lab. h. Mortimer n. Genesee. 

Scheuer, Conrad, Mortimer n. Genesee. 

Scheuerman, Francis V. mason, h. Pratt n. 

Scheuerman, John, cabinet maker, Walnut n. 

Scheuerman, Joseph, pedler, h. 257 E. Gen. 

Schick, Philip, tailor, h. Bennett n. William. 

Schick, Christina, widow of Henry, German 
alley n. Genesee. 

Schick, Adam, shoemaker, Walnut n. Batavia. 

Schick, Philip, boarding house, cor. Peacock 
and Evans. 

Schick, John, with N. Case, & Co. 

Schick, Anton, tailor, h. Oak n. Goodell. 

Schickel, Barnhard, joiner, h. Batavia n. Lu- 

Schickeudansdt, Fred, North Jersey. 

Schicketanz, Henry, tailor, h. 204 Elm. 

Schider, Lorentz, moulder, b. Sycamore n. 

Schiefele, Gotthard, Eagle furnace, h. 102 Ce- 

Schiefele, Marks, 102 Cedar. 

Schiefer, Frederick, joiner, h Ash n. Gen. 

Schieferle, Matthias, Walnut n. Batavia. 

Schieferstein, Peter, Hickory n. Genesee. 

Schieferstein, John G. confectioner, 258 East 

Schieferstein, Henry, brickmaker, h. Folsom 
n. Pollard. 

Schieffer, Geo. harness maker, h. Spruce n. 

Schieffer, John, joiner, h. Spruce n. Genesee. 

Schierman, Margaret, widow, 107 Cedar. 

Schies, Conrad, grocer, 41 E.Genesee. 

Schies, Louis, butcher, 104 E. Genesee. 

Schitferle. John, with J. A. Pitts. 

Schifferle, Stephen, with J. A. Pitts. 

Shifferle, Joseph, 151 Elm. 

Schiffhauer, Chas. joiner, h. Pratt n. Sycam. 

Schiffmacher, Balthazar, mason, h. 106 Elm. 

Schifler, John, lab. h. Hickory n. Genesee. 

Schildkeept, Conrad, with Keogh & Co. 

Schilkneclit, Conrad, piano maker, 571 Wash. 

Schille, Geo. lab. h. Hickory n. Sycamore. 

Schilley, Theodore, with L. <fc I. J. White. 

Schilling, Adam, Burton n. Weaver Alley. 

Schillo, Nicholas, Ash n. Sycamore. 

Schillo, Nicholas, moulder, h. Pratt n. Sycam. 

Schillo, Nicholas, S. Division n. Pollard. 

Schiuike, John, tailor, Elm ab. Tupper. 

Schimke, Christian, wagon maker, 1). 33 Syca. 

Schimmer, Daniel, at Hart's factory, b. John 

Schimpf, Edmund, 196 Wash. h. 362 Mich. 

Schindhelm, Andrew, shoemaker, h. Adams n. 

Schindler, Charles G. lab. h. Burton Allev n. 

Schindler, Xavier, shoemaker, h. 405 Mich. 

Schindler, Andrew, tailor, 2 Water. 

Schindler, Baun, tailor, 2 Water. 



Schindler, Xavier, clothier, Batavia n. Mich. 

Schindler, Frank X. tailor, Batavia n. Mich. 

Schindler, John, Buff. S. E. Works. 

Schirman, Joseph, bricklayer, h. cor. Pine and 

Schirmer, Henry, organ maker, h. 1 Locust. 

Schirmer, Louis, shoemak'r, h. Batav. n. Cedar. 

Schira, Lawrentz, bricklayer, h. Batavia n. 

Schirra, John, tailor, h. Pine n. Batavia. 

Schirra, Conrad, with J. Rohr. 

Schirra, John, lab. h. Spring n. Sycamore. 

Schirrer, Joseph, tailor, h. 5233 Elm. 

Schissel, Jos. baker, h. Mulberry n. Goodell. 

Schlag, Jacob, joiner, h. Pratt n. Genesee. 

Schlag, Robert, firm Mohr & S. h. Ellicott ab. 

Schlageter, Balzar, tobacconist, 243 Elm. 

Schlagheck, Henry, shoemaker, 77 E. Genesee. 

Schlauch, Robert, h. Ellicott n. Burton Alley. 

Schlauer, Francis, lab. h. Pratt n. William. 

Schlaug, John, with Turner <fc Bros. h. 178 Oak. 

Schleher, Peter, lab. h. Walnut n. Sycamore. 

Schlechta, Adalbert, gilder, 571 Main. 

Schlechter, Jac joiner, h. Jefferson n. Peckh'm. 

Schlee, Geo. dyer, 59 Cedar. 

Schlee, Michael, tailor, h. Lutheran n. Batavia. 

Schlegel, John, lab. h. Walnut n. Batavia. 

Schk-gel, John L. painter, h. Eagle n. Pratt. 
i Schlegel, Charles, clerk, S. Bettinger. 
I Schlegel, Nicholas, lab. h. Adams n. Sycamore. 
I Schlegel, John, shoemaker, h. Walnut n. Wm. 

Schleidt, Adam, carpenter, h. Batav. n. Milnor. 
| Schleier, Michael, tailor, h. Adams n. Genesee. 

Schleinger, Frank, pedler, h. Heacock near 
|j Steuben. 
'! Schleisinger, John, blacksmith, h. Hay ward n. 

liSchlenk, Michael, lab, h. Mortimer n. Genesee. 
! Schleuker, Jacob, pedler, A dams n. Batavia. 
, jSchlenker, Martin, lab. h. Adams n. Balavia. 

Schleuker, John M. watchmaker, 51 E. Gen. 

Schleuker, Ehrhaid, pedler, h. Hickory n. 
l| Sycamore. 

Schleuker, Casper, saddler, h. Clinton cor. 
I Pratt. - 
Schleweiss, John, tailor, 90 Cherry. 

Schley, Geo. with S. Shepard. 

pchlink, Leonhard, grocer and shoemaker, cor. 

I Goodell and Main. 

Scblit, Frederick, h. Walnut n. Sycamore. 
Schlode, Louis, cabinet maker, h. 75 Elm n. 

II Batavia. 

\ Bchloss, Jacob, cigar maker, Spruce n. Sycam. 

I Schlosser, Jacob, tanner, h. 393 Main. 

i tahlote, William, cabinet maker, 233 Main, h. 
J I 81 Elm. 
> ichlottzer, John, moulder, Eagle Furnace, h. 

II Hickory n. Clinton. 

lichluep, Stephen, Swan n. the R. R. 
' Jjchluud, John B. clerk 203 Main, b. cor. Clin- 

|| ton and Oak. 
1 chluuk, John, brickmaker, h. Ex. bel. Van 

■ j Rensselaer. 
- llchmal, Peter, blacksmith, h. Genesee n. Ash. 

1 (chmal, John, Jefferson cor. Batavia. 

I chmal, Helen, widow of Fred., Kane n. Gen. 

liichmal, Louis, lab. h. 4th n. Carolina. 

Schmal, Christoph, wagon maker, h. Cherry u. 

Schmal, Christopher, blacksmith, h. Cherry n. 

Schmalenburg, Nicholas, book-keeper, h. Clin- 
ton n. Watson. 

Schmalz, Fred, shoemaker, 77 E. Genesee. 

Schmelzer, Gottlieb, joiner, h. Maple n. Burton. 

Schmelzer. Frederick, tailor, h. 535 Mich. 

Schmelzer, Henry C. tailor, 535 Mich. 

Schmelzer, Gottlieb, turner, h. Maple n. G'dell. 

Schmering, Clemens, joiner, h. Pineab. Batav. 

Scbmering, Iguatz, painter, h. cor. Cypress 
and Vine. 

Schmering, Bernard H., William cor. Milnor. 

Schmering, John H. grocer, Pine cor. Batavia. 

Schmering, Hen. joiner, h. Benuett bel. Batav. 

Schmetz, F. carpenter, h. Austin n. East. 

Schmidt, Adam, cooper, h. Kane n. Sycamore. 

Schmidt, Adam, joiner, h. Pratt n. Clinton. 

Schmidt, Albert, barber, h. 68' Bennett. 

Schmidt, Albert, brewer, b. J. Jost. 

Schmidt, Andrew, tailor, r. Walnut n. Batavia. 

Schmidt, Anna M. widow, Cypress n. Mich. 

Schmidt, Anthony, Cypress n. Mich. 

Schmidt, Anthony, book and looking-glass 
store, 411 Main. 

Schmidt, Anton, lab. h. Swan n. the R. R. 

Schmidt, Augustus, shoemaker, 147 E. Gen. 

Schmidt, Barbara, 141 E. Genesee. 

Schmidt, Benedict, cor. Batavia and Adams. 

Schmidt, C. widow of Peter, 108 Batavia. 

Schmidt, Charles, clerk, 411 Main. 

Schmidt, Charles, lab. Monroe n. William. 

Schmidt, Chas, bl'ksmith, h. Cypress n. Mich. 

Schmidt, Charles, lab. h. Watson n. Batavia. 

Schmidt, Chris, lab. h. Ex. n. Van Rensselaer. 

Schmidt, Christian, tanner, h. Lemon n. Carl'n. 

Schmidt, Christoph, grocer, Monroe cor. Wm. 

Schmidt, Conrad, teamster, h. Pratt n. Genesee. 

Schmidt, Conrad, lockmaker, h. Cedar n. Clint. 

Schmidt, Conrad, with Howard & Co. 

Schmidt, Daniel, lab. h. Hickory n. Sycamore. 

Schmidt, Daniel, 63 Clinton. 

Schmidt, Eliza, widow of John, Gen. cor. Elm. 

Schmidt, Ernst, tailor, h. 159 Elm. 

Schmidt, Ferdinand, lab. h. Spring n. Sycam. 

Schmidt, Francis, Wm. n. Bennett. 

Schmidt, Francis, baker, Cherry cor. Spring. 

Schmidt, Fred'k, German Alley n. Genesee. 

Schmidt, Frederick, tailor, Ex. n. Van Rensse- 

Schmidt, Frederick, tinsmith, h. 154 Clinton. 

Schmidt, Frederick, tanner, h. 8 Vine. 

Schmidt, Frederick, tailor, 18 Cherry. 

Schmidt, Fred. D. baker, cor. Mich, and Gen. 

Schmidt, Fred'k, blacksmith, h. Bennett near 

Schmidt, Geo. shoemaker, Camp n. Genesee. 

Schmidt, Geo. lab. h. Sycamore n. Elm. 

Schmidt, Geo., Maple n. Goodell. 

Schmidt, George, blacksmith, h. Bennett near- 

Schmidt, Geo. bricklayer, h. Spruce n. Syca- 

Schmidt, Geo. at Cowing's livery stable. 

Schmidt, Gottlieb, painter, h. 15S E. Genesre. 

Schmidt, Henry, lab. h. Kane d. Sycamore. 



Schmidt, Henry, shoemaker, h. Sycamore n. 

Schmidt, Henry, tailor, h. 115 E. Genesee. 

Schmidt, Henry, tanner, h. Sycamore opp. 

Sclimidt, Jacob, lab. h. 58 Pine. 

Schmidt, Jacob, joiuer, h. 423 Mich. 

Schmidt, Jacob, engineer, h. Locust n. Cherry. 

Sclimidt, Jacob, 229 Elm. 

Schmidt, Jpcob, bricklayer, b. Adams n. Gen. 

Schmidt, Jacob, b. Adams n. Batavia. 

Schmidt, Jacob, lab. h. Batavia n. Hickory. 

Schmidt, Jacob, cooper, h. Cypress n. Mich. 

Schmidt, John, mason, h. Adams n. Genesee. 

Schmidt, Johu, lab. h. Monroe n. Sycamore. 

Schmidt. John, cooper, h. Cypress n. Mich. 

Schmidt, John G. cooper, h. Cypress n. Mich. 

Schmidt. John, shoemaker, h Wash. n. Scott. 

Schmidt, John B. painter, 235 Main. 

Schmidt, John, Jewett <fc Root. 

Schmidt, John. lab. cor. Maple and Goodell. 

Schmidt, J<>hn, Burlon alley n. Goodell. 

Schmidt, John, Kane n. Sycamore. 

Schmidt, John L. grocer, Clinton n. R. R. 

Schmidt, John G. baker, 82 E. Genesee 

Schmidt, John C. tailor, Niagara north of Am- 

Schmi'lt, John, joiner, cor. Tupper and Good- 
ell Alley. 

Schmidt, Joseph, butcher, h. Terrace n. Eagle. 

Schmidt, Joseph, lab. h. Adams n. Batavia. 

Schmidt, Joseph, painter, h. Sycamore near 

Schmidt, Joseph, cabinet maker, h. Pine near 

Schmidt, Leonhard, mason, h. Adams n. Gen. 

Schmidt, T eonhard.lab. h. Walnut n. Batavia. 

Schmidt, Louis, tinsmith, h. 137 Sycamore. 

Schmidt, Louis, cigar maker, h. Clinton near 

Schmidt, Margaret, Gray n. Geuesee. 

Schmidt. Margaret, nurse, Kane n. Sycamore. 

Schmidt, Matthias, tailor, 52 Goodell. 

Sclimidt, Matthias, lab. h. Adams n. Batavia. 

Schmidt, Matthias, bricklayer, h. Pratt near 

Schmidt, Michael, with John Koehler. 

Schmidt, Michael, Pratt n. Clinton. 

Schmidt, Michael, Bundv Alley. 

Schmidt, Michael, pelt dre.sser, 29 E.Seneca, 
h. Adams n. Wra. 

Schmidt, Nicholas, shoemaker, h. Ex. n. junc- 
tion Seneca. 

Schmidt, Peter, shoemaker, 101 E. Genesee. 

Schmidt, Peter, mason, h. Delaware n.Va. 

Schmidt. Peter, butcher, h. Seneca, bel. junc- 
tion Exchange. 

Schmidt, Peter, printer, h. Cypress n. Mich. 

Schmidt, Stephen, Buff, furnace, h. Pine near 

Schmidt, Wni, cooper, h. Kane n. Sycamore. 

Schmidt, Wm. tanner, h. Maple n. High. 

Schmidt, Wm. tailor, h. Lemon. 

Schmidt, Wm. machinist, b. cor. Batavia and 

Schmidtberger, Francis H., Chippewa n.Main. 

Schmiler. John, tailor, h. 78 Bennett. 

Schmitgall, Fred, book-keeper, h. 388 Main. 

Schmitt, Chas. variety store, 294 Main, h. over 

Schmitt, Wigand, lab. h. Boston. 

Schmitt, Joseph F., shoemaker, h. Burton Al- 
ley n Ellicott. 

Schmitt, Francis, painter, h. 241 Batavia. 

Schmitt, George, grocer, E. Sen. n. Hamburg. 

Schmitz, Jacob, with L. & I. J. White, h. 198 

Schmitz, John A., Sycamore cor. Hickory. 

Schmitz, Joseph, Jefferson ab. Wm. 

Schmitz, John, dyer. 293 Main, h. 294 Pearl. 

Schmoeger, Joseph, lab. h. Gray n. Batavia. 

Schmuck, Xavier, pump maker, h. Clinton n. 
the Railroad. 

Schmuck, Albert, Boston n. Va. 

Schmucker, Joseph, joiner, h. 569 Wash. 

Schmucker, John, lab. h, Adams n. Sycamore. 

Schnabel, Peter J., lab. h. Pme cor. Cypress. 

Schnaeble, Michael, furnacemau, h. German 

Schnapp, Conrad, grocer, Swan n.the R. R. 

Schnauffer, Edward, Emigrant House, 6 caual. 

Schneeberger, Catharine, widow of Paul, Wal- 
nut above Batavia. 

Schneider, George, jr., 17 E. Huron. 

Schneider, Wm. cutter, Gothic Hall, h. 285 E. 

Schneider, John, lab. h. Mortimer n. Genesee. 

Schneider, Valentine, blacksmith, h. Pratt u. 

Schneider, Philip, baker, h. Batavia n. Cedar. 

Schneider, Charles, tanner, h. Spring n. Syca- 

Schneider, Matthias, shoemaker, h. Batavia 
bel. Michigan. 

Schneider, John, tinsmith, h. Hickory n. Wm. 

Schneider, Jacob, tanner, h. Mulberrv above 

Schneider, John, cabinet maker, h. Walnut n. 

Schneider, John, cooper, h. Spring n. Cherry. 

Schneider, Michael, butcher, Spring n. Syca- 

Schneider, Matthias, blacksmith, h. 11 Syca- 

Schneider, Ambro, on lake, h. cor. Sycamore 
and Pme. 

Schneider, Fred, on lake. h. 135 Elm. 

Schneider, John, tailor, Mulberrv n. Va. 

Schneiner, Ludwig, barber, h. Gen. n. Spring. 

Schneider, Peter F., shoemaker, h. Hickory n. 

Schneider, Peter, shoemaker, h. Mulberry near 

Schneider, Hermann, tailor, h. Tupper n. Va. 

Schneider, Jacob, tailor, h. 17 E. Genesee. 

Schneider, John, Jefferson n. Clinton. 

Schneider, John, moulder, h. Ash n. Sycam. 

Schneider Michael, lab. h. Walnut n. Batavia. 

Schneider, Jacob, tailor, 503 Mich. 

Schneiderverein, John, Eaton's planing mill. 

Schneidevvind, John, blacksmith, h. Ash n. 

Schnel'e, Bernhard, joiner, h 25 Huron. 

Scbnellhach, Joseph C. tailor, h. Lutheran. 

Schnellinger, John, grocer, cor. Geuesee and 



Schnidt, John, with E. & B. Holmes. 
S.chnorr, Conrad, plasterer, h. Adams n. Gen. 
Schnop, John, tanner, h. Swan n. the R. R. 

Schnur, John, moulder, h. Tupper n. Mich. 
Scliober, Christian, shoemaker, 296 Pearl. 
Schock, Andrew, painter, h. Monroe n. Batav. 

Sckoedel, Christoph, painter, h. Wm. n. Jef- 

Schoelkopf, Jacob F. leather dealer, 388 Main, 
h. 137 Ellicott. 

Schoemaker, Rev. Christopher, pastor German 
Bapt. Ch. h. Clinton n. Fine. 

Schoenauer, Steven, Monroe n. Batavia. 

Schoeneman, Balthaser, tinsmith, h. 175 E. 

Schoeufeld, Fred. lab. h. cor. Maple and 

Schoenfeld, Johanna, widow of Godfrey, Ger- 
man Alley. 

Schoenhofen, Henry, cooper, h. Mich. cor. 

Schoenman, Gotthard, carpenter, h. Sycamore 
n. Hickory. 

SchOenmann, Jacob, tailor, Syc. n. Hickory. 

Schoennacker, Anton, tailor, h. Burton Alley. 

Schoenthal, Mrs. widow of Henry, Spring n. 

Schoenthal, Wilhelmiue, widow of John F. 
239 E. Genesee. 

Schoenthal, Leopold, joiner, h. Mulberry ab. 
Goodell. J 

Schoenthaler, Margaret, Ash n. Genesee. 

Schoenwald, Charles, joiner, h. Locust. 

Schoi, Herman, Seneca n. old city line. 

Scholes, Wm. shoemaker, h. 12th n. Vermont. 

Schol'L Jacob, cooper, h. Niag. n. Bouck. 

Schomers, Eberhart, Lutheran. 

School Dist. No. 1, Seventh n. Va. 

School Dist. No. 2, Terrace n. Genesee. 

School Dist. No. 3, Perry east of Burwell PI. 

School Dist. No. 4, Elk east of Mich. 

School Dist. No. 5, Seneca, Hydraulics. 

School Dist. No. 6, 164 S. Division. 

School Dist. No. 7, S. Division bel. Ellicott. 

School Dist. No. 8, Church n. Delaware. 

School Dist. No. 10, Delaware ab. Mohawk. 

School Dist. No. 11, Elm ab. Eagle. 

School Dist. No. 12, Spruce n. Sycamore. 

School Dist. No. 13, Ellicott ab. Genesee. 

School Dist. No. 14, Franklin ab. Tupper. 

School Dist. No. 15, Oak ab. Goodell. 

School Dist. No. 18, cor. School and 10th. 

School Dist, No. 20, cor. East and Amherst. 

Schopper, Ferdinand, joiner, h. Cypress n. 

Schorr, Miss, milliner, 48 E. Genesee. 

Schott, George, shoemaker, h. Carlton n. Oak. 

Schott, Jacob, baker, h. cor. Genesee and Jef- 

Schott, Wm. lab. h. cor. Maple and Goodell. 

Schottin, Nicholas, book-binder, b. cor. Huron 
and Main. 

Schoubs, John, lab. Palmer & Gardner, h. 
Swan n. Pollard. 

Schoup, Daniel, cabinet maker, 241 Main, h. 
88 Cedar. 

Schouten, Richard, barber, 400 Main. 

Schrafft, William, boarding house, 7 Water. 

Schrafft, Adam, lab. h. Ex. bel. Pollard. 
Schramel, Max. on lake, h. 5!> Cedar. 
Schramm, Herman, joiner, Clinton cor. Spring. 
Schramm, Allis, tailor, Maple n. High. 
Schramm, Michael, lab. h. Kane n. Sycamore. 
Schramm, Jacob, turner, 307 Main. 
Schrank, Michael, grocer, Water cor. Maiden 

Schrap, Joseph, cooper, h. Walnut n. Batavia. 
Schrauber, Jacob, coppersmith, with John 

Schreck, Francis L. teacher, 155 Ellicott. 
Schreck, Sebastian, cor. Oak and Genesee. 
Schreck, Reraige, Cherry n. Spruce. 
Schrei, John, lab. h. cor. La. and Ottawa. 
Schreiber, Adam, joiner, h. Pratt n. Batavia. 
Schreiber, Michael, lab. h. 34 Bennett, 
Schreier, Geo. lab. h. Adams n. Genesee. 
Schreiner, Geo. tailor, Walnut n. Clinton. 
Schreiner, Nicholas, lab. h. Lutheran n. Wm. 
Schreras, Augustus, butcher, h. 137 Oak. 
SehreniS, Henry, lab. h. Elm n. Tupper. 
Schresiuger, Christian, on R. R. h. 50 Bennett. 
Schrodt, Mrs. widow of Joseph, 220 Del. 
Schroed r, Ulrich, lab. h. Fox. 
Schroeder, Wm., Walnut n. Wm. 
Schroeder, Charlotte, nurse, 132 E. Genesee. 
Schroeder, Charles, tailor, 132 E. Genesee. 
Schroeder, William, brickmaker, h. Exchange, 

Schroeder, Fred, tanner, h. Ex. Hydraulics. 
Schroeder, Henry, b. F. Schroeder. 
Schroeder, John, lab. h. Milnor n. Batavia. 
Schroeder, Wm., Buff. Steam E. W. 
Sehroegel, Lorentz, teamster, h. Clinton near 

Schroegelman, Geo. lab. h. Spring n. Sycam. 
Schrot, Chas. lab. h. 409 Pine. 
Schroth, Frederick, joiner, 533 Mich. 
Schruefer, John, bricklayer, h. Adams n. Syc. 
Schryver, Allen L. shoe dealer, 340 Main, h. 

60 Chippewa. 
Schryver, Adam, lab. h. Steubeu bel. Heacock. 
Schubert, Geo. furnaceman, h. Sycamore near 

Schuchartt, Lorentz, 581 Wash. 
Schuede, Geo. joiner, h. Walnut n. Batavia. 
Schueler, Christian, gardener, h. Brown near 

Schueler, John, tailor, h. Monroe n. Brown. 
Schueller, Adam J. teamster, h. Monroe near 

Schuerman, Joseph, bricklayer, h. 114 Pine. 
Schuermann, Henry, mason, h. 157 Elm. 
Schuetz, Richard, blacksmith, h. William n. 

Schuetz, Susanna, widow of Geo. 130 Sycam. 
Schuetz, Godfrey, tailor, h. Batavia n. Walnut. 
Schuetz, Michael, lab. h. 120 Pine. 
Schuetz, John, joiner, h. Spruce u. Genesee. 
Schuetz, Hiram, watchmaker, b. Godfrey 

Schuetz, John, lab. h. Pollard n. Steuben. 
Schuh, Matthias, brewer, h. Main n. Best. 
Schuhknecht, Fred. lab. h. North n. Mich. 
Schulbeck, Joseph, lab. h. 94 Cedar. 
Schuler, John M. melodeon maker, h. Spruce 

n. Genesee. 



Scliuler, Jacob, shoemaker, G. Kreiner. 
Schuler, Johu M. melodeon maker, h. 48 Syc. 
Schuler, Conrad, grocer, h. cor. William and 

Schultz, Godfrey, clerk, 28 Main, h. Mich. ab. 

Schultz, Henry, Spring n. Sycamore. 
Schultz, Louis, 252 E. Genesee. 
Schultz, Peter, grocery, lumber yard, 253 

Schultz, Chas. sash maker, 48 Clinton. 
Schultz, Chas. shoemaker, b. T. Cotter. 
Schultz, Martin, distiller, h. Mich. n. Batavia. 
Schultz, Fred, cooper, h. Cherry n. Lemon. 
Schultz, Peter, mason, h. 546 Mich. 
Schultz, Frederick, shoemaker, h. Pratt above 

Schultz, Christian, shoemaker, b. Walnut n. 

Schultz, Charles, joiner, h. 321 Ellicott. 
Schultz, Detlef, shoemaker, b. F. Waldraff. 
Schulze, John P. clothier, 24 Main. 
Schumacher, John, white washer, h. Roos' 

alley n. Win. 
Shumacher, Geo. 158 E. Genesee. 
Schumacher, Valentine, Eagle u. Hickory. 
Schumacher, Valentine, shoe dealer, h. JSTiag. 

beyond Va. 
Schumacher, Rev. C. h. Spruce n. Sycamore. 
Schumacher, Albert, milkman, h. Gray near 

Schuman, Erhard, tailor, h. Batavia n. Monroe. 
Schumann, Franz, lab. h. Hickory n. Batavia. 
Schumersch, Hubert, joiner, h. Goodell alley. 
Schung, Heurv, stone cutter, h. Mulberry n. 

Schung, Jacob, shoemaker, 18 Main. 
Schuug, Andrew, shoemaker, 1^ Main. 
Schung, Henry, stone cutter, h. Cherry near 

Schuuk, Christian, shoemaker, h. Mulberry n. 

Schupp, Geo. joiner, h. 58 Ninth. 
Schuppstein, John, tailor, cor Pratt and Wm. 
Schuster, Fred, tailor, 102 Batavia. 
Schuster, Wm. upholsterer, h. 157 S. Division. 
Schuster, Zeno, lab. h. Johnson n. Genesee. 
Schuster, Michael, shoemaker, h. Ash n. Syc. 
Schuster, Paul, mason, h. 251 Elm. 
Schuster, Ferdinand, grocer, cor. Johnson and 

Schuster, Christian, grocer, 387 Main. 
Schutrum, Henry, clerk, 197 E. Seneca. 
Schutrum, Valentine, h. 105 Folsom. 
Shutz, John, printer, Thomas & Lathrops, b. 

Boston hotel. 
Schwab, John, 581 Wash. 
Schwab, Anthony, bricklayer, h. Mich, near 

Schawbl, Sebastian, grocer, Bat. n. Lutheran. 
Schwak, John, gardener, h. Twelfth n. R. I. 
Schwalb, John G. joiner, h. Hickory n. Syc. 
Schwan, Philip, mason, h. Walnut n. Syca- 
Schwann, Christian, lab. h. Wm. bel. Adams. 
Sehwanebnck, Fred., Mich. bel. Goodell. 
Schwanenkamp, John, joiner, h. William bel. 
* Hickory. 

Schwanz, Anson, carpenter, h. Mariner above 

Schwartz, John, brick maker, h. Mulberry n. 

Schwartz, Geo. grocer, 7 E. Genesee. 
Schwartz, Henry, mason, h. Walnut n. Sycam. 
Schwartz, Daniel, Elm n. Batavia. 
Schwartz, John G. joiner, h. Mich. n. Goodell. 
Schwartz, Bernhard F. candle maker, h. 69 

Schwartz, John, joiner, h. Wash. n. Chippewa. 
Schwartz, Wm. J. jeweler, 210 Main. 
Schwartz, John, mason, h. cor. Walnut and 

Schwartz, John G. cigar maker, h. Walnut ab. 

Schwartz, Julius, printer, h. cor. Batavia and 

Schwartz, Matthias, lab. h. Bennett n. Batav. 
Schwartz, Marcus, lab. h. 100 Cedar. 
Schwartz, John, plasterer, h. 123 Sycamore. 
Schwartz, Jacob, lab. h. Hickory n. Genesee. 
Schwartz, Jacob, joiner, h. Pratt n. Clinton. 
Schwartz. John, Cypress n. Michigan. 
Schwartz, Fr^,nk, 30 Delaware Place. 
Schwartzbeck, Charles, blacksmith, h. Genesee 

11. German. 
Schwartzenberg, Wm. silver plater, h. Fifth n. 

Schwartzott, Geo. jr. lab., h. Monroe n. Batav. 

Schwartzott, Geo. sr. grocer, cor. Genesee and 

Schwartzott, Johu, butcher, h. Monroe n. Bat. 

Schweier, John„ with Jewett & Root. 

Schweier, Fred, coppersmith, J. 0;to & Co. 

Schweier, Peter, grocer, 313 E. Genesee. 

Schweier, Henry, tailor, Genesee bel. Spring. 

Schweiger, Michael, mason, h. Gray n. Gen. 

Schweiger, Martin, tailor, h. Genesee n. Jefl'n. 

Schweigert, John, shoemaker, Miluor n. Bat. 

Schweighart, Jacob, Adams n. Sycamore. 

Schwei^le, Peter, grocer, 29 E. Genesee. 

Schweigle, Charles, on lake, b. 6 Canal. 

Schwein, Philip, tailor, Grape n. Virginia. 

Schweis, Sebastian, lab. h. Adams n. Batavia. 

Schweitz, John, with Jewett & Root. 

Schweitz, Henry, with Jewett & Root. 

Schweitzer, Jacob, 234 Franklin. 

Schweitzer, Max, h. 373 E. Genesee. 

Schweitzer, Anton, joiner, h. Elm bel. Goodell. 

Schwiger, Michael, barber, Phoenix hotel. 

Schwindeman, Andrew, with L. «fe I. J. White, 
h. 1 14 Cedar. 

Schwindle, Fred'k, lab. h. Monroe n. Sycam. 

Schwinn, John W. umbrella maker, 377 Wash. 

Schwinn, John C. shoemaker, h. 102 Batavia. 

Schwinn, Peter, shoemaker, h. Wm. n. Bennett, 

Schwobada, John G., carpenter, h. Monroe n. 

Scimes, Jacob, barber, h. 52 Pine. 

Scobell, Richard, engineer, Franklin ab. Allen, 

Scobey, Geo. with J. B. Bull & Co. 

Scofield, Augustus, fence maker, h.51 Clinton. 

Scorield, George, bartender, 81 Main. 

Scott. Wm. K. m. d., 39 W. Mohawk. 

Scott, Geo. W. grocer, 9 E. Seneca, h. 30 Car- 

Scott, Geo. joiner, C, R. R. shop. 



Scott, James, with Prince & Co., h. Sixth n. 

Scott, James, lab. h. Pine n. William. 
Scott, Patrick, 4 Green. 

Scott, Edwin, ship carpenter, b. 135 E. Seneca. 
Scott, Ann, 18 Sixth. 
Scott, John, coachman, h. 15 Huron." 
Scott, H. P., b. Boston Hotel. 
Scott, James, carriage driver, h. Walnut near 

Scott, Fred, joiner, h. Main n. Utica. 
Scott, James H. attorney at law, over P. 0., h. 

78 Carroll. 
Scott, Halsey, book-keeper, 197 Main. 
Scott, James, clerk, 174 Main, h. 78 Carroll. 
Scott, Edwin G. firm Wage & S , h. 325 Mich. 
Scott, Mich'l, truckman, h. Church n. Terrace. 
Scott, John, hackman, 27 Exchange. 
Scott, Win. S. book-keeper, h. 174 Delaware. 
Scott, Levi, sailor, h. Louisiana n. Ohio. 
Scott, Win. check man, b. 262 E. Seneca. 
SCOTT EN" & CO. grocers, 247 Main. — See 

adv. p. 36. 
Scotten, Charles, firm S. & Co., h. 211 N. Div. 
Scovell, Wm. S. clerk, J. M. Griffith <fc Co. 
Scoville, Wm. S. b. 5 Franklin. 
Scoville, Erastus, firm Hart, Newman & Co. 

b. J. Newman. 
Scoville, Matthew, painter, H. G. White, b. C. 

H. Lamphear. 
Scrafford, Robert, mason, h. Monroe n. Clint. 
Scriber, Daniel, with E. & B. Holmes. 
Scroggs, Gustavus A., att'y at law, over 150 

Main, b. 9 Court. 
Scrucer, Fred'k, tailor, h. Folsom bel. Kinney. 
Scurr, Henry, joiner, h. 38 Sycamore. 
Seabrooks, George, R. R. engineer, b. Mrs. S. 

Seafert, Henry, tanner, h. S. Div. n. the R. R. 
Seal, James T. pump maker, h. 104 Sixth. 
Seaman, John M., clerk, 71 Main, h. Union 

cor. Clinton. 
Seaman, John, at Swartz's Iron Works. 
Seaman?, Vincent B., teacher, Com'l College, 

over 207 Main. 
Searle, Mary, teacher, 58 E. Seneca. 
Sears & Co. lumber dealers, cor. Delaware and 

Sears, Selam, firm S. & Co. h. Chippewa west 

of Delaware. 
Sears, Thomas P., book-keeper, Mutual ins. 

office, h. 83 N. Division. 
Sears, Frank, firm S. & Drake, b. 36 W. Eagle. 
Sears, Thaddeus P., real estate agent, Spaul- 

ding's Exchange, b. 154 Franklin. 
Sears & Drake, pork inspectors. 14 Hanover. 
| Seaver, Charles, lab. h. cor. N. Canal and old 
HI city line. 

I ; Seaver, Wm. A. prop'r Daily Courier, 7 West 
■ I Seneca, h. cor. Delaware and North. 
1 1 Seaver, Thomas, clerk, h. Maryland n. 10th. 
I Seaver, Joseph, saddler, h. 4 Oak. 
I Seba, James, blacksmith, h. 6th n. Carolina. 
I Seber, Conrad, cor. Ketchum and High. 
I Seckel, Geo. M., Pratt n. Batavia. 

Seeker, Arthur, b. Pine n. N. Division. 
r Seckler, John, shoemaker, h. Batavia n. Jef- 


Secor, Chauncey, melodeon maker, b. G. W. 

Secor, Robert, with H. Wing & Co., h. 268 S. 

Seddon, Robert I., gilder, h. Pine n. Swan. 
See, Rev. John L. pastor of Ref'd Prot. Dutch 

Church, h. 68 W. Huron. 
Seeger, Fred'k, brewer, h. 288 E. Genesee. 
Seeling, Apolonia, widow, 7 Cypress. 
Seely, Johu, machinist, h. Walnut n. William. 
Seelv, Mason H., B. cfe Brantford R. R. office, 

h."23 Pearl. 
Seely & Minor, ship blacksmiths, Miss. n. 

Seereiter, Jacob, lab. h. 132 Elm. 
Seereiter, Michael, lab. h. William n. Bennett. 
Segar, Theodore, confectioner, b. cor. Batavia 

aud Hickory. 
Segar, Joseph, recess, 6 Commercial. 
Segar, John, mason, h, 145 Sycamore. 
Segelhaas, Christoph, joiner, h. 71 Cherry. 
Sehik, Joseph, shoemaker, h. 290 Oak. 
Sehnert, Adam, tailor, William n. Hickory. 
Seib, Jacob, shoemaker, 42 W. Tapper. 
Seibel, John F. grocer, h. 349 Main. 
Seibel, Conrad, labor r, h. Watson n. Wm. 
Seibel, Philip, joiner, h. Hickory n. Sycam. 
Seibel, Melchiar, mason, h. cor. Spring aud 

Seibert, Christian, cigar maker, h. 238 Elm. 
Seibert, Nicholas, lab. h. 104 Goodel). 
Seibert, Peter, joiner, h. 254 E. Genesee. 

Seibert, John, paver, h. Mortimer n. Batavia. 

Seibold, Jacob, grocer, 176 Main, h. cor. Dela- 
ware and Church. 

Seibold, Conrad, lab. h. Adams n. Genesee. 

Seidel, John, lab. h. Adams n. Genesee. 

Seiffert, Adam, carp. h. Spring n. Genesee. 

Seiffert, Henry, lab. Palmer cor. Gardner. 

Sei fried, Joseph, shoemaker, h. Ellicutt n. 

Seigel, Adam, moulder, J. A. Pitts. 

Seigle, S. with J. A. Pitts. 

Seigler, John, moulder, h. 190 Franklin. 

Seigley, J. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 

Seikinger, Andrew, harness maker, 8 Ex. 

Seil, Charles, Thompson's lead factory. 

Seil, Andre, Miller, h. Niag. n. Farmer. 

Seilheimer, Jacob, farmer, h. Pratt ab. Batavia. 

Seip, Henry, cooper, h, Pratt n. Sycamore. 

Seip, Philip, grocer, h. 14th n. Connecticut. 

Seitz, Everett, cooper, Prime bel. Dayton. 

Seitz, Geo. brewer, 77 E. Genesee. 

Seitzinan, Henry, lab. h. Austin n. East. 

Seibert, Francis, wagou maker, h.47 Bennett. 

Seibert, Henry, gas fitter, h. Hickory n. Syc- 

Selby, Joseph F. lithographer, R. J. Compton. 

Selden, Phoebe, teacher, b. 52 Pearl. 

Selden, Henry H. clerk, 290 Main,b. 23 Pearl. 

Selig, Gabriel, 97 E. Swan. 

Selisrman & Bro. clothiers, 128 Main. 

Selkirk, John H. architect, 5 Townsend Hall, 
h. 173 Franklin. 

Seller, Fred, boiler maker, Buff. S. E. Works. , 

Sellnej-, Charles, clerk, 349 Main, h. Blossom. 

Sellstedt, Laurentius G. artist, 21 Granite 
buildings, b. Mrs. Matthews. 



Selmser, Edward P. salesman, 316 Main, b. 

11 Oak. 
Seman, Frank, lab. Buff, car wheel works. 
Seman, John, lab. h. Adams n. Sycamore. 
Semon, Jacob S. lumber dealer, 26 Central 

Wharf, b. 187 Delaware. 
Sendle, Joseph, with F. Boechat. 
Senflied, Catharine, Milnor n. Batavia. 
Senn, Jacob, joiner, h. Cypress n. Michigan. 
Setter, Francis, Buff. S. it: Works. 
Seuf, Michael, Amherst n. East. 

jverns, Oscar, cigar rrn 

Main, h. 174 S. Division. 
Sewell & Co clothiers, 172 Wash. 
Sewell, JohnB. 128 Main. 
Sewell, Norman, agent, Penfield, 27 Ex. 
Sexauer, Conrad, Phcenix iron works. 
Sexton, Jeseph, comedian, b. Franklin House. 
Sexton, Jason, over 223 Main, h. 79 E. Swan. 
Seyfang, Ge.o. cabinet maker, 223 Main, h. 392 

S. Division. 
Seyfert, Andrew, 239 E. Genesee. 
Seyler, Michael, painter, h. 136 Oak. 
Seymour, Mrs. widow, cor. S. Division and 

Seymour, Henry S. American Ex. office, b. 52 

Seymour, John A. blacksmith, h. Seneca n. 

Seymour & Wells, wheat elevator, Ohio cor. 

Seymour, E. B. firm S. <fe Wells, h. Niagara 

Square, cor. Genesee. 
Seymour, Wm. truckman, h. Eagle n. Pratt. 
Seymour, Cornelius L., Mich. C. R. R. agent, 

h. 62 Tupper. 
Seymour, Edward, freighter, h. Folsom n. 

Kinney's alley. 
Seymour, Horatio, att'y at law, 190}^ Main, h. 

26 W. Eagle. 
Seymour, Wm. H., G. A. Prince & Co. h. 

Walnut n. William. 
Seymour, Burrett G. book-keeper, Pratt Bank, 

b. 35 E. Swan. 
Seymour, Martin, boiler maker, Buff. S. E. 

Shabbio, Peter, moulder, Buff. S tf E. Works. 
Shabbio, Nicholas, moulder, Buffalo S. E. W. 
Shacket, Jacob, at Howell's boat yard. 
Shad, John, tailor, h. Miami n. Ala. 
Shadrake, Fred, painter, over HE. Swan, h. 

12th n. Hudson. 
Shafer, Frederick, joiner, h. 21 W. Mohawk. 
Shaffer, Jacob, with N. Case & Co. 
Shaffer, Henrv, with Bidwell, Banta & Co. h. 

390 S. Division. 
Shaffer, Adam, lab. Union furnace. 
Shaft, Wm. printer, h. 35 Church. 
Shaft, Henry, book-keeper, R. J. Compton. 
Shaft, Joseph, moulder, Eagle furnace. 
Shahan, Mrs. widow of P. b. 224 Carroll. 
Shahan, Daniel, lab. h. Ex. n. Michigan. 
Shaidle, Joseph C. paper hanger, h. Ellicott n. 

t Shair, John, farmer, h. Hydraulics, bel. junct, 

Swan and Seneca. 
Shaler, Michael F. 5 E. Seneca, b. 24 Ellicott. 
Shamrock House, Exchange opp. R. R. depot. I 

Shanisy, Patrick, Mechanic n. boat yard. 
Shank, Peter, at Sweet's planing mill. 
Shank, Wm. D. steamboat ag't, h. Thirteenth 

n. Connecticut. 
Shank, John, Van Slyke's yard. 
Shanly, Mary, widow, 8 Green. 
Shannahan, John, lab. h. 4th n. Carolina. 
Shannahan, Patrick, Mary n. Illinois. 
Shannahan, John, Niagara n. Massachusetts. 
Shannon, Michael, engineer, h. 19 Illinois. 
Shannon, St. Clair, lantern maker, J. Otto & Co. 
Shannon, Thomas, carp. h. Fifth n. Georgia. 
Shannon, John, blacksmith, h. 73 Ellicott. 
Sharer, Michael, jr. with Jewett & Root. 
Sharkey, Patrick, lab. h. Wash. n. Perry. 
Sharp, Adam, firm E. S. Havens & Co. 19 Main. 
Sharp, Harriet, widow of Benjamin, 178 Wash. 
Sharp, Mary, widow of John, Burwell Place, 

n. Scott. 
Sharp, John G. with Smith & Brothers. 
Shatner, M., Van Slyke's boat yard. 
Shattuck, J. engineer, b. Browu's hotel. 
Shattuck, Chas. T. 147 Main, b. Ann demons. 
Shauman, Geo. joiner. J. A. Pitts. 
Shaughuessy, John, sailor, h. Fulton n. O. slip. 
Shaver, Norman I. tallyman, A. D. Ellis tfe Co. 
Shaver, Peter, caulker, Howell's boat yard, h. 

Seneca n. Alabama. 
Shaver, Jacob, shipping cl'k, A. D. Ellis & Co. 

b. 3 Carroll. 
Shaver, Charles, caulker, b. 4 Scott. 
Shaver, Charles, Carroll bel. Michigan. 
Shavill, Charles, machinist, h. Seneca bel. Ala. 
Shaw, Wm. blacksmith, h. Wash. cor. Perry. 
Shaw, Emma F. teacher, b. 233 Franklin. 
Shaw, Salmon, dep. sheriff, h. 233 Franklin. 
Shaw, Winfield S. book-keeper, Howard & Co. 

h. 71 Clinton. 
Shaw, John H. tinsmith, J. J. Smith & Co. h. 

223 E. Seneca. 
Shaw, C. A. lumber dealer, h. 187 Delaware. 
Shaw, Edwin A. firm Shaw <fc Kibbe, h. 231 

Shaw, Geo. W. coppersmith, h. cor. Virginia 

and Tenth. 
Shay, Wm. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Shay, John, sailor, h. Seneca cor. Ala. 
Shay, Daniel, on lake, h. Ex. bel. Van Rens- 
Shea, Timothy, lab. h. Chicago n. Ohio. 
Shea, Bartholomew, h. Ohio n. Chicago. 
Shea, Dennis, lab. h. Ohio n. Chicago. 
Shea, Wm. lab. h. Fulton n. Chicago. 
Shearman, Robert H. cashier Hollister Bank, 

h. 137 Franklin. 
Shearman, Wm. P. teller Hollister Bank, b. 

44 Franklin. 
Shedder, Lorentz, with Jewett <fc Root. 
Sheean, Patrick, ship carp. h. Moore n. Miami. 
Sheehan, Margaret, widow, La. n. Ottawa. 
Sheehan, Eugene, lab. La. n. Ohio. 
Sheehan, Ann, hotel keeper, cor. Erie and the 

Sheehan. Wm. opp. Niae;. Falls depot. 
Sheehan, William, Ninth n. Pennsvlvania. 
Sheehan, Michael, lab. h. Elk n. Chicago. 
Sheehe. John, blacksmith, 73 Ellicott. 
Sheen, Michael, lab. h. 66 Fifth. 



Sbeeno, Charles, Plank Road n. Elk. 

Sheffield, Win. H. tallyman, P. L. Sternberg 
& Co. 

Shefler, Peter, with Bush & Howard. 

Shefler, Theodore, Buff. S. E. Works. 

Scheils, Thomas, pedler, h. Pratt near Clin- 

Sheket, Jacob, caulker, h. 29 Scott. 

Sheldon. Janies, att'y at law, over 230 Main, 
h. 30 W. Eagle. 

Sheldon, Horace T. leather polish manufac'r, 
b. Mrs. Clemons. 

Shell, John, with Howard & Co. 

Shelley, Win. clerk, h. Pratt n. Clinton. 

Shelton, Rev. Win. rector St. Paul's church, 
h. Pearl opp. St. Paul's church. 

Shelton, Joshua, h. §1}4 E. Seneca. 

Shelton, Marv, widow, 97^ E. Seneca. 

Shelton, Miss Charlotte, %f}4 E. Seneca. 

Shepard, Ralph, on lake, b. 3 Georgia. 

Shepard, Elizabeth, widow, East n. Amherst. 

Shepard, John D. 14 Delaware. 

SHEPARD, SIDNEY, hardware, stoves, &c. 
54 Main, and tinware factory. 122 Clinton, 
h. 58 Pearl.— See adv. p. 66. 

pard, Ohio. — See adv. p. 66. 

Shepard, Christopher, shoemaker, 92 Cedar. 

Shepard, Chas E. att'y at law, cor. Main and 

Shepard, Philo M. L., N. Y. C. R. R. h. 31 S. 

Shepard, Elizabeth, widow of Joseph, 92 Oak. 

Shepard, John E. cashier N. Y. C. R. R. b. 92 

Shepard, Andrew J. blacksmith, h. 231 E. 

Shepard, Savinie, widow, b. S. Shepard. 

Shepard, Patrick, watchman, h. Louisiana n. 

Shepard, John H. shoemaker, 142 Main. 

Shepard, Lenhart, grinder, h. 143 Sycamore. 

Shepard, R., with G. A. Prince & Co. 

Shepard, Margaret C. widow, h. 31 S. Div. 

Shepard, Clariesa E., b. 31 S. Division. 

Shepard, John, hack man, 27 Ex. 

Shepard, A. J., lab. b. 299 E. Seneca. 

Shepard, John, weaver, h. Hamilton n. Dear- 

Sheppard & Cottier, music dealers, 266 Main. 

Sheppard, Wm. L. joiner, h. Ninth n. Va. 

Sheppard, Edward, 161 Delaware. 

Sheppard, Jas. D. music dealer, 7 E. Seneca, 
h. Chippewa cor. Ga. 

Sheriden, Hugh, truckman, h. Scott alley n. 

Sheriden, Mrs. widow of John, h. r, 74 Chip- 

Sheriden, John, lab. h. Ninth cor. Maryland. 

Sherlock, J. marble polisher, D. Belden. 

Sherman, R. J. <fc R. D. & Co. dry goods mers. 
205 Main. 

Sherman, Robert D. firm R. J. & R.D.S.cfe Co. 
b. Clarendon. 

Sherman, Richard J. firm R. J. & R. D. S. 
& Co., b. Clarendon. 

Sherman, Wm. M., N. Y. city freight depot, 
b. 28 Oak. 

Sherman, Pardon C. office with S. V. R. 

Watson, h. 28 Oak. 
Sherman, Geo. A. real estate agent, 3 Brown's 

Buildings, h. Carolina n. Va. 
Sherman, Almon, P. at Am. Express office, h. 

250 Seneca. 
Sherman, Nelson, grocer, 8 Packet Dock, b. 

Courter house. 
Sherman, Pat. carpenter, h. 5th n. Carolina. 
Sherman, Paul, firm J. Otto & Co. b. 28 Oak. 
Sherman, Benj. F. railroad conductor, h. 266 

E. Seneca. 
Sherman, Nathaniel, with S. Shepard. 
Sherrill, Nicholas, moulder, Buff. S. Engine 

Sherry, John M. lab. h. cor. 4th and Geo. 
Sherry, Henry, with Jewett & Root. 
Sherwood, Bennett & Glass, pro. com. mer's 

and proprietors Dart's elevator, Mich. C. R. 

R. Wharf. 
Sherwood, A. <fe Co. com. mer. 9 Central 

Sherwood, Albert, firm S. & Co. h. 289 Mich. 
Sherwood, Geo. W. 21 Blossom. 
Sherwood, Duane, book-keeper, Sherwood, 

Bennett & Glass. 
Sherwood, L. R. b. Western. 
Sherwood, Merrill B. west side Main, above 

Sherwood, George, lumber dealer, Main bel. 

T upper. 
Sherwood, Wm. C. cor. Niajr. and Carolina. 
Shetter, Geo. shoemaker, Canal below Evans. 
Shetter Geo. clerk, Post Office. 
Shevlin, Michael, truckman, h. 35 N. Division. 
Shields, Constantine, baker, with George Mu- 

Shields, Michael, on the lake, h. 6 Scott. 
Shields, Thomas, caulker, McMilien's boat 

yard, h. 391 E. Swan. 
Shields, Samuel, mason, h. 12 Elm. 
Shields, Peter, on the lake, h. 72 Fifth. 
Shiels, Charles, clerk, Buff. Savings Bank, h. 

63 Batavia. 
Shiels, Thomas, firm S. & Kingsley, b. 63 Ba- 
Shiels & Kingsbury, japan ware, 66 Main. 
Shierlan, B. widow, over 8 Canal. 
Shilling, William, grocer, cor. Maryland and 

Shillipson, J. with G. A. Prince &, Co. 
Shilloo, Peter, Buff. S. E. Works. 
Shilloo, Adam, Buff. S. E. Works. 
Shilloo, Nicholas, Union Furnace. 
Shina, Michael, with Bidwell, Banta &> Co. 
Shine, Morris, sailor, h.5 Elk. 
Shiner, Richard A. joiner, h. 13 Seventh. 
Shiner, Nicholas, with E. & B. Holmes. 
Shiner, James, at McMilien's boat yard. 
Shinn, George, joiner, b. 46 Ex. 
Shipley, O. F.,Dearborn n. South. 
Shipman, John, joiner, h. 240 Ellicott. 
Shirter, Michael, C. Railroad shop. 
Schmeltzer, Gottlieb, Michigan, near Goodell. 
Shoap, George, cigar maker, h. 88 Cedar. 
Shoecraft & Kennedy, dry goods, 286 Main. 
Shoecraft, James P. firm S. & Kennedy, h. 40 




Shoecraft, Albert, clerk, 286 Main, b. Mrs. 

Shoemaker, John, melodeon maker, Prince 

<fc Co. 
Shoemaker, Christian, joiner, Hydraulics. 
Shoemaker, Phileta, shoemaker, 5 Oommerc'l. 
Shoemaker Charles, with Bidwell, Bauta 

<fe Co. 
Shoemaker, Fred, baker, 57 Wash. 
Sholes, Thomas G. & Co. shoe store, 308 Maim 
Sholes, Thomas G. firm T. G. S. & Co. b. 292 

Sholes, John D. clerk, 308 Main, b. 292 Pearl. 
Sholtns, Edward H. clerk J. Moffatt. 
Shool, John, blacksmith, h. Perry n. Ohio Slip. 
Shcop, Charles, cabinet maker, h. 6b' Sixth. 
Shoop, Daniel, cabinet maker, h. 188 Cedar. 
Shoip, Raymond, shoemaker, over 164 Main. 
Short, Patrick, emigrant agent, cor. Wash. 

and Scott, h. 154 E. Swan. 
Short. James G. grocery, cor. O. and Chicago. 
Short, Levi, 3 Boston Block, Niagara. 
Short, Matthew, stone cutter, h. Ohio n. Mack- 
Shortal & Kliber, coffin makers, near Phoenix 

Shortal, Bryan, firm S. & Kliber, h. 74 Oak. 
Shorter, Wm. porter, h. 179 Exchange. 
Shortman, Joseph, with Jewett <fe Root. 
Shorts, Richard, blacksmith, cor, Ex. and La. 
Shott, Joseph, withS. Shepard. 
Shouk, Jacob, Dearborn n. Amherst. 
Shouton, Richard, 11 Sycamore. 
Shreve, Mary E. b. 85 Exchange. 
Shugens, Otto, with G. A. Prince & Co. h. 

162 Elm. 
Shulpett, George, Buff. S. E. Works. 
Shultes, August, coppersmith, J. Otto & Co. 
Shultes, George W. pattern maker, b. Genesee 

Shultz, Ernst, lab. h. S. Div. n. Grosvenor. 
Shultz, John, lab. h. Pine n. Mich. 
Shultz, Godfrey, with E. W. Bennett. 
Shultz, Philip, cooper, h. over 268 Franklin. 
Shumard, Wm. at McMillen's boat yard. 
Shumway & Curtenius, att'ys at law, Spauld- 

ings' Exchange. 
Shumway, Horatio, firm S.<fe C. h. 40 Franklin. 
Shumway, Jerome B. firm Candee & S., h. 156 

S. Division. 
Shuphahel, Heury, lab. h. Seneca n. Ala. 
Shurly tt Bro. jewelers, cor. Commercial and 

Shurly Edmund, R. P., firm S. & Bro. b. 25 

Shurly, Cosmos J. firm S. <fcBro. b. 25 Pearl. 
Shuttleworth, Henry J. teller Marine Bank, h. 

178 E. Swan. 
SIBLEY, OSCAR E. jeweller and watch- 
maker, 186 Main, b. Amer. — See adv. p. 48. 
Sibley, John F. 312 E. Seneca. 
Sibley, Lucian G. clerk, 180 Main. 
Sibley, ("Jasper, sawyer, with Dart & Bros. 
Sibley, Melchin, with Dart & Bros. 
Sichcrt, John, lab. h. Johnson n. High. 
Sichle, Philip J. carpenter, h. Locust near 

Sichler, Michael, mason, h. Maple n. Cherry. 

Sickan, Jacob, wagonmaker, h. Milnor n. Ba 

Sickels, Geo. painter, b. 46 Exchange. 
Sickels, Wm. painter, b. 46 Exchange. 
Sickermann, Geo. mason, h. Monroe n. Wm. 
Sickles, Wm. painter, H. G. White. 
Sickinger, Jacob, boarding house, Exchange 

opp. Wads worth House. 
Sickinger, Andrew, saddler, b. cor. Mich, and 

Sickler, Peter E. banking exchange office, b. 

29 S. Division. 

Sickmon, Cyrenius, Amer. Express office, b. 

30 Exchange. 

Siddons, Robert, on R. R. b. 137 E. Seneca. 
Sidway, John J. grocer, 412 Main cor. Huron, 

h. rear same. 
Sidway, Mrs. Parnell J. widow of Jonathan, 

Hudson n. Cottage. 
Siebenaller, Matthias, joiner, h. Mich, near 

Sieber, Paulus, blacksmith, h. Walnut n. Ba- 

Siebert, Nicholas, on R. R. h. Mulberry near 

Siebert, Christian, with W. Barker, h. Barker's 

Siebold, Henry, joiner, h. Boston. 
Siebold, Jacob, Cherry n. Jefferson. 
Siebold, R. widow of A. 142 Elm. 
Siebold, Cornell, 142 Elm. 
Siebold, John, grocer, h. Cherry n. Locust. 
Siefert, Heury, lab. h. Hickory n. Sycamore. 
Siefert, Louis, cigar maker, h. Adams n. Gen. 
Sieffert, John F. 217 Wash. b. J . C. Sieffert. 
Sieffert, John C. surgical instrument maker, 

217 Wash, h. 7 William. 
Siegar, Lorentz, Buff. S. E. Works. 
Sieger, John, painter, h. Batavia n. Mich. 
Siegert, Michael, tailor, h. Milnor n. Wm. 
Siegler, Wm. lab. h. Spruce n. Sycamore. 
Siegler, Ferdinand, lab. h. Walnut n. Batavia. 
Siemer, Adam, shoemaker, h. 284 Pearl. 
Sieuer, Joseph, h. 100 Cedar. 
Siester, Michael, stone cutter, h. Fourteenth if 

Sievers, Johicim, shoemaker, h. Jeff. bel. Wm. 
Sis:el. Adam, moulder, h. Walnut n. Genesee. 
Sigel, Jacob, moulder, h. Hickory n. Genesee. 
Sigelstiel, George, at planing mill, h. Spring 

n. Sycamore. 
Siggelkow, Hermann, joiner, h. Locust n.High. 
Sigwald, Jonathan, cutler shop, 57 E. Genesee. 
Sikes, Samuel D. with Dart Bros, b.' 67 S. Div. 
Silbach, Francis, tailor, h. Cherry n. Lemon. 
Silbach, Charles, shoemaker, h. Gen. n. Jeff. 
Silbach, Jacob, lab. h. Sycamore n. Hickory. 
Silberhorn, John, lab. h* Bundy Alley. 
Silcher, John, cabinet maker, h 3 Ash. 
Silcox, J. Henry, clerk, Shepard's iron works, 

b. 73 E. Seneca. 
Sill, Harriett, widow of Seth E. cor. Delaware 

and T upper. 
Siller, Henry, Buffalo S. E. Works. 
Silz, John, dyer, h. William cor. Watson. 
Sim, Alex, stone cutter, h. Maryland n. Palmer. 
Simmons, Wm. A., Amer. Ex. office, b. 209 



Simmons, Chiistoph, hack man, Walden n. Del. 
Simmons, Edward, with Smith & Brothers. 
Simmons, Edward B., U. S. Express office, b. 

200 Wash. 
Simon, John, driver, h. Hickory cor. Clinton. 
Simon, Geo. carpenter, h. Sycamore cor. Pratt. 
Simon, Catharine, widow of Daniel, 168 Elm. 
Simon, Matthias, furnacemau, h. Walnut n. 

Simon, Mrs. Geo. H. 21 West Mohawk. 
Simou, Joseph, laborer, h. 16 Sycamore. 
Simonds, Dau'l G. grocer, h. Mich. cor. Carroll. 
Simons, Daniel A. on lake, b. cor. Niagara 

and Mohawk. 
Simons, August, gunsmith, 111 Main. 
Simpson, John, barber, h. 131 N. Division. 
Simpson, Wm. joiner, h. 126 Mortimer. 
Simpson, Susan, widow of Cyrus, 52 Clinton. 
Simpson, Eli»ha 0. ship carp. h. Ala. n. Fulton. 
Simpson, William, plumber, 9 W. Eagle, h. 197 

Simpson, John, machinist, J. T. Noye. 
Simpson, Wm. last maker, h. Niagara near 

Simpson, Capt. Thos., Cedar bel. Wm. 
Sims, Elias, capt. cor. Md. and Seventh. 
Sims, Thomas, Niag. n. Pa. 
Sims, Amos, barber, cor. Canal and the canal. 
Sims, John, mason, h. Bennett n. Wm. 
Sinclair, Duncan, sailor, b. Thos. Clark. 

inclair, Frank, with Cutler & Deforest. 
Sinderson, John, with G. C. Webster. 
Sindler, Joseph, with Smith &. Bros. 
Singer, Jacob, cap maker, 140 Main,h. Tnpper 

n. Ellicott. 
Singer, Jacob, 213 Oak. 
Singer & Zimmerman, hat store, 140 Main. 
Sinsel, William, Monroe n. Wm, 
Sinton, Thomas E. firm Caudee, Wiswell & 

Co. h. Palmer n. Va. 
Sinton, Joseph, at Eagle Iron Works, h. Sum- 
mer n. Delaware. 
Sipley, John, lab. h. cor. Ex. and La. 
Sippet, Adam, tailoi', h. 411 Main. 
jSippel, William, joiner, at Van Slyke's plan- 
ing mill, h. 13th n. Conn. 
Sippel, Conrad, b. 411 Main. 
Sippel, A. & C. clothing store, 411 Main. 
Sippel, Richard, lab. h. Carroll bel. Chicago, 
pircher, John, cabinet maker, h. 3 Ash. 
Sirret, Eraile, 382 Mich. 
jSirret, Bleizer, with G. Bassett. 
jSisler, Prokoss, tailor, h. Main ab. Burton 

Sisson, Geo. B. machinist, h. 219 Carroll. 
pisters of the Sacred Heart, cor. Swan and 

I3iver, John, joiner, McMillen's boat yard, h. 

Chicago n. Ex, 
ISizer, Mrs. widow of Henry H., Niag. Sq. 
[Sizer, Thos. J. att'y at law, 7 Court, h. Main 
ab. Tupper. 

izer, Samuel, Spventh n. Va. 

keag, John, at HowelPs boat yard. 

keldon, John, blacksmith, Ohio, h. Fulton 
cor. Ala. 

kelley, Peter, mason, h. 29 Seventh. 

'kelley, M. widow, 24 Sixth, 

Skelley, Pat. plasterer, b. 24 Sixth. 
Skeltou, Wm. with G. C. Webster. 
Skidd, John, boat builder, h. 5 Seventh. 
Skid more, Beers W. grocer, cor. Eagle and 

Ellicott, b. 45 Ellicott. 
Skillington, Thomas, ship carpenter, h. 12lh 

n. Conn. 
Skillman, Theodore, painter, h. r. 346 E. Sen. 
Skinner, Wm. B. Franklin ah. Va. 
Skinner, Win. with A. W. McAllister. 
Skinner, H. Clark, clerk, 198 Main. 
Slade, Mrs. Henry, 340 Wash. 
Slade, Wm. H clerk, Compt. office, b. Wash. 

cor. Mohawk. 
Slade, Elizabeth M. 340 Wash. 
Slade, Samuel, teacher No. 6, h. S. Division 

bel. Spring. 
Slaght, Darwin A. billiard saloon, Gothic Hall, 

h. 151 N. Division. 
Slajjde, Peter, joiner, J. A. Pitts, h. Palmer n. 

Slate, Arthur, gas fitter, 217 Main, h. 7 7th. 
Slate, Andrew, on R. R. h. Ex. cor. Heacock. 
Slater, Christopher, waiter, Wadsworth house, 

h. 223 Pearl. 
Slater, Mary, widow, Miss. n. Perry. 
Slatery, James, sailor, h. 5 Scott. 
Slatery, John, lab. h. Burwell Place. 
Slatery, Thos., Green n. Beak, rear. 
Slatky, Isaac M. 23 Com'l. 
Slavin, Wm. lab. h. Burwell n. Scott. 
Slawson, Walter, printer, Democracy office, b. 

57 E. Seneca. 
Sleiger, John, porter, 207 Main. 
Sleiter, Adam, with J. Diebold. 
Slevton, Samuel V. melodeon maker, Prince 

<feCo. h. 401 Main. 
Sliuger, Martin, with E. & B. Holmes. 
Sliter, Jacob, mason, h. Niag. north of Ferry. 
Sloan, Alexander, grocer, 82 Main, h. 31 Oak. 
Sloan, Hugh, grocer, cor. Ex. and Beak. 
Sloan, John, grocer, Perry n. Illinois. 
Sloan, James, grocer, cor. Clinton and Union, 

h. same. 
Sloan, William, grocery, 15 Ex. h. same. 
Sloan, James, Ky. n. Mackinaw. 
Sloan, Capt. James, Niag'. n. Clinton Avenue. 
Sloan, Thomas, grocer, 57 Ex. 
Sloan, Mrs. A. 45 Chippewa. 
Sloan, Wm. M. h. 56 Chippewa. 
Sloan, Wm. grocer, cor. Wash, and Perry. 
Sloan, John S. grocer, 45 Chippewa, h. same. 
Sloan, Miss Helen M. 45 Chippewa. 
Slocum, George, cor. Mich, and Scott. 
Slocum, Giles, on lake, h. 31 E. Huron. 
Slocum, Wm. teamster, h. Dearborn n. Farmer. 
Slocum, Arnold, provision dealer, cor. Mich. 

and Scott. 
Slocum, Samuel Q. h. 116 Folsom. 
Slocum, Charles A. cor. Mich, and Scott. 
Slocum, C. H. ag't, h. Walnut n. Wm. 
Slocum, Mary W. 3 Centre. 
Slocum, Mrs, widow of Benjamin, 228 S. Div. 
Slocum, Charles H. 2d, printer, Thomas & 

Lathrops, h. 228 S. Division. 
Slocum, Giles, clerk, Canal Collector's office, 

b. U. S. hotel. 
Slote, Wra. cabinet maker, 233 Main. 



Slote, Wm. jr. upholsterer, 233 Main. 

Slotzer, Jacob, tanner, N. Case &, Co. 

Slower, Francis, lab. b Pratt n. Wm. 

Slyter, Nicholas, b. cor. Va. and 11th. 

Sraala, Francis, policeman, b. Spruce n. Bat. 

Small, Thomas, lab. h. Indiana n. Perry. 

Small, John, tailor, b. Ellicott n. Genesee. 

Small, James, sailor, b. Clinton Alley n. Clint. 

Smalleuburg, with Hersee &i Timmermau. 

Small wood, Reuben, 117 Oak. 

Smart, Geo. on lake, b. Fulton n. Ohio slip. 

Smedley, John D. firm Farnbam, S. & Kendall, 
b. American. 

Smith, Abel B. firm Smith Brothers, b. Cbas. 
W. Smith. 

Smith, Mrs. widow of Archibald M. C. 126 

Smith, Albert, hair-dresser, 31 E. Seneca, h. 
68 Bennett. 

Smith, Abraham, miller, b. S. W. Lyon, Black 

Smith, Avery, milkman, h. 158 E. Swan. 

Smith, Alexander, lab. h. under Bethel Ch. 

Smith, Ann E. widow, Court n. 4th. 

Smith. Archibald, sailor, b. Thos. Clark. 

Smith, Abraham, clerk, W. B. Bishop & Co. 

I h. Johnson Place. 

Smith, Anton, at Rumsey's tannery. 

Smith, Benjamin, with S. Shepard. 

Smith, Barnhard, 64 Del. Place. 

Smith, Benjamin R. clerk, 103 Main, b. Day- 
ton house. 

Smith. Beujamin F., R. R. conductor, b. 172 
E. Swan. 

Smith Block, Seneca bel. Chicago. 

Smith Brothers, Scott n. Wash. 

Smith, Charles W. firm S. Brothers, h. 72 S. 

Smith, Charles, at Eaton's planing mill. 

Smith, Charles L. firm S. & Sons, b. 11 Court. 

Smith, Christian, lab. h. S. Div. n. Hickory. 

Smith, Cynthia B. widow of Wm. W., Allen 
2d west of Main. 

Smith, Charles, Eagle n. Hickory. 

Smith, Capt, Charles, 509 Main. 

Smith, Charles, 213 Oak. 

Smith, Charles, truckmau, h. 3 State. 

Smith, Charles, painter, with H. G. White. 

Smith, Charles, sailor, h. Fulton n. Ala. 

Smith, Catharine, widow, 33 W. Mohawk. 

Smith, David, cooper, h. cor. Fulton and Hay- 

Smith, David, cooper, h. cor. Carroll and Chi- 

Smith, Darius, shoen aker, b. Phcenix hotel. 

Smith, Darius, ship builder, h. Elm n. High. 

Smith, David, painter, 50 Ellicott. 

Smith, Edmund, milkman, h. 158 E. Swan. 

Smith & Stinson, auction and com. cor. Perry 
and Wa<h. 

Smith, Edward W. firm S. & Stinson, h. 171 

Smith, Edward B., Pratt <fc Co. b. 126 Frankl. 

Smith, Edward, upholsterer, Armstrong & Co. 

Smith, Edward, at Gas Works. 

Smith, Edwin, firm Robinson & Co. h. 122 

Smith, Eli B. milkman, Smith n. Elk. 

Smith, Elisha T. teller Far. and Mech. Bank, 

Mrs. C. B. Smith. 
Smith. Eliza, 50 Sycamore. 
Smith, Ellery P. m.d. 228 Main, b. America 
Smith, Emory W. clothier, 107 Main. h. Nil 

n. Rhode Island. 
Smith, Edw. W. jr. clerk, Davis & Lockwoc 
Smith, Elizabeth A. dressmaker, 174 Del. 
Smith, Fra::cis, blacksmith, J. A. Pitts, h. 5 

n. Carolina. 
Smith, Francis, with Jewett & Root. 
Smith, Fritz R. clerk, h. 9th n. Md. 
Smith, Frederick, steam mill,h. Perry n. Hai 

Smith, Frederick, tinsmith, h. 154 Clinton. 
Smith, Frederick, with Bush <fc Howard. 
Smith, Francis, leather dresser, b. 5 Chicai 
Smith, Franklin R. 149 Ninth. 
Smith, Frederick, Buff. St. Eng. Works. 
Smith, George, at Gothic Hall, b. 81 Carroll, 
Smith, George, sail maker, J. P. Provoost 

Co. b. 201 Wash. 
Smith, George, conductor, b. Mansion. 
Smith, George H. recess, cor. Com'l and Docj 
Smith, George, moulder, Colligon & Co. 
Smith, George H., Van Slyke's yard. 
Smith, George O. firm S. & Son, h. Seventh | 

Smith, George, Iron Bridge House. 
Smith, George, on lake, b. Sara'l Taylor. 
Smith, George, at Hart's factory, b. Anthon 


Smith, George, with W. Galligan, h. 352 Mic 
Smith, George W. lumber dealer, h. cor. Oa 

and Eagle. 
Smith, George, 217 Seventh. 
Smith, Gilbert, sailor, h. Perry n. Ala. 
Smith, Geo. H. clerk, 19 Main. 
Smith, Geo. wilh Bidwell. Banta & Co. 
Smith, Geo. with Howard & Co. 
Smith, Rev. H. Ryan, 70 W, Huron. 
Smith, Henry T. clerk, Buff. City Bank. 
Smith, Harmon, at Eaton's planing mill. 
Smith, Heromius, joiner, b. 200 Ex. 
Smith, Heury, carmaker, h. Niag. n. Amherst 
Smith, Henry, with Bush & Howard. 
Smith, Henry, clerk, Post-office, b. Niag. 

Smith, Henry T. b. Allen n. Main. 
Smith, Isaac S. 15 Church. 
Smith, Jacob, gardener, h. Main beyond Ferr 
Smith, Jacob M. ship carpenter h. Carolina i 

Smith, Jacob C. oyster dealer, under 146 Mail 

b. Genesee house. 
Smith, Jacob, cooper, cor. East and Amherst- 
Smith, James, firm John J. S. & Co. h. 141 " 

Smith, James M. firm Haven & Smith, t 

Smith, James, glass staiuer and painter, 6 

Smith, James, baker, h. cor. 5th and Court. 
Smith, James B. firm Peck <fc S. b. 35 I 

Smith, Jame9, ship carpenter, h. Fulton n 

Smith, James P. mason, h. Mackinaw n. Ala. 



Smith, Jamos F. 346 Wash. 

Smith, James, well digger, Batavia beyond 

Smith, James, clerk, D. M. Grant, b. 163 S. 

Smith, James F. salesman, h. r. 138 Elk. 
Smith, James, C. R. R. shop. 
Smith, James, lab. h. Spruce n. Batavia. 
Smith, John J. & Co. copper and tinsmiths, 

191 Main. 
Smith, John J. firm John J. Smith & Co. h. 

187 E. Seneca. 
Smith, John M. carpenter, h. Fulton n. Ala. 
Smith, John M. 40 Oak. 
Smith, John D. gas fitter, W. Glenny, h. 7th 

n. Maryland. 
Smith, John F. b. 9 W. Genesee. 
Smith, John M. ship joiner, h. 12 Green. 
Smith, John M. shoe store, Com'l n. Terrace, 

h. 82 Washington. 
Smith, John E. finisher, Colligon & Co. 
Smith, John Sumner, furniture rooms, 21 East 

Smith, John, book-binder, Merchants' Ex. h. 

Carroll n. Louisiana. 
Smith, John, miller, h. Niag. n. Parish. 
Smith, John, Dearborn north of Amherst. 
Smith, John, keeper Shades, 4 E. Swan, h. 9 

W. Genesee. 
Smith, J. bedstead maker, 233 Main. 
Smith, John, tanner, N. Case & Co. 
•Smith, John, tailor, h. White's Corners plank 
[ road. 
(Ipmith, John, Thompson's white lead factory, 

h. Batavia bel. Bennett. 
'Smith, John, Phoenix iron works, 
pmith, John, with Jewett & Root. 
Ipmith John, rear 196 Franklin. 
[With, John, furnaceman, with Jewett & Root. 
[Smith, John R. on the lake, h. 30 Folsom. 
[Smith, John, Burton Alley n. Goodell. 
|Smith, John, joiner, h. 111. n. Ohio. 
i 'Smith, John, lamp maker, Sangster & Co. 
['Smith, John K. at Hart's factory, 
f Smith, John N. shoemaker, h. Canal near 
Li Maiden Lane. 

Smith, John H. axemaker,h. Ex. bel. Chicago. 
[[Smith, J. W. saloon in Clarendon. 
I Smith, John, on canal, h. Carroll bel. Mich. 
| Smith, John, cigar maker, b. 46 Ex. 
I Smith, John, cooper, h. Cypress n. Mich. 
Bmith, John B. h. 35 W. Mohawk. 
I Smith, John A. with Jewett & Root. 
I Smith, John, moulder, Buff. S. E. Works. 
| Smith, Joseph M. clerk, 194 Main. 
Smith, Joseph, boiler maker, h. rear 212 Elk. 
Smith, Joseph, Thompson's white lead factory. 
Smith, Joseph, with B. S. Tupper. 
Smith, Joseph, clerk, b. 2 Niagara, 
ilmith, Joseph, H. plowmaker, 138 E. Seneca, 
b. 139 Elk. 

Smith, Joshua H. 203 S. Division. 
Smith, Joseph, with N. Case & Co. 
mith, Joseph, Lake Shore Hotel, Ex. n. Mich, 
mith, Judson D. shipping clerk, b. 127 South 

mith, Junius S. 14 Central wharf, h. 158 E. 

Smith, Lucy S. widow of Rev. Stephen R. 

158 E. Seneca. 
Smith, Lyman B. att'y, over P. O. h. cor. Ni- 
agara and R. I. 
Smith, Lewis, waiter, h. 231 E. Genesee. 
Smith, Lewis, patentee, over 1 11 Main. 
Smith, Lester J. mason, h. 9 Beak. 
Smith, Lum, 447 Washington. 
Smith, Ludwig, shoemaker, 3 Elk. 
Smith, Lysander R. daguerrean artist, h. Mat- 
thews n. Jefferson. 
Smith, Mrs. Louisa, 199 Washington. 
Smith, Mojitz, chair maker, 307 Main. 
Smith, Mary, widow, over 100 Oak. 
SMITH, MOSES, lumber dealer, h. 331 Wash. 

— See adv. p. 75. 
Smith, Melchoir, Cypress n. Mich. 
Smith, Mary, widow, Palmer n. Va. 
Smith, Mervin, clerk, Rowe & Co. b. Franklin 

Smith, Martin B. at Swartz's Iron Works. 
Smith, Michael, with Bush <fe Howard. 
Smith, Martin, h. Batavia n. Walnut. 
Smith, Metzer, clerk, 31 Main. 
SMITH, NOAH H. & SONS, forw. and coin. 

merchants, 22 Lloyd. — See adv. p. 33. 
Smith, Noah H. firm S. & Sons, h. 11 Court. 
Smith, Noiton, gilder, 6 E. Swan. 
Smith, Orsamus B. firm Howell & S. h. 68 E. 

Smith, Orville, grocer, 198 E. Seneca. 
Smith, Owen, with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Smith, Owen, shoemaker, 5 S. Division, h. 129 

SMITH, PATRICK, gunsmith, 127 Main, h. 

Terrace n. Court. — See adv. p. 55. 
Smith, P. Anthony, clerk, 204 Main, b. 2 Niag. 
Smith, Peter P. Democracy office. 
Smith, Philip A. 229 Ellicott. 
Smith, Peter, Warren n. Batavia. 
Smith, Peter, with Jewett tfe Root. 
Smith, Robert, with Bullvnu'ie & I.angdon. 
Smith, Robert B. tinsmith, 191 Main, b. 141 S. 

Smith, Robert, barber, Bennet Temperance 

Smith, Samuel, firm Tweedy & Smith, h. 32 

W. Tupper. 
Smith, Sarah, widow of Wm. 91 Ellicott. 
Smith. Saxadotha, carpet weaver, 447 Wash. 
Smith, S. Merwin, clerk, Brown & Co. b. 

Franklin House. 
Smith, Sidney, clerk, b. 9 W. Genesee. 
Smith, Stephen, 233 E. Seneca. 
Smith, Stephen S. 1 Niag. h. 303 Mich. 
Smith, Sheldon T. clerk, Niles & Kinne, b. 

163 Franklin. 
Smith, Stephen, blacksmith, h. Porter near 

Smith, Sophia, widow of Thomas, Folsom bel. 

Smith, Thos. rope maker, h. Elm n. Goodell. 
Smith, Thomas G. clerk, 192 Main, h. 340 

Smith, Thomas, cooper, h. Perry n. Chicago. 
Smith, Thomas, moulder, E?gle Furnace. 
Smith, Mrs. Thomas H. bonnet dealer, 267 




Smith, Wra. C. ins. agent, Brown's Buildings, 

h. 115 E. Eagle. 
Smith, Win. L.^ G. att'y, h. 177 Terrace. 
Smith, Win. auction rooms, 42 E. Genesee. 
Smith, Wm. W. clerk, h. 133 N. Division. 
Smith, Win. C. jeweler, 185 Main, h. 119 S. 

Smith, Wm. with Bush & Howard, h. Maple 

. n. High. 
Smith tfc Colie, lumber dealers, Carroll near 

Smith, Wm. lumber dealer, Carroll, h. 24 

Johnson Place. 
Smith, Wm. 2d, lumber dealer, Carroll, h. 131 

Smith, Wm. J. cabinet maker, b. Mrs. Mary 

Smith, Wm. sailor, h. Chicago cor. Fulton. 
Smith, Wm. S. firm Chamberlin & S. b. 20 

W. Ea<<le. 
Smith, Wm. H. A. firm Flinttfc Co. b. Am'ric'n. 
Smith, Win. with Howard & Co. 
Smith, Wm. H. with S. & Colie, b. W. Smith, 

Park Place., Wm. with Pratt & Letchworth. 
Smith, Win. firm Dinwoodie&S. h. 27 Ellicott. 
Smith, Wm. H. b. Boston hotel. 
Smith, Wm. b. Mansion. 
Smith hammer, Thomas, bellows maker, b. G. 

Smithhammer, George, bellows maker rear 

170 Maiu. 
Smithwick, P. widow of William, Carroll n. 

Smithwick, Richard, clerk, S. Shepard, h. 66 

Smithwick, Peter J. eugiueer, h. Carroll near 

Smithwick, Henry, painter, b. Carroll near 

Smyth, Thomas G. bootmaker, 42 # E. Seneca. 
Smyth, John, with Bid well, Banta <fc Co. 
Smyth, Samuel, cook, h. 271 S. Division. 
Suable, Nicholas, at Eagle furnace. 
Snaith, Parkin, joiner, h. Spring n. Sycamore. 
Sneidwin, Adam, 5 Terrace. 
Snell, Walter, Elk n. Liberty. 
Snoad, Geo. on R. R. b. Niag. Temp. House. 
Snow, Capt, James F. on lake, h. 180 Pearl. 
Snow, Miss Olive, dressmaker, b. 228 S. Div. 
Snow, Reuben G. dentist, 78 Pearl. 
Snow, William S., Democracy office, h. 295 

Snow, Francis M. firm Howard, Whitcomb & 

Co. b. Mansion. 
Snyder, Geo. 200 Franklin. 
Snyder, Geo. at Concert Hall, h. 17 Huron. 
Snyder, Mrs. dressmaker, 54 N. Division. 
Snyder, Joseph H. tailor, h. Tupper n. Va. 
Snyder, Adam, Buff. Steam E. W. 
•Snyder, John, melodeon maker, Prince & Co. 
Snyder, Franklin, on the lake, h. 51 N. Div. 
Snyder, Wm. boiler maker, h. Steuben below 

Van Rensselaer. 
Snyder, Conrad, boiler maker, Buff. Steam 

Engine Works. 
Snyder, John, boiler maker, Vulcan foundry. 
Snyder, Wm. with Howard & Co. 

Snyder, Charles, with N. Case. 

Snyder, John, over 8 Canal. 

Snyder, John, blacksmith, D. Belden. 

Snyder, Frank, with Jcwett & Root. 

Snyder, John, with Bush & Howard. 

Socker, Charles, Vulcan foundry. 

Soeder, Chas. with L. & I. J. White, b. Walnut | 
u. Sycamore. 

Soell, August, lab. h. Pratt n. Wm. 

Soevyn, Peter, tailor, h. cor. Ex. and Chicago. 

Sohl, John, tailor, h. Pratt, n. Clinton. 

Sohm, Jacob, grocer, cor. Niag. and Md. 

Sohm, John, with Howard & Co. 

Soldan, Rev. Chas. F. 177 Ellicott, 

Solerder, John, cor. Tupper and Goodell alley. 

Solidsch, John, wag'u mak'r, h. North n.Main. 

Solle, Theodore, cap maker, 109 Main. 

Solomon, Lazarus, clothier, 92 Main, h. 36 Ex. 

Solomon, Lewis, 92 Main, h. 36 Ex. 

Solomon. Loring, carman, 17 Smith Bl'k, Sen. 

Soltwolt, Henry, miller, h. Mich. n. High. 

Som merer, Andrew, tailor, cor. Tupper and 
Goodell Alley. 

Somerland, Henry, cabinet maker, h. 41 Syc- 

Somers, Michael, sailor, b. Thos. Clark. 

Somers, Pat, lab. h. 5th n. Md. 

Somers, Jacob, cooper, h. Bouck n. East. 

SOMERV1LLE, WILLIAM, veterinary sur- 
geon, State, h. 43 Fifth.— See adv. p. 82. 

Somerville, John, Fifth n. Georgia. 

Somerville, Robert, veterinary surgeon, h. 353 

Sonderscheifer, Mrs. 284 Pearl. 

Son neck, Peter, Mortimer n. Genesee. 

Sons of Temperance Hall, Kremlin Block, over 
272 Main. 

Sorg, Wm. joiner, h. Bennett n. Batavia. 

Sorg, Peter J. with Louis Adolf. 

Sour, Jacob, with L. & I. J. White. 

Sour, Joseph, turner, Mechanic, h. cor. Goodell 
and Maple. 

Sourwine, Michael, boat agent, h. 5 Sixth. 

Sourwine, Henry, trunk-maker, 4 E. Seneca, 
b. 55 East Seneca. 

Souter, Isaac, engineer, h. Swan n. Pollard. 

Southard, Geo. miller, b. S. W. Lyon. 

Southard, Rev. Samuel L., h. 53 S. Division. 

Southern Hotel, cor. Seneca and Mich. 

Southworth, Sarah, teacher, District No. 10, b. 
J. S. Torrance. 

Soutruck, Geo. shoemaker, 9 Huron. 

Sovan, Augustus, moulder, Hubbard's furnace, 
h. Genesee cor. Wash. 

Sowter, Joseph, machinist, b. R. Common. 

Spade, Gregory, stone cutter, h. 46 Del. Place. 

Spaker, Frank, lab. h. Seneca n. Ala. 

Spang, Christian, with M. Schuh. 

Spann, Henry, grocer, Main south of Barker. 

Spar, Adam, stoue mason, h. Maiden Lane. 

Spath, Matthias, bricklayer, h. Pratt n. Batav. 

Spaulding's Exchange , cor. Main and Terrace. 

Spaulding. Elbrid^e G. pies. F. <fc M. Bank, 
Spaulding's Ex. h. cor. Main and Goodell. 

Spaulding, John T. clerk, 197 Main, b. Frank- 
lin House. 

Spaulding,. J. E., b. Niag. Temp, house. 

Spantwell, N., Van Slyke's boat yard. 



Spayth, Daniel, carriage maker, h. 179 Oak. 

Spayth, Henry, book-keeper, h. 87 Clinton. 

Spearman, Simon, clerk, John T. Noye, h. 90 

Spearman, Alfred S., m. d. south-east corner 
Wash, and Ex. b. Mansion. 

Speck, John, tanner, h. Adams n. Batavia. 

Speich, Louis, baker, b. 105 Pine. 

Speechley, Ralph, joiner, h. Ohio n. Mich. 

Speed's Erie and Mich. Telegraph, 15 Mer- 
chant's Exchange. 

Speisser, August, grocer, Mich. n. Ohio. 

Spencer, John E. clei;k, 13 S. Division. 

Spencer, John, gardener, Main n. Best. 

Spencer, Richard, mason, h. Sycam.n. Spruce. 

Spencer, Edward S. baker, 57 Wash. 

Spencer, Burrall, produce dealer, h. 76 Clinton. 

Spencer, Fanny A. widow of Shelden, b. 95 
S. Division. 

pencer, Edgar L. book-keeper, Amer. Exp. 
office, h. 95 S. Division. 

Spencer, Solon, clerk, Jewett & Root, h. Car- 
roll n. Chicago. 

Spencer, James, bake:-, 13 S. Division. 

Spencer, John R. book-keeper, 54 Main, h. 26 
sencer, Robert C. penman, h. 131 Ninth. 

Spencer, Geo. B. painter, b. Solon Spencer. 

~pencer, Mrs. L., Tupper n. Oak. 

Spencer, Obadiah C. ship carp. h. Perry near 
Hay ward. 

Spencer, Thomas, engineer, h. N. Division n. 

Spencer, Wra. joiner, h. Potter n. Gay. 

ppengler, Matthew, grocer and baker, 179 E. 

fepengler, Gottlieb, with J. Otto & Co. h. Syc- 

I araore n. Walnut. 

i|3perre, Conrad, clerk, Pratt & Co. h.cor. Syc- 

II amore and Bundy alley. 

[Bpertzell, Justus, confectioner, 9 S. Division, 
[ppicer, Thomas, carriage maker, h. 36 W. Sen. 
Spicer, Henry A. clerk, b. 36 W. Seneca, 
ipidle, Joseph, sr. Amherst n. East. 
Ippidle, Joseph, blacksmith, h. Dearborn north 
I of Amherst. 

i'jpies, Anthony, recess, 27 Central Wharf. 
Ipies, Ehrhard, cooper, h. Walnut n. Batavia. 
| pies, Henry, baker, h. 335 E. Genesee. 

pies, Balthaser, Walnut n. Batavia. 

pies, John, with A. Spies. 

pies, Andrew, Carroll n. Chicago. 

pilman, Wendelin, lab. h. Mortimer n. Gen. 

pilman, Anton, wood dealer, h. 195 S. Div. 

piutler, Geo. carpenter, h. 68 Del. Place. 

pitzinger, Matthias, lab. h. Genesee n. Jeffer- 

pitzmiller & Buehrman, hardware merchants, 

344 Main. 

pitzmiller, Andrew, firm S. & Buehrman, 344 

poth, Edward, organist, h. 434 Mich. 

prague, Barnett, R. R. fireman, b. Mis. S. 

prague, Charles E. clerk, J. R. Lee & Co. 
rague, Jesse D. book-keeper, 56 Main, h. 

| Palmer beyoud Md. 

prague, Alden S., m. d. 48 W. Mohawk. 

Sprague & Wardwell, oil merchants, 30 Main. 

Sprague, Noah P., firm S. & Wardwell, h. cor. 
Niagara and Franklin. 

Sprague, Eben C. firm S. & Fillmore, h. Mor- 
gan n. Carey. 

Sprague & Fiilmore, att'ys, 190)^ Main. 

Sprague, J. B. B., b. Southern hotel. 

Spretge Wm. cabinetmaker, h. Wm, n. Pine. 

Sprickman, Louis, boarding house, 4 Water. 

Sprigg, Charles B. carpenter, h. 262 S. Div. 

Springer, Oscar F. with J. Heth, h. Monroe n. 

Springet, Robert, blacksmith, h. Fulton near 

Springer, Christian, mason, h. 408 S. Division. 

Sprissler, Joseph, blacksmith, h. cor. S. Divi- 
sion and Pollard. 

Sproetije, Wm. cabinet maker, with Prince <k 
Co., h. Wm. n. Bennett. 

Spuhn, John, wagoumaker, h. Walnut n. Syc. 

Spurr, Henry, clerk, Wm. Tanner & Co. 

Spurr, Samuel, 108 Delaware. 

Squibb, George, printer, Express office, h. 152 

Squier, Charles Y. printer, b. 3 Carroll. 

Squires, A. H., Capt. steamer Troy, h. corner 
Ferry and Niagara. 

Staab, Jacob, Sycamore n. Walnut. 

Staats, Pamelia, widow of B. I., h. cor. Mo- 
hawk and Staats. 

Staats, Jeremiah, cabinetmaker, h. cor. Mo- 
hawk and Staats. 

Stabel, Francis, Spruce n. Sycamore. 

Stack, Thomas, on lake, h. Ex. opp. tannery. 

Stack, Michael, b. Pat. Lynn. 

Stack, Ellen, widow, Fulton n. Chicago. 

Stack, Edmund, grocer, 36 N. Division. 

Stacy, Francis, tinsmith, h. cor. Chicago and 

Stadler, Joseph, tailor, h. Cherry n. Spruce. 

Stadle.r, Christian, lab. h. Sycamore n. Spring. 

Stadt, Henry, lab. h Ex. bel. Hamburgh. 

Staebel, Francis, with Knapp & Gillet. 

Staebel, Bernhard, joiner, h. Spruce n. Sycam. 

Staebler, Geo. cabinet maker, h. cor. lltn aLu 

Staedel, Wendelin, mason, hi. 298 Elm. 

Staek, Thomas, blacksmith, b. 20 Exchange. 

Staerman, Israel, 10 Beak. 

Staft'el, J. Philip, shoemaker, h. Gray n. Gen. 

Stafflinger, Philip, carpenter, h. Sycamore n. 

Stafford, Jasper, waiter, U. S. Hotel. 

Stafford, Joshua R., hackman, h. 12 Smith 
Block, Seneca. 

Stager, Anson, sup't House's Telegraph, 147 

Stager, Balda, Rumsey's tannery. 

Stager, Balda, lab h. North Canal, Hydraulics. 

Stagg, Mrs. Henry R., b. Miss Cutler. 

Stagman, Geo.. Rumsey's tannery. 

Stahi, Peter, lab. h. Pine n. William. 

Stahl, Joseph, 115 Pine. 

Stahl, Michael, 296 Pearl. 

Stahl, John, with Dudley & Bull. 

Stahl, Nicholas, with Dudley & Bull. 

Stahl, Thomas, blacksmith, b. 20 Exchange. 

Stohdel, John, lab. h. Niagara n. Austin. 



Stableker, Jacob, shoemaker, b. 75 Batavia. 
Stab man, John, hoseruaker, Good & Moore. 
Sfcaiuthrop, Jubu, Cbicago n. Ferry. 
Stair, Geoige, Buffalo S. E. Works. 
Stakeman, lienjatuiu, clerk, 192 Main, b. cor. 

William and Cedar. 
Stal, Francis, cooper, b. Thompson n. Amh'st. 
Stal, Joseph, Thompson n. Amherst. 
Stalder, Uirieh, carpenter, b. 482 Michigan. 
Stambach, Henry G. clothing hall, Com'l cor. 

Water, h. 13 Fraukhn. 
Stambach, VV m. F. farm W. P. & P. C. S., Main 

cor. Ohio. 
Stambach, W. P. & P. C. clothiers, cor. Main 

and Ohio. 
Stambach, Peter C. b. Com'l Hotel. 
Stambach & Wagner, shoe store, 7 Main. 
Stambach, Peter, with Morgan Wright. 
Stambach, Justus, carpenter, b. 164 iSycam. 
Stain ber, F., Thompson's lead factory. 
Stamford, Lawrence W. with Bottom & 

Statu lord, Henry, Central R. R. 
Stam in, Chribtiau, with Bush & Howard. 
Stamm, Catharine, widow, Fulton n. Chicago. 
Stanard, Walter W. assessor, h. Fulton n. 

Hay ward. 
Stanard, Charles S. clerk, Bidwell, Banta & 

Co. b. Fulton u. Hay ward. 
Stanard, Gaylord, with Jewettcfc Root. 
Stanbridge, i'homas, teamster, h. Niagara n. 

Stange, Ernestine, 95 E. Genesee. 
Stangel, Nicholas, with Dudley & Bull. 
Stanley 4 , Ceo. joiner, h. 44 E. Swan. 
Stanley, Joseph, trunk maker, b. 25 E. Sen- 
Stauley, Charles A. at Central R. R. shop. 
Stanley, Frederick G., Ainer. Express otfice, 

h. Stone block, Terrace. 
Stanley, Horace H. clerk, P. O. b. Niagara 

Temp. House. 
Staule}, JoUu C. b. Eliza Tilden. 
Stansheid, Frederick, ornamental painter, 231 

Main, h. 7 Delaware Place. 
Stanton, James, lab. h. Ohio u. swing bridge. 
Stanton, Patrick, blacksmith, Wash. n. Perry. 
Stanton, John P. painter, h. Burwell u. Scott. 
Stanton, Rose, widow, Michigan n. Elk. 
Stanton, Thomas, at MeMilleu's boat yard. 
Stanton, Mrs. widow of Peter, 7th u. Md. 
Staple, John, lab. b. Mechanic. 
Star Brewery, St Paul, beyond old city line. 
Starbler, Geo. with G. A. Prince & Co. 
Staring, John, h. 201 S. Division. 
Staring, M. W. freight agent, h. 63 S. Div. 
Stark, Win. piano maker, 196 Wash. h. 409 

Stark, Thomas, clerk, Buffalo & State Lino 

freight depot. 
Stark, papt. *W m. h. Illinois n. Perry. 
Stark, Gottlieb, Michigan n. Batavia. 
Stark. Jacob, printer, Republic, b. 398 Mich. 
Stark, John, lab. b. Adams n. Genesee. 
Starke v, Christopher, on lake, b. Chicago n. 

Staiks, Norman H. driver, h. 228 E. Seneca. 
Starkweather, Rodman, k 281 Pearl. 

Starkweather, Henry B. teller Buffalo City 

Bank, b. 287 Pearl. 
Starkweather, Oliver C. clerk, b. 2 Sixth. 
Staub, Joseph, shoemaker, h. 46 Sycamore. 
Staub, Alois, lab. h. 138 Sycamore. 
Stauber, Christoph, Maple cor. Cherry. 
Sraudt, Sebastian, Batavia n. Adams. 
Staucb, Diebald, shoemaker, h. Terrace n. 

Stauch, Christopher, woolen factory, Hamilton 

n. East. 
Stauch, Jacob, Eagle furnace, b. 85 Cherry. 
Staudenhiiner, John, harness maker, h. 557 

Staudt, John N. clerk, 225 Main. 
Stauf, John, mason, German Alley, n. Genesee. 
Staufiger, Jacob, shoemaker, h. 402 Mich. 
Staunton, Joseph, trunk maker, 184 Main. 
Stagel, John and Nicholas, with Dudley and 

Stead man, Azariah K., Wash. n. Scott. 
Steam Laundry, cor. Co'jrtand Canal. 
Stearns, Fred, firm A. I. Mathews & Co. b. 67 

S. Division. 
Stearns, Henry, botanic druggist, Long Wharf, 

h. 4th n Carolina. 
Stearns, Samuel, 78 East Eagle. 
Stearns, Norman, firm Elder & S. b. 78 East 

Stearns, Eli, Chicago n. Carroll. 
Stebbins, James, with Jewel t & Root. 
Stechholz, John, joiner, b. Goodell n. Elm. 
Steck, Louisa, widow of Geo. h. S. Division 

below Pollard. 
Stedno, Satu'l, melodeon maker, Prince <fc Co. 
Steele, Oliver G. firm W r anzer, McKim & Co. 

h. 80 Clinton, cor. Mich. 
Steele, Thomas, ship carpenter, h. Elk ne;ir 

Steele, Joseph G. with John B. Johnson, b. 20 

Steele, William, lab. h. Ohio n. toll bridge. 
Steele, Joseph, lab., Eaton's planing mill. 
Steele, Win. H. clerk, Williams, Tanner & Co. 
Steele, Reuben, boatman, b. J. M. Horton. 
Steele, Augustus, blacksmith, b. Hayward n. 

Steen, Peter, cabinet maker, 307 Main. 
S leers, Alva, 5 Ohio. 
Steers, Edward, with W D. Walbridge. 
Stegman, John G. tanner, h. Hickory near 

Steicher, John, chair maker, 233 Main. 
Steiger, Theobold, printer, 156*2 Main, h. 

Kane n. Genesee. 
Steiger, Conrad, musician, h. Batavia n. Pine. 
Steil, Charles, butcher, h. Genesee n. Jefferson. 
Steimel, August, joiner, b Oak n. Genesee. 
Stein, Charles, store, 417 Mich. 
Stein, Henry, baker, b. 338 E. Genesee. 
Stein, Jo-eph, shoemaker, h. Mich. n. Cherry. 
Steinbach, Francis, tailor, h. 552 Mich. 
Steitibach, Henry, potter, b. John Heiser. 
Steinbach, Christian, bricklayer, b. 70 Bennett. 
Stemborn, Joseph, with A. Welle. 
Steindl, Francis X. lab. h. 66 Bennett. 
Steinecker, Matthew, pedler, h. Pratt, near 




Steineke, Henry, shoemaker, Maple above 

Steiner, Peter, lab. Eaton's planing mill. 
Steiner, John, grave digger, h. cor. North and 

Steiniord, John, painter, h. Wm. n. Mohawk. 
Steinford, Francis, baker, h. cor. Batav a and 

Stein iger, Florian, tailor, h. 443 Mich. 
Steiuhauer, Jacob, blacksmith, h. Cypress n. 

Steinhof, Henry, lab. h. Kane n. Sycamore. 
Steinkirchner, Casper, lab. h. Adams near 

Steinkirchner, Jacob, lab. h. Adams near 

Steinman, Chas. mason, h. Walnut n. Batavia. 
Steinmetz, John, emigrant house, 202 Exch. 
Stein metz, Philip, Cherry below Spring. 
Steinrock, John G., Hamilton n. East. 
Steitz, Henry, cooper, Jefferson n. German. 
Stell, Joseph, grocer, 243 E. Genesee. 
Stell, Michael, tanner, N. Case & Co. 
Stell, Joseph, with N. Case <fc Co. 
Stellwagen, John, Hickory n. William. 
Stellwagen, John, dry goods, 396 Main. 
Steraler, Philip, varnisher, 233 Main, h. 117 

Stemler, Daniel, shoemaker, 18 Main. 
Stengel, John, lab. h. 136 Sycamore. 
Stengel, Christopher, C. R. R. shop. 
Stenglein, Geo. bricklayer, h. Monroe n. Syc. 
Steno, Newman, with D. Belden. 
Stephau, Charles, 17 E. Genesee. 
Stephan, Matthias, lab. h. Union n. Clinton. 
Stephau, Michael, 577 Main. 
Stephen, Francis, lab. h. 300 Elm. 
Stephen, August, 8 Huron. 
Stephens, Walter S. b. G. W. Ingalls. 
Stephens, Francis, lab. h. Walnut n. Sycamore. 
Stephens, William, C. R. R. shop. 
Stephens, Wm. tanner, h. Jefferson bel. Bat. 
STEPHENSON, T. & CO. jewelers, 200 

Mam. — See adv. p. 48. 
Stephenson, Thomas, firm T. S. & Co. h. Del. 

n. Utica. 
Stephenson, John C. clerk, 200 Main, b. Del. 

n. Utica. 
Stephenson, Joseph, fallow chandler, h. cor. 

N. Division and Hickory. 
Ster, Geo. M. boilermaker, h. Kaene n. Genesee. 
Sterling, Austin & Co. for. and com. merch'ts, 
N Norton and ship canal. 
Sterling, Ambrose S. firm S., Austin & Co. h. 

Wash. n. Chippewa. 
Sterling, Thos. clerk, Farnham, Smeadly & Co. 
Stern, Henry, 16 Chippewa. 
Stern, John, cooper, h. cor. Swan and Pollard. 
Stern, Wendel, grocer, cor. Cherry and Maple. 
Stern, Philip, joiner, h. William n. Jefferson. 
Sternberg, P. L. & Co. for. and com. merch'ts, 

dock foot of Lloyd. 
Sternberg, Pearl L. firm P. L. S. & Co. h. 100 

S. Division. 
Sternberg, Charles F. clerk, P. L. Sternberg 

& Co. b. 100 S. Division. 
Sternberg, Chester W. tallyman, h. 150 E. 



Sternberg, Ephraim, M8 E. Swan. 

Stesel, Joseph, Adams n. Sycamore. 

Stesel, Jacob, joiner, h. cor. Elm and Burton 

Stettenbentz, Anthony, baker, h. 457 Wash. 
Stetzman, Philip, engineer, h. 38 Del. Place. 
Steuernagel, Louis, on lake, h. 418 Mich. 
Stevenger, Andrew, C. R. R. shop. 
Stevens, Wm. tanner, N. Case & Co. 
Stevens, Hobe, carpenter, h. 91 Elm. 
Stevens, F. P. & A. G. att'ys at law, 182 Main 

cor. Seneca. 
Stevens, Frederick P. firm F. P. & A. G. S. h. 

Del. cor. Barker. 
Stevefts, Albert G. firm F. P. & A. G. S. h. 

Del. cor. Barker. 
STEVENS, PEABODY S. liquor and cigar 

deal. 148 Main, b. Clarendon. — See adv. p. 38. 
Stevens, Milo, firm Guenther & S. h. 298 

Stevens, Robert H. attorney, over P. O. b. 

Stevens, John B. baggageman, State Line R. 

R. h. Twelfth near Conn. 
Stevens, Horatio S. telegrapher, 145 Main, b. 

Mrs. Grissim. 
Stevens, Richard, lab. Chicago n. Ohio. 
Stevens, Lewis B. clerk, 180 Main, b. 25 Pearl. 
Stevens, Lewis, clerk, N. Y. C. R. R. b. 83 S. 

Stevenson, James, with W. F. Beaman. 
Stevenson, Elizabeth, 22 Elm. 
Steveuson, Wm. J. joiner, h. 213 N. Division. 
Stevenson, John, gas fitter, b. cor. N. Division 

and Cedar. 
Stevenson, Brothers, livery establishment, 301 

and 303 Main. 
Stevenson, Edward L. firm Stevenson Bros., 

Wash, near Eagle. 
Stevenson, Geo. P. firm Stevenson Bros. h. 

cor. Lafayette and Wash. 
Stevenson, James I. clerk Stevenson Bros. h. 

121 E. Eagle. 
Stevenson, J. D. G. m. d. Niagara near R. I. 
Stevenson, John S. agent for Stevenson Bros. 

h. 39 Clinton. 
Stevenson, Eliza, children's nurse, 22 Elm. 
Stevenson, Wm. H. 26 Union. 
Stewart, Helen, widow of John, h. E. Seneca 

opp. Alabama. 
Stewart, George H. ship carpenter, h. Wash. n. 

Stewart, Elliot W. attorney, 182 Main. 
Stewart, James, ship carpenter, h. Fulton ab. 

Stewart, Henry, car inspector, h. 107 Clinton. 
Stewart, John W. clerk Post-office, h. 28 N. 

Stewart, John B. law student, E. B. Vedder. 
Stewart, David, at Eagle Furnace. 
Stewart Wm. chandler, h. basement Bethel 

Church. « 

Stewart, Albert, on lake, h. across the creek. 
Stewart, Norman, clerk, J. L. Hurd & Co. b. 

Com'l Hotel. 
Stichald, John, Vulcan Foundry. 
Stick, Lawrence, blacksmith, h.Burwell Place. 
Sticker, Valentine, finisher, 48 Exchange. 



Sticker, Oharles, finisher, 48 Exchange. 
Stickney, Geo. W. clerk, Hugh McMillan. 
Stickney, Orrin, carpenter, h. Niagara north 

of Ferry. 
Stiffius, Frank, lab. Buffalo car wheel works. 
Stiker, Charles, machinist, h. Gay n. Potter. 
Stiles, Charles R. billiard rooms, h. Hospital n. 

Still, 0. O. dressmaker, Niagara n. Morgan. 
Stillman, Horace, hatter, 169 Main, h. 441 

Main ab. Chippewa. 
Stillman, Wm. engineer, b. Dayton House. 
Stilson, James, with W. H. Drew & Co. b. 65 

Stimers, . Aban C, U. S. Navy, b. 74 E. Seneca. 
Stimpson & Lee, com. mer. 10 Central Wharf. 
Stimpson, Wm. com. mer. 10 Ceutral Wharf, 

h. 129 Delaware. 
Stiner, Margaret, widow of Jacob, shoe store, 

372 Main, h. cor. Batavia and Milnor. 
Stinson, Edward, firm Smith & S. h. 1 Pine. 
Stirling, Thomas, book-keeper, T. Farnham & 

Co. h. 52 Fifth. 
Stitt, John, book-keeper, Thomas & Lathrops, 

h. 80 E. Seneca. . 
Stivers, Edward M. mate on lake, h. Pollard n. 

St. Bridget Church, Fulton n. Louisiana. 
St. John's Episcopal Church, Washington cor. 

St. John's Catholic Church, Mulberry n. Va. 
St. Joseph Cathedral, Franklin cor. Swan. 
St. Joseph's College, York east of Niagara. 
St. Louis, Mrs. widow, on the canal n. Evans 

st. bridge. 
St. Mary's Church, (Catholic,) cor. Batavia and 

St. Mary's of the Lake Church, Louis. 
St. Michael's Church, Wash. n. Tupper. 
St. Patrick's Church, (Catholic,) cor. Ellicott 

and Batavia. 
St. Peter's Church, (Catholic,) cor. Wash, and 

St. Remy, Edward De, ladies' school, 68 W. 

St. Vincent Church, Hydraulics. 
St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum, Batavia, n. El- 
St. James' Church, cor. Swan and Spring. 
St. Clair, Frauk, chairmaker, h. Palmer n. Va. 
St. Germain, Louis, Van Slyke's yard. 
St. Jarnes, Alonzo, baker, Mansion. 
St. Ody, M. b. 160 S. Division. 
St. John, James, sailor, h. cor 7th and Hospital. 
Stock, John, harness maker, 10 Ex. h. Goudell 

cor. Maple. 
Stock, Geo. grocer, cor. Maple and Goodell. 
Stocking, Thomas R., Delaware cor. Barker. 
Stockton, Thomas W., R. R. sup't, h. 119 S. 

Stocker, Christian, lab. h. 229 Elm. 
Stockmir, Constantino, 119 Batavia. 
Stoddard, Goodwin, book-keeper, Jones' yard, 

h. Main beyond city line. 
Stoddard, Newton, joiner, h Twelfth n. Conn. 
Stoddard, Thomas, waiter, Fowler's saloon, h. 

Court n. Fifth. 
Stoder, John, lab. h. 76 Sycamore. 

Stoe, Daniel, tinsmith, S. Shepard, h. 22 S. 

Stoeker, Fred., joiner, h. Watson n. Clintrn. 

Stoer, John, potash maker, h. 49 Del. Place. 

Stohl, Andrew, on lake, b. G. Graf. 

Stokely, T. B. chairmaker, 233 Main. 

Stokes, Mrs. Samuel P., North n. Delaware. 

Stolle, Christian, joiuer, h. 544 Mich. 

Stolz, Sebastian, lab. h. Adams n. Sycamore. 

Stone, Ira C. hatter, 173 Main, h. 87 N. Div. 

Stone Spencer, clerk, Pratt & Co. h. 309 Pearl. 

Stone, Miss, Main n. Chippewa. 

Stone, Michael, 72 Oak. 

Stone, Geo. on lak,e, b. r. 47 Jackson. 

Stone, Wm. H. saloon, Evans bel. canal bridge. 

Stoneham, Mark, rear 42 Jackson. 

Stonetacre, V. with G. A. Prince & Co. 

Storck, Edward, m. d. 161 Ellicott. 

Storer, Fred, with Morgan cfe Root. 

Stork, Matthew, joiner, b. 202 Exchange. 

Stork, Michael, watchman, h. Kane n. Sycara. 

Storm, Mrs. William, William ab. Michigan. 

Storms, Henry C. 209 Delaware. 

Storms, Hiram, boiler maker, h. 3 Folsom. 

Storms, James J. coppersmith, h. Palmer n. 

Storms, Joseph, moulder, 237 Main. 

Storrs, Emery A. law student, b. 301 Mich. 

Storrs, Lucius, inspector high wines, Central 
Wharf, h. 82 S. Division. 

Story, Fred. C. clerk, 21 1 Main, b. 53 Oak. 

Story, Joseph, wool dealer, Hanover, (Mer. 
Ex.) h. Mieh. bet. Seneca and ^Swan. 

Story, Thomas, lab. h. Seneca bel. Spring. 

Story, John W. book-keeper, A. D. A. Miller 
A Co. h. 53 Oak. 

Story, Isaac M. clerk, 211 Main, b. 53 Oak. 

Stotterl, Gottlieb, brewer, h. Baiavia n. Jef- 

Stotzer, Jacob, with N. Case <fc Co. 

Stouk, Jacob, with Jewett & Root. 

Stout, Wm. cabinet maker, h. 42 William. 

Stout, J. N. clerk, 225 Main. 

Stouten, John, Pratt n. William. 

Stover, Theodore, store, Sycamore cor. Mich. 

Stow, George, b. 209 Pearl. 

Stowrs, Thos., Ohio n. Louisiana. 

Strachen, Thomas, soap and caudle maker, h. 
61 Ontario. 

Strael, John, lab. h. Elk n. the bridge. 

Strandgaard, Sidney, b. Red Jacket. 

Strass, Emanuel, clerk, h. 7 Com'l block. 

Strass, Abraham, clerk, 5 Com'l, h. 81 Elm. 

Strass, Joseph E. clothier, 4 Commercial. 

Strassemeyer, Ernst H. mason, h. 189 N. Di- 

Strasser, Louis, tailor, 241 Elm. 

Strasser, Julia, nurse, 241 Elm. 

Strasser, Francis, blacksmith, h. Clinton n. 

Strasser, Jacob, brewer, h. Pratt n. Batavia. 

Strasser, John, lab. h. Spruce n. Sycamore. 

Strassheim, Christopher, lab. h. Pratt n. Ba- 

Strassheim, Conrad, mason, h. cor. Spring and 

Stratton, Charles, 26 Niagara. . 

Straup, Anna, widow of John, 8 Cypress. 



Straub, Joseph, blacksmith, h. William opp. 

Strauser, Henry, butcher, b. 59 Wash. 
Strauss, Abraham, clerk, J. M. Giskey. 
Strauss, Jacob, clerk, h. cor. Ellicott and Ba- 

Strauss, Matthias, pelt dresser, h. Steuben bel. 

Van Rensselaer. 
Strebel, Michael, tailot, h. 100 Cedar. 
Streeter, Benjamin, 14 Union. 
Streich, John, grocer, cor. N. Division and 

Hickory, h. same. 
Streicher," Julius, Buffalo S. E. Works. 
Streicher, John, cabinet maker, h. Ash n. Syc. 
Streifler, Jacob, boiler maker, h. Walnut near 

Streig, Frederick, lab. h. 53 Cherry. 
Streiu, Peter, blacksmith, h. 105 E. Genesee. 
Strele, Joseph, dyer, h. Batavia n Ash. 
Streuber, Edward, keeper Phoenix Hotel. 
Striber, Hilbert, engineer, Buff. & N. Y. City 

R. R. h. Swan n. Pollard. 
Stribich, Simon, lab. h. Johnson n. Genesee. 
Striegar, John, with E. & B. Holmes. 
Striegar, Henry, with E. & B. Holmes. 
Striegel, John, with E. & B. Holmes, 
ptriegel, Michael, lab. h. 61 Cedar. 
Striker, Justin, at Howell's boat yard. 
Striker, Joseph, at Howell's boat yard. 
Stringer, George A., N. Y. City R. R. office. 
Stringham, Joseph, cashier Buffalo City Bank, 

b. 56 E. Swan. 
Striver, Peter, at Rumsey's tannery. 
Strobel, Jacob, cooper, h. Elm bel. Goodell. 
Stroebel, George, shoemaker, 3 Elk. 
Stroebel, Thomas, lab. h. Adams n Batavia. 
Strob, Heury, tanner, h. Pratt ft. Genesee. 
Stroh, John, grocer, h. 12 E. Huron. 
Stroh, Philip H clerk, 406 Main, b. 197 Pearl. 
Stroh, George, Hamilton n. the canal. 
Strohacker, Christina, widow, h. Bennett near 

Strohauer, Peter, with W. P. Beaman. 
Strohauer, George, with W. F. Beaman. 
Strohauer, Jacob, 256 Franklin. 
Strohauer, Henry, lab. h. Cottage n. Va. 
Strohm, Jacob, machinist, h. Clinton n. Pratt. 
Strong, Phineas H. m. d., over 237 Main, h. 12 

E. Mohawk. 
Strong, John M. 185 Main, h. Morgan n. Court- 
Strong, Carolina B. widow of Bushnell, 135 E. 

Strong, Samuel, cor. Delaware and Chippewa. 
Strong, John C. att'y at law, 2 Granite Build- 
ing, h. Niagara n. Jersey. 
Strong, John, Buffalo S. E. Works. 
Strong, Henry, ship carpenter, h. Vermont n. 

Strong, David, book-keeper, Flint & Co., h. 6 

Johnson Place. 
| Strongr, M. Howard, with W. H. Drew & Co., 

h. 48 W.Huron. 

! ! Strong, J. Hart, attorney, b. 28 S. Division. 
Strong, Chas., mason, h. cor. 7th and Hospital. 
Strootman, Herman, shoemaker, h. 12 Elm. 
Strotz, Andrew, butcher, h. Walnutn. Clinton. 
jStrow, Elizabeth, 85 E. Seneca. 
: Strub, J„ Phoenix Iron Works. 

Strub, Theobold, stocking weaver, Main cor. 

Strubbe, Frederick, stone cutter, h. 342 Mich. 

Struve, Andrew P. clerk, S. Bettinger. • 

Stuart, Henry, C. R. R. shop. 

Stuart, James, at Swartz's Iron Works. 

Stuart, Margaret, widow, 7 Park Place, • 

Stubbs, Abner, grocer, Elk opp. Monroe. 

Stucki, Elizabeth, widow of Christian,- 118 

Stucki, John, Franklin n. North. 

Studdleman, M. finisher, Buffalo S. E. Works. 

Studdiford, Wm. land agent, 2 W. Seneca, h. 
158 Pearl. 

Studdiford, John N. on lake, b. 158 Pearl. 

Stuber, Peter, Clinton near Pratt. 

Stuebe, Christiau, carpenter, h. Batavia near 

Stuebechen, Christian, joiner, h. 239 E. Gen. 

Stuebinger, Louis, painter, h. Clinton n. Hick- 

Stuhlman, Gottlieb, teamster, h. cor. Perry and 

Stumpf, John, grocer, 416 Main, h. same. 

Stumpf, Adam, tailor, Walnutn. William. 

Stumpf, John, plasterer, h. Eagle bel. Spring. 

Stumpf, John G., h. Eagle bel. Spring. 

Sturm, John, lab. h. Sycamore n. Walnut. 

Sturm, John J., cabinet maker, 233 Main, h. 
162 Elm. 

Sturm, Henry, mason, h. Spring n. Sycamore. 

Sturm, Geo. pedler, h. Adams u. Batavia. 

Sturman, Catharine, widow of Wm., h. near 
junction Swan and Seneca. 

Sturman, Samuel W. brick maker, h. Fourth 
n. Georgia. 

Sturtevant, E. H. clerk, 318 Main, b. 2 Niag. 

Stuts, Adolphus, printer, J. S. Leavitt, h. Fol- 
som below Spring. 

Stutz, Henry, lab. h. Folsom n. Pollard. 

Stutz, Joseph, teamster, h. Amherst n. East. 

Stutz, John, joiner, h. Spring n. Clinton. 

Stutz, Lorentz, baker, h. Batavia n. Spring. 

Stutzman, Frederick, teamster, h. Goodell n. 

Sudeck, Henry, with Bush & Howard. 

Sudron, John, cabinet maker, 307 Main. 

Sudwig, Jacob, Buff. Steam E. Works. • 

Suentzel.Thos. tailor, h. Roos' alley n. Batav. 

Suess, John, baker. Elm n. Goodell. 

Suessmann, August, gunsmith, h. Goodell Al- 

Suger, Cecilia, widow, Hickory n. Spring-. 

Sugg, Geo. turner, 307 Main. 

Sukes, John, Plank Road n. Elk. 

Sullivan, Daniel, on the lake, h. Scott n. Wash- 

Sullivan, Lawrence, at Wilson's coal yard, h. 
Mississippi n. Elk. 

Sullivan, W m., Evans n. Water. 

Sullivan, John, warehouseman, 18 Central 
Whaif, h. Perry n. Miss. 

Sullivau, James, mason, h. Chicago n. Elk. 

Sullivan, Cornelius, lab. h. 27 Pearl. 

Sullivan, Deunis, lab. h. Scott n. Beak. 

Sullivan, Daniel, lab. h. Illinois n. Mary. 

Sullivan, Dennis, lab. h. 74 Fifth. 

Sullivan, Daniel, Evans n. Fly. 




Sullivan, Michael, lab. h. cor. Ex. and La. 
Sullivan, John, lab. h. Evans below Fly. 
Sullivan, Jeremiah, lab. h. Ohio n. Columbia. 
Sullivan, John, in market, h. Eleventh n. R. I. 
Sullivan, James, ship carp. h. Elk n. Chicago. 
Sullivan, Josiah, mason, h. 122 Oak. 
Sullivan, John, 93 E. Seneca. 
Sullivan, Cornelius, Ohio n. Columbia. 
Sullivan, John, lab. La. n. Ohio. 
Sullivan, John, lab. Chicago n. Mackinaw. 
Sullivan, Daniel, lab. Ohio n. Chicago. 
Sullivan, Darby, lab. Ohio n. Chicago. 
Sullivan, Wm. ship carp. b. corner Scott and 

Sullivan, James, lab. n. Van Slyke's boatyard. 
Sullivan, James, ship carp. Bidwell, Banta & 

Sullivan, Michael, Chicago n. Ohio. 
Sullivan, Wm. at Hart's factory, b. Jno. Schal- 

Sullivan, John, on lake, h. Scott n. Wash. 
Sullivan, Thomas, mason, h. Perry n. Iud. 
Sullivan, Timothy, lab. Ohio n Chicago. 
Sully, Theodore, cap maker, h. High u. Jeffer- 
Sully, Robert, sr., Carroll n. Mich. 
Sully, Thomas, with Welch & Plimpton, b. 3 

Sullv, Robert, hotel keeper, cor. Mich, and 

Sully, James, at Marine Bank, h. Carolina ab. 

Sulzbach, Frederick, tailor, h. 115 E. Genesee. 
Sulzer, Anthony, teacher, h. 222 Ellicott. 
Supple, James, watchman, Pratt & Co. h. rear 

2ti Jackson. 
S-uschizky, Ernst, music teacher. 96 E. Gen. 
Sutherland, James, conductor, State Line R. R. 

b. Brown's hotel. 
Sutherland, Peter, waiter, Fowler's saloon, h. 

6 Ninth. 
Sutherland, Anson, foreman, Cutler & Defor- 
est, h 97 N. Division. 
Sutherland, Brush, foreman, J. T. Noye, h. 166 

S. Division. 
Sutter, Christian, carpenter, h. 411 Mich. 
Sutter, John, tanner, h. 201 E. Genesee, 
gutton, , engineer, h. cor. Oak and Tup- 

Sutton, Wm. firm Davis, S. & Co. h. Seneca n. 

Sutton, Wm. A. 354 Wash. 
Sutton, Job C. teamster, h. 124 N. Division. 
Sutton, Peter, finisher, h. 140 Ellicott. 
Suttor, Justus, barber, S}4 Terrace. 
Sutur, August, shoemaker, h. Pratt n. Gen. 
Swain, James, mail agent, h. 71 E. Swan. 
Swain, Chas. D. book-keeper, J. Fleeharty & 

Swain, Mrs. widow of James, La. n. Elk. 
SWAN & SON. for. and pro. com. raer. 26 

Central Wharf— See adv. p. 33. 
Swan, Adin. firm S. <fc Son, h. 110 E. Eagle. 
Swan, A. Augustus, clerk, Swan & Son, h. 

Pine n Eagle. 
Swan, Edmund A. firm S. <fc Son, b. Mansion. 
Swan, Steward E. with S. «fc Son, b. 112 East 

Swan, Russell, cooper, h. 13 Ninth. 

Swan Street Foundry, cor. Swan and Pollard. 

Swan, Wm. cooper, h. Niag. cor. Mohawk. 

Swan, George, painter, H. G. White. 

Swan, Charles, clerk, b. 24 Delaware. 

Swan, Fred'k, at Johnson's elevator, h. 52 

Swanbro, Mrs. M. nurse, cor. Tupper and 

Swanton, Stephen, gilder, Pearl n. Court. 
Swartz, Abram, 321 Michigau. 
Swartz, Henry A. att'y, cor. Main and Lloyd. 

b. 217 S. Division. 
Swartz, Jacob, 65 Spruce. 
Swartz, Jacob, pattern maker, Buffalo Steam 

Engine Works. 
SWARTZ IKON WORKS, corner Elk and 

Mississippi. — See adv. p. 67. 
Swartz, Samuel, firm S., Sprague & Martin, h. 

N. Division n. Michigan. 
Swartz, Geo W. firm S., Sprague & Martin, h. 

77 N. Division. 
Swartz, John, machinist, W r ater, h. 217 S. Dir. 
Swartz, John H. pattern maker, Swartz Iron 

Works, b. 217 S. Division. 
Swartz, Joseph, ship joiner, h. 132 Oak. 
Swartz, William J, jeweler, 210 Main. 

manufacturers, <Sc. cor. Elk and Mississippi. 

— See adv p. 67. 
Swartz & Rebman, sash makers, Elm n. Syc. 
Swartz, Joseph, Van Slyke's boat yard. 
Swartz, John, Main n. tollgate. 
Swartz, Charles, C. R. R. machine shop. 
Swartz, Martin, C. R. R. machine shop. 
Swartz, Jacob, C. R. R. machine shop. 
Swartz, Henry, Buff. Steam E. W. 
Swartz, Franklin, with Jewett & Root. 
Sweegles, Charles E., Van Slyke's boat yard. 
Sweegles, Wm. blacksmith, h. 13 Mechanic. 
Sweegles, William, boatman, h. 74 Fifth". 
Sweeney, Edward, blacksmith, h. 34 N. Div. 
Sweeney, John, ship carpeuter, 142 Elk. 
Sweeney, John, lab. h. Ex. bel. Van Rensse- 
Sweeney, Owen, lab. h. Monroe n. Ferry. 
Sweeney, Patrick, lab. b. Pine n. William. 
Sweeney, Peter, 119 Washington. 
Sweeney, Timothy, tailor, 118 Main, h. Fifth 

n. Carolina. 
Sweeney, James, 142 Elk. 
Sweeney, Michael, Bouck n. N. Washington. 
Sweet, Albert, joiner, h. 7 Sixth. 
Sweet, George W. clerk, 172 Main. 
Sweet, Geo W. clerk, 168 Main, b. 31 W.Tup. 
Sweet, James, att'y, over 148 Main, b 150 W. 

Sweet, Lorenzo, draper and tailor, 215 Main, 

h. 201 Franklin. 
Sweet, Wm. C. firm O. P. Ramsdell <k Co. h. 

31 W. Tupper. 
Sweet, Wm. boiler maker, Shepard's foundry, 

h. Perry n. Ohio slip. 
Sweet, George W. clerk, 188 Main, b. Mrs. 

Sweet, Wm. with S. Shepard. 
Sweetland, David W. on lake, b. 34 Seventh. 
Swift, Geo. T. b. Saunder's Exchange. 



Swift, Wm. H. printer, 156}^ Main, b. Niagara 

Temp. House. 
Swifr, John, engineer, h. under Bethel church. 
Swift, Cicely, widow, h. under Bethel church. 
Swindle, 0. with Bidwell, Banta <fe Co. 
Swinderaan, Matthew, joiner, h. Oak n. Burton 

Swindeman, Geo. mason, h. Cottage n. Md. 
Swing, Charles, iron filer, with Volts. 
Swing, Jacob, with Jewett & Root. 
Swinger, Christian, Niagara n. Amherst. 
Swinton, Ebenezer, engineer, b. Wm. Mahar. 
Sword, Wm. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Sydow, August, tailor, h. Elm n. Burton alley. 
Sydow, Fred, tailor, h. Pratt u. Genesee. 

Sykes, -, currier, b. Mrs. S. Phillips. 

Sykes, Royal, machinist, Howard <fe Co. b. 

Mrs. S. Phillips. 
Sylvester, Win. foreman Eagle iron works, h. 

209 N. Division. 
Sylvester, Julius, b. U. S. hotel. 

Taber, James H. book-keeper U. S. hotel. 

Taber, Mrs. widow of Henry, Ninth n. Vt. 

Taber, Henry, Buff. Steam E. W. 

Taber, Jacob, Buff. Steam E. W. 

Tack, John, silversmith, 11 E. Swan. 

Taff, Richard, sparmaker, h. 311 Michigan. 

Tafton, Edward, lab. h. Third n. Georgia. 

Tailor's Association, 281 Main. 

Taintor, Charles, lumber dealer, h. Del. opp. 

Taintor <fe Washburn, lumber dealers, Ohio 

junction Chicago. 
Taintor, Henry F. book-keeper, S. D. Flagg. 
Taintor, John S. book-keeper, E. K. Bruce. 
Taintor, Giles E. b. C. Taintor. 
Tait, Wm. upholsterer, 51 Exchange. 
Talbot, Wm. whitewasher, h. 97 Oak. 
Talbot, Robert, 385 Michigan. 
Talcott & Hale, stave and shook merchants, 

Marine Block, Ohio. 
Talcott & Thompson, att'ys, over 302 Main. 
Talcott, John L. firm Talcott & Thompson, b. 

Talcott, Wm. D. lumber dealer, Mart Block, 

Talcott, A. G. 25 S. Division. 
Talisman, Talcott, lab. h. Mason n. Auburn. 
Tannar, Frank W. b. 221 E. Seneca. 
Tanner, Alonzo, att'y, at county clerk's office, 

h. 17 Park Place. 
Tanner, Harvey M. coppersmith, h. 85 Carroll. 
Tanner, Henry, Ellicott n. Tupper. 
Tanner, A. B. b. Boston hotel. 
Tanner, F. W. conductor, b. Wads worth house. 
Tansey, Eliza, widow, b. Maria Cummings. 
Tappe, Ernst, cigar maker, 352 Michigan. 
Tappenden, Catharine, widow, 231 E.Seneca. 

Tappert, , lab. h. Walnut n. William. 

Tate, Wm. tailor, h. 48 William. 
Tate, Geo. clerk, with J. Jamieson. 
Tate, Geo. sawyer, b. 2 13 Carroll. 
•Tate. Wm. C. upholsterer, h. over 269 Main. 
Tates, Robert, conductor, b. Franklin house. 

Tatkowsky, Charles, painter, Genesee n. Oak. 

Tatich, B. lab. h. Hickory u. Batavia. 

Tatu, Joseph F. boarding hguse, opp. Buffalo 

Steam E. W. 
TAUNT & BALDWIN, cabinet and chair 

makers, 213 Main, up fctiirs. — See adv. p. 46. 
Taunt, Emory, firm Taunt & Baldwin, h. 209 

Taunt, James F. h. 209 Pearl. 
Tausch, Rudolf, trunk maker, James Runcie, 

b. 55 E. Seneca. 
Tayarane, Joseph, with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Taylor, Alfred, cook on lake, h. Walnut near 

Taylor & Jewett, ship chaud. and grocers, 4 

and 5 Marine Block, Ohio. 
Taylor, Aug. C. firm T. & Jewett, b. Amer. 
Taylor, Benjamin, 106 Walnut. 
Taylor, Calvin, 96 Main, h. 302 E. Seneca. 
Taylor, Charles T. b. 24 S. Division. 
Taylor, Dennis, carriage hardware and lock 

manufacturer, 2 E. Swan, h. 24 S. Division. 
Taylor, Fred. W. clerk, M. A. Campbell. 
Taylor, Geo. b. 106 Clinton. 
Taylor, Henry P. cashier Pratt Bank, b. 34 

W. Seneca. 
Taylor Hose Co. No. 1, Pearl above Eagle. 
Taylor, John J. on the lake, h. 33 S. Div. 
Taylor, John, ship carp. h. over cor. Mohawk 

and Niagara. 
Taylor, J., Shepard's Iron Works. 
Taylor, Louisa, widow, 42 Delaware. 
Taylor, Michael, lab. h. Le Couteulx. 
Taylor, Martin, salesman, 188 Main, b. 46 

Taylor, Peter, locksmith, 57 E. Genesee. 
Taylor, Philip, fisherman, h. cor. 18th and 

Taylor, Patrick, painter, h. 179 E. Swan. 
Taylor, Capt. Richard, cor. 18th and Niag. 
Taylor, Robert, turner, h. cor. Mackinaw and 

Taylor, Samuel, boarding house, Peacock. 
Taylor, Stephen, joiner, h. 64 Court n. Morgan. 
Taylor, Samuel M. grocer, 96 Main. 
Taylor, Solomon, steward, h. 11 Sixth. 
Taylor, Thomas, mariner, h. 118 Folsom. 
Taylor, Wm. R. firm T. G. Sholes & Co. h. 304 

Taylor, Wm. chief engineer fire department, 

office, Wash. n. old Court House, h. 133 Oak. 
Taylor, Wm. on lake, h. 5th n. Carolina. 
Taylor, Wm. cook on lake, h. Bundy Alley. 
Taylor, Wm. boiler maker, h. Fulton n. Ham- 
Tebes, John, blacksmith, h. Cypress n. Pine. 
Tefft, Wm. H. cor. Seventh and Georgia. 
Tefft, J. P. b. U. S. Hotel. 
Tegehoff, Sophia, widow, Tenth n. Va. 
TeHarr, J. H. cabinet maker, 233 Main. 
Telegraph, German printing office, over 358 

Teller, George D. picture frames, 192 Wash. h. 

28 Chippewa. 
Teller, Henry D. clerk, 190 Main, b. cor. Oak 

and Swan. 
Temmink, John, at lead factory, h. Monroe n. 




Temple, Henry C. telegrapher, 147 Main, h. 

200 Swan. 
Ten Eyck, M. C< 158 Main, b. Boston Hotel. 
Tenfel, Jacob, shoemaker, h. Lutheran. 
Tepe, Fred. lab. h. Gray near Batavia. 
Tepe, Christian, Gray above Batavia. 
Tepers, John, with Win. Barker. 
Teppman, John, grocer, Walnut n. Sycamore. 
Terhaar, John, cabinet maker, h. 423 Mich. 
Terok, August, shoemaker, 151 Main, h. 510 

Terry, Thos. butcher, cor. Niag. and Huron. 
Terry, John, on lake, h. 266 S. Division. 
Testman, Charles, Eagle below Pollard. 
Teteibeck, Mrs. Juliana, 352 Mich. 
Tetteling, Bernhard, cor. Maple and Carlton. 
Tewa, James, blacksmith, h. Church below 

Texter, Henry, lab. h. Gray near Batavia. 
Thaler, Joseph, tailor, h. 163 Oak. 
Thaler, Conrad, 350 East Genesee. 
Tharp, John W. cabinet broker, 97 E. Seneca. 
Tharp, August A. boatman, b. 213 E. Seneca. 
Tharp, Rebecca, widow, 213 E. Seneca. 
Thau, John, saloon under Commercial Hotel. 
Thayer, Levi C. painter, h. Jersey n. 11th. 
THAYER & ANTHONY, for. and com. 

mer's. 25 Central Wharf. — See adv. p. 31. 
Thayer, Charles H. firm T. & Anthony, h. 112 

Eagle near Michigan. 
Thayer, Nathan, firm Budd & T. b. cor. Elli- 

cott and Clinton. 
Thayer, Hiram P. 68 Clinton. 
Thayer, Edward S. cashier O. Lee <fc Co.'s 

bank, h. Del. north of Ferry. 
Thayer, Edwin, att'y, Erie Ex. h. Washington 

cor. Carlton. 
Thayer, Clarence C. clerk, Amer. Trans. Co.b. 

21 S. Division. 
Thayer, Nathan W. printer, Cora. Adv. office, 

h. 135 E. Eagle. 
Thayer, Geo. clerk, W. M. Kasson, b. 198 E. 

Thayer, George W. engineer, b. R. R. Ex- 
change Hotel. 
Theirkauf, I. T. clerk, Sylvester's clothing 

store, b. Mrs. Campbell. 
Theis, Claudius, mason, h. Ash. n. Genesee. 
Tbeisen, Peter, lab. h. 104 Batavia. 
Theobold, Casemier, tailor, h. 420 Mich. 
Theobold. Geo. tailor, 106 Batavia. 
Thessen, Matthias, joiner, h. S}-camore near 

Thiebold, Andrew, with Jewett & Root. 
Thiebold, Christian, grocer, 390 East. Seneca. 
Thierman, Charles, grocer, cor. Sycamore and 

Thistlewaite, Jeremiah, lumber dealer, 15 Bos- 
ton Block. 
Tholen, Henry, clerk, 190 Main. 
Thomas, Calvin F. S. firm Thomas & Lath- 

rops, h. 85 Niagara. 
Thomas, David, carpenter, h. 228 East Seneca. 
Thomas, Edwin, prod. mer. 10 Central Wharf, 

h. R. I. between Sixth and Seventh. 
Thomas, Edward W. machinist, h. 207 S. Div. 
Thomas, Elisha J. on the lake, h. 17 Illinois. 
Thomas, Horace, 98 South Division. 

Thomas, I^aac, finisher, 1>. Hamilton n.Niag. 
Thomas, James L. on the lake, h. 231 East 

Thomas, Joseph, carpenter, h. 374 Mich. 
THOMAS & LATHROPS, paper warehouse, 

and printers' depot, 161 Main. — See adv. pp. 

43, 89 and 90. 
Thomas, Pierre, W. tallyman, Stimpson & Lee. 
Thomas, W. Groves, clerk, Edwiu Thomas. 
Thomas, Mrs. Harriet, boarding house, 3 

Thomas, Wm. D. driver, h. 224 Carroll. 
Thomas, John H. Courier office, h. cor. Mich. 

and Sycamore. 
Thomas, Harriet B. 3 Niagara. 
Thomas, Nathan W. joiner, h. 294 E. Swan. 
Thomas, Fred, joiner, h. Clinton near R. R. 
Thomas, Wealthy, widow of John, Ellicott n. 

Thompson, Albertus, meat market, cor. Mich. 

and Eagle, h. 6 Gay. 
Thompson & Co. white lead manufacturers, 

Georgia cor. 6th, office 4 Custom House Bl'k. 
Thompson, Augustus P. firm T. & Co. York 

cor. Niagara. 
Thompson, Benoni, att'y at law and IT. S. com.- 

152 Main, h. 116 Chippewa. 
Thompson, Benjamin, b. Tremont. 
Thompson, Brock, b. Tremont. 
Thompson, C. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Thompson, Charles, cook, h. Sycara. n. Hick. 
Thompson, Edwin C. ladies' hair store, over 

322 Main, h. same. 
Thompson, G. N. at R. R. Hotel. 
Thompson, George, waiter, b. 7 Scot*t. 
Thompson, Harry, Ferry west of Niagara. 
Thompson, Harry, jr. mer. b. Harry Thomp- 
son, sr. 
Thompson, Hartman V. sail mak'r, h.74 Carr'l. 
Thompson, Henry, carman, h. La. n. Elk. 
Thompson, Horace, carp. R. R. b. 396 E. Sen. 
Thompson, Horton V. with E. S. J. Bemis. 
Thompson, Henry W. on lake, h> 176 N. Div. 
Thompson, Hull, h. Ferry n. Niagara. 
Thompson, Hugh, soap and candle fact'y, cor. 

Chicago and Perry. 
Thompson, Isaac W. firm Talcott & T. h. 418 

Thompson, James, horse doctor, h. Walnut n. 

Thompson, James, sailor, h. Illinois n. Ohio. 
Thompson, James, with E. K. Bruce. 
Thompson, Mrs. Jane, 88 S. Division. 
Thompson, John, on lake, h. 7th n. Carolina. 
Thompson, John, garden'r, h. Johnson n. High. 
Thompson, John, carp. h. Roos Alley n. Wm. 
Thompson, John, lab. h. 33 Blossom. 
Thompson, John, carpenter, b. A. M. Duff. 
Thompson, John, on the Lady Elgin, b. 68 W. 

Thompson, Joseph, gas fitter, Hart, Ball & 

Hart, b. Genesee House. 
Thompson, Lathrop C. pail maker, h. Amherst 

n. Thompson. 
Thompson, Rev. M. La Rue P. pastor First 

Presb. Ch. h. 128 Franklin. 
Thompson, Martin, butcher, cor, Eage and 

Mich. h. 6 Gay, 



Thompson, Moses, pail maker, h. E. cor. South. 
Thompson, N. D. waiter, h. 3 Potter. 
Thompson, Neal, clerk, J. L. Hurd & Co. 
Thompson, O. C. merchant, b. Harry Thump. 
Thompson, Sarah E. teacher, Dist. No. 7, b. 11 

Thompson, T. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Thompson, Wm. P. clerk, T. S. Hawks, h. 110 

Thompson, Wm. E. carp. h. 208 1ST. Division. 
Thompson, Wm. finisher, 233 Main. 
Thompson, Wm. jr. with Wm. Thompson. 
Thomson, Chas. C. book-keeper, J. E. Thom'n. 
Thomson, J. C. clerk, Pratt & Co. b. U. S. 

THOMSON, JAMES E. plumber and gas fit- 
ter, 285 Ma n and 68 Lloyd.— See adv. p. 72. 
Thomson Brothers, 67 Main. 
Thomson, Robt. H. firm T. Brothers, h. Wash. 

above S. Division. 
Thomson, Thomas M. firm T. Bro's, h. Wash. 

above S. Division. 
Thomson, Wm. m. d. 8 Com'l, h. Delaware, 

Cold Spring. 
Thorns, Philip, distiller, North Canal n. R. R. 
Thouen, Gottlieb, lab. h. Folsom n. Pollard. 
Thorn, Jacob, shoemaker, h. 3 Com'l Block. 
Thorn, Rhoda L. widow, 40 E. Seneca. 
Thornton, Stephen, constable, h. Church near 

Thornton, Thos. foreman, Prince & Co. h. 6th 

n. Pa. 
Thornton, James, melodeon maker, h. 5th opp. 

Thornton & Chester, proprietors Globe Mills, 

Black Rock. 
Thornton, Thos. firm T. & Chester, Niagara n. 

Thornton, John, Dearborn n. Amherst. 
Thornton, Henry, b. James Haggart. • 
Thornton, John, with G. A. Prince & Co. 
Thorp, John W. 97 E. Seneca. 
Thorp, Capt. Henry W., Pa. n. Niagara. 
Thorp, Martin, printer, Com. Ady. office, b. 3. 

Thorp, Nathan B., Tremont, 9 and 11 E. Sen. 
Thou man, Michael, lab. h. Pratt n. Clinton. 
Thrashing Machine Shop, John A. Pitts, cor. 

Carolina and Fourth. 
Threehouse, Alfred, lab. h. Folsom n. Pollard. 
Thuman, John, blacksmith, h. 141 Spruce. 
Thumback, Fred, tailor, h. Ellicott ab. Burton 

Thunder,. Thomas, ship carpenter, h. Perry n. 

Hay ward. 
Thurston, Mrs. John M., Seneca n. Heacock. 
Thurston, Chas. J. glass stainer, over 79 Main, 

h. Seventh n. Hudson. 
Thurston, Hiram, book-binder, Phinney tfeCo. 

h. r. 126 Pearl. 
Thurston, Geo. printer, Republic office, b. Bos- 
ton Hotel. 
Thurston, George E. finisher, Parsons & John- 
son, b. Express n. Franklin. 
Thurston, Alex., Buff. S. E. Works. 
Thurstone, Wm. 66 E. Eagle. 
•Thurstone, Mrs. Mary, Children's Clothing 

Store, 6(i E. Eagle. 

Tibbitts, Henry B. melodeon maker, b. J. C. 

Tibbitts, Wm. N. melodeon maker, h. Frank- 
lin, 3d ab. Va. % 
Tice, John, painter, H. G. White. 
Tieger, Joseph, joiner, h. Spruce n. Genesee. 
Tielen, John, stocking weaver, 161 Batavia, h. 

Tiemouth, Michael, 115 Main. 
Tiffany, Augustus J. 313 Michigan. 
Tiffanv, Julia R. teacher, Dist. No. 2. 
Tifft, Geo. W., Pres't International Bank, h. 

178 Pearl. 
Tifft, John V. with G. W. Tifft, b. same. 
Tifft, Alanson W. farmer, turnpike n. toll 

Tifft, Joseph, miller, b. S. W. Lyons. 
Tifft, Jonathan, collector, Buff. Steam Engine 

Works, b. U. S. Hotel. 
Tifft & Tifft, milkmen, 118 E. Swan. 
Tifft, Elijah, firm T.<fc T. b. 118 E. Swan. 
Tifft, W:lson S. milkman, b. 118 E. Swan. 
Tige, Thomas, grocer, Niagara n. Ferry. 
Tilden, Eliza, widow, keeper Niagara House, 

Black Rock. 
Tilden, Thomas B. builder, h. 11 Franklin, of- 
fice basement. 
Tilden, Jared H. m. d. over 232 Main, h. 11 

Tillinghast, Dyer, firm T. & H. D. Tillinghast, 

h. Delaware n. North. 
Tillinghast, D. & H. D. att'ys at law, 21 

Spauldings' Exchange. 
Tillinghast, Henry D. firm D. & H. D. T. 
Tillotson, Sylvester, Arner. Express, b. 162 E. 

Till8,John, veterinary surgeon, h. Smith Bl'k, 

Timber, Justin, pattern maker, Buff. S. E. 

Timbey, George W. jr. b. Boston Hotel. 
Timmerman, Joseph, grocer, cor. Elm and 

Genesee, h. same. 
Timmerman, Benj. firm Hersee & T. h. 20 

Timmerman, Wm. lab. h. Seneca, Hydraulics. 
Timon, Rev. John, bishop, h. 64 Ellicott. 
Tingue, James, m.d.24 Com'l, b. Dayton house. 
Tingue, Patrick, Le Couteulx. 
Tiphaine & Son, wine dealers, 193 Main. 
Tiphaine, Victor Leon, firm T. & Son, h.92 

W. Huron. 
Tiphaine, Victor, firm T. & Son, h. 2 W. Swan. 
Tippriter, Peter, at Eaton's planing mill. 
Tischler, Burghard, mason, h. Walnut n. Bat. 
Tittel, Charles, bricklayer, h. 167 Cherry. 
Titus, Thos. J. captain, h. 48 W. Eagle. 
Titus, O. B. & Co. dry goods, 178 Main. 
Titus, Edward, carpenter, h. Conn. n. 12th. 
Titus, Orrin B. firm O. B. Titus & Co., h. cor. 

Franklin and North. 
Tobeke, Wm. cabinet maker, h. 26 Jackson. 
Tobey, Geo. moulder, h. 129 N. Division. 
Tobias, Wm. clerk, 205 Main. 
Tobin, C. widow of M., b. M. Hughes. 
Tobin, John, lab. h. Chicago n. Ohio. 
Tobkey, William, Van Slyke's mill. 
Tod, Alexander, h, 65 Chippewa. 



Tod <fe Evans, dry goods, 214 Main. 

Tod, James, firm Tod A Evans, b. Genesee 

Todd, James, piano maker, h. Palmer ah. Va. 
Todd, Win, clerk, J. R. Fero, h. Elk opposite 

Todd, James, joiner, h. Fulton n. Hamburgh. 
Todd, John, recess, Canal n. Erie. 
Todd, William, potato dealer, New Market, h. 

Todrig, Louisa C. widow of Rev. F. T., 205 S. 

Toenius, Henry, bricklayer, h. Milnor n. Wm. 
Toft, James, blacksmith, h. cor. Chippewa and 

Tolcott, A. G., 25 S. Division. 
Toles, Benj. constable, ft. 171 Franklin. 
Toles, Willis, Smith Block, Seneca. 

Tombs, , with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 

Tome, Andrew, sailor, h. Seneca n. Ala. 
Tomson, J. C. clerk, Pratt, & Co. 
Tooher, James, lab. h. Marvin n. Elk. 
Tooley, Levi A. warehouseman, h. 34 Seventh. 
Toomer, Wm. D. baker, h. N. Div. bel. Cedar. 
Toomey, Daniel, lab. h. Ex. n. junction Seneca. 
Toomey, James, b. Daniel Brady. 
Tompkins, Ira G. with J. H. Tompkins, over 

204 Main. 
Tompkins, John, engineer, h. 32 Scott. 
Tompkins, Joseph H., daguerreotypist, over 

204 Main. 
Toppendon, Henry, Vulcan foundry. 
Topping, John, cashier U. S. Express Co., h. 

191 Franklin. 
Torrance, Thayer & Blanchard, att'ys at law, 

Erie Exchange, 
Torrance, Jared S. firm T., Th.<fc B., h. corner 
. Niagara and Niag. Square. 
Torrell, John, carpenter, h. 29 Clinton. 
Tosspot, Timothy, lab. 209 Wash. 
Tostervine, James, with D. Belden. 
Toulerin, Alex., St. Joseph's College. 
Towle, Wm. S. firm Ashley, Jones tfc Co. 
Towles, Geo. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Towne, Lorenzo, ship carpenter, h. Perry n. 

Hay ward. 
Towner, Patric 1 *, lab. h. Green n. Beak. 
Townlev, Alfred B. book-keeper, 231 Main, 

h. 232 Franklin. 
Towns, Henry A. conductor, State Line R. R. 

b. Mrs. S. Phillips. 
Townsend, Richard, coffin maker, 7 Niag. b. 

Mrs. E. Townsend. 
Townsend, John F. superintendent B. & N. Y. 

City R. R. h. Del. north of Ferry. 
Townsend, Alexander C. mason, h. Oak n. His>h. 
Townsend, Elizabeth, widow of Robert, EJli- 

cott n. Tupper. 
Townsend, Geo. W. clerk, 8 Mer. Ex. b. 152 

E. Seneca. 
Townsend, Richard A. clerk, 172 Main,b. 152 

E. Seneca. 
Townsend. Hosea W. land office, 7 Court, h. 

152 E. Seneca. 
Townsend's Steam Saw Mill, Tonawanda st. 

Black Rock. 
Townsend <fe Coit, car manuPrs, office over 216 


Townsend Hall, cor. Main and W. Swan. 
Townsend, Daniel J. sup't Buff. Car Co. h. 12 

Johnson Place. 
Townsend, Charles, cashier, Bank of Attica. 
Tows, Francis H. over 190 Main, h. Main ab. 

Tows, Coe D. book-keeper, Hollister Bank, b 

F. H. Tows. 
Tracy, Albert H. cor. Court and Franklin. 
Tracy, Joseph, ship joiner, Bidwell, Banta & 

Tracy, Charles E. tinsmith, J. Otto & Co. 
Tracy, Albert H. jr. law-student, Marshall &. 

Harvey, h. cor. Court and Franklin. 
Tracy, Francis W. clerk, Hollister Bauk. 
Traeger, John, wagon maker, h. Kane u. Syc. 
Traenkle, Philip J. blacksmith, h. German 

Trainor, James, Sixth n. Penn. 
Tralles, Frederick W. cabinet maker, h. Park 

n. Va. 
Trank, Julius, piano maker, h. Spruce opp. 

School No. 12. 
Traufler, John, lab. Eagle furnace, h. Walnut 

n. Batavia. 
Traum, Philip, shoemaker, h. 503 Mich. 
Trautman, Michael, shoemaker, h. Locust. 
i Trautman, Peter, over 8 Canal. 
Trautlein, Anton, plasterer, h. 68 Del. Place. 
Trautman, Geo. lab. h. Pratt n. Wm. 
Trautman, Peter, lab. h. Kane n, Genesee. 
Travers, Wilson, Capt. 182 N. Division. 
Travers. Gilbert, capt. brig Preble, h. 48 N. 

Traves, Cornelius, moulder, h. 314 E. Seneca. 
Treat, Willis, ship carpenter, h. Chicago n. 

Treat, William, m. d. office over 237 Main, h. 

Mich. ab. High. 
Tredo, Stephen, brick m ak er, h. N. Canal,Hy- 

Treet, Lewis, b. Phoenix hotel. 
Trefts, John B., Buff. S. E. Works, h. Morgan 

n. Chippewa. 
Tregilgus, Joseph, at Water Works, h. cor. 

Hospital and Sixth. 
Tregilgus, John, machinist, h. 1S2 Elm. 
Trelles, Fred, piano maker, 196 Wash. h. 

Tremaiu, Winckworth, La n. Elk. 
Trommel, Frederick, 87 E. Genesee. 
Tremont House, cor. Seneca and Wash. 
Tremper, John, inventor, h. 200 Oak. 
Tremper, Geo. with S. Shepard. 
Trenkle, Louis, lab. h. Spring u. Genesee. 
Trenkle, Frederick, silver plater, 61 Sycamore. 
Ties, Nicholas, at vinegar factory, h. 40 Wm. 
Tretbar, Charles, firm Meyer & 1. b. Miss 

Trew, Andrew R. civil engineer, b. 126 Pearl. 
Trieb, Anton, bricklayer, h. Elm n. Genesee. 
Triebel, John, cabinet maker, b. 112 Batavia. 
Trier, Geo. P. grocer, cor. Cedar and Eagle. 
Trier, Catharine, widow of Geo., Cedaru. Eagle. 
Trier, Geo., Eaton's plauing mill. 
Trier, Christian, 198 E. Genesee. 
Tries, Cliarles, carpenter, h. Pratt n. Batavia. 
Triller, Richard, carpenter, h. Milnor n. Bat. 



Trimbley, Henry, hackman,27 Ex. 

Trimlett, Wm. C. printer, Thomas & Lathrops, 

h. 14 Del. Place. 
Trinity Church, cor. Wash, and Mohawk. 

Trinity Church (German) cor. Milnor and Wm. 
Trinity Lutheran Church, cor. Goodell and 

Trinkle, Fred, with Pratt & Letchworth. 

Tripp, Samuel, tailor, 239 Main, h. 64 S. Div. 

Tripp, Joseph P. painter, h. 286 S. Division. 

Tripp, A. F. clerk, 54 Main, h. 306 Pearl. 

Tripp, Lot, fisherman, h. cor. N. Division and 

Tripp, Anthony, grocer, Mich. opp. Fulton. 

Trippel, John M. cooper, h. Spruce n. Batavia. 

Trippeter, Ben hart, over 8 Canal. 

Trischman, Gharles* b. 24 Sycamore. 

Troeger, Lorenz, with C. Volmer. 

Troel, Casper, mason, h. r. 113 Pine. 

Troiel, Andrew, lab. h. Walnut n. Batavia. 

Troill, Francis, joiner, h. 212 E. Genesee. 

Trost, Charles, painter, h. 137 Sycamore. 

Trost, John, bricklayer, h. Adams n. Batavia. 

Trouda, August, at Hart's factory, b. John 

Trouda, J., Van Slyke's boat yard. 

Troudo, Frank, b. Mrs. Boesse. 

Troudo, Frank, jr. on R. R. b. Mrs. Boesse. 

Troudo, Jerry, caulker, b. Mrs. Boesse. 

Troufler, John, at Eagle furnace. 

Troughton, Edward, at Robert's malt factory. 

Troughton, John, cartman, h. 5th n. Carolina. 

Trout, Henry G. finisher, S. Shepard, h. 25 

Trowbridge, Josiah, m. d. cor. Pearl and Swan. 

Trowbridge, Ephraim B. painter, h. 298 El- 

Trowbridge, Lewis B. book-keeper, h. Caro- 
lina n. Sixth. 

Trowbridge, John S. m. d. b. 35 Pearl. 

Trowbridge, Fred. E. tallyman, b. L. B. Trow- 

Trudau, Alex, teacher, St. Joseph's College. 

True, Amos, hackman, 27 Ex. 

True, Joseph, clerk, b. U. S. hotel. 

Truman, Thomas engineer, h. 40 Jackson. 

Truman, Walter, clerk, 288 Main, b. 40 Jackson. 

Trumbull, Wm. clerk, Buff, foundry, h. r. 34 

Trumet, Lawrence, Ash n. Genesee. 

Trummer, Margaret, widow of John G., Hick- 
ory n. Genesee. 

Truscott, George, b. St. James Hotel. 

Trusdell, Jeremiah C. mason, h. 354 S. Division. 

Tryon, George H. book-keeper, G. W. R. R. 
office, b. Milton Randall. 

Tryon, M. H. & I. C, merchant tailors, over 
157^ Main, Concert Hall buildings. 

Tryon, Marshall H. firm M. H. & I. C. Tryon, 
h. Virginia n. Delaware. 

Tryon, Isaac C. firm M. H. & I. C. Tryon, h. 
Niuthopp. reservoir. 

Tubesing, Henry, engraver and publisher, 7 
E. Seneca. 

Tubesing, Fred, confectioner, with J. Heth. 

Tucker, Mrs. Martha Ann, 149 Elm. 

Tucker, David, book-keeper, Bidwell & Co., 
b. Western. 

Tucker, Robert, melodeon maker, Prince & 

Co., h. Hudson n. Eleventh. 
Tucker, Wm. C. tailor, cor. Carroll and La. 
Tucker, Wm. F. joiner, h. basement Unitarian 

Tucker, Wm. tailor, h. Niagara cor. Morgan. 
Tucker, James, clerk, h. Tenth n. Va. 
Tucker, John, 221 Main. 
Tucker, Mary, widow, 32 Green. 
Tucker. John K. livery stable, Michigan near 

Wadsworth House. 
Tucker, Chauncey, att'y, Spaulding's Ex., h. 

338 Washington. 
Tucker, Henry C, b. 338 Washington. 

Tucker, Wm. C, 161 Main. 

Tuerk, Aegidius, lab., h. Batavia n. Pine. 

Tuge, Charles, cigar maker, h. 18 Cherry. 

Tuhlman, Fred'k, at gas works, h. 409 Mich. 

Tuita, James, Green n. Washington. 

Tully, James, hackman, 27 Exchange. 

Tully, Charles A. porter, 211 Main, h. Illinois 
n. Perry. 

Tummelty, engineer, h. Chicago n. Fulton. 

Tunison, Tunis C. grocer, corner Chicago and 
Elk, h. 136 Elk. 

Tunison, William, h. 136 Elk. 

Tunison, Runion, tailor, h. 136 Elk. 

TunniclifF, Ephraim H. cl'k, James Jackson. 

Tunnicliff, Van Buren J. clerk, Jas. Jackson. 

TUPPER, BENJAMIN S., salt dealer, 28 
Central Wharf, h. 54 Palmer.— -See adv. p. 35. 

Tupper, Virgil, h. Palmer n. Carolina. 

Turner Brothers, soda and sarsaparilla manu- 
facturers, Niagara n. Va. 

Turner, Thos. C. firm Turner Brothers, h. Ni- 
agara n. Virginia. 

Turner, James, firm Turner Brothers, h. Niag. 
n. Virginia. 

Turner, Mary, widow, h. Niag. bet. Carolina 
and Virginia. 

Turner, John, ship carpenter, h. Fulton near 

Turner, Chester P. pump and block maker, h. 
196 S. Division. 

Turner, James, Elk street market. 

Turner, John C. cooper, h. 124 Folsom. 

Turner, Archibald, h. 61 Ontario. 

Turner, Adam, engineer, h. Palmer n. Mary- 

Turner, Chipman, lumber dealer, h. Niagara 
north of Bouck. 

Turner, Richard, h. Pine n. N. Division. 

Turner, B. widow, cor. Fifth and Carolina. 

Turner, Wm. with S. Shepard. 

Tuthill, Roswell P. mason, h. 3 Carroll. 

Tuton <fe Miles, stove dealers, Gwinn Block, 
Pearl n. Terrace. 

Tuton, William, firm T. & Miles, h. Main, Cold 

Tuton, Harvey, clerk, Tuton & Miles, h. 16 
Park Place. 

Tuttle, David N. produce dealer, 12 Central 
Wharf, h. 37 W. Eagle. 

Tuttle, Geo. clerk, b. 37 W. Eagle. 

Tuttle, R. B. saloon keeper, basement Boston 

Tuttle, David W. clerk, F. & M. Bauk, b. D. 
N. Tuttle. 



Tuttle, Arad, 12 Central Wharf, h. 110 Huron. 
Tuttle, Cnas. clerk, 292 Main, b. H. T. White. 
Tuvier, Wm. clerk, 205 Main, b. Mrs. Grissim. 
Tweedle, Samuel, with Bid well, Banta & Co. 
Tweedy & Smith, hatters, 173 Main. 
Tweedy, William, firm T. & Smith, h. 167 Del. 

cor. T upper. 
Twichell, Abram, grocer, 406 Main, h, 197 

Twichell, Samuel, Martin's Corners. 
Twichell, Austin, lab. h. cor. Sen. and Pollard. 
Twitt, James, at Eagle furnace. 
Tyler, John, Court n. Sixth. 
Tyler, Mrs. teacher, Dist. No. 10, h. Carolina 

n. Seventh. 
Tyler, Joseph K., U. S deputy marshal, h. 22 

Tyler, Joseph, cutter, 149 Main, b. Eranklin 


Tyler, , North, west of Delaware. 

Tyler, Henry, clerk, 133 Main. 

Tynan, Peter, at Eagle furnace, h. cor. York 

and Eleventh. 
Tynan, Eliza, bonnet cleaner, cor. Eleventh 

and York. 
Tyrell, John T. sawyer, Fulton n. Chicago. 
Tyrrell, Mary A. b. 117 S. Division. 
Tyrrell, M. H. L. firm Wadsworth, Cameron 

& T. h. Cold Spring. 


Uebbing, Anton, blacksmith, J. Newman, h. 

114 Pine. 
Uebbing, John, painter, h. Milnor n. Batavia. 
Uebbing, Barn hard, blacksmith, b. cor. Wm. 

and Bennett. 
Uebelacker, Joseph, grocer, Gen. n. Hickory. 
Uebel, Charles, hostler, Blossom. 
Uebelher, John, sash maker, h. 163 Oak. 
Uebelhor, M. with G. A. Prince & Co. 
Uebler, Matthias, butcher, h. 71 Cedar. 
Uelben, John, painter, h. Milnor n. Batavia. 
Uhl, Fred, tauner, h. r. Fred. Pfau's. 
Uhlinger, Geo. lab. h. Spring n. Sycamore. 
Uhlman, Andreas, blacksmith, 416 Pine. 
Uhlmer, John, blacksmith, h. r. 405 Michigan. 
Uhrhahn, Charles, painter, h. 464 Michigau. 
Uhrig, Charles, baker, h. 571 Main. 
Uhrland, Francis, grocer, Batavia n. Mich. 
Uller, Louis, tailor, 110 W. Tupper. 
Ullrner, Philip, jr. match manufacturer, Spring 

bel. Genesee. 
Ullmer, Fred'k, locksmith, h. Spruce n. Syc. 
Ullmer, Geo. match maker, h. cor. Spruce and 

Ullmer, Margaret, widow of Philip, h. Spring 

bel. Genesee. 
Ulrich, Henry, lab. h. Gray n. Batavia. 
Umback, John, hackman, 27 Ex. 
Umlauf, Adam, mason, Mich. cor. Carlton. 
Umpleby, Robert, joiner, h. Morgan n. Niag. 
Unbehaun, Wm., Gray ab. Batavia. 
Unbehaun, Matthias, .ab. h. Locust. 
Unbehaun, Nicholas, tailor, h. Jefferson n. 

Peck ham. 
Unbehaun, Louis, tailor, Jefferson n. Peckhara. 

Underdown, Benj. clerk, 282 Main, h. Park 

Place n. Carolina. 
Underfinger, Ellen, widow, h. 151 Cherry. 
Underfinger, Simon, with Brunck, Held <fc Co.' 

h. 151 Cherry. 
Underbill, Wm. G. miller, h. Ferry n. Niag. 
Underbill, Joel, m. n. over 240 Main, b. J. Guild. 
Underbill, James, at Eagle furnace. 
Unger, Charles, Ellicott n. Burton Alley. 
Union Furnace, Dudley & Bull, n. Hamburgh 

Unitarian Church, cor. Franklin and Eagle. 
United States Express office, 15 W. Seneca. 
United States Recruiting office, cor. Lloyd 

and the canal. 
race cor. Pearl. — See adv. p. 84. 
Universalist Church, Wash. n. S. Division. 
Unverzagt, Charles A. cabinet maker, h. Pratt 

n. Sycamore. 
Upham, Wm. W. clerk, 205 Main. 
Upnor, Geo. upholsterer, 125 Main. 
Upton, Stephen, Van Slyke's boat yard. 
Urban, George, Oak cor. Genesee. 
Urban, Henry, grocer, Genesee cor. Oak. 
Urban, Louis, liquor dealer, 570 Main. 
Urff, John, shoemaker, h. Hydraulics. 
Urschel, Henry, blacksmith, b. cor. Clinton 

and Jefferson. 
Urster, Fred, truckman, cor. Walnut and Wm. 
Ursula, Mattingly, sister of charity, Buffalo 

Medical Hospital. 
Urtel, John William, sash maker, b. 79 E. 

Uscholt, Casper, shoemaker, b. Sycamore n. 

Uscholt, Ulrich, lab. b. Batavia n. Cedar. 
Usher, Eliza, widow of Silas, 290 E. Seneca. 
Usher, Fred, moulder, Buff. St Eng. Works. 
UTLEY, HORACE, piano forte and veueer 

dealer, 38 Pearl, h. Niag. beyond Niag. Sq. 

See adv. p. 69. 
Utley, Martin, clerk, 36 E. Seneca, b. 70 S.D>. 


Vail, Aaron R. with G. O. Vail, h. 207 Del. 
Vail, George O. & Co. marble dealers, cor. Erie 

and Ship Canal. 
Vail, George O. firm Mann, Vail & Co. h. North 

west of Del. 
Valentine, Edward, carriage maker, b. Del. 

Valentine, Frederick, firm V. & O'Reilly, h. 

Park n. Va. 
Valentine, Fred, cabinet maker, b. cor. Elm 

and Tupper. 
Valentine, Geo. mason, r. of 198 Del. 
Valentine, Jabez, mason, h. 60 Del. Place. 
Valentine, John, lab. h. Nichols' Alley. 
Valeutiue, Michael, lab. h. Nichols' Alley. 
Valentine, Mrs. widow of Israel, 15 Sycamore. 
Valentine, William, mason, h. Oak u. High. 
Valentine & O'Reilly, lockmakers, 14 Court. 
Vallet, Victoria, widow of John, 195 E. Swan. 
Vallis, Thomas, boiler makor, h. Elk u. Ohio 




Vamburg, Leonard, Pine n. Clinton. 
VAN ALLEN, HENRY, proprietor Claren- 
don, cor. Main and S. Division. — See adv. 

p. 84. 
Van Alstine, Gardiner P. clerk, h. Morgan n. 

Vanbalen, Irad, clothier, U. S. hotel block, h. 

229 Carroll. 
Vanbenthuysen, John, carpenter, h. Swan bel. 

Van Buskirk, Francis, on R. R., Steuben n. Ala. 
Van Catz Smallenburg, Nicholas W. A. clerk, 

Hersee & Timmermann. 
Van dam, John, tailor, h. N. Div. n. Hickory. 
Van Dake, Benj. F. firm Parsons, Van D. & Co. 

b. Niag. Temp. House. 
Vanden, Boogert Jacob, shoemaker, h. 8 Vine. 
Vandenburgh, Stephen, 320 Mich. 
Van Denberg, B., Phoenix Iron Works. 
Vanderblas, John, Pratt n. Clinton. 
Vanderbosch, Englebert, with Jewett & Root. 
Vanderbosch, Fred, with Jewett & Root. 
Vanderbuss, John, brewer, h. Adams n. Gen. 
Vanderbuss, Win., Adams n. Genesee. 
Vanderbuss, Frank, Adams n. Genesee. 
Vanderbuss, Hermann, Adams n. Genesee. 
Vanderbuss, Fred., Adams n. Genesee. 
Vanderbuss, Englebert, Adams n. Genes'ee. 
Vanderbuss, Bernhard, 29 Milnor. 
Vanderhyder, Ehery, cor. Wm. and Cedar. 
Vanderpluss, John, with Bidwell, BantaVfeCo. 
Vanderpoel, Helen E. widow, cor. Fifth and 

Vanderpoel, Cornelius, b. 83 W. JVlohawk. 
Vanderpoel, Isaac V. att'y at law, over Post- 
office, b. 7 1 Oak. 
Vanderschaaf, Frederick, h. 69 Bennett. 
Vanderschaaff, Lambertus, 307 Main. 
Vanderschaaff, John, carver, 233 Main, h. 69 

Vanderschaff, Charles, 233 Main. 
Vanderlip, Elias G. truckman, h. 244 Pearl. 
Vanderven, Henry, Batavia u. Mich. 
Van d erven, John, with J. T. Noye. 
Vanderwarter, James T. gardener, h. Del. north 

of Summer. 
Vanderwerf, John, N. Wash. n. Bouck. 
Vanderwelt, Jacob, 126 Elm. 
Van Deventer, James T. firm Nichols <fe V. h. 

Cold Spring. 
Van Deventer, Hugh B. m. d. h. Cold Springs. 
Vandoozer, Mrs. P. dressmaker, 31 Clinton. 
Vau Dusen, Hugh G. painter, h. 86 Carroll. 
Van Dusen, Abram, with Thayer & Anthony. 
Van Duzee, Wm. S., dentist! h. Main, Cold 

VAN DUZEE, BENJ. C. engraver, 161 Main, 

h. Riley n. Cold Spring. — See adv. p. 81. 
Van Duzee, John, Lyman's type foundry. 
Van Duzee, Geo. at Western," h. 353 Mich. 
Van Duzer, Wm. on R. R. b. 137 E. Seneca. 
Vanepps, Hiram, 107 East Seneca. 
Van Estrick, Frederick, painter, h. Cypress cor. 

Van Every, Samuel, engineer, h. Mackinaw 

n. Ala. 
Van Hatten, Martin, lab. h. 18 Sycamore. 
Van Hoover, Jacob, tanner, h. Potter n. Batav. 

Van Hoesen, Edgar IL, clerk, Araer. Trans. 

Co. b. J. D. Phelps. 
Van Inwagen, Anthony, 147 E. Swan. 
Van Lear, Peter, baker, MugridgeA Co. 
Van Orman, Philander C, builder, h. Del. ab. 

Van Orman, Daniel D., Summer n. Delaware. 
Van Pelt, John, gunsmith, 111 Main. 
Vansice, James H. harness maker, Erie corner 

Vanslyke, Evans & Co. steam planing mill, 

Mechanic. * 

Vanslyke & Co. boat builders, Mechanic. 
Vanslyke, Cornelius A. firm V. & Co. h. 116 

Vanslyke, Abraham, contractor on canals, 

h. Seventh n. Vermont. 
Vanslyke, John, clerk, 131 Main, h. 106 Clin- 
Van tassel, Edward, marble factory, h. Palm- 
er n. Maryland. 
Van Tine, Chas. firm Lyon & V. T., h. 56 E. 

Van Tine, Margaret, b. 28 W. Eagle. 
Van Valen, Oscar H. clerk, 280 Main. 
Van Velsor, Benj. baker, 296 Main, h. same. 
Vanvalkenburgh, Sarah, widow, 76 Carroll. 
Vanvolkenburgh, James, R. R. agent, h. 76 

Vanvolkenburgh, Nelson, R. R. agent, h. 96 

Vanvolkenburgh, Hiram, 104 Carroll. 
Van Wie, Andrew, joiner, Rhode Island near 

Van Wie, John, h. cor. Seventh and Hospital. 
Vanzee, John H. type founder, h. Eagle near 

Varley, John, carman, h. 297 East Swan. - 
Varley, Peter, truckman, h 295 Swan. 
Varley, Stephen, Carroll n. Chicago. 
Varley, Stephen, b. 295 E. Swan. 
Varriquette, J. with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Vary, Samuel, sailor, h. 159 Delaware. 
Vass, James, lab. h. cor. Sixth and Hampshire. 
Vasson, Stephen, lab. h. n. Niag. Falls depot, 

over the canal. 
Vatter, Christian, Cherry n. Spruce. 
Vaughan, Maurice, auc. and com. mer. 1 and 2 

Quay, h. Park Place. 
Vaughan, Daniel, clerk, post-office, h. Wash. 

n. Clinton. 
Vaughan, Mrs. widow of John C, h. cor. Fir 

and Park Place. 
Vaughan, Otis, boot and shoe store, 151 Main, 

h. Main n. Goodell. 
Vaughan, G. A. & Co. dry goods, 204 Main. 
Vaughan, Geo. A., firm G. A. V. & Co. b. 36 

W. Seneea. 
Vaughan, Dennis, founder, C. R. R. shop. 
Vaughan, Geo. C. proprietor veg. lithontriptie, 

257 Main, h. 255 Franklin. 
Vaughan, James M. pedler, h. 5th n. Carolina. 
Vaughan, Nathaniel, C. R. R. shop. 
Vaughn, Charles W. with Foote, Little & Co." 
Vaux, Josiah, brickmaker, Heacock mansion, 

East Seneca. 
Vaux, John P. Amer. exp. office, h. 132 Fol- 




Vedder, Edmund B. att'y, 2 Ex. h. Walden 
Hill, Franklin. 

Vedder, Jacob S. b. 358 Wash. 

■Veit, Joseph, shoemaker, b. C. Reibold. 

Venator, Chas. turner, h. Walnut n. Genesee. 

Vencient, John, 200 Exchange. 

Venn, G. watchman, Western. 

Venn, Mary, widow of James, 35 Blossom. 

Venn, John, waiter at Western, h. 463 Wash. 

Veutz, Andrew, h. 234 Franklin. 

Vermebr, Augustus, joiner, h. Ellicott above 
Burtftn alley. 

Vermylia, Wm. E., fruit dealer, 123 Main, h. 
Carroll n. Wash. 

Vernon, , book-keeper, 187 Main, b. Mrs. 

T. Ripley. 

Verplanck, Isaac A. judge superior court, over 
148 Main, h North n. Delaware. 

Versch, Adam, grocer, cor. Sycamore and 

Verveer, E. h. 155 East Eagle. 

Verveer, John M. cigar maker, 191 *-£ Main, h. 
155 E. Eagle. 

Vest, Philip, Ferry, west of Delaware. 

Vetter, Matthias, Sjcamorecor. Pratt. 

Veyl, Chas. book-binder, b. Jacob Sickinger, 

Vibber, Gorton, 129 E. Seneca. 

Vickery, Eli, jr. blacksmith, 17 E. Eagle. 

Vief, Fred, mason, h. 69 Bennett. 

Viele, Henry K. com. merchant, Custom House 
buildings, h. Main ab. Chippewa. 

Vielhauer, Conrad, joiner, h. Sycamore n. Jef- 

Vielhauer, Henry, Mortimer n. Genesee. 

Viergatz, Hermann, 1 1 1 Main. 

Vilas, Byron D. printer, Republic office, b. R. 
R. hotel. 

Viucent, J. Claud, 48 Exchange. 

Vine, Fred, brickmaker, h. Batavia bey. Toll- 

Vine St. Methodist Church, Vine bet. Oak and 

Vining, Geo. W. county clerk's office. 

Vinton, Henry, North Wash. n. Clinton Av. 

Visher, Wm. with Welch & Latta, h. r. 7 Sev'th. 

Vitis, John, sailor, b. Thos. Clark. 

Vivian, Charles M. 74 Ellicott. 

Voas <fe Ward, bellows maker, 3 W. Seneca, r. 

Voas, Robert W. bellows maker, h. cor. Steu- 
ben and Ala. 

Voekele, Jacob, tailor, Pratt n. Eagle. 

Voelker, Wm. joiner, h. Jefferson n. Wm. 

Voelker, Peter, butcher, h. Batavia n. Monroe. 

Voellard, Charles, lab..h. Chicago n. Ex. 

Vogel, Samuel, saddler, h. North n. Maple. 

Vogel, F. with G. A. Prince & Co. 

Vogel, John E. cooper, h. 162 Sycamore. 

Vogel, Win. cabinet maker, h. Wm. n. Miluor. 

Vogel, John, blacksmith, Clinton n. Hickory. 

Vogel, Peter, 89 Cherry. 

Vogelgesang, Geo. lab. h. Pratt n. Wm. 

Vogeli, Bernhart, runner, h. over 27 Caual. 

Vogelsang. Abraham, tailor, h. 94 Cedar. 

Vogler, Fred, lock maker, h. 102 Batavia. 

Vogt, Fred, printer, 159 Main, h. Kane n. Gen. 

Vogt, Francis, clerk, h. 91 Pine. 

Vogt, Mary, widow of Martin, 132 Sycamore. 

Vogt, Rev. Geo. S. pastor Ger. Evang. Ch. h. 

192 Oak. 
Vogt, Fred, grocer, Sen. h. N. Div.ab. Pollard. 
Vogt, Wm. joiner, h. Eagle n. Pollard. 
Vogt, John, tinsmith, 217 Main, h. 118 Pine. 
Vogt, Martin, shoemaker, Wm. cor. Milnor. 
Vogt, Casper, lab. h. Boston n. Tupper. 
Vogt, John H. b. Clarendon. 
Vogt, Andrew, pedler, h. Clinton n. Cedar. 
Voigt, Robert, locksmith, 15 E. Seneca, h. 96 

W. Tupper. 
Voigt, Charles R., Batavia n. Ash. 
Voigt, John M. joiner, h. Maple ab. Cherry. 
Voigt, Casper, with Wilkes <fc Co. 
Voigt, Henry, lab. h. Mulberry n. Carlton. 
Volckman, James, cabinet maker, h. Palmer 

cor. Carolina. 
Volckman, Alfred, store and h. cor. Palmer 

and Carolina. 
Volger, Edward, clerk, 215 Main, h. 133 E. 

Volk, John G. shoemaker, h. 21 Sycamore. 
Volk, Wm. shoemaker, Spring n. Sycamore. 
Volk, David, shoemaker, h. Sycam. cor. Pratt. 
Volk, John, Kane n. Genesee. 
Volk, Wm. gardener, h. Mulberry n. Carlton. 
Volk, Andreas, lab. h. Heacock n. Seneca. 
Volk, Casper, lab. h. German n. Genesee. 
Volker, Henry, mason, b. Sycam. cor. Walnut. 
Volker, Jno. bl'ksmith, b. Sycam. cor. Walnut. 
Volland, Michael, chair maker, h. Monroe n. 

Vollert, Geo. lab. h. Jefferson n. Batavia. 
Vollmer, Wm. H. with C. Vollmer. 
Vollmer, Casper, hardware store, Main cor. 

Mohawk, h. Batavia n. Oak. 
Volrath, Jacob, pedler, h. 197 Cherry. 
Voltz, George, grocer, 392 Main,h. same. 
Voltz, Louis D. clerk, 392 Main. 
Volz, Matthew, lab. h. Mich. n. High. 
Von Arx, James S., Hickory n. Batavia. 
Vondenberg, Anton, painter, h. cor. Batavia 

and Bennett. 
Voorsanger, N., 143 E. Seneca. 
Vorce, Eliza G. widow, 221 Carroll. 
Voreshner, Samuel, clerk, 23 Commercial, h. 

33 W r . Mohawk. 
Vors, John, grocer, Batavia n. Pine. 
Vorstner, Albert, baker, R. Ovens. 
Vosburgh, Pet. M. att'y, over P. O. h. 93 Niag. 
Vosburgh, Jane, widow of Daniel B. cor. Fer- 
ry and Niagara. 
Vosburgh, Wm. clerk, Hart, Newman & Co., 

b. 72 Delaware. 
Vosburgh, Theodore, clerk, Hart, Newman & 

Vosburgh, John B. attorney at law, Erie Ex., 

b. A. demons. 
Voss, Dan'l, engineer, 188 Main, h. 39 Folsora. 
Voss, Pet., with Kemp & Bartell, h. 119 Pratt. 
Voss, Fred, joiner, h. 18 Cherry. 
Voss, Edward, Clinton cor. Hickory. 
Vossaller, Racelia, teacher, Dist. No. 3. 
Vossaller, Harriet A. teacher. Dist. No. 3. 
Vosseller, Nathan, canal stabler, h. Ill n. Elk. 
Vought, Jchn H. firm A. Sherwood & Co., b. 

Vousdan, Edward C, h. cor. Eagle and Cedar. 



Vowinkel, Charles, joiner, h. Locust n. High. 

Voyer, Louis, carver, h. cor. Mark and Gay. 

Voyer, Mrs. dressmaker, cor. Mark and Gay. 

VULCAN FOUNDRY, Allen & Griffin pro- 
prietors, Water cor. Le Couteulx. — See adv. 
p. 62. 


Wackenheim, Michael, porter, Clarendon. 

Wackerraan, John M. crockery store, 397 Main. 

Wade, Wm. teamster, h. 6th n. Hudson. 

Wade, Thos., Carey n. Morgan. 

Wade, James, principal Dist. N. 11, h. Albany 
d. Adams. 

Wade, Charles A. teacher, h. cor. Louisiana 
and Fulton. 

Wadlow, C has., lithograph printer, h. 61 Oak. 

Wadsworth, Daniel, clockmaker, h. 72 Chip- 

Wadsworth, Cameron & Tyrrell, attorneys, 
over 179 Main. 

Wadsworth, James, firm W., Cameron & Tyr- 
rell, h. Main ab. Chippewa. 

Wadsworth, George, attorney at law, 270 Main, 
b. Western. 

Wadsworth House, cor. Exchange and Mich. 

Wadsworth Mills, 61 Ohio. 

Watford, Lewis, ship carpenter, h. 28 Jackson. 
J Wage & Scott, merchant tailors, 72 Lloyd. 
) Wage, John F. firm W. & Scott, h. 323 Mich. 

Wager, Valentine, paver, h. Mortimer bel. Gen. 

Wagers, William, shoemaker, 13 Huron. 

Wagner, Balthaser, shoemaker, with J. Chre- 
tien. V 

Wagner, Christoph, shoemaker, h. 527 Mich. 

Wagner, Christian, 64 Bennett. 

Wagner, Charles, grocer, cor. Cherry & Lemon, 
i Wagner, Christian, shoemaker, b. 10 Miss. 
ilWagner, Casper, boarding house, Hydraulics. 
I Wagner, Conrad, butcher, h. Genesee n. John- 

Wagner, Conrad, porter, 238 Main. 
| Wagner, Edward, bellows maker, r. 170 Main. 
i Wagner, E. melodeon maker, Prince & Co. 

Wagner, Fred, wagon maker, b. A. Behrena. 
! Wagner, Henry, baker, with L. Munsiuger. 
| Wagner, Hiram, lab. h. Md. n. Palmer. 
iiWaguer, Henry, at Vulcan foundry. 
I Wagner, Jacob, baker, h. Mortimer n. Genesee. 
I Wagner, Jacob, joiner, b. 200 Exchange. 
I Wagner, Jacob, blacksmith, h. 342 Michigan, 
j Wagner, John, 373 E. Genesee. 
tWagner, John, Watson n. Batavia. 
IJWagner, John, jr. h. r. J29 E. Genesee. 
iWagner, John, Spring n. Batavia. 
ilWagner, John, with Jewett & Root, h. Bennett 

n. Batavia. 
i Wagner, John, tanner, h. Pratt n. Clinton. 

Wagner, Joseph, tanner, h. Ash n. Batavia. 

Wagner, Louis, waiter, Terrapin Lunch. 
,,Wagner, Michael, dairyman, h. Hickory near 

iWagner, Nicholas, Bidwell, Banta <fe Co. h. 

j Milnor n. William. 

Wagner, Philip, firm Stambach & W. h. 10 

Wagner, Peter, hackman, 27 Ex. 

Wagner, Sam'l, Gray n. Genesee. 

Wagner, Wm. at Vulcan foundry. 

W a hl, Fred, with Jewett & Root. 

Wahl, Fred. J. saddler, h. Camp n. Genesee. 

Wahl, Peter, Eagle furnace, h. 75 Sycamore. 

Wahl, Frederick, painter, h. cor. Virginia and 

Wahl, William, sash maker, h. cor. Jefferson 
and Virginia. 

Wahl, Christian, glazier, h. cor. Jefferson and 

Wahl, Charles, painter, h. cor. Jefferson and 

Wahmhoff, Stephen H. boiler maker, J. New- 

WAITE, DANIEL D. book and job printer, 
cor. Main and Ex. h. 38 6th.— See adv. p. 42. 

Waite, C, Van Slyke's yard. 

Waite, Isabella, Wm. n. Cedar, rear. 

Wakefield, James G. on lake, b. Sam'l Packard. 

Wakefield, Rich'd, eugineer, b. Sam'l Packard. 

Wakelee, Wm. b. Pine ab. Eagle. 

Wakelee, Chas. M. firm Mack & W. h. Niag. 
opp. Baptist church. 

Waker, Louis, upholsterer, h. Main n. Goodell. 

Walbridge, Wells D. sec'y Amer. Trans. Co. 
Marine block, h. 39 S. Division. 

Walbridge, Mrs. widow of Geo. B., Cottage n. 

Waldecker, Geo. musician, b. A. Bergmiller. 

Walder, Augustus, tanner, N. Case & Co. 

Waldo, Chas. moulder, Buff. S. E. works.. 

Waldo, Lewis, moulder, Swartz's iron works. 

Waldo, Nathan, 239 Ellicott. 

Waldraff, Frank, shoemaker, Seneca, Hydrau- 

Waldraff. Stephen, b. F. Waldraff. 

Waldron, Halsey, gilder, 6 E. Swan, b. Frank- 
lin House. 

Waldron, Cornelius A. justice of the peace, 
over O. Lee & Co's Bank, h. 28 Chippewa. 

Waldron, Ephraim G. with E. S. Alport, h. 1 1 
N. Division. 

Waldron, Geo. W. b. Mansion. 

Waldron, Elizabeth, widow, over 15 Ex. 

Waldron, Sidney, on lake, h. Eleventh n. Mass. 

Waldron, Thomas, waiter, U. S. Hotel. 

Wale, Fred, at Eaton's planing mill. 

Wale, Sebastian, at Eaton's planing mill. 

Walenberg, Vollrad, lab. h. Maple n. Carlton. 

Walhalla Lodge, over 8 Court. 

Walick, Jacob, with J. Roos. 

Walker, Alfred, at Swartz's Iron Works. 

Walker, Alexander, sailor, b. Thos. Clark. 

Walker, Alex, porter, U. S. Hotel, h. 48 Ellic't. 

Walker, Capt. Augustus, steamboat insp., h. 
55 S. Division. 

Walker, Betsey N. widow of Jesse, cor. Ninth 
and Georgia. 

Walker. Benjamin, Buff. S. E. Works, h. Perry 
n. Red Jacket. 

Walker, Chas. R. clerk, 221 Main, h. 175 Del. 

Walker, Charles, tailor, b. 19 Pearl. 

Walker, Charles, tailor, h. 193 S. Division. 

Walker, Chas. S. on the lake, 55 S. Division. 

Walker, Christopher M. truckman, h. cor. 
Chicago and Miami. 



• Walker, Elmore H. com. mer. foot Ind. b. Mrs. 

Jesse Walker. 
Walker, Emily, widow of Thos., Carroll bel. 

Walker, Fred, with R. J. Compton. 
Walker, Geo. clerk, post-office, h. 61 S. Div. 
Walker, Geo. M. clerk, Niles & Kinne, b. Mrs. 

Walker, Geo. with Howard & Co. 
Walker, Henry C. & Co. shipping and com. 

mers. foot of Main. 
Walker, I. C. firm H. C. W. & Co. h. North. 

west of Delaware. 
Walker, Henry C. firm H. C. W. <fc Co. h. 

North, west of Delaware. 
• Walker & Norn's, atty's, 146 Main. 
Walker, Horatio N. firm W. & Norris, h. 351 

Walker, John, dry goods merchant, 424 Main, 

h. same. 
Walker, Julius, jeweler, 150 Main, h. 4 E. Mo- 
Walker, James, shoemaker, 208 E. Seneca. 
Walker, Joel L. att'y, 148 Main. 
Walker, James J., Amer. Express Co. b. Emily 

Walker, John, baker, William n. Walnut. 
Walker, Mrs. widow of John, Military Road. 
Walker, Lewis, blockmaker, h. 193 South Di- 
Walker, Lewis, upholst'r, h. Main ab. Goodell. 
Walker, Samuel W. with S. Shepard. 
Walker, Stephen, builder, 208 Wash. h. 173 

Walker, Samuel G. city assessor, h. 60 W. 

Walker, Wm. H. firm 0. P. Ramsdell<fc Co. b. 

173 Delaware. 
WALKER & CLARKE, produce dealers, 8 

Mer. Ex. — See adv. p. 31. 
Walker, Wm. S. with S. Shepard. 
W r alker, Wm. Capt, h. Fulton n. Ohio Slip. 
Walker, Walter, engraver, R. J. Compton, b. 

22 S. Division. 
W r all, David, foreman, J. Holloway, h. Del. n. 

Wall, James W. hostler, 1 Beak. 
Wall, Francis, ship carpenter, h. 1 Scott. 
Wall, Miss Susan, dressmaker, Clinton n. 

Wall, John, C. R. R. shop. 
Wallace, William, chief engineer, h. Fort Erie. 
Wallace, Wm. A. ship carpenter, McMilleu's 

boat. yard. h. N. Division n. Pollard. 
Wallace, William, shoemaker, cor. Ellicottand 

Wallace, Nicholas, sailor, h. Abbott Road. 
Wallace, Patrick, lab. h. Seneca bel. Spring. 
Wallace, John, shoemaker, h. 93 E. Seneca. 
Wallace, Daniel, shoemaker, h. 93 E. Seneca. 
Wallace, Pat. across the creek n. tollgate. 
Wallenhorst, Francis, wheelwright, Wm. Bar- 
Wallenhorst, Henry F. engineer, h. Pratt n. 

Wallliauser, Jacob, millwright, h. 108 W. 

W r allis, Erastus, m. d. 58 Chippewa. 

Wallkamm, John, tailor, Wash. n. High. 

Walpole, Thomas, ship joiner, Bidwell, Banra 
& Co. 

Walls, John, decorative plasterer, 50 W. Tup- 

Walser, Conrad, with Howard & Co. 

Walsb, John, b. Mansion. 

Walsh, Patrick, ship carpenter, h. Elk n. Ohio 

Walsh, Peter, ship carpenter, h. Elk n. Ohio 

Walsh, Michael J. melodeon maker, G. A. 
Prince <fc Co. h. Palmer n. Va. 

Walsh, James, joiner, h. 54 Fifth. 

Walsh, Nicholas, m. d. 13th n. Vermont. 

Walsh, Walter, tailor, h. cor. Chicago and 

Walsh, Miles, cor. Pearl and Genesee. 

Walsh, James, at Eagle furnace. 

Walsh, Michael, with S. Shepard. 

Walter, Henry, with Jewett <fe Root. 

Walter, August, tanner, h. Walnut n. Genesee.' 

Walter, Tobias, joiner, h 255 Elm. 

Walter, John, grocer, 67 Sycamore. 

Walter, Charles, cooper, h. Mulberry above 

Walter, Fred, shoemaker, 300 Main. 

Walter, Martin, soap maker, h. 490 Mich. 

Walter, Francis A. teacher, b. 577 Main. 

Walter, Wm. on lake, h. 260 E. Genesee. 

Walter, Henry, jeweler, 210 Main. 

Walter, Frank, tailor, h. Locust n. High. 

Walter, Alfred E.. Hudson cor.. Seventh. 

Walter, Rosina, widow of John, 426 Mich. 

Walter, Stephen, at McMilleu's boatyard. 

Walter, John, with Bullymore & Langdon. 

Walters, Wm., N. Y. C. R. R., b. Mansion. 

Walters, Franklin, 98 E. Seneca. 

Walters, Geo. railroad contractor, h. Spruce. 

Walther, John, butcher, h. Best n. Main. 

Walther, Chas. G. clerk, 138 Main, b. 5 Frank- 

Walther, Geo. shoemaker, Pollard n. Seneca. 

Walther, Martin, painter, h. Maple n. Cherry. 

Walton, Edward W. law student, 156 Main, b, 
228 Pearl. 

Waltrap, Andrew, cap maker, 5 E. Genesee, h. 
Elm n. Sycamore. 

Waltter, George, painter, h. cor. Batavia and 

Waltz, Francis, cabinet maker, h. Milnor near 

Waltz, Robert, at Eaton's planing mill. 

Waltz, Philip, watchman, Vulcan Foundry. 

Waltz, Berhard, grocer, Clinton cor. Spring. 

Walz, Casper, Mortimer n. Genesee. 

Walz, Alvis, baker, Burton Alley n. Ellicott. 

Wamhof, Stephen, w T ith J. Newman,, h. Wil- 
liam n. Pine. 

Wamslev, Brothers, millinery and dry goods, 
289 Main. 

Wandel, John, butcher, cor. Elm and Sycam. 

Wander, George, tailor, h. Hinckley n. Spring. 

Wander, Jos., mason, h. Hollister n. Spring. 

Wander, Adam, mason, h. Adams n. Batavia. 

Wank, Henry, with Smith <fe Brothers. 

Wanup, John, sewer coutracter, h. Morgan n. 
N iagara. 



WANZER, McKIM <fr CO.. publishers, book- 
sellers and stat'rs, 206 Main. — See adv. p. 81. 
Wanzer, Richard, firm W., McKim & Co., 206 

Waple, Albert, with Prince & Co., h. Hickory 

D. Batavia. 
Wappich, Leopold, with R. J. Compton. 
Ward, Elizabeth, widow, 105 E. Seneca. 
Ward, Johu A., 197 Ellicott. 
Ward, Henry, bellows maker, h. Steuben near 

Ward, Hiram P., b. American. 
Ward, James, boiler maker, h. Perry n. Chi- 
Ward, James, sailor, h. 1 Green. 
Ward, Samuel, 242 Franklin. 
jj Ward, William, lab., h. Seneca cor. Ala. 
Ward, T., with Bidwell, Banta & Co. 
Ward well, Allen, book-keeper, 4 Marine Block, 

Wardle. Richard, tailor, h. opp. Swan street 

Wardwell, W. T., firm Sprague and W., h. 

Washington bel. Tupper. 
Ware, Jacob R. lab., h. 151 Ellicott. 
Ware, Margaret, widow, Elk n. Chicago. 
I Ware, J. D. machinist, b. J. Horton. 
Ware, P., Van Slyke's boat yard. 
Ware. J. W. with S. Shepard. 
Warhan, Johu B. pedler, h. cor. Ex. and La. 
Warhaus, Barnard F. barber, 309 Main, h. 165 

Warhus, Fred. W. shoemaker, 19 E. Eagle. 
I Warhus, Henry F. shoemaker, 2 Exchange, h. 

31 Union. 
I Warhus, Louis, varnisher, 307 Main. 
iWaring, Mrs. Jane, 24 Niagara. 
|Warmington, Robert C. tailor, Niag n. Parish. 
I Warn, Thomas, pedler, h. Pine n. Clinton. 
[Warner, James N. grocer, h. Main cor. Allen. 
||Warner, Jacob, with Pratt and Letchworth. 
WARNER, GEORGE F. undertaker, 410 

Main, h. same. — See adv. p. 54. 
Warner, N. H, m. d., office and h. 262 Wash. 
Warner, Miss Lucy, b. I. T Hathaway. 
Warner, Leopold, firm Block & W. 
IjWarner, Truman H. firm Woodward. W. & Co. 
I h. Perry n. Hay ward. 

! Warner, Thomas N. paiuter, H. G. White, h. 
cor. Clinton and Pine. 
Warner, Asa B. book-keeper, 205 Main. 
Warnke, Henry, tailor, h. Goodell n. Elm. 

flWarren, Edward S. firm Thompson & Co. h. 

I cor. Main and Tupper. 

Warren, Horatio, HE. Mohawk. 

Warren, John, stone cutter, h. High cor. El- 

Warren, Norman D. builder, h. Eagle n. 

WARREN <fe BROTHER, composition roof- 

| ers, over 221 Main. — See adv. p. 80. 

Warren, John, agent Warren & Bro. h. Frank- 

I lin, 4th ab. Va. 

I Warren, Francis G. clerk, 60 Main, b. 54 E. 

[Warren, Mrs. E. A. boarding house, Church n. 

^Warren, Henry G. clerk, C. Vollmer. 

Warren, William P. clerk, 233 Main. 

Warren, Henry H. carriage maker, cor. Wash, 
and Chippewa, h. 5 E. Mohawk. 

Warren, Richard, last maker, b. Dayton house. 

Warren, Joseph, editor Courier, b. 80 E. Sen. 

Warren, James D. county treasurer, Spauld- 
ing's Ex. b. 69 S. Division. 

Warren, Francis G. h. 34 E. Seneca. 

Warren, M. clerk, Western. 

Warren, Denman, painter, b. Phoenix. 

Warriner, Marcus, b. Franklin house. 

Warriner, I. C & Co. lumber dealers, cor. Court 
and Pearl. 

Warriner, Israel C. firm I. C. W. & Co. h. 66 
W. Mohawk. 

Warwick, Thomas, moulder, 227 Oak. 

Warwick, James W., Buff. S. E. Works. 

Washburn, Ansel L., Mich. C. R. R. fr't office. 

Washburn, Alanson, at C. R. R. freight office 
h. 16 Carroll. 

Washburn, George E. lumber dealer, cor. Ohio 
and Chicago, h. Barker n. Main. 

Washburn, Jerome, clerk, 190 Main. 

Washam, Geo. with Bush & Howard. 

Washington Street Bapt. Ch. between Swan 
and S. Division. 

WASHINGTON HOTEL, 5 Commercial.— 
See adv. p. 85. 

Washington, William, whitewashes h. Vine 
opp. M. E. Church. 

Washington, Je8se, h. 347 E. Swan. 

Washington, Mary Ann, widow of George, 
354 Mich. 

Wasmoth, George, tanner, h. opp. Swan street; 

Wasser, Anton, lab. h. Pratt n. Wm. 

Wasser, John, mason, b. Batavia n. Walnut. 

Wasserburger, Nicholas, musician, h. Maple n. 

Wassmer, Samuel, shoemaker, 158 E. Genesee. 

Watch Hodse, upper, cor. Mohawk and Pearl, 

Watch House, lower, Terrace n. Evans. 

Watchem, George, lab. h. 37 Folsom. 

Water Works office, 4 Kremlin Hall. 

Water Works, Niag. beyond York. 

Waterman, Polly, widow, 58 Fifth. 

Waterman, Gladding, carpenter, h. 9th n. Va. 

Waterman, Darius W. joiner, Wash. n. the 
canal, h. 266 Franklin. 

Waters, W T illiam, on Dock, h. Carroll bel. La. 

Waters, John, tinsmith, h. 32 Seventh. 

Waters, John D. variety store, Sentca n. Hay- 

Waters, Levi J. 35 E. Seneca, h. 60 E. Swan. 

Waters, Charles Henry, clerk, b. 27 Seventh. 

Waters, Wm. S. clerk, 92 Main. 

Waters, Thomas, shingle maker, 388 E. Sen. 

Waters, James, turnpike beyond tollbridge. 

Waters, John, drayman, h. Chicago n. Ex. 

Waterworth, Thos. on lake, h. Wm. n. Union. 

Watkins, Sidney, brickmaker, Heacock man- 
sion, E. Seneca. 

Watlander, John, lab. Palmer & Gardener. 

Watson, Stephen V. R. 37 E. Swan, office 

Watson, Bassel, steamboat agent, h. N. Divi- 
sion n. Watson. 

Watson, Francis, machinist, h. 49 Oak. 



Watson, Samuel L. 9 Central wharf, b. Clar- 

Watson, Sylvester N. clerk, 184 Main, b. Frank- 
lin house. 

Watson <fe Merritt, lumber dealers, Eagle bel. 

Watson, Ellen, Traveler's House, Niag. Sq. 

Watson, Thomas, ship carp. h. Clinton av. n. 
N. Wash. 

Watson, George A. surveyor, b. 126 Pearl. 

Watson, Isaac, currier, Palmer & Gardener, 
b. 402 Swan. 

Watt, Wm., Van Slyke's boat yard. 

Wattinger, Joseph, blacksmith, h. 231 Elm. 

Wattles, Myrtle, 195 E. Swan. 

Watts, Joseph, engineer, h. 144 Ellicott. 

Watts, John, ship carp. h. Pollard n. S. Div. 

Watts, George, white washer, h. Ash n. Sycam. 

Watts, Henry H. ship joiner, h. cor. Hamburgh 
and Fulton. 

Watts, Edmund, saddler, 6 Ex. b. 4 Oak. 

Watts, John, ship carp. Eagle cor. Hickory. 

Watts, Joseph, jr. finisher, F. Colligon & Co. 

Watts, Capt. Henry, 158 S. Division. 

Watts, John, boarding house, Wash. n. Ex. 

Watts, Wm. book-keeper, 5 Beak. 

Watts, Geo. omnibus driver, h. Cold Spring. 

Watts, Robert, carpenter, b. Mrs. T. Ripley. 

Watts, Joseph, sr. finisher, F. Colligon & Co. 

Watts, Peter, with F. Colligon & Co. 

Watts, , with Todd & Evans. 

Watts, Mrs. Joanna, boarding house, Ex. n. 

Watts, Geo. E. clerk, 214 Main. 

Waud, Richard H. clerk steamer Southern 
Michigan, h. 208 Pearl. 

Waver, Orsamus, Ohio n. Swing bridge. 

Waverly House, Erie opp. depot. 

Way, Calvin R. cutter, b 29 E. Swan. 

Waylaud, John U. clerk, Buff. Savings Bank, 
h Clinton n. Cedar. 

Waylaud, Frauds H. clerk, 5 Quay, b. 170 N. 

Wayland, Mrs. widow of Geo., Clinton n. Ce- 

Wayland, John, Buff. S. E. Works. 

Wayland, Richard, Buff. S. E. Works. 

Weaver, Anthony, with Jewett & Root. 

Weaver, widow of Charles, cor. Hamilton and 

Weaver, Fred. J. porter, h. Scott n. Beak. 

Weaver, Wm. ship carpenter, Bidwell, Banta 
& Co. 

Webb, William, teamster, h. Mary cor. Ind. 

Webb, Amos, machinist, h. 222 Carroll. 

Webb, Geo. J. foreman Com. Adv. office, h. 
cor. 13th and Vt. 

Webb, Joseph, truckman, h. 168 S. Division. 

Webb, Wm. exotic florist, cor. York and 6th. 

Webb's Exotic Garden, York cor. 6th. 

Webb, Peter, boarding house, O. cor. Liberty. 

Webb, J. F. tallyman, O. Bugbee, h. 140 Elk. 

Webb, Thomas, b. Thomas Carroll. 

Webb, Jesse, ship carpenter, h. 45 Church. 

Weber, Anthony, tinsmith, h. 18 Clinton. 

Weber, Andrew, wagon maker, Pratt n. Batav. 

Weber, Andrew, hostler, with Jacob Rausch. 

Weber, Anton, tailor, Monroe u. Batavia. 

Weber, Benedict, shoemaker, 9 Swan, h. 282 

E. Swan. 
Weber, Ferdinand, shoemaker, Commercial 

cor. Water, h. 117 E. Swan. 
Weber, Fred. A. shoemaker, h. North n. Mich. 
Weber, Fred. J. porter, h. 139 E. Eagle. 
Weber, Geo. saloon, Dock foot of Lloyd. 
Weber, Geo.,witb>S. Dudley <fe Sons. 
Weber, Hermann, harness maker, h. cor. Main 

and Burton Alley. 
Weber, Jacob, tanner, h. r. Frederick Pfau's, 

Weber, Jacob, joiner, h. Oak ab. Tupper. 
Weber, Jacob, cooper, h, Lutheran n. William. 
Weber, Jacob P. 281 Oak. 
Weber, John, umbrella maker, 274 Main, h. 

360 Main. 
WEBER, JOHN J. cap maker, 157 Main, h. 

Tupper ab. Oak. — See adv. p. 52. 
Weber, John, brewer, 565 Main. 
Weber, John, lab. Bennett n. William. 
Weber, Johu, lab. Palmer & Gardner. 
Weber, John, lab. h. Maple n.Goodell. 
Weber, Joseph, gardener, h. Mulberry cor. Va. 
Weber, Joseph, shoemaker, Mulb'y n. Goodell. 
Weber, Louis, clerk, post-office, h. Oak ab. 

Weber, Michael, clothier, h. 161 E. Genesee. 
Weber, Michael, shoemaker, h. Mulberry near 

Weber, Michael, on lake,h. W r alnut n. Batavia. 
Weber, Michael, wagon maker, h. 135 Clinton. 
Weber, Nicholas, at Hart's factory, b. John 

Weber, Nich. cap maker,157 Main.h. 238 Pearl. 
Weber, Peter, cap maker, 169 Main. 
Weber, Peter, at Eaton's plauing mill, h. Elm 

n. Genesee. 
Weber, S. under Theatre, h. 18 Clinton. 
Weber, T. J. with S. Dudley & Sous. 
Webster, Hugh, firm Webster & Co. h. 155 E. 

Webster, George B. with G. C. Webster, h. 

Delaware cor. Utica. 
WEBSTER, GEO. C. oil store, cor. Quay and 

Wash. b. Geo. B. Webster.— See adv. p. 59. 
WEBSTER ELLIS, grocer, 39 E. Seneca, h. 

same. — See adv. p. 36. 
Webster, Alanson, street contractor, h. 11 

Webster, David, contractor, h. 7 Union. 
Webster, A. S. grocer, 33 E. Seneca. 
Webster, Wm. C. music teacher, 183 Franklin. 
Webster, Daniel J. firm Webster & Co. b. 155 

E. Seneca. 
Webster <fc Co. grocers, 1 E. Seneca. 
Webster, Wm. joiner, Eaton's planing mill. 
Webster, Alonzo B. deputy sup't Penitentiary, 

h. cor. Hudson and Seventh. 
Webster, Robert, carpen'r, h. Wash. cor. Perry. 
Webster, J. H. on lake, b. 21 E Eagle. 
Webster, Hiram, miller, h. Sen. ab. Van RensR. 
W T ebsler, J. B. m. d. 245 Main. 
Webster, Henry, conductor, Lake Shore R. R. 

b. Brown's Hotel. 
Wechter, Joseph, grocery and h. 391 Main. 
Wecker, Mary Ann, 113 Pine. 
Weed, T. Allen, printer, Republic office. 



Weed, Elias, for. and com. mercht. 22 Central 

Wharf, h. Del. n. Mohawk. 
Weed, William W. 14 Seventh. 
WEED, DbWITT C. hardware store, 222 

Main, h. cor. Swan and Franklin. — Sec adv. 

p. 68. 
Weed, Thomas A. law student, h. 163 E. Sen. 
Weed, William, 153 N. Division. 
Weed, Mrs. Thaddeus, widow, b. DeWitt C. 

Weed, Theodore A. stevedore, 1 Mart, Ohio. 
WEEKS <fc PREsCOTT, com. merchants, 79 

and 81 Main. — See adv. p. 64. 
Weeks, John, firm W. & Prescott, h. Franklin 

bel. Allen. 
Weeks, John L. clerk, Niles & Ki